Down in the mud…

Trump has decided to double-down on his primary scorched earth strategy – guess, he feels he can dominate the mainstream media, as they collude with the Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines, to steamroll Trump into the dirt.

The problem the media has is so few Americans trust them to be an honest-broker and tell the truth.  They were trying to cover-up and carry water for Hillary’ health issues.  In fact, when Hillary collapsed on September 11th, if that civilian person hadn’t posted his video of Hillary collapsing on Twitter, the media would have covered it up completely and denied there was any problem. We would have been sold the she was just “dehydrated” story.

Andrea Mitchell is a complete Hillary cheerleader, Chuck Todd was exchanging emails with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to do in Sanders in the primary, this Washington Post reporter, David Fahrenthold, gleefully reports every bit of dirt he can dig up about the Trump Foundation, but he sure isn’t interested in looking into the Clinton Foundation or David Brock’s non-profit irregularities.  This media collusion, to help Hillary, permeates the mainstream media and it might end up helping Trump.

While Trump may dig himself to defeat, by going too far into the mud, at the same time, he is going to drag the Clintons and the media right down there with him.  The corrupt media collusion is how Bill Clinton master-minded the “GOP Insurgency” and set-up his perfect triangulation strategy in the primary.  In March, I wrote:

Trump’s mass media saturation for months on end last year, where the media gave him millions of dollars of free air time and where he relentlessly repeated his litany of buzz words and hollow phrases, came loaded down, not with policy, but with some of the most vicious sleaze was, in plain English,  CHEATING – it was cheating and fraud on a massive scale.  From many sources:

And here’s the most elucidative account of the cheating:  “Les Moonves Exposes the Trump Media Game” 

So, now we are at Phase Two, the general election steamroller effort to destroy Trump.

Many crazy conspiracy theories keep cropping up about Hillary and the media corruption, but oddly enough, some are true, and these feed the perception that the media is rigging the system for Hillary.   Her “dehydrated” story was total bs, but many in the media dutifully sell Clinton talking points and their obvious one-sided reporting is totally out in the open in this election.

Trump whined about his mic not working during the debate.  Hillary mocked him.  Today it was reported that Trump’s mic really wasn’t working properly during the debate:

“The Commission on Presidential Debates admitted Friday there were indeed issues with Donald Trump’s audio at Monday’s debate – four days after the Republican nominee complained about sound issues inside the venue and was mocked for it by Hillary Clinton.

“Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall,” the CPD said in a short statement Friday afternoon.

While Trump already has taken a drubbing from political analysts for aspects of his performance Monday, the unusual — and belated — statement from the commission boosts his claim that he was having microphone problems.

“I was a little bit upset that the microphone in the room wasn’t working,” Trump told reporters Monday night.

The next day, he continued to bring up the sound issues.

“My microphone in the room, they couldn’t hear me,” Trump said on Fox and Friends. “I wonder if it was set up that way,” he added. “It was terrible.””

McClatchyDC has an article up on the year-long Democratic effort to groom Alicia Machado,  as the Hispanic woman mistreated by Donald Trump:

Millions of Americans heard the name Alicia Machado for the first time this week in the final minutes of the most-watched presidential debate in history.

But there were actually a year’s worth of twists and turns, largely behind the scenes, that ledHillary Clinton to utter the name of the Latina beauty queen, turning Machado into a major figure in the final weeks of the presidential race.

American Bridge, an opposition research group, learned about the 1996 Miss Universe’s story last year. It sold the information directly to the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and passed it on to Correct the Record, a super political action committee, which also sold it to Clinton’s campaign, according to three people familiar with the transactions who were not authorized to speak publicly.

At this point, I can’t even predict where this Election 2016 race will go, but I do know where it will end up – NO MATTER WHAT .

Hillary is going to win, even if the Clinton/Obama/Democratic corrupt political machines have to write and sell an entire false narrative about the election results to the American people. The massive level of Obama administration corruption, makes it imperative that the Dems keep control of the White House.  If they could make her email server scandal disappear, lying to the American people about the election results will be just a small step further, with their Wholesale Public Corruption.

The mainstream media will happily sell that, even if it is a lie.


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3 responses to “Down in the mud…

  1. Sam topeka

    So tRump is right to say the system is rigged?

    • I have no sympathy for Trump at all. Of course it’s been rigged – except, I think he was Bill Clinton’s dupe in the primary, fed memes and talking points, sold on “winning in the polls” and completely set-up to be the “Loose Cannon” in the general.. He loved the corrupt media collusion when he as waging his GOP Insurgency to destroy Republicans. Now, that he’s on the receiving end of that corrupt media collusion, as Bill Clinton works furiously to make sure his perfectly executed triangulation strategy doesn’t implode, Trump thinks he can garner enough sympathy playing the victim, to push ahead of Hillary.

      It’s very risky for a man to attack women, even unlikable ones, like Hillary, or one of dubious character, like the Latin American beauty queen/narco kingpin mistress.

      Trump’s already alienated wide swaths of female and Hispanic voters, so I don’t know if his risky strategy will help him or hurt him.

      I’ve been saying Bill Clinton and his sewer rats set-up the GOP Insurgency since last Fall. Just like Bill Clinton strong-armed Obama to bury the email server scandal. So many people try to discount Bill Clinton, because he’s old and way past his prime, but he is one of the most brilliant political strategists in America and I don’t Trump’s reactionary, loose cannon lobs are any match for the Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines colluding with the mainstream media. I could be wrong though, because I thought Republicans would have united and ditched Trump long before now.

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