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Just some facts would be welcome

Scorched earth still rages on in America.

Last week President Trump gave a decent speech in front of Congress and got 24 hours of positive media coverage, so it seemed likely the Dems would launch another hit in the media to destroy Trump’s positive media news cycle.  Sure enough the allegations against Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, hit pieces in both the Washington Post and New York Times set off a Twitter frenzy March 1st.

President Trump just went nuclear yesterday morning, accusing President Obama of ordering wiretaps on Trump Tower during the election in a tweetstorm:

Trump tweeted early Saturday morning in one part of a six-tweet tirade that began just after 6:30 a.m.
The President went on to compare the alleged tapping of his phones to Watergate and called Obama “bad (or “sick).”
“How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy,” Trump tweeted.
But two former senior US officials quickly dismissed Trump’s accusations out of hand.
“Just nonsense,” said one former senior US intelligence official.
Another former senior US official with direct knowledge of investigations by the Justice Department under the Obama administration said Trump’s phones were never tapped.
“This did not happen. It is false. Wrong,” the former official told CNN.
A spokesman for Obama, Kevin Lewis, called “any suggestion” that Obama or any White House official ordered surveillance against Trump “simply false.”

At this point, it’s time for leaders in both parties to stand up and be Americans first.

The President owes us details on his allegations.

We are quickly reaching a point of constitutional crisis.

Today is Day #46  of the Trump presidency and assuredly  America’s credibility and stability cannot survive 4 years of unrelenting nuclear option, scorched earth partisan information war.

Best thing for America would be a complete outing of the massive wholesale public corruption of the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign and the Trump presidential campaign.

We need answers on the Trump/Russian influence questions swirling.

We need answers on the Clinton scorched earth efforts, to include collusion with the media & Obama administration efforts.

We need email answers on both Trump associates’ connections with Wikileaks and Hillary’s server.

Beyond the Russian influence hysteria we need answers on Abedin’s email stash and the House Dems Pakistani IT peeps, who are under investigation.

Just some facts would be welcome.

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Don’t get suckered into the media’s Russian influence hysteria.  Sure, there was Russian influence in the 2016 election, but the real problem is both parties picked totally corrupt candidates in 2016.  Both candidates ran extremely corrupt scorched earth campaigns, where both political parties overlooked glaring red flags of wholesale public corruption with Hillary Clinton’s home-brew server/ Clinton Foundation pay-to-play and Trump’s King of Crony Capitalism history. :

Two Corrupt Scorched Earth campaigns;

  • Trump relied on BILLIONS of dollars in free media to wage his GOP Insurgency.
  • Hillary relied on media to sit on Trump dirt throughout GOP primary/lob it in general.
  • Media willingly participated in scorched earth campaigns
  • Trump benefited from foreign influence with Wikileaks leaks
  • Hillary benefited from media downplaying her email scandal

Scorched Earth campaigns are dependent on mass media collusion to generate the SPIN. If the mass media didn’t collude with politicians, a politician would have a difficult time waging a scorched earth campaign that could reach enough Americans to impact presidential politics.

Certainly, Congress needs to investigate Russian influence in our elections, but keep in mind they used hacked information that showed corrupt media collusion between the Democrats and the media. President Obama downplayed the Russian cyber threat until Hillary lost the election. Then the Dems latched onto Russian influence as a talking point and Obama finally imposed some long overdue sanctions against Russia.

Improving cyber-security is a national security imperative.  Imposing stringent cyber-safe practices, for all government officials and employees to follow should be defensive measure #1.  This is why Hillary should never have access to classified information again.  The Obama administration, to include President Obama, used private unsecure email to conduct government business (FBI Notes state an Obama gmail, pertaining to government business, was shown to Abedin, who was sure that email had to be classified).  Time for everyone in the federal government to up their game on safer cyber practices.

If you thought the 2016 Presidential election was over, you were wrong.  Trust me, the scorched earth campaigns march on.  Yes, that’s true.  America is now entering a #NeverEndingScorchedEarth political war  between the Dems/Clinton machines vs. President Donald Trump.

On my home page there’s a heading #NeverTrup&NeverHillary, where I chronicled the Scorched Earth campaigns of 2016. I wrote extensively about scorched earth and information warfare.

