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The Plan

“A republic may, likewise, be brought to its original form, without recourse to ordinances for enforcing justice, by the mere virtues of a single citizen, by reason that these virtues are of such influence and authority that good men love to imitate them, and bad men are ashamed to depart from them.”

—-Discourses on Livy, Book III, Chapter 1, For a sect or Commonwealth to last long it must often be brought back to its Beginnings

Many years ago, in my messages of mhere adventure, I wondered how on earth to bring this story to a conclusion.  I had already written about the SPIN brand of information warfare on the Excite messages boards, during the scorched earth impeachment mess.  I had realized it relied on a mass media domination strategy akin to swarming.  All the ideas that floated through my head were centered on how to, not only, break through the message wall, but how to DEFEAT SPIN information warfare in America.

The usual military strategic thinker, myself included, would keep focusing on ways to overwhelm it or shut it down.  That is how the military strategic mind assesses “defeating the enemy”.  Every avenue my mind could imagine focused on overwhelming SPIN.  I pondered and pondered, thinking, like a guy, – the overwhelming force approach and all those options were scary, especially for someone like me who abhors violence and is scared of guns.  So, then I thought, about Sun Tzu, and the answer hit me.  Just speak the truth, day in, day out, calmly, politely and with me, there’s gonna be some snark, because that’s just ME, lol.  A whole lot of other people will need to speak the truth too.

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.  To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

— Sun Tzu, Offensive Strategy

In 2016, Donald Trump, through a series of events, first the corrupt Bill Clinton triangulation (GOP insurgency) effort, giving Trump BILLIONS of dollars in free media, then Trump’s gift for showmanship, acquiring some 24/7 media avenues (FOX, major pundits, newspapers) and most of all his personal Twitter account, managed to break through the Left’s lock on the 24/7 news SPIN cycle, which had been maintained since the 90s.

Trump managed to break through the Left’s SPIN lock, by outrunning their OODA loops, he could “steal the show”, often several times a day, with an outrageous tweet or comment, which resulted in faster SPIN cycles and that left his SPIN “Fake News” agitprop operators (most of the mainstream media) recycling through old Trump SPIN messaging. They were back on the “Trump the fascist messaging – with the orchestrated military parade controversy again). The Trump taxes, Trump women, Trump the racist are all orchestrated SPIN agitprop messaging salvos.

While Trump did break through their messaging wall, both sides are locked down in this scorched earth, yet neither can suppress nor defeat the other, so on it drags.

The Left’s SPIN apparatus is headed by the Clintons, it includes a large network of operatives and people, such as Terry Lenzner, who provide the Clintons with their own private, global intelligence apparatus. The Cody Shearer memo, speaks to the Lenzner connection again. Also closely aligned with the Clintons is Sid Blumenthal, who runs the Clintons SPIN agitprop operations, which probably explains why I was hunted down and attacked.  I suspect there was hostile infiltration in the Clinton’s SPIN operations effort then & now.   The Clintons also have several friendly retired generals, to bolster whatever SPIN, they are peddling.  One of those Clinton-friendly generals was recruited in 1998. How many others were involved remains an open question.  Sid Blumenthal’s operations need to be investigated.

In my search for a way to defeat SPIN, those many years ago, I kept asking myself:  What is SPIN?  By focusing on the information warfare aspect of it, I was missing the simple, obvious answer.  What defeats SPIN (LIES) is the TRUTH.  My objective is to peacefully and politely, find a national platform to speak the TRUTH.   My other imperatives are that no violence be used in this effort and that no laws be broken.  I believe in playing by the rules and in America that is The Constitution.

Gaining that foothold on the national stage has not been achieved, yet, but that is my goal. I am not alone, otherwise I would have already been silenced (been there, done that many times over the years, with computer “issues”. How many people are helping me, I have no earthly idea. That is the truth – I don’t know.  My plan is very simple really – WHEN I get a foothold on the national stage, I intend to stand there, day in, day out and speak the truth, peacefully and politely.   Let’s call it “Sue’s Storytime Hour”,  since Trump’s already got the road rallies aced and the Clintons own the 24/7 mainstream media airwaves.   I’d like just a few minutes a day to give reporters my side of the story, to be entered into the national SPIN info war mix too;-)  Anything wrong with that?  I always try to be nice to people, so I intend to just be ME. I wrote my ideas on this in my Penzu journals, so if the 2 state judges, who have my password, are reading that – there it is out in the open – the only thing that can defeat a SPIN tsunami, where they will turn my friends and family against me, put them up there to present me as some “threat” or deranged person is to come forward and speak.  Hopefully, I’ll have a few other good guys helping me speak the truth.  America is long overdue for some heaping doses of high-octane brand THE TRUTH!

