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More old paper crafts

Ta da, my first “junk journal” made with all “junk” I had in my sewing room and around the house.  The book, approx. 6″ X 6″.  is constructed with a cereal box, covered with brown paper.  I used the 5-hole pamphlet stitch to stitch in the signature (pages).

I’ve been doing some simple altered composition books for the granddaughters using old calendar pictures and clearance washi tape (a decorative Japanese-type masking tape) I bought at Walmart years ago.  Minnie was my sewing room 2015 calendar.  Throughout these, I’m gluing some small pictures and interesting facts from a couple Goodwill, 39 cent children’s books – an almanac and a Rosie O’Donnell kids’ joke book.  I made a pocket inside the front covers, where I’m putting several pages of word find, crossword and sudoku puzzles too.

Old greeting cards turned into little notepads, using the 3-hole pamphlet stitch and kitchen twine.  They are filled with odds and ends of old scrapbook and notebook paper.  Some, I added a pocket in either the front or back to hold small pieces of paper or notes.  I made about 20 of these a week or so ago, but gave most of them away already.  I’ve got more old cards sitting here to make more of these, but I am altering the construction to reinforce them along the fold.  I’ve had the top left one in my purse for over a week and had to tape along the fold, because it wasn’t holding up.  I might run tape along the fold or glue cardstock to the inside of the cards.  Another idea is to mod podge the cards to make them more durable covers.

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Nothing new under the sun

Here’s a fascinating piece from The War on the Rocks:


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Putin diagnoses “political schizophrenia” in America

Short update on yesterday’s blog post:

Russia always tries to fuel partisan divides and inflame tensions, along with aiding and abetting radical factions, in America.

So, here’s what Putin said Wednesday:

“Putin said allegations that Trump had disclosed top-secret intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S., proved that the U.S. was  “developing political schizophrenia,” according to the Russian state-controlled news agency Tass, which quoted comments Putin made at a Wednesday news conference in Sochi, Russia.”

Yes, according to Putin, who does everything he can to undermine political stability in America, the U.S. is developing political schizophrenia…  He wants the rest of the world to believe America’s political system is falling apart and America can not be trusted as a world leader.

Too bad most of the partisans in Washington and the mainstream media, while screaming about Trump/Russian collusion, are completely oblivious to how Russia continues their same information warfare and they’re actually feeding the Trump/Russian collusion hysteria.

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Just a few photos

Worked a little in my front flower bed.  My bird bath is supposed to be the home to a fairy house, but I haven’t made one yet, so it’s just flowers again.  This year I’m trying a bed of drainage rocks and planting the flowers in a coco basket liner, rather than planting them directly into the bird bath.   A lot of rain water collects in the bottom of the bird bath and I have to tip it to drain water all the time, so now I can easily remove the flowers and tip it.  Considered drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the bird bath.  I know how to use a drill and we have masonry bits, but not sure if this would require a hammer drill.  So, I don’t want to crack my bird bath trying to drill with the regular drill and I don’t want to buy a hammer drill for what is basically flower pot drainage.  Opted for trying the drainage rocks, which were under $4 for a bag.  I can use the rest of this bag of drainage rocks in the bottom of flower pots, because I put a layer of rocks or broken up pieces of old clay flower pots in the bottom of my flower pots for drainage.


Finished… better than the previous efforts, but still need more practice.


Went simple with the crazy birds finish.  Probably after finishing another dozen small cross-stitch projects, mine will look much better.  That’s how I learn everything – lots of practice.  And geesh, my youngest daughter explained how to turn the flash on with the camera on my cell phone and that sure improved my photos too, lol.

Comey was fired… no comment yet.

My blog will be back to politics in the next post.

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A teachable moment

Over the weekend I saw a short news clip of a reporter interviewing attendees at a “Tax March” in CA.  They were asked what they were protesting.  Several gave various incantations of Trump is not their president, but one woman apparently had read the full march organizers’ talking points, judging by her list of invective against Trump and demands that he release all his tax returns.  This woman claimed President Trump is breaking the law by not releasing his tax returns.

