The Woman’s Way of War

Trump decided to skip the Thursday debate and the buzz centers on the Megyn Kelly flap, but truly what is the real motive – to harm FOX news and specifically target one woman.  Trump, using his high-profile as a presidential candidate, now leads  a mob action to try and ruin one American citizen’s career,  over one question she asked in August that angered him.  Is this the type of leader America needs?

Sure, he’s trying to suck the oxygen out of the other candidates and keep the attention on him, but he is trying to hurt FOX and Kelly – make FOX  lose money and he wants Kelly fired.  Is this what America needs in a President?

I still believe he hired the “best” political operatives and those are not on the Republican side.  There’s a high stakes mass media propaganda game playing out and there’s a high stakes political game between the Clintons and President Obama playing out.  At the moment, with leaks from the FBI about the gravity of Hillary’s email situation weighed against the mutual adoration comments from Obama and Hillary, it appears the Clintons are winning in that tug of war.  I also believe Trump is a dupe in this saga – the circus clown act, while the Clintons sit back with their popcorn and drinks and enjoy the show.

The triangulation strategy is in play, Bernie the kook on the left, Trump on the right, with the path clear right up the middle for Hillary and it is working.  It’s all about “winning”, for not only Donald Trump, but for the Clintons too.  Hillary can sit back and relax while Trump’s sideshow keeps the attention on him and the GOP and conservative punditry snarl and snipe at each other (classic divide and conquer strategy),  confident that Obama will not indict her.

Welcome to the new Amerika.

For regular readers, please go read news somewhere else, watch FOX news or CNN or MSNBC, read National Review or the Daily Kos, because this is going to be a long regurgitation of old LB rambles and you’ve heard all of this before.  Yes, I am going to get on my soapbox.

Many things bother me, about not only Donald Trump, but also about his campaign and even beyond that, this entire presidential race.  Yes, populist anger swirls in the far edges of both political sides.   This populist discontent allowed for Bernie Sanders to gain traction on the left and now we have Trump on the right.  For months I’ve been going on and on about mass media manipulation and propaganda and my suspicions that Trump hired  dem political operatives: read here, here, here.  From a Dec. LB post:

The only team The Donald is on, is his own.  He does not care about the GOP party or causes per se, they’re just the vehicle he is driving to become President, where he believes his dynamic business acumen will single-handedly “make America great again”.  He’s right on many issues – even in his latest kerfuffle about Muslim immigration, on the main points he’s right – it doesn’t make sense to be bringing in Muslim immigrants from several countries that are hot beds of Islamist terror and where the collapse of government in many of these regions makes adequate vetting impossible.  And he nailed the alarming truth that the Obama administration doesn’t know what the hell is going on with their own immigration policies.  A pause makes perfect sense.

Time will tell if the Carville/Begala campaign modus operandi, that I strongly suspect is playing out in the Trump campaign, is true or just a nutty conspiracy theory.  For me, it doesn’t take much imagination to envision Bill Clinton calling Trump when he caught wind that Trump was considering running.  Trump and Bill Clinton golf together and have known each other for years.  Trump was a yuge Clinton supporter.  So, the phone call could have been as simple as this:

Bill Clinton calls Trump :  Hi Donald, I hear you’re thinking of throwing your hat into the 2016 race?

Trump:  Yes, I am.

Bill Clinton:  Well, you know I believe Hillary is the best candidate for 2016, but I wish you good luck and you know, Donald, the one bit of advice I’ll give you is you’ll need great political advisers.  A national race is really complicated.

Trump:  Well thanks for that advice.  I am still putting a campaign staff together.

Bill Clinton:  No problem Donald, you know I am already taken (laugh, laugh), but the best political advisers are Carville and Begala.  Those GOP political advisers don’t have the guts to run a tough race.

Trump:  Thanks, you know me,  I want the best political advisers.   You know I’m going to fund my own campaign, if I jump in.  Do you think Carville and Begala would work for a GOP candidate.

Bill Clinton: I can’t speak for them, but you know, business is business, so you’d have to talk to them yourself.

Set-up done.  It could have been that easy for Bill Clinton to manipulate the downfall of the GOP primary. Carville and Begala easily could have advised Trump to keep the business relationship secret, because Republicans go into derangement mode about them.  It’s obvious Bill Clinton threw his weight around and called in all sorts of favors within the Democratic party to bury this email server scandal and the Benghazi committee investigation to get her campaign on track.

So, how does the Carville/Begala mass media saturation propaganda technique work – well it’s a military “swarming” strategy played out on a mass media battlefield.  It is dangerous, it is insidious and it is used in countries where free speech is silenced and mass brainwashing goes into keeping people in line. It is antithetical to our American way of life and it IS a threat to The Constitution of the United States.

