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A “nuclear” scorched earth information war

Yesterday, Senator Al Franken was exposed, with a photo of him groping the breasts of a fellow USO performer, while she slept.  The media went crazy, Franken apologized, but there’s now an ethics investigation in the works to investigate this matter.   A day later, some #Resist feminists are seething, because the woman, Leeann Tweeden,  is a big Trump supporter and has sexually-provocative photos on her facebook page, including when she posed for Playboy.  In interviews yesterday, she wore glasses and dressed modestly.

By yesterday evening, tweets were circulating among journalists that Roger Stone tweeted in the early morning hours that Franken was next up for exposure for “grabby” behavior.  Then later in the morning Tweeden’s story came out.

The “Me Too” feminist rallying cry, urging women to speak out about sexual harassment and assault,  is heading toward where the Left’s “fake news” is now.  Trump’s sleaze master, Roger Stone, is going to hijack the phrase and use it as a weapon of mass destruction against the media and Left.  Trump is already onboard with this plan, gleefully tweeting about Franken last night.  Trump will begin to be the new ringmaster railing against the Left’s sexual abusers and showcasing their “Me Too” offenders….  This is going to get very ugly, very fast.

The #Resist feminists are crying foul, raging that this Franken story is all a setup.  And it sure looks like it.  The Moore story was a setup too, because the Washington Post has expended a lot of energy and effort to turn over every stone in Moore’s life.  This morning Moore’s wife was railing that the Washington Post has come down there and talked to every person they have ever known.  Journalists were tweeting about how this is “journalism” and how it’s done.

It’s journalism in the vein of what used to be called “tabloid  journalism”.  If you only seek negative information about a person and exclude all positive information, that’s really just character assassination and that’s where American journalism is in the era of #Resist to take down Trump by any means necessary and Trump’s war against the media and Left.

The “Me Too” campaign is now going to become a “nuclear” scorched earth information war.    Where America will be when this war is over is hard to tell, but I feel confident in predicting it won’t be “great”.

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Kind of too little, too late

Since Hillary lost the election many women are very angry.   The Left, which includes most of the mainstream media began a concerted effort to delegitimize President Trump immediately following the election.   The Left including many prominent Democrats in Congress,  engaged in disgusting spin efforts to convince Americans we needed to ditch the electoral college and they hyped “Russian collusion” hysteria.  There were even bizarre hysterical tweets from people like Rosie O’Donnell promoting the idea of a military coup , with Congress installing one of the generals as president, all to stop President Trump’s inauguration.

When all that failed, Hollywood leftists boycotted Trump’s inauguration and the media went full-court press on trashing the inauguration with endless unfavorable comparisons to President Obama’s inaugurations.  Still not willing to accept defeat, a day after his inauguration large crowds of mostly women took to the streets,  to ostensibly advocate for women’s rights and other causes.  The organizers in America were an assortment of far-left extremists.  This Women’s March had foreign leftists staging protests too, but in America the march really was all about protesting President Trump’s election.  Ridiculous pink “pussy hats” become the symbolic protest gear, along with some women donning an array of vulgar lady parts costumes.  The march also attracted an assortment of leftover 60s radicals and has-been feminists, in addition celebrities, like Madonna and Ashley Judd, spewed venomous tirades against Trump.

A lot has happened since the Women’s March and although the #Resist movement still goes on,  loyalty to Hillary Clinton within the Democratic Party has begun to fray.  Hillary has spent the year writing a sore-loser tell-all, What Happened, blaming everyone imaginable for her loss.  She is stuck on relitigating the election.  Her most loyal sidekick, Huma Abedin, is still by her side, while Abedin’s ex., Anthony Weiner, is off to serve a 21-month prison sentence for sending obscene material to a minor.

With Donna Brazile coming out with a book and publicly challenging Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign organization and ground game, it’s obvious there’s a revolt going on inside the DNC.  Finally, some top Dems want to break free of the Clintons.  There are plenty of opportunities for Democrats, sans the Clintons, to make huge in-roads on winning back seats in Congress, but also in state elections.  Trump’s very high negatives has opened that door.

It’s been a bizarre year for feminist hysterics.  It started with the pink pussy hats bedecked women screeching and caterwauling about remaining  “I’m With Her” and now it’s evolved to “Me too”, where women are seething about men who sexually abuse women.

