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A nation torn apart

Over the weekend, Andrew McCarthy wrote a compelling piece highlighting the differences between the Trump Russian collusion investigation and Hillary’s email server investigation. It’s worth reading:

President Trump went off on his favorite tangent, lambasting political hacks in our intelligence community, over the weekend.  Of course, the mainstream media rushed to condemn his comments and predictably, former top intelligence officials, James Clapper and John Brennan, took to the Sunday shows to berate him and blabber on about how Trump can easily be played by the Russians.

I’ve debated how to explain the problems I see with both sides in this flame-throwing.  First, off Clapper, Brennan and Comey are all tied up in the infamous Trump dossier business, which is tied up with GPS Fusion, which was hired and paid by Clinton and the DNC to destroy Trump.  Those three briefed Trump, before his inauguration, on the dossier and they rolled out a report on Russian interference in the election at the same time.  That report was just recycled information from previous reports, yet those three top intelligence officials spun that in the media as if it was new information, bolstering the Clinton camp’s “Russian collusion” hysteria.   Clapper, Brennan and Comey played a key role in working to delegitimize Trump.  That’s the truth.

When Comey was fired he leaked his FBI notes to the media, through a friend, and later reports indicate those notes did contain classified material, yet the media glossed over that and ran full throttle on the Russian collusion storyline.  It’s easy to understand why Trump doesn’t trust anything Comey, Brennan, or Clapper say.  During the Obama years, a lot of intelligence was mishandled. Hillary’s private email server became the public target of Republicans, but the Obama administration, starting with President Obama, who used a private gmail account to communicate sensitive information with staffers, mishandled sensitive information – he emailed Hillary using that gmail account at her private server email address.

There are many “experts” who rush to say, the president can handle sensitive information however he wants and it’s “legal”, but that misses the entire point about sensitive information.  “Legal” doesn’t really matter if the actions compromise sensitive information, because what matters is that everyone entrusted with handling sensitive information do his/her best to insure that information is handled with due diligence.  Protecting the information is what matters; not parsing over legal technicalities.

Hillary’s server jeopardized highly sensitive information in many, many ways.  Top Obama officials, including President Obama, were involved in the email chains, containing classified information.  Every insecure email account, not just Hillary’s homebrew server, put that information at risk.  The most amazing aspect of Comey’s bizarre statements on Hillary’s server, was how he underplayed the possibility that the classified information was accessed by hostile intelligence.  The moment sensitive information is mishandled, like being stored on an insecure homebrew server, with people managing the email system, who do not possess security clearances, that information was definitely considered compromised.  Hillary used primarily her blackberry to send and read emails.  She had 13 blackberries that she “misplaced” or couldn’t locate and NONE of them were turned over to the FBI.

The entire media/Clinton/DNC #Resist effort has been a year-long sorest loser temper tantrum to take down Trump.  That is the truth. The other truth is Trump has placed fighting the #Resist effort above his duties as President. America is suffering from this ongoing 2016 election debacle.  It is also true that Trump is unfit to be president and he does not care to learn about policy or pay attention to details.  It is also true that Hillary, with her callous and deliberate abuse of her position and grossly negligent handling of highly sensitive information is unfit to be president too and she should not have a security clearance ever.  However, I think she still has her security clearance, despite the piles of classified information she mishandled, the files under subpoena her lawyers destroyed, and despite not turning over any of her 13 blackberries and some of her laptops to the FBI.  The media glossed over Hillary’s email scandal and Comey did too, because to prosecute Hillary would have taken down the Obama administration.  So, instead, Obama caved to the Clinton pressure and the Obama Justice Department gave cover to Hillary Clinton.

The mainstream media can collude to just not cover certain stories or to give a quick report, then bury the story. When Clinton flacks say, “it’s time to move on”, the mainstream media takes that marching order and does damage control for the Clintons.

Into this mix, it’s increasingly obvious the Trump campaign was extremely corrupt too and considering Trump prided himself on being a great crony capitalist, this should not surprise anyone.  Once Donald Trump, Jr. admitted he went into that meeting with the Russian lawyer, expecting to get Russian government dirt on Hillary, President Trump’s denials of “Russian collusion” fell apart.

America had two totally corrupt candidates, who are determined to fight to the bitter end to destroy each other.  America is caught in the media crossfire of this brutal information war of attrition. There won’t really be any winners at the end of this, just a nation torn apart by relentless partisan fighting.