This media-generated takedown of General Mike Flynn is part of the same 2016 scorched earth.  The Clinton/Dem machines are reigniting the Russian influence hysteria to try and takedown President Trump – that is part and parcel what these latest leaks to the media are all about.  They want to create public support to impeach President Trump.

If all these breathless revelations the media dishes out, that are 99.9% innuendo, with no concrete conclusions of wrongdoing, were such a threat to the national security of America, why haven’t the FBI and intelligence officials been rushing to Congress to apprise them of this crisis?

Answer:  It’s another Dem SPIN scorched earth attack in collusion with the media and not a crisis at all.

The Left wants to take down President Trump by any means necessary.

So, what is the Russian connection to Trump’s campaign, well, I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the most concerning connection is Trump and possible financing by Russian mob/oligarchs.  We need to know if President Trump owes money to Russian mobsters.

We need the Clinton Foundation corruption exposed.

Both parties need to do some serious housecleaning, so let’s start with airing the wholesale public corruption on both sides, so we can begin to rebuild an America based on shared American values.


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Some thoughts on Russian influence

In light of the disturbing Trump tweets and US intelligence agencies statements, assuredly the Russian active measures aimed at America need a full and thorough investigation, but the Democrats relentless talking points messaging with their vast network of news media, who collude to amplify those talking points, make it hard to wade through the spin and glean facts.  The Buzzfeed leaked dossier story is a prime example.  Each time the media runs wild with unverified stories, it makes many people, especially Trump supporters, dismiss everything the mainstream media reports.

In this Trump vs intelligence agencies, there’s a concerted Russian effort to discredit US intelligence agencies and play Trump, by fomenting his distrust of US intelligence agencies. That Buzzfeed dossier smells like Russian provocation.

The Democrats launched a massive media effort to delegitimize Trump’s win.  That effort has been massive spin efforts, starting with the recount hoopla.  When the recount effort flubbed, the Dem/media machine launched a media effort to discredit the Electoral College, demanding the election rules be changed.  That media effort to illegally overturn a legitimate election failed too.

So, now the Dems are running a massive spin effort about “Russian influence”, but by doing so, their spin efforts are actually making it more difficult to get at facts.  Plus, their efforts are so blatantly partisan and many reporters are shamelessly retweeting every bit of rumor, without so much as a moment’s worth of independent fact-checking.

This media pack behavior is why so many Americans don’t trust the mainstream media and why they listen to Trump the Liar.  Trump is using the Democrat’s corrupt media collusion to not only discredit the media, but also the US intelligence agencies.  Trump figured out his own corrupt SPIN, on the cheap.  He uses Twitter to incite the media and Democrats, then when they react in massive SPIN efforts, he sits back and points out how corrupt they are.  FOX News, Drudge, Breitbart and some conservative pundits fuel the right-wing “Trump counter-punching” spin effort.  He also, has the Russian propaganda masters aiding his SPIN effort to discredit and play the mainstream media and Democrats.

The thing is I strongly suspect the Russian hostile  information warfare accelerated with the introduction of the SPIN technique that started with the Clinton’s “war room” in 1992 election, not in the 2016 election.   I believe in the intervening years that SPIN advanced to the Obama administration full-blown “narratives” and I believe the Russian influence in this election is not just within the Trump campaign, but that there are long-time Russian willing accomplices in the American media, both major political parties and academia.  There are also plenty of Marxists fueling the black grievance industry and they have been willing accomplices and useful idiots to spread Russian messaging for decades.

Information Warfare in America:

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield, Scorched earth information warfare is a take no prisoners blitz of vicious character assassinations AND mass media saturation on steroids.

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions

How SPIN works:

Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.

Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.

Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls).

Why I am so convinced there’s Russian influence in the Clinton SPIN cycle is because of what happened to me in 1998 when I posted comments on the Excite message boards and mentioned that this SPIN is information warfare and smells like something the Soviets would dream up.   I borrowed their keyword messaging technique in my comments on the Excite message board, using capitalization and relentless repetition, right back at them. I refused to back down from their group attacks.  Too much effort went into silencing me.  In my situation in 1998, a retired general, who hates my guts, was located and recruited to come silence me.  He had to believe I was some sort of threat or he would never have participated in this attack.  The US military chain of command was corrupted and a retired general was recruited to attack an American citizen (and Army wife), whose only “crime” was to speak out on the Excite message boards against sophisticated information warfare, meant to manipulate public opinion and silence dissent in America.