After decades of reports about Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of women, to include a credible allegation of rape and documented obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation, to silence women, finally a few in the media have spoken out about Bill Clinton’s behavior.  Of course, even more alarming was Hillary Clinton’s role in orchestrating smear campaigns against these women.  The Left can’t do a “reckoning” of Bill Clinton’s treatment of women, without doing a “reckoning” of Hillary’s too.  And they need to do a reckoning of how the liberal establishment and mainstream media aided in covering up and doing damage control for the Clintons all these years.  Without the media collusion to run the Clinton spin, the Clintons would have long ago been disgraced and “reckoned with”.

Now there’s a power struggle in the Democratic Party going on, to finally free the party of the Clintons, making it politically advantageous to start publicly speaking the truth about the Clintons.  When the Clintons were still a political asset, with their endless appetite for raising big bucks, much of which they feathered their own nest with, the Democratic Party and mainstream media were willing to sell the Clinton talking points verbatim and do decades of damage control for Bill Clinton.  Now, that there’s a feminist lynch mob mentality taking hold about sexual predators, it’s expedient for Democrats to break free of the Clintons.  Gloria Steinem’s “one free grope” will live on in infamy as the definitive moral caliber of the modern feminist movement.

Finally, political expediency has emboldened a few in the media to speak out about the Clintons and  this self-serving bit of honesty is being touted as “courageous”.   If the winds of politics change, it seems a safe bet that these courageous few will backpedal completely and be back to carry water for the Clintons again.

Several pundits on the right are scathingly pointing out the galling hypocrisy of this  “I Believe Juanita” chorus from some on the Left.  Just like the media ran the GOP Insurgency to throw the GOP primary into chaos, the Dump on Trump in the general, and the yearlong #Resist/Russian Collusion hysteria, they ran damage control spin for the Clintons since 1992.  That’s whole lot of years of sitting on news stories to prop up the Clintons.

When you look at FOX News’s absurd coverage of President Trump, with the Pravda aura to the spin, well, the mainstream media doesn’t realize they looked that absurd for decades doing damage control spin for the Clintons.  Many liberal journalists now spend hours dissecting Fox’s spin and it’s obvious there is media collusion at Fox News with the Trump people, coordinating the talking points.  However, these same journalists still lack any self-awareness that their news organizations avidly participated in the 2016 information war and the #Resist propaganda effort.  That a few on the Left now want to dump the Clintons for political expediency does nothing to atone for decades of media collusion to prop up the Clintons.

Kind of too little too late.



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Mutually Assured Destruction

“In the nuclear age, the revised maxim might well be amplified — but not, as might be expected, by inserting the word ‘nuclear’. For if the nuclear power now available were unleashed and not merely maintained as a deterrent, its use would mean ‘chaos’ not ‘war’, since war is organised action, which could not be continued in a state of chaos. The nuclear deterrent, however, does not apply and cannot be applied to the deterrence of subtler forms of aggression. Through its unsuitability for the purpose it tends to stimulate and encourage them. The necessary maxim is now ‘If you wish for peace, understand war — particularly the guerrilla and subversive forms of war.”

page 361, Chapter on Guerrilla Warfare of Strategy, written by B.H. Liddell Hart, Copyright Faber & Faber, Ltd. London, England 1954, 1967

President Trump loves the military…

He wants his followers to know he is a fighter.

His political operatives touted him as the GOP Insurgent.

He won the 2016 scorched earth information war and defeated not only Hillary Clinton, but many in the mainstream media, who were colluding with her to try to destroy Trump with damaging stories. The Russians actively participated in America’s 2016 information war too.

This week is a typical “squirmish” in America’s endless scorched earth  information war.  These skirmishes consist of the media and Trump engaged in short-lived, emotionally intense battles for control of the 24/7 news cycle.  Both sides go “nuclear”, without any concerns about collateral damage or fallout, because after all, this is a war of words and no one is literally dying, right?

This week’s Trump sideshow is a typical Trump diversion.  He wasn’t man enough to just admit he hadn’t called the families of these recently fallen soldiers, so he turned the question into an attack on President Obama and other recent presidents.  He is the ultimate Mr. Whataboutism.  He will never admit to any weakness or mistake.

President Trump lies, as often and as outrageously as necessary, until he provokes his opponents to overreact.  His lies are “attacks” – they are his weapons and he uses them ruthlessly.  Once his opponents overreact, he will pick apart their statements looking for untruths or bits and pieces he can manipulate to discredit them.  He will lob his “alternative facts”, wrap himself in the American flag and borrow the honor of  “the generals” to sway his followers to remain loyal.