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Trump’s setting the stage for firing Mueller

There’s more chaos  ready to explode in the endless scorched earth info war.   Trump, his media shock troops and FOX News have spent this past week going full hysteria mode about the Russian dossier being a Clinton dirty trick and the Uranium One deal, under the Obama administration.  They are setting the stage for Trump to fire Robert Mueller.  The goal was to galvanize both the Republicans in Congress and Trump followers  to unite behind Trump.

Tonight CNN reported:

“Washington (CNN)A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.”

Trump is using the Clinton’s Starr character assassination strategy.  Justice and the rule of law will take another hit, but Trump, colluding with FOX News, to run this smear campaign 24/7, against Robert Mueller and throw out endless red herrings about “BUT Hillary”, has ginned up plenty of Republicans to back him.  This is the same strategy the Clintons have used for decades.  The Republican Party has sunk to being just as corrupt as the Clinton machine.
The level of partisan anger assures more chaos for America, with no end in sight for the scorched earth information war tearing America apart.

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Laws are for little people

Every time I try to move away from the 2016 scorched earth information war, more news breaks taking us back to 2016.  So, I’m going to rehash some of the 2016 campaign messaging battle.

The Clintons ran Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy.  At times during the GOP primary and 2016 campaign, I suspected that Trump might even be a Clinton dupe to throw the GOP into disarray and assure a Hillary win, beginning as far back as October 2015.   By the end of 2015, I was sure the Clintons were running Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy- painting Trump as a fascist (the far-right kook) and Bernie as the far-left kook, clearing the path for the Queen to prance back into the White House.  Who really was behind “Trump’s GOP Insurgency”, I still do not know.  The Bill Clinton triangulation strategy  failed, despite the mainstream media blatantly colluding with the Clinton campaign to run non-stop “Dump on Trump” stories.  Back in January 2017, I wrote:

“Trump mastered the Clinton scorched earth,  Sure, he benefited from the Wikileaks leaks and the FBI criminal investigation being reopened, but he also benefited from Hillary’s terrible missteps like calling Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” and sanctimonious speeches, poor campaign planning on which states to visit and a lack of a campaign message.  She campaigned on “Trump is Deplorable” and it backfired.

Trump’s talking points – the “Make America Great Again” slogan, the focus on jobs, securing the border, and rebuilding the military resonated with many Americans as meat and potatoes issues.

If anything provided Trump the boost to winning this election, I would argue it’s the very corrupt billions of dollars of free media he was given by the media in the primary to wage his GOP Insurgency on the cheap. Who the media colluded with for the Trump primary spin messaging has not been reported.  Who fed Trump those primary campaign talking points and who advised him to spin the “winning in all the polls” and other memes, has not been revealed yet either.

Wikileaks exposed the Clinton campaign’s corrupt media collusion, but make no mistake of it Trump’s GOP Insurgency was a product of corrupt media collusion too.  Who taught Trump how to spin?  Who was behind the “GOP insurgency” primary messaging?  Who managed Trump’s primary campaign messaging collusion with the media, spreading those “winning” messages?   Why did the mainstream media give Trump billions in free media for his “GOP insurgency”?

That’s why I was #NeverTump&NeverHillary all along.  Trump won the corrupt scorched earth battle, but the long war of protecting and defending The Constitution is the one every American should be fighting.  Both political parties in American are now completely controlled by very corrupt leadership.”

*highlights just added

The mainstream media continued to run many stories to trash Trump after he was elected.  The #Resist movement started, which was really just a lawless mob effort, conflating angry mobs (crowd size) of marching women, as some sort of justification to overturn a legal election.  Dems floated ditching the electoral college to stop the electoral college vote, and they tried to prevent Trump from being inaugurated, by boycotting his inauguration.  Intelligence officials, like James Clapper and John Brennan, and  FBI director, James Comey played a role in trashing Trump too and plenty of former Obama officials broke the law leaking classified information to the media to destroy Trump.  Rosie O’Donnell and other angry lefties even tweeted we become a tinpot military dictatorship, by ditching the 2016 election and installing one of the generals as president.  There was also the salacious Trump dossier leaked by Buzz Feed.  Then the Russian collusion narrative started.