We are at a dangerous point in America – the partisan divides have the Democratic party run by very corrupt machines, the GOP was hijacked by a shady, NY real estate developer/celebrity who revels in publicly humiliating opposition, hides his financial dealings, lies constantly and has very disturbing connections to a whole host of sleazy operators, many with Russian business connections.  Finding out the facts on Trump’s Russian connections is a national security imperative, because he’s going to be President in a few days.

Bipartisan leadership is desperately needed.

I pray some of our elected leaders in Washington will put partisanship aside and work to aid in investigating the 2016 election wholesale public corruption on BOTH sides, because that corruption is why a con man touting Russian active measures helping his spin became the candidate on one party and it’s why another party covered-up massive pay-to-play, corrupt media collusion, criminally-negligent mishandling of highly sensitive information by their candidate.

How America ended up with two very corrupt candidates engaged in WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION is the biggest national security crisis of all, because our most determined foreign adversaries are now using this political corruption to wage mass media propaganda efforts to pit American factions against each other.

The media inspired Russia influence hysteria that the Left is pushing has gone completely insane, where celebrities are raging and some have lost their minds completely, like Rosie O’Donnell on January 11th tweeted:

ROSIE Retweeted Karim Marquette


ROSIE added,

The public corruption and partisan warfare is rapidly destroying Americans’ trust in all of our institutions.  Russian influence could NOT succeed without the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION of both political parties, the media and the failure of the American people to be good citizens, which requires them to insist on virtue and integrity in their elected officials.  A candidate being touted as “Trump doesn’t play by the rules or the exposure of Hillary’s mishandling of highly classified information, should have had most Americans rejecting both of them, instead of buying into “binary choices” and morally-bankrupt arguments that one of these two very corrupt candidates was “the lesser of two evils”.  The lesser of two evils is EVIL and we should never sink to willingly choosing EVIL.

We all need to commit ourselves to protecting and defending The Constitution.

Here are some links I found interesting:

Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America

The ‘Trump Report’ is a Russian Provocation

4-year-old Who’s Read 1,000 Books Tours Library of Congress

Schopenhauer on Cascades (2007 article on information cascades)

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LB blog repost on Wikileaks from August 2016

Trust, only after arduous fact-checking

In July, Donald Trump made bizarre comments in regard to Hillary Clinton’s emails. He was saying he hopes the Russians find the 30,000 missing and return them. He also praised Putin as a strong leader. The NY Times reported:

DORAL, Fla. — Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that he hoped Russian intelligence services had successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s email, and encouraged them to publish whatever they may have stolen, essentially urging a foreign adversary to conduct cyberespionage against a former secretary of state.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said during a news conference here in an apparent reference to Mrs. Clinton’s deleted emails. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Mr. Trump’s call was another bizarre moment in the mystery of whether Vladimir V. Putin’s government has been seeking to influence the United States’ presidential race.

His comments came amid questions about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers, which American intelligence agencies have told the White House they have “high confidence” was the work of the Russian government.

Trump’s comments were construed by Democrats as urging the Russians to hack America and by Trump followers as either he was urging Putin to hand them over to the FBI or pointing out how much Hillary jeopardized national security, which seems an irrefutable FACT – she did jeopardize national security.  However, there’s an ominous danger to trusting in anything hostile foreign intelligence agents release, even though sometimes they do release factual information.  It’s always important to keep in mind that their objective is to stir up distrust among our allies, or distrust between Americans and their government or distrust between our partisan political factions.  Their objective is NEVER to benefit America or the American people.

Their  efforts are ALWAYS to HARM America.  It is very important to remember that they follow a ruthless “divide and conquer” strategy at all times and playing sides against each other remains their favorite tactic.  It’s a very vicious and cynical form of fighting, of the type psycho women engage in when catfighting – poisoning people, setting up sex traps, playing people against each other, spreading vicious rumors, etc.  It is a warfare tactic for BULLIES, who are really nothing more than wimps, imo.

BUT trusting Putin or Wikileaks, an organization widely believed to be a Russian front organization by many US intelligence experts, is NOT the answer.