This week’s “squirmish” is just a slight plot change from Trump’s 2016 vet fundraiser.

Trump’s vet fundraiser, January 28. 2016 was a Trumper tantrum retaliation against FOX News and Megyn Kelly.  Trump claimed his fundraiser raised over 6 million dollars and he personally pledged a million dollar donation.

In February 2016, a Weekly Standard reporter contacted the Trump Foundation for information on the fundraiser:

“On Thursday, I contacted the Donald J. Trump Foundation by email with a few questions about how the $6 million had been or was being disbursed. Five minutes later, I received a phone call from Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s presidential campaign manager. Lewandowski said a list of the recipients had been made public and that more recipients were being added all the time. How much had those recipients received? Lewandowski couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say. As a non-profit organization, he said, the Trump Foundation would release all the required details of its disbursements at the end of the fiscal year. To find out before then, he said, I’d have to contact the recipients themselves.

“The list is publicly available,” he said. “You can do your homework and ask the veterans’ organizations.”

Why wouldn’t the Trump Foundation want to publicize how much it had donated? (Especially given the fact that in recent years, Trump’s charity organization had given more money to the Clinton Foundation than to veterans.) And why, when asking about the Foundation’s disbursements, had a representative of the campaign called? With no other options, however, I took Lewandowki’s advice.”

Months later reporters began asking more questions about which vet charities received that money and if Trump had made good on his million dollar pledge.  On May 28, 2016,Trump staged a big show where he attacked the media and had his million dollar check for a vet charity:

  “As recently as last week, Trump’s campaign manager had insisted that the mogul had already given that money away. But that was false: Trump had not.

In recent days, The Washington Post and other media outlets had pressed Trump and his campaign for details about how much the fundraiser had actually raised and whether Trump had given his portion.

The candidate refused to provide details. On Monday, a Post reporter used Twitter — Trump’s preferred social-media platform — to search publicly for any veterans groups that had received Trump’s money.”

Later Monday evening, Trump called the home of James K. Kallstrom, a former FBI official who is chairman of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. The charity aids families of fallen Marines and federal law enforcement officers.”

Trump was the one who politicized his vet fundraiser, in fact, the entire fundraiser was a political stunt.  Just like in previous “skirmishes” Trump goes nuclear with his war of words, but the media and Left go nuclear too.

On Monday, a reporter asked President Trump why he hadn’t commented on the recent deaths of American soldiers in Niger.

President Trump hadn’t called the families of those fallen soldiers, but instead of saying that, he attacked President Obama and other presidents:

“If you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls — a lot of them didn’t make calls — I like to make calls when it’s appropriate,” Trump said at a news conference in the Rose Garden when asked about why he had not addressed the recent deaths of American troops in Niger.

The media and former Obama officials immediately countered Trump’s assertion and General Dempsey, who has tried to remain apolitical, also countered Trump’s assertion.

President Trump then inserted General Kelly and “generals” into the controversy, telling reporters to ask them if President Obama had called the families of fallen soldiers.  General Kelly’s son was killed in action.

At this point, the “facts” seem to indicate that President Obama did not call General Kelly when his son was killed in action.  However, at an event honoring Gold Star families, the Kellys sat at the table with First Lady, Michelle Obama, six months after the death of Kelly’s son.

President Trump then called the families of the recently fallen soldiers.  A Democratic congresswoman, who is a Trump hater heard the call.  She claims President Trump disrespected the grieving family.  There are also reports of a previous Gold Star family, whom Trump had called in June and promised them that he would personally send a check of $25,000 to them.  He never sent the check, until yesterday, after the media started asking about it.

This week’s squirmish follows the same script as his million dollar vet fundraiser boast.

The battle lines are now drawn and it is President Trump who politicized the deaths of fallen soldiers.  He is the one who refused to answer a simple question honestly on Monday.  He had not called the families of those 4 fallen soldiers, who died on October 4th, but rather than admit that, he lashed out about President Obama and other presidents not calling grieving Gold Star families.  He is also the one who interjected General Kelly into this issue and now he and the White House are borrowing on General Kelly’s honor to try and do damage control.

That is the truth.

The media and Left, smelling blood, went nuclear, digging up “facts” to not only counter Trump, but to try and turn this issue into an “impeachable offense” and destroy him.