I was rather alarmed yesterday, when my one son sent me a private facebook message joking about some horrible computer game he was playing “Plague” or something like that.  My immediate thought, was “Oh shit, what if they lie to these generals that this is a bioweapon” emergency”… In 1998, they lied to a retired general, to recruit him to attack me in my home, all over comments, which I had posted about SPIN … and…  comments such as “no one is above the law”.  I refused to be silenced and kept arguing against their SPIN messaging,  pointing out how it was LIES.  They couldn’t silence me.

So, think about that – what happened in 2016 with the online trolls, in comment sections, was considered such a new threat, but it happened to me in 1998 on the Excite message boards…

That indicates, to me at least, that they have been operating with our national security people, unaware, until the last few years.  With the attack on me, the one thing I can guarantee is the general who was played to attack an enlisted family – was lied to – he was deliberately fed false intelligence.  He would not ever have attacked my home otherwise. This isn’t about me – it’s about they turned American soldiers against each other – for partisan political purposes. That can not stand in America – it must be exposed.

When this is over all I really want to know is why people, many in my own family, believed all these lies and why do they hate me this much?  That’s the answer I want.  I try to be nice to everyone, I like to help people and I don’t even have a speeding ticket.  I like to cook and sew and make gifts for my family and friends.  I like to do volunteer work.

I just wanted to write this – anyone reading this not aware of the whole long messages of mhere story, I am sorry you’ll have some catching up to do, to even begin to understand this post.

I wanted to add this bit of personal explanation:  Why I have continued to work every day since I escaped from being sent to a state mental hospital, where they were trying commit me to a state mental hospital permanently, is because I swore an oath to defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Words matter.

Keeping your word, is a sacred TRUST.

The other reason, I continue on, is, it is my DUTY under the Code of Conduct – I must make every effort to escape.  I never could have imagined being attacked like this, on American soil, by a retired general who was fed lies, but no matter what, I will continue to work to expose those events.


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2016 Russian Collusion count

Reported 2016 Russian Collusion count: 2 for Team Clinton and 2 for Team Trump.

Team Clinton:

The Steele dossier, was Russian collusion, with the Clinton campaign and DNC hiring a retired British spy, Christopher Steele to dig up Russian dirt on Donald Trump.  That Russian dirt, unverified and from unknown Russian sources has been used by the Obama Justice Dept. to launch investigations into the Trump campaign and is also the major SPIN cover for the #Resist effort.

The second Clinton Russian collusion effort, is reported to also have been successful at digging up Russian dirt on Donald Trump.  The Guardian reports:

The second memo was written by Cody Shearer, a controversial political activist and former journalist who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s.

Unlike Steele, Shearer does not have a background in espionage, and his memo was initially viewed with scepticism, not least because he had shared it with select media organisations before the election.

However, the Guardian has been told the FBI investigation is still assessing details in the “Shearer memo” and is pursuing intriguing leads.

The Shearer memo mirrors much of the Steele dossier.  Imagine that… So, the FBI is seriously using dirt from a Clinton sleaze operative, part of the old Clinton-scandals-witness-intimidation-squad, to bolster the Steele dossier…

Next up, the two Team Trump Russian collusion efforts did not bear fruit.

The Don. Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer, that was spun as a discussion about Russian adoption, fizzled.  Andrew McCarthy wrote about that in his article, The Gang That Couldn’t Lie Straight.

The other Trump campaign effort was a Republican operative, Peter Smith, who was reported to have tried to hire a British security firm to locate Russian hackers, with the intention of buying Hillary’s emails.  Smith died last year in May, 10 days after talking to a WSJ reporter.  Smith is reported to have committed suicide:

“At the time, the newspaper reported Smith’s May 14 death came about 10 days after he granted the interview. Mystery shrouded how and where he had died, but the lead reporter on the stories said on a podcast he had no reason to believe the death was the result of foul play and that Smith likely had died of natural causes.

In the note recovered by police, Smith apologized to authorities and said that “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” was involved in his death. He wrote that he was taking his own life because of a “RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017” and timing related “TO LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING.””

Further on in that same Chicago Tribune story is this fascinating bit of info:

“Smith’s death occurred at the Aspen Suites in Rochester, records show. They list the cause of death as “asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium.”

Rochester police Chief Roger Peterson on Wednesday called Smith’s manner of death “unusual,” but a funeral home worker said he’d seen it before.”