No American should trust Wikileaks’ revelations at face value.  Herein comes a short warning message about Russian active measures and their long history of incredibly sophisticated and  sometimes brilliant disinformation campaigns against the West, and America in particular:

As this scorched earth presidential campaign between these two vile,very corrupt candidates descends toward hell, we the American people will be ruthlessly manipulated and lied to, not only by the candidates and their mouthpieces, but by our very corrupt media, by BIG moneyed interests like, George Soros,  and ALSO by  some foreign intelligence agencies, working to sway this election.

Here are a few links on Wikileaks being a Russian front:

RedState had a piece on Russian disinformation, “Harry Reid Joins Donald Trump In Pushing Russian Dezinformatsiya In The United States” yesterday and there’s a  link to a very interesting  CIA study into the Russian AIDS disinformation campaign, to plant the false story that the CIA created AIDS as a biological agent.  This disinformation lie still resonates today, especially in the black community.

Here’s the link to the CIA study on that Russian disinformation campaign:

The black community in America, due to America’s long, difficult history on race, makes it a group that the Russians (and Soviets), Islamists and others hostile to America frequently target with disinformation campaigns to make them distrust the US government.  Trump and Hillary are also targeting the black community with campaign rhetoric (much of it lies).

With so many people targeting, we the American people, with LIES, it’s best to trust, only after arduous fact-checking.  And even then, be prepared to consider new information that comes to light, because we’re in for a rough few months between now and November in this take no prisoners, scorched earth battle of the wholesale public corruption titans, Drumpfzilla vs. the Witch of Chappaqua, as they slug it out in the sewer for the keys to the White House.

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Queen Hillary’s failing coup…


Finished another plastic canvas box.

Here’s a rundown of the Clinton/Dem/Colluding Media talking points I’ve seen, being hysterically repeated on Twitter and various news sites in the last few days:

  • “Fake News” is a dire threat and only certain (Clinton colluding) media can be trusted to report “real” news.
  • Various incantations on popular vote should rule over electoral college – from the dramatically escalating popular vote total for Hillary (likely embellished) to contorted legal reasoning, to crap like Nate Silver tweeted some tripe that Hillary only lost in 4 states by 1%, so without the Russian hacking she’d likely have won – so based on a hypothetical situation, he created imaginary polling statistics, that he’s presenting as serious analysis???
  • More Comey attacks – Harry Reid claimed Comey downplayed Russian hacking.
  • Harry Reid claims Trump directly involved with Russian hacking.
  • Electoral college electors need a special CIA briefing on Russian hacking.
  • America needs a do-over election, because of Russian interference in the election.

The liberal media has shed all pretense of being objective journalists, in fact, many are little more than Democratic hacks.  The hysteria over Americans paying attention to Wikileaks over American journalists’ reporting or Democrat mouthpieces speaks not to Americans being idiots, it speaks to people TRUST Wikileaks (a likely Russian front) over American journalists and the liberal media.

Following Twitter, is an exercise in frantic, sore-loser talking points, most bogus or deeply disingenuous, being breathlessly repeated by a cadre of big name “journalists” and news organizations 24/7.  It’s like kids at summer camp, sitting in a circle around a campfire, whispering something in the next person’s ear and saying, “Pass it on!”

President Obama has had numerous rappers at the White House. Hillary had Beyonce and Jay Z campaigning with her, but Kanye West showing up at Trump Tower this morning represents some new low in lack of seriousness about the presidency, according to the likes of Andrea Mitchell.  I thought she was traveling with Hillary’s campaign, but guess she missed seeing Beyonce and Jay Z…

I think Trump will be a disaster as President.  I believe he’s very corrupt.  However, I thought the same things about President Obama and America survived.  I believe the same things about Hillary too, so I take solace in the FACT that America is much more than our President and we are still a very blessed and fortunate people, because we are FREE.  There are millions of wonderful people in America and thankfully most of us encounter them and not these corrupt journalists and shady politicians in our everyday lives.  We still are free to go about our daily lives, to dream, to set off on new adventures and to hope and dream.   For me, needlework is a stress-reliever, so I’m stitching away… another tissue box cover – three sides done since Sunday:


I have a feeling the Trump years will be very productive stitching years for me, lol.  Oh, the little yarn tails on the top center are just my marking the top, while I stitch, so I know which side is the top when I set my sewing down and then go back to it.

