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Missed signals beyond the SPIN noise

America is in a totally different place with our partisan divides than even 20 years ago with the Clinton impeachment drama, which fueled an aggressive Clinton-orchestrated scorched earth SPIN effort to keep Bill Clinton from being removed from office. Thinking back to the 1998 scorched earth SPIN war, many questions, in my mind, still remain.

One of the biggest questions I have goes back a bit further than the Clinton years.  In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed.  The Soviet Union ran massive, aggressive active measures in America, including disinformation operations for decades.  What happened to all of the Soviet Union’s active measure operations and operatives (many of them Americans) involved in operations against America after the Soviet Union collapsed?  Where did they go?

Even more importantly, during the 1990s, what happened to America’s aggressive efforts to monitor and counter Soviet active measures?  Did we put down our guard and assume the Soviet threat was defeated and stop paying close attention to Russian operatives?  Where did the Americans working on the Soviet dime or followers of communist ideology, who fueled Soviet disinformation operations in America go to find new homes in American political operations after the collapse of the Soviet Union?  They didn’t all just quit.  Did they just shift to working in American partisan political “media operations” and “opposition research” organizations or were many of them already embedded in American partisan activities? American academia and media were heavily infiltrated by Soviet disinformation operations for decades, before the collapse of the Soviet Union.   What happened to these Soviet operations after the Soviet Union collapsed?

In late December 2018, news broke of a Democrat disinformation operation called Project Birmingham, which was run against Republican senate candidate, Roy Moore, in his 2017 campaign.  This Dem disinformation operation imitated Russian disinformation operations and was funded by a big Dem donor, Reid Hoffman, who claims no knowledge that the money was going to Project Birmingham.  Many Dems, including Doug Jones, condemned the Project Birmingham operation, and are publicly distancing themselves from it.  On December 27, 2018, the Washington Post reported:

“The looming threat of new state and federal investigations adds to the scrutiny facing those involved in the campaign to undermine support for Moore and bolster Jones. Project Birmingham appeared to broadly mirror some of the same tactics adopted by Russian operatives who spread social and political unrest on Facebook and Twitter during the 2016 presidential election. In Alabama, its backers even introduced fake evidence that automated Russian accounts, called bots, were supporting Moore in the race.”

A few days ago the NY Times had a report, Democrats Faked Online Push to Outlaw Alcohol in Alabama Race, about another Dem false flag operation during the Roy Moore run, which was dubbed “Dry Alabama”.  The NY Times reports:

“The “Dry Alabama” Facebook page, illustrated with stark images of car wrecks and videos of families ruined by drink, had a blunt message: Alcohol is the devil’s work, and the state should ban it entirely.

Along with a companion Twitter feed, the Facebook page appeared to be the work of Baptist teetotalers who supported the Republican, Roy S. Moore, in the 2017 Alabama Senate race. “Pray for Roy Moore,” one tweet exhorted.

In fact, the Dry Alabama campaign, not previously reported, was the stealth creation of progressive Democrats who were out to defeat Mr. Moore — the second such secret effort to be unmasked. In a political bank shot made in the last two weeks of the campaign, they thought associating Mr. Moore with calls for a statewide alcohol ban would hurt him with moderate, business-oriented Republicans and assist the Democrat, Doug Jones, who won the special election by a hair-thin margin.”

Further in this NY Times piece are details of the people involved in organizing this Dry Alabama false flag operation and this bio stuck out at me, “Evan Coren, a progressive activist who works for the National Archives unit that handles classified documents.”  A person working for the National Archives, handling classified documents, moon lighted as a progressive activist, orchestrating online false flag operations in a Senate race in Alabama.  Anything amiss or unethical with his moonlighting activities here?  Any concerns about him having access to classified documents?

This SPIN agitprop has now devolved to Leftist operatives waging false flag operations to make a Republican senatorial candidate’s social media followers look like Russian bots…  We have assuredly jumped the shark in this scorched earth SPIN info war.

The reason I keep pondering about the beginnings of the America’s mass media SPIN information war is because how spin works has always smelled like classic Soviet disinformation operations to me.  It’s a mass media brainwashing operation to control “public opinion” (sold as the “will of the American people”) as determined by polls.  The media and politicians in America sell the polling and assiduously work to herd Americans to conforming their beliefs to align with this manufactured “public opinion”.  The SPIN operations rely heavily on vicious smear campaigns.

Until Trump, the Left and mainstream media (also predominantly leftists) controlled SPIN operations in America.  FOX News ran a counter SPIN operation, feeding far-right movements and fear mongering about Dems and the Left, but they never managed to meld together a SPIN operation colluding directly with top Republicans, until Trump.

American political news remains abuzz about “Russian collusion”, but the Steele dossier, a melding of Democratic operatives, a former star reporter turned “commercial research and strategic intelligence” entrepreneur, former British intelligence officer/expert on Russia and unknown Russian sources produced information purported to come from sources close to the Kremlin.  That information was fed to the FBI and top American intel officials  as an intelligence product from a former British intelligence professional and it speaks to a melding of partisan SPIN ops  deliberately used to corrupt the judgment of FBI and top American intel officials.

The circuitous routes used to feed the Steele dossier to FBI and DOJ officials speaks to a determination to create an aura of legitimacy about the information in the dossier and to deceive and manipulate them into buying into the dossier.  John McCain despised Trump.  McCain was targeted by a former British ambassador and sold on the dossier.  McCain’s friend, flew to England and personally met with Steele to get a copy of the dossier.  John McCain hand-carried that dossier directly to James Comey.

I can’t prove what happened to me, but during the Clinton impeachment in 1998 I wrote comments on the Excite message boards attacking the Clinton spin, which was worded to corrupt foundational American principles.  I also explained how SPIN works and how it seems like something more at home in Russian disinformation efforts.  My story, Messsages of mhere, at the top of my blog, although written in a rather snarky tone, is what I believe to be the truth about what happened to me in 1998.  I believe false information was deliberately fed to a retired general, who hates me.  I believe he was recruited to silence me.  I can’t prove any of that though.  Realizing the underhanded ways the Steele dossier was fed to top FBI and DOJ officials reminded me of 1998.

Why did James Comey and his top people treat the Steele dossier as legitimate intel, even though they couldn’t verify it?  Why doesn’t Comey care about who funded the dossier?  Why didn’t Peter Strzok, the FBI’s top Russian analyst, make tracking the dossier funding and information back to its original sources a priority?  This Trump SPIN hysteria not only manipulates ordinary  Americans and corrodes their judgment, the Trump SPIN hysteria appears to have corroded and corrupted the judgment of top officials in the FBI and intelligence agencies. The Trump SPIN hysteria has also clouded, in some cases, even corrupted the judgment of our elected leaders.

In the Roy Moore situation, I  dislike Moore’s politics and find his bigotry repugnant, however as that smear campaign against Moore raged on in the media, with more and more 30+ year-old allegations of Moore preying on underage teenage girls ramping up SPIN hysteria, I noted how many conservative Republicans began to speak out against Moore and they completely bought into the Dem-orchestrated  media smear campaign.  Initially, I was willing to believe the first allegation in the Roy Moore smear campaign, until Gloria Allred showed up and it bothered me that there were no allegations of Moore’s alleged preying on underage teen girls beyond those 30 + year-old allegations, which struck me as odd.  I wrote a blog post:

I believed the first woman who made allegations against Roy Moore, but once Gloria Allred showed up, the media non-stop redo of the Access Hollywood started, coupled with the Trump is delusional spin and this new “moral purity” purge on the Left began, well, let’s just say I am not sure how to even begin to decide on what is  a “credible allegation” after finding out that the WaPo descended on AL, along with #Resist dirt-diggers to turn up these allegations.  At first the media hyped there were 30 some witnesses to corroborate that Moore chased teenage girls, but I no longer have real trust in any of this reporting.  I keep wondering if he was a total perv, who chased teenagers, where are more recent victims?  Does he have a long list of affairs or anything like that?  I am open to listening to new allegations, but at this point, I see more evidence this was an orchestrated smear campaign and less that he was a child molester.  I still want to believe the first lady.  The one Allred rolled out and all that crying looked just like the Access Hollywood victim she coached.

The orchestrated Brett Kavanaugh smear campaign rolled out the same way.  And going back to the 2016 campaign, the Dump on Trump smear campaign rolled out the same way too, with the Access Hollywood tape and the Gloria Allred victim line-up.  Trump, a womanizer, does have real dirt mixed in with the pure Dem spin fabrications, like the Alicia Machado, “fat-shaming” allegation, that Hillary Clinton launched at the end of a presidential debate.  She was totally in on that orchestrated SPIN hit.

These smear campaigns aren’t the result of some peon political operatives run amok; they are run by powerful people in the Dem machine.  The level to which the Dems will go to demonize Trump’s record with women, knows no bounds and while I find the man’s behavior totally unacceptable, so much of the SPIN about Trump and women is deliberately manufactured to incite women against him.

In Dec. 2017, with the Trump/Russian collusion spin and the Trump the Authoritarian spin ramping up, a short-lived spin attack on Trump launched about him “trying to kiss former FOX News employee, Juliet Huddy in an elevator around 2005-2006, painting this as Trump sexually assaulting Huddy.  Huddy quickly backtracked and said she hadn’t felt threatened, but liberal media and even top Dems, like Donna Brazile, retweeted and hyped this story.  The reality check is Huddy was on a date with a rich businessman/celebrity and he leaned over to kiss her after the date, but the media was running wild painting this as Trump tried to sexually assault Huddy.

