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Inquiring minds or something like that

The media went nuts last night about a Republican Congressional candidate, Greg Gianforte, from Montana body-slamming a reporter to the floor.  The reporter, Ben Jacobs, from The Guardian, went right on Twitter to report the attack and quickly put an audio recording of the attack online.

I happened to be on Twitter at the time and I follow 800 or so reporters on Twitter, so I can watch the spin cycles erupt and watch how those tweetstorms generate the news that gets reported.

Today on Twitter, several reporters were hailing Alicia Acuna, from FOX News, who reported on the attack.  The report doesn’t make sense to me.

“As part of our preparation for a story about Thursday’s special election to air on “Special Report with Bret Baier,” we arranged interviews with the top two candidates, Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist. On Wednesday, I joined field producer Faith Mangan and photographer Keith Railey in Bozeman for our scheduled interview with Gianforte, which was to take place at the Gianforte for Congress Bozeman Headquarters.

Faith, Keith and I arrived early to set up for the interview in a room adjacent to another room where a volunteer BBQ was to take place. As the time for the interview neared, Gianforte came into the room. We exchanged pleasantries and made small talk about restaurants and Bozeman.

During that conversation, another man — who we now know is Ben Jacobs of The Guardian — walked into the room with a voice recorder, put it up to Gianforte’s face and began asking if he had a response to the newly released Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act. Gianforte told him he would get to him later. Jacobs persisted with his question. Gianforte told him to talk to his press guy, Shane Scanlon.”

The article has an audio clip of the altercation between Jacobs and Gianforte.

Acuna reported that Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck, but later she walked that back in an interview:

“”You know, and I’m the one who said that,” Acuna told Laura Ingraham about the neck grab claim. “I saw both his hands go up, not around his neck in a strangling type of way, but more just on each side of his neck, just grabbed him and I guess it could’ve been on his clothes, I don’t know.””

What bothers me about Acuna’s reporting is it doesn’t make sense to me.  She reports she arrived early with a field producer and a photographer to set up early.  So, why on earth aren’t there photos or a video of the incident that lasted  over a minute?  The audio recording is 46 seconds.  What kind of professional photographer misses an entire incident like this?

This reminds me of the Lewandowsky/Fields incident where I watched that video over and over and never saw the events transpire as Fields recounted it.  I strongly suspect that incident was staged by Fields.

I am not sure what exactly happened with this altercation last night, but an incident like this where the media jumps into hysteria mode, the Dems jump into virtue signalling about terrible, mean Republicans and then lambasted other Republicans in Congress to condemn Gianforte – all based on an audio recording and tweetstorm smells suspect to me. The timing, the day before an election, is quite amazing.

I am highly skeptical of these sensationalized media stories.

Why didn’t that photographer, who arrived to set up early, get any photos or video?

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Information Warfare, both foreign and domestic

The other day, I mentioned that the timing of the Seth Rich conspiratorial story, that alleged Rich leaked the DNC  emails to Wikileaks, smelled like more Russian influence efforts to get the Right latching onto this and cast doubt on the Trump/Russian collusion stories.  Assuredly, the mainstream media and Dems have way overplayed and sensationalized the Trump/Russian connections too, but the timing of the Rich story was odd.  The story originated with a FOX news affiliate and the entire story fell apart under closer examination, but when the story broke, The Drudge Report had that headline emblazoned across the top all day.  Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh believed and hyped the story, without any fact-checking.  Hannity clung to the story, even when it was obvious the story has no factual basis.

So, the story was intended to get Trump, his mouthpieces and the Right frothing against, not only Democrats, but also to distrust the FBI and American intelligence agencies… again.

Here’s what I suspect is going on and yes, it’s a conspiracy theory too:

Remembering timelines is important and adding new information into the timeline, as you come across it and remembering that timelines don’t end – the story always continues.  The Russians aren’t idly sitting on their hands now or declaring victory with Trump’s election, they are still busy with their information warfare efforts in America – to create chaos, to undermine the American political system, to damage America’s image in the world and to destroy the American people’s trust in their own government.

