The Queen’s re-re-re launch TODAY

Her opening statement serves as her campaign foreign policy speech. The Clinton scorched earth moves on. As you should note the Clinton camp colluded with Congressman Cummings.

She is listing her credentials and playing the victim of a witch hunt. She is using  her Queen persona today, above the dirty gutter politics.

She will use tearing up and righteous indignation all day…  Barf!


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3 responses to “The Queen’s re-re-re launch TODAY

  1. The Democrats have their talking points down-pat – “it’s a right-wing witch hunt” and the “Republicans are wasting 4.7 million dollars of taxpayers money on this”. The Queen, so far, has evoked the perfect tones of mourning the loss of brave American lives, she never even once lost her cool, because she knows the partisan card some stupid Republican Congressmen handed her (the comments about trying to hurt her poll numbers) was the ace she needed to complete her royal flush. She is so calm and serene, because she knows that absent some stunning revelation her path to the White House is clear.

    The most interesting part of today’s hearing was the photo that Congressman Mike Pompeo, R from KS, put up of two Libyan rebel leaders, whom Chris Stevens met with. Just what exactly we were doing in Benghazi still isn’t answered. Of course, I believe we were arming Libyan rebels initially and then gun-running to Syrian “moderates” (arming Islamists radicals in both cases). That’s the real question I would like answered definitively. What were we doing in Benghazi? And the answer to that question goes to the Obama administration and many Republicans like John McCain, not just Hillary Clinton. The Democrats have closed ranks to protect Hillary and to look to 2016, while the Republicans remain disorganized. Same partisan kabuki theater in Washington….

  2. 7:48 pm Congressman Smith defending her to the hilt. Funny how her deceit and hiding her private email server and emails was ignored.

  3. These Dems on the committee want to secure favor with the Queen’s administration. Oh no the tears she’s crying are fake. At last the victim card is played.

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