The Dems at the top are well aware of these smear campaigns and they are the ones, who do nothing to put the brakes on them.  Yet, when some embarrassing details of their corrupt SPIN ops leak out, everyone involved claims they knew nothing.  That Steele dossier had the fingerprints of top Clinton sleaze operatives involved, so I believe the Clintons were the ones in charge.

The entire Clinton SPIN operations from its beginning, in the 90s, which evolved to be embraced by the entire Democratic Party, needs some serious investigation for both corruption and for hostile foreign infiltration.  Ditto that for Trump’s SPIN operations, oh nevermind, Mueller has spent two years investigating that, while the Dems, media, Comey, Clapper and Brennan keep throwing up a massive smokescreen about the Steele dossier.  They pretend that some conservative news organization was behind the GPS Fusion effort and the mainstream media assiduously avoids investigating the Steele dossier.  Instead they give Clapper, Brennan and Dem mouthpieces endless airtime to ramp up Trump/Russian collusion and to insinuate the dossier is a legit intelligence report.

There are strong warning signs that there’s plenty of hostile foreign infiltration of the American news media, especially our political news media.   SPIN disinformation speaks to a melding of Cold War era Soviet-type disinformation operations into the very fabric of American political operations and news reporting.  Figuring out how much is homegrown corruption and how much is hostile foreign info operations remains a pressing national security concern, that no one seems to notice.

In the 90s the domestic partisan SPIN war in America erupted with constant Clinton scandals (some real and some right-wing operative hyped).  The Clintons ran their own SPIN “war room” and vast networks of political operatives, on both sides,  emerged as America’s top spin warriors.  Interestingly, many of those original operatives, on both sides, are key players in this endless 2016 scorched earth SPIN info war, but one can only wonder what the extent of hostile foreign infiltration of our partisan SPIN fronts in America really is?

Looking back to the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the eruption of our domestic SPIN war in the 90s, my worry is, that perhaps we missed a whole bunch of signals, because of the constant SPIN noise.

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The truth shall set you free

I’m very weary of writing about our scorched earth SPIN information war, but after another tiresome mainstream media SPIN hysterical attack over President Trump’s reactions to Senator John McCain’s death and competing choruses elevating McCain to sainthood or demon, I’m going to write a bit about my experience with scorched earth SPIN information war, again, and why I am so determined to work to defeat the SPIN in America.

I began writing about SPIN information warfare back in 1998, on the Excite message boards, during the height of the Clinton impeachment scandal.  I was very new to the internet and while my kids were in school, I began spending a lot of time surfing the internet.

When I was in my teens, I had many pen pals from foreign countries and I thought it would be nice to find pen pals around the world again, but then I stumbled upon the Excite message boards.  Being one who loves political debates, I began lurking there for quite a while, but then decided to start posting messages with the user name: mhere.

The entire story of my experience is under the Messages of mhere heading at the top of my blog.

I believe that I was tracked down from those Excite message boards and investigated by Clinton hacks, because my Excite message boards comments were being picked up and used by right-wing pundits in their messaging, during the impeachment spin war raging across cable news networks and in the media.  As a side note to my Excite message board experience, I also saw coordinated gang-up attacks meant to silence and intimidate posters supporting impeachment – sort of a precursor to the reported online Russian troll activities in Disqus comment sections online in 2016.  Not sure who the “trolls” were engaged in those coordinated gang-up attacks back in 1998.

During their investigations of me, I believe, they came across a retired U.S. Army general who hates my guts.  During Desert Storm I sent some negative letters to the desert about his wife’s family assistance efforts in his brigade in Germany.

My husband was a 1SG in a company in one of the battalions in that general’s brigade and I was a family support leader in the company.  I sent those letters to my husband’s company commander, an unmarried Captain, who was deployed to Desert Storm with my husband, to keep him informed of the chaos and problems with family support matters back in Germany.

Deploying soldiers to Desert Storm, who were stationed in a foreign country and dealing with the challenging security and family support needs of leaving family members in Germany, under heightened terrorism concerns, created unique challenges for the Army (and German officials), to keep American families safe.

I believe my letters made it to the Department of the Army, in someone’s after-action report.  And finally, I believe that general was recruited to work quietly to silence me and since he already hated me, I feel sure he would have believed anything negative about me that they fed him.

I believe at the highest levels of the Clinton administration a retired general was fed false information about me, an unarmed, law-abiding Army wife, and that he was recruited to work quietly to silence me.  My husband, a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major, was still on active duty in 1998.  In 1998, I  was a homemaker in Hinesville, GA, taking care of our home and four children.

I believe that beyond the injustice to me, this corruption of the military chain of command, strictly for partisan political purposes, must be exposed.  We can not have the military chain of command corrupted and politicized by partisans. And assuredly feeding false information to retired generals and sending them on personal or partisan missions can not ever be tolerated in America.

Over the years, we are now at the point where retired generals grace political parties’ convention stages, take up partisan banners in public and we have a sitting president threatening to use his power to revoke security clearances as a partisan tool to fend off his political enemies.

We also have a thoroughly corrupted media, willing to engage in partisan spin attacks, colluding with partisans to spread spin messaging, willing to edit information to feed partisan agendas and way too many who sit on Twitter, working to fuel the daily spin cycles, retweeting news reports without lifting a finger to independently verify the information.  Even the so-called “fact-checkers” are highly partisan and prone to “checking facts” with partisan blinders firmly in place, blinding them to even considering facts that don’t conform to their own partisan biases.

The news media organizations and social media platforms, where spin info war rages, are totally corrupted too.  For instance, big media and the cable news networks all worked to give Trump billions of dollars in free media during the GOP primary.  FOX stayed with Trump, to become, what now disturbingly looks more like state TV than any sort of objective news reporting.  The so-called, mainstream media, colluded with Trump’s “GOP Insurgency” to advance the Clinton Pied Piper strategy, a strategy where they wanted to promote the most extreme GOP candidates, in hopes of burning the GOP primary to the ground and leaving the GOP sitting with the worst possible candidate in 2016.  Once it looked like that had succeeded with only Trump or Cruz really viable, the mainstream media switched to the Clinton’s Dump on Trump effort casting him as a fascist.

The mainstream news media, FOX  and the partisans still remain locked down tight in the scorched earth SPIN information war.

After my experience, I knew that I could never support Hillary Clinton, because I’ve always felt that due to her direct involvement in orchestrating Clinton scandal damage control, she was involved in the attack on me. This is what I believe, but lacking any connections or way to investigate and prove it, I’ve worked to write and warn about the dangers of SPIN information war on my blog, on social media and in various online comment sections over the years.

Likewise, on my blog, I’ve explained why I could never support Donald J. Trump.

I support The Constitution of the United States and believe in following the law.  I am a homemaker and full-time caregiver of my husband, who suffers from COPD and normal pressure hydrocephalus.  He is a 100% disabled vet.  And in my spare time, I still write to try to warn about the dangers to America from our never-ending scorched earth SPIN information war.

I would never support violence or breaking the law for any personal or domestic partisan cause.  I have never belonged to any militia, subversive group of any kind, or terrorist group.  The most “dangerous” organizations I have belonged to are things like being an American Red Cross volunteer and member of the local quilt guild.  I have never owned a firearm in my life and, truth be told, I’ve always been afraid of guns.

And finally, I believe that “spin” is rapidly repeated lies meant to control public opinion.

The most powerful weapon to defeat  SPIN information warfare is the TRUTH.

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Chasing old paper trails

“Some people regard discipline as a chore.  For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.”
— Julie Andrews

I spent the day sorting through a lot of old photos, cards, letters and other old papers.  In January 1980, I completed my AIT course at the Defense Information School, becoming an Army journalist:


I thought about this a good bit today, because I went out in the garage to sift through some old photo albums and memorabilia, that I had in my old steamer trunk.  I purchased that trunk at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN to hold my large pile of books, which I had in my barracks room.  Someone told me that I could ship them to my first duty assignment by sending them “hold baggage”.  My AIT boyfriend, a Marine, lugged that steamer trunk to his car and took care of getting my books shipped safely.

When my steamer trunk arrived in Germany, it was shipped to some nearby infantry unit.  I was assigned to 1/41 FA (Pershing).  Once again, men came to my rescue.  I asked my battalion commander, whom I worked for, as the battalion public affairs person, how I would go about getting my steamer trunk of books.  I asked him where I should go to make arrangements to receive my steamer trunk, filled with my books.

My battalion commander, smiled and told me he had a meeting at that infantry unit and he told me that I could drive along with him and his driver.  He assured me that his driver would assist me with retrieving my steamer trunk.  I was concerned that trunk would not fit in the sedan.  When I expressed that concern, my battalion commander assured me that we would cross that bridge, if we came to it.

My battalion commander went to his meeting and his driver took me to retrieve my trunk. It would not fit in the trunk of the sedan, so the driver loaded it into the backseat of the sedan. It took up most of the back seat.

When we went to pick up our battalion commander, I was worried that he would be angry about my trunk becoming such an inconvenience. When he saw the trunk in the backseat, he smiled and said there was plenty of room in the backseat for him and he insisted I stay in the front passenger seat.  He said something like, “You young people can stay up there and chat.” He was matchmaking, because his driver liked me a great deal.

When we got back to 1/41 FA (Pershing), the driver dropped the battalion commander off at his office and then his driver drove to my battery.   He went inside and got another guy to assist him in lugging my steamer trunk down to my barracks room.

A few days later I bought a metal bookcase at the PX and sat and assembled it, so my books would have a home in my barracks room.

That trunk has served a lot of purposes in my life. When we lived in Columbia, SC, in the mid-80s, it served as our TV stand.   Here is my younger son, with wild bed hair waiting to open Christmas presents.  The pillow in front of the trunk was a crewel embroidery kit I stitched .


