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Perils of working from home


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Message from the Netherlands

C’mon, watch this video and laugh:-)

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Russian mob story & Trump inauguration snapshots

With all the talk about Russian influence and Donald Trump and/or people near him being connected to the Russian mob, above is an hilarious Russian mob story.

Now, on to politics:

Donald J. Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th President yesterday.

Here are some things I noticed:

Most of the mainstream media still reports as if they’re Democratic Party operatives and the campaign is still going on. There were many media reports about the smaller crowd size compared to President Obama’s inauguration in 2008. They were reporting trying to use “crowd size” as indicative of “popularity” and conflate that to “legitimacy”.   It was a pretty sad journalistic spectacle all day long.

Several normal administration changeover procedures were hyped to paint President Trump as Hitler.  Chris Matthews, the liberal pundit, even referred to Trump’s inaugural address as “Hitlerian”.  The speech sounded like campaign red meat and divisive at parts, is fair to say, and I had hoped for a speech with loftier rhetoric, but “Hitlerian”…. c’mon.

There were reports Trump removed the bust of MLK from the Oval Office, but later that one was debunked.   There were reports about the White House website being removed, where the normal procedure seems to be to take down the website and archive the info, then restart with each new administration.  It wasn’t the Trump administration trying to erase the Obama website history.   Each time the media spins (they retweet and reprint) these stories to trash Trump that turn out false, the media loses more credibility.

No one could find anything bad to say about Melania Trump.  She acted dignified and might be the most elegantly dressed First Lady in American history.  The family behaved with dignity.  And Trump was Trump, but at least he wasn’t the most obnoxious Trump yesterday.  So, late in the day, a SNL writer tweeted that Barron Trump will be the first homeschool school shooter and some other liberal tweeted that he probably has killed hundreds of small animals.  Why they would think it’s funny to pick on a little kid, I don’t know.

The so-called peaceful protests descended into rioting in Washington DC and that imagery disgusts most people in America and it reflects on the Democratic Party, who is fomenting the efforts to delegitimize President Trump – they own the protests.  Today is the women’s march and that will also turn off many more Americans than it will attract to their cause.  Howling, screeching, angry women shouts hysterical women, not strength.

There were media reports painting Trump’s inauguration team as warmongers and dangerous:

Donald Trump’s inauguration team wanted to show off the U.S. military during inauguration weekend and even suggested including tanks and missile launchers in his inaugural parade, The Huffington Post reportedThursday.

“They were legit thinking Red Square/North Korea-style parade,” an inauguration team source told The Huffington Post, referring to massive military parades in Moscow and Pyongyang that are often interpreted as displays of aggression.”

This report and all others I saw stemmed from a Huffington Post story, which was based on one unnamed source, yet it was retweeted and repeated in the media without any fact-checking or additional sourcing – this is how the mainstream media has operated for years, because in 1992 they began “spinning” and by 2008 they were repeating Obama “narratives” and behave as de facto political operatives advancing Leftist political agendas and talking points without vetting information.

Here’s Snopes on this tanks and missile launchers story:

“The claim that Trump wanted a “full Soviet-style inaugural parade, with tanks, missiles and missile launchers” was widely aggregated by other online outlets, but we’ve so far been unable to locate any corroboration of it other than the unnamed “source involved in inaugural planning” reference by the Huffington Post.” (my highlight)

Hollywood joined the Democratic Party machine in trying to wreak havoc with Trump’s inauguration too, by pressuring celebrities not to perform at any inauguration events.  This too backfired, because the inauguration was heavy in military participation and that was highlighted.  I think it’s fair to say that even Americans who fear a President Trump, were relieved yesterday when General Mattis was sworn in as Secretary of Defense and General Kelly was sworn in as director of Homeland Security.  All this leads me to believe that the celebrity boycott backfired and actually bolstered Trump’s image yesterday.  The elites on the Left don’t understand that most Americans love and respect the US military, because their sons, daughters, friends, neighbors serve and have served in the US military.  The media spinning this seems very disconnected from the rest of America outside their elite bubble.

