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The right embraces another man on a white horse “savior”

Well, here goes with my contrarian view about Elon Musk walking into Twitter Headquarters yesterday, as he nears closing the deal on buying Twitter. A lot of conservatives and people on the right have jumped into action becoming Elon Musk cheerleaders and buying into a belief that Musk is going to “save” free speech in America. It reminded me of all the people on the right who bought into Trump was going to “save” America and although Trump was a NY liberal/Hollywood gadfly, who hung out with the likes of Howard Stern and Bill Clinton, no worries, Trump was now a conservative and his “GOP Insurgency” was the ticket to Make America Great Again.

Trump was a mixed bag and while I give him huge credit for making America energy independent and not reliant on foreign oil, for the first time in my lifetime, he also brought a lot of bad things too. He sold right-wing America on moral relativism and “the end justify the means,” belief systems. We were lectured by his mouthpieces to ignore the so-called “mean tweets,” and just look at how Trump was owning the libs and hitting back at the liberal media. We were told it was a good thing that Trump doesn’t play by the rules, because that throws his enemies off-balance and that making America great again requires tossing out the old playbook. We were told embracing this new political world, where anything goes, as long as it scores points in the endless media spin war is “winning.”

The automatic response from people on the right who embraced Trump is to get defensive and start ranting about how awful Democrats are and how the country is on the fast-track to economic collapse and ruin with Biden’s policies. It’s true, the Biden presidency has been an unmitigated disaster and I feared the Obama crowd running a Biden WH, while keeping Biden “in the basement” as much as possible (like the campaign,) that I caved on my Never Trump position and voted for Trump in 2020.

However awful this Biden presidency is doesn’t negate all the very bad things Trump’s brand of politics brought into the GOP – like a complete abandonment of any principles or even a party platform, in lieu of waging non-stop spin war attacks on Dems and the liberal media. So many people on the right believe that destroying the liberal media is critical to defeating Dems and the left’s culture war. They’re as invested in winning the spin information war as Democrats have been for decades.

All the way back to the Clinton impeachment, where the Dem spin war went scorched earth on Ken Starr and using any means necessary to keep Bill Clinton in office, I’ve believed this spin war would grow into a malignant force in American politics by corrupting American culture and turning America into seething factions.

Trump learning how to become adept at using the same corrupt spin war tactics, always on the hunt for Trump-friendly media on the right, who would carry his spin crap without question, led to the American right now embracing any crazy conspiracy theories, from any right-wing sites, that get floated, as long as they’re floated by Trump-friendly sources. Trump can say just about anything, no matter how outrageous or crude and most of his supporters will believe it and not care how crude or dishonest the attack.

Here’s the thing – my point isn’t even about Trump, it’s a larger point about the spin information war, which evolved in the early 1990s. The spin information war was a shift in the larger left-wing culture war in America, which blossomed in the 1960s and 1970s. We’ve been on a road to cultural decline and erosion of our American system of government for decades now.

Trump was just a loud inflection point in the spin war, despite how desperately Democrats and the liberal media want to cast Trump as being the greatest threat to America. He’s not the greatest threat. Americans continuing to buy into this media-driven spin information war and buying into the Us vs. Them mind-set, this spin war feeds constantly is the greatest threat. A country, where the people split into raging factions is an ungovernable country and no republic can function or survive in that state. The other major threat to our country is the complete collapse of principles, rules or standards, that has permeated almost every institution in America, as more and more Americans embrace moral relativism. Trump sold the American right on moral relativism, even as he spouted fractured Bible verses and blabbed about Christians, in between petty name-calling…

Our Declaration of Independence and constitutional framework are based on concrete principles. If both sides of partisans in America abandon those concrete principles, where they buy into two separate sets of rules – one for their side and one for their political enemies, well, we will no longer have a constitutional republic.

We’re pretty much there, as the insane spin war drives partisans to redefine reality to feed their own side’s narratives.

So, what does any of this have to do with Elon Musk, you’re probably wondering. Elon Musk isn’t a conservative in any way, shape or form. He’s a very wealthy man, who had a falling out with his liberal friends and he now hangs out on Twitter. Sound familiar? He’s being cheered and praised by the Trump right. As soon as he started tweeting about free speech and floating the idea of buying Twitter, he became the new “savior” of the right-wing. Everywhere you turn, right-wing people are cheering Elon Musk and believing he’s singlehandedly going to save free speech in America by buying Twitter.

As someone who has written a lot about how Twitter is the main battlefield in the spin information war and where the spin cycle battles are fought, despite most Americans not even following Twitter politics, you’re probably wondering how I can think Musk buying Twitter isn’t a big win for free speech in America. After all, Twitter is where the politicos, pundits and journalists in America hang-out and engage in spin war 24/7 and the narratives that win there then get amplified across media in America.

It’s very likely that liberal media and pols, along with their powerful tech friends are already plotting to pick up their spin game and move it to another social media platform. I’ve watched the Dem online spin game move several times since the late 1990s. Trump has tried to do this very thing too, by creating a new social media platform to compete with Twitter and he’s failed so far. If Dems and liberal media, working with their liberal tech friends make a move like that, well, they still dominate most of the media in America and still wield a lot of power to influence American culture and politics. Elon Musk could own Twitter, but if the liberal spin war machine moves to another platform, the right-wing political crowd would end up just talking among themselves, Twitter would lose influence (and money) and here’s the thing that happens in online forums if there’s little or no moderation – the porn ads and other scammers, radicals fringe nuts, and crazies quickly dominate the space.

I just don’t see the powerful leftist crowd sitting idly by and allowing an Elon Musk-owned Twitter to succeed. And if the Dem spin war moves, does the right-wing political crowd stay on Twitter, where they’re unable to engage in their daily Twitter battles with their “enemies” and get their dopamine hits from owning the libs or do they go to where the liberal media spin action is? Dems and liberal media would be running their spin war machine with little direct challenge from the right – like the old days and the right would be sitting there fuming amongst themselves.

The Dems and liberal media have been at this spin information war operation for decades, while the right just caught on to how it really operates during the Trump years. Elon Musk isn’t going to save free speech in America. Americans completely rejecting spin information war is the only hope, but unfortunately Americans who consume news the most are also completely hooked on the daily spin war drama too. They ‘re invested completely in their side’s narratives and buy into participating in this corrupt spin war as the path to “saving” America.

There are no quick fixes or a man on a white horse coming to save America – it’s going to be a long, hard road to turn our country around and it will require millions of Americans to have a change of heart, not just some quirky, wealthy guy taking control of a powerful social media platform.

Only a people who care enough to learn about our constitutional republic and embrace those principles can save free speech… and all of our other liberties. That would take a dramatic change to sweep across America and for millions of Americans to care enough to put in the time and effort to start truly believing in some common American principles again. We’re a far way from the American people De Tocqueville wrote about in his 1835, Democracy in America.

Update: I made a lot of edits in this post this afternoon, mostly fixing typos and grammatical nightmares. While Trump supporters will likely assume this blog post is an attack on the right, it was intended to be a step back to look at the bigger spin war strategic picture.

The Dems and liberal media have been at this form of spin information war since the 1990s and even long before that, going back decades, they’ve been selling America on left-wing culture and politics. To believe the political left is just going to sit there and do nothing if Elon Musk takes ownership of Twitter and makes dramatic changes, seems rather near-sighted, I think. Besides picking up their toys and moving to another social media platform, the Dem/liberal media Twitter crowd could also wage a stealth effort to sabotage a Musk-owned Twitter, by various nefarious means – from flooding it with bots, creating hordes of fake accounts, creating fake right-wing extremist accounts to cause havoc and the list goes on and on. The havoc they create could then be used to demand action be taken by government to impose new rules to stop the “dangerous extremists” (this is a favorite Dem approach).

Dem/liberal media spin warriors aren’t going to just sit there and do nothing and they’re not going to quit their corrupt spin info war.

