My cable and internet came back on at 8:47 pm, just in time to watch the presidential debate.  Despite the nitpicking about unfair moderators, despite the pundits yammering about who scored points, despite the polling crapola to show Trump did “better”,  Trump’s constant sniffling again, coupled with his bizarre behavior, speaks to an issue that should have Republican leaders finally dumping him.  Instead, they’ll convince themselves he did better or he can somehow turn this around, when the truth is his campaign is imploding rapidly.

This latest video, with Trump’s vulgar comments about women, is not the last or worst Clinton machine hit.  They spent the past year digging up all this dirt and they have masterfully staged the hits, saving the worst for last.   The Machado hit backfired a little bit, but this tape didn’t.  Trump’s disingenuous apology, then counter punch with a video with Bill Clinton’s accusers looked pathetic really.  Everyone has heard their stories before and the real problem is they speak to Bill Clinton’s behavior, very much akin to Trump’s behavior, but not to Hillary’s behavior.  Yes, of course, Hillary’s attacks on Bill Clinton’s other women speak to her, but without proof, those allegation come across as just right-wing conspiracy theory fodder and do not help Trump one bit.

Trump followers keep making excuses for Trump’s disgusting behavior, each step of the way, as these Trump revelations expose the real Donald J. Trump.  He is not only corrupt, but he corrupts everyone around him, as he drags his followers further into the sewer of moral relativism and blind partisanship.  Every time clueless Republican mouthpieces make excuses for Trump, I cringe.  There is worse to come, so Republican leaders only have themselves to blame, for lacking the courage to dump this con man, Clinton dupe.

Bill Clinton set up the perfect triangulation strategy, which I have mentioned here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  The Clintons are laughing their way to the White House.

Hillary lied a lot tonight.   She seemed phony and canned, but Trump looked and acted like a cocaine-user and that should worry Republican leaders. Hillary did nothing to shake her position holding the middle ground and that is the path to the White House.

The fact is all of these email dumps have begun to sound boring. while the Trump dirt, the Clinton operatives keep dumping, is salacious and grabs everyone’s attention.  There are rumors that tape exists with Trump using racial slurs, to include the n-word.  The Trump implosion will only gather speed in the next few weeks.

The most bizarre Trump comment came at the end – Trump who claims that Hillary lacks the stamina to be president, when asked to say something positive about Hillary, said:

“She doesn’t quit, she doesn’t give up,  I respect that.  I tell it like it is: She’s a fighter!”

He just endorsed her for President…  What the heck are Republicans thinking supporting this jackass???

He is playing every Republican and his millions of followers  in the country for fools!



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5 responses to “#5thAvenueLoyalists

    • People underestimate Bill Clinton at their peril – he is one of the most brilliant political strategists in America – recognized his triangulation strategy last fall. Clinton operatives had a mole inside the Trump campaign, manipulating Trump and feeding him all those fascist memes. I still suspect Lewandowski

  1. Winston Smith

    Not since the revelation of the WH-Nixon tapes has TV been so uncomfortable to watch.

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