Words matter, so keep your dictionary handy

Here are my observations on  President Obama’s Oval Office speech Sunday night.  His narrative writers carefully chose those words, to serve as propaganda, to sway public opinion after seeing devastating poll numbers on how Americans feel about the President’s response to ISIS and Islamist terror.  For them, this wasn’t meant to be an actual change of course, only a change in word choice.  The Obama  administration does have a strategy, however that strategy is not to defeat ISIS, but to fundamentally transform (revolution) America.  If you pay attention to the Obama agenda and the things that inspire this president to get passionate and animated, you’ll discern it has nothing to do with fighting Islamist terrorists, heck, he’s planted Islamist sympathizers and enablers in the US military and throughout his administration to insure Muslim sensitivities aren’t offended rather than find a strategy to defeat Islamist terror.  That’s the truth! Now, if you juxtapose that with his actions to attack the police, while championing black thugs who get into altercations with the police, the Van Jones plan hits you in the face: it really is top down, bottom up, inside out – they are working to fundamentally transform (revolution) America

President Obama knew his speech would incite a reaction from the political far-right and actually they’re trying to create more divisiveness and that’s why they descend on these police/black clashes, Al Sharpton has an open invitation to the White House, the military has been cut and being the last bastion where an Alpha male ethos survived, they effectively neutered the US military – where our Secretary of Defense warbles on about transgenders and females in combat jobs making us stronger.  The White House reaction to this latest terrorist attack on American soil was meant to antagonize the political right – they want the racists and bigots to react, so they can justify confiscating guns from private citizens – they want to incite a race war in America – that is the truth!

Donald Trump, whom more and more Americans fed-up with Obama’s non-response are supporting, is there to incite the worst among the far-right.  I still believe Trump is a Trojan Horse set in motion by the Clinton political machine, but have no proof.  To understand Trump’s appeal, refer to my post, “He never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.”  His rabble-rousing feeds Obama’s strategy and will insure a GOP defeat in 2016.  And in the midst of all this, there’s big money from George Soros and leftists funding Obama’s fundamental transformation (revolution), from BLM movement, to the Islamist apologists, to the Syrian refugee invasion.

I’ve written about it many times:

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At this point, we’ve got Donald Trump, ostensibly a very recent conservative convert (Trojan Horse or dupe of the Clintons) inciting the far-right to act out and you’ve got the far-left (ensconced  in the White House, with the power of the executive branch, using executive power to subvert The Constitution and fundamentally transform  (revolution) America).  The far-left wants to incite the far-right to violence, so they can then use the levers of executive power to advance their revolution.

You can read the Van Jones plans in his STORM Handbook, but just like Malik Shabazz went from being a leader of a reviled hate group in America to the National President of Black lawyers for Justice, Jones these days isn’t a radical subversive, nope, he’s the clean-cut, well-spoken political analyst on CNN and the president of Rebuild the Dream…. what could sound more benign….

America, the Republic, is being redefined out of existence, but really the far-left wants the far-right to react violently, so that President Obama can use the power of the Presidency to strong arm his fundamental transformation (revolution) with a national police force, widespread gun confiscation from private citizens and a flurry of executive orders to quell free speech.  Loretta Lynch signaled that, by warning Americans she will prosecute hate speech.  Words matter, so keep your dictionary handy!


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6 responses to “Words matter, so keep your dictionary handy

  1. JK

    Now don’t let your “all get out consternation” get outta whack LB, I’m just sayin’.

    But actually I’m getting kind of a fondness for The Donald guy. (Subject to change once we get to oh, the day after the SEC Primary and actual votes begin to actually mean anything.)

    What I mean to say is, the high-point (just personally speaking … and qualifications apply) anyway the high-point for me last go-round was …

    … Except this time it’s not just the *one expert* it’s every friggin’ expert and his/her most consulted/attributed to *expert.*

    My instinct (not totally reliable I’d be the first to admit) advises me that, once the votes begin to accrue “in actuality” The Experts are gonna be looking pretty doggone _____________. I don’t know whether even Tyson’s Chickens will be able to come up with enough eggs to slap on all The Experts faces. At least all on the same day.

    Might take a week. Barring hanging chads.

  2. JK

    I suppose I should add.

    I’m pretty sure it was HL Mencken said/wrote it … something like “[Boobus Americanus] fully deserve it and they deserve it good and hard.

    Just in case my instinct goes awry.

  3. This is a rant, JK, a redundant one at that:
    Trump seems to want to outdo his Republican rivals on what he believes “being conservative” is. He drags every issue to the far-right fringes and he gives the leftists ammunition. He is helping assure a Hillary win. I guess that’s what bugs me so much. Whether he has advisers urging him to do this, I don’t know, but he’ll take an issue like this security risk from Syrian refugees and gaps in our vetting under other State Dept. immigration programs that are legitimate issues and serious, then turn them into another one of his sideshows. He will make it about him, not about national security. I have never seen such a self-absorbed, narcissist before……. except for The One sitting in the Oval Office at present. They are two peas in a pod – it’s all about them. Heck, I was against taking in more Syrian refugees, knowing we can’t properly vet them. I’m even in favor of dramatically decreasing immigration, across the board, until we secure our borders, figure out how to deal with the illegal immigration problem and also fix the legal immigration system. He doesn’t ever bother to research details and come with a coherent plan – it’s all theatrics and drama and bragging about his poll numbers. His lack of having a well thought out plan disgusts me too.

    • Robert

      Trump is a symptom of much larger problems…a rotten political class and top it off with an untrustworthy and unbelievable president for 7 years. Combine this with suffocating PC, raging Leftism and the result is a void into which a demagogue will step. Trump is a symptom, not a solution. Now I do enjoy him spitting in the faces of PC and the party establishment which is why his support is so deep. But he just might put that red harridan Hillary into the WH.

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