They’ll employ any means necessary to disrupt and destroy a Musk-owned Twitter. Of course, they’ll also whine about the “dangerous” right-wing extremists, even if they create fake ones, because dirty tricks and false flag operations are now par for the course with Dem spin war operations. These are people who have been using an any means necessary political operational approach for decades, while most of the the right only began catching onto all of this Dem/liberal media spin war corruption since Trump came onto the political scene. Whatever Musk does or doesn’t do with Twitter, is an unknown, but the Dem/liberal media playbook is pretty established. They will do whatever it takes to destroy Twitter, if liberals lose control of it.

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There’s still hope left

This is going to be a long politics blog post. The bad news takes up most of this post, but there’s a bit of good cheer at the end. Recognizing the magnitude of events unfolding can feel overwhelming and it’s important to realize that big picture part, but it’s also important not to let that hamstring you or discourage you from just working harder to remain positive and proactive in your own life.

Last night President Biden gave a dark speech warning about the threat MAGA Republicans pose to democracy:

That’s what I believe was going on with Biden’s blood red speech last night in Philadelphia, PA.

I’m going to rehash the pandemic response around the world in 2020, because there’s something that’s been bugging me, after reading the Klaus Schwab book, COVID-19: The Great Reset. The “experts” and “elites” pushing all the COVID mitigation efforts on us already knew after the first few months, that this pandemic, in historical terms, would be mild and they knew all along which groups of people were most at risk, yet they deliberately opted for some of the most extreme economic, social and political measures all to condition people for this Great Reset (green-energy transformation,) they were already planning in the Spring of 2020. They planned the economic turmoil that devastated millions of small businesses across America, they planned the social mitigation efforts and they planned the political measures, using the pandemic as cover, I believe. Here’s a quote from Schwab’s book (I highlighted the last sentence, which has been bugging me since I read it):

“There is no denying that the COVID-19 virus has more often than not been a personal catastrophe for the millions infected by it, and for their families and communities. However, at a global level, if viewed in terms of the percentage of the global population effected, the corona crisis is (so far) one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experience over the last 2000 years. In all likelihood, unless the pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics. At the end of June 2020 (at a time when the outbreak is still raging in Latin America, South Asia and much of the US), COVID-19 has killed less than 0.006% of the world population. To put this low figure into context in terms of lethality, the Spanish flu killed 2.7% of the world’s population and HIV/AIDS 0.6% (from 1981 to today). The Plague of Justinian from its onset in 541 until it finally disappeared in 750 killed almost one-third of the population of Byzantium according to various estimates, and the Black Death (1347-1351) is considered to have killed between 30% and 40% of the world population at the time. The corona pandemic is different. It does not constitute an existential threat, or a shock that will leave its imprint on the world’s population for decades.”

Schwab, Klaus; Malleret, Thierry. COVID-19: The Great Reset (p. 247). Forum Publishing. Kindle Edition.

This book was published in July 2020 and many of the world leaders, WEF crowd, and UN crowd invested in the green-energy transformation, had already planned how to use the COVID pandemic to set the stage for their green-energy transformation. So, all the phony laments about “trust the science” were cynical mass psychological warfare being used against the American people by our leaders and health officials, I believe. We were being conditioned to accept doing what we were told was for the common good, as decided by politicians, elites and experts, who made those decisions for us. All that public virtue-signaling and the public-shaming efforts were orchestrated to target people who refused to do what they were told by the elites (the experts).

In America, President Trump, presented a huge obstacle to the western leaders’ green-energy grand plan. Under Trump, America, for the first time in my lifetime was actually energy independent, despite the chaotic ways he ran his presidency, his character flaws, his spending so much time on his reality show presidency. The truth is Trump’s actual policies, like freeing up American oil and gas production, promoting American business, and his unwillingness to just green stamp policies coming out of the G-7 crowd, who were completely committed to turbo-charging the green-energy transformation on the back of the COVID pandemic, made Trump the #1 target of the global elite “green dream” crowd.

The current economic turmoil was planned – it’s not an accident. The same group of world leaders and elites who orchestrated the COVID mitigation chaos are deliberately orchestrating this economic collapse. They believe they can manage this collapse and the conversion to not only green-energy, but to forcing the world into a new ESG-centric world, where people are forced to downsize, not only their energy consumption, but every aspect of their lives, to conform to groups of unelected global elites forcing people to do as they’re told or be ostracized and basically cut off from everything – from energy, from goods and services, from medical care, from employment. It’s a total control program to force people to give up their personal freedoms… all for the “greater good of the world”… as decided by a bunch of elites.

Since the largest business leaders in the free world are already on-board with the ESG/green-dream policies and have been pushing ESG compliance for several years now, unfortunately most of the leaders on the right in America, either didn’t take the green transformation effort seriously and dismissed it as just far-left activist kooks or they opted to quietly just go along to get along and continue to make a lot a money. The green-energy train has not only left the station, it’s racing around the world now. At this point, the moves have already been made to impose the green-energy transformation on the West and the areas of the world the West can exert pressure on. China, Russia and their allies might pay lip service to the green-energy transformation, but nothing China and Russia have done with their efforts to bolster their fossil fuel capacity, leads me to believe they care one iota about the green-energy transformation, besides hoping it will collapse the West – and it might. There are a myriad of tentacles in this transformation, beyond just “green energy.” There are global currency upheavals, and it moves down to even what type of foods and how much people will be allowed to consume, what goods and services will be available, what temperature you have to keep your thermostat set on, how much you can travel, etc.

In the conclusion chapter of Schwab’s book, he writes:

“In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold, an entire village foresees a looming catastrophe, and yet none of the villagers seem able or willing to act to prevent it, until it’s too late. We do not want to be that village. To avoid such a fate, without delay we need to set in motion the Great Reset. This is not a “nice-to-have” but an absolute necessity. Failing to address and fix the deep-rooted ills of our societies and economies could heighten the risk that, as throughout history, ultimately a reset will be imposed by violent shocks like conflicts and even revolutions. It is incumbent upon us to take the bull by the horns. The pandemic gives us this chance: it “represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world”.[165]

Schwab, Klaus; Malleret, Thierry. COVID-19: The Great Reset (pp. 243-244). Forum Publishing. Kindle Edition.

I don’t think most people on the right, who get worked up repeating stuff they heard on right-wing media about the “Great Reset” quite grasp, that this green-energy/ESG global transformation effort is already well in progress. It’s not some future plan – it’s already been implemented and anyone who gets in the way will be silenced, destroyed, and cut-off from economic, not only opportunity, but even from the very basics of goods and services, we’re all used to. The controls over energy usage are already being rolled out, there will be controls on everything we consume – everything. The people driving this Great Reset believe they can manage a collapse of the world economic system without driving all of us off of a cliff and they have no “mitigation” plans to soften the fall for millions of people around the world.

Free speech poses a particular threat to the green-energy transformation agenda, so the social media word police games will escalate, but also, people who pose any sort of threat of disruption will be silenced, either overtly by being locked out of social media and online forums, to having their jobs threatened, to being doxxed. The Zuckerberg admission in the past week about being warned by the FBI about “Russian disinformation” stories right before the Hunter Biden laptop story broke in 2020, shows that “algorithmically” social media companies can (and did) banish accounts and stories into a literal internet wilderness, where no one would even see the stories. The FBI facilitated squashing that Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020. And dozens of former intelligence officials went public dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation.” The public corruption runs very deep.

I see a lot of people fuss and fume about this or that story that hits the media and while being pissed off is understandable, it’s really counterproductive at this point. Squashing free speech in America is a top tier Democrat effort right now and somehow too many Republicans in Washington still seem to want to out meme Dems or own liberals on Twitter, when Democrats are making huge moves to silence opposing views, especially via their big tech friends. “Owning the libs” on social media isn’t a plan, it’s wasting time. I don’t have a solution or ways around this huge communication problem yet, but it’s been on my mind a lot longer than the green-energy transformation agenda’s been around. Liberals own the online spaces and they can work together to crush alternative platforms.