In Germany, from 87-92, it served as my plant stand. You can see it behind my oldest daughter’s German Barbie dollhouse, which I purchased right before Christmas.  My Pop, who had come to Germany to spend Christmas with us, and my husband spent most of the night before Christmas, assembling that dollhouse, which had very poor instructions… in German.

Here are my other three kids, holding little stuffed animals,  mugging for this lame photo, LOL:

And now that steamer trunk sits in the garage still serving a purpose as my storage container for a lot of old papers and miscellaneous memorabilia.  Today I was working on something and I actually needed some old photos of friends from 1/41 FA (Pershing) and once again this old steamer trunk came to my rescue.

I also found this cross-stitch quote that my husband wanted me to stitch and frame for his office when he was the 1s BDE Operations SGM in the late 90s:

All in all, today was quite a trip down memory lane for me.  Unlike this Turkish mess kit, which my youngest sister, found in Turkey and gave to my husband as a unique Christmas gift, sometimes it takes quite a few pieces of paper and photos to build a unique trail to the truth::

Still have many more miles to go before I am satisfied with my early Spring housecleaning.  Here’s my motto :

This was Walmart Halloween clearance and I have this hanging on the hutch in my kitchen, right behind where I sit at the table, LOL.

I finished the day marveling how that cheap steamer trunk has paid for itself many times over since 1980…

My Army ride has assuredly led me on some truly amazing adventures!

Peace out:-)


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The Plan

“A republic may, likewise, be brought to its original form, without recourse to ordinances for enforcing justice, by the mere virtues of a single citizen, by reason that these virtues are of such influence and authority that good men love to imitate them, and bad men are ashamed to depart from them.”

—-Discourses on Livy, Book III, Chapter 1, For a sect or Commonwealth to last long it must often be brought back to its Beginnings

Many years ago, in my messages of mhere adventure, I wondered how on earth to bring this story to a conclusion.  I had already written about the SPIN brand of information warfare on the Excite messages boards, during the scorched earth impeachment mess.  I had realized it relied on a mass media domination strategy akin to swarming.  All the ideas that floated through my head were centered on how to, not only, break through the message wall, but how to DEFEAT SPIN information warfare in America.

The usual military strategic thinker, myself included, would keep focusing on ways to overwhelm it or shut it down.  That is how the military strategic mind assesses “defeating the enemy”.  Every avenue my mind could imagine focused on overwhelming SPIN.  I pondered and pondered, thinking, like a guy, – the overwhelming force approach and all those options were scary, especially for someone like me who abhors violence and is scared of guns.  So, then I thought, about Sun Tzu, and the answer hit me.  Just speak the truth, day in, day out, calmly, politely and with me, there’s gonna be some snark, because that’s just ME, lol.  A whole lot of other people will need to speak the truth too.

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.  To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

— Sun Tzu, Offensive Strategy

In 2016, Donald Trump, through a series of events, first the corrupt Bill Clinton triangulation (GOP insurgency) effort, giving Trump BILLIONS of dollars in free media, then Trump’s gift for showmanship, acquiring some 24/7 media avenues (FOX, major pundits, newspapers) and most of all his personal Twitter account, managed to break through the Left’s lock on the 24/7 news SPIN cycle, which had been maintained since the 90s.

Trump managed to break through the Left’s SPIN lock, by outrunning their OODA loops, he could “steal the show”, often several times a day, with an outrageous tweet or comment, which resulted in faster SPIN cycles and that left his SPIN “Fake News” agitprop operators (most of the mainstream media) recycling through old Trump SPIN messaging. They were back on the “Trump the fascist messaging – with the orchestrated military parade controversy again). The Trump taxes, Trump women, Trump the racist are all orchestrated SPIN agitprop messaging salvos.

While Trump did break through their messaging wall, both sides are locked down in this scorched earth, yet neither can suppress nor defeat the other, so on it drags.

The Left’s SPIN apparatus is headed by the Clintons, it includes a large network of operatives and people, such as Terry Lenzner, who provide the Clintons with their own private, global intelligence apparatus. The Cody Shearer memo, speaks to the Lenzner connection again. Also closely aligned with the Clintons is Sid Blumenthal, who runs the Clintons SPIN agitprop operations, which probably explains why I was hunted down and attacked.  I suspect there was hostile infiltration in the Clinton’s SPIN operations effort then & now.   The Clintons also have several friendly retired generals, to bolster whatever SPIN, they are peddling.  One of those Clinton-friendly generals was recruited in 1998. How many others were involved remains an open question.  Sid Blumenthal’s operations need to be investigated.

In my search for a way to defeat SPIN, those many years ago, I kept asking myself:  What is SPIN?  By focusing on the information warfare aspect of it, I was missing the simple, obvious answer.  What defeats SPIN (LIES) is the TRUTH.  My objective is to peacefully and politely, find a national platform to speak the TRUTH.   My other imperatives are that no violence be used in this effort and that no laws be broken.  I believe in playing by the rules and in America that is The Constitution.

Gaining that foothold on the national stage has not been achieved, yet, but that is my goal. I am not alone, otherwise I would have already been silenced (been there, done that many times over the years, with computer “issues”. How many people are helping me, I have no earthly idea. That is the truth – I don’t know.  My plan is very simple really – WHEN I get a foothold on the national stage, I intend to stand there, day in, day out and speak the truth, peacefully and politely.   Let’s call it “Sue’s Storytime Hour”,  since Trump’s already got the road rallies aced and the Clintons own the 24/7 mainstream media airwaves.   I’d like just a few minutes a day to give reporters my side of the story, to be entered into the national SPIN info war mix too;-)  Anything wrong with that?  I always try to be nice to people, so I intend to just be ME. I wrote my ideas on this in my Penzu journals, so if the 2 state judges, who have my password, are reading that – there it is out in the open – the only thing that can defeat a SPIN tsunami, where they will turn my friends and family against me, put them up there to present me as some “threat” or deranged person is to come forward and speak.  Hopefully, I’ll have a few other good guys helping me speak the truth.  America is long overdue for some heaping doses of high-octane brand THE TRUTH!

I was rather alarmed yesterday, when my one son sent me a private facebook message joking about some horrible computer game he was playing “Plague” or something like that.  My immediate thought, was “Oh shit, what if they lie to these generals that this is a bioweapon” emergency”… In 1998, they lied to a retired general, to recruit him to attack me in my home, all over comments, which I had posted about SPIN … and…  comments such as “no one is above the law”.  I refused to be silenced and kept arguing against their SPIN messaging,  pointing out how it was LIES.  They couldn’t silence me.

So, think about that – what happened in 2016 with the online trolls, in comment sections, was considered such a new threat, but it happened to me in 1998 on the Excite message boards…

That indicates, to me at least, that they have been operating with our national security people, unaware, until the last few years.  With the attack on me, the one thing I can guarantee is the general who was played to attack an enlisted family – was lied to – he was deliberately fed false intelligence.  He would not ever have attacked my home otherwise. This isn’t about me – it’s about they turned American soldiers against each other – for partisan political purposes. That can not stand in America – it must be exposed.

When this is over all I really want to know is why people, many in my own family, believed all these lies and why do they hate me this much?  That’s the answer I want.  I try to be nice to everyone, I like to help people and I don’t even have a speeding ticket.  I like to cook and sew and make gifts for my family and friends.  I like to do volunteer work.

I just wanted to write this – anyone reading this not aware of the whole long messages of mhere story, I am sorry you’ll have some catching up to do, to even begin to understand this post.

I wanted to add this bit of personal explanation:  Why I have continued to work every day since I escaped from being sent to a state mental hospital, where they were trying commit me to a state mental hospital permanently, is because I swore an oath to defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Words matter.

Keeping your word, is a sacred TRUST.

The other reason, I continue on, is, it is my DUTY under the Code of Conduct – I must make every effort to escape.  I never could have imagined being attacked like this, on American soil, by a retired general who was fed lies, but no matter what, I will continue to work to expose those events.


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Spinning out of control…

Warning: This is another post about mass media information war in America.

The Left is ginning up  a spin attack to set the stage for obstruction of justice against Trump and Trump forces are ginning up attacks against the extreme bias in the Obama DOJ and FBI, which led to the Mueller investigation.  The original rationale for the Mueller investigation was the allegation that Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election.

To date, the Steele dossier has been exposed as another Clinton funded dirty trick and it’s still unknown if that dossier, which James Comey asserted, under oath in 2017, was salacious and unverified, was used to secure FISA warrants during 2016 to investigate some Trump campaign officials.  Two members of the DOJ, who were involved in both the Hillary email investigation and who had joined Mueller’s team to investigate Trump/Russian collusion, have been exposed as having an affair and of texting many extremely anti-Trump political views.

To date no evidence of actual Trump/Russian collusion in 2016 has been released to the American people.  The Democrats pushing the Trump/Russian collusion spin have now pivoted to changing the spin to Trump obstructed justice when he fired James Comey last year.  The New York Times launched another big spin gambit last night  for the Dems, with a report that last summer Trump ordered the WH legal counsel to fire Mueller, but aides talked Trump out of it and the WH counsel threatened to resign.   This breathless NY Times “revelation” was launched to counter the Strzok/Page texts story, which has been gaining traction in the 24/7 spin battle.

The 2016 scorched earth information war continues to blow out of control.

I always keep coming back to writing about SPIN.  America is reaching a critical stage in this endless 2016 SPIN information war.  The reason I still keep trying to sound the warning against SPIN, which requires extreme levels of mass media collusion to gain control of America’s 24/7 news cycle, is because it is fueling extreme partisanship in America and destroying the core principles required for our constitutional system to survive.