Trump worries me, but the corrupt Clinton/Dem/Media cabal scare the crap out of me.  The Russian hacking/ interference is bad, but so far there’s no evidence they tampered with ballot boxes, so the election is legitimate – end of conversation!  The Dems with this recount fiasco, pushing the propaganda that the popular vote should count and not the electoral college, and now the desperation pitch for a do-over election, ostensibly because of Russian interference are trying to supplant the constitutional process all to prop up a very corrupt woman, who will do anything to be President.  And her enablers are ready to discard The Constitution to assist her.  I would have supported legal efforts to dump Trump as the Republican candidate before the election, but the general election is THE election, according to The Constitution and that’s FINAL!

Donald Trump deserves the opportunity to take office and be the President of the United States.  The Americans who voted for him deserve that too.  And frankly, respect for The Constitution demands we follow the rules.  If he is a disaster, there are constitutional remedies for that too, but it’s ridiculous to talk about impeaching him before he’s even taken office (which some leftist loons are proposing).

Yesterday, John Podesta, who fell for a common phishing scam and gave the hackers his email password, supported a demand for a special CIA briefing on Russian hacking for electors.  One of the chief organizers of this elector effort is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.  The electors don’t have security clearances, so anything the CIA can tell them, they can tell all of America – so cut the drama queen act and just have the CIA release the information.  My bet is neither the Obama White House nor the CIA will do this, because they’ve exaggerated the facts.

Even President Obama has gotten into the Russian hacking propaganda blitz and it’s revolting.  The Dems are demanding new investigations into Russian hacking, despite the fact there already are ongoing Congressional investigations into Russian hacking.  Prior to this election hysteria, the Obama administration tried to downplay the Russian hacking threat.

So, the administration, where widespread use of private email was common practice, including by President Obama, now wants to champion fighting cyber-threats???  Be for real, the first line of defense against cyber-attacks is good online practices… like using SECURE systems for government business.

President Obama used his private gmail account to email Hillary at her private server email address.  Huma Abedin was sure the Obama/Hillary email the FBI showed her, which was part of a classified CHAIN, had to be classified.  Let’s start by finding out what kind of information President Obama was sending via his private gmail account, before we get too excited about the Russian hacking.

The Democrats are in mass hysteria about investigations into Russian hacking, well, sure let’s find out who they hacked, how they hacked and what was done to prevent their hacking.

It’s hard not to laugh at Democratic mouthpieces hysterically demanding an email investigation as the last ditch effort to beg, borrow or steal the election for Hillary.  The clock is ticking…to December 19th.

If these people weren’t able to wield so much influence in America, I’d be laughing, because was there ever a more ridiculous leader to put forth as tough enough to take on Russian hacking, than Hillary Clinton???  She is the Democrats’ champion on facing America’s cyber-threats???

She couldn’t even keep track of her own blackberries, she had her Filipino maid printing out classified emails in the SCIF in her DC home, she and her State Dept. staff were sending classified information on her home-brew server, and she believed her private email server was secure, because the Secret Service protect her home…  If foreign intelligence agencies around the globe aren’t laughing at the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and fools like Michael Morell, I would be shocked:

“Former CIA acting director Michael Morell called the intelligence agency’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election to help President-elect Donald Trump “the political equivalent of 9/11.”

“A foreign government messing around in our elections is, I think, an existential threat to our way of life. To me, and this is to me not an overstatement, this is the political equivalent of 9/11,” Morell said in an interview posted Sunday on The Cipher Brief. “It is huge and the fact that it hasn’t gotten more attention from the Obama Administration, Congress, and the mainstream media, is just shocking to me.””

Too bad these fools don’t realize that THEY and THEIR own weak policies and careless handling of information practically handed the information to the Russians.  John Podesta did hand his emails to them…

“Fake news”…. yeah, the people who sold the SPIN cycle to the American people want to lecture Americans on fake news … what a farce!

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Finally, the Dems are on board with investigating emails, so by all means investigate the Russians hacking EMAILS!  Wikileaks exposed massive, corrupt media collusion with the DNC and Hillary campaign.   It’s way past time for the full exposure of the infamous SPIN cycle, that requires massive media collusion to keep Clinton and Democratic Party talking points controlling the 24/7 news cycle.

The Russians are probably sitting on Hillary’s entire server contents, so let’s probe that deeply too and while we’re investigating, let’s find out if the Russians or other hostile actors hacked into the Weiner/Abedin laptop, with it’s reported 650,000 emails.   Hop to it Republicans… the Dems finally want an email investigation, so demand a thorough investigation into the full scope of the Russians hacking emails:-)   What the Dems may not realize is the Russians will play their hand too and assuredly Wikileaks will be doing more email dumps, resulting in more corruption will be out in the open.