Trump decided to continue fighting the information war as his #1 focus.  The Clintons are still orchestrating their Dump On Trump efforts, as are many in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.  Many in the mainstream media attack Trump after each messaging win by recycling through old Trump spin attacks, like his tax returns or even days on end of retweeting a story about Trump having a fake Renoir painting in his home that he tells people is real.  The Hill is an avid repetitive anti-Trump spinner.

The Russians don’t have to work hard to create chaos in America, because our political class and media, engaged in endless, scorched earth information war, work tirelessly, 24/7 trying to “win” the 24/7 news spin cycle in America.  The Russians can just add fuel to this flaming American hot war of words, to agitate, inflame partisan animosity,  and spread wild conspiracy theories.

Trump makes it easy for his enemies to attack him on many fronts, because his antics are a national disgrace.  With that said, the truth is Trump has now sunk to attacking a grieving Gold Star widow, but the truth also is it does look like an extreme partisan Congresswoman, determined to impeach Trump, wants to turn this into an “impeachable offense” and that sure seems like a likely motive for her going public with the story in the first place.

MSNBC has been running a full-court press to turn these fallen soldiers in Niger into “Trump’s Benghazi”, to take down Trump.

The Trump mouthpieces have been shifting the story to the Clinton Uranium One deal.  Then there’s the added breaking news that a lawyer working for the Clintons and DNC paid Fusion GPS to put together the Trump dossier, which makes the dossier look like another Clinton dirty trick.

FOX News is in full spin mode hyping the Uranium One deal and Trump dossier story, while many in the mainstream media are trying to downplay it.

If the FBI investigations or Mueller’s investigation begin to look like they might seriously damage the Clintons, I expect the Clintons to align with Trump, crazy as that sounds.  I would not be surprised to see Trump and the Clintons aligning to try to shut down the investigations under the guise of spinning it like it’s time for all the rancor to end and for the country to work to unite.  They will try to thwart the FBI and Mueller’s investigation.

There is no way the Clintons, one of the most corrupt political machines in American history, will allow themselves to be exposed or charged with any crimes ever.  They are above the law.  Donald J. Trump, likewise will thwart any law that gets in his way.

Congress assuredly will never be a check on the abuse of power of either the Clintons or Trump.  Congress can’t find the intestinal fortitude to unite on anything.

Trump really could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it.

What’s really under attack is The Constitution and rule of law in America.

James Comey caved on the Clinton email investigation and with his handling of the Abedin/Weiner laptop and the Trump dossier.   Senator John McCain gave the FBI the Trump dossier and today there’s a report that McCain wouldn’t answer the question if he knew the Trump dossier came from the Clinton campaign.  Comey’s investigative decisions and leaking his “personal notes” of his meetings with Trump, have put the FBI’s reputation in jeopardy.  On July 10, 2016, I wrote a blog post, The Comey “tell”:

“Last Thursday, July 7, 2016, Comey testified before Congress and without rehashing the legalities, it’s the one incongruent comment he made that struck me, as if he was unintentionally telling us something.  He seemed pained and almost embarrassed by some of his tortured explanations to explain how “extremely careless” differs from “grossly negligent”.  He went to great lengths about how Hillary’s celebrity requires that she be treated “fairly”.  She was NOT a celebrity, she was one of our nation’s highest-level government officials and she grossly violated that trust.  Government officials,  in whom great trust is placed, should be held to the highest standards – not treated like a “celebrity”.  All the Democrats shameless pandering to him and lauding his integrity seemed to make him uncomfortable.

The tell was when Comey testified that he cares most about his family and his reputation. When he said that, I thought it odd, when what he should be most concerned about is protecting and defending The Constitution. His testimony seemed to me  a desperate self-preservation effort to salvage his reputation (and protect his family), which he completely compromised with falling in line with the Clinton “talking points”.  When you submit to the Clinton intimidation, they own you.  With all the Bill Clinton strong-arm tactics employed to clear the path to the White House for Hillary, everyone whom Bill Clinton has pressured, from Obama through Loretta Lynch, Comey was hailed as the exemplar of integrity.  I believe Bill Clinton’s enforcers let Comey know they have some very personal dirt on him that would hurt his family and his reputation.  The Clinton sewer rats, as I’ve said many times, operate like the old KGB.  If there’s any dirt, they will find it.  There is no sewer too vile for them to scurry through.  The Clintons are not only above the law, but a law unto themselves.