Our constitutional system was founded on compromise.  Our founders who met in Philadelphia in 1787, to iron out details for the United States Constitution, arrived with many deeply opposing views and political demands for the new government being formed.  To reach a consensus, a great deal of debate ensued, but in the end a great deal of compromising ensued.   Compromising and working to find some common ground remain central requirements for our constitutional republic to function and remain strong.

Extreme partisanship is an enemy of The Constitution.  This escalating domestic SPIN information war is as much of a threat to America as anything the Russians or our other enemies can do to us using information warfare.

Since 1998, I’ve remained committed to using whatever small internet voice I have, to write about the dangers of SPIN.  The constantly escalating SPIN attacks have fostered a political environment where conspiracy theories on both sides spread rapidly, fuel partisan fears and distrust, and destroy any hope of Americans finding common ground for fixing problems in America.  This heightened distrust permeates down to main street America and even among many school children, where teachers have drawn children into the partisan divisiveness.

The 2016 election SPIN was highly corrupt, with the mainstream media and FOX News giving Trump billions of dollars during the GOP primary to aid his “GOP Insurgency”.  The mainstream media sat on dirt about Trump during those months, because they were aiding the Clinton Pied Piper strategy to promote the most divisive GOP candidates.  This was part of Bill Clinton’s signature triangulation strategy.

Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy, of which this Pied Piper strategy was a vital part, was meant to set the general election stage, so that Hillary could claim the middle political ground, while casting  Bernie Sanders as a far-left kook and have a Republican opponent, whom could be cast as a far-right kook.  Trump and Cruz both fit that bill in the GOP primary.   Trump was learning how to use SPIN during the GOP primary and there were many times where he seemed amazed at how well spinning was working for him.  FOX News moved to becoming the 24/7 Trump Channel.

Unlike every other Republican candidate since 1992, Trump is the first GOP candidate ever to go all-in on using the Dems form of scorched earth information warfare and he is the first GOP candidate to have the connections to wield a powerful mass media platform ( FOX News, several newspapers, numerous online sites, Twitter, and of course right-wing talk radio) that could defeat the Left’s control of the mass media 24/7 news spin cycle.

In late 2015/early 2016 with the “GOP Insurgency” leaving the GOP in disarray, the mainstream media made a dramatic pivot to unleashing the piles of dirt on Trump that they had been sitting on, while aiding the Clinton Pied Piper effort to destroy the GOP with the “GOP Insurgency”.

The evolution of SPIN in 2016 election

1. Mainstream media & FOX news gave Trump BILLIONS of dollars in free media during the GOP primary.

2. The mainstream media sat on mountains of dirt on Trump during this time. They were aiding the Clinton Pied Piper strategy.

3. Mainstream media pivoted in late 2015 to early 2016 timeframe to dump on Trump, once Trump had succeeded to tear the GOP apart.

4. FOX News went full throttle Trump propaganda 24/7.

5. Mainstream media went full throttle when Trump unexpectedly won the election.

6. FOX News & mainstream media are participating (not objectively reporting) in this scorched earth information war.

7. Americans are bombarded with extreme partisan propaganda dressed up as “news” 24/7.

8. Mass media collusion is required  for partisans to wage this type of mass media information war.

We all know what happened when Trump surprisingly won the 2016 election.  The Left, with the constant collusion of the mainstream media, launched efforts to cast doubt on Trump’s win and fuel hysteria about Trump colluding with the Russians.  The Left has worked feverishly to #Resist – which is a euphemism for destroying Trump and doing everything possible to get him impeached.

This war is still raging.  Many “warriors” on both sides have sacrificed their own integrity and lost all sense of perspective, by convincing themselves that the cause to either take down Trump or prop him up is an existential threat to our political system.  There’s been endless hysterical opining about dangerous “attacks on our institutions” … by both sides.

Here’s the thing and it’s why I have continued to write about SPIN, when in truth I wish I had never even heard of SPIN information warfare in America:

  1. It creates an atmosphere in America where Americans perceive those with opposing political views as enemies of America and a threat to The Constitution.
  2. It makes Americans more willing to believe the worst possible things and the most bizarre conspiracy theories about other Americans.
  3. It creates an atmosphere where Americans believe those with differing political views are an existential threat to America

SPIN information warfare turns American citizens against other American citizens.

This escalating 2016 scorched earth SPIN information warfare is a more urgent threat to The Constitution than any information warfare operations the Russians or our other foreign enemies can wage against Americans.

Our domestic scorched earth information warfare leaves us completely vulnerable to foreign disinformation aimed at fueling divisions in American.

Even worse it leaves us fractured and hinders us from uniting to counter foreign threats.

It’s time to end the 2016 scorched earth information war in America and it’s way past time for American partisans to stop engaging in mass media information warfare.



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Deja vu all over again…

This is the last time I am going to mention my story on my blog, but I want to repeat it, since it sure looks like America is on the cusp of a major constitutional crisis.  The Dems are spinning “groping” allegations, that happened long before Trump was president, as a legitimate reason to drum up media spin pressure to force a legally elected president out of office.  This is not how our republic is supposed to work. It really is lawlessness, where the Dems use SPIN, creating media hysteria, to incite the American public, hype crap polls that this is what Americans believe, and the mainstream liberal media carries their spin, with few questions asked.

America lives under a powerful, corrupt political machine rule.

President Trump seems likely to fire Mueller soon, I believe.  The Russian collusion now seems to me like really just a Dem spin effort to run Trump out of office. All along I doubted that the Russians would directly collude with the Trump campaign, because Russian SOP used to be to maintain plausible deniability, while casting doubt on others, unlike clowns, Roger Stone or Tick Tock Hannity, who announce their attack in advance on Twitter and in blustery “just wait” announcements.  Their tweets leave their fingerprints all over the spin attacks, like the Franken “groping” photo hit.  My other main problem is the Russians usually do extensive psychological profiling & fully understand Trump’s character flaws. They might set him up, but the chances that they would want to openly collude with him are about zero. They know he is totally untrustworthy & a loose cannon.  Of course, I do believe some in the Trump campaign, including Trump, would have been happy to collude with the Russians.

Our republic is on precarious ground.

No one believed my story and no one cares, but I want to tell my story one more time.  The entire story, Messages of mhere, is at the top of my blog.  I wrote it in the annoying third person and I used pseudonyms, but every person is real.

I am a nobody homemaker, one of those women who are completely discounted by feminists in America .  My husband is a disabled, retired Army sergeant major.  He served in Grenada and Desert Storm.  He received a bronze star with valor award in Desert Storm.  He also doesn’t matter in America, because only some vets matter in America.  A General Petraeus, who got off of serious criminal charges, using  Clinton lawyer, David Kendall, matters.  Americans believe it’s okay for a man who was grossly negligent handling highly classified information to be considered for Secretary of State, just like they believe Hillary Clinton, who was grossly negligent handling highly classified information should be president.

A former American president, who dedicated his life to serving America, and is in the last years of his life, wheelchair bound, suffering from Parkinson’s, well his service doesn’t matter and it’s likely few Americans even know or care about his service.  This former president, President George HW Bush, was subjected to a vicious spin effort, to trash his name on hyped up “groping” allegations.  President Bush is a highly decorated WWII pilot, who flew dozens of combat missions.  The media hyped these “groping” allegations, no questions asked.  Both Dem and vile Trump spinners (the RogerStone/Hannity group) participated in hyping this vicious character assassination and the media spun along.

The media’s willingness to run Dem spin cycles, no questions asked, is a national disgrace.  It’s very corrupt and is undermining our constitutional republic too.  To use the media to run partisan SPIN to create a mob mentality, cover-up political corruption and to deliberately destroy reputations is obscene, but it has been going on since the 1990s, when the Clintons brought SPIN to Washington.  Trump now has his own spin machine with Flight 93 Tweet troops and Fox News running his spin 24/7.

In 1998, I was new to the internet.  We bought our first PC in 1997.  I became fascinated with surfing the web.  I came across the Excite message boards shortly before the Clinton impeachment scandal and began posting messages on political topics there.

Once the impeachment scandal escalated, so did the Clinton efforts to SPIN it away and the mainstream media bought into the Clinton spin & sold it – “just a witch hunt” and “it’s just about sex, sex, sex”.  The Left sold “one free grope” back then.

The mainstream media is as corrupt as the Democratic Party.  The Obama administration was very corrupt too, where Congressionally subpoenaed  records disappeared into the ether, the media carried the Dem spin, and scandals were cast as “Republican witch hunts”.  Trump is rapidly corrupting the Republican Party and has little respect for The Constitution.  He has the Fox News megaphone to run his spin.  He, just like the Clintons, will do anything to “win” and that is why America is locked into this endless information war.

My story is true.  I was attacked in my home in 1998 by a retired Army general, sent to silence me.  I believe, but can not prove any of the events.   Just like now, where some of the exact wording in my recent tweets has been borrowed by Trump Republicans for their talking points, my words were borrowed in 1998 to form arguments to counter the Clinton SPIN.

The retired Army general who attacked me hates my guts, due to issues I raised about his wife’s family support efforts during Desert Storm.  He was located, recruited and sent to silence me.  I believe he was fed false information, otherwise I can’t imagine him going along with an attack on an American citizen on American soil.  He hates me, so he would believe the worst of me.  I believe he was led to believe that I was a right-wing terrorist, because what happened to me sure seemed like the Clinton Waco treatment.  I have never been a terrorist, I was an unarmed, law-abiding homemaker, who got in the way of the Clinton SPIN.