Considering my prognostications on this election turned out wrong, as I believed that no matter what, Hillary Clinton would do anything to become President, here goes with some Monday morning quarterbacking.  I never envisioned a set of events, to include an avalanche of emails (Hillary, DNC, Podesta, Abedin, etc, etc.),  a reopened FBI investigation, or massive blowback against the Clintons and liberal media for running an over-the-top scorched earth attack against Trump, nor did I envision how Trump masterfully uses Twitter to bait the Clinton machine and the “elite” liberal media (our esteemed “journalists”).

At this late date, NO ONE can pinpoint to what degree these factors played into the election result and beyond that the two candidates personalities assuredly had a great deal of influence too.  So, here, in no particular order, are some thoughts:

Dastardly Russian Interference

Let’s be for real here – President Obama has spent 8 long years groveling, drawing down, leading from behind and showing American weakness, in ways both great and small.  Every world leader, long ago, realized that President Obama is a waffler and when he does decide to use force, it’s haphazard, ineffectual, strategically-myopic and completely detached from sound military operational principles.  He sets timelines based on political optics and domestic political concerns, not on military or strategic needs.  He is feckless, malleable and irresolute when deciding to use military force and beyond that, he lacks any sense of military history, military strategy, military capabilities, realities and limits.  In plain English, he, and his closest advisers are completely clueless on how to project American strength.

The Obama administration, through feckless foreign policy & military actions, helped create power vacuums across the Mid-East.  And on the big picture level, President Obama’s weak leadership globally created a gaping power vacuum there too.  Into that power vacuum, Vladimir Putin galloped and he has tried to solidify his position as a strong global leader.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, let’s review here: She tried to launch a Russian reset that fell flat, she oversaw several catastrophic diplomatic disasters, which she bungled.  From the Arab Spring and touting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to the Libyan debacle, where she came, she saw and she declared he died…  To Benghazi.

Also while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set-up and used her own home-brew email server, that lacked even the security of gmail.  She deliberately decided to use that private, unsecured server for her work emails and SHE allowed other government employees to send highly classified information on her unsecured email server.  She also sent classified information on that server too.  On top of all that, instead of relying on vetted US intelligence information, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton decided to utilize her own ad hoc  “intelligence” sources, like Sidney Blumenthal and the late Tyler Drumheller.

Vladimir Putin has run circles around President Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  The Russians are doing what they’ve always done – work to sow internal divides in America, work to spread disinformation/misinformation/damaging information, work to discredit American democratic governance and institutions, sow racial/class enmity, and fuel partisan divides.  Perhaps, they’ve upped the ante, not so much because of some Russian personality preference for Trump, but because after decades of deepening political and social divides, the Russians might believe the time is ripe to create more chaos into the American systems.

Perhaps, the Russian “interference” is more big picture and not centered on “Either Trump or Hillary”.   Even if Putin’s goal was to “help” get Trump elected, well, so far there’s no evidence the Russians tampered with ballot boxes.

The Wikileaks leaks assuredly were meant to damage Hillary and FOX News has been a non-stop Trump propaganda factory throughout Trump’s entire campaign.  However, while many intelligence people assert that Wikileaks is a Russian front operation (and I believe that too), there’s no direct proof that I have ever seen.  Just like there’s no damning emails or evidence to prove what Putin’s intentions were.

Even if he intended to “help” Trump, if the mainstream media was reliable and trusted, Americans would not be trusting Wikileaks over American news outlets.

Popular vote over Electoral College

The news media hysteria about “fake news” last week and the Russian “interference” this week, smack more of last ditch efforts to overthrow the electoral college.  On Twitter in the past couple days these ideas are being trial-ballooned.  Post-election massive media efforts to convince Americans that the electoral college is unAmerican and that the popular vote should prevail failed to gain traction.  It’s amazing to me that in the past couple weeks some news media peeps keep repeating the Hillary popular vote and in the past two weeks, the number jumped from a million and a half to approaching 3 million.  None of these “journalists” tweeting that repeatedly have cited a source to back that number.  Now, fabricating votes to spread a false talking point would be REAL interference in the election!