The truth is President Trump uses the military as stage props, beginning with his “squirmish” with FOX News over Megyn Kelly’s “unfair” debate question in August of 2015, which he whined about for 8 long months.  That question was not “unfair”.  It was a question about how Trump treats women.  Trump and his media friends waged an all out attack on Megyn Kelly and Trump called Roger Ailes, trying to get Kelly removed as debate moderator.

He was trying to use his influence to damage the career of a news analyst.

Ailes refused to remove Megyn Kelly, so Trump boycotted that debate and orchestrated a “vet fundraiser”  to try and draw viewers away from watching that GOP primary debate.  He was USING the U.S. military as stage props to make himself look patriotic.

It looks like President Trump used information, that General Kelly confided in him, as a nuclear blast against President Obama, to score some cheap points in this latest squirmish. He betrayed the trust of one of his generals. It appears that President Obama had not called General Kelly when Kelly’s son died and I hope that President Obama can be a bigger man than President Trump and call General Kelly .  Apologize for the oversight, because it does appear that General Kelly was hurt by not receiving a call from his commander-in-chief.

In a few days this latest controversy will be eclipsed by another info war “skirmish”.  In fact, the Trump operatives are already launching another nuclear info war attack to discredit Robert Mueller.  President Trump was tweeting this morning, lashing out at the FBI, accusing them of colluding with the Russians.  Another diversionary tactic, but he is always “winning” the 24/7 news cycle with these nuclear blasts.  He totally eclipses everything, even the sun…

The collateral damage from scorched earth information warfare isn’t dead bodies, it’s America’s heart and soul.  The very fibers of our national character get stretched and torn a little more with each, almost daily, “squirmish” and the indiscriminate flame-throwing leaves America a toxic nuclear wasteland of angry, seething people, who hate and distrust each other.

President Trump possesses a unique gift for dividing people and playing people against each other. He is now using “the generals” in his vicious scorched earth information war.

Scorched earth information warfare’s only outcome can be the destruction of America’s national character.

And Chaos.

There are no winners.

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Our Thoth,  God of 140-characters

My first two altered book junk journals.  The one on the left is for my oldest daughter, who loves primitive country type stuff.  For her book, Ann Coulter’s Godless, was transformed into a lovely autumn journal.  The book on the right was an “alterable book” I purchased at a craft store long ago.  The covers are very simple – more old calendar pictures cut-up and glued on with Mod Podge.  The spines are covered with old Walmart clearance ribbon.  The little metal word pieces have been in my scrapbooking supplies for many years.

The sampler image, on the left, is from The Lang Country Sampler 2009 calendar, artwork by Ellen  Stouffer.  The image on right is from my 2006 Holly Hobbie calendar.

In the early 2000s, I purchased several books on how to make altered books, but the altered book projects looked more like art journals, way beyond my very basic crafting skill  level, and although well-written, with clear step-by-step instructions, I didn’t have the confidence to attempt making one.

In 2017, after watching many hours of YouTube “junk journal” videos, I decided to try making some myself. Thinking about “altered books” as making “junk journals” from old “junk” removed a mental block for me.

The words we use can completely change how we, not only perceive the world, but they can also “alter” reality.  In many previous posts, I’ve written about America’s raging war of words (here, here, here, here).

Politicians have always used words to influence people.  Andrew Robinson, in the introduction of his 1995 book, The Story of Writing, wrote:

Writing and literacy are generally seen as forces for good.  It hardly needs saying that a person who can read and write has greater opportunities for fulfillment than one who is illiterate.  But there is also a dark side to the spread of writing that is present throughout its history, if somewhat less obvious.  Writing has been used to tell lies as well as truth, to bamboozle and exploit as well as to educate, to make minds lazy as well as to stretch them.

Socrates pinpointed our ambivalence towards writing in his story of the Egyptian god Thoth, the inventor of writing, who came to see the king seeking royal blessing on his enlightening invention.  The king told Thoth: ‘You, who are the father of letters, have been led by your affection to ascribe to them a power the opposite of that which they really possess… You have invented an elixir not of memory, but of reminding; and you offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, not true wisdom, for they will read many things without instruction and will therefore seem to know many things, when they are for the most part ignorant.’  In a late 20th century world drenched with written information and surrounded by information technologies of astonishing speed, convenience and power, these words spoken in antiquity have a distinctly contemporary ring”

page 8, The Story of Writing, by Andrew Robinson, Copyright  1995 Thomas & Hudson Ltd, London