For instance, Trump was banned from Twitter and facebook in January 2020 and we’re now in September 2022. The first few Trump-friendly social media venues failed quickly, but finally Truth Social, a alt-tech social media company by Trump Media & Technology Group, launched in February of 2022. A couple days ago, I saw this: Truth Social’s Ban From Google Play Renews Calls for Apple to Remove App. There is an orchestrated effort to silence and demonize, not only Trump, but any Republicans or people who get in the way of the Great Reset transformation underway. There’s a big tech cabal working to destroy Truth Social and knock Trump offline again.

President Biden isn’t running anything, he’s doing what he’s told to do by the Obama apparatchiks, inside the Biden White House. They wrote that divisive speech he delivered last night; they staged that speech that way deliberately.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve struggled with is to not react in anger and develop more self-discipline and self-control – it’s hard, when something smacks you in the face as an affront to all the values you hold dear. However, working calmly and diligently to prepare your own family for coming economic upheavals, so you can, not just survive, but still thrive is paramount. Then finding positive ways to build bridges of helping hands with other like-minded people, to try to bolster a sense of community and networks across America is way better than fuming and ranting right now. People who are calm, positive and prepared will fare better than the millions of people who trust the Biden administration and Democrats to take care of them. What’s going to matter in the end of this, I believe is strong, competent, calm American leadership – not partisan politics.

This morning I was thinking about a blog post, Who Will Defend Our Castle?, I wrote in 2014. I mentioned a WWII story about the Battle of Castle Itter, one of the last battles in WWII. I still think this remains true about American leadership:

“The almost farcical nature of the characters and events in the battle for Castle Itter provides a quirky, yet almost emblematic view of  how in the unlikely circumstance of fighting for their lives, this castle’s curious mix of inhabitants, like people everywhere, can put aside national and personal loyalties, to unite in moments, because not much else mattered, except surviving.

The story centers on VIP French prisoners, whom the SS kept imprisoned in Castle Itter during WWII.  As the Americans advanced across Europe in the waning days of the war, a young American first lieutenant, John C. “Jack” Lee, Jr., made the mistake of volunteering to go secure the castle, after a surrendering German major arrived to tell the advancing Americans about the VIP prisoners held prisoner in nearby Castle Itter.  The young American officer sets off with 8 volunteers, plus 5 soldiers from the African-American Company, along with the surrendering German major and a truckload of his German soldiers.   The French VIPs, upon seeing their small rescue force, were unimpressed that such a paltry band of soldiers was sent to rescue their grand personages.  But quickly the scene changed as the castle fell under attack from SS troops.  The squabbling French VIPs (which included two French generals, who despised each other) and  the surrendering Germans all turned to the young American lieutenant to take charge of their castle defense.  To get the full impact of the absurdity of the events, read the full story of the battle for Castle Itter (here’s the link again).”

Calm, unflappable, disciplined American leadership still matters and it can come in many forms and from unlikely places, from stepping up to the plate to organize and guide your own family, to working in your church or community to help others, to even figuring out how to handle emergency situations. Buying into believing we are powerless is the ultimate form of surrendering and giving up. There’s still hope left all around us.


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A few updates

So, basically, I still have no idea what documents Trump had, that were so urgent a raid on his home was necessary. Furthermore, I have no idea what classification any of the documents seized are. Yes, I mock the Dem/liberal media spin attacks on Twitter, in hopes of “defusing” some of them, lol.

Now, on to the other topics. I’ve continued to dehydrate herbs and pressure can meat. I also pressure canned 16 pints of chili, 12 quarts of potatoes and 13 pints of carrots recently. This morning I am pressure canning 8 more pints of ground beef. I used store-bought potatoes and carrots, so I’m not waiting until I grow enough fresh vegetables to can. While I am wanting to continue stocking up food and supplies, in case the economy gets worse and a lot of things are either in short supply or very hard to afford, another goal is I want to build my skills with home canning. I could have purchased cans of potatoes and carrots at the store at a reasonable price, but I opted for buying fresh, then pressure canning them, to get more experience with canning. I already have dehydrated potatoes, both potatoes I dehydrated and ones I bought at the store. I keep working on learning more about dehydrating food too.

I planted some more cucumbers for my fall garden and so far they’re looking okay.

I have some plastic totes with cabbage and red beets started.

This red cabbage is supposed to be a compact type, suitable for containers, so we’ll see how it does.

In previous post I posted photos of the five pieces of succulents in this pot, so here you can see the babies growing at the base.

These are mascotte beans. I have 10 containers planted to try these.

In the spring I planted a pack of balloon flower seeds, which are a perennial. I have a lot of plants to figure out where to plant. I used to have one in the flower bed in front of my house for years, until it stopped coming up in the spring. I plan to take some to give to the nice lady, who gave me the succulent pieces.

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I refuse!

Today is another politics post. I spent a lot of time today on politics Twitter. I have 54 followers on Twitter, so perhaps it’s all just tweeting into the wind. I hope that maybe one tiny bit I tweet might help powerful voices on the right fight back against the Dem spin info war. This blog post is going to be short, because I don’t feel like posting a lot of links to news stories and other stuff tonight.

I’m just going to share what I am concerned about with the Dems effort to destroy Trump, by any means necessary. I expect the Biden DOJ will try to charge Trump with serious crimes and where that leads I do not know. I don’t know if it will lead to civil unrest, but I am positive that whatever happens in regards to Trump, it won’t end with Trump.

The Dems and political left in America will target any other Republican politicians, who appear to be gaining traction, as is obvious with the endless stream of attacks against Florida governor, Ron DeSantis. So, this is about much more than just Trump.

The left’s culture war has met a lot of resistance, with ordinary Americans speaking out against things like the climate-change zealotry & hysteria, the gender politics, and the attacks on even our American symbols, recently. There was a leak of a FBI bulletin listing American Revolution symbols. FBI Director, Christopher Wray was asked about that in a recent appearance and he pretended like he knew nothing about it, because I feel certain he knew he’d be asked about that. Here’s a quote from a Reason article, American Revolution Images Might Reveal You as a ‘Violent Extremist,’:

“When the FBI puts out a bulletin on symbols “used by Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists,” and it looks like a catalog of T-shirts half the country might want to wear, it’s a strong indication that the feds are way off-base. It gets even sillier when part of the bulletin resembles a brochure for a Revolutionary War museum. Then again, George Washington and the Continental Army were, arguably, “Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists,” which is a reminder that governments aren’t necessarily the good guys”

Beyond all the politics, there’s been a War of Words raging for years now, that propels much of the left’s culture war. When even the sitting president goes to great lengths to target “MAGA Republicans” repeatedly, however that is defined (and that’s the thing – the definition will be fluid), as enemies of the state, I feel certain, that wherever this political drama, with the effort to destroy Trump ends up, Democrats and the Left intend to expand well beyond just certain Republican politicians.

Sorry, I refuse to ever go along with the left’s culture war and spin word games. I have spent over 20 years trying to understand the Dems corrupt spin information war and expose the corruption, in any way I can. I am a law-abiding American citizen, who doesn’t even have a speeding ticket on my record, BUT…

I refuse to use or buy into the spin words they’re trying to cram down our throats. Period!

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Waking up in the bottom of the ninth

When a man ain’t got no ideas of his own, he’d ought to be kind of o’ careful who he borrows ’em from.” 

– one of my favorite quotes from The Virginian by Owen Wister

This post is going to be about American partisan politics and is a follow-on to yesterday’s blog post.

So, I’m going to start with yesterday’s post, which was about the “big picture” of the left’s culture war, of which climate change activism is now front and center. That culture war stormed into American headlines in the 1960s, with protests, from civil rights to women’s rights, to environmental concerns, and especially to anti-Vietnam activism.