Color me just a tad suspicious…  10 days after talking to a WSJ reporter…  Who knows, his Russian collusion may have been successful, but unlike the Steele dossier, I am sure Lynch and Comey would not have been using recovered emails from her”extremely careless” homebrew server, as evidence in Hillary’s “no intent”,  ummm, “matter”…

Stranger than fiction.  Can’t wait to see the next chapter in this 2016 never ending Russian collusion “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” (psst, that’s part of a 1939 Winston Churchill quote about Russia).

Later, I am cooking supper.



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Deja vu all over again…

This is the last time I am going to mention my story on my blog, but I want to repeat it, since it sure looks like America is on the cusp of a major constitutional crisis.  The Dems are spinning “groping” allegations, that happened long before Trump was president, as a legitimate reason to drum up media spin pressure to force a legally elected president out of office.  This is not how our republic is supposed to work. It really is lawlessness, where the Dems use SPIN, creating media hysteria, to incite the American public, hype crap polls that this is what Americans believe, and the mainstream liberal media carries their spin, with few questions asked.

America lives under a powerful, corrupt political machine rule.

President Trump seems likely to fire Mueller soon, I believe.  The Russian collusion now seems to me like really just a Dem spin effort to run Trump out of office. All along I doubted that the Russians would directly collude with the Trump campaign, because Russian SOP used to be to maintain plausible deniability, while casting doubt on others, unlike clowns, Roger Stone or Tick Tock Hannity, who announce their attack in advance on Twitter and in blustery “just wait” announcements.  Their tweets leave their fingerprints all over the spin attacks, like the Franken “groping” photo hit.  My other main problem is the Russians usually do extensive psychological profiling & fully understand Trump’s character flaws. They might set him up, but the chances that they would want to openly collude with him are about zero. They know he is totally untrustworthy & a loose cannon.  Of course, I do believe some in the Trump campaign, including Trump, would have been happy to collude with the Russians.

Our republic is on precarious ground.

No one believed my story and no one cares, but I want to tell my story one more time.  The entire story, Messages of mhere, is at the top of my blog.  I wrote it in the annoying third person and I used pseudonyms, but every person is real.

I am a nobody homemaker, one of those women who are completely discounted by feminists in America .  My husband is a disabled, retired Army sergeant major.  He served in Grenada and Desert Storm.  He received a bronze star with valor award in Desert Storm.  He also doesn’t matter in America, because only some vets matter in America.  A General Petraeus, who got off of serious criminal charges, using  Clinton lawyer, David Kendall, matters.  Americans believe it’s okay for a man who was grossly negligent handling highly classified information to be considered for Secretary of State, just like they believe Hillary Clinton, who was grossly negligent handling highly classified information should be president.

A former American president, who dedicated his life to serving America, and is in the last years of his life, wheelchair bound, suffering from Parkinson’s, well his service doesn’t matter and it’s likely few Americans even know or care about his service.  This former president, President George HW Bush, was subjected to a vicious spin effort, to trash his name on hyped up “groping” allegations.  President Bush is a highly decorated WWII pilot, who flew dozens of combat missions.  The media hyped these “groping” allegations, no questions asked.  Both Dem and vile Trump spinners (the RogerStone/Hannity group) participated in hyping this vicious character assassination and the media spun along.

The media’s willingness to run Dem spin cycles, no questions asked, is a national disgrace.  It’s very corrupt and is undermining our constitutional republic too.  To use the media to run partisan SPIN to create a mob mentality, cover-up political corruption and to deliberately destroy reputations is obscene, but it has been going on since the 1990s, when the Clintons brought SPIN to Washington.  Trump now has his own spin machine with Flight 93 Tweet troops and Fox News running his spin 24/7.

In 1998, I was new to the internet.  We bought our first PC in 1997.  I became fascinated with surfing the web.  I came across the Excite message boards shortly before the Clinton impeachment scandal and began posting messages on political topics there.

Once the impeachment scandal escalated, so did the Clinton efforts to SPIN it away and the mainstream media bought into the Clinton spin & sold it – “just a witch hunt” and “it’s just about sex, sex, sex”.  The Left sold “one free grope” back then.

The mainstream media is as corrupt as the Democratic Party.  The Obama administration was very corrupt too, where Congressionally subpoenaed  records disappeared into the ether, the media carried the Dem spin, and scandals were cast as “Republican witch hunts”.  Trump is rapidly corrupting the Republican Party and has little respect for The Constitution.  He has the Fox News megaphone to run his spin.  He, just like the Clintons, will do anything to “win” and that is why America is locked into this endless information war.