Back in 1992, when he ran for president, Bill Clinton became a household name, as did his nickname, Slick Willie, which he had acquired back in Arkansas, due to his remarkable way of using words to deceive people.  Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Paul Greenberg, coined the Slick Willie nickname in 1980 and it stuck with Bill Clinton ever since:

“Greenberg saw Slick Willie as a waffler, a zigzagger, a master of obfuscation — the unworthy alter-ego of Clinton, the compassionate idealist. Greenberg concluded that, like Faubus, Clinton had presented a facade of making great progress during his first term when he had retreated on his basic promises. He talked about preserving the environment, for instance, but appeased the chicken industry. Slick Willie became a recurring character for Greenberg. All other Clinton monikers — “Kid Clinton,” “Boy Governor,” “Young Smoothie” — were retired.

In Slick Willie, Greenberg felt, he had found the perfect coinage. “It doesn’t mean liar. It means dissembler,” he explains now. “This is a particular subspecies of lying. It’s a very lawyerly, sophisticated, elastic lie. In my opinion, the old-fashioned lie would be a step up.””

Bill Clinton is a brilliant politician, who masterfully uses words and has a rare gift for sophisticated obfuscation.

Donald J. Trump is the king of conflating issues  His use of words is the polar opposite of Bill Clinton’s brand of “slick”.  Trump uses simplistic “branding” phrases, often divorced from the rest of the sentences he utters.  The sentences don’t matter in Trump’s dumbed-down, branding type of information warfare.

Trump transformed the Clinton spin information warfare, that relied on carefully worded, focus-group tested talking points, repeated by a vast army of colluding journalists and political operatives, into rapid-fire, Army of One, Trump-driven 140-character, daily information warfare guerilla attacks.

He’s using guerilla warfare tactics in an information war.

Trump word salad attacks break all the rules.  He strikes with bold-faced lies and never looks back. Trump doesn’t even bother to obfuscate.  He boldly lies, then insists all those around him repeat and back his lies, no matter how outrageous the lie.

He has perfected the art of conflating issues into being all about “Make America Great Again”. Trump seized on the issue of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem in protest over racial injustice and conflated it into disrespecting the U.S. military.  He creates endless reality TV conflicts, casting himself as the champion of American patriotism, who is the constantly maligned victim of the dastardly “fake news”. He wants to keep his supporters agitated and angry, while he wraps himself in the American flag and MAGA sound bites.

Yesterday, in his effort to deflect from a reporter questioning why he hasn’t called the families of recently fallen soldiers, Trump bold-faced lied about President Obama and other presidents, claiming they didn’t call fallen soldiers’ families.

General Dempsey, who has tried to stay out of the 2016 information war, took to Twitter last night to counter Trump’s LIE.

Our Thoth, God of 140-characters, manages to manipulate millions, mostly poor white people, by playing to their insecurities, their prejudices and most of all their anger.

The smarter Trump followers aren’t blind to his many flaws, but they’ve bought into a Faustian bargain, all prefaced on the belief that America is at the Flight 93 crisis point:

“2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.

Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.”

At every Trump outrage they cringe, but then they fortify themselves by talking amongst themselves about how the Left is worse, but Gorsuch, and turn up the volume of FOX News blaring about how Trump is “making America great again”.  And of course, the Left leads only to American demise… Trump is the last best hope in their view.

Trump is a “fighter”…

Flight 93 had some real heroes on board; the Trump propaganda train jumped the tracks into tin pot dictator level, Dear Leader, bowing and scraping.

Over the weekend, I walked into the room where my husband was watching FOX News, like always.  Jerry Falwell, Jr. was blathering on about how President Trump will likely go down in history as a great president, as great as President Lincoln.  The FOX  sycophantic hosts are as dutiful as the Pink Lady in North Korea.

They smiled, heads nodding, and agreed with Falwell.

Make America Great Again…

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Trump won the weekend messaging battle

Following the NFL kneeling controversy, where Trump wrapped himself in the American flag, this weekend  it looks like he punched back hard about his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria devastation in Puerto Rico.  The weekend’s not over yet, but I feel safe in calling this one for President Trump.

The Left hasn’t realized yet that President Trump is a master at Alinskyite tactics.  After last weekend’s NFL kneeling controversy and the weeklong attacks on Tom Price’s expensive private jet flights on the taxpayer’s dime,  Trump fired Price on Friday.  The Left smelled blood and decided to go for broke giving Trump the Katrina treatment, trying to drown him in a CAT 5 size negative spin cycle, or perhaps, they wanted to leave him stranded on a bridge to impeachment.