Friday, July, 6 2016, Loretta Lynch came out and followed the talking points to the letter – she announced that she accepted the FBI recommendation.

Time to move on…”

I wrote several blog posts about questions I have about Hillary’s email scandal and the FBI investigation into it:

Bill Clinton’s Email Scandal – September 2, 2016

The Servers – September 3, 2016

Keyword Searches – September 4, 2016

Cheryl Mills is NOT the mastermind of the cover-up – September 4, 2016

The Bill Clinton server becomes the Hillary server – September 5, 2016

Let me count the ways…. – September 5, 2016

Who was there??? – September 6, 2016

Did I miss the thumb-drives in the FBI report? – September 9, 2016

The worst case scenario for America and The Constitution would be the Clintons and Trump uniting to crush the Congressional Russian investigation, the FBI investigation and Mueller’s investigation.  Both the Clintons and Trump have a strong motive to scapegoat James Comey and the FBI.  Crazy as Trump and the Clintons joining forces sounds, that is my best hunch of what might happen if the investigative pressure escalates.

The Clintons have been above the law for decades.  Trump is a law unto himself too (“Trump doesn’t play by the rules”, remember that selling point Trump followers?).

Laws are for little people in America – that’s the truth.

I will always plant my feet behind #DefendTheConstitutionAlways and I hope America unites behind this solemn commitment too.

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We can all be duped by demagogues

Soul-searching is something we all should do sometimes.

Long ago, I used to be an inveterate channel-flipper watching cable news and when there was some breaking news event, I would flip between the cable news networks and also ABC, NBC, and CBS.  It was a habit I developed in October of 1983.  I was almost 7 months pregnant with my second child and my husband had deployed to Grenada.  Then there was the news void during the first couple days.  I was anxiously hoping for some news.

From that channel-flipping news habit, I started watching all the TV pundits on TV, even the ones I disagreed with on almost every issue.  Back then I would listen to those with views diametrically opposed to my own and I was open to finding small points with which I agreed.

Over the years and with the advent of the internet, my news consumption changed, as I began to get more and more news online and much less from TV.  I think I did what most Americans do – when it comes to political commentary and opinion, I began to go to mostly websites where the views fit my own political viewpoints.  When I did read opinions from liberal writers, I read it looking for ways to counter their arguments, rather than seriously consider them.

President George W. Bush became akin to Hitler in the liberal punditry echo chamber. The election of President Bush followed not only a contentious election, but also the Clinton impeachment, which left American partisans deeply angry and divided.  Just as the mainstream media worked to feed the Bush Derangement Syndrome, FOX News played an outsized role in the constant stream of anti-Obama reporting.  That is the truth.

I disagreed with President Obama on most political issues and he turned me off early with his condescending comment about rural Pennsylvanians “clinging to their guns and religion” comment.  My childhood roots are in rural PA soil.  I also started watching mostly FOX News, when I turned on TV news, because the CNN and MSNBC Obama lovefest had turned me off quickly.

It didn’t take much for me to believe the worst of President Obama, because the Obama administration started talking about their “narratives”, which were concocted stories of events, often “evolving narratives” they hadn’t completely fabricated yet,  and it reminded me of the Clinton “spin”, which was talking points (lies), they colluded with their friends in the media to spread.  Often, the Obama narratives were quickly exposed as being untruthful, just like the Clinton spin.  These untruths fed the right-wing news and punditry information bubble and provided the base for a constant stream of whataboutism and paranoid distrust of President Obama.  The liberal media and punditry do the same thing and in their bubble of whataboutism and paranoia, conservatives are all haters and might be closet Timothy McVeigh wannabes.

I remember when FOX News brought on Glenn Beck and he was busily pointing out all the dangerous Obama administration connections to other dastardly doings and devious leftist demons, with his ever-widening conspiracy circles on his chalkboard.   Beck was entertaining with his presentation, but as I would try to actually connect the dots from many of his shows, I began to suspect he was a con man and something, besides his extremely bizarre emotional outbursts,  seemed very off to me.  Those circles never really connected.

Beck became too controversial and left FOX news and began his online show.  I subscribed and kept watching, trying to figure out what his real game was.  It was like watching a magician who does really amazing card tricks and trying to find out how.  He had on many guests whom I liked and he spouted enough right-wing views to keep me watching.  I still wasn’t 100% convinced he was a total con man and I still listened to him.