A few years ago, I was reading a book, The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America, by Roger Kimball, which explains a cultural movement in the 1950s, called the Beat movement, as setting the stage for the 1960s radicalism. Kimball writes:

“The Beats were tremendously significant, but chiefly in the way that they provided a preview in the 1950s of the cultural, intellectual, and moral disasters that would fully flower in the late 1960s. The ideas of the Beats, their sensibility, contained in ovo all the characteristics we think of as defining the cultural revolution of the Sixties and Seventies.”

Kimball, Roger; Kimball, Roger. The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America (p. 46). Encounter Books. Kindle Edition.

Just to explain, why I often state what I see as “the big picture” or “the little picture,” it’s because that’s a common way of thinking I learned in the Army when I was young. Many businesses routinely talk about “big picture” strategy now, just as there are umpteen books and guides on using the ancient Chinese military strategy treatise, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, as a strategy guide for business. I find Sun Tzu fascinating, so I even read a “Sun Tzu for Women” book, that applied Sun Tzu war strategy into a women’s guide to “win” in business (I thought it was stupid, btw).

Beyond the strategy stuff, I think in history it’s important to try to understand events that led to the current events, rather than just reacting in outrage to every blaring headline or breaking news blip, which is the way too many people understand the world these days – based on their feelings and very superficial reactions. Trust me, I’ve got umpteen blog posts fuming about Trump’s awful behavior or Hillary’s vast corruption, etc., etc. In fact, too often I’ve written blog posts based on my being outraged by some current event rather than taking a few days to do more research, think about the matter more, and most of all step back and try to look at the “big picture,” so I’m guilty of this too.

When right-wing pundits and social media started breathlessly warning about “The Great Reset,” as if this was a brand-new nefarious plot, I started doing a bit of research, because it sounded just like what it is – more of the same far-left “never let a crisis go to waste” brainstorms from the Davos elite. The most interesting aspect of the Great Reset is that while the right-wing thought leaders in America were only reacting to some Democrats’ pandemic overreach and raising alarms about the impact from lockdowns and other pandemic mitigation efforts, the left-wing super-elites were plotting out a post-pandemic global plan to ram through their climate agenda, which had already been pushed through the UN in 2015, with their Agenda 2030 This is why I said the right usually wakes up in the bottom of the ninth, because it’s true.

We have the left hoping to incite enough fear about climate change/global warming to get people to go along with their big plans, “being woke,” and on the right now, they started bragging about “being awake.” The difference can’t be more startling, because the left has global networks pushing through their agenda, from the UN, countries around the world, wealthy elites, international corporations and that mega pit of murky money – all those NGOs funded by mega-wealthy elites, big corporations, governments and charitable organizations. The right has an assortment of hysteria-prone reactionaries and Trump sycophants, heavily invested in the constant news media/ Twitter politics Outrage Theater happenings.

Very few Americans even view Twitter politics, but almost all of the news media people, pundits, elected leaders, and political activists on both sides of the aisle invest an outsized amount of time daily, battling for control of the political spin cycles – on Twitter. I will say, Trump understood the importance of the Twitter spin battlefield and he was very good at what I think of as guerilla spin warfare – he could jump on Twitter, tweet out one, often poorly written tweet, and demolish a Dem spin narrative that major news journos, pundits and Dem operatives had spent a lot of time orchestrating, launching and then rapidly amplifying via retweets and spreading it to other social media platforms and TV news venues. Sometimes his antics were appalling, but I admit, sometimes they were hilarious.

And yes, I have been a staunch conservative my entire adult life and I jumped on more than my fair share of the right’s bandwagon of hysterical takes too. More of the thought leaders on the right should have been awake since the 1960s onward and certainly by the 1990s when the climate activism, gender activism and “fundamental transformation” activism moved into high-gear. And they’ve been completely oblivious to the orchestrated Dem/liberal media spin information war until the Trump era. If you weren’t alive in the 60s or 90s, well, rather than get invested in the latest primetime FOX episodes of Outrage Theater (yes, primetime cable news is all Outrage Theater, just different flavors), it might be better to calm down and read some history.

Roger Kimball’s book is a good explainer of the left’s culture war in America. A short and very condensed and probably oversimplified history of how that happened was many of the big activist thought leaders in America capitalized on their 60s and 70s protest success of forcing American colleges and universities to cave to their demands, then in the 80s many of the most radical activists became ensconced in American academia, politics, sitting on corporate boards, got influential media positions and thus the long march through the institutions was seeded, took root, and grew.

People on the right smugly talking about “being awake” now, 40-50 years after the left’s culture war movement has worked its way through every major institution, leaves me more than a tad concerned. All of the right’s reactionary ideas I’ve seen are short-sighted, lack any clear strategy and even more importantly they lack any clear objective. Lately, it’s all playing defense and running around getting worked up about the “Great Reset.”

Ten years ago, a lot of the right was all into the Tea Party (I was supportive), back to the Founding Fathers (always been there too) and invested in Glenn Beck’s schtick and big rallies (ever wonder where Trump got the big rally ideas…). I was a big Rush Limbaugh fan in the 90s too. It was all about getting people on the right worked up, feeding them a steady diet of wild, convoluted global & Obama conspiracy theories, hawking patriotism and waving American flags. Yet, nothing changed in Washington, even with a slew of Tea Party candidates being elected.

The “Great Reset” is just another push in the left’s much larger, ongoing culture war, which truly is at the bottom of the ninth. Their long march through the institutions is almost complete. Sounds pretty alarming and gloomy, but here again, the game’s not over yet.

Small, localized systems can adapt more quickly than cumbersome global systems. The same holds true for people dealing with shortages and other randomized problems. So, if there are problems in one state or area of a state, people closest to the problems may be able to find workable solutions to avoid chaos and create some streamlined, simple social safety nets and yes, working together and helping each other is the only way for America to unite and weather major crises.

Americans rely heavily on the complex big chain stores and big systems for our daily lives and to survive and thrive. We might have to start coming up with more flexible solutions to deal with shortages and other problems, if large systems flounder or fail. Being calm, being proactive, being problem-solvers, being resourceful and being more like our ancestors who built this great country, doesn’t take relying on Washington politicians, it will take all of us working within our own families, circle of friends and communities to pull together, as the daily partisan spin information war tries to feed division and pull us apart.

I’m reading a book, The Reshaping of Everyday Life: 1790-1840 (Everyday Life in America), by Jack Larkin, which is part of a 6-book series on Everyday Life in America in different time periods. Larkin explained the 1790-1840 span covered dramatic changes with the creation of a new national government, distinct political parties, and a culture of democratic politics, plus the population quadrupled. However, everyday life was mostly agricultural, physically grueling, very hard, very dark at night, as homes outside cities were spread out. An immense amount of labor went into “making land,” the arduous process of clearing forests to create farmland. Beyond the sparse living conditions, information was sparse too and traveled very slowly.

People stayed focused and committed to their daily struggles, their families, and most clung to their faith. Larkin wrote, “Successive waves of religious enthusiasm, the “Second Great Awakening,” washed over communities in every region and created a powerful evangelical Protestant piety.” Here’s a link on the Second Great Awakening. That religious change led to cultural change and a great deal of American social activism, from emancipation of women movements, more abolition efforts, temperance movements, etc.

The only answers anyone in Washington comes up with lately are either throw more money at problems or they turn to the US military, heck “call in the National Guard,” is a go-to solution and now using the Defense Authorization Act, seems to be the go-to presidential solution.

Perhaps, the answers won’t be found in Washington or in partisan politics.

Perhaps, we need to start finding more answers within ourselves.