While reports linger about FBI and intelligence investigations into Trump connections to Russia, the problem unfolding with a media at war with Trump, Trump at war with the media and Democrats and any Republicans who don’t bow to him, America will continue to be deeply divided on what to believe is the truth.  We are in a very dangerous information situation where Americans are frequently bombarded with highly politicized, poorly vetted, and often fabricated “news” by prominent mainstream news media.

The reputation of the FBI and intelligence agencies suffers from many self-inflicted credibility problems, where the Obama administration highly politicized intelligence and assuredly James Comey’s July 5th announcement on Hillary’s email server reads as one of the most illogical statements ever put forth.  He read off very serious charges and then dismissed them as “not criminal” and dismissed criminal behavior as just “extremely careless” that flew in the face of the first half of his statement laying out the “facts”.  The Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac the week before in Phoenix solidified the image that the fix was in on the FBI investigation into Hillary’s private email server.  Since then Comey reopened that investigation right before the election, then closed it again, while top Democrats howled that the FBI is nothing more than old, white Trump fanboys.

Fast forward to this recent leak by Buzzfeed of the Trump dossier that seems to be false.  Trump lambasted the FBI and  intelligence agencies, Obama, Clapper and Brennan lectured how Trump was undermining the credibility of the FBI and intelligence agencies and the media ran wild with trashing Trump.  Trump is undercutting the FBI and intelligence agencies, but the intelligence community leadership undercut their own credibility by behaving like politicians advancing the Obama narrative.  Democrats are now howling that Trump is dangerously undermining the FBI and intelligence agencies’ credibility, but they were doing the same thing when James Comey reopened the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Not sure where America goes from here, but the divides in America seem deeper and nothing President Trump said or did yesterday reassured me that we’re on a path to heal our troubled nation.  However, if you have a few minutes, please watch the video at the top  and laugh a little:-)

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Book collector (hoarder) humor

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East or west…

Yesterday, I took care of getting gas and a few other things to prepare for Hurricane Matthew.  Later in the day some of the coastal counties in GA started ordering evacuations for the coastal islands and areas closest to the Atlantic.  We live further inland, so no evacuation order yet.

My youngest daughter, 29 yrs old, who lives in TX, serves as the family local news alert service, because she keeps track of everything happening locally here in GA better than the rest of our family here in GA.  The night before last she began with all these text messages with maps and updates on this storm and as one of my sons said yesterday morning, “My emergency hurricane warning system kicked in last night.”  That system is my youngest daughter.

So, in between hounding me about the track of the storm and “have you done this yet?” questions, last night she sent text messages, that perfectly demonstrate she inherited my snarky disposition. As I’ve mentioned many times, I get lost very easily and have no sense of direction, which accounts for my obsessive clinging to maps and I guess this map-reading penchant rubbed off on my kids:

“The FB comments about the Liberty County voluntary evacuations are hilarious. People legitimately don’t know where east is and if they live east of I95…

“Someone seriously asked how they find out if they are east of I95.”

“I recommend they send those folks to the coast and let natural selection take over.”

She continued:

“Maybe they stopped teaching what maps are in the schools…or just general knowledge of directions…or even where west and east are in the world.

I mean, that’s still no excuse because these people clearly have smart phones that will tell them anything.”

If this hurricane blows me away, at least I will die laughing…

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CNN brings you the “news”

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The Choice


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Another funny dog video

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Who said subtitles can’t be funny?

Steve Hayward posted this video. Here’s the link to the his article.

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“What kind of parents would…”

I watched a facebook video of a young mother trying to vindicate her discipline choice, which she had posted on facebook last weekend, never expecting it to go viral.  The gist of her story is she took her three children to Dairy Queen for ice cream after a day of activities.  Her kids grabbed the cones from the server and ran out of the door.  She went outside and took their ice cream cones and threw them in the trash, because her children failed to thank the server or her for the ice cream.