Fake News

After the “Ditch the Electoral College” effort failed to gain any real traction, the Clinton machine/Democratic Party machine/Liberal News media launched this mass hysteria about the dangers of “fake news”.  Since the liberal media spreads a lot of “fake news”, to include running Clinton machine propaganda without question, well, “fake” is a very subjective term and “news” hardly describes much of what “journalists” produce.

The advent of the internet turned many “journalists” into lazy hacks, who spend more time on Twitter retweeting each other’s crap than they do busting their butts running down NEWS stories or fact-checking.  Instead, many of them rely on fact-checker sites, as if these sites are all unbiased seekers of  “facts”.  There’s a great deal of lazy, arrogant, partisan-driven “reporting” going on by way too many hard news reporters.

The sanctimony about “fake news” by many of these “journalists” is laughable.

You Reap What You Sow

Fueling this Russian interference idea is unlikely to change anything electorally, since the Electoral College votes December 19th and while the Clinton hardliners may believe they can overthrow that, let’s just say, NOT LIKELY!  For the Clinton camp/Democratic Party/corrupt liberal media the hype aids in their effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, before it even begins.  This is a repeat of the GWB derangement syndrome.  For the Russians, the hype helps bolster Russian clout, if the Americans are running wily-nilly, ranting, “The Russians are coming!”  It’s all positive for Russian propaganda efforts.

So, the hysteria about the email leaks by Wikileaks, well, many of these DNC and Podesta emails show corruption: Donna Brazille railed about not trusting these leaked emails, but she never produced a single shred of evidence to back that up, while Wikileaks has agencies verifying these emails haven’t been altered.  These emails also show overt efforts of the Clinton campaign to cheat AND to collude with the media to spread lies.

CNN altered a Trump tweet, by removing the word “Crooked” from the tweet, when they aired it.  Why?  CBS doctored a Bill Clinton interview, taking out a few seconds of his answer, to change the context of what he said.  CBS responded that they edited it because of time constraints…  This election has exposed many in the news media as nothing more than shills for the Clintons and Democratic Party machines.

The Comey Factor

Comey reopened the Clinton email server investigation with the discovery of 650,000 emails on the Weiner/Abedin laptop. The Dems went crazy trying to shut down the investigation and they succeeded.  The all out PR blitz, with massive media collusion, to silence the FBI was stunning and the vitriol aimed at the FBI by top Democrat lawmakers, pundits was disgraceful.  Yet, now the Dems are outraged that Trump is dissing a clearly cherry-picked release of a CIA report, with no named sources, but in October they were calling the FBI corrupt Trump fanboys…  Comey knew reopening the investigation was almost a suicidal move, yet he did so, and it’s time we know the details of what these reported  FBI investigations into Clinton corruption, in four states were all about.

Let’s recap the media’s role in the 2016 election

I’ve had niggling suspicions about FOX News being part of a foreign front operation for many years, so toss me in the conspiracy theorist looney bin.  I have no concrete proof, just a lot of unsettling things about how FOX News agitated throughout this election for Trump, how they worked to fuel the Tea Party movement, how certain “personalities” on their network work to fuel the far-right.  Let me repeat, I have no proof, just uneasy feelings watching FOX News.

When I turn on MSNBC , their news and opinion leans heavily to the  far-left ideologically. CNN leans to the Clinton and Democratic Party machine.  BUT during the GOP primary, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and ABC, CBS, were running the “GOP Insurgency Show”.  The Washington Post reportedly devoted 20 reporters full-time to digging up dirt on Trump.

The “GOP Insurgency Show” was the Clinton’s corrupt collusion with their friends in the media to promote Trump in the primary (the so-called Pied Piper strategy as a Podesta email described it).  FOX News never stopped running the Trump Show, which again caused me a niggling feeling watching so much of the blatant propaganda effort.  Hanity and Pirro should have had on Trump cheer-leading outfits.

Without rehashing all of this again, the TRUTH is a lot of “journalists” helped gather up Trump dirt during the GOP primary and they sat on it until the general election.  The Alicia Machado hit was orchestrated with media collusion, to the point when Hillary dumped that Machado hit at the end of that debate – several media already had stories written, ready to run.  The Trump “grabbing them” video was orchestrated too.  The Trump dirt media avalanche, facilitated  by so many in the news media, to assist the Clinton campaign scorched earth messaging to bury Trump, also helped expose the corrupt media collusion and backfired.  These same “journalists” worked to bury Hillary’s email scandal and questions about the Clinton Foundation and they jumped on the bandwagon to attack the FBI.