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More Dem word games in the news

This is a politics blog post. I started trying to give readers a heads up in the beginning of my blog posts, so they can decide whether it’s a topic they want to read about or skip it. Even more than politics, this post is going to be about the destructive, partisan spin information war raging across American news and mass media. Sorry, I got very long-winded in this post, but here goes:

Yesterday, some Biden administration flaks began prepping the spin battlefield (the news venues in America and especially politics Twitter, which is the main spin war battlefield). They began redefining the word “recession” in preparation for the release of the second-quarter GDP data expected on Thursday. This ridiculous redefining, like this “recession” change, goes on constantly and the liberal media often will go along with and even push the left’s redefining efforts, but it’s more insidious than that. Merriam-Webster online in recent years has become a player in the left’s redefining efforts too. This leftist redefining words effort has happened with Wikipedia entries, where I watched a bio being altered in real-time, to fit left-wing political aims. I suspect Google plays along too with altering algorithms to filter search engine results. Twitter and facebook have resorted to just banning certain words and content, while liberal-run fact-checker sites carry water for the Dem spin version of events and terms.

These days people frequently make mention of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, about life in a totalitarian superstate, Oceania. Yes, many of the word game tactics employed in the American spin information war eerily seem like Newspeak, a fictional language, in that Orwell novel. It’s important to look beyond the spin word games and not lose sight of what the main objectives are in the spin information war – destroy the American capitalist system and destroy our constitutional republic – “fundamentally transform America.” Here’s the truth, the things the far-left wants to “fundamentally” transform are essential beliefs, values, and components of our constitutional republic and economic system. Yes, the word games being pushed by political hacks and liberal media do have the 1984, Ministry of Truth vibe. And it’s beyond disturbing. I reread Orwell’s novel, 1984, last year and disliked it as much as I did when I read it as a teenager. I abhor totalitarianism.

Here’s the link to a blog post I wrote in 2016 about the spin word games: The Pieces of the Media Messaging Puzzle.

This spin war is not just benign political messaging or partisan PR efforts, as we’ve been lulled into believing for decades. It’s an actual information war aimed at trying to control mass media in America and use that media dominance to manipulate and control American public opinion. When all of the liberal media venues – news, daytime talk shows and even the scripts in TV shows begin pushing a particular current left-wing hot topic in their culture war, that’s how the political left in America try to drown out opposition and more importantly manipulate Americans into believing the views flooding media are the “mainstream” views.

Anyone who disagrees is a fringe hater, bigot, racist or… deplorable person, who should not be allowed into polite society. Add in that public polling has gained an outsized influence in the spin info war and is used as a tool to con Americans into accepting manufactured polling data, that results from massive efforts to flood mass media with the new accepted views, often replete with new terms and words, that almost overnight replace old words and terms. The most obvious current effort has been with the alphabet gender politics and normalization of transgenderism. All sorts of new made-up gender designations began permeating media many years ago. Back in 2014, facebook added over 50 new gender designations pushing this far-left political agenda to normalize gender fluidity. These same tactics were used to normalize gay marriage and once that succeeded, the bar moved further left.

The ultimate goals with the left’s culture war have remained consistent since at least the 1960s – to destroy the America free market system and destroy our constitutional republic, which is euphemistically termed “destroying the patriarchy.”

With the hysteria on the American right about the “Great Reset,” well, obviously a lot of people on the right have latched onto this latest “big idea” among the world’s elites, who fly to Davos via private jets every year, but the reality of what’s been happening for decades among the far-left is explained in a quote by 1960s Marxist activist, Rudi Dutschke, here’s Wikipedia:

Herbert Marcuse corresponded with Dutschke in 1971 to agree with this strategy, “Let me tell you this: that I regard your notion of the ‘long march through the institutions’ as the only effective way…”[4] In his 1972 book, Counterrevolution and Revolt, Marcuse wrote:[5]

“To extend the base of the student movement, Rudi Dutschke has proposed the strategy of the long march through the institutions: working against the established institutions while working within them, but not simply by ‘boring from within’, rather by ‘doing the job’, learning (how to program and read computers, how to teach at all levels of education, how to use the mass media, how to organize production, how to recognize and eschew planned obsolescence, how to design, et cetera), and at the same time preserving one’s own consciousness in working with others.
The long march includes the concerted effort to build up counterinstitutions. They have long been an aim of the movement, but the lack of funds was greatly responsible for their weakness and their inferior quality. They must be made competitive. This is especially important for the development of radical, “free” media. The fact that the radical Left has no equal access to the great chains of information and indoctrination is largely responsible for its isolation.”

Much of the hysteria on the American right is akin to the same hysteria back in the 1990s about the UN/one-world government fears and the Clinton push for socialized health care & more federal controls to blunt state powers. Of course, during the Clinton years, there was a rise in right-wing extremism, a rise in federal overreach, a rise in corruption in the Clinton WH, and some military adventures that turned into debacles (Somalia, where a UN-led humanitarian mission creeped into hunting down Somali warlords, and Haiti.) Unfortunately, on the right in America, most people only pay attention to the latest hot buzzwords right-wing pundits start blabbing about, when in reality this is all an ongoing “struggle” by the left. The American right always seems late to the game and wakes up to the left’s actions in the bottom of the ninth.

The World Economic Forum and Davos crowd get mentioned in right-wing media a lot lately, but here’s the thing, their policy ideas take root and grow faster than kudzu vine in the American South at the United Nations. The UN is where countries get pressured to sign onto the Davos crowd brainstorms and the Great Reset is just another gambit to advance the UN’s, Agenda 2030: Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development., which was signed in 2015.

The Great Reset is a plan to use the economic upheaval and repurpose the social mitigation policies deployed in dealing with the pandemic, to propel the climate change agenda, which is in the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Heck, every major company in America has been yammering about “sustainability” for years now, so if all of a sudden you heard about the “Great Reset” recently and got worked up, the reality is the global climate change movement morphed out of the environmental movement, which began in the 1960s. The Great Reset is just the latest big push in the climate change movement and here’s where people really need to pay attention – the climate change agenda is only one tentacle of that much larger leftist culture war (the woke agenda) – that was far-left in the 1960s, but has now taken over the Democratic Party completely, drives mass media content and exerts enormous pressure and influence in corporate America. Moderate Democrats went the way of the dinosaurs. Most disturbingly, the woke agenda flourished on American college campuses, worked its way into American K-12 schools and is now being flooded into the US military via gender politics and a witch hunt looking to label white males as “white nationalists” and “extremists.” Also, the US military has bought into the far-left climate change agenda too. Here’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, III, from 2021:

“Today, no nation can find lasting security without addressing the climate crisis. We face all kinds of threats in our line of work, but few of them truly deserve to be called existential. The climate crisis does,” he said, adding that “climate change is making the world more unsafe and we need to act.”

All of these far left-wing political agendas continued through the years and gradually moved to occupy more space in mainstream left-wing politics – the far-left gradually took over the Democratic Party, as college activists grew-up and moved into positions of power, from politics, to tenured professors, to sitting on corporate boards.

Here’s an important point to remember, on the American political right, for decades most of the GOP establishment seemed oblivious to the left’s spin information war and kept trying to make concessions to the left’s culture war movement. They invariably caved and/or apologized for being “insensitive” and often agreed to work harder to be “more inclusive.” Even worse, they automatically adopted whatever new words or terms the liberal media pushed and ceded the left the upper-hand in defining all the terms. The Republican party leadership became further and further alienated from their base, where right-wing American punditry seeded discontent daily and grassroots movements took hold. The Tea Party movement was one of those reactionary movements on the right, where more traditionalist, conservative Americans felt their beliefs and values were under attack (because they were.)

Along came Donald J. Trump, who capitalized on that festering right-wing alienation and feeling unrepresented in Washington. Trump, love him or hate him, learned to use the left’s same corrupt spin information war tactics and he left Democrats and the liberal media panic-stricken. No matter how intensively they flooded liberal media with scorched earth smear campaigns against Trump, he hit back with as low and offensive smear campaigns against Dems and liberal media. It’s a been a race to the bottom.

