Hi!  Welcome to my libertybellediaries.  My name is Susan Holly Heward and I live in Hinesville, GA.  I’m a mom, grandma, amateur military analyst, political analyst, culture analyst, in other words, I’ve got lots of opinions on lots of things and this is my first attempt at blogging.  My short bio is I grew up in rural PA (Kunkletown, PA), I roamed the world for most of my adult life as an Army wife with our four kids in tow, and now my husband and I live in a small Podunkville southern town, near a US military installation.   My interests include military strategy (yes, I read a lot about strategic issues and have spent at least the past 30 plus years reading about military issues and military history), history, needlework, crafting, cooking, gardening and I’m an avid country music fan.  In addition to that, I’m an incorrigible news junkie.  I welcome differing opinions, civil debate, and even criticism.  I look forward to sharing my views and listening to yours.

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  1. Sorry about the delayed response. I was fishing. Please feel free to take anything you want to use without asking.. I’m flattered that you ask. Cheers!


  2. Virginia Anderson


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