I wrote personal letters during Desert Storm, that were, unbeknownst to me, sent to the Department of the Army.  These letters concerned details about what happened with family support activities, in my husband’s unit.  My husband was a 1st Sergeant, assigned to a unit in Germany, which deployed to Desert Storm.  Wives and families were left in Germany.  I was a family support leader in my husband’s company and actively involved in family support activities.  The terrorism threat concern was high and wives hysteria was a constant, especially when there were several bomb threats at my children’s DODDS elementary school and a bomb threat at a nearby PX at another Army unit.  The general who attacked me during impeachment was my husband’s brigade commander during Desert Storm and he hates me.  My Desert Storm letters caused him embarrassment.

I believe when my Excite arguments were picked up, the Clinton enforcers went investigating to find out who I was, when they came across this general.  Now that I see many of my tweet arguments being picked up by Trump spinmeisters, I wonder how long it will be before I am silenced again.

After watching the trashing of former President George HW Walker, by a partisan, either Roger Stone or Dem, spin effort, I am sure no one would care about one nobody homemaker.  The mainstream media runs the spin, no questions asked.   The Clintons are always victims, President Obama was holier than thou too, despite his extremely corrupt DOJ and constant stonewalling of Congressional Oversight and the Benghazi investigations – just a witch hunt, then time to move on.  On the other hand, the Bushes are next to evil and now Trump, well he’s Hitler…   Loretta Lynch ran a very corrupt DOJ.  James Comey played along to bury the Clinton email server scandal, but the mainstream media will sell the Dem talking points, no matter what.

In recent days, when I noticed my tweet arguments began being borrowed by Trump spinners, I began to worry a bit.  I wonder if they will try to silence me again… I live in GA, with my disabled husband, whom I take care of.  I learned during impeachment that my rights don’t matter.

I just wanted to write this to say,  I am not a terrorist.  I have never owned a firearm in my life, I have always been a law-abiding American citizen.




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My “junk journaling” journey


My beat-up quote notebook, started in the 1970s and a yellowed piece of my “cute” stationery with quotes I liked.  I used to hang up pages of quotes for inspiration.

Like many people, especially girls, I kept a diary as a young teenager.  Into those pages, I poured out my heart, especially about how madly in love I was with some boy.  That diary-keeping probably set the tone for my life of “journaling”.  One of my sisters found my diary and she had it in hand, ready to regale me with a dramatic reading of it, when I walked into our bedroom one day.  She proceeded to give it her all to her performance of reading out loud how much I loved that boy, interspersed with her wild laughter.   A chase around our bedroom  began, as I tried to retrieve my diary, as she continued to laugh hysterically and mock me about what I had written.  I got so angry that I picked up my desk chair and was ready to smash her over the head, when our mother rushed into the room and stopped me.  My mother took my diary from my sister and handed it to me.  I burst into tears and ran outside.

Out in the country many people burned their paper trash and we did too.  A short distance from our house, my father had an empty oil drum, with holes spaced near the bottom for air circulation.  Later that day, I tore my composition notebook diary apart, page by page, and burned it.

I had taken up letter-writing and acquired numerous foreign pen pals.  That served as my outlet to express myself in writing for many years after my rather humiliating diary writing experience .

Over the years I thought about keeping a journal, but always hesitated.  I signed up for a free Penzu journal long before I began this blog in December 2012, but I had written only a few very impersonal entries.  I have purchased many nice blank books and even notebooks over the years, intending to keep a journal in them, but never doing so.   I did turn one into a personal cookbook, where I jot down recipes, but I always got stuck when attempting to keep a journal.

In October 2012, I pulled out the ugliest blank book I have (pictured above), a Dollar Tree purchase, after watching a woman on a show talk about the benefits of keeping a journal.  One journal entry made it onto paper and then I put that journal on a shelf on the hutch of my desk.  In that journal entry, I mentioned the episode with my teenage diary:

That episode made me wary of writing down my thoughts.  Add to that the fact that my life flows rather uneventfully for the most part.  Same ordinary worries and concerns – work stuff, what to cook for dinner, chores around the house that need to get done.  So, do I have anything worth putting down on paper?”

The answer is probably not.  That was the last entry in that journal, until I pulled it out on July 10, 2017 and decided that it is going to become my “gratitude journal”, where I focus on the many blessings and things I am, or should be, grateful for.

Just a few words on my Penzu journal.  After I began this blog,I  did begin writing a great deal in my Penzu journal and I sent my password to Gladius Maximus.    I moved to the Penzu Pro journal option in March 2013 and presently have 22 journals with titles, beginning with “Susan’s Journal”, through  “Sweeping that witch into the dust”, “Messages of mhere decoded”, and I am currently writing in “Sick of the BULLSHIT”.  Yes, I have vented a lot since 2013.  However, I want to stop venting and work toward more positive personal expression.

After watching a lot of YouTube videos on “junk journals”, which are homemade journals, made out of anything from an old book to pieces of old cereal boxes, I decided I wanted to attempt one and I posted the picture of my first attempt a few days ago:

Here’s the back of the book, decorated with all stuff I had on hand – bits of lace, a piece of 6″ X 6″ floral scrapbook paper and the stamp is one of my favorite rubber stamps from Stampin Up.  I have used that stamp many times on cards and bookmarks I made:

What I am using this “junk journal” for is to write in quotes and poems I like.  There are no rules to junk journals, but I prefer some sort of rules or parameters with everything I do, so the pages are mostly florals and birds.  I’ve worked on decorating a few pages so far.   I want to type out the quotes and poems in pretty fonts, then print them on cardstock paper, because my penmanship is a big, fat F.  Here are a few pages I’ve decorated:

This Victorian girl image was a free image from online that I printed out and cut around.  That plant tag is one of several I’ve stuck in this journal and I found them in a junk drawer in my kitchen, that I cleaned out.  Decluttering my house is also an ongoing project in recent months.  These plant tags are all plants I planted in my yard and I like them in my junk journal.   The Yellow Rose of Texas post card, I’ve had for decades.  I didn’t have washi tape to match, so I used plain old masking tape to tape it in and it flips out, so I can write on the page underneath.


This “junk journal” adventure has been very enjoyable thus far.  Aside from a $1.99 booklet of Audubon bird seal stickers, I haven’t bought anything to go in this junk journal.  As I said in the previous post, I used an empty cereal box for the cover, which I covered in brown kraft paper.  At the same time as working on this junk journal, I’ve made very simple altered composition books for my granddaughters.  With that project, I glued in some pictures throughout their books, but decided to cut pictures out of old magazines for them to glue in.  I also made some paperclip tassels for these composition books, using all stuff I already had in my sewing/craft room  The paperclip tassel idea, I saw on YouTube videos, naturally:

Later today, or tomorrow,  I’m going to write another blog post on some life lessons relating to my Dollar Tree “gratitude” journal and I’ll post more pictures, but in that post, hopefully, there’ll be a bit more introspection, thoughtfulness and less crafting how-to.




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Repeating my message… again

President Trump’s fans consider him a genius at “counter-punching” and many “experts” and  journalists have written about this.  Saleno Zito ran a very good piece, How Trump made small town America matter again,  at the New York Post on January 22, 2017.  She wrote:

“All he needed was that connection that he had with the people and that simple but brilliant tangible benefit he was offering to take them toward, the cry of “Make America great again.”

All he needed were the rallies.

It was the secret sauce that reporters, pollsters, academics and critics almost all missed.

Trump’s plan was a genius gamble; use the press to get his message out, which he did, doing sometimes 10 to 12 media hits a day across the cable and network news shows. They were sometimes long-winded, rambling streams of consciousness, they were oftentimes controversial — and they never failed to get everyone’s attention.”

It wasn’t a genius gamble.  Someone taught Trump how to SPIN and repeat talking points and memes.  What Zito refers to as “sometimes long-winded, rambling streams of consciousness”, were actually gibberish interspersed with keyword messaging (talking points), that were carefully designed to resonate with flyover Americans.  Trump didn’t think up all those memes and keyword messaging – he was fed it.  It’s the same type of keyword messaging the Clintons, Obama and the Left have used since 1992.

The news media spent days on end repeating Trump’s keyword messaging and his “winning in the all the polls” polling data.   The media’s relentless cornering Republicans and rehashing their vote and stand on invading Iraq, as some sort of required penance, was replaced with media cornering Republicans in the primary and hounding them with, “Trump is winning in all the polls, don’t you need to support the winner?”  This was designed to create the perception that Trump was the legitimate GOP candidate and any Republican who didn’t get in line was trying to steal the nomination from him.

These types of media mind games, to create the perception that popularity equates to the “will of the people”, are a consistent theme in the mass media saturation information warfare.  The overriding goal is to convince people that polls are a legitimate representation of the will of the people, when really polls are the opinions of small groups of people, extrapolated as representing millions of people.  Convincing people polls are “scientific” was part of the long-term scam.

Zito wrote, “All he needed were the rallies.”

Well, yes the visual of large rallies broadcast live and in their entirety on all three cable networks during the GOP primary is the same mass media saturation con game as the Women’s March photo blitz of “crowd size” that played out this past weekend.  It is the same exact propaganda tactic.  The same way Trump repeating “great, great, great” was the same as James Carville repeating “sex, sex, sex”.

