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Look to the sky

“When a man ain’t got no ideas of his own, he’d ought to be kind of o’ careful who he borrows ’em from.” – Owen Wister (The Virginian)

So, this is going to be another long political blog post, but I want to be clear that although I’m pretty conservative and mostly supported Republicans, at this point, I believe neither party really serves the American people. There’s too much big money in our politics, too much political theater (spin info war) and let’s be honest, both parties have spent America into a destabilizing pit of debt. I’ve gone on and on about how getting out of debt and building up some savings are important for personal emergency preparedness, well that holds true for our government too. So, straight up, if I criticize Democrats, that doesn’t mean I think Republicans are better and vice versa. Both major parties have spent us into this precarious situation. Neither party holds any sort of moral high ground with combating the vast public corruption in our politics. Both parties are committed to engaging in this destructive spin information war played out in the news media and on social media 24/7.

Media – whether it’s the news organizations, Hollywood, or social media platforms – aren’t out to find the truth; they’re about making money. Our elected officials are about money too and power… and control.

Yesterday, along with the Twitter/Elon Musk media drama, another story emerged of the Biden administration setting up a “Disinformation Governance Board” within the Department of Homeland Security. Nina Jankowicz apparently will head this board. Naturally, right-wing folks on Twitter began tweeting out all sorts of social media comments and videos of Janckowicz, including this:

And here’s a tweet of Jankowicz singing about disinformation (I watched about 15 seconds and that’s all I could take):

“Disinformation” was a term used frequently during the Cold War to explain the Soviet Union’s efforts to spread communism world-wide and undermine western democracy. Now, Democrats are so desperate to control the media environment (especially social media) that the Biden administration established a sort of Ministry of Truth within the Department of Homeland Security. Last year I reread George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and wrote a blog post about it: Don’t Join The Crazy and well, that goes double now… Just this silly woman singing about disinformation was enough for me to discount her as person who should be heading up any federal government board.

I love doing counted cross-stitch;-)

The last thing Americans need or should tolerate is a “Disinformation Governance Board” run by the Department of Homeland Security. Free speech is vital to maintaining our personal liberty and protecting our individual rights.

Since 2016, suddenly “Russian disinformation” became a Democrat spin talking point, with efforts to paint Trump as a Russian asset, agent or some variation of “working with Russia,” and the Clinton campaign manufactured the bogus Steele dossier and peddled it to the FBI, into our intelligence agencies and to the US State Department, all to try to destroy Trump’s presidential campaign.

I constantly say timelines matter and they do. It’s easy to forget which order events happened and when they happened, so I keep looking back and thinking through timelines and the sequence of events.

There’s always been a huge question mark in my mind about why Trump entered the 2016 race and who he was working with in the beginning. Trump received millions of dollars worth of free liberal media to disrupt and wreak havoc in the 2016 GOP primary. He was still good friends with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who allowed Trump to phone in for interviews, which other GOP candidates weren’t allowed to do. All across liberal media, they were selling Trump in the beginning – all to create chaos in the 2016 GOP primary. And Trump was still hanging out with friends like Howard Stern at Mar-a-Lago, in 2015, when he entered the race. Trump had also been good friends with the Clintons and Bill Clinton’s golfing buddy. Trump-supporters chose to forget all that history. Trump was useful to the Democrat spin war effort in the spring of 2015, with turning the GOP primary into a freak show.

Trump became a problem for Democrats by late 2015, because Hillary was a terrible campaigner, the email scandal, which broke in early 2015, was also dragging down her campaign. Trump had gained a following and hobbled together some campaign themes that were resonating, plus his rally, large crowd rabble-rousing had created almost a cult following, in addition to creating energy and momentum to his campaign. By late 2015, Democrats, the liberal media and the Clinton campaign unleashed one of the most aggressive smear campaigns in American politics, largely propelled via their spin war. That effort continues to this day and in 2016 “Russian disinformation” became a central theme of many of those smear attacks.

Yes, of course the Russians engage in information warfare operations against the US, but in the past few years the American spin information war has veered so far off the rails, that some Democrat political operatives worked with Silicon Valley execs. to field fake Russian bots in the 2017 Alabama Senate race. We’ve had Democrats & liberal blue checkmark Twitter (especially the journalist class) fighting to get Trump and other right-wing people banned from social media. We’ve had years now of spun up hysteria about “dangerous” Russian disinformation on social media and a whole lot of government/media brainstorms floated on ways to combat this purported “threat.”

I grew up during the Cold War and became fascinated by it, along with falling in love with early American history. I have a high school education, went to college one year, then joined the Army. I am a total dunce at science and math, didn’t think I was smart enough for college and never returned. I like to read a lot about things that catch my interest. I am not an expert on anything, so I try to provide a lot of links in my posts, to indicate where I found information or read something or saw something online.

The Russian disinformation story began long before the Cold War (1947-1991). In 1917, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, overthrew the Czarist government and seized power in Russia. Lenin wasn’t satisfied with the Russian revolution and wanted a global communist revolution, so in 1919 Lenin formed the Comintern:

Lenin and his associates viewed Russia as no more than a springboard from which to launch a global civil war. They feared that if the revolution remained confined to backward, agrarian Russia it would perish under the combined onslaught of the foreign “bourgeoisie” and the domestic peasantry. In their view it was essential to carry the revolution abroad to the industrial countries of the West, whose workers, they believed, were anxious to stop fighting one another and topple their exploiters. To organize and finance this effort, they formed in March 1919 the Third International, or “Comintern.” This organization was a branch of the Russian Communist Party and operated under the aegis of that party’s Central Committee. By virtue of rules laid down in 1920 at the Comintern’s Second Congress, Communist parties abroad were to be created either afresh or else by splitting Social Democratic parties; in either case, they were to be accountable to Moscow and not to their domestic constituencies.

Hoping to exploit the political and economic turmoil afflicting central Europe after the Allied victory, Moscow sent agents with ample supplies of money to stir up unrest. In Germany three revolutionary efforts undertaken with the help of local communists and sympathizers—in early 1919, in 1921, and again in 1923—failed, partly from the passivity of the workers, partly from effective countermeasures of the Weimar government. In Hungary a Bolshevik government under Béla Kun came to power in March 1919, but it lasted only four months before being overthrown. Efforts to incite social unrest elsewhere had no success either and eventually were given up in favour of infiltrating existing institutions by both legal and clandestine communist organizations.”

Thus began the modern era of Russian disinformation. Russian police state behaviors didn’t begin in the Soviet era, but permeate through Czarist Russian history. There’s a Russian cultural acceptance of harsh government controls, unlike our American traditions of personal liberty and individual rights. Piles and piles of books have been written about the Soviet efforts to undermine the West and Russian disinformation/misinformation, along with mountains of great spy/international thriller novels. I loved many books on the Soviet efforts and the Cold War spy novels.