I suspect FOX News has been a tool the Russians exploited for Russian influence operations since it opened shop in America.  I suspect the same thing with The Drudge Report, which came onto the scene with breaking the Lewinsky scandal.  The Drudge Report has never invested in creating an appealing website.  Really, it’s a visually unappealing site, but it’s caché comes with what stories get highlighted at the top.   That America’s political class and media take The Drudge Report so seriously is why that site garners so much attention and has so much influence.  In recent years, The Drudge Report has worked to mainstream conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones and his “InfoWars” as a “news” source.   That Donald Trump, a believer in Alex Jones type “reporting” is now president is a boon to the Russian information war effort.

The rest of this post is all a repeat on what I term  a mass media saturation strategy, which came into being with the Clinton “war room” in the 1992 presidential election, so feel free to skip it if you’re tired of my repetitive messaging;-)

I believe this media messaging strategy is really information warfare ( a military swarming strategy juxtaposed to an information battlefield).  Since the Clinton impeachment scandal in 1998, I strongly suspect there is a strong, hostile foreign intelligence influence involved in manipulating American politicians, the American media and the American punditry circles.  The Clintons launched an all-out scorched earth information war to keep President Clinton from being removed from office.  To repeat, ad nauseam, here again are the components:

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media. (mass brainwashing)
  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.
  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Until Trump, with the help of FOX News collusion & Wikileaks leaks, only Democrats had successfully used this strategy.  The mainstream media colludes with the Democrats and political Left in America.

I’ve cover all of this many times before, so here are some interesting bits and pieces in this ongoing information war.  American partisans have blinders on and when it comes to “Russian influence”, they want to pin the Russian influence on their American political opponents.  Republicans will accuse the Dems of emboldening the Russians, because the Obama administration kowtowed to the Russians and Iranians, to secure the Iran deal and because President Obama did not take an assertive American posture in dealing with America’s adversaries.

Trump, although it’s doubtful he was actively “colluding” with the Russians, he assuredly welcomed the Russian influence efforts, because they were benefitting him.  Trump also took a hostile approach toward American intelligence agencies and the FBI, who were working to thwart and expose the Russian influence efforts.  If there is actual Russian collusion within the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, I would expect the Russians to operate using third-party intermediaries, so they can maintain complete deniability and to mask their collusion.  In fact, I would not be surprised if the intermediaries were not even aware they were being manipulated to promote the Russian information warfare memes and messaging.

Like I said the other day, the Russians are many things, but being stupid enough to entrust a loose cannon, like Trump, who blurts and tweets everything based on whims,  with the knowledge of Russian operatives identities, seems very unlikely.  Anyone who trusts Trump is a fool, the same is true of Hillary Clinton, who would even sell Bill Clinton down the river to save herself… if he didn’t know where all the bodies are buried… so to speak.

Against this history of information warfare, which I wrote about on the Excite politics message boards during the Clinton impeachment scandal, when Trump entered the 2016 presidential race and the media started repeating he was the “GOP Insurgent”, immediately my “information warfare” antennae went up.

Initially, throughout most of the GOP primary all the cable news networks spent a great deal of time promoting the “GOP Insurgent” and they gave him millions of dollars in free media, in addition to endless coverage in their punditry air time.  In early 2016, a shift took place, as it became obvious Trump had the GOP nomination locked up.  CNN, MSNBC and major news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post went “full fascist” mode, painting Trump as a dangerous fascist, while FOX news dug in on a 24/7 Trumpathon.

President Trump assures that the Left will stay in full-throated Trump Derangement Syndrome mode, that much of the Right will discount everything they say and that Trump, who truly is a LOOSE CANNON, will flail about and create chaos and mayhem in his wake.  Hillary Clinton would have been the same chaos, albeit in a less flamboyant way.  The Russians have the dirt on the Clinton Foundation money-laundering and assuredly they are sitting on all the emails from her home-brew server, which they would have wielded to blackmail her or leak to create political damage and hamstring her presidency.  There was no better choice between Trump and Hillary.

So, watch closely how FOX News has dismantled its Trump chorus, first with ousting Roger Ailes, now their star, Bill O’Reilly and it seems obvious Sean Hannity is on the chopping block too.  FOX News is now not leading the cable prime time.  I suspect there will be more critical reporting on Trump at FOX  in the near future, because the Russians want the Trump presidency to be an endless Reality TV, scandal-plagued nightmare, that makes America the laughingstock of the world.

The Russians don’t want a successful American president, who unites America.  We have had nothing but very extreme partisanship and a complete disintegration of shared American ideals since the 1960s counter-culture revolution, with a short lull during the early Reagan years, and then a downhill slide since the early 90s.

