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Blog note

Just a short note about my “Running on empty” blog post editing and rewriting. I began my blog writing about politics and I have spent over 20 years trying to understand the Democrats’ corrupt spin information war, and find ways to expose the wholesale public corruption, in any small ways I can. I’ve written years of blog posts, comments on various news and political commentary sites (having many deleted and I was banned a couple times too for posting factual information that got in the way of a partisan narrative). These days, I really want to spend more of my time working on my own preparedness for the major economic hardships, I believe are blowing our way, but I feel a conviction to keep writing about the corrupt spin info war and truly evil word games being perpetrated against the American people.

The spin (lies) war isn’t only being waged by Democrats trying to manipulate words and lie to us, it’s many Republicans too (especially Trump and his crowd, btw, because they believe they can fight fire with fire and “win” this spin information war), by hostile foreign information operations, who have an easy time playing American factions against each other in our deeply divided country and especially by media in America, who are making a fortune off of getting Americans worked up, turning news into infotainment and a 24/7 soap opera. I am not going to argue about Trump or Trump-supporters, because I understand why millions of Americans voted for him (I voted for him in 2020, despite vowing NeverTrump since 2015, out of sheer fear of the Obama crowd being back in power). I also support many of the Trump administration policies.

Ever since the late 1990s, I have wondered where does this corrupt Dem spin information war and all the vast corruption needed to fuel it lead? So, I’ve spent years, reading, following the spin war and trying to work out a totally lawful, peaceful strategy to expose the corrupt spin information war, so that most Americans would begin to see it and understand it. This spin info war leads to complete civil disarray and possibly civil war – that’s what happens when factions in a country become too divided and hostilities flare out of control. I thought there must be some plan to try to avoid America falling apart into civil disarray (yeah, big goal there, I know).

I am a nobody homemaker and I love America, but I love my kids, grandkids and family and friends even more. Preserving our constitutional republic is vital for their safety, their ability to thrive and prosper and for their future.

I’ve wanted to just quit this blog, quit tweeting to try to disrupt corrupt spin attacks – that’s why I went on Twitter in the first place – to try to understand Twitter’s role in the corrupt spin information war. So, I followed hundreds of journalists, politicians, political pundits and then started tweeting to disrupt spin attacks.

With this latest Dem spin effort to con Americans with this Inflation Reduction Act and their big green-energy push, I’m back to spending more time reading news articles and doing more research. I decided to edit out the emergency preparedness part of my last blog post, because I’ve said all of those things many times already and I’m not really a “prepper” or a “homesteader” or an expert of any kind, I’m just a concerned American citizen. If people aren’t preparing for serious economic problems after two quarters of negative growth in America, skyrocketing inflation, and all the other hotspots blazing around the world, there’s not much I can say to sway them.

For now, I’m back to writing about politics and the vast, wholesale public corruption.

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Short blog note

I will leave comments open on my blog, but I will no longer respond to any comments. Something I’ve wondered about since 2013 has become clear. The only comments I will block are ones with a lot of foul language or ones to porn sites and that sort of spamming.

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Personal Note

My husband died last Saturday. My own blog is the only place I wanted to post a link to his obituary. I’ll return after taking some time off.

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A hard path to travel

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Although my blog is mainly my opinions about politics and culture war issues, this post is a personal one. I’ve mentioned in other posts that my husband has been on home hospice care since late January 2020. He couldn’t even sit up in the bed by himself after suffering acute respiratory failure. To me it seems miraculous that he has survived this long. He’s been completely bed bound for over a year.

There was never any hope that he would regain, in any real sense, anything remotely resembling, “quality of life.” He has late stage COPD and he’s had, normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) for well over a decade. It’s been years of declines, then he’d work to regain his strength, but never recover to the point he had been before the latest set-back.

He liked to read novels, work in our yard, do home fix-it and home improvement projects. He used to have a wicked sense of humor and there were still occasional glimmers of that over this past year.

During the past decade he went from a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair, to being bed-bound. The most devastating part wasn’t losing his mobility, it was the dementia caused by the NPH. that increased along the way.

My husband is a fighter. He believes, “The mind controls the body; the body does not control the mind.” When faced with being bed bound and unable to even sit up on his own, he fought to regain his strength, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, until he managed to pull himself up to a sitting position, holding onto the bedrails.

This past year has been a rollercoaster, where there’d be a few small improvements and then the unrealistic hopes, that maybe he’d get better would start popping into my head, even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Those hopes would quickly be followed by another decline. There were declines, with several infections, but he kept fighting back to being able to sit up and he’d try to eat and regain his strength.

Everything sounds so clinical with the terms used to explain what’s happening in the dying process. He’s now in the end stretch, the hospice nurses referred to it as a transition to the final stage of his disease progression with COPD, barely moving any air, stopped eating, barely drinking and I felt like writing this.

With all these ups and downs, it’s often felt like being on a “death watch” each time he declined. He’s sleeping almost constantly now. The hospice nurses are keeping careful watch, guiding me on how to care for him and keep him comfortable. They visit daily now to check on my husband and guide me through this. I could not have made it through the past year, of this level of caregiving, without their support. These hospice nurses are truly angels.

People keep asking me, “Are you okay?” Yes, I’m “okay,” whatever that means. My husband and I have been married 40 years. He has fought harder to keep going than I ever imagined anyone would fight. There’s a whole lot of pain, but after watching him lose control of his body and the memory loss, where from one minute to the next, he usually can’t remember what he wanted to say, there’s also a feeling of hoping he finds peace when his suffering is done.

Oddly enough my husband never went on any social media and has no idea what a blog even is and he’s never read a single post, even though he’s inspired many of my posts. By the time I started blogging he was already suffering from serious memory problems.