I don’t think America has a “disinformation” problem so much as it has a media culture problem and also a broader culture problem in how Americans react to and interact via social media. Too many people react instantly to social media drama, think shallowly about information they see or hear, if at all, and rush to become part of the latest media-driven “national conversation” or weigh in on the big news drama of the day. Few people take the time to research information or wait before leaping into the online social media hot take public square. It’s about as easy to rush to judgment and spread information without checking it out as it is to click and buy stuff online. Taking a deep breath and taking some time to think about purchases or buying into media hysteria would serve each of us better.

The quote at the beginning is one of my favorite quotes. It’s from The Virginian, a 1902 novel considered to be the first true American fictional Western and it’s one of my favorite American novels. As America expanded westward, American culture developed and spread, but often Americans in settled parts loved to hear frontier stories of drama, hardship and heroism sold in American print, from newspapers to American dime store novels (1860-1915), which were peddled largely to the uneducated class. It’s fine to be entertained by cheap fictional drivel, but to run a country via a 24/7 political soap opera/spin information war, replete with constant smear campaigns, fabricated “news” and pundit-generated hysteria as the constant chorus, is no way for our republic to prosper. We’ve moved from dime store novels, which ran a 100 pages to 280 character tweets and many Twitter peeps were complaining that 280 character tweets were too long to read… go figure.

Trying to encourage people to slow down and think about things, read more, consider differing viewpoints and work to stop reacting instantly, like puppets on a string, can help each of us regain control over the information overload, shield ourselves from the media-driven drama and regain more control over our minds rather than running around reacting 24/7.

The last thing America needs is a Ministry of Truth run by a bizarro Mary Poppins of Disinformation. Seriously, this woman is ridiculous.

The truth has a way of breaking through even the darkest clouds of lies (or the most ridiculous spin war garbage.) Sometimes even one ray of truth poking through can light our path forward, I believe. The thing is we’ve got to start breaking away from our screens more to even see the clouds in the sky or catch that ray of truth.

Look to the sky… not at the screen.

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Some thoughts on China’s latest lockdown

Many times a lot of Americans take a “who cares what happens in some far off country” attitude. The Chinese full lockdown story is important to everyone, not just the Chinese people and I’m going to give a few reasons why. This post is some current news on that situation and some review of Covid social mitigation policies and news reporting (more like mass media social conditioning efforts) since 2020. I’ll follow this post with some positive posts on things we all have the power to do, not just to survive tumultuous times, but to learn to thrive in not only the best of times, but in the worst of times too.

The Chinese government’s total lockdown of Shanghai has been getting a great deal of attention in the news media and generating some viral videos in the past few days:

Here’s analysis by Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, on the medical side of information coming from Chinese officials one word – “implausible” referring to China reporting only one severe case and no deaths from this outbreak:

Here’s what everyone should know about Shanghai:

Shanghai is the largest city in China, with almost 25 million people, according to Wikipedia..

Shanghai is China’s center of commerce, trade and transportation, but also a global financial hub.

Shanghai is also the world’s busiest container port.

Here’s a report, China Port Congestion Leaves Everything From Grains to Metals Stranded, from Bloomberg today. This report states there are 477 bulk container ships waiting to dock and unload their cargo of everything from metal ore to grain.

The lockdown in Shanghai has created a ripple effect, as some ships have been diverted to other Chinese ports. A few paragraphs into this story it’s clear China’s lockdown isn’t only causing a problem with unloading and loading ships:

“A shortage of port workers at Shanghai is slowing the delivery of documentation needed for ships to unload cargoes, according to ship owners and traders. Meanwhile, vessels carrying metals like copper and iron ore are left stranded offshore as trucks are unable to send goods from the port to processing mills, they said.”

On a cable news report yesterday I heard mention that the lockdown in Shanghai has also created massive panic-buying across China, as people have become fearful of food shortages spreading.

This all brings me back to the weeks before Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and our news media went all-in on Ukraine reporting and completely dropped the coverage of the Trudeau government in Canada imposing vaccine mandates on truckers crossing the US-Canada border, the Trudeau government crackdown on a trucker’s protest, and President Biden also imposing a vaccine mandate on truckers crossing the US-Canada border and the US-Mexico border.

I think all of these extreme Covid mitigation policies world-wide, that hamper free movement of people and goods, have proven both ineffective at “stopping the spread” of Covid and even worse have turbo-charged economic chaos, globally, for the foreseeable future. Once the Ukraine situation attracts less media focus, I suspect we’ll be back to dealing with our own US government creating more of the same Covid policies and programs that inflicted economic hardship on millions of Americans since 2020.

The news media hype seems to play on our emotions and push us to become invested in the emotional aspect of these videos, by dramatizing the “little people vs. the evil, big Chinese government (and yes, it’s an evil regime without question). The human rights abuse aspect does matter. Chinese people yelling from being locked inside their apartment buildings for two weeks looks horrifying, but it’s important to remember that the same Dems and liberal mouthpieces who bought into these draconian Chinese-inspired Covid policies in 2020 were still pushing them just a few months ago in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and in America. Dr. Fauci hailed the extreme Australian lockdowns. The liberal American news media were still pushing these policies, but now want to sensationalize the horror of Chinese people in Shanghai dealing with a full two-week Covid lockdown, so far.

The situation in these Chinese videos doesn’t look any different than Australia’s lockdowns, which lasted 107 days. That’s the truth. Here’s a BBC report from October 11, 2021, Covid Australia: Sydney celebrates end of 107-day lockdown. The liberal American news media (which is most of the American news media) didn’t all rush to Australia to cover the lockdown protests there and in fact, it seemed they were downplaying the protests and avoiding covering them much. There were videos that emerged on social media and in the news, like this story: EXCLUSIVE: WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: Elderly man collapses to the ground after being arrested for ‘failing to wear a face mask’ while walking in a park – as his desperate partner screams for help, from September 2021. When things happening in the free world of the west look indistinguishable from policies being carried out in China, that’s like a glaring red warning light to me. Two weeks into China’s latest lockdown and the media is hysterically hyperventilating about people starving to death and 107 days of Australia’s lockdown insanity and the American news media barely talked about it at all. The real question remains why on earth liberal democracies in the free world ever bought into the Chinese Covid lockdown policy in the first place???