She is wrong, of course, as there is no legal requirement that presidential candidates release their tax returns, although there is a tradition.

In typical leftist fashion, the Tax March came with its own symbolic gesture – the Trump chicken:

“Tax March, it turns out, also has an unofficial mascot: a giant inflatable rooster known colloquially as “Trump chicken.”

A Seattle-based illustrator completed a design in November for a company that wanted a statue for the Chinese New Year to commemorate the Year of the Rooster. The original 23-foot fiberglass statue was installed outside a shopping mall in northern China at a time when relations between China and the United States were especially strained.

An activist in San Francisco later came up with the idea of buying replica inflatable chickens for use in the Tax March, Ms. Taub said. She said the chickens were a “good symbol” for the march, both because she said Mr. Trump was too scared to release his tax returns, and because the chickens are more fun and entertaining than tax policy.”

Most Americans live in a reality-based world, so they’re not paying any attention to the Left’s Trumper tantrums anymore.  These marches aren’t galvanizing millions of mainstream Americans to take to the streets.

Most Americans have accepted that Donald Trump is the President of the United States and even within the Left’s ranks there’s discord and growing disagreement about how to counter Trump and his agenda.

Far beyond the rancor of partisan politics in America, the very fact that most Americans still believe in following The Constitution and haven’t been swayed by the Left’s relentless efforts to overturn the 2016 election, through massive mass media propaganda efforts, sparks hope for America’s future.

Despite all the dumbing down in America’s schools and despite the wasteland of American culture, that most Americans still believe in playing by the rules makes me optimistic for America’s future.

Perhaps, the 2016 Presidential Election will turn out to be both, a pivotal and a positive, to borrow the Left’s catchphrase… teachable moment.

I am hoping for many more.

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Info War… Russian-style

Blogging about the current  American political information war, just like the endless spin cycle, replete with scorched earth character assassinations, is repetitive, predictable and disheartening.  While the mainstream media and Dems hurl accusations against President Trump’s wild tweets, that allege President Obama abused his powers and wiretapped Trump Tower, the Russians launched a nuclear information war strike yesterday.

Do the mainstream media and entrenched partisans realize the scope of the Russian comprehensive strategy to destroy America’s credibility as a world leader?  I doubt it.  The media would rather fixate on Trump and aiding the Left in delegitimizing his presidency.  Trump assists them in their efforts with his own self-absorbed, Reality TV presidency, replete with endless dramatic Twitter attacks on the media.

Several blogs, which appear to be Russian front operations, allege the CIA has used vast hacking tools to orchestrate hack attacks that look like they’re from other countries.  Wikileaks released more documents on this:

“A vast portion of the CIA’s computer hacking arsenal appeared to have been exposed Tuesday by the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks, which posted thousands of files revealing secret cyber-tools used by the agency to convert cellphones, televisions and other ordinary devices into implements of espionage.

The trove appeared to lay bare the design and capabilities of some of the U.S. intelligence community’s most closely guarded cyberweapons, a breach that is likely to cause immediate damage to the CIA’s efforts to gather intelligence overseas and place new strain on the U.S. government’s relationship with Silicon Valley giants including Apple and Google.”

The Russians wasted no time parlaying Trump’s latest unproven Twitter attack against the FBI and US intel agencies, as being corrupt tools used in cheap partisan political dirty tricks by President Obama, into potent disinformation dumps meant to fuel Americans’ distrust of their own government.  The Russian disinformation effort also niftily used Trump’s reckless charges as the basis for their huge stink bomb, meant to steer foreign governments away from trusting the United States.  This attack also follows a long Russian disinformation theme of casting US intelligence agencies as immoral and international pariahs in the world.  Of course, it also deflects attention away from the Russians ruthless disinformation and intelligence operations.

American credibility took another hit, thanks to Trump’s myopic focus on himself and his image.  Trump lashed out at the media and scored some cheap partisan points.  The Dems and media feigned outrage, but they’re backpedaling away from their assertions of FBI wiretaps on Trump associates and transcripts of phone calls between Trump associates and the Russians, as fast as they can.   While Trump, the Dems and the media wage Twitter attacks and counter-attacks on the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency and Russian influence, the Russians have used this latest partisan scorched earth media circus diversion, as cover for  a global disinformation nuclear strike.