Unlike many people monetizing or taking donations to support their blogs, I pay for my WordPress account. I never want to make a cent off of anything I write on this blog and only hope to continue having this small space online to express my opinions.

I’ll be back to blogging about politics, culture war issues and yes, likely the corrupt spin information war too, after my husband’s final journey is done.

Thanks for taking the time to read this personal blog post.

I will be back.


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Trying a new path

Since the election in November, I’ve given a lot of thought to how I spend my online time and pondered how much time I really want to devote to following our corrupt partisan spin information war blazing across American news media every single day. Each side’s spin game is predictable, boring and phony, staged agitation propaganda. Spin war is really just corrupt, ruthless agitation propaganda waged against the American people. It’s all about inciting Americans to anger and rage at other Americans. I haven’t written much, because I’ve given a lot of thought to writing about other topics and leaving the politics to the occasional blog post. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read my blog, but this year has left me feeling it’s time to try a new path – less politics and more about things that really matter to me.

I don’t want to write about corrupt Trump, corrupt Dems, the corrupt media or their destructive scorched earth spin information war anymore.

It’s become almost cliché to talk about 2020 as the worst year in our lives, but it’s December and none of the “worst case” scenarios that worried me happened. That’s not to diminish the 305,000+ Americans who have died of COVID-19 complications, the millions of Americans who lost their jobs and/or businesses or the alarming ways in which sacrosanct constitutional rights have been trampled by overzealous local and state officials, all in the name of “public health” or the personal challenges that did occur in my own life. All those dreadful things happened, but so far our governmental and economic systems have not completely collapsed and most Americans, including me, continue to quietly go about our everyday lives.

The most disturbing aspect of 2020 was the pile-on aspect of experiencing a pandemic, a government-induced economic catastrophe (yes, the government closures of businesses has been a real catastrophe), and major civil unrest (much of it orchestrated with leftist political groups, Dem politicians and media incitement), replete with widespread rioting and looting. Even the pandemic, appears to have been caused due to deliberate decisions by the Chinese government not to warn other countries about COVID-19 spreading in China. Of course, many people would prefer to attribute all of 2020’s dire events on mystical, malignant factors, but the truth is terrible human decisions and the repercussions of awful decisions were the root causes of these large scale disastrous events in 2020.

I’m not following the minute-by-minute spin war on Twitter anymore, because there are too many other real life things that require my time and effort and I feel better away from following the Twitter drama so much. It’s pretty predictable that the mainstream media will continue to pretend they are unbiased, professionals, when in reality they are mostly Dem spin hacks, who deliberately squashed the Hunter Biden laptop story in October – to help Joe Biden. Biden will be inaugurated in January is a safe bet.

Trump won’t go away quietly. He will continue lashing out at people, whom he targets as “disloyal,” so if he fires Bill Barr soon, that should come as no surprise, but none of Trump’s petty revenge tantrums will change a thing, except assure his own administration stays in total disarray until Biden is sworn in. And no, I don’t believe the election was “stolen” from Trump – he lost. His legal team has offered no hard evidence of any of their “stolen election” conspiracy theories and Trump repeating and retweeting any crazy conspiracy theory he hears, should clue his followers in that Trump’s not concerned about facts, only inciting his followers.

No matter how much most Americans try to avoid the partisan political chaos, it’s going to further intrude on our lives and unravel our institutions and our civic spirit. The best thing every American can do is work to become more self-reliant and become better able to adapt to rapidly changing situations. I plan to write more about other topics in the coming months, because there’s not a thing I can do to change the entrenched scorched earth spin war raging across American news media.

Finding ways to unite people or at least find some common ground appeals to me more than banging away on my keyboard giving daily reports from the Twitter spin war trenches or expressing outrage about the latest American political spin drama.

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Blog Update

I just wanted to post a short blog update.  My husband of 39 years has been very ill for many years and after a hospitalization this week, he has come home on hospice care.  When I have my thoughts together and time to focus on politics and other topics again, rest assured, “I’ll be back.”

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


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Short blog note

I haven’t had the time or energy to put together a blog post lately, although I have been commenting about the Dem’s latest SPIN mass media crap show on Twitter some.  Hopefully soon I’ll find time to get a blog post up.

A week or so ago I came across a Rand study, that I’ve begun reading and plan to finish when I have time. It’s called Truth Decay and sure feels like a timely topic:



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Blog note

After writing my previous blog post, I began thinking about writing more about military strategy and tactics juxtaposed to an information battlefield, which is how SPIN information warfare is being waged in America.  I want to expand on a few points pertaining to Trump’s guerilla warfare tactics in how he wages his information warfare, but unfortunately I’ve got some errands to run, so that post will be up tonight or tomorrow morning hopefully.

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Blog update

Here’s a quick blog update.  My husband has been in the hospital since May 6th, so I’ve been too tired to write and not following politics closely enough to become engaged enough to write about anything.  Sometime this week, my husband is supposed to move to a rehab facility for intensive physical therapy for a week or two and then at some point after that he will need the shunt in his brain replaced.  I’ve been spending most of my days in Savannah at the hospital with him.

Once things settle down here, hopefully I’ll get back to writing.

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Blog Note

Just a short blog note here to let you know my blogging will continue to be sporadic, due to some family health issues.  I’ll try to get some blog posts written soon, but presently most of my time and energy is involved in trying to keep up with my housework and caring for my husband, whose mobility is very limited right now. He’s got to have more tests done & possibly replacement of the shunt that’s already in his head, but for the moment most of the time he can’t walk more than a few steps with his walker.  So, we’re getting a routine established moving him around the house in the wheelchair, dressing, etc.

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