This reminded me of how the American liberal news media in the beginning of the Covid lockdown social mitigation experiments tried to con us into docilely accepting government Covid lockdowns as an exercise in good citizenship and a show of virtue demonstrating we care about other people. I was very worried about Covid in March of 2020, because I believed my husband had Covid in late January 2020 when he got sick and had acute respiratory failure. I fell in line with social mitigation effort for about a month, but kept wondering what the follow-on plan was. I quickly came to believe all of these social mitigation efforts were political power grabs, not science and that is what I believe to this day. Here’s Italy in March 2020 – remember all the singing:

Funny juxtaposition between their news angle in Italy 2020 and China 2022, but I feel certain the Covid craziness isn’t over anywhere in the world. The economic fall-out from these disastrous social mitigation policies will continue to impact and grow. When you add in the war in Ukraine with the uncertainty with what happens there and the global economic fall-out that will have on agriculture and global commerce, well, the world seems to be pushing full-steam ahead toward some Titanic-level hitting an iceberg events.

If you follow the news and pay attention to what’s happened since Covid social mitigation policies took hold, well, nothing has really returned to the pre-Covid days, even if you took off your mask long ago. The shortage situations never resolved to pre-Covid, the economic fall-out from those policies is still reverberating around the world. Even in many red states remnants of those policies remain – like wearing a mask in some school districts, wearing a mask in the doctor’s office or hospitals, with airlines, etc. Not a single state in America is an all-red or an all-blue state, so there are plenty of people within every state with opposing views, especially on Covid policies. The Covid turmoil is not behind us and many people who opposed masks and/or vaccine mandates and/or vaccines are still fuming about the the social mitigation policies and angry at the liberals who pushed those programs. On the other side, there are liberals, especially in the news media, who are still true-believers in all of the Covid social mitigation policies, would support and promote them again in a heartbeat and who loathe Americans who don’t believe in all of those mitigation policies and rituals like masking between eating bites of a meal on a plane and total lockdowns.

This divide in America won’t be easily bridged and it’s important to remember it goes way deeper than just the Covid mitigation policies. These divides speak to not only differing political beliefs in America, but to an array of cultural issues where Americans break down into two hostile camps. It seems like people in the middle or who aren’t ideologically invested are disliked by both sides, but pulling more people away from the partisan extremes is our only hope to weather the coming storms. We need more people who will work together, not more people ready to fight over everything.

Finding any ways to unite us will be hard, but I remain hopeful it’s not an impossible quest to find some common ground and then build upon that. Unfortunately, it seems like the people with the largest megaphones focus on getting people riled up or spreading a whole lot of fear. America desperately needs some calm, positive leaders. In my next post I’ll talk about that more.

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Will Biden get the boot?

Just a short politics post here. I became suspicious as soon as the Washington Post and New York Times began hyping the Hunter Biden laptop story recently and it’s now news that Hunter Biden is under investigation in Delaware by Justice Department investigators. Andrew C. McCarthy wrote a piece at National Review about this investigation the other day: The New York Times Suddenly Discovers Hunter Biden Laptop and Corruption Investigations Are Real

Back at the end of February, Devon Archer, a Hunter Biden friend, who also sat on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, was sentenced in a different matter involving fraud: Hunter Biden’s pal sentenced to prison for role in fraud scheme. After this news, media stories began to trickle out about this ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden in Delaware. Assuredly, the mainstream liberal media hacks who carry water for Dems constantly and prominent Democrats knew about this ongoing investigation, but somehow Hunter Biden’s laptop story was off-limits in the mainstream liberal media since October 2020, when the laptop story broke and Twitter banned even mentioning the laptop story.

For that same media to now start hyping the Hunter Biden laptop was a red flag to me. I tweeted;

I saw this Tucker Carlson video tonight:

Yes, I believe Tucker has this right, but what remains to be seen is whether Dems push Biden out before 2024 and then have to contend with a President Kamala Harris or if they wait until the 2024 presidential election draws closer and pressure Biden to announce he won’t be seeking reelection.

To be sure Hillary Clinton is busily hitting the liberal media news and late night TV talk show circuit to try to sell herself as the Ukraine foreign policy guru and president-in-waiting. Bill Clinton revved up the Clinton Foundation recently too, so you know the Clintons are actively grifting for more money.

Whenever the mainstream liberal media runs negative stories about Dems now, there’s an ulterior partisan political motive, because the liberal media is really just a Democrat political messaging operation at this point, just like FOX News and right-wing media carries water for former President Trump. The liberal media suddenly talking about the Hunter Biden laptop story they deliberately buried for over a year evoked a lot of angry responses from the Trump-supporter pundit circle, but I was waiting to hear them begin questioning, “Why now?”


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Putin moves

Tonight the news is abuzz with Putin beginning an invasion of Ukraine. Putin delivered one of the most audacious warnings to the West about not interfering in Ukraine and now we await a response from western leaders.

Trump called in to Laura Ingraham’s show tonight and naturally claimed all this is happening because of a “stolen election” and tried to make it about himself. Many partisans on the right won’t see how inappropriate and disgraceful this comment is from a former president, when a hostile foreign leader is threatening our country. Putin was threatening all of America – not one side of partisans in America.

The White House hasn’t responded yet. One can only wonder if this latest act of aggression by Putin warrants swift and severe sanctions Biden promised.

Neither party has competent leaders, who will put the welfare of America ahead of their partisan battles.

If you’re wondering why the Biden White House is so slow with the sanctions, here’s the reality check – Russia is still the third highest exporter of oil to the US, behind Canada, which is the number one exporter of oil to us, and Mexico, according to Forbes: Russia Is A Major Supplier Of Oil To The U.S.

While I fully understand the support for the Freedom Convoy with Canada’s truckers and why many Americans support the American trucker’s protest starting, I feel confident that there’s a whole lot of hostile foreign information war operations helping fueling this trucker’s protest around the world.

Who benefits from escalating the internal turmoil in countries in the West?

The timing of this trucker’s protest kicking off and the escalating Russia vs. the West clash today certainly could not be worse for America and better for our adversaries. I don’t see any good coming out of the trucker’s protest. Dems, the Biden White House and the liberal media will quickly shift blame for all the worsening economic woes to the trucker’s protest. The likelihood of illegal mayhem happening with his protest is high. The likelihood of false flag operations by various entities to engage in criminal actions, that will overshadow the message of freedom the protest is supposedly about, is high too. The likelihood of any meaningful specific policy changes is low.

I do not support any illegal activities – that goes for either side of partisans – so, if there’s any illegally blocking bridges or roads, I do not support that.

Definitely, not any good news tonight.