One day, I watched his show, where it finally clicked in my mind that his act is all fake. Long before I came to that conclusion I kept wondering about the commercials he ran on his show – the seed bank/build the bunker stuff, the guns, guns, guns, and the people in these ads seemed like total grifters.

The day it all clicked in my mind that he really is a con artist he had some man promoting a haven of American patriot bliss in Idaho on as his guest.  It was a ponzi scheme and Glenn Beck gave this man a platform to dupe people.  That Beck guest, an obvious con man, was selling an imaginary gated community, The Citadel, using American patriotism as a lure, just like Beck.  His gated community existed only as some online scam, where people could send monthly payments for the “collective” to buy land for the community.   He sold this as a place for American patriots to find like-minded people, united by their belief in patriotism, liberty, pride in American exceptionalism and preparedness.

Beck gave this con artist a platform, an audience and credibility to scam people.

I unsubscribed from his online show, but I still ask myself, why I listened to him for so long, despite the uneasiness I had with so much about him.  The answer, I think, is because he was feeding my fears and distrust of President Obama, but he was also carefully couching everything in Tea Party patriotic rhetoric.  I have always loved reading about the American Revolution, the founding fathers, and long before Beck came along with his Being George Washington, in fact since my early teens, I have been captivated by George Washington.

Many people on the right, myself included, lamented how so many on the Left fell for President Obama’s soaring oratory and we mocked Chris Matthews’ rapturous fawning that he felt a tingle up his leg, when Obama spoke.  We asked ourselves, “Why don’t these people see through his demagoguery?”  Then along came Donald Trump with his rousing rallies, flag-waving, get tough on law enforcement – “Make America Great Again”.

During the 2016 campaign, Glenn Beck was against President Trump and supporting Ted Cruz, but his bizarre, on his knees praying antics, actually hurt Ted Cruz.

I don’t have the answers to the scope of the media efforts to deceive Americans, but American news, across the board, has become a partisan wasteland, where tweeting poorly vetted news stories leads to viral stories spreading, long before anyone has even fact-checked the information.

The aftermath of both political parties choosing completely corrupt candidates, who lie constantly and engage in ruthless, scorched earth information war has left America an easy target for hostile disinformation efforts.  The 2016 campaign wasn’t just about the dangers of Russian influence.  It sure seems to me that the American cable news media and most of the other news media turned into total disinformation operations too.

We have a president who is really jazzed about waging information war against the mainstream media, FOX News spreading Trump disinformation 24/7 and most of America’s other journalists and political pundits hanging out on Twitter retweeting each other’s “hot takes”.  Most of them are liberal, most of them supported Hillary, most of them loathe Trump and most of them are click happy about retweeting any negative Trump story, without thorough fact-checking.   In February, even the Washington Post  fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, retweeted the fake racist Fred Trump campaign ad video, without fact-checking it.

Trying to ascertain facts is harder now than during the news void during Grenada.  In 1983 I trusted the U.S. Army to let me know my husband was okay.  When the news networks started getting news during Grenada – they reported the same things about the events.  Now, there are completely different realities being reported, depending what cable news channel you watch.

With so much disinformation swirling, I know I can’t trust the mainstream media, FOX News, the partisans on both sides and most especially I can’t trust President Trump to tell the truth.

My soul-searching has led me to wonder why I listened to FOX News and many of these “conservative” pundits for so long.  I cringe when I hear these Trump supporters on FOX News selling their “Deep State” conspiracies and character assassinations of honorable men, like Robert Mueller and General McMaster, men who have spent their lives dedicated to serving America.

Demagogues feed our fears and prejudices.  President Obama played to the fears of people who distrust conservatives and believe they are all closet racists.  Beck played to conservatives’ religious and patriotic beliefs, while drawing nefarious Obama conspiracy circles on a chalkboard.  I distrusted President Obama after his “clinging to their guns and religion” remark, so it was easy to feed my fears.  There were also lots of signs of corruption in the Obama administration, lots of mishandled classified information (way beyond just Hillary), lots of information requested by Congressional Oversight Committees that never was turned over.  I suspect there’s a lot of criminal leaking of classified information from former Obama officials going on now.