My story is true.  I was attacked in my home in 1998 by a retired Army general, sent to silence me.  I believe, but can not prove any of the events.   Just like now, where some of the exact wording in my recent tweets has been borrowed by Trump Republicans for their talking points, my words were borrowed in 1998 to form arguments to counter the Clinton SPIN.

The retired Army general who attacked me hates my guts, due to issues I raised about his wife’s family support efforts during Desert Storm.  He was located, recruited and sent to silence me.  I believe he was fed false information, otherwise I can’t imagine him going along with an attack on an American citizen on American soil.  He hates me, so he would believe the worst of me.  I believe he was led to believe that I was a right-wing terrorist, because what happened to me sure seemed like the Clinton Waco treatment.  I have never been a terrorist, I was an unarmed, law-abiding homemaker, who got in the way of the Clinton SPIN.

I wrote personal letters during Desert Storm, that were, unbeknownst to me, sent to the Department of the Army.  These letters concerned details about what happened with family support activities, in my husband’s unit.  My husband was a 1st Sergeant, assigned to a unit in Germany, which deployed to Desert Storm.  Wives and families were left in Germany.  I was a family support leader in my husband’s company and actively involved in family support activities.  The terrorism threat concern was high and wives hysteria was a constant, especially when there were several bomb threats at my children’s DODDS elementary school and a bomb threat at a nearby PX at another Army unit.  The general who attacked me during impeachment was my husband’s brigade commander during Desert Storm and he hates me.  My Desert Storm letters caused him embarrassment.

I believe when my Excite arguments were picked up, the Clinton enforcers went investigating to find out who I was, when they came across this general.  Now that I see many of my tweet arguments being picked up by Trump spinmeisters, I wonder how long it will be before I am silenced again.

After watching the trashing of former President George HW Walker, by a partisan, either Roger Stone or Dem, spin effort, I am sure no one would care about one nobody homemaker.  The mainstream media runs the spin, no questions asked.   The Clintons are always victims, President Obama was holier than thou too, despite his extremely corrupt DOJ and constant stonewalling of Congressional Oversight and the Benghazi investigations – just a witch hunt, then time to move on.  On the other hand, the Bushes are next to evil and now Trump, well he’s Hitler…   Loretta Lynch ran a very corrupt DOJ.  James Comey played along to bury the Clinton email server scandal, but the mainstream media will sell the Dem talking points, no matter what.

In recent days, when I noticed my tweet arguments began being borrowed by Trump spinners, I began to worry a bit.  I wonder if they will try to silence me again… I live in GA, with my disabled husband, whom I take care of.  I learned during impeachment that my rights don’t matter.

I just wanted to write this to say,  I am not a terrorist.  I have never owned a firearm in my life, I have always been a law-abiding American citizen.




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A long, hard road ahead for America.

This morning President Trump was tweeting hard and heavy, from resurrecting a conspiracy theory about the death of a Joe Scarborough aide years ago to three retweets of anti-Muslim videos from a British  the leader, Jayda Fransen, who heads a neo-fascist group, Britain First.

The mainstream media and Left jumped into full-throated denunciations and some are calling for Trump’s impeachment … again.

I’ve had the same concerns about Trump’s use of his private cell phone and private Twitter account from the beginning.  The first concern is who controls Trump’s Twitter feed?  Is it some benign algorithm or do human hands tweak his feed?   The entire world knows how easily Trump can be baited and manipulated.  This makes him a target for manipulation by both his confidantes, partisan enemies and America’s adversaries.

Trump follows only 45 people on Twitter.  It has been reported that he does not use email or a computer and his aides print out emails and news articles for him to read.  Did someone send him these tweets to retweet?  Most of his news he seems to get from TV.  This makes me wonder how he came across THREE Jayda Fransen tweets to retweet?

It just seems very odd to me.  The media jumped quickly in with stories about Dems insisting Trump needs to be impeached by Christmas and there are pile-on stories questioning his mental state, reporters blabbing on that he is delusional and stating that recently Trump is questioning the authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape.

President Trump is totally unfit to carry out the duties of President in any way most Americans expect the office to be run.  However, he was duly elected and millions of Americans still support him.  And then there are millions of other Americans who have been working tirelessly to get him impeached even before he was inaugurated.  A vast amount of money and effort, much of it  shouldered by “journalists” and pundits in the media has been expended to #Resist, which really is an effort to take down Trump, by any means necessary.