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A must-read Matt Taibbi take on 1/6

Today I read this Matt Taibbi piece, A Tale of Two Authoritarians, which delves into the post 9/11 security measure overreaches and the many similarities to government “social mitigation pandemic measures. Taibbi doesn’t cater to partisan political sides, but instead just lays out the chronology of new security measures since 9/11 and how those American government overreaches expanded since then. He writes about the Pelosi 1/6 event and the reemergence of Dick Cheney:

“Seeing leading Democrats nuzzling the man George W. Bush called “Iron Ass” summed up the essential problem of the ordinary person trying to find a political home in this landscape. Even if you find the Trump phenomenon troubling, his opposition is not only authoritarian, but organized and armed with the intellectual tools to understand and appreciate how the technological elimination of democracy might be achieved in the 21st century.”

“We’re living through a period where an unpleasantly likely outcome for the ordinary American is the invocation of emergency powers to eliminate basic rights. From which side is that threat most likely to come? The pattern during Trump’s presidency was hyping the Russian menace to justify increased surveillance and censorship. Russia has since been switched out in favor of two new emergency bugbears. The first is the rise of “domestic terrorism,” and if you don’t think Cheney-style democracy-canceling is on the minds of officials heading into the next presidential election, you haven’t been reading the growing pile of articles quoting military types advertising their preparations for counter-coup in 2024.”

“The second emergency of course is the pandemic, which ought to have been exhibit A in Trump’s uninterest in being a dictator — he could have legally invoked all sorts of powers and did not. Instead, it’s become part of a widening propaganda campaign designed to enlist the wine-cave MSNBC set behind full-blown Big Brother governance.”

I wish I had even a tiny bit of Taibbi’s writing ability, but I don’t, so I recommend you read his piece a few times and then think about the issues he raised. He highlighted concerns about the new medical security state efforts that so many Democrats and government health officials have promoted since the pandemic began. He mentions Julian Assange and although I have never been sympathetic to his situation, I do admit that after 9/11, while having some concerns about the Patriot Act and many of the military actions, I still largely supported GWB and trusted our “experts” in intelligence and our military.

I grew up trusting authorities and I had a belief that there were mostly people with expertise, sound judgment, and most of all good character serving in public positions than there are. I was definitely too trusting and believed in public servants actually nobly serving the public interests.

When President Obama came along, he expanded on many of the Bush era Global War on Terror efforts and there were reports of more and more drone strikes in multiple countries, I began to wake up to the abuses of power. There were few clear answers from the Obama administration and Congress, whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans, has failed to rein in any of the post-9/11 emergency powers and instead there’s a willingness to expand these powers in Washington and zero ability to effectively do any true oversight or demand any accountability.

When the pandemic happened, once again, I believe that initially I was way too willing to trust the medical experts that were rolled out and a large part of my trust was that I believed these government health officials were non-political and dedicated to public health. Silly me. Plus from both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats had nothing but praise for Dr. Fauci and other health officials. I was too trusting again, that’s for sure, as we are now approaching two years into pandemic politics and seemingly endless efforts by liberal (mainstream) media, Biden officials, Fauci and CDC quacks, plus Democrat officials across America to incite fear, hysteria, impose new rules and to never let go of their failed pandemic policies (some of which began at the beginning of the pandemic and were approved by the Trump administration).

As corruption continues to spread among our federal governmental institutions, it’s becoming more and more disturbing to realize, not only how corrupt so many of the touted “experts” are, but how whenever anyone now gives glowing accolades about any revered official in Washington or that some official is respected by both sides of the aisle, it’s like a signal for me to put up my guard and be wary that we’re in for another snow job. It’s like when James Comey, the former director of the FBI, hailed Peter Strzok and other high-level FBI officials caught up in the efforts to spy on the Trump campaign and spread the Trump-Russian Collusion spin lies, as highly respected career professionals. As information trickled out, those career professionals turned out to be highly-partisan, liars and most definitely not adhering to any sort of professional behavior.

Twitter gets dismissed by most people as just ridiculous social media, but by following hundreds of journalists, pundits and politicians, and watching the interactions I came to realize why Trump relied on Twitter to wage his one-man spin war. He flipped Dem and liberal media spin cycles constantly with just a few tweets and that ability is why Democrats and powerful liberal elites were so desperate to try to muzzle Trump.

However, the more disturbing people on Twitter were retired generals, who joined with Democrats and liberal media to tweet their rage and anger about Trump and some, like General Michael Hayden, tweeted frequently to undercut Trump’s decisions. It was shocking to watch a retired general and former CIA director engage in berating, petty name-calling, and actively trying to undermine a sitting President of the United States. Hayden wasn’t alone, as former Obama CIA director, John Brennan, also spent many hours engaged in the Twitter spin war against Trump too.

When I tried to explain to my sister, who doesn’t use social media, about the importance of Twitter, she repeatedly has dismissed this, as just social media garbage and she points out that most Americans aren’t on Twitter and that’s true. However, the ones who are the big players in the news media, in politics and especially in the partisan messaging operations (they set the narratives in the news media) are all on Twitter a whole lot. This small group of elites, who dominate the politics Twitter space, are the ones who drive the mass media spin war, especially news media.

The social media efforts to silence people started in 2018 on Twitter with Alex Jones and Jones is an easy person to loathe. He spouted all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories. It was easy to dismiss his being banned from Twitter, but then the banning continued and last year Trump was banned after 1/6. Trump’s a lightening rod, he tweeted all sorts of lies too, but then more and more people who challenged the liberal Covid orthodoxy began to be banned. The liberal big tech, politically-motivated social media purges have escalated and they all go in one direction – those who challenge the liberal/Dem narratives.

Once again, while most people on the right didn’t care about Alex Jones being banned, as the bans continued, on YouTube, Bret Weinstein, a evolutionary biologist, who raised some concerns about Covid vaccines, had his YouTube channel demonetized and I believe a few of his videos were removed from YouTube too.

A week ago, Dr. Robert Malone, a prominent virologist, was banned from Twitter for ostensibly spreading “Covid misinformation.” Videos where Malone was interviewed by other YouTubers have been removed too.

Sitting Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a flame-throwing, Trump-supporter from GA, was banned from Twitter a few days ago.

Matt Walsh, a right-wing political commentator was suspended from Twitter today, for apparently some transgender language infraction. Walsh, upon his return to Twitter, tweeted:

One of the comments to Walsh’s tweet summed up the situation perfectly:

Mark Krikorian@MarkSKrikorian·Replying to @MattWalshBlogYou won the victory over yourself. You love Big Brother.

We’re heading into some disquieting and disturbing times. Everyone who uses social media or online platforms should realize that at any moment their online presence can be wiped out and they can be silenced across multiple social media platforms. Plus efforts for new social media platforms that aren’t controlled by the liberal big tech giants keep getting derailed at every turn.