The mass media saturation strategy continues, as does the information warfare, both foreign and domestic.

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Just photos

The flowers in my bird bath started blooming again.

My late mother never did plastic canvas needlepoint, but she assumed I could fix this tissue box cover I had made for her in the 90s, which one of her dogs chewed up.  She gave this back to me shortly before she died and asked me if I could fix it.

I pulled it out a few days before Mother’s Day and I restitched a new one, salvaging the concho trim and reusing that.  I salvaged two sides and had to take out some stitching and replace it, but the plastic canvas was intact.  I made those sides into mug mats, by adding fringe on the short ends.  The pattern was from a magazine and it’s supposed to look like a Mexican striped blanket.  Despite this design not being my taste really, I am keeping this tissue box cover and the mug mats for sentimental reasons

I also stitched two other plastic canvas tissue box covers in the past few weeks.  One I already gave to a friend, but here’s the other one:


I finished another free DMC pattern I found on the Italian DMC website and the pattern had May in Italian at the top, but I changed that to “Welcome”:

I finished it into an approximately 5 X 7  “cube” using instructions from a couple different online tutorials.

Yes, I am stitching a lot.  It relieves stress.

I’m already working on another counted cross-stitch piece, finishing up a long ago unfinished small needlepoint piece with wool yarn and I’m working on a rose pattern plastic canvas tissue box cover.

I watched a bunch of videos yesterday on making paper boxes and covering them with fabric, a craft called “cartonnage”.  There’s some amazingly complicated bags, trays, even little gypsy wagons made out of cardboard using this technique.  It reminded me of all the cardboard boxes I covered with fabric and pretty paper as a teenager to make my own stylish storage, so “cartonnage” is  another craft in my near future.

And I’m still trying to keep up with the bizarre news and the media feeding frenzy on Twitter.  I can’t decide who is more off their rocker, Louise Mensch with her constant stream of Trump conspiracies and her endless maze of crackpot theories or Sean Hannity with his believing the Seth Rich/Wikileaks story without any real evidence other than Julian Assange mentioned Rich’s murder.  Hannity is leaping at this Rich story as complete exoneration of Trump or his campaign colluding with the Russians.  According to Hannity if Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks, that means the Russians weren’t involved… except that Wikileaks is very likely a Russian front operation, so the source of those emails doesn’t conclusively prove there was no Russian collusion or Russian influence in regards to Wikileaks.

Hard to believe so many journalists reported on Melania Trump brushing aside Trump’s hand as they walked the red carpet during welcome festivities in Israel.  Her hand swat went viral.  That was big “news” all day yesterday…

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Monica’s reinvention of herself and history

Monica Lewinsky vented  about Roger Ailes and Fox News in a recent, scathing op-ed piece in the New York Times .  The entire sensationalized news is not a problem only at Fox News, it’s a problem at CNN, MSNBC, even in the revered New York Times too.  The difference is Fox News sensationalizes stories about the Left and Democrats, while the mainstream media downplays those stories.  The mainstream media sensationalizes stories to destroy conservatives, Republicans and the Right.

Lewinsky writes:

“My family and I huddled at home, worried about my going to jail — I was the original target of Kenneth Starr’s investigation, threatened with 27 years for having been accused of signing a false affidavit and other alleged crimes — or worse, me taking my own life. Meantime, Mr. Ailes huddled with his employees at Fox News, dictating a lineup of talking heads to best exploit this personal and national tragedy.”

The person Lewinsky never blames for her predicament is former president, Bill Clinton, who abused his position and had an affair with her, when she was a young intern and it was he and his minions who had her sign a false affidavit.  The mainstream media, pushing the “right-wing witch hunt” Clinton whitewash spin since 1999, has completely altered the public perception of what actually happened during the Clinton impeachment:

IntroductionPursuant to Section 595(c) of Title 28, the Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) hereby submits substantial and credible information that President Clinton obstructed justice during the Jones v. Clinton sexual harassment lawsuit by lying under oath and concealing evidence of his relationship with a young White House intern and federal employee, Monica Lewinsky. After a federal criminal investigation of the President’s actions began in January 1998, the President lied under oath to the grand jury and obstructed justice during the grand jury investigation. There also is substantial and credible information that the President’s actions with respect to Monica Lewinsky constitute an abuse of authority inconsistent with the President’s constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws.