I follow timelines and something odd happened on Twitter a couple of days ago, on Monday.   Keith Olbermann announced he is shutting down his #Resist Twitter effort, which has been relentless.  The Hill reported:

“The former ESPN, MSNBC, Current TV and Fox Sports host said he was “confident” President Trump’s presidency would end soon, thereby making it the “correct moment” to exit from making further political commentary.

“I am confident now even more so than I have been throughout the last year that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon, and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries,” Olbermann said, adding that Trump will either be removed from office or forced to resign by his own party sometime in the next 13 months.”

As soon as I saw Olbermann’s statement, I believed there was a new massive scorched earth attack from the #Resist bigwigs brewing.  His statement sounds like he is confident the plans are in the works.

I don’t know whether far-right Trump loyalists sent Trump those Fransen tweets, which is possible, but if not them, then how on earth did THREE of Fransen’s tweets show up on Trump’s Twitter feed?

Of course, in the end Trump chose to retweet those tweets.  The national security implications just thinking that a President relies on unvetted Twitter droppings and FOX News punditry over vetted intelligence should give every American pause.

If Trump ends up impeached, the #Resist effort has so poisoned the well, that millions of Trump supporters will believe it was a coup.  And, the Left’s  orchestrated antics to take down Trump, no matter what, provide a mountain of evidence to bolster that belief.

The scorched earth mentality  corrupts the moral fiber of many Trump supporters, just like the scorched earth mentality corrupted the moral fiber of many Clinton supporters.  The followers buy into believing the endless morally bankrupt drivel political pundits package and sell.  Conservatives used to point out these corrupt excuses, but in the era of Trump, many former conservative pundits (and even some Evangelical leaders) now sell Trumpian beliefs.  Yesterday, I read the most pathetic piece by D.C. McAllister, at The Federalist,  selling voting for Roy Moore is okay, because God often picks bad people to do his good works.  She cited Scripture to promote voting for a morally reprehensible candidate, as doing God’s will.   Her piece is on par with much of the brain trust in the Trump camp, many of whom spent decades preaching Christian values and the importance of character.  Now, it’s “In Trump We Trust”, and is as entrenched a cult of personality as the Left’s.

Before the election last year, I wrote a post stating that I believed no matter who won the election, America was on the road to a constitutional crisis.    America’s 2016 corruption reached epic proportions, with two candidates fully committed to running scorched earth information warfare. The level of wholesale public corruption, where vast sums of money went into scorched earth information warfare and this any means necessary mind-set led to the GOP insurgency.  We had two totally corrupt narcissists, willing to do and say anything to win.  America’s constitutional institutions remain under attack constantly, by both Trump and the #Resist movement.  Trump is not the only one undermining American institutions.  The #Resist tried to sell ditching the electoral college, questioned the legitimacy of the election,  and have run a constant effort to impeach Trump.  That Trump dossier leads back to the Clintons too.

The spin cycles are spinning out of control.

The entire spectacle is  a national disgrace and a national embarrassment.  Even worse, it’s getting impossible to even know which information to believe.  Many journalists were happily praising the Washington Post for catching James O’Keefe’s effort to pedal a fake Roy Moore accusation to a Washington Post reporter and yes, it’s good the reporter vetted the story, but that in no way atones for the many Trump stories, hard news journalists have tweeted or retweeted without vetting first.

How many chances do you give a news organization for getting the story wrong or watching their journalists retweet stories without fact-checking, before you decide they have lost their credibility?  In February 2017 a racist ad that was purported to be a Fred Trump political ad was widely circulated on Twitter.  Glenn Kessler, at the Washington Post, retweeted that fake video too, as did many journalists that day.  He is the Washington Post fact-checker.  Trump isn’t the only one instigating tweet storms, with dubious or false information.  The so-called hard news journalists do it too.  Often their tweets get thousands of retweets, while their corrections get very few.

At some point our institutions will fracture and begin to tear apart from this endless scorched earth information warfare and the rampant public corruption it feeds.  The fraying social fabric shows signs of tearing apart and  at some point our country will fracture into seething factions.   How fast our country fractures depends on whether anything emerges from this burning wreckage to pull our country together.

Trump being impeached or forced to resign will only deepen the divides, but that sure seems more likely every day.

It’s a long, hard road ahead for America.




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A nation torn apart

Over the weekend, Andrew McCarthy wrote a compelling piece highlighting the differences between the Trump Russian collusion investigation and Hillary’s email server investigation. It’s worth reading:

President Trump went off on his favorite tangent, lambasting political hacks in our intelligence community, over the weekend.  Of course, the mainstream media rushed to condemn his comments and predictably, former top intelligence officials, James Clapper and John Brennan, took to the Sunday shows to berate him and blabber on about how Trump can easily be played by the Russians.