For Trump’s genius to work required active and knowing participation of the mass media in America, because they gave him BILLIONS of dollars in free media. It was massive media collusion that gave Trump the edge when he waged, what the media referred to as a “GOP Insurgency” (wonder who dreamed up that phrase, because I am sure it wasn’t Trump the “genius”).  Interestingly, in the general election Wikileaks started leaking DNC and Podesta emails which showed the corrupt media collusion to help Hillary.  There was massive media collusion to sell Trump as the “GOP Insurgent” in the primary too.  Who was the puppet-master behind the GOP Insurgency is a question that needs to be answered.  Who in the Trump campaign was selling Trump on SPIN should be exposed too. Finding out who orchestrated and funded Trump’s messaging, rallies and media blitz is equally as important as exposing the Clinton spin, the Obama narrative, Russian influence in the election and who organized and funded the Women’s March…”global movement”.

I’m a homemaker who likes reading about military history, strategy, and intelligence operations.  As an Army wife, as we moved from post to post, I spent many years signing out books at Army post libraries on these topics and buying books too.  I had a fascination for learning about propaganda and information warfare.  When I first started observing the Clinton “war room”, and the relentless repetition of talking points, I realized this was something different in American politics.

I’ve been dissecting Clinton SPIN  since it first entered American presidential politics in the 1992 presidential campaign.  I started wondering what it was, where it came from and what the goals of it were, both short-term and long-term.  By 1998, when the Clinton impeachment scandal hit, I had dissected it and  I keep repeating it, so that any new readers  understand what I’m talking about.  I call it mass media saturation strategy, because I have never seen anyone else write about SPIN in terms of it being information warfare.  Writing about it on the Excite message boards in 1998 evoked a massive reaction, so I believe I hit the nail on the head.  Here it is again:

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield, Scorched earth information warfare is a take no prisoners blitz of vicious character assassinations AND mass media saturation on steroids.

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions

Here’s the way it works:

The messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin (talking points messaging). Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).

It is a form of mass media brainwashing and antithetical to American free speech principles!  To succeed this strategy requires MEDIA COLLUSION.

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.

  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.

  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

The media is the lynchpin in Clinton spin & Obama narratives. Without that mass media saturation, the Left has to play on a level playing field & compete in the arena of ideas, where they lose. No signs of it letting up, when the media ran the Clinton scorched earth in the general & are still hard at it.  The media attacks on Trump are more overt and extreme than the attacks they waged against GWB..

Keeping Trump and the Left at war is more about destabilizing America than it is about Republicans or Democrats winning.

This past weekend a massive propaganda effort was staged and waged globally.  The whole effort centered on a photo blitz launched by mass media of showing large crowd size at the Women’s March locations around the world.  Very little information about these marches accompanied the photos, but there was a propaganda ploy to pit Trump against the media, presenting the Women’s March crowd as larger than his inauguration crowd.  By afternoon on Saturday, the media started a meme accompanying photos of the march in Chicago – “too big to march”.  Not long after that, the media started saying the march in  WashingtonDC  was also “too big to march”.

These memes and talking points sound very similar and the same tactics to pit Left vs. Right have been used repeatedly.  From the beginning, interjecting military terms into their jargon is popular too.  And when it all comes out eventually, I expect a large hand in fueling “The Tea Party” movement had the larger purpose of splitting the GOP and when that fizzled, along came the “GOP Insurgency”.  It all started in America with a “war room” in an American presidential campaign in 1992.  By 1998, the “throw anything and hope it sticks” mass media saturation war was waged – the scorched earth campaign to save Bill Clinton’s presidency.

The US Armed Forces, the FBI, and our national security agencies are America’s last bastion, where Americans have confidence in their government.  The GOP was the political party that was adamant about The Constitution AND our founding principles.  Destroying American faith in these institutions  has been at the center of this vicious information warfare.

This massive SPIN effort was intended to, not only delegitimize President Trump, but to show American democracy in chaos, a theme of continuing the imagery of two disgusting presidential scorched earth campaigns, reducing American democracy to a crude, vulgar, Reality TV show with two totally corrupt candidates.  Those Wikileaks leaks were not so much to help Trump, but to expose the corrupt media collusion, sow distrust of the media and cast doubt on our political system.  Rabid Dems and Trump played along, attacking our FBI and intelligence agencies, attacking the legitimacy of our ballot boxes ( recount fiasco), our constitution (Electoral College), and both Dems and Trump have attacked the FBI, and Trump expanded that to US intelligence agencies.

The “fake news” hype fueled hysteria on the right about the Left censoring news, but it also exposed the lazy, sloppy journalism of journalists sitting on Twitter and retweeting each other’s stories with no real fact-checking.  As this lack of journalistic standards became more obvious in recent weeks, Trump has latched onto hyping the “dishonest media” to deflect from his own blatant lies.   Many journalists have hunkered down like college-campus snowflakes, debating whether they should cover White House press conferences, akin to college kids needing their safe spaces to avoid being triggered.  The media is still spinning and Trump is now lying through his teeth to “counter-punch”.   Oh, and the Russians are still using Wikileaks to agitate both sides.  Over the weekend, Wikileaks started tweeting that Trump needs to release his tax returns.

This mass media saturation information warfare is not just about Republicans vs. Democrats.

Here’s a big picture analysis I wrote on October 20, 2016:

For the record, I could not care less when people attack me personally or call me a crazy conspiracy nut, but I sure hope that the people entrusted with our national security get their heads out of their butts SOON, because the Russians ARE on the move and they have a COMPREHENSIVE MILITARY STRATEGY and they have been incrementally waging it for DECADES against America and the West. There should be a few Cold Warriors, who remember how this game is played.

Hillary or Trump are both surefire losers for America – one is too stupid to realize Putin is fluffing him and the other has so much dirt that the Russians are holding and ready to blackmail her, that she’s compromised six ways to Sunday.

This isn’t just about presidential “politics” or some benign media messaging strategy, because the Clinton mass media messaging is just part of this. The Russians are escalating their cyber warfare actions, their geopolitical actions AND military actions.

This is the culmination of a DECADES’ long comprehensive military strategy to neuter the United States and the West and the main effort has been to fuel virulent partisan factions in America and destroy Americans’ confidence in the media, in their economic system (Wall Street attacks ring a bell), the police (hey BLM, ring a bell), and the entire American governmental system. It has been a comprehensive military strategy all along.

Putin will be the only winner come November 8th.

There are larger forces at play in this beyond American Left vs. Right partisan politics. Russian influence operations were very real, Soros money is very real.  Rupert Murdoch coming in to personally run the largest right-wing propaganda outlet in America is very real. Rupert Murdoch fired Roger Ailes on the very day Trump secured the Republican nomination.

There’s an information war being played out on an international scale battling over the international system.

I believe Russian, Soros & Murdoch are on the same team – trying to dismantle the international system. Putin wants to be the leader of a new international order, but if push comes to shove, the big money will topple him too.

In America they’re fomenting left vs right battles and black distrust with their endless propaganda.

FOX just brought in Nigel Farage to agitate the American right and ditched constitutional conservative, George Will.

The three most stable democracies are in internal chaos – Britain was conned into Brexit playing patriotic & economic themes, but leaving the country battling the EU and with massive internal divides. Germany was duped into the humanitarian route, welcoming in a radical Jihadist army, that will ruthlessly try to destroy the cultural fiber and foment ethnic battles. America has just endured two virulent scorched earth presidential campaigns with two very corrupt candidates – those scorched earth campaigns had huge money pouring in and information warfare help from the Russians, Soros, Murdoch – spewing endless propaganda designed to play Americans against each other.

Where it ends is anybody’s guess.

President Trump has no clue that he’s a dupe in the larger game, but hopefully some of his advisers can keep him fighting for American national interests. General Mattis just reassured NATO that we are committed – good move.  Let’s hope for many more good moves to bolster the international order, that America led the way building.

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Some thoughts on Russian influence

In light of the disturbing Trump tweets and US intelligence agencies statements, assuredly the Russian active measures aimed at America need a full and thorough investigation, but the Democrats relentless talking points messaging with their vast network of news media, who collude to amplify those talking points, make it hard to wade through the spin and glean facts.  The Buzzfeed leaked dossier story is a prime example.  Each time the media runs wild with unverified stories, it makes many people, especially Trump supporters, dismiss everything the mainstream media reports.

In this Trump vs intelligence agencies, there’s a concerted Russian effort to discredit US intelligence agencies and play Trump, by fomenting his distrust of US intelligence agencies. That Buzzfeed dossier smells like Russian provocation.

The Democrats launched a massive media effort to delegitimize Trump’s win.  That effort has been massive spin efforts, starting with the recount hoopla.  When the recount effort flubbed, the Dem/media machine launched a media effort to discredit the Electoral College, demanding the election rules be changed.  That media effort to illegally overturn a legitimate election failed too.

So, now the Dems are running a massive spin effort about “Russian influence”, but by doing so, their spin efforts are actually making it more difficult to get at facts.  Plus, their efforts are so blatantly partisan and many reporters are shamelessly retweeting every bit of rumor, without so much as a moment’s worth of independent fact-checking.

This media pack behavior is why so many Americans don’t trust the mainstream media and why they listen to Trump the Liar.  Trump is using the Democrat’s corrupt media collusion to not only discredit the media, but also the US intelligence agencies.  Trump figured out his own corrupt SPIN, on the cheap.  He uses Twitter to incite the media and Democrats, then when they react in massive SPIN efforts, he sits back and points out how corrupt they are.  FOX News, Drudge, Breitbart and some conservative pundits fuel the right-wing “Trump counter-punching” spin effort.  He also, has the Russian propaganda masters aiding his SPIN effort to discredit and play the mainstream media and Democrats.