There is substantial and credible information supporting the following eleven possible grounds for impeachment:

1. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil case when he denied a sexual affair, a sexual relationship, or sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

2. President Clinton lied under oath to the grand jury about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

3. In his civil deposition, to support his false statement about the sexual relationship, President Clinton also lied under oath about being alone with Ms. Lewinsky and about the many gifts exchanged between Ms. Lewinsky and him.

4. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil deposition about his discussions with Ms. Lewinsky concerning her involvement in the Jones case.

5. During the Jones case, the President obstructed justice and had an understanding with Ms. Lewinsky to jointly conceal the truth about their relationship by concealing gifts subpoenaed by Ms. Jones’s attorneys.

6. During the Jones case, the President obstructed justice and had an understanding with Ms. Lewinsky to jointly conceal the truth of their relationship from the judicial process by a scheme that included the following means: (i) Both the President and Ms. Lewinsky understood that they would lie under oath in the Jones case about their sexual relationship; (ii) the President suggested to Ms. Lewinsky that she prepare an affidavit that, for the President’s purposes, would memorialize her testimony under oath and could be used to prevent questioning of both of them about their relationship; (iii) Ms. Lewinsky signed and filed the false affidavit; (iv) the President used Ms. Lewinsky’s false affidavit at his deposition in an attempt to head off questions about Ms. Lewinsky; and (v) when that failed, the President lied under oath at his civil deposition about the relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

7. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice by helping Ms. Lewinsky obtain a job in New York at a time when she would have been a witness harmful to him were she to tell the truth in the Jones case.

8. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil deposition about his discussions with Vernon Jordan concerning Ms. Lewinsky’s involvement in the Jones case.

9. The President improperly tampered with a potential witness by attempting to corruptly influence the testimony of his personal secretary, Betty Currie, in the days after his civil deposition.

10. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice during the grand jury investigation by refusing to testify for seven months and lying to senior White House aides with knowledge that they would relay the President’s false statements to the grand jury — and did thereby deceive, obstruct, and impede the grand jury.

11. President Clinton abused his constitutional authority by (i) lying to the public and the Congress in January 1998 about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky; (ii) promising at that time to cooperate fully with the grand jury investigation; (iii) later refusing six invitations to testify voluntarily to the grand jury; (iv) invoking Executive Privilege; (v) lying to the grand jury in August 1998; and (vi) lying again to the public and Congress on August 17, 1998 — all as part of an effort to hinder, impede, and deflect possible inquiry by the Congress of the United States.

Lewinsky is busily trying to recreate her public image as a crusader against “cyber-bullying”, by casting herself as one of the first victims of it.   Assuredly, the overly salacious coverage at Fox News deserves criticism, but the real person to blame for the horrors Lewinsky faced was President Bill Clinton.   Granted, having details of their affair splashed across the news was a traumatic experience for her, but Lewinsky always completely skips over the details.  She skips details, like how Sid Blumenthal, Clinton White House aide and part of Hillary Clinton’s bimbo eruption clean-up squad, planted false stories about her being a stalker and that the president was a victim of her sexual advances.

Fox News didn’t put Lewinsky in legal jeopardy, Bill Clinton did that.

Blumenthal is still busy carrying water for the Clintons, like when he ran his lengthy hit piece on Donald Trump in the London Review of Books in February 2017, which included a racist video purported to be a decades old Fred Trump campaign ad.  The mainstream media went crazy retweeting that video, which turned out to be fake news

Deplorable journalism isn’t exclusive to Fox News and conservative news venues.  Much of it leads right to the Clintons’ door-step.

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We need to understand how we got here

“My fervent hope is that both Hillary and Trump get fired  – she  to face charges and he as a total lying, conniving fraud, but of course, due to the state of America and the worship of celebrity, my hope rests as, at best, a forlorn one.  She will not be held to account for jeopardizing national security on an epic scale and Trump, a TV clown act, who definitely does not possess the integrity, intellectual heft, work ethic or frankly good manners to be President, just might insult his way into the White House.”