Fox news picked up this mother’s story and her parenting has come under attack. Here’s a bit from a PJ Media article, “Mom Brags on Facebook About Dumping Kids’ Ice Cream. Was She Wrong?”:

“Sullivan dubbed herself in her post as the meanest mom ever—perhaps Mommy Dearest. Her adult children will someday let her know if the title fits or if she’s just overly dramatic.”

The article goes on to lecture about good parenting and point out why this mother’s public discipline was akin to abuse.  “Mommy Dearest” really…  The mother posted a follow-up video to defend herself, describing her day with her children, while her husband was out of town:  trip to a coffee shop in the morning, shopping for a birthday present, a birthday party, to a child’s soccer game, then swimming at a friend’s house, followed by eating dinner out with friends capped off by this ice cream stop.  Sure seems like too many activities for young kids aged, 8, 7 , and 5.  Be that as it may, posting about her discipline on facebook was probably more of a mistake than throwing her kids ice cream cones in the trash and having her parenting judged based on one facebook post.

Having gone through parenting challenges, here’s a lesson in judging parenting from long ago, that shows it’s best not to judge.  Our youngest daughter, now in her late 20s, lied a lot as child – yes, that is the truth, she did.  She was also very spoiled, being the baby of the family, and of course, she was adorable and knew how to charm people from an early age, which led to her being an expert at getting her own way.

One evening when she was around 10 years old (give or take a year), she had a friend in our home with her and she asked if she could spend the night at that girl’s house.  I asked the girl if her mother had approved of having my daughter spend the night.  She assured me that her mother said it was okay, so off they went on their bikes to the top of our street and then left down another street to that girl’s house.

My husband was still on active duty in the Army and he got up very early to go to work for PT (physical training) and then a couple hours later he came home to get a shower and get changed into his work uniform.  I used to get up and make coffee and talk to him before he left for PT and then talk to him before he left for work.

Just a couple minutes after my husband left for PT, there was knocking on the back door of our house.  It was my daughter returning from her sleepover and when I didn’t buy the first lies she told, finally she admitted that her friend had never asked her mother about having the sleep over.  My daughter said her friend helped her sneak into their house and told her to sleep in the hall closet. Her friend woke her up early and told her to go home, before her mother found out my daughter was in there.    I lectured her, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to punish her, so I fell back on that, “Wait til your father gets home!” line and then I sent her to room.

When my husband returned from PT, he started ranting about, “What kind of parents would let their kid out riding a bike so early in the morning?” He went on and on about some kid flying down the street on a bike, with no headlight on the bike, as he headed to PT.  Finally, I couldn’t contain my laughter any longer and I said, “That would be parents like us!”  The dismayed look on his face was priceless.  So, I told him about her sleep over in the closet.   I don’t even remember if we grounded her, I just remember laughing so hard at my husband’s sputtering indignation about “what kind of parents would let a young kid ride a bike so early in the morning”.

Another time she was in third grade and I used to do volunteer work at the Red Cross handling Red Cross messages.  I went on post to the Red Cross after our 4 kids went to school.  My husband was at home that day for a training holiday.  Around noon my husband called me and asked me if I knew where our youngest daughter was.  I was confused, because I had sent her off to the bus stop in the morning.  My husband informed me that the father of this same girl from the sleep over incident had just brought our daughter home.  He caught his daughter and our daughter playing in the woods behind his house.  He told my husband that his dogs kept barking, so he went to see what was going on and there were the two girls running around in the woods.  My daughter claimed she walked past the bus stop up to that girl’s house and they missed the bus, but then decided it would be more fun to play in the woods all day.  Yes, she skipped school in third grade.

Our youngest daughter, married with no children yet,  grew into a responsible adult and she’s rather fond of lecturing about how children need rules and firm discipline…   The thing about families is they never forget, so she gets reminded of her childhood exploits if she gets too sanctimonious about “proper” parenting.

My parenting advice is never utter the words “what kind of parents would”…

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