Over the months I’ve watched the relentless use of particular phrases by Donald Trump – the “winning”, “make America great again”, but most of all that constant repetition of his polls numbers.  The last time I saw this technique used so effectively was during the Clinton impeachment saga.  Back in October, I became suspicious:

At first, I thought this would be impossible, but as I’ve watched Trump continue to agitate and throw out these verbal hand grenades at any in the GOP field, who looks like he/she might move up in the polls, then add in all these outrageous lines he keeps throwing out to alienate wide swaths of the electorate, it all seems orchestrated and contrived.  A couple days ago he was blaming GWB for 9/11 and not keeping America safe, yet it was President Clinton who let bin Laden go and who did nothing to deal with Al Qaeda’s attacks on American interests – USS Cole, Khobar Towers, Mogadishu ring any bells.  No, Trump attacked GWB…

I began to think Trump’s operating like a Clinton sewer rat and he sure fixates on the polls – just like the Clintons.  Every other word he speaks is about his poll numbers and the press feeds on that too.  This training the American public that polls determine what’s right and wrong, not the merits of the issue, worked like a charm during the Clinton impeachment.  “Who cares if a President lies under oath – the American public doesn’t;  just look at the President’s poll numbers”, went the argument.  The media sold that line of reasoning and the American people bought it.

I have repeated many times that I was attacked in my home during impeachment.  I could not get anyone in my family to believe me and I still can not prove any of it – the entire saga is tabbed at the top of my blog – Messages of mhere.  I was just a homemaker commenting on the Excite message boards in 1998.  A few days ago, on a National Review comment section, I mentioned my situation:

Her paranoid obsession with seeing vast, right-wing conspiracies around every corner is what led to her landing in this private email server mess in the first place. She wanted to thwart those dastardly “right-wingers” from having access to her official State Department communications. Now that she has been caught breaking the law and all of her emails have been exposed, to not only those mean Republicans, but likely to hostile foreign intelligence services too, her defense sounds as tired and pathetic as when her husband, then the chief law enforcement official in the land, lied under oath.

I’m a nobody homemaker and I’ve spent 16 years trying to find a way to expose what happened to me. I started a blog and then decided to try contacting several journalists a few years ago and tried telling them my story. I wrote about what happened to me during impeachment, while writing commentary countering the Clinton spin. I’ve posted the link to my story in various places in comments sections. I used pseudonyms in my story on my blog, but every person is real and I offered several journalist the real names of every “character”. My purpose was not to become “famous”, but because my husband was an active duty solider and I believe Army assets and a retired general were used to attack me in my home. I believe she was behind it. Lacking a way to prove any of this has kept me from going public. That retired general has been a reliable Dem shill since his precipitous retirement prior to impeachment and my husband served under that general, earlier in their careers during Desert Storm. Oddly enough, private letters I wrote during Desert Storm to my husband’s company commander, relating my adventures with this general’s wife, butting heads over her wearing her husband’s rank, as the queen of family support activities in the brigade, made it all the way to the Dept of Army after Desert Storm, I believe. The Army back then had some “command team” idea akin to the “co-president” and as a NCOs wife and being a former solider myself, I will never bow down to some stupid woman using borrowed power to boss me around. My husband is a veteran of Grenada and Desert Storm. My story sounds so impossible and I have no political connections or power, but in light of this incredible reckless effort of setting up a private email server in her home to thwart her imaginary right-wing foes, perhaps someone might someday investigate my story.…

Susan, OK, I read thru your blogs, and you will need to provide more explanation of why you think Hillary is behind your problems if you expect others to believe you. Why would Hillary think you a threat? Do you have direct knowledge of Bubba’s activities or Hillary’s activities? Dispensing with the cutesy nicknames would help.

Why? Well, the only place I was commenting about politics was on those Excite message boards. Unfortunately, I did not save those boards or I would have taken action years ago and trying to prove a conspiracy is very difficult. As impeachment rolled along, in the Fall of ’98 is when this occurred. I started noticing that specific arguments and things I pointed out in my posts began to be picked up by actual Republican pundits on TV and online news sites. Then I pointed out in detail that the Clinton spinmeisters were using mass media propaganda to block any other voices from gaining traction in mass media venues. I pointed out that they were setting up a manufactured opinion cascade -with relentlessly citing President Clinton’s popularity poll numbers. I think of it as much like the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a media battlefield, so to speak. In my spare time I have read extensively on military strategy for over 30 years – it’s an interest of mine, along with propaganda. Watching the Trump campaign, you can see another manufactured opinion cascade playing out, where through media saturation he now sits poised to present himself as the “inevitable” campaign. Americans have been conditioned to accept polls as the deciding metric in all matters, with complicity of media reinforcement.