Drumpfzilla vs. the Witch of Chappaqua, April 19, 2016

Before we can move on, we need to understand how we got here and truthfully we need answers about the 2016 presidential corruption, as well as uncovering and understanding the extent of the Russian influence operations.  There was plenty of extreme corruption underway before Trump even entered the race.  Podesta and the Clintons had their Pied Piper strategy mapped out, which was detailed in a leaked Podesta email, from April 23, 2015.  That strategy, like all the mass media saturation information warfare the Clintons engage in only works because of mass media collusion, that saturates the media with their talking points and spin (LIES).   Bill Clinton called Donald Trump weeks before Trump entered the race, so it’s reasonable to wonder if Bill Clinton encouraged Trump to enter the race…  Trump was supposed to be the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat.

Donald J. Trump, whining, shady, puffed-up windbag Reality TV star is the President of the United States.  Any attempts to gloss over his glaring character deficits is a wasted effort.  Early on in 2015, when he entered the race plenty of people, myself included, wrote extensively about his lack of character and just like the extremely corrupt Clintons, he corrupts everyone and everything within his orbit.

There were his staunch defenders proclaiming he was a victim of unfair media, that it didn’t matter if he didn’t understand policy (or even the basics on our constitutional republic) or that the stench of corruption clings to him as tightly as dirt and filth cling to the Peanuts character, Pig-Pen.   Trump defenders proclaimed that none of that mattered, because once Trump was president, he could hire the “best” people to guide him and in regards to Hillary Clinton’s corruption, Trump wasn’t so bad.

Frankly, very few of the “best” Republicans or conservatives  will work for a “loose cannon” like Trump.  The Clintons had an easier time getting Democrats and liberals to carry water for them, because most of the political Left in Americav values politics above integrity or character.  President Trump is anything but an organized and competent leader of the executive branch, but he was legally elected President of the United States.

Unless and until real evidence shows otherwise, there are no grounds to impeach him.  The Democrats and many in the mainstream media, with their highly corrupt “Resist” effort are working feverishly to destroy President Trump and remove him from office, by any means necessary.  Their relentless scorched earth information war against President Trump is making America look more like a banana republic than Trump’s ineptness.  The constant stream of anonymous leaks of classified information, from within the US government and by former Obama officials are felonies being committed, not whistleblowing.  And due to President Trump’s shameless playing his own staff members against each other, there are plenty of leaks of classified information coming from within the White House too.  Trump does not create an environment of trust and loyalty among his staff.

The Democrats, mainstream media and twitterdom pundits rail daily about Russian collusion and allege nefarious, corrupt and inept actions that President Donald Trump is guilty of committing.  And yet so far, there is no “there” there in the allegations, despite the breathless, breaking news tag-team efforts of the New York Times and the Washington Post ranting about Trump/Russian collusion.   With this backdrop, it’s time for a retrospective of the loose ends from the 2016 presidential election that were never satisfactorily explained.

There are plenty of leaked DNC and John Podesta emails, in addition to released Hillary Clinton emails and FBI Notes to conclude conclusively that many journalists in the mainstream media actively colluded with the Clinton campaign to advance the Clinton campaign talking points and media strategy.

In fact, that is how Trump waged his “GOP Insurgency”, with millions of dollars in free media being given to Trump during the GOP primary.

Who really was behind the “GOP Insurgency”?

Who were the real Trump advisors during the GOP primary, who advised Trump on talking points, how to spin and who colluded with the mainstream media, especially news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and FOX, to give Trump 24/7 free media during the GOP primary?

Who colluded with the mainstream media to sit on Trump dirt during the primary?

There was a string of orchestrated protests and media reporting in early 2016, that led to Trump being painted as a “fascist”.  Admittedly, Trump aided in his own fascist caricaturization by his “strong-man” talk and antics, especially, his campaign rally where he read a loyalty pledge and had rally participants raise their right hand and repeat the pledge.  Who on earth thought up that pledge rally and organized it?  The media immediately was prepared with the Nuremberg rally imagery comparison… almost like it was a set-up.

Who came up with the phrase “GOP Insurgency”?

By May of 2016, when it was a certainty that Trump would be the GOP candidate, the Washington Post had 20 reporters working full-time to dig up dirt on Trump.  20…  And dig they did, pouring into every aspect of his life and assuredly many of them are still hard at work on the Russian collusion smear campaign.  Yes, the breathless reporting on “Russian collusion” with endless “anonymous sources” leaking classified information ( that’s a felony btw) is part of a concerted information war against Donald Trump.  It is the continuation of the Clinton scorched earth campaign effort.   You’d think with all the people working to expose Trump/Russian collusion, that by now they’d have smoking gun evidence, if it really happened.