The mayor of San Juan hit the TV news shows, railing against the federal response and many in the media joined the media feeding frenzy, howling about people dying, making up a cholera outbreak and piling on.

Yesterday, President Trump, with his Twitter troopers, FOX News and assorted pundits launched a massive spin counterattack.  Trump went on a major Twitter attack in the morning, assailing the mayor of San Juan, the people of Puerto Rico and refuting the Left’s spin.  He never bothers with getting details or facts straight and he doesn’t care who he insults or offends.

The mayor of San Juan was attacked, not only by Trump, but by Trump Twitter troopers, who countered the mainstream (liberal) media wild spin cycle.  They tweeted about the mayor being invited to the FEMA office to discuss emergency relief, but alleged she told FEMA officials that she didn’t have time.  They reported that instead of visiting FEMA, she went and did several TV interviews attacking Trump and ranting about, “we’re dying”.  They tweeted about her support for a released FALN terrorist and alleged she’s a Communist.

Trump’s tweetstorm yesterday was nasty, came across as bigoted, and certainly demeaned the Office of the President, but he won the weekend messaging battle.

He never backs down and he never apologizes.

That is how he keeps winning the info war against the Left.  He learned how to fight the Left’s spin, by using their same vile, scorched earth tactics and he’s better at it than they are.

There was enough truth in the Trump spin to once again quell desertions from the Trump camp. The Trump mouthpieces in the media always point out how the Left is worse, how Trump is a victim and how he’s a winner. They silence any moral arguments against Trump’s vile attacks, by dismissing those as just “virtue-signaling”.

Trump was right. He probably could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his followers would remain loyal, because his information warriors would be out there spinning it that the person deserved to be shot. They would cast that person as an “enemy”.

America keeps losing more and more of its soul as this scorched earth information war rages on and the divides in America continue to deepen.  For the 5th Avenue Loyalists, the Democrat spinmeisters and the mainstream media, who are devoted to spin, they just double down on their talking points, recycle through old ones and for them there’s always another messaging battle to fight.



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Kneeling or Standing: A fake diversion

Kneeling or standing seems to be another one of these “national conversations” America is having.  Here’s another junk journal I made last weekend, using a 2010 military-themed calendar. It was a free calendar, handed out at the military commissary I use on Fort Stewart.  The clothespins are just to hold the pages open. The songbook came in a fundraising letter from the Disabled American Veterans and on the back it has 2014 on it.  The post card is one of several American bicentennial ones, I bought in 1976:

I put my “I love America” junk journal together, using only stuff I had already.  I still have a lot of work to do with embellishing the inside and finding charms or beads or something to add to the strings hanging out the bottom, which are the strings from sewing the page signatures into the book:

I made the cover out of a cereal box and covered it with patriotic fabric I’ve had for many years.  I decided to put several coats of Mod Podge matte sealer on top, because it makes the cover easy to wipe clean (good for messy me) and it also made it feel sturdier.

This old calendar had lots of nice photos, worth saving, so I added them, some patriotic scrapbook paper, old map pages, and some assorted other paper.  It felt better to be working on this journal last weekend, almost like therapy in the age of Trump: The Potemkin American President, which is a bizarre reality show and sequel to Trump: The Potemkin 2016 Campaign.   His MAGA 2.0 is totally fake.  He plays a constant, vile “us vs. them” strategy. It’s the same old Clinton strategy, where they were always the victim of some nefarious, “vast, right-wing conspiracy”.

This kneeling controversy follows his constant borrowing on the American people’s respect for the generals surrounding him, stealing their honor whenever he can.  He uses those generals to bolster his image as “Trump loves the military” and he uses the military as stage props and flags, flags and more flags, to wrap himself in.

Last weekend’s controversy was a classic Trump diversion. He once again changed the subject, latched onto the topic, showing respect for the flag and national anthem, that he knew his base and millions of Americans would rally behind, all to create a controversy, where the Left would screech.  He has played the innocent, standard-bearer victim for MAGA, again. The real issue was not about kneeling or standing. It was an abuse of power by the President of the United States, trying to exert influence on NFL owners to prod them to fire players over players’ political expressions. Most people buy into either Trump’s spin or the liberal media’s spin and do not think for themselves. With Americans trained to take sides on every hot bed issue, few will stop and say, “that’s not really what the issue is.”