My personal view all along has been that ending this spin information war is paramount to the survival of our constitutional republic and there will be no winners in the American spin information war – except for the enemies of America, domestic and foreign, who want America destroyed. The spin war can only divide Americans and that path leads only to widespread civil strife and the destruction of our constitutional republic.

For me it’s not about R vs. D or Trump vs. Biden, it’s about finding ways to pull Americans together. The cult of personality politics, trying to get behind one person who’ll save our country, won’t save America. Only when enough Americans decide to work together, start rebuilding community, demand one set of rules again, demand accountability and an end to the wholesale public corruption in Washington, will our politics begin to change. Somehow, I just don’t see politicians, political pundits or mass media in America ever working to that end, because their success depends on fueling controversy and divides for clicks and/or political advantage.

It’s taken America decades to arrive at this point, where political corruption has infested all of our major institutions. The effort to clean house, clean up the mess, and rebuild our institutions can’t be done with catchy political slogans or sound bites – we’re all going to have to roll up our sleeves and get busy. The first thing I think will help is when more and more people quit participating in the orchestrated partisan spin war’s Outrage Theater, that both parties, the media and the pundit class stage every day.

We all probably need to start thinking more about our own true north and working to improve ourselves and bolstering our family, friends and community more than about getting outraged about the latest media-fueled partisan political hot take. Ranting about “The Great Reset” isn’t going to change a thing, but doing things that improve your own life, help your own family, your friends and community will. Only strong resilient American families and communities can withstand the political and cultural turmoil, as this culture war/political war rages on. Being outraged clouds judgment and leaves people immobilized by fear and panic. We should all strive to maintain a bit of calm and conviction in our lives, no matter what spin hysteria media is blabbing about.


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Some after-rant thoughts

As usual after a rant, I think I should have clarified a bit more. I am not trying to diss the preppers who are giving constant shortage updates or videos of empty shelves, it’s just that for this type of effort to be effective at providing useful information requires a more organized local networking effort with it, I think. The one guy, who is doing “boots on the ground” reports is getting bombarded with emails, videos and information, that will be unsustainable on a larger volume level or a long-term effort. This is exactly what happens whenever the federal government tries to start some national hotline response. It’s the problem of few people at the national level trying to respond to thousands of people and provide them localized and personalized information. There are almost always noble intentions, but it becomes unsustainable at a national level or if it’s one person trying to sift through a massive amount of information that he or she is receiving.

I get it that many people on the right are defensive and still trying to prove there are really shortages and that inflation is a serious problem, when the White House is still lying about the economic disaster. Here’s a Fox News report with Bret Baier citing that Americans are paying $460 more a month than a year ago for goods and services:

This type of “boots on the ground” shortage information is something that can change within hours as stores receive and unload trucks or stock shelves and while the major grocery chain in-stock computer systems with their online shopping are riddled with problems, it’s still more reliable than random people reporting shortage problems at stores or video of empty shelves that someone sent in. That information becomes dated quickly.

Even the facebook local efforts and community bulletin board stuff I’ve seen often gets to be too much unverified information and comments to sift through. I can usually find the information I need faster just doing some searching on my own or making a few phone calls rather than reading through hundreds of comments.

This overload happens in all sorts of information-gathering and information-distribution efforts, in all sorts of organizations and situations and it often requires some filtering and verification processes to get to verifiable, useable and actionable information.

I didn’t intend to bash the guy trying to help share information. Oddly enough, I’ve put a lot of thought into this information “void” situation pondering when the spin information war finally reaches critical mass for at least the past 15 years and I’ve read a lot of stuff about information warfare, information operations and all sorts of topics pertaining to national emergencies.

Unfortunately, I think we’re close to that critical mass point with the information “void.” One of my main concerns was wondering how will it be possible to unite enough Americans and keep them working together in a crisis where all the information systems people rely on – the news, social media, elected leaders, our institutions are thoroughly corrupted and people don’t know who or what information they can trust and millions of Americans are conditioned to “reacting” instantly to things they see or hear on social media and flying into hysterical reactions. We are very close to this crisis point, as we’re facing an epic economic and food shortage crisis barreling toward us.

Along with a catastrophic economic crisis headed our way, this information “void” problem could leave us unable to unite and work together on anything. That’s been something I’ve thought about for years, long before Trump, red hats, Biden’s America, the pandemic or this economic crisis.

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Look to the sky

“When a man ain’t got no ideas of his own, he’d ought to be kind of o’ careful who he borrows ’em from.” – Owen Wister (The Virginian)

So, this is going to be another long political blog post, but I want to be clear that although I’m pretty conservative and mostly supported Republicans, at this point, I believe neither party really serves the American people. There’s too much big money in our politics, too much political theater (spin info war) and let’s be honest, both parties have spent America into a destabilizing pit of debt. I’ve gone on and on about how getting out of debt and building up some savings are important for personal emergency preparedness, well that holds true for our government too. So, straight up, if I criticize Democrats, that doesn’t mean I think Republicans are better and vice versa. Both major parties have spent us into this precarious situation. Neither party holds any sort of moral high ground with combating the vast public corruption in our politics. Both parties are committed to engaging in this destructive spin information war played out in the news media and on social media 24/7.

Media – whether it’s the news organizations, Hollywood, or social media platforms – aren’t out to find the truth; they’re about making money. Our elected officials are about money too and power… and control.

Yesterday, along with the Twitter/Elon Musk media drama, another story emerged of the Biden administration setting up a “Disinformation Governance Board” within the Department of Homeland Security. Nina Jankowicz apparently will head this board. Naturally, right-wing folks on Twitter began tweeting out all sorts of social media comments and videos of Janckowicz, including this:

And here’s a tweet of Jankowicz singing about disinformation (I watched about 15 seconds and that’s all I could take):

“Disinformation” was a term used frequently during the Cold War to explain the Soviet Union’s efforts to spread communism world-wide and undermine western democracy. Now, Democrats are so desperate to control the media environment (especially social media) that the Biden administration established a sort of Ministry of Truth within the Department of Homeland Security. Last year I reread George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and wrote a blog post about it: Don’t Join The Crazy and well, that goes double now… Just this silly woman singing about disinformation was enough for me to discount her as person who should be heading up any federal government board.

I love doing counted cross-stitch;-)

The last thing Americans need or should tolerate is a “Disinformation Governance Board” run by the Department of Homeland Security. Free speech is vital to maintaining our personal liberty and protecting our individual rights.

Since 2016, suddenly “Russian disinformation” became a Democrat spin talking point, with efforts to paint Trump as a Russian asset, agent or some variation of “working with Russia,” and the Clinton campaign manufactured the bogus Steele dossier and peddled it to the FBI, into our intelligence agencies and to the US State Department, all to try to destroy Trump’s presidential campaign.

I constantly say timelines matter and they do. It’s easy to forget which order events happened and when they happened, so I keep looking back and thinking through timelines and the sequence of events.

There’s always been a huge question mark in my mind about why Trump entered the 2016 race and who he was working with in the beginning. Trump received millions of dollars worth of free liberal media to disrupt and wreak havoc in the 2016 GOP primary. He was still good friends with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who allowed Trump to phone in for interviews, which other GOP candidates weren’t allowed to do. All across liberal media, they were selling Trump in the beginning – all to create chaos in the 2016 GOP primary. And Trump was still hanging out with friends like Howard Stern at Mar-a-Lago, in 2015, when he entered the race. Trump had also been good friends with the Clintons and Bill Clinton’s golfing buddy. Trump-supporters chose to forget all that history. Trump was useful to the Democrat spin war effort in the spring of 2015, with turning the GOP primary into a freak show.