The thing is I strongly suspect the Russian hostile  information warfare accelerated with the introduction of the SPIN technique that started with the Clinton’s “war room” in 1992 election, not in the 2016 election.   I believe in the intervening years that SPIN advanced to the Obama administration full-blown “narratives” and I believe the Russian influence in this election is not just within the Trump campaign, but that there are long-time Russian willing accomplices in the American media, both major political parties and academia.  There are also plenty of Marxists fueling the black grievance industry and they have been willing accomplices and useful idiots to spread Russian messaging for decades.

Information Warfare in America:

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield, Scorched earth information warfare is a take no prisoners blitz of vicious character assassinations AND mass media saturation on steroids.

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions

How SPIN works:

Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.

Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.

Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls).

Why I am so convinced there’s Russian influence in the Clinton SPIN cycle is because of what happened to me in 1998 when I posted comments on the Excite message boards and mentioned that this SPIN is information warfare and smells like something the Soviets would dream up.   I borrowed their keyword messaging technique in my comments on the Excite message board, using capitalization and relentless repetition, right back at them. I refused to back down from their group attacks.  Too much effort went into silencing me.  In my situation in 1998, a retired general, who hates my guts, was located and recruited to come silence me.  He had to believe I was some sort of threat or he would never have participated in this attack.  The US military chain of command was corrupted and a retired general was recruited to attack an American citizen (and Army wife), whose only “crime” was to speak out on the Excite message boards against sophisticated information warfare, meant to manipulate public opinion and silence dissent in America.

We are at a dangerous point in America – the partisan divides have the Democratic party run by very corrupt machines, the GOP was hijacked by a shady, NY real estate developer/celebrity who revels in publicly humiliating opposition, hides his financial dealings, lies constantly and has very disturbing connections to a whole host of sleazy operators, many with Russian business connections.  Finding out the facts on Trump’s Russian connections is a national security imperative, because he’s going to be President in a few days.

Bipartisan leadership is desperately needed.

I pray some of our elected leaders in Washington will put partisanship aside and work to aid in investigating the 2016 election wholesale public corruption on BOTH sides, because that corruption is why a con man touting Russian active measures helping his spin became the candidate on one party and it’s why another party covered-up massive pay-to-play, corrupt media collusion, criminally-negligent mishandling of highly sensitive information by their candidate.

How America ended up with two very corrupt candidates engaged in WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION is the biggest national security crisis of all, because our most determined foreign adversaries are now using this political corruption to wage mass media propaganda efforts to pit American factions against each other.

The media inspired Russia influence hysteria that the Left is pushing has gone completely insane, where celebrities are raging and some have lost their minds completely, like Rosie O’Donnell on January 11th tweeted:

ROSIE Retweeted Karim Marquette


ROSIE added,

The public corruption and partisan warfare is rapidly destroying Americans’ trust in all of our institutions.  Russian influence could NOT succeed without the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION of both political parties, the media and the failure of the American people to be good citizens, which requires them to insist on virtue and integrity in their elected officials.  A candidate being touted as “Trump doesn’t play by the rules or the exposure of Hillary’s mishandling of highly classified information, should have had most Americans rejecting both of them, instead of buying into “binary choices” and morally-bankrupt arguments that one of these two very corrupt candidates was “the lesser of two evils”.  The lesser of two evils is EVIL and we should never sink to willingly choosing EVIL.

We all need to commit ourselves to protecting and defending The Constitution.

Here are some links I found interesting:

Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America

The ‘Trump Report’ is a Russian Provocation

4-year-old Who’s Read 1,000 Books Tours Library of Congress

Schopenhauer on Cascades (2007 article on information cascades)

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What I think about the election

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on Tuesday and as an American citizen, who believes in The Constitution of the United States, I accept that as the final verdict.  This is how our republic works, end of conversation.  I don’t believe he or Hillary are “fit” to be President, but the constitutional requirements are sparse, so beyond age and citizenship, that position is open to any Americans:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

ARTICLE II, SECTION 1, CLAUSE!/articles/2/essays/82/presidential-eligibility

What I feel about either Trump or Hillary doesn’t matter in the least – I abide by The Constitution, because I believe in the rule of law and protecting and defending The Constitution.

In 1998, being fairly new to the internet, I started searching the web thinking I would like to find pen pals around the world, because I had several pen pals in foreign countries when I was a teenager.  During that searching I came across “message boards” and landed on the Excite message boards, where beyond the people trying to hook-up with others in relationships, they had the politics boards.  Following politics is another interest of mine, so I began commenting on politics there, using the name: mhere.

When the Clinton impeachment scandal broke, those boards went crazy and since I had spent a good bit of time lurking, just reading postings, before venturing into posting any comments, I was familiar with many of the regulars posting there.  Some of them liked to change their user names, but it quickly became obvious who they were, because of their writing style and comments.

When the impeachment scandal broke, a new crowd invaded the Excite politics message board – the Clintonista mob, who viciously attacked anyone who spoke out about The Constitution or impeachment.  I quickly noticed that the writing ability of this new crowd was much better than most of the Regulars and these people debated like top-notch criminal defense attorneys, trying to argue the Regulars into a corner and silence them.

That bullying tactic, trying to silence other people,  ticked me off, so I decided to argue to the best of my ability and back them into a corner.  I have always liked to debate politics.  As the weeks went by, it seemed like new people joined the Clintonista mob, determined to silence me (mhere).  I also noticed that some of my arguments and snarky lines began to be picked up by some real Republican and conservative pundits on TV.

What happened next is my story, tabbed at the top of my home page, Messages of mhere.  I apologize to regular readers for rehashing this again, but since I am not FREE to move on, alas, I must continue to repeat all this.  I wrote my story in that annoying third person, I used pseudonyms out of fear, and I wrote it in my snarky manner, because that’s me.  The story is true, the pseudonyms are real people.

At the top of my home page, I have a tab “Confessions of mhere” with a timeline from about May of this year, but it goes back to other events that have happened.

In March, at National Review Online’s comment section, which was still Disqus then (they changed to facebook).  I was debating against Trump and his idiotic killing ISIS family members to scare ISIS terrorists, as a good military strategy.  I posted a response to another poster about The Constitution and I was told to “SURRENDER NOW, Sue!  It’s the only possible outcome…”:

“susanholly Angry MFing Texan • 3 days ago
I understand the anger, but raging mobs never solve anything – we need to unite our country, not divide into enemy factions and burn it to the ground. Please read President George Washington’s Farewell Address. He warned about the danger to our republic from extreme factions.
Maya Angelou, my late mother’s least-liked American poet, said it best:
“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but it has not solved a one.”
See, sometimes even poets you don’t like say something worth quoting:-)
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LincolnAppleyard susanholly • 3 days ago
SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…
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susanholly LincolnAppleyard • 3 days ago
This comment has bothered me for hours – was this a threat? Who am supposed to surrender to? I am a law-abiding, private citizen. I’ve never owned a firearm in my life and in fact, I don’t even have a speeding ticket. So, who am I supposed to SURRENDER NOW to? This is a friendly online chat, so what exactly did you mean?”

So, I am going to state upfront that I believe my computer has been tracked since 1998, from when I was attacked in my home in 1998, by a retired general.  Since I was only commenting on the Excite message boards and am a homemaker: who was only talking to close family and friends, who does not belong to any political groups, the only possible thing that could have led to him attacking me was the Excite message boards.  That general was a Bill Clinton general, who had retired suddenly, not long before the impeachment mess.  From what my husband had heard through the rumor mill at work ( he was still an active duty sergeant major at a large infantry post), imo Bill Clinton and this general have a lot in common with their personal conduct.  That general also hates my guts.  I believe, some letters I wrote during Desert Storm ended up at the Department of the Army and reflected poorly on his wife, who ran the family support activities during Desert Storm.

I barely escaped being locked away in a state mental hospital permanently in early 1999.  Since 1999, I have been determined to expose what happened to me.  Since starting my blog in late 2012, I decided to use my blog to write about not only politics, but to tell my story about what happened to me and to explain who I am and what I believe.  Texas state judge, Albert McCaig, Jr. (Buddy) recommended I start a blog.  His nephew is married to my youngest daughter and he performed the wedding ceremony in Texas.   In 2010, he started a blog, which I found out about on facebook, through family mentioning it.  I posted a few comments there.  Then out of the blue in 2012 Buddy emailed me discussing  a Ralph Peters article.  At that time I was writing comments on Ralph Peters’ NY Post column looking for a way to tell my story.  I had also given my attorney all the information about my story by that point and I didn’t think he believed me, which I told him in an email and I gave him the passwords to my facebook and hotmail accounts.  I started writing more details in my hotmail draft folders, just in case he decided to listen to me.

Since, I believe the Clinton thugs, still monitor my computer, I told my attorney and Buddy whom might be able to help and also suggested they find people they trust to help.  I told them watching how the SPIN cycle and character assassinations operate, it takes a lot of media collusion, so monitor who is contacting whom.  I told them to follow the law and get the proper law enforcement people involved in following my computer and who attacks it, then following back to who they are contacting.  I had set up a Penzu journal, which has military-grade encryption and I gave Buddy the password to that and told him to contact my attorney.  Since I believe the Clinton thugs still monitor my computer and have tagged me a terrorist and “threat” (Buddy advised me that I am on several watch lists – even though I don’t have so much as a speeding ticket), they too know everything I do online and also have access to my Penzu journals.  So, I’ve had to make my plans to expose them, knowing they are reading all my plans – quite a strategic challenge to hope to win against those odds, right?