I’ve debated how to explain the problems I see with both sides in this flame-throwing.  First, off Clapper, Brennan and Comey are all tied up in the infamous Trump dossier business, which is tied up with GPS Fusion, which was hired and paid by Clinton and the DNC to destroy Trump.  Those three briefed Trump, before his inauguration, on the dossier and they rolled out a report on Russian interference in the election at the same time.  That report was just recycled information from previous reports, yet those three top intelligence officials spun that in the media as if it was new information, bolstering the Clinton camp’s “Russian collusion” hysteria.   Clapper, Brennan and Comey played a key role in working to delegitimize Trump.  That’s the truth.

When Comey was fired he leaked his FBI notes to the media, through a friend, and later reports indicate those notes did contain classified material, yet the media glossed over that and ran full throttle on the Russian collusion storyline.  It’s easy to understand why Trump doesn’t trust anything Comey, Brennan, or Clapper say.  During the Obama years, a lot of intelligence was mishandled. Hillary’s private email server became the public target of Republicans, but the Obama administration, starting with President Obama, who used a private gmail account to communicate sensitive information with staffers, mishandled sensitive information – he emailed Hillary using that gmail account at her private server email address.

There are many “experts” who rush to say, the president can handle sensitive information however he wants and it’s “legal”, but that misses the entire point about sensitive information.  “Legal” doesn’t really matter if the actions compromise sensitive information, because what matters is that everyone entrusted with handling sensitive information do his/her best to insure that information is handled with due diligence.  Protecting the information is what matters; not parsing over legal technicalities.

Hillary’s server jeopardized highly sensitive information in many, many ways.  Top Obama officials, including President Obama, were involved in the email chains, containing classified information.  Every insecure email account, not just Hillary’s homebrew server, put that information at risk.  The most amazing aspect of Comey’s bizarre statements on Hillary’s server, was how he underplayed the possibility that the classified information was accessed by hostile intelligence.  The moment sensitive information is mishandled, like being stored on an insecure homebrew server, with people managing the email system, who do not possess security clearances, that information was definitely considered compromised.  Hillary used primarily her blackberry to send and read emails.  She had 13 blackberries that she “misplaced” or couldn’t locate and NONE of them were turned over to the FBI.

The entire media/Clinton/DNC #Resist effort has been a year-long sorest loser temper tantrum to take down Trump.  That is the truth. The other truth is Trump has placed fighting the #Resist effort above his duties as President. America is suffering from this ongoing 2016 election debacle.  It is also true that Trump is unfit to be president and he does not care to learn about policy or pay attention to details.  It is also true that Hillary, with her callous and deliberate abuse of her position and grossly negligent handling of highly sensitive information is unfit to be president too and she should not have a security clearance ever.  However, I think she still has her security clearance, despite the piles of classified information she mishandled, the files under subpoena her lawyers destroyed, and despite not turning over any of her 13 blackberries and some of her laptops to the FBI.  The media glossed over Hillary’s email scandal and Comey did too, because to prosecute Hillary would have taken down the Obama administration.  So, instead, Obama caved to the Clinton pressure and the Obama Justice Department gave cover to Hillary Clinton.

The mainstream media can collude to just not cover certain stories or to give a quick report, then bury the story. When Clinton flacks say, “it’s time to move on”, the mainstream media takes that marching order and does damage control for the Clintons.

Into this mix, it’s increasingly obvious the Trump campaign was extremely corrupt too and considering Trump prided himself on being a great crony capitalist, this should not surprise anyone.  Once Donald Trump, Jr. admitted he went into that meeting with the Russian lawyer, expecting to get Russian government dirt on Hillary, President Trump’s denials of “Russian collusion” fell apart.

America had two totally corrupt candidates, who are determined to fight to the bitter end to destroy each other.  America is caught in the media crossfire of this brutal information war of attrition. There won’t really be any winners at the end of this, just a nation torn apart by relentless partisan fighting.


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Trump’s setting the stage for firing Mueller

There’s more chaos  ready to explode in the endless scorched earth info war.   Trump, his media shock troops and FOX News have spent this past week going full hysteria mode about the Russian dossier being a Clinton dirty trick and the Uranium One deal, under the Obama administration.  They are setting the stage for Trump to fire Robert Mueller.  The goal was to galvanize both the Republicans in Congress and Trump followers  to unite behind Trump.