Another disquieting thing I’ve noticed is beyond the efforts to silence opposing views, around the world, especially the Western world, there have been large protests against Covid lockdowns and rules, but you see very little liberal (mainstream) media news coverage of these protests. You’d think with Omicron being the hottest topic (besides 1/6), there would be a lot of news coverage of the large anti-Covid rules protests.

I’m going to end with this quote from Taibbi’s piece, which sums up the real stakes with this new era of trying to silence certain “undesirable” people on social media:

“Professionals” do make errors, about everything from terrorists to viruses. In fact, a fair number of the people seeking this enhanced authority are dumber than average. You don’t have to like Donald Trump to recognize the dire threat represented by a clique of mediocrities with just enough brains to use their offices to organize the criminalization of their opposition.”

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Pelosi stages a January 6th extravaganza

So today is January 6th and I remember exactly how I felt that day – pissed off at Trump’s “Stop the Steal” sideshow, but I’d been pissed off about his sideshow antics since 2015. Do I believe January 6th was an “Insurrection?” Absolutely not. Do I believe it was the greatest threat to our democracy since, well, just listen to any ranting Democrat or hysterical liberal journalist and take your pick of which dire event in American history January 6th was as bad as, from 9/11 to the US Civil War? Heck, no!

So, yes, the mob that descended on the Capitol after several inflammatory speeches that Trump had his people organize that day devolved into chaos and violence. There’s no excusing attacking Capitol police officers, destroying public property, stealing public property or any of the other mayhem that ensued during those hours. It was a disgraceful spectacle.

Despite the House Democrats overblown assertions about January 6th being some organized terrorist attack, back in August a Reuters report stated:

“WASHINGTON, Aug 20 (Reuters) – The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.

Though federal officials have arrested more than 570 alleged participants, the FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump, according to the sources, who have been either directly involved in or briefed regularly on the wide-ranging investigations.”

For all the hotair coming out of House Dems investigation, I haven’t seen any reporting that refutes this Reuters report on the FBI finding scant evidence that January 6th was an organized plot.

I think most Americans remember these same Democrats opining about January 6th being the most violent assault on our democracy and pontificating about the attacks on Capitol police officers are the same people who were justifying attacks on police officers during the 2020 BLM rioting, the wanton destruction of public property with tearing down statues and even thugs burning down a police station in Minneapolis. All of that was not an “attack on our democracy” according to Democrats in Washington and the liberal media who tried to sell the BLM rioting and destruction as “mostly peaceful protests.”

The Democrats and liberal media putting on today’s January 6th show are also the same people who spent 4 years peddling Trump/Russian Collusion lies to try to undermine and destroy Trump’s presidency.

That’s why all this Pelosi January 6th “commemoration” won’t matter at all, because it’s all disingenuous and hypocritical spin theater. I detested Trump’s January 6th effort to interfere in Congress carrying out a largely ceremonial certification of the Electoral College votes and I detested the rabble-rousing speeches too, but watching Dems and the liberal media create a year of endless spin hysteria about it has made me detest them as much Trump’s sideshow that day and all the mayhem that followed

To be clear, yes, the Democrats rammed through massive election rule changes under the guise of the pandemic emergency situation and the potential for massive election fraud certainly wasn’t a far-fetched concern, but to date no one on team Trump has ever produced evidence that would overturn the 2020 election outcome.

There is however plenty of evidence of how Democrats, liberal media and big tech/social media platforms worked to amplify Dem mass media messaging efforts and muzzle Trump messaging efforts. This is certainly corrupt, but it’s not illegal and it’s not proof the election was stolen.

I know people who love Trump and I know people who hate Trump, but for me I wish for an end to the spin information war that drives the culture war. Trump embraced using the same corrupt spin war efforts as Democrats. It’s pointless to argue who is more corrupt Dems with their spin war lies or Trump with his one-man show spin war lies. It’s all bad for America and won’t do a single thing to make America stronger, more united, more prosperous (except for the politicians, big tech and media giants, who get rich fueling the constant partisan rage).

Today, I was wishing we had better leaders, who put the welfare of the American people ahead of their own political interests. For that to happen more Americans will have to quit being avid consumers of spin war garbage or even worse believing it.

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More lockdown insanity

It seems like we’ve been living in this crazy pandemic era much longer than since March of 2020. Yesterday marked an ominous change in pandemic responses among Western countries, with Austria being the first to impose a COVID lockdown for unvaccinated people aged 12 and older. The new rule will force unvaccinated people to stay in their homes and only be able to leave for a few specified reasons and was to go into effect once ICU use reached 30% in the country. That this type of government coercion and power will expand to other countries and be parlayed to control people for other “crises,” like climate change, etc. seems pretty much certain. Whether some liberal governors in America attempt legislation like this seems highly likely too.

At this point it’s obvious Dr. Fauci and other top US health officials misrepresented and at times outright lied to the American people in pushing their preferred public policies on dealing with COVID-19 and we were inundated with “data” and assurances that we must “trust the science,” all while the “science” became more and more a power-grabbing tool in the hands of politicians. The lies range from Dr. Fauci lying back in the beginning urging people not to wear masks in public, to then switching to pushing not just mass masking, but once the vaccines rolled out, which was supposed to be the way out of the pandemic, he began pushing double-masking. All these twists and turns in our public health officials’ social mitigation approaches came with absolutely no new scientific research to back them. However, their social mitigation approaches almost all came with assurances that these approaches were being used in other countries and working well.

Austalia and New Zealand implemented some of the most stringent lockdown measures, under a highly controversial and failed Covid Zero policy, which both countries have since abandoned. However, the lingering negative social chaos can’t be erased with new legislation and the swipe of a pen.

It’s easy to say, “What’s the big deal, it’s only a mask?” or “Don’t you care about other people?” to minimize these rules, but the more disturbing aspect of these “it’s no big deal” rules is how those imposing the rules and the powerful elites selectively follow their own rules and have worked to divide Americans, even within families by stoking fear and selling “othering,” dividing the “good” people from the “bad” people.

It’s not just about masks; it’s about using fear to scare people into allowing government to grab more and more power. Then we come to the vaccines and as soon as another COVID wave started this past spring, Dr. Fauci led the messaging pitting the Vaccinated vs. the Unvaccinated, which resulted in a massive Democrat/mainstream media messaging effort to turn The Unvaccinated into the new Trump “Deplorables.” It was 100% about politics and 0% about public health.

It seems unlikely America will easily or quickly return to pre-Covid norms, especially with so many big business elites being eager to impose and implement even the most extreme COVID measures, but it doesn’t stop there. So many of them are also rushing to acquiesce to BLM/social justice demands too. Media-manufactured climate change hysteria will assuredly be propelled to advance more pushed government rules and mandates.