I believe Buddy was contacted after Ralph Peters was convinced I was a threat.  Through Ralph Peters, they located Buddy and Kinnision, two old Army buddies of Ralph to assist. For almost a year, in 2012, Buddy kept emailing me links to news articles and I responded with comments.  I chatted more, but his comments were very sparse.  He got to know me.  I told him about what had happened to me in 1998 shortly after I started blogging, when I came up with an idea of how to use my blog to expose my story.  My only contact with Buddy or my attorney has been online, on the computer that they are monitoring since 1998.

Since I kept writing comments in my notepad for years that I am not giving up and am going to expose what they did to me in 1998, they can’t afford to let that happen.

They recruited a retired Army general in 1998 to attack an enlisted soldier’s spouse, all to silence her over her comments posted on a freakin’ online politics message board.

The great irony was I was writing such dangerous comments as “No One Is Above The Law” and “The Constitution applies to EVERYONE.” and “Lying under oath is a CRIME.”

I told my attorney and Buddy to build a RICO case against them, which takes a lot of time and a lot of legwork.  So, here we are, where I was being told “SURRENDER NOW, Sue!  It’s the only possible outcome…” for writing about following the law again…  That’s subversive somehow???   Who in the hell I am supposed to SURRENDER to, I am not sure.  However if it’s this criminal enterprise, that would be surrendering to the enemy, because I am an innocent American citizen, who has been followed and monitored by these thugs, who have abused their power since 1998 and I refuse to SURRENDER my liberty to them!

Since I didn’t know for a long time if I could trust Buddy, at times I have panicked, worrying about how to keep my family safe, especially my disabled husband, who would trust that retired general without question, because that general was my husband’s brigade commander during Desert Storm.  I sent an email to my youngest sister in PA a few years ago, telling her that I really was attacked during 1998 and I gave her my blog link. She never has mentioned my blog again, so I assume they sent someone to warn her I am a deranged  terrorist or something.  My four children call her to report on me.  I have told my children about my blog and I mentioned that in my Penzu journals each time.  My children never said a word to me about my blog afterwards, but they quiz me on my views and mention often they have just talked to my youngest sister.

So Buddy and my attorney and those aiding are tracking those who are accessing my Penzu journal, back to who is in charge of this.  I told Buddy and my attorney, a two-star JAG general that no matter what, follow the law and whomever they bring on board to assist must follow the law too.

I feel certain that most of the people they are lying to in the US government and US Armed Forces believe they are really tracking a dangerous terrorist, because a lot of effort has gone into silencing me.

I assume things are escalating in their efforts to silence me, since on Tuesday night, my best friend from high school, whom I hear from occasionally, called to see who I voted for, all of my kids keep asking me how I feel about the election, I had that discussion with my son on Sunday about “It’s Legal, where he quizzed me on my views on torture too, which seemed bizarre.  (I don’t support use of torture and think it’s counter-productive, for what it’s worth).  And last night that son made a trip down here ( an hour) on a weeknight to check on me and quiz me some more on how I feel about the election and if I’m okay with it.  Of course, I just got done with my Twitter storm too;-)

With so much interest in who I voted for – I left the top of my ballot blank.  I was happy to vote for Senator Isakson and my Representative, Buddy Carter.  I wrote to my sister, Wendy, yesterday, and since nothing in my life is private, here is that email (sent at 6:17 am), which I am sure she has reported.  I am redacting a few names, out of consideration of their privacy:

Hi Wendy,

Sorry for not responding to your email.  I kept intending to write and then didn’t get to it.  I thought you had gotten your old living room furniture at a Haverty’s.    I thought that , if I remember correctly, because I thought it was you who recommended them, when we bought living room furniture here in the early 90s.  You mentioned the cat peeing on the furniture, well some of these dogs are hard on the furniture too – harder than the kids were truthfully, because the kids didn’t chew holes in the furniture and I didn’t let them eat in the living room.   Lucy, a small terrier mutt stray that I brought home years ago likes to nibble on the corners of throw pillow and she also nibbled a hole in the corner of one middle couch cushion at the back, where she likes to lay.  I had gotten those quilted pet slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat, which helps to keep her away from the actual furniture cushions, but she’s chewed a lot of holes in these quilted slipcovers too.

These dogs make such a mess with the shedding and a couple of them pee on the carpet all the time.  In fact, I need to steam clean the carpet in the living room and the computer room real soon – it’s getting bad with spots again.

I don’t know if I thanked you for the cookbook from the church in Kunkletown.  I appreciate it a a lot.  The cover has a very nice picture of the church on it.  I always thought the early settlers there used good sense to perch the church on the hill rather than in town, because it’s stands out there and is very picturesque. BLANK told me the old houses in Kunkletown are looking very run-down and he said you told him the younger people don’t take care of them.  I was attached to the house in Kunkletown and I loved the old maple trees in the front yard, but BLANK had those removed.  I wonder if the lilac bushes are still there, where we had one on our side of the backyard next to a forsythia bush and Mammy had a larger one closer to BLANK and BLANK’S house.

I’m like Pop and very attached to trees that I planted.  We lost a large piece on the willow tree from that hurricane and it blew most of the leaves off that tree.  The other trees withstood the wind and kept their leaves, but not that willow tree.  Tom took the optimistic view and said, “Oh well, it will get new leaves in the spring.”  That’s true, but that tree gets leaves very late in the spring, because I’m always looking at it in the spring and waiting.  A very small live oak in the front yard has gotten really big and so has a red maple, which was really like a bare stick when I planted it back in the 90s.  I got that when the new  YMCA building opened here and some conservation group had a stand giving out free bare root trees.  That maple tree was about a foot and half long stick with a few roots in it.  It’s now taller than the house.  The live oak is almost that tall too.  I really like live oaks trees, because they stay green all year long.

You had mentioned old bottles and of course, being a hoarder, I would love to have them, but I can’t afford to send you postage to mail them and I don’t want you wasting the money.   Perhaps BLANK, BLANK or BLANK might want them.  I have mine in the garage, because they are too much to dust all the time and I intended to buy a glass cabinet to display them, but never did.  At this point I have too many books and other stuff, that I don’t have any room for a cabinet, unless I get rid of something else.   I need to get rid of a lot of stuff – all the closets are full and I have stuff stacked in my sewing room, because there’s not enough room in there for all that junk.  It’s hard for me to part with sewing and craft stuff, but at least I have stopped buying any more since I quit working.  Now the trick it to become more productive and use more of that stuff.

BLANK called me last night.  She writes to me every once in a while and I write back when I get to it.  She had an email account, but doesn’t like going on the computer, so she stopped emailing me and mails letters now.  This probably sounds weird, coming from me the queen of letter-writing and pen pals, but I really don’t like writing letters with pen and paper anymore.  I love the convenience and spell check with email, plus it’s free and fast to send emails, plus you can include links and attachments (although I have a hard time doing attachments).  I wish BLANK would get back to emailing, because it’s much easier.  I rarely buy stamps these days and I try to do as much online as possible – especially paying bills and shopping.  She called to ask who I voted for.  I didn’t vote for either one for president and just voted down ballot.  We had a Senator and a Congressman running for re-election, both Republicans, so I had to vote for them.  I like our Congressman, Buddy Carter, from what I have seen of him in Congressional hearings – he’s very humble and down-to-earth and doesn’t pretend to be an “expert”.  I told BLANK, he asks good questions in the House oversight committee hearings, which considering he’s not a lawyer surprised me and he remains very courteous too.  Trump should hire a Southern gentleman or talk to Buddy Carter to teach him manners.  Everyone likes to make fun of southerners, but the rest of the country could learn something from the traditional manners down here and Trump would be less of a national embarrassment if he cultivated the manners of Southern gentleman.  I am proud to have Buddy Carter representing me.  BLANK said she and BLANK voted for Trump.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.  BLANK chatted a little but, it seemed very odd that she would call out of the blue just to ask who I voted for.

BLANK is into all that living like the Amish stuff (not the morals & religion part, lol), but with his using horses for logging with his sawmill.   I told BLANK I was going to read my book last night and not watch the election returns.  I mentioned the book to her, because of BLANK’S interest in the old-fashioned stuff.  The book is Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane, who was the real life daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder and she actually edited (highly edited) her mother’s stories to get them ready to be published.  Rose Wilder Lane was a famous journalist  & writer in the early 1900s.  This Young Pioneers is a fictional novel based on Charles and Caroline Ingalls, Lane’s grandparents. move to the Dakota territory.   I told BLANK about this “cooling drink” of water, molasses and vinegar,  that was mentioned several times in this novel.  It sounds hideous to me, but BLANK told me BLANK drinks that sometimes, so I guess the Amish must drink that too.  I googled it and it’s called Switchel.  Sometimes ginger is added to it too.  There’s actually science to drinking that as a “cooling” drink, because the molasses is high in potassium and replaces electrolytes and the vinegar gave it a sweet and sour taste.  I’ll pass on trying that, but here’s a very interesting article from The Smithsonian magazine I found on this:

Well, I’ve rambled on enough.  Saw the news that Trump won when I got up … omg, we’re in for some amazing times and the dumbing down of America is complete when our choices are Trump or Hillary.  Let’s hope Kellyanne stays nearby to keep him from mean tweeting other world leaders…😊

Take care.



I would love nothing better than to move on too, but since I believe I am being held a virtual captive and due to these circumstances, I can’t.  I will never  “SURRENDER NOW, Sue” to tyranny – it ain’t happening!

If I ever can expose them, I want America to decide who is the “terrorist”, but considering with these subversives, they even wrote a narrative where Bowe Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction”, I feel certain we’re in for a lot more Redefining America.

SEVENTEEN years of this crap from these people and yeah, I would sure love to be FREE again in America and move on too.

I will continue to work to expose the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION of  the Clinton machine!

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