Trump became a problem for Democrats by late 2015, because Hillary was a terrible campaigner, the email scandal, which broke in early 2015, was also dragging down her campaign. Trump had gained a following and hobbled together some campaign themes that were resonating, plus his rally, large crowd rabble-rousing had created almost a cult following, in addition to creating energy and momentum to his campaign. By late 2015, Democrats, the liberal media and the Clinton campaign unleashed one of the most aggressive smear campaigns in American politics, largely propelled via their spin war. That effort continues to this day and in 2016 “Russian disinformation” became a central theme of many of those smear attacks.

Yes, of course the Russians engage in information warfare operations against the US, but in the past few years the American spin information war has veered so far off the rails, that some Democrat political operatives worked with Silicon Valley execs. to field fake Russian bots in the 2017 Alabama Senate race. We’ve had Democrats & liberal blue checkmark Twitter (especially the journalist class) fighting to get Trump and other right-wing people banned from social media. We’ve had years now of spun up hysteria about “dangerous” Russian disinformation on social media and a whole lot of government/media brainstorms floated on ways to combat this purported “threat.”

I grew up during the Cold War and became fascinated by it, along with falling in love with early American history. I have a high school education, went to college one year, then joined the Army. I am a total dunce at science and math, didn’t think I was smart enough for college and never returned. I like to read a lot about things that catch my interest. I am not an expert on anything, so I try to provide a lot of links in my posts, to indicate where I found information or read something or saw something online.

The Russian disinformation story began long before the Cold War (1947-1991). In 1917, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, overthrew the Czarist government and seized power in Russia. Lenin wasn’t satisfied with the Russian revolution and wanted a global communist revolution, so in 1919 Lenin formed the Comintern:

Lenin and his associates viewed Russia as no more than a springboard from which to launch a global civil war. They feared that if the revolution remained confined to backward, agrarian Russia it would perish under the combined onslaught of the foreign “bourgeoisie” and the domestic peasantry. In their view it was essential to carry the revolution abroad to the industrial countries of the West, whose workers, they believed, were anxious to stop fighting one another and topple their exploiters. To organize and finance this effort, they formed in March 1919 the Third International, or “Comintern.” This organization was a branch of the Russian Communist Party and operated under the aegis of that party’s Central Committee. By virtue of rules laid down in 1920 at the Comintern’s Second Congress, Communist parties abroad were to be created either afresh or else by splitting Social Democratic parties; in either case, they were to be accountable to Moscow and not to their domestic constituencies.

Hoping to exploit the political and economic turmoil afflicting central Europe after the Allied victory, Moscow sent agents with ample supplies of money to stir up unrest. In Germany three revolutionary efforts undertaken with the help of local communists and sympathizers—in early 1919, in 1921, and again in 1923—failed, partly from the passivity of the workers, partly from effective countermeasures of the Weimar government. In Hungary a Bolshevik government under Béla Kun came to power in March 1919, but it lasted only four months before being overthrown. Efforts to incite social unrest elsewhere had no success either and eventually were given up in favour of infiltrating existing institutions by both legal and clandestine communist organizations.”

Thus began the modern era of Russian disinformation. Russian police state behaviors didn’t begin in the Soviet era, but permeate through Czarist Russian history. There’s a Russian cultural acceptance of harsh government controls, unlike our American traditions of personal liberty and individual rights. Piles and piles of books have been written about the Soviet efforts to undermine the West and Russian disinformation/misinformation, along with mountains of great spy/international thriller novels. I loved many books on the Soviet efforts and the Cold War spy novels.

I don’t think America has a “disinformation” problem so much as it has a media culture problem and also a broader culture problem in how Americans react to and interact via social media. Too many people react instantly to social media drama, think shallowly about information they see or hear, if at all, and rush to become part of the latest media-driven “national conversation” or weigh in on the big news drama of the day. Few people take the time to research information or wait before leaping into the online social media hot take public square. It’s about as easy to rush to judgment and spread information without checking it out as it is to click and buy stuff online. Taking a deep breath and taking some time to think about purchases or buying into media hysteria would serve each of us better.

The quote at the beginning is one of my favorite quotes. It’s from The Virginian, a 1902 novel considered to be the first true American fictional Western and it’s one of my favorite American novels. As America expanded westward, American culture developed and spread, but often Americans in settled parts loved to hear frontier stories of drama, hardship and heroism sold in American print, from newspapers to American dime store novels (1860-1915), which were peddled largely to the uneducated class. It’s fine to be entertained by cheap fictional drivel, but to run a country via a 24/7 political soap opera/spin information war, replete with constant smear campaigns, fabricated “news” and pundit-generated hysteria as the constant chorus, is no way for our republic to prosper. We’ve moved from dime store novels, which ran a 100 pages to 280 character tweets and many Twitter peeps were complaining that 280 character tweets were too long to read… go figure.

Trying to encourage people to slow down and think about things, read more, consider differing viewpoints and work to stop reacting instantly, like puppets on a string, can help each of us regain control over the information overload, shield ourselves from the media-driven drama and regain more control over our minds rather than running around reacting 24/7.

The last thing America needs is a Ministry of Truth run by a bizarro Mary Poppins of Disinformation. Seriously, this woman is ridiculous.

The truth has a way of breaking through even the darkest clouds of lies (or the most ridiculous spin war garbage.) Sometimes even one ray of truth poking through can light our path forward, I believe. The thing is we’ve got to start breaking away from our screens more to even see the clouds in the sky or catch that ray of truth.

Look to the sky… not at the screen.

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Twitter doesn’t matter at all

The news media, pundit class and assorted social media influencers are going on and on… and on about Elon Musk buying Twitter, which is the main battlefield of the spin information war. Most of America isn’t on Twitter and certainly doesn’t follow politics Twitter, but Twitter is where the spin battles are fought out between the blue-checkmark politics elites – the journalists, politicians and influencers, who Twitter decided were blue checkmark-worthy.

Elon Musk is an eccentric billionaire and that right-wing Americans are looking to another rich guy, who isn’t even a conservative or Republican, in any sense of the word, as their savior, speaks volumes about how this spin war has fried brain cells. That so many powerful, left-wing Twitter elites are having meltdowns over Twitter no longer being under control of liberals, likewise, speaks volumes of how important the corrupt spin war is to them. They’re upset they are losing control of the main spin battlefield in America.

I don’t care about Elon Musk or Twitter. I care about America – both our republic and the millions of wonderful American people. A lot of prominent right-wing folks are running around thanking Elon Musk for “saving free speech,” while a lot of left-wing folks are hysterically portending the “end of our democracy.” Some liberals are talking about leaving Twitter and some are even going the Hollywood routine of dramatically announcing they’re leaving America… again.

Our country is facing massive challenges right now – especially economic ones, a total lack of leadership in Washington, Russia and China waging aggressive information and economic war against the West and the war in Ukraine. And this domestic spin war greases the skids for political corruption and it still fuels divides in our country every day. Hence, with the Twitter political crowd, one side grasps at Elon Musk as the savior of free speech in America and the other side is hyperventilating he’s the devil sent to destroy our democracy. That’s the level of stupid in our country.

Here goes with my broken record about the American spin information war… again, sorry, but it’s important. The American spin info war way of politics started with the Clinton crowd, then over the years spread to the entire Democratic Party and liberal activists. Trump borrowed the Dem spin war tactics in 2016 and beat the Dems and liberal media at their own corrupt spin war antics.

Back in the 90s, once the internet came along and forums like Excite became popular, the emerging Clinton spin war moved online. The objective of the Dem spin information war was, and still remains, to control public opinion via control of political news messaging in America.

Those Dem spin word games, from the very beginning, were repetitive messaging campaigns orchestrated by Dem operatives, who coordinated with liberal news media. The most important thing about this spin information war, is it’s just the visible part of a very ruthless, coordinated, win-by-any-means-necessary way of politics, where wholesale public corruption runs rampant.