As someone who cringed, when President Clinton waxed about feeling people’s pain, watching Clinton’s old golfing buddy, pretend to be a Republican, sickens me, but it also makes me wonder why so many Republicans rolled over and got on the Trump train, even though Trump’s vacillating policies, pronouncements and even his character were things that many of these Republicans railed against.

These days, I wonder who are these Trump loyalists, people who spent decades preaching conservative values?

Who are these people, who still cheer President Trump’s divisive, phony chants at rallies?  Even more worrisome is who are these mouthpieces, who are willing to repeat any Trump talking point, no matter how untruthful, disingenuous, or fake it is?

The Left and the mainstream (liberal) media are running a phony information war too and besides their endless #Resist campaign to delegitimize Trump, there are many bizarre, dishonest headlines and stories from ostensibly hard news reporters.

Their news reporting often makes me cringe, but their opinion pieces often make me feel like revisionist history is being written from the pages of American journalism’s top newspapers. The New York Times ran an opinion piece a couple of days ago, continuing their Duranty heritage of willingly spreading communist propaganda.  When you examine the #Resist, with their Women’s March, then their Immigration and Workers’ Rights March in May, with far-left organizers, communist propaganda seems to be in vogue again. Lately, the target audience for communist indoctrination is women:

“The Communists did many terrible things,” my grandmother always says at the end of her reminiscences. “But they made women’s lives much better.”

In August, the New York Times ran an opinion piece titled, Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism

While President Trump captures media attention daily with his information war, there’s plenty to be disturbed about with the liberal media too.   I’m doing less blogging and more crafting and needlework,  because the raging information war in America worries me a “great” deal.

Junk journal made with a 2009 local bank calendar.  I turned this into my Hurricane Irma evacuation journal and have it almost completely filled up with collages, receipts, lists, and journaling.

Junk journal made with 2004 Country Bouquet calendar.

I used a dollar store 2018 calendar with lovely vintage collage pictures as pages to add to my Monet journal, which had too much empty space along the spine.  I made two more signatures of assorted pages and sewed them into that journal.  I didn’t have enough of the brown cord that I used to sew in the other 3 signatures, so I used a green beading cord.   I didn’t want to throw away the scrap pieces, that I cut off of those vintage collage pages, so I’ve been cutting and tearing them up, making my own collages on index cards, using  paint, rubber stamping and images from an old wildlife book. I coated them with Mod Podge to seal them.

I made the bird ones, cutting out pieces of paper and using a little bit of ink around the edges, but they looked pretty blah and lifeless.  So, then I tried the butterfly using acrylic paint, inking and gel pen highlights, after, of course, watching more YouTube videos on mixed media collage art.  I cut the words, Timeless Beauty, out of an old magazine.  I opted for tearing out my pieces of paper, like the real collage artists do and I experimented with the paint.   On the bobcat card, I  added paint and some rubber-stamping on the background.  The purrsonality script is from an old sticker sheet.  As a person with zero artistic talent, I am thankful for Pinterest and YouTube videos.

The never-ending information warfare is reforming this die-hard news junkie into a crafting/sewing fanatic.


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Pauline Revere warns the Russians are coming

Speech is power, speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Left’s hysteria over “Russian influence”, to “Russian collusion” and now “Russian interference” resonates like a McCarthyite Red Scare.  The Left’s hysteria amounts to, “Oh my goodness, there are diabolical Russians around every corner trying to control our minds, our elections, even our very democracy.”  And of course, their remedies to stop the Russian influence operations, in order to ostensibly preserve our constitutional republic, always come back to trying to undo the 2016 election, which of course, there is absolutely no constitutional means to do.  That would mean discounting the results of a legal election, where millions of Americans voted Donald J. Trump and he won the electoral college vote.

To save us from these diabolical Russians, we’ve got Pauline Revere, aka the smartest woman in the world, riding the TV talk circuit, combining her sore loser book tour of 1,001 reasons why she lost the election, combined with her new spin effort to sell Americans the lie that the 2016 election was not legitimate.   She is colluding with her supporters in the  liberal media and Hollywood, using the same mass media information warfare that she is asserting Trump and the Russians used.