As a matter of deduction, I know who attacked me – that man despises me – he gave me a look of total loathing at a Brigade picnic after Desert Storm. His wife, a bimbo akin to Madame Secretary, wanted to be the Army’s queen of family support. My husband deployed from Germany to Desert Storm – a lot of family support issues arose. My personal letters to my husband’s company commander during Desert Storm, to keep him abreast of some of the crap that was happening, would have been very embarrassing to that brigade commander. Let’s just say I have a snarky bent to my writing. I believe those letters ended up being submitted with the after action reports commanders write.

A few years after we left Germany, I was made aware of “some letters some wife wrote during Desert Storm” making it to the Dept of the Army, causing a big stink after Desert Storm. The woman who informed me of this was a paid family support person at the stateside post we were at. She informed me that she was close friends with that Brigade commander’s wife. She also trashed my battalion commander’s wife, who had just left this post and who also stood up to that brigade commander’s wife. All of this sounds like petty wives stuff and it is. After my meeting with this paid family support person, I became persona non grata at wives meetings and got the cold shoulder. Then by the time impeachment rolled around, my husband was ready to retire after serving over 24 years in the Army and he btw likes this brigade commander and he never listened to me about the “wive stuff” during Desert Storm. After I was attacked and knowing who attacked me and knowing that I had no political contacts, no other online contacts where I mentioned politics, and am a homebody type person, I wondered why this man would attack me and how any of this could happen. Many times afterwards. I would walk behind my back yard fence and look at that brand new tree stand, positioned to look into my back yard, and wonder how this could happen. And during that ’98 Operation Desert Fox, there was that retired general – on TV supporting it and considering his precipitous retirement that in and of itself seemed quite amazing. To this day he is a reliable shill for the Dems.

The cutesy names (code names perhaps) btw, would assuredly allow many people familiar with the Army goings on at that time to identify who exactly these people are, if I am ever able to prove this. Without having concrete proof in hand, I can’t name names in the wide open. A few years ago I had hoped I could find a real journalist to begin quietly investigating my story. I can’t prove it with crowdsourcing, that’s for sure. At this point, just consider this venting, but thank you for reading my story.

The link is

“Great, great, great” or “sex, sex, sex”, matters not in the least, but the followers begin repeating the same phrases and with careful cultivation a mass media manufactured opinion cascade took hold.  For how that works, check out Stella Morabito’s blog:

Yesterday, I dumped a lot of comments at National Review on Andrew McCarthy’s article: and I posted some comments on another article, .  This effort of Trump to convince his followers not to watch Fox news or Megyn Kelly or the attacks on various conservative pundits, who did not come along for the ride on the Trump train, runs counter to our American values.  We need to encourage more public debate of issues, but that requires not only the freedom to get on that soap box, it requires the willingness to sit down and listen to dissenting opinions – a discussion is a two-way street.  An exchange with a poster, bragging  about not reading the articles at National Review, but just showing up to bash the writers and bash anyone who was against Trump alarmed me:

I think you’d be shocked at the number of people who are doing exactly what I’m doing. I doubt 10% of commenters read all of Kevin’s screeds, if any of it.

Saying you don’t read a column and showing up to comment on said article seems so Trumpish, like not preparing for a debate or dissing people who can talk coherently about policy. Boycotting writers like Kevin Williamson or Charles Cooke, who are some of the most talented political writers in America is your loss. C,mon, this is ridiculous. I doubt I ever agreed with more than a couple things Christopher Hitchens ever wrote, but he was brilliant, his writing was a joy to behold and I learned about many opposing views, along with being gifted with truly wonderful literary references. Same goes for Maureen Dowd, who is an outstanding writer. Bragging about this decision to close yourself off from opposing opinions does nothing to make America great again, it speaks to a closing of the American mind. That happened on the left with draconian speech codes and hate speech and PC, yet now the Trump supporters are trying to shut down writers who don’t support Trump.

The effect of a political climate where spirited, yet civil debate turns into this sort of mob effort, to shut up opposing views, bodes poorly for our republic, but if at the highest level of our political process, a mass media manipulation campaign was orchestrated and carried out to include sabotaging the opposing party’s primary process, can our republic survive?  I can not prove what happened to me, but in our electronic age, assuredly the electronic connections exist that could prove connections between that Bill Clinton phone call to Donald Trump shortly before Trump announced his campaign and every contact, IF they exist between Clinton operatives and Donald Trump.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are of a piece – they, in clinical terms, are sociopaths – successful, smart, but at their core, both believe the rules don’t apply to them, so now we have the two most overblown egos in America fighting for the same job.  From experience, I can tell you that Donald Trump, impulsive, vulgar, ruthless is a man barging ahead, but Hillary Clinton is a woman who believes it is her destiny to be the first female President.  And women manipulate and scheme and connive, so in this match-up, despite all Trump’s bluster, Hillary Clinton will win.