Bill Clinton survived impeachment and Excite went away:

“The original Excite company was founded in 1994 and went public two years later. Excite was once a popular site on the Internet during the 1990s, with the main portal site being the sixth most visited website in 1997. The company merged with broadband provider @Home Network but together went bankrupt in 2001. Excite’s portal and services were acquired by iWon and then by Ask Jeeves, but the website went into a steep decline in popularity afterwards.”

The spin info war crowd (journalists, political pundits, pols) eventually moved on to Twitter. This crowd might likely move somewhere else at some point, but the vast corruption in our political parties assures this spin information war way of trying to control the news media and public opinion won’t go away easily or quickly.

When Twitter started being mentioned constantly, for a long time I had no interest in using Twitter (and still don’t really), but I became curious why TV cable news kept mentioning tweets so much (this was pre-Trump). By 2016, Twitter was where the political class and journalists hung out online and it was where the daily spin battles played out. Trump understood that and he had a gift for disrupting and hijacking Dem spin attacks, often with a single, poorly worded tweet. That’s why Dems and liberals wanted him silenced too. If you get in the way of the Dem and liberal media spin war, every effort will be made to silence you (see the attacks on Ron DeSantis).

I went on Twitter at first to try to figure out why Twitter mattered so much in politics. So, I followed hundreds of journalists, pundits and politicians, trying to understand what was going on. I quickly began to understand that Twitter was the main spin war battlefield now and that spin cycles emanated to other news media formats from Twitter via amplification with rapid retweeting (trending stories,) especially by journalists and liberal media pundits on Twitter. Instead of any real investigation, it’s more common for some explosive breaking news or new spin angle to be floated and tweeted by one journalist or news source and other journalists and news organizations instantly begin retweeting the hot take news.

Twitter retweets and that rapid amplification process manufacture the American news spin cycles.

Vast public corruption ripples underneath this spin info war. There’s widespread abuse of power, using government assets for partisan political purposes, weaponizing the FBI for partisan political purposes, and weaponizing intelligence assets for partisan political purposes that now go into this spin war way of politics in America.

John Durham still plods on with investigating the 2016 Clinton campaign corruption (largely centered on the bogus Steele dossier being packaged and sold, not just in the media, but to the FBI and intel agencies and through the US State Department too.

Long ago I lost faith any of the powerful elites live under the same rules the rest of us do. Anyone thinking Republicans will save us, well Republican politicians in Washington aren’t trying to end the corrupt spin information war, they’re trying to get better at it. Of course, back to the truth about binary choices – the lesser of two evils is always still evil.

With multiple serious crises on the horizon, what matters most now is trying to encourage as many Americans as possible to get busy stocking up on basics, learning more skills, learning to plant some food, and most of all start talking to other like-minded people and work on building some community.

Here’s an important truth: one person, not a political figure, an eccentric billionaire, media person, influencer or obscure blogger can save our democracy or protect free speech in America.

Twitter doesn’t matter at all

Only “we the people” can save our country. That means as many Americans as possible need to start putting in their oars and rowing as hard as they can to pull our country away from the dangerous falls we’re drifting towards.

We certainly don’t need a bunch of yahoos blustering about civil war or civil divorce.

We all should be trying to encourage like-minded fellow citizens and trying to find ways to share ideas and work together in our communities to help each other weather these serious economic crises already on the horizon.

We need as many helping hands across America as possible. And that sure is a tall order.


PS: I’ve followed the spin information war so closely, because it affected me personally in 1998, when I ventured onto the Excite message boards and began posting political comments there during the Clinton impeachment scandal.

If you get in the way of the Dem spin info war, every corrupt means possible will be used to intimidate and silence you. Trump survived 4 years of being under assault, 24/7, by Dems and liberal media, determined to destroy his presidency and force him into submission. Trump fought back, embracing the same corrupt spin war tactics as Dems and then went too far with his “Stop the Steal” effort. The Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol finally gave Democrats and liberal media cover to ban Trump from Twitter and social media. Elon Musk buying Twitter puts that huge spin win of silencing Trump at risk.

I’m not Trump, only a nobody homemaker, but I was attacked in 1998 and don’t have any way to prove it happened. I’m now a nobody blogger, whose blog barely gets any views and on Twitter, I tweet when I feel it’s important to fight to disrupt corrupt spin attacks. I currently have 55 Twitter followers, but attracting followers isn’t necessary to disrupt spin attacks, I found. It’s making the right connections in choosing who to quote tweet with retweeting and where to post comments. Unlike Trump, I don’t want to ever be center stage. I want the vast, wholesale public corruption, that this spin information war propels, to be exposed. I wrote about what happened to me in Messages of Mhere on my home page. I used pseudonyms, but every person mentioned is real, including me. Ironically, my kids told me it wasn’t safe to use my real name on the internet and explained user-names to me. My user-name on the Excite message boards was mhere, a play on the Russian word for “peace.” A user-name doesn’t protect you from corrupt, powerful people, I learned. I wrote that story in 2013 and it’s my best recollection of the events that happened to me during the Clinton impeachment. I can’t prove any of it.

I don’t have any power or know any powerful people, but I still believe no one should be above the law in America.


It’s 4:57 pm EST, 4/28/2022 – Thought I want to add, for the record, my real name is Susan Holly Heward.

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Why mention Trump, when Dems are in power?

A few thoughts to add:

My blog post today is too long and rambling, yes, I know that.

My blog post, by mentioning Trump’s spin corruption along with the vast Dem corruption might sound like both-side-ism, since Trump is out of office and Biden and the Dems are in power. So, here goes with why I mentioned Trump’s spin antics too, even though the Dem corruption is so much more widespread and organized That January 6th rally which turned into mayhem at the Capitol was fed by Trump’s corrupt “Stolen Election” spin effort, as much as the Dems “Trump-Russian Collusion” hysteria was corrupt fevered spin crap to stop Trump’s inauguration and when that failed it turned into 4 years of relentless spin attacks to wreck Trump’s presidency.

I don’t believe two wrongs make a right, but unfortunately in politics we seem to keep getting the same bad choices.

Here’s the difference I see between Trump’s spin corruption and the vast Dem/liberal media/big tech spin corruption. Trump doesn’t have a vast mass media spin machine. He doesn’t have thousands of media and partisan activists and operatives who will jump into action to spin up a narrative or create massive spin distractions.

Trump had his own sideshow antics, his own personal Twitter account, and the bully pulpit of the Office of the President for 4 years. He had a willingness to thwart rules, norms and had no interest in the legality or morality of his actions. He also enthusiastically engaged in vicious name-calling spin attacks and petty smears, that were on par with the Dem/liberal media character assassins. He now has much less media spin firepower, but Dems and the liberal media machine fear him, because he’s effective and as willing to use fair means or foul to win as they are.

Trump also does not have and likely never will build a vast, corrupt media spin enterprise like the Dems, liberal media and big tech elites are running, because of his own one-man show personality and his ingrained habit of playing his own team members against each other. What Trump does have is millions of Americans who would take the Trump economy and policies over the Biden debacle and millions of Americans, who are sick to death of the Dem power grabs and infringing on Americans’ personal freedom, under the guise of public health measures to fight Covid. I am right there too.

The Dem/liberal media/big tech corruption is of a magnitude Trump could only dream of possessing and with Dems currently in control of the White House and Congress, it’s a much more pressing concern in my estimation. And since their effort is definitely aimed at targeting Trump supporters or people who won’t go along with liberal ideologies and edicts, most people on the right (myself included,) naturally look to the opposite partisan side to counter the one we disagree with.

Here’s where I part company with many on the right, I am against the use of corrupt spin information war and public corruption – whichever direction it’s coming from. It’s about more than am I for politician X or politician Y; it’s about believing in supporting the rule of law, equal protection under the law and that we operate demanding one set of standards for all of our elected officials.

My views on this blog have a very small reach, but since I pay for this WordPress account, I feel like putting my two cents in.

I hope more Americans start thinking as Americans rather than placing themselves in partisan boxes and feeling like they have to choose red pill or blue pill constantly.

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