American intelligence officials were supposedly caught totally unaware by this Wikileaks hit

Americans needs an investigation into the entire corrupt 2016 election scorched earth debacle to restore confidence in the American electoral system, but who do Americans trust at this point?  Kevin D. Williamson wrote about that: The Problem with Investigating Trump.

The Obama administration escaped serious mainstream media scrutiny on their corruption of executive branch institutions.  Every Obama administration scandal ended up portrayed as Faux News or a partisan, racist witch hunt, so don’t expect any mainstream media honesty in reporting.  The media which reports every tantalizing bit of  Trump dirt they come across… without serious fact-checking…. is running away from Trump’s wiretapping charge.  Andrew McCarthy at National Review and Law Newz have covered that angle:

Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance

While You Weren’t Looking, the Democrat–Media Election-Hacking Narrative Just Collapsed

Take note that Trump has not responded forcefully to continued Russian and Iranian interference with US ships and planes in international territory.   He can rage and bluster on Twitter about unfair reports in the media, but he hasn’t done anything to allow American forces to respond forcefully to Russian and Iranian provocations.

Sure, investigate Trump campaign connections to Russia, investigate Clinton pay-to-play and Congressional Dems Pakistani IT people, expose the details of Weiner’s laptop with over 600,000 emails, BUT never lose sight of the fact that while America play checkers, the Russian are still at their long-game, big picture chess game to destroy  Americans’ trust in American civic institutions and government AND to usurp America’s leadership role on the world.

The Russians aren’t trying “to help” Trump, no matter how much Hillary and her minions say that.

The Russians want to DESTROY America… FIRST.

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A woodpecker in my willow tree


My husband, who is disabled,  spends a lot of time sitting in what I call the “sun room”, which was our screened in back porch.  We had windows installed and heat/AC several years ago, converting it into another room.  He’s a chain-smoker and I can’t deal with cigarette smoke in the house, despite being a former smoker (the worst kind of smoke nazis) myself, so this sun room is the compromise.  He has a TV, coffee-maker, small refrigerator out there and I added a large electric air purifier.  He uses the house phone intercom a lot to call me when he needs something.

Last week he called me and told me I needed to come out there, because he wanted to show me something.  When I went out there he pointed to my willow tree and told me to look at the woodpecker near the top.  I didn’t spot him at first.

My husband said, “How can you miss him, he’s the size of a B-52?”

I stepped out on the patio and then I saw him, because he had moved around the trunk of the tree.  I wish I had had my cell phone in my hand to snap a photo of him.  He was the largest woodpecker that I’ve ever seen – the size of a crow actually.

Later, my youngest daughter in Texas messaged me about some bald eagles in Florida hatching, which she thought I’d be interested in, because I had gotten engrossed with some other bald eagles hatching a few years back.   I told her about our woodpecker sighting.  After explaining what this woodpecker looked like with his red crest on his head and large size, she started sending info on a pileated woodpecker.  That sure looks like the woodpecker in my willow tree.  He hasn’t returned, but if he does I want to try and take a photo.

This woodpecker sighting spurred me to think back over the years to the many times I worked in my yard and heard a woodpecker pecking away in the woods behind my house. Often I thought that these Southern woodpeckers in the woods sure make a lot of noise for such small birds, because the sounds were more like a jack hammer, than a bird pecking. There were many times I heard branches falling after long pecking jags.  When I mentioned this woodpecker and my thoughts about the loud sounds of woodpeckers in the woods for years to my sons, they said they had heard the very loud woodpeckers many times too.

All of sudden I wondered if large woodpeckers had been living here all along.

That got me thinking about how many times things might have been right in front of my nose (or ears), but I was too blind too see (or hear) them.

Trying to be open to new information seems like an endeavor worth pursuing. So, with 2017 fresh, I’ll strive not only to open my eyes and ears, but most of all my heart and mind to new information, ideas and ways of looking at the world.

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