I believe in the rule of law and The Constitution of the United States and I believe the FBI should be investigating this!


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17 responses to “The Woman’s Way of War

  1. JK

    [T]he real motive – to harm FOX news and specifically target one woman. Trump … over one question she asked in August that angered him. [H]e is trying to hurt FOX and Kelly – make FOX lose money and he wants Kelly fired.

    I would humbly suggest LB, there’s something else afoot here, and if I’m just halfway onto Team Trump’s Strategy (and that I think is precisely correct, strategy ) we all, and that’d be all, Republican and Democrat, best buckle in and prepare for a November Surprise.


    Remember the pretty much Republican epithet, “the uninformed voter” which many of us (myself included) used as a quick shorthand to deride the oblivious O supporter[s] last go-round?

    Well. I think maybe even myself has been this go-round, rather oblivious myself – I would go so far today, after watching last night’s Kelly File to suggest – Trump’s move has less (and just maybe, nothing whatsoever) to do with either Megyn specifically nor FOX generally.

    I think the readers of even LBD might admit by now – having watched The Donald gather followers – the Republicans have a sizable segment of its base scattered about and thoroughly mixed in the choir that we would also admit to being more than a little “uninformed”? How else to explain what we’ve been watching to our collective dismay?

    Anyone else reading here, like myself, acknowledge not watching MSNBC (D) simply because?

    If so I’d further suggest “We know” MSNBC is gonna have a field day with Trump’s knocking FOX do we not?

    Further still, do “We” not also understand it is not just the declared Republicans who elect Presidents – that that requires pulling into the orbit; Independents, “thinking Democrats” and especially perhaps most importantly, the so-called Youth Vote? And would We further admit that many [most?] of that segment are not FOXaholics?

    I would suggest even, that the Democrats have on their hands, some like number as the Republicans what I choose to label the “thoroughly disillusioned/disgusted” (Hillary anyone?) and, not being ‘socks-in-sandals’ voters, don’t also quite always find themselves agreeing to what MSNBC’s Rev’m Al Sharpton has to say.

    I think I’ve rambled on long enough.

  2. JK, The mass delusion continues, just watched Bill O’Reilly interview his friend, Donald Trump, trying to cut a deal with Trump to come back on. O’Reilly fanned his ego, while trying to talk him down to reality – where rules apply, but O’Reilly stated after the interview in a discussion with Newt Gringrich, that the same rules don’t apply to Trump (moral relativism).

    Now, here’s a portion of another explanation of Trump’s actions, from another Trump golfing buddy, Rush Limbaugh:

    “Trump is so far outside this game, he’s so far outside the rules, he’s never been a player in this game. He’s always been an outsider. I heard people on Fox last night talking about this. “Who does he think he is? He can’t control the media.” I got news for you: He is controlling the media, and it’s his objective. He is controlling the media. He controls the media when he’s not on it. He controls the media when he is on it. He controls the media when he’s asleep. Nobody else has been able to do anything like this short of the Kennedys, and they’re pikers compared to the way Trump is doing this.”

    Yes, we should cheer for a politician who controls the media. Take off the ideological blinders, step back from the partisan anger and emotions and think about that statement. Do we want a leader who can control the media??? Rush even titled that “Trump Refuses to Play by the Rules”. Be very careful cheering or encouraging a leader who does not play by the rules, (moral relativism), because it runs against limited government and checks on power.

    Time to make The Federalist Papers required reading for every American high school student!!!

  3. JK

    Do we want a leader who can control the media???

    I dunno perzactly LB.

    All I was instructed to do was “Take control of the media!” which I’ll allow, might not have meant the same, in context, thing.

  4. JK

    As a f’instance, “Five days or five weeks or five months, but it certainly isn’t going to last any longer than that,” he said.

    Guess who said that, on the broadcasting media November 15th 2002. And, that was said (*clue) on even the US hometown media.

    Okay that might be difficult to google:

  5. Robert

    I don’t know. Trump this and Trump that….were I not such a gentleman, I would make a colorful suggestion as to what he can do with his “campaign, and his make it up as he goes blabbering”. What I do approve of is his assaults on PC as well as his take downs of some European PC folly and their various government’s denial of the Islamic threats right in their midst. A careful review of will prove him right.

  6. Robert

    Regarding the election season of 2016, to me there is one major issue above all others….is Hillary above the law and immune from any kind of prosecution for even the known crimes she has committed thus far. Never mind what else the FBI discovers? If she is and the DOJ and WH go along, then it no longer matters who rents the WH in 2017.

    Her make believe “campaign” against Sanders is only “wink and nod” agitprop for an ignorant Democrat party. The Republicans with Trump in the mix are a messed up fandango signaling a big change within that will come at long last. If HRC and her class are above the law, then the rest of us peasants will be more strictly held by every law her kind can create to protect themselves from us.

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