The new Austrian COVID lockdown measures matter here in America, when you consider that from the beginning of this pandemic Dr. Fauci, US health officials and many elected officials borrowed all of their “social mitigation” efforts from foreign countries. At the end of October, Dr. Fauci was cheering Australia’s controversial lockdown measures:

“America’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, has praised Melbourne’s response to the coronavirus, saying he “wished” the US could adopt the same mentality.

In an interview hosted by the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne-based Doherty Institute, Fauci said Australia was “one of the countries that has done actually quite well” in handling the virus.

“I really wish that we could transplant that kind of mentality here,” he said. “Because masks in the United States have almost become a political statement.”

The amazing thing about Dr. Fauci’s lamentations about how everything pertaining to COVID has become so politicized is his stunning lack of self-awareness of his own starring role in politicizing COVID with his non-stop media COVID show, where he stars as The Expert. The problem isn’t only Dr. Fauci, it’s with all of us, because we live in a society ruled by “experts” and media-driven waves of fear hitting us from all directions. Back in the 1990s, I was disgusted with the Oprahization of America, where Oprah would hype some heretofore trivial issue as a pressing issue in America or she’d trot out another of her band of “experts” and America would all turn to said expert, like Dr. Phil, for instance, as the most trusted expert in that field. We’ve been swamped by so many experts being sold by politicians, celebrities, news media, and social media, that the Oprah influence seems rather quaint now.

The harder lesson-learned for me has been when the media or high-profile people, many whom I used to respect, came out and touted some revered federal government “public servant,” who turned out to be just another partisan political hack. It’s been very disillusioning, from hearing about the dedicated career professionals at the FBI, only to realize they were people like Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, to our revered intel officials and it turned out to be people like John Brennan, James Clapper or Alexander Vindman, I’m just automatically on guard now when I hear about any unassailable, apolitical public servants.

Even if COVID disappeared from being a major issue tomorrow, the corruption and expansion of government power-grabs it wrought will be eagerly used and abused with new crises (real and manufactured), so it’s best to keep an eyes wide open attitude to new efforts to infringe on our personal liberties and mass media demonization of those who dare to defend their rights every step of the way.

America’s only hope lies in ordinary Americans working hard in the nooks and crannies of America to try to strengthen their own families and rebuild some sense of community, not in trusting Washington to fix anything. It’s so easy to watch the news on TV or get online and in every direction news and social media is dominated by media-driven, spun up hot topics and drama trying to push us into fear or anger. The single best thing, I think each of us can do is take some time every day to step outside, look around and take some deep, calming breaths. Take some time to chat with family, friends and neighbors about ordinary life, not just what’s in the news. It’s challenging sometimes to be hopeful, but if we lose faith in our power to control our own hearts and minds, we’ve already ceded control to others. The media-driven fear-mongering can only influence you, if you let it.

There was something to be said for my childhood days of three major TV networks, news in only short spurts throughout the day and our own lives taking up more of our time, energy and thought than what we were looking at on our cell phones or electronic devices. I doubt most of us are ever going to revert back to that type of no-tech life, but I started taking more breaks from social media and the news. I still write my backwoods blog here, but have made an effort to spend less time on social media. I’ve gone back to some of my pre-internet interests and it’s been a nice change.

Update: The news article on Dr. Fauci cheering Australian lockdown measures was from 2020, not 2021, but Dr. Fauci continued to praise Australia’s lockdowns in 2021 too: Dr Fauci praises Australia’s Covid lockdowns: ‘Viruses don’t mutate unless they replicate’, from March 2021.


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The search for “like-minded” people

In a few recent posts I took a dim view of this pretty prevalent mind-set in the online prepper community about weeding out the “undesirables” among friends, family, acquaintances and figuring out who are the people you are going to help and trust in a crisis or SHTF emergency. I like Sensible Prepper’s channel and even he had some suggestions about putting together a group of like-minded people – like interview carefully if you’re putting together a group that’s going to form up when SHTF. This weeding out undesirables and finding “like-minded” people was like a warning light going off in my head.

This very same idea has been circulating among the right-wing echo-chamber for years and it’s one of the worst ideas for Americans to embrace. I remembered writing about an effort that some grifter was selling on Glenn Beck’s show back in 2013. That man was selling his oasis of liberty as some community they were setting up in Idaho that was ostensibly based on finding people united by their belief in patriotism, liberty, pride in American exceptionalism and preparedness. Beck gave this con man a platform on his show, despite knowing this man had a criminal record for extortion and this oasis in Idaho existed only on a website – the planners didn’t even have property in Idaho. They were carefully selecting residents for their new community, The Citadel, on Skype interviews and then collecting an application fee, plus $50 a month to raise money to buy property. The most perfect con was this guy was playing conservatives dangling that this new vetted community was going to set up a firearms factory as a means for the community to generate jobs and income.

George Washington is my favorite founding father. Beck, like most of these right-wing media talking heads, has gotten rich playing to our conservative values, patriotism, and even more to right-wing Americans’ fears of the left’s culture war for decades and yes, I have been alarmed about the left’s culture war my entire adult life too. After that show I stopped subscribing to Beck’s online show and I began to be much more questioning about what exactly these big right-wing personalities are selling, but since I hate to part with books, I still have my copy of Beck’s “Being George Washington.”

I had been listening to Rush Limbaugh from the early 90s. I had agreed with many of the ideas the Tea Party was promoting and as right-wing media started elevating a growing crowd of “celebrities” I listened to them and too uncritically bought into a lot of the ideas they were selling, because we’ve been trained to buy into the red vs. blue politics in America and if you’re conservative, so much of the liberal agenda is an affront to all the values you hold dear. Here’s the hard truth – much of the right-wing media echo-chamber is just a huge grift – selling merchandise, books, the big shows, like O’Reilly and Beck used to do and now Trump has turned his “rallies” into his trademark. For the record, I voted for Trump in 2020, out of complete dread of Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, even though I believe he’s a total con man and was just running the largest reality TV show from the White House, at least his administration was pushing many policies I agreed with… and even more that, at least he wasn’t Joe Biden.

It was easy for me to see the left-wing media culture war craziness. I mean being told I must now accept that men dressing like women are really women or being told we’re supposed to refer to pregnant women as “birthing persons,” had me telling my family that I don’t want to hear anything about this insane alphabet gender politics on the left and um, sorry, I can tell you where to shove your “pronouns.” And of course, watching new radical racial politics where white people, even little kids, are commanded to denounce their “white privilege,” left me wondering if America was now embracing Maoist struggle sessions, which were a form of public-shaming and torture that Mao used to enforce conformity. It took a lot longer for me to recognize the right-wing culture war craziness.