CNN and MSNBC have been spinning for the Left for decades and their anti-Trump slant is obvious.  I recognized the liberal spin long ago, but I did not recognize the extent of right-wing spin.  What frightens me is how many people watching FOX News completely believe the Trump spin.  They were conditioned since 2015 to alter their belief system and accept that “Trump being Trump” is good, because he’s fighting to “make America great again”.  They were sold that “Trump doesn’t play by the rules” is great too, because  Trump’s fighting to “make America great again”.   Whenever FOX News and Trump supporters have to acknowledge something negative about Trump, it’s always wrapped up in more whataboutism than even Russian propaganda.

Trump mocks the media as “Fake News”, while many in the mainstream media, along with pointing out all the Trump lies, keep churning out highly dubious or grossly misleading information, that Clinton and Obama operatives have leaked to them.

It’s becoming very hard to get to facts, as the pile on continues, because of the speed and amount of disinformation being dumped.  It’s exhausting even trying to keep up with the Trump and media information battles. My fear isn’t just about hostile foreign disinformation efforts, my fear is that this information war between Trump and the media has created a vast, domestic disinformation wasteland.  Discerning facts is harder as the mountain of disinformation (spin) grows and it’s harder to even find the facts buried in the pile of lies.

In Charlottesville, VA on Saturday, a young neo-nazi ran his car into a crowd of people. One young woman died and many others were injured.  Immediately, President Trump tried a whataboutism approach, with his “many sides” comment.  Alt-right and neo-nazis brag that President Trump supports them.  During his campaign,President Trump refused to denounce David Duke, by pretending he didn’t know who David Duke is and what Duke stands for.  His “many sides” comment was a repeat of his David Duke performance.

Whataboutism thrives on binary thinking, where people start believing in the lesser of two evils .  It’s like dealing with children and one child is caught doing something wrong, but he starts pointing out what all the other kids did wrong.  If you start buying into those excuses, you start losing focus about right and wrong.  Whataboutism destroys moral clarity by muddying the water with misdirection and misleading facts.

The 24/7 FOX News and Trump pundits have ramped up Trump damage control, another whataboutism disinformation campaign (the “many sides” evil alt-left and Leftist hate groups), will throw enough misdirection to prop up Trump.  And as a last resort, there will be Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich to remind the right, “at least Trump isn’t Hillary” or “but Gorsuch!”.

The truth is President Trump is a lying demagogue just like Hillary; he even borrowed Hillary’s spin – “it’s all a witch hunt” and the Trump version of the “vast, right-wing conspiracy”  is the omnipresent “Deep State”.

Update in light of President Trump’s press conference this afternoon, where he was using morally relativistic dodges to avoid condemning neo-nazis.   Hillary Clinton used the same lying and demagoguery techniques,  BUT he is the President of the United States and must be held accountable for what he says and does.  He is totally unfit to lead our great nation and a national disgrace.


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From trash to treasure, or something like that

First, I’m doing a crafting update, but there will be some politics below that.

Another junk journal made with junk from my sewing room and a cereal box.  The denim is from old jeans, which I have cut up into pieces over the years, intending to make “something” with those pieces.  The picture is the front of a blank note card, and the trim and buttons were odds and ends sewing stuff.

I had put a thin pink velvet ribbon on this journal, as you can see in the spine view.  I didn’t like it, but I had glued it onto the spine. I added the pink seam binding ribbon,  but I decided to cut off  the velvet ribbon this morning, as you can see in the front view photos.  That thin ribbon was annoying to deal with, but these junk journals become thick as you add stuff to them and a ribbon closure is useful.  This was made using part of a Special K value size cereal box for the cover, so the spine is 2 and 1/4 inches thick and I sewed three signatures into this journal, with 10 sheets of paper per signature (each sheet is a two-page spread, 4 pages, front and back).

I don’t think junk journals are practical for me to “journal” in, but they are fun to decorate and sort of addicting to make.   I like simple lined paper to write on.  I have no idea what I’m going to use this one for, but I had cut pages for the first junk journal from 12 inch X 12 inch scrapbook paper and I had the other half of all that paper sitting here.  I decided to make another junk journal to use that paper.  This scrapbook paper has been sitting in my sewing room for over a decade, from when I thought I really wanted to take up scrapbooking as a hobby… circa early 2000s.  I have some finished scrapbook pages, but exactly ZERO completed scrapbooks.  On the bright side, I do have a nice collection of scrapbook paper, tools and a lot of rubber stamps.