Trump really is so thin-skinned and emotionally-stunted that if someone says nice stuff about him, he thinks they love him and if they criticize him, he considers them mortal enemies.  He reacts in a catty teenage girl manner, hysterics included, and when Putin praised him, Trump thought Putin really likes him.  Trump is that easy to play.

The Russians can be called many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.  They assessed Trump’s personality and bio and they already know Hillary Clinton inside out, so they have played their own information war, playing American partisans against each other.  I don’t believe that Putin and the Russians would ever trust Trump with details of any of their plans, so I doubt actual collusion exists.  Instead, I believe the Russians continue to manipulate Trump, agitate both Left and Right,  along with fueling paranoia and wild conspiracy theories among the American political fringes.

The Wikileaks leaked DNC and Podesta emails clearly show media collusion with the DNC and Clinton campaign.  The mainstream media, instead of admitting to the corrupt media collusion, rails against Wikileaks as a source not to be trusted.  Except the leaked emails, despite being stolen,  appear to be legit.

“Never underestimate the Clintons when it comes to underhandedness.”

–  August 5, 2015 blog post, Buyer Beware

Now, back to Hillary’s emails server scandal, which James Comey declared was “extremely careless”, but not criminal and he asserted there was “no intent” on Hillary Clinton’s part to mishandle highly classified information.  This despite copious evidence to the contrary.  So, let’s look at the loose threads from her email server scandal.

David Kendall, the long-time Clinton friend and attorney, handled the sorting process of the emails on the infamous home-brew server, which was referred to as Hillary’s email server.  His office decided which emails to return to the State Department, as official records and which were personal. However, that server was really Bill Clinton’s personal email server, which he had set-up in his home for his Clinton Foundation business.

David Kendall’s office had the email server and according to media reports, his office turned over official State Department business emails and a thumb drive to the FBI.  This thumb drive was mentioned in a House Oversight Committee hearing when Patrick Kennedy, the State Department official doing damage control for Hillary, was asked about the thumb drive of the emails and he stated he believed the FBI had the thumb drive.  The FBI was reported to have Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson’s laptop computers too.  Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson worked with David Kendall to sort Hillary’s emails on her server and to collude with Platte River Networks to destroy the Clinton emails they had on their server.

So, when the email investigation was reopened in October 2016, the leaks came pouring out of the FBI about ongoing investigations in several states into Clinton Foundation corruption and information that the FBI did not destroy Mills and Samuelson’s laptops per the Obama Justice Department’s shady agreement.

Who has the thumb drive of the Hillary server emails?

Who ordered the destruction of the emails?  David Kendall had the server, Hillary claimed she did not order anyone to destroy any emails, so that leaves Bill Clinton as the real owner of the server, which housed his Clinton Foundation emails (a Clinton Foundation which was reported to be under FBI investigation for corruption in several states)…  It seems very improbable that David Kendall would take it upon himself to decide to destroy tens of thousands of the Clintons’ emails without consulting one or both of the Clintons.

At the time Kendall’s office destroyed “Hillary’s personal emails”, those emails were under subpoena.  Destroying information under subpoena is clearly obstruction of justice.  Heather Samuelson, one of Kendall’s team that worked to sort the server emails, refused to tell the FBI what keywords were used in the sorting process of those emails.  Why did James Comey go to such efforts to exonerate Hillary Clinton in regards to her “intent” in using a private, unsecured email server and jeopardizing highly classified information, during his July 5, 2016 statement and while testifying to Congress, when he knew blatant obstruction of justice had occurred?  Comey knew tens of thousands of emails from her server had been destroyed and he knew that server housed not only her yoga schedules, wedding plans and her State Department emails, but also Bill Clinton’s foundation emails… a foundation reportedly under criminal FBI investigation is several states.

While the media twitters about Trump’s handing classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office, it’s important to investigate that, but it’s also important to continue investigating the extent of  Hillary’s reckless handling of classified information.  And while they’re investigating Hillary’s emails, perhaps they can find the approximately 1,000 missing emails between General David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton.

What ever happened with these reported ongoing FBI criminal investigations of the Clinton Foundation in several states?

So many unanswered questions about the corruption in the 2016 Presidential election and all the media fixates on is Trump/Russian collusion.  The corruption of both candidates and the American media created a culture that made it easy for Russian influence operations to flourish.  The greater threat to America comes from home-grown public corruption, because that is tearing apart the framework that supports our constitutional republic.