In another blog post I’ll try to step away from the partisan politics and talk about this idea of picking the people who you will help in an emergency and why I don’t believe finding “like-minded” people who are prepping like you are and to the level you think makes them worthy and weeding out the undesirable non-prepping people would really work well in an actual real world crisis. It might lead to you excluding people at a time when pulling as many people together as possible really will help your chances of survival. I believe in working to include as many people as possible, even ones who don’t meet my preparedness standards – especially in a crisis.

Here’s the link to my 2013 blog post, Sweet land of liberty….. (or land of the gullible?)

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Social media creates another instant political hero

Back during the Obama years, I was thoroughly disgusted in 2014, when the Obama administration tried to con Americans into believing Bowe Bergdahl was a war hero, when in reality he deserted his post in Afghanistan. Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, went so far as to say Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction.” That statement was a total lie.

So here we are in 2021 and I am disgusted by the right-wing efforts to turn Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a Marine battalion commander who spoke out demanding accountability from top military leaders for the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, into a right-wing POLITICAL hero. Assuredly, Scheller’s military record is filled with awards and decorations that speak to heroism on the battlefield. He earned a bronze star, among numerous other awards.

I understand why many people cheered Scheller risking his military career to speak out demanding accountability by top military leaders, especially, when so many top military leaders spew weaselly words and duck for cover rather than speaking the truth or taking any responsibility for anything. Among political leaders of either party, there is zero accountability for anything too. However, here I come to the “BUTs.”

Task and Purpose has a military bio of Scheller and a clear break down of the sequence of events, status of the military investigation, and social media video posts. There are lots of useful links in their reporting.

Now to the “but,” rules matter, especially in the military and for good order and discipline to be maintained, requires trust within the chain of command. Top Pentagon leadership’s failure to take any responsibility and willingness to sell the Biden administration political talking points with the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and to sell the Biden Woke agenda, has eroded trust in the chain of command.

Scheller’s first video spoke to lack of accountability and his viewpoint resonated with many active duty military and vets around the country. BUT, Scheller’s actions and his call to action attacks the other pillar required for our military to function – good order and discipline. The US military can not function when subordinates publicly attack superior officers and encourage Americans “to bring the whole f-ing system down.”

Schellar swore an oath to support and defend, not to bring the f-ing system down”:

And now to the biggest BUT, that’s getting buried, while right-wing punditry and some FOX News primetime power players keep spinning that Scheller is being punished for demanding accountability. One of the first things I learned in the Army is that if I had a problem, I was supposed to solve it at the lowest level possible and go through my chain of command. He skipped his chain of command and decided to use his social media to become a political activist. The military doesn’t need political activists in the ranks, especially not battalion commanders entrusted to lead troops into battle. He bypassed his chain of command and he deliberately disobeyed a lawful direct order. Scheller posted videos to his social media, some in uniform, attacking superiors.

Scheller decided to risk his career, which many people are cheering, except even in his video, where he’s in shorts ( that’s a 10 minute video, so watch the whole thing) and ranting about taking down the system, in one breath he was saying he doesn’t want a cent and in the next he was listing ways to donate money to his wife. This morning I think the fundraising efforts on his behalf are over 2 million dollars and his cause seems to be energizing more people to donate to him than efforts to raise money for the 13 servicemembers killed and dozens injured in the suicide bomber attack at the Kabul airport.

Many Americans have bought into the right-wing spin effort selling Scheller as being punished for speaking out. Scheller broke long-time military rules. He ended up in the brig, not for speaking out demanding accountability, BUT because he deliberately violated a lawful direct order to stop posting on his social media or through third parties, while his case is being investigated. Gag orders, even in the civilian legal system, are perfectly legal and common. Pretrial confinement also seems perfectly reasonable, in light of Scheller posting another video on his social media, in violation of that lawful order.

Scheller did way more than speak out demanding accountability. He was ranting about leading an effort to take down the system. This issue of military members speaking out isn’t new and neither are the repercussions. Here’s a link from 1993, when a general spoke out about President Clinton and was ousted. I also remember the Pentagon issuing warnings to the whole military to refrain from making derogatory remarks about President Clinton publicly. I remember this, because my husband loathed President Clinton and turned the channel whenever Clinton was on TV. The Clintons corruption fascinated me and I liked to watch President Clinton speaking to analyze his deceptive use of language, but my husband didn’t even want to see President Clinton on TV, let alone pay attention to anything he said.

The lack of accountability at the highest levels of our government and military bode poorly for America. Disgusted Americans rushing to get behind Scheller and elevating him to being a new right-wing political hero, based on his social media videos and a whole lot of powerful right-wing media oxygen (especially Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity selling him) speaks to how easily right-wing Americans are duped and conned by the powerful right-wing media. And yes, left-wing Americans have powerful liberal media duping and conning them and selling them false heroes too (see Avenatti, for instance).

While I don’t think Scheller is a sleaze like Avenatti, my impression, after watching his videos is Scheller seems emotionally volatile, possesses a massive ego, going on and on about how brilliant he is and how he’s the person to lead this effort to “bring down the whole f-ing system.” I didn’t see an emotionally stable person or a calm leader watching his videos. I suspected some PTSD issues and a lot of narcissism.

Due to how many Americans are rushing to champion him and send money, I expect Scheller to be gracing the stage of Trump rallies or joining the Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene political circus in the near future. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if Scheller parlays his new fame into a political career, BUT his actions won’t do a thing to deliver accountability or bolster the US military as an institution. So, for all his professed demand for accountability, Scheller wants it both ways – he demands accountability of top military leaders, but he’s decided to defy a lawful direct order and his parents and right-wing media are trying to pressure the Marine Corps for there to be zero accountability for Scheller’s pretty blatant act of insubordination and disobeying a direct order. You can’t demand accountability and claim you revere the military institution, then turn around and in uniform willfully break basic rules that underpin and bolster that very institution. Not a single thing he’s done will help strengthen the US military. He’s just adding to the erosion of military standards.


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Life in a liberal-controlled rabbit hole

This past week the liberal media and Democrats finally decided to focus on the illegal immigration crisis at the US southern border, which has been growing since President Biden rolled back the Trump era border control policies earlier this year. Back in March, President Biden tapped Vice President Harris to deal with the escalating border problem:

“WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to lead efforts to stem migration across the U.S.-Mexico border, as the administration faces growing political pressure to address a surge in undocumented migrant children unaccompanied by parents.”

This latest border crisis involved mostly illegal immigrants from Central American countries, but in recent weeks it’s now, reportedly, Haitian illegal immigrants flooding the US southern border with Mexico. It’s not politically correct to question how on earth these tens of thousands of poor Haitian illegal immigrants are getting from the Caribbean island of Haiti to Mexico or to inquire if there are any political or NGO groups funding this mass illegal immigration movement.