I also repaired my little prayer book.  It’s not a professional job, but I stitched the pages together using quilting thread, which is strong thread and a tapestry needle.  I used cardstock paper to glue the covers and signature together, then I used pink duct tape to cover the outside spine area.  I probably should have used cardstock on the outside, to make a spine, before taping, so that’s a lesson learned, if I ever have to repair another children’s book.

My wrist is acting up with carpal tunnel pain, so other stitching is on hold for now.

Now, to politics:

President Trump scored a big win at the UN today, with a U.S. drafted resolution, imposing tougher sanctions on North Korea.   The resolution was passed unanimously by the UN Security Council over the weekend.

Without fail, President Trump drowned out that message with his petty tweets.  He’s been going strong this morning with ad hominem attacks onTwitter.

For those who hoped General Kelly would be able to rein in Trump’s erratic tweeting, well, forget about it.

The rest of this post, is my last time repeating that President Trump is using the same information warfare strategy and tactics, which the Clintons introduced into American presidential politics, with their “war room”, in 1992, which culminated in their “scorched earth” campaign in 1998.  Trump’s “GOP Insurgency” is the same information warfare strategy and tactics.   After this post, I hope to write about topics other than Trump and his trashy Reality Show presidency.

My political predictions have been totally wrong about Donald J. Trump.  I did not think he could defeat the Clinton spin machine, with their lock on most of the mainstream media.  Trump is like a repeat of the Clinton years, with their endless scandals and outrageous spin cycles. Then there was the impeachment debacle in 1998.  I expected President Clinton to do the honorable thing and resign, to preserve the dignity of the Office of the President.  Instead, he, with his wife leading the scorched earth effort, waged a vicious smear campaign on, not only Ken Starr, the independent prosecutor, but also on the truth.

President Trump, like his former golfing buddy, Bill Clinton, will do or say anything to “win”.  As I’ve repeated often, he even borrowed the Clinton’s information warfare strategy and he lies more than the Clintons, which is quite a feat.  My prediction is that just like with Bill Clinton, this scandal is heading toward impeachment,  but I expect Trump will go one step further than Bill Clinton, by trying to incite his followers, to protest and “fight back”.   This has already started, with Trump reverting back to his rallies to stir up his followers and a couple days ago, loon, Mike Savage, was spewing that if Trump is taken down, that would be the start of a civil war.  Sean Hannity rails on nightly about the nefarious “Deep State”, fueling distrust of  US intelligence agencies and the FBI.  This is the same thuggish, violent propaganda, the Trump campaign and sycophants used to threaten violence at the GOP convention, if Trump was not the GOP candidate.  The Trump tough talkers love to use intimidation tactics even more than the Clinton sewer rats, like Carville and Begala.

Republicans were too weak-kneed to stand up to Trump and his loudmouth, big name supporters during the primary, so it’s questionable how many of them will stand up to him if this investigation leads to impeachment proceedings.

There’s a lot of media hyperventilation going on about Robert Mueller’s investigation taking a very serious turn, with grand juries in place to hear evidence.  Andrew McCarthy has a good explanation of where this might be headed:

Is Mueller’s Grand Jury Impeachment Step One?

The Trump loyalists, who used to be staunch, moralistic conservatives, confuse me a great deal when it comes to Mueller’s investigation.   I don’t understand why so many of them are willing to sacrifice all their integrity to prop up President Trump, who is a shameless liar.  Just like with the Clintons, I supported investigating them, because there were so many smoke signals, spelling out corruption.  Trump’s smoke signals are flashing neon lights.  After his son stated that he walked into that meeting with the Russian lawyer in 2016, expecting to receive damaging information about Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, it should be obvious that Trump & team were willing to do anything to win.  His son’s admission, on national TV, clearly shows they were open to Russian collusion and expected to receive damaging intel from the Russian government.

Every American should want to know if their president has been in bed with Russian organized crime or has had financial dealings with them.   If he’s compromised due to shady business dealings; we should know that.   If he’s a crook; we should know that.  It’s blatantly obvious he is a shameless, chronic liar.  His whining about a “witch hunt” is as pathetic as Hillary’s years of playing the victim of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy”.

