A triangulation theory?

Do you ever let your mind wander and think about “what ifs”?  Well, as Donald Trump continues to keep the GOP race in disarray and feeds the worst bigots, xenophobes and racists at the base, well, I wonder, would the Clinton political machine be able to orchestrate a more perfect triangulation than to have far-left kook, Bernie Sanders on the left and Donald Trump on the right.  Trump’s single-handedly throwing the election to Hillary with his “deport them all”, which threw the Hispanic vote in the toilet for the GOP, if he is the candidate, then it was the attacks on women, or how about his “closing mosques” comment yesterday?  That would leave the Queen sitting snugly in the “middle” – calm, grandmotherly and looking “moderate”…

At first, I thought this would be impossible, but as I’ve watched Trump continue to agitate and throw out these verbal hand grenades at any in the GOP field, who looks like he/she might move up in the polls, then add in all these outrageous lines he keeps throwing out to alienate wide swaths of the electorate, it all seems orchestrated and contrived.  A couple days ago he was blaming GWB for 9/11 and not keeping America safe, yet it was President Clinton who let bin Laden go and who did nothing to deal with Al Qaeda’s attacks on American interests – USS Cole, Khobar Towers, Mogadishu ring any bells.  No, Trump attacked GWB…

I began to think Trump’s operating like a Clinton sewer rat and he sure fixates on the polls – just like the Clintons.  Every other word he speaks is about his poll numbers and the press feeds on that too.  This training the American public that polls determine what’s right and wrong, not the merits of the issue, worked like a charm during the Clinton impeachment.  “Who cares if a President lies under oath – the American public doesn’t;  just look at the President’s poll numbers”, went the argument.  The media sold that line of reasoning and the American people bought it.

We know Trump frequently golfed with Bill Clinton, praised Hillary and even invited the Clintons to his wedding.  In fact, that reported phone call from Bill Clinton to Trump right before he announced his decision to enter the race as a Republican seems so odd, looking back at how this race is stacking up.  Trump is clearing the path for a Hillary win.

So, does Trump have some vendetta against GWB or the Bushes, because his ultimate target is to demolish Jeb Bush?  Trump holds grudges and he believes in destroying his enemies.  Back in August 2015, I wrote a post where I quoted one of Trump’s books:

Last week I bought one of Trump’s books, as I mentioned before, and I read it.  Assuredly, Trump offered many interesting insights into, as the book’s title stated, “TRUMP: How to Get Rich”.  The pride he takes in his children comes across and he offers some worthwhile advice on investing and negotiating, but trying to get to the character of who exactly is Donald Trump, well, he’s a man who has chapters in his book like “Be Strategically Dramatic”, “Sometimes You Still Have To Screw Them”, and “Sometimes You Have To Hold a Grudge”, replete with examples from his life and his guiding principles. Here are some quotes (page 138):

“When somebody hurts you, just go after them as viciously and as violently as you can.  Like it says in the Bible, an eye for an eye.”

Be paranoid.  I know this observation doesn’t make any of us sound very good, but let’s face the fact that it’s possible that even your best friend wants to steal your spouse and your money.”

The chapter on holding a grudge is even more interesting, because Trump relates how for years he had donated huge amounts of money to NY governor, Mario Cuomo and when he called Cuomo to ask for a favor from Cuomo’s son, Andrew, who was running the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Mario Cuomo refused to do the favor (which Trump doesn’t explain in detail other than to say it was an appropriate favor involving attention to a detail). Trump blew up and for any who are confused with Trump’s vendetta against Megyn Kelly on Twitter, calling her a bimbo last night or his refusing to entertain a question by Jorge Ramos from Univision this evening, well, this chapter on holding a grudge (page 142) explains it.  Trump called in a political favor believing it was owed to him, because he donated a lot of money to Mario Cuomo  (crony capitalism is what most people call this greasing of palms).  Here is how Trump describes the phone call:

“I did the only thing that felt right to me.  I began screaming.  “You son of a bitch!  For years I’ve helped you and never asked for a thing, and when I finally need something, and a totally proper thing at that, you aren’t there for me.  You’re no good.  You’re one of the most disloyal people I’ve known and as far as I’m concerned, you can go to hell.”

My screaming was so loud that two or three people came in from adjoining offices and asked who I was screaming at.  I told them it was Mario Cuomo., a total stiff, a lousy governor, and a disloyal former friend.  Now whenever I see Mario at dinner, I refuse to acknowledge him, talk to him, or even look at him.”

Today, Vice President, Joe Biden, decided not to run, so the field is cleared for Hillary and I believe Bill Clinton is throwing his political muscle around to secure the nomination for Hillary.  After all, she went to great lengths to save his presidency during all their assorted scandals, but especially during the Lewinsky scandal.  Coincidences do happen, but some are just too strange, like Bill Clinton calling Donald Trump weeks before Trump’s decision to run as a Republican for president.

Perhaps, this all falls in the realm of a wild conspiracy theory, but it’s best to look at how many segments of the electorate Trump has thrown to the Queen and keep tabs, as he makes more, supposedly, contemporaneous comments that set GOP hopes in flames.  This sure has the stench of a Clintonian scorched earth policy, where they hold all of the matches.


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22 responses to “A triangulation theory?

  1. Trump is not my favorite guy but he is right on illegal immigration. “Illegal” being the operative term. Not our circus, not our monkeys.

  2. Well, he insisted he would do a work permit program and expedite the “good ones” returning. I agreed with securing the border too – not sure if a Great Wall of Trump is necessary, but whatever experts on border security deem appropriate I would go along with, but we also need to secure our northern border too. Obama will try to pour in hordes of refugees before he leaves and the FBI said they can’t vet them, but that won’t stop Obama. Trump said we need to take some, then he backtracked and I am not sure where he ended up on that issue.

    • In 1986 the Democrat Congress scammed President Reagan and got him to sign a bill into law amnestying 3.5 million illegals. In return they promised to fully fund and finish the Border fence. There has been general agreement—or at least lip-service—from both Parties that a completed Border fence, properly patrolled, is necessary to secure our southern Border and to protect the nation from both illegal immigration but from the hundreds of tons of drugs the Cartels ship across it every year. So yes, a “Great Wall of Trump”, or of someone, needs to be built, and soon. The cost of the fence will soon be amortized by the savings the States and the nation make on free health care, public education, Welfare benefits, Section 8 housing, etc. Not to mention incarceration costs for all of the criminals Mexico and other Central American nations have sent us…

  3. I wanted to add that back during the Clinton impeachment, the Clinton mouthpieces who took to the airwaves engaged in a tactic that reminded me of a military swarming tactic. They kept talking about President Clinton’s popularity and repeating the poll numbers non-stop. They blocked out any other voices from gaining traction and they relegated the entire scandal as a partisan witch hunt. Trump, by constantly talking about his poll numbers and sucking all of the oxygen out of the GOP room, has managed to immobilize all of the other candidates from gaining traction. This is not just about being the year for outsiders – I believe, there are clever political operatives driving this Trump campaign and I suspect they’re Clinton sewer rats. Would the Clintons try to plant a spoiler in the GOP camp? I believe they will do anything to get back in the White House.

    Then again my personal experience does color my perspective on how far they will go to silence someone and cling to the Presidency…

  4. Asher

    I would suggest refraining from using the terms “bigot” and “racist” as they can only play into the left’s hands.

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