Tonight CNN reported:

“Washington (CNN)A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.”

Trump is using the Clinton’s Starr character assassination strategy.  Justice and the rule of law will take another hit, but Trump, colluding with FOX News, to run this smear campaign 24/7, against Robert Mueller and throw out endless red herrings about “BUT Hillary”, has ginned up plenty of Republicans to back him.  This is the same strategy the Clintons have used for decades.  The Republican Party has sunk to being just as corrupt as the Clinton machine.
The level of partisan anger assures more chaos for America, with no end in sight for the scorched earth information war tearing America apart.

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Laws are for little people

Every time I try to move away from the 2016 scorched earth information war, more news breaks taking us back to 2016.  So, I’m going to rehash some of the 2016 campaign messaging battle.

The Clintons ran Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy.  At times during the GOP primary and 2016 campaign, I suspected that Trump might even be a Clinton dupe to throw the GOP into disarray and assure a Hillary win, beginning as far back as October 2015.   By the end of 2015, I was sure the Clintons were running Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy- painting Trump as a fascist (the far-right kook) and Bernie as the far-left kook, clearing the path for the Queen to prance back into the White House.  Who really was behind “Trump’s GOP Insurgency”, I still do not know.  The Bill Clinton triangulation strategy  failed, despite the mainstream media blatantly colluding with the Clinton campaign to run non-stop “Dump on Trump” stories.  Back in January 2017, I wrote:

“Trump mastered the Clinton scorched earth,  Sure, he benefited from the Wikileaks leaks and the FBI criminal investigation being reopened, but he also benefited from Hillary’s terrible missteps like calling Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” and sanctimonious speeches, poor campaign planning on which states to visit and a lack of a campaign message.  She campaigned on “Trump is Deplorable” and it backfired.

Trump’s talking points – the “Make America Great Again” slogan, the focus on jobs, securing the border, and rebuilding the military resonated with many Americans as meat and potatoes issues.

If anything provided Trump the boost to winning this election, I would argue it’s the very corrupt billions of dollars of free media he was given by the media in the primary to wage his GOP Insurgency on the cheap. Who the media colluded with for the Trump primary spin messaging has not been reported.  Who fed Trump those primary campaign talking points and who advised him to spin the “winning in all the polls” and other memes, has not been revealed yet either.

Wikileaks exposed the Clinton campaign’s corrupt media collusion, but make no mistake of it Trump’s GOP Insurgency was a product of corrupt media collusion too.  Who taught Trump how to spin?  Who was behind the “GOP insurgency” primary messaging?  Who managed Trump’s primary campaign messaging collusion with the media, spreading those “winning” messages?   Why did the mainstream media give Trump billions in free media for his “GOP insurgency”?

That’s why I was #NeverTump&NeverHillary all along.  Trump won the corrupt scorched earth battle, but the long war of protecting and defending The Constitution is the one every American should be fighting.  Both political parties in American are now completely controlled by very corrupt leadership.”

*highlights just added

The mainstream media continued to run many stories to trash Trump after he was elected.  The #Resist movement started, which was really just a lawless mob effort, conflating angry mobs (crowd size) of marching women, as some sort of justification to overturn a legal election.  Dems floated ditching the electoral college to stop the electoral college vote, and they tried to prevent Trump from being inaugurated, by boycotting his inauguration.  Intelligence officials, like James Clapper and John Brennan, and  FBI director, James Comey played a role in trashing Trump too and plenty of former Obama officials broke the law leaking classified information to the media to destroy Trump.  Rosie O’Donnell and other angry lefties even tweeted we become a tinpot military dictatorship, by ditching the 2016 election and installing one of the generals as president.  There was also the salacious Trump dossier leaked by Buzz Feed.  Then the Russian collusion narrative started.

Trump decided to continue fighting the information war as his #1 focus.  The Clintons are still orchestrating their Dump On Trump efforts, as are many in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.  Many in the mainstream media attack Trump after each messaging win by recycling through old Trump spin attacks, like his tax returns or even days on end of retweeting a story about Trump having a fake Renoir painting in his home that he tells people is real.  The Hill is an avid repetitive anti-Trump spinner.

The Russians don’t have to work hard to create chaos in America, because our political class and media, engaged in endless, scorched earth information war, work tirelessly, 24/7 trying to “win” the 24/7 news spin cycle in America.  The Russians can just add fuel to this flaming American hot war of words, to agitate, inflame partisan animosity,  and spread wild conspiracy theories.