For reference, I recall reading a sympathetic refugee Washington Post report years ago on the Syrian refugee crisis, which deluged European countries with refugees, not just from war-torn Syria, but from many other countries. I wrote a blog post, Adding it up, back in 2015, and in 2018 I wrote, The smell of a manufactured crisis, about how these refugee crises seem manufactured and well-funded.

This past week a new story, which I’m not sure whether to believe emerged. This new storyline claims most Haitian illegal immigrants trying to enter the US have been living in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries for years and not coming directly from Haiti:

“Nearly all Haitians reach the U.S. border on a well-worn route: Fly to Brazil, Chile or elsewhere in South America. If jobs dry up, slowly move through Central America and Mexico by bus and on foot to wait — perhaps years — in northern border cities like Tijuana for the right time to enter the United States and claim asylum.”

The liberal (mainstream) media and the Biden administration downplayed the flood of Haitian illegal immigrants, as the situation at Del Rio, TX escalated into a serious crisis with an estimated 15,000 illegal immigrants massed in a makeshift camp. As the numbers of illegal immigrants swelled FOX News continued its coverage of the border crisis and was using drone footage, which they’d been doing for months. Rather than address the crisis the FAA issued a temporary ban on Fox News drones around Del Rio, which seemed very similar to the liberal efforts to silence Trump’s social media presence and bury the Hunter Biden laptop story, except with the FAA, the Biden administration was overtly abusing government power rather than relying on liberal media and big tech cronies to corruptly silence stories Dems wanted buried. The FAA lifted the suspension, but that the Biden administration was willing to abuse power like this, to try to impede FOX News’ coverage, speaks volumes. Interestingly, during the temporary FAA ban FOX News was able to continue their coverage via being invited to fly on a law enforcement helicopter to film the illegal immigration chaos at the Del Rio bridge.

The Biden administration studiously avoided talking about or dealing with this border crisis for months, but finally a totally fabricated, hot news story this past week galvanized the Biden administration to launch an all-hands-on-deck spin effort response to the crisis. Instead of the illegal immigration being their concern, the Biden administration embraced and amplified a false news story, alleging horse-mounted US border control agents used whips to attack Haitians trying to enter the US.

Quickly, the “horrific” scene turned out to be not “whips,” but just border control agents on horseback holding their reins. Border agents did not whip illegal immigrants, only twirled their reins, as they’re trained to do. They were doing a thankless job trying to stop illegal immigrants from entering the US, while Dems, from the White House on down, ratcheted up their spin hysteria with WH press secretary, Jen Psaki, leaping on this incorrect reporting:

It’s been several days since the initial reporting about “whips” broke and despite the liberal media and many Dems (including the Biden WH) knowing the initial reporting was incorrect, this false narrative of border control agents “whipping” Haitian refugees fits too perfectly with popular anti-law enforcement politics among the left, so many liberal journalists and Dem politicians continue to play dishonest semantical spin games.

Watching the spin word games with this fabricated “whip” story highlighted again that the liberal (mainstream) news media main purpose is to advance the liberal political agenda and preferred narratives, not to accurately report the news. The preferred liberal political narrative will prevail here, no matter how many Republicans or right-wing pundits debunk the false narrative.

Even more disturbing is the Biden White House has double-downed on this false spin narrative too. The border control agents in the photos and video that ignited this liberal spin narrative have been suspended, the Biden WH announced border control agents will no longer be allowed to use horses, and an investigation of the border control agents has been launched.

President Biden, who couldn’t be bothered with the border crisis for months, has now become energized about the situation at the border – by selling a false narrative, attacking his own border control agents:

It’s easy to warn about threats to America, like hostile foreign adversaries or radicalized domestic groups, but this corrupt alliance of partisan political operatives and large swaths of news media and social media giants in America poses a serious threat to American free speech and to our democratic institutions too.

Many Democrats and liberal news media organizations spend hours daily warning about the dangers of FOX News spreading Trump lies. It’s true, some of the Trump/Fox spin games are corrupt and spread many lies, but their reach is very small compared to the vast Dem/liberal media/social media corrupt spin information war operations. Neither Trump nor right-wing media possess the reach of the Dem and liberal media spin information war operations, yet.

The news media that aids and abets both the Dem/liberal and Trump spin efforts can regurgitate line for line every deceptive and dishonest spin messaging effort the other side spewed, but pretends their side’s news reporting is dedicated to reporting facts and giving Americans the news straight. Unfortunately, our entire news media environment has little to do with reporting news and everything to do with partisan politics and aggressive spin information warfare operations – which equals clicks online and ratings on TV. The corruption is obvious when you see liberal media just stop reporting on the Afghanistan withdrawal or do everything possible to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 election or watch Fox’s entire primetime line-up pay lip service to Trump’s stolen election lies.

Last weekend the estimated number of illegal immigrants at Del Rio reached 15,000 and still the Biden administration and the liberal media tried to ignore the story, until this border agent “whip” video emerged this past week. This false “whip” narrative became the major news story on liberal media, feeding all the preferred BLM race narratives and it was a narrative liberals want to be true. This “whip” story will fade away, but the false narrative’s already served its purpose by being believed by most people who trust those liberal news organizations and by many liberals, who are fully-invested in the BLM racial politics.

Today Fox News Sunday interviewed DHS secretary Mayorkas, who in response to questioning on the what happened to the 15.000+ illegal immigrants by the bridge at Del Rio, admitted 12,000+ of them had been released inside the US:

The Haitian illegal immigration crisis at the border was solved by the Biden administration releasing most of the 15,000+ illegals into the US and the topper is that despite the Biden administration’s Covid hysteria and mandates, none of these illegal immigrants were tested for Covid or subject to any vaccination requirements – they are exempt from the restrictions placed on law-abiding American citizens.

This is the surreal state of the Dem/liberal media spin information war – a false story that perfectly fit the Dem racial politics has been repeated, all the way up to the POTUS. The liberal media fact-checkers have been silent and the liberal media hasn’t gone full-blown hysterical like they do about Trump lies. Instead, the liberal media has aided and abetted bolstering the false “whips” story.

We’re all now Alice in Wonderland, stuck living in a liberal-controlled rabbit hole. Liberal media and social media owned and operated by liberals vastly outnumber conservative media venues. Corporate America also seems anxious to promote the liberal culture war and to embrace the establishment of the liberal Covid regulatory state

The border control agents on horseback, who were doing a thankless job, have been suspended and the POTUS is threatening that he will make them pay… just let that sink in.


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