These massive media SPIN efforts work only with massive collusion with mass media, who ruthlessly repeat the same talking points and phrases.  This creates an opinion cascade, as Americans start repeating those same talking points (it’s a form of mass media brainwashing).  The political operatives and their friends in the media then begin to repeat the poll numbers, to reinforce those spun messages and create the illusion they reflect the “will of the people”.  Since the 90s, this phrase equating polls as some form of legitimate expression of the “will of the people” has been repeated and reinforced by politicians and the media, especially by those on the Left, who mastered this form of mass media information warfare to brainwash those, the Left’s sleaziest political operatives dubbed “low information voters”

The key point about the 2016 election is Jeh Johnson, the Obama Homeland Security Director, stated that there was no tampering detected on election day.  That makes the election LEGITIMATE.

The Russians’ escalated information warfare activities during the election should be investigated, but in our effort to “protect” Americans from “influence”, more laws or crackdowns on speech will do nothing to protect Americans, but will assuredly do more to destroy our constitutionally protected liberties than anything the Russians can do with their info war against American democracy.

As someone who pointed out the information warfare being waged using “SPIN cycles” since 1998, to include the vicious gang-up attacks on the Excite message boards during the Clinton impeachment, this hysteria about Russian information warfare now seems laughable.  All of a sudden, the people who were the most vicious combatants using this vile form of information warfare are hysterically warning that it’s a dire threat to American democracy…

Again, Donald Trump was only able to knock off 17 other Republican candidates during the GOP primary with the knowing and willing COLLUSION of CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news, along with many print journalists and pundits SPINNING his talking points and memes 24/7, running his rallies live and in their entirety and touting his “GOP Insurgency”.  This was Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy.  A leaked Podesta email referred to this as their Pied Piper strategy.  They wanted the most extreme Republican candidate to win the GOP primary and they were colluding with the media to sell Trump.  Trump received billions of dollars worth of free media in the primary.

The Bill Clinton triangulation strategy was simple: paint Trump as the far-right fascist kook, paint Bernie as the far-left commie kook, clearing the middle for Queen Hillary to prance back into the White House.

It backfired.

Mueller may find criminal actions relating to Trump and/or some of his campaign associates.  If so, impeachment could very well be a legitimate remedy.  The Clinton resistance efforts will make it harder for Congress to act, because their constant information warfare is as counterproductive to American democracy as what the Russians are doing.  And then to compound the mess, President Trump is waging the same kind of no holds barred information war too.  They all want to control the hearts and minds of the American people using SPIN, relentlessly repeating and assaulting the American people with gross distortions of the truth and outright lies.

Pauline Revere is several decades late warning about Russian information warfare in America.

Yesterday CNN reported on a fake Tea Party Twitter account and Facebook is working to stop Russian political ad buys. but this hysteria about Russians infiltrating right-wing political sites is so myopic, that it’s stunning.  The Russians infiltrated the American Left, from their political institutions to academia to Hollywood, thoroughly since inception of the Comintern in 1919.  The Russians have a century’s worth of experience building an information warfare capability within the bastions of the American political Left.

I strongly suspect they never left when the Soviet Union collapsed.  I believe SPIN information warfare had some strong foreign information warfare influences in it since the 1990s, although I don’t have proof of that.  All I have is my personal experience during the Clinton impeachment drama, stemming from writing comments on the Excite message boards.  I don’t have proof of what happened there either.

However, if I’m right, then the problem of Russian influence, using mass media information warfare, is larger than just 2016, President Trump, FOX news and Russian run “American right-wing” twitter accounts and sites.  The Soviets had a very captive audience among American academia, Leftist politicians, the press and Hollywood, to spread their messaging.   The Russians didn’t have to work hard to find plenty of useful idiots among the Left to carry their messaging .

That the Russians now have FOX News and many other information avenues working 24/7 to pervert conservative Republican messaging and replace it with a mishmash of Trumpian messaging, strikes me as they now have the means to undermine both political parties, Hollywood, academia, and the media.  That “GOP Insurgency” was meant to destroy the Republican Party.  The Clintons have left the Democratic Party in total disarray.  Congress is dysfunctional.  The courts still function thankfully.

The last bastion where The Constitution is revered, protected and defended is in the U.S. military and President Trump is working to undermine the integrity of that institution with his PR blitz to bolster his support among the military.  Messaging targeting the U.S. military, to undermine morale and military values, will escalate, I believe.  I expect much of that undermining messaging to be at the hands of President Trump, with his endless stream of  “don’t take him literally” strong-man word salads and using military backdrops to bolster his “popular” image.

The messaging war is going to get crazier, of that you can be sure.

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