You won’t see American partisans on either side wanting to root out the public corruption within their own political parties.  It’s easier to blame the Russians for all our problems.

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Putin diagnoses “political schizophrenia” in America

Short update on yesterday’s blog post:

Russia always tries to fuel partisan divides and inflame tensions, along with aiding and abetting radical factions, in America.

So, here’s what Putin said Wednesday:

“Putin said allegations that Trump had disclosed top-secret intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S., proved that the U.S. was  “developing political schizophrenia,” according to the Russian state-controlled news agency Tass, which quoted comments Putin made at a Wednesday news conference in Sochi, Russia.”

Yes, according to Putin, who does everything he can to undermine political stability in America, the U.S. is developing political schizophrenia…  He wants the rest of the world to believe America’s political system is falling apart and America can not be trusted as a world leader.

Too bad most of the partisans in Washington and the mainstream media, while screaming about Trump/Russian collusion, are completely oblivious to how Russia continues their same information warfare and they’re actually feeding the Trump/Russian collusion hysteria.

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Perfect Timing

Divide and conquer

If you think the Trump turmoil/Russian interference hysteria peaked, well, think again.  Here are some news and flashbacks to other bits of loose threads in this ongoing American soap opera – The Never-ending Trump/Clinton Scorched Earth Information War.

In the past week, President Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey, hosted two top Russian officials in the Oval Office, tweeted out a “warning” to Comey that he might have tapes of their conversations, blew-up his WH staff’s explanations on the Comey firing and stated he might stop WH press briefings.

Amidst this endless turmoil, the mainstream media keeps breaking “bombshell” stories, all citing anonymous sources (likely Dems & intel officials who want Trump impeached).  The mainstream media continues to carry the talking points for the Clinton (Dem) scorched earth information war.  Trump, by his own imprudent tweeting, impulsive actions and need to boast, has inflicted more damage on his presidency than his enemies could ever hope to.

So, into this latest drama here are some things to watch:

The New York Times reported that there is a Comey memo of Trump asking Comey if he can end the General Flynn investigation.  The memo was not handed over to the New York Times, but a Comey associate read parts of it to a reporter during a phone conversation.

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, refutes the media claims that President Trump divulged highly classified intelligence to the Russians during his Oval Office meeting.

Yesterday, the Drudge Report ran a blazing headline about a murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, which other conservative media leaped on.  The story alleges that this young staffer was Wikileaks’ source of the leaked DNC emails.  The victim’s family refuted the cited evidence.  Zero Hedge, a blog reported by some intelligence analysts as a Russian front operation,  has a story reporting the chronology of events from  Rich’s murder, to 12 days later Wikileaks started leaking DNC emails.  Rich’s family came out yesterday and refuted this report.

The perfect timing of this sensational story, that moved attention from the Dems’ “Russian collusion” hysteria to a story, that shifted blame for the leaks to a disgruntled DNC staffer, struck me as quite astounding.  This story bolstered many Trump supporters’ belief that Trump is a victim of unfair liberal media attacks and that the Russian collusion hysteria is a Democrat effort to destroy Trump.

The mainstream media and the Democrats can be out to destroy Trump, but the timing of this Seth Rich story, made me wonder about the Russians, once again, playing a hand to keep the American partisans frothing.  It smelled to me like the Russians possibly playing another “trump” card.  The veracity of the story, is something I have no idea about, but the perfect timing is out in the open for all to see.  I wonder who decided to sensationalize this story and which media outlet(s) ran it first.  The Drudge Report decided it needed to be emblazoned across the top of the site yesterday, as “big” news.

Now, Putin aides report that Putin might release a transcript of the conversations that occurred in the Oval Office, between President Trump and two top Russian officials last week.

This is Putin using “Russian interference” to fuel American partisans’ distrust of each other, but on the national level, this casts America, not just President Trump, as inept, Reality-TV level buffoonish and not a world leader.

And that has been the real goal of the “Russian interference” in our 2016 election, but also the goal of the Russians since 1919, when the Russians took charge of the Comintern (Communist International).

President Trump really is just a useful idiot to Putin.  If Trump takes the Russian bait and touts the Russian’s transcript as vindicating him, he will have been masterfully played… again.

Putin is not America’s friend… or President Trump’s.

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