The hysterics about “fake news” and now the Russian “interference” look like desperate, sore loser gambits.

Investigations I Want To See

I am fine with an investigation into Russian hacking and Russian efforts to interfere in our elections, but let’s not stop there.

Something smelled wrong with James Comey reopening the email server investigation so close to the election.  He announced the investigation found nothing new, as top Dems were ranting about FBI Trump fanboys, the FBI leaking to hurt Hillary, and assuredly enormous pressure from the Obama White House was exerted to silence the FBI again.  So, I want to know more details about the break-down of the Weiner laptop emails.  How many of the reported 650,000 emails belonged to Huma, how many were classified State Department work emails?   Were any of these emails shared with people not authorized to receive them?  Was that laptop hacked?

The State Department released a Hillary email, which showed Chelsea received classified information directly from Hillary, on the home-brew server.  Why was Hillary sending Chelsea classified information?  That email had a CHAIN of top Obama administration national security officials.  Did they know Hillary was using a private server?

The NY Post reported that Hillary’s Filipino maid, Marina, printed out classified emails for Hillary in her DC home.  All the circumstances surrounding this maid having access to the SCIF and classified information should be investigated!    What happened to all the copies Hillary was forever having printed out for her?  Where are they?

And of course, there are still the unanswered questions about David Kendall’s thumb drive of the Clinton server, what was found on Cheryl Mills laptop, who was present for Hillary’s FBI interview,  and many other loose threads.

Of course, during those few days when the FBI investigation was reopened, reports surfaced about ongoing FBI investigations  of the Clinton Foundation in four states.  What happened with those investigations?

I say, “YES!!! Let’s investigate!!!”  The more the merrier!

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The Queen of Mendacity wages war against “fake news”

Oh my, Hillary, the Queen of Mendacity, wife of former President BJ Mendacity,  has a new cause to champion…  the dangers of fake news and propaganda

The Clintons mainstreamed their SPIN cycle, which was a full-blown propaganda operation (information warfare), as I’ve said many, many times.  Their talking points messaging and memes were often bold-faced lies.  Their SPIN cycle only worked with massive amounts of media collusion, because the SPIN only works when it dominates the 24/7 news cycle.  This leftist media collusion advanced over the years to the Obama years, where the Obama administration goes with full-blown “narratives”, that are fabricated stories, which their friends in the media present as NEWS.

Hillary lamenting about “fake news” and dangerous “propaganda” should be taken as seriously as her “landing in Bosnia under sniper fire” or her BIG lie explanation of her home-brew private server, which she said contained NO classified information…

Hard to decide who is more ridiculous… the mainstream media mouthpieces, who have no credibility, due to their over-the-top scorched earth hits against Trump in this past election, or the Queen of Mendacity whining about “fake news”.

The hypocrisy of these sanctimonious journalists, lecturing about how Trump’s lying is way more dangerous, smacks you in the face.  Their frantic pleadings  that “fake news” must be stopped seem surreal, when many of these very same people happily participated in gathering dirt on Trump and sitting on it throughout the primary.  Many of these same sleazy “journalists” willingly coordinated their “news” reporting and messaging with the Clinton campaign.  CNN is a joke – they actually doctored a photo of a Trump tweet (removing the word “crooked”) for a broadcast.  CBS edited Bill Clinton’s interview to change the context of what he said.

Assuredly, it is disturbing that many Americans trust Wikileaks, a Russian propaganda front, over mainstream American news outlets, but the reason isn’t because these people are idiots.  The mainstream media hasn’t just been benignly showing “liberal bias” for decades.  They’ve been engaged in deliberate, wholesale, corrupt collusion with the Democratic Party, the Clinton political machine and liberal activists.

Since most reporters do very little hunting down stories, but instead rely on online cut and pasting of each other’s “scoops”, this latest media-generated crisis (the omnipresent “fake news”) looks like another Democratic operative-inspired talking points propaganda effort to me.

Yes, I believe the “fake news” hysteria is a political gimmick that Democratic operatives and their friends in the media are colluding to SPIN.   They are the FAKES!

Update:  Prevaricator Brian Williams is also reporting about the problem of “fake news”.  This just keeps getting more surreal with the liberal media:

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