Trump makes it easy for his enemies to attack him on many fronts, because his antics are a national disgrace.  With that said, the truth is Trump has now sunk to attacking a grieving Gold Star widow, but the truth also is it does look like an extreme partisan Congresswoman, determined to impeach Trump, wants to turn this into an “impeachable offense” and that sure seems like a likely motive for her going public with the story in the first place.

MSNBC has been running a full-court press to turn these fallen soldiers in Niger into “Trump’s Benghazi”, to take down Trump.

The Trump mouthpieces have been shifting the story to the Clinton Uranium One deal.  Then there’s the added breaking news that a lawyer working for the Clintons and DNC paid Fusion GPS to put together the Trump dossier, which makes the dossier look like another Clinton dirty trick.

FOX News is in full spin mode hyping the Uranium One deal and Trump dossier story, while many in the mainstream media are trying to downplay it.

If the FBI investigations or Mueller’s investigation begin to look like they might seriously damage the Clintons, I expect the Clintons to align with Trump, crazy as that sounds.  I would not be surprised to see Trump and the Clintons aligning to try to shut down the investigations under the guise of spinning it like it’s time for all the rancor to end and for the country to work to unite.  They will try to thwart the FBI and Mueller’s investigation.

There is no way the Clintons, one of the most corrupt political machines in American history, will allow themselves to be exposed or charged with any crimes ever.  They are above the law.  Donald J. Trump, likewise will thwart any law that gets in his way.

Congress assuredly will never be a check on the abuse of power of either the Clintons or Trump.  Congress can’t find the intestinal fortitude to unite on anything.

Trump really could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it.

What’s really under attack is The Constitution and rule of law in America.

James Comey caved on the Clinton email investigation and with his handling of the Abedin/Weiner laptop and the Trump dossier.   Senator John McCain gave the FBI the Trump dossier and today there’s a report that McCain wouldn’t answer the question if he knew the Trump dossier came from the Clinton campaign.  Comey’s investigative decisions and leaking his “personal notes” of his meetings with Trump, have put the FBI’s reputation in jeopardy.  On July 10, 2016, I wrote a blog post, The Comey “tell”:

“Last Thursday, July 7, 2016, Comey testified before Congress and without rehashing the legalities, it’s the one incongruent comment he made that struck me, as if he was unintentionally telling us something.  He seemed pained and almost embarrassed by some of his tortured explanations to explain how “extremely careless” differs from “grossly negligent”.  He went to great lengths about how Hillary’s celebrity requires that she be treated “fairly”.  She was NOT a celebrity, she was one of our nation’s highest-level government officials and she grossly violated that trust.  Government officials,  in whom great trust is placed, should be held to the highest standards – not treated like a “celebrity”.  All the Democrats shameless pandering to him and lauding his integrity seemed to make him uncomfortable.

The tell was when Comey testified that he cares most about his family and his reputation. When he said that, I thought it odd, when what he should be most concerned about is protecting and defending The Constitution. His testimony seemed to me  a desperate self-preservation effort to salvage his reputation (and protect his family), which he completely compromised with falling in line with the Clinton “talking points”.  When you submit to the Clinton intimidation, they own you.  With all the Bill Clinton strong-arm tactics employed to clear the path to the White House for Hillary, everyone whom Bill Clinton has pressured, from Obama through Loretta Lynch, Comey was hailed as the exemplar of integrity.  I believe Bill Clinton’s enforcers let Comey know they have some very personal dirt on him that would hurt his family and his reputation.  The Clinton sewer rats, as I’ve said many times, operate like the old KGB.  If there’s any dirt, they will find it.  There is no sewer too vile for them to scurry through.  The Clintons are not only above the law, but a law unto themselves.

Friday, July, 6 2016, Loretta Lynch came out and followed the talking points to the letter – she announced that she accepted the FBI recommendation.

Time to move on…”

I wrote several blog posts about questions I have about Hillary’s email scandal and the FBI investigation into it:

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The worst case scenario for America and The Constitution would be the Clintons and Trump uniting to crush the Congressional Russian investigation, the FBI investigation and Mueller’s investigation.  Both the Clintons and Trump have a strong motive to scapegoat James Comey and the FBI.  Crazy as Trump and the Clintons joining forces sounds, that is my best hunch of what might happen if the investigative pressure escalates.

The Clintons have been above the law for decades.  Trump is a law unto himself too (“Trump doesn’t play by the rules”, remember that selling point Trump followers?).

Laws are for little people in America – that’s the truth.

I will always plant my feet behind #DefendTheConstitutionAlways and I hope America unites behind this solemn commitment too.

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