Justice would be having the public corruption of the Obama administration, the Clintons and President Trump completely exposed, so that America could purge itself of them, once and for all.  It might be cathartic for America to have American leaders get back to protecting and defending The Constitution and our civic values again.

It’s going to be a long messy process, whether Trump’s presidency survives this investigation or not.  It’s a safe bet, America’s never ending scorched earth information war will blaze on.  We probably all need to take up other hobbies to get breaks from the political high drama.

I’ll be making more “junk journals”, which are a good deal classier than listening to Trump’s trash talk.



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The value of a Goodwill book?

My kids were teenagers in the late 90s, so I got exposure to “reality TV” with garbage like MTV’s Real World.  I hated it!  There were others they watched too and I was a harsh critic, even back then.  I rarely watch TV these days and if I do, I don’t watch reality TV shows.  I never watched Donald Trump’s reality TV show, but now, as a political news junkie, here I am stuck watching The President Trump Reality Show.  It is disgusting, demeaning to the Office of the President, a national embarrassment and exhausting.   President Trump is as disgusting, perhaps even more so, than the Democrat partisans, who will do or say anything to advance their political agenda, that I’ve harshly criticized for years.

Frankly, if he gets impeached, I’ll probably breathe a sigh of relief, even though another impeachment drama would be very damaging to the country.  At this point, I don’t know which would be more damaging – a full-term of this President Trump Reality Show or impeachment.  It seems to me we are headed toward a constitutional crisis either way.

Yesterday was Jeff Sessions turn to be thrown to the wolves or under the bus, depending who was behind the leak of the Russian ambassador’s accounting to his superiors in Moscow, that Sessions discussed campaign-related matters in their conversations.  This is high-level, national U.S. intelligence intercepts being leaked to the media.

When Trump’s tax return from long ago, showing he paid a lot in taxes, was leaked, I suspect that Trump was behind that leak.  He played it for all it was worth, extrapolating that one tax return as indicative of all his tax returns.  It was a self-serving leak, I suspect.

With the intel being leaked, it doesn’t matter who leaked it or why they leaked it, it’s completely illegal and beyond that this scorched earth partisan use of national security intel is completely corrupting the national security system.  If high level officials, based on their own whims, can use intelligence for partisan political objectives, then what good are any of the rules?

Trump’s leaked tax return, well, if someone else leaked that without his consent, the law was broken, but even if he leaked it himself, while perfectly legal, lying and acting like someone else leaked it is very unethical and a corrupting influence on the country’s moral fiber.  Yeah, yeah, I know – we don’t have much moral fiber left or the two major political parties wouldn’t have chosen Trump and Hillary.

During the election many conservatives, who should have known better, fell sway to Trumpthink, espousing morally bankrupt talking points to keep the Trump GOP insurgency ruthlessly laying waste to all rules and decorum, with a cutthroat scorched earth information war against, not only Hillary, but also the mainstream media.  Hillary and much of the mainstream media were definitely colluding to wage a scorched earth campaign to dump anything and everything on Trump in an information war too.  Here we are 6 months into Trump’s presidency and this scorched earth information war is still raging, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Yesterday I had to go to the vet to pick up some dog medication refills and on the way home I decided to stop by the Goodwill to look for cheap books that I wouldn’t mind cutting up for this “junk journal” hobby.  The picture at the top is a 1995 perpetual calendar book, I found.  There are lots of great quotes in it and my first thought was, I can cut a lot of these out and put them in my new quote junk journal.  I think the lady at the Goodwill charged me 39 cents for this calendar, but many of these quotes are priceless.  I also found a few other books, like this 1941, A Treasury of Gilbert and Sullivan, filled with music for 50 cents:


Later in the evening, I sat flipping through the pages of The Little Book of Virtues and I realized that I didn’t want to cut this little calendar book apart.  In fact, I doubt that I will cut the music book apart either, since it’s very difficult for me to tear any book apart.  So, I spent some time thinking about books that matter to me and then I watched a few videos on how to repair old children’s board books.  Yes, I want to repair my little, Prayers For Little Children  book.  I also have the old, large dictionary that came with our set of World Book Encyclopedias, when I was a kid, which is in need of repair too:


Instead of buying anymore books for “junk journaling”, I think my next purchase will be a Speedy Stitcher sewing awl, so I can properly repair my little prayer book….

I decided to set that virtues calendar book on a shelf here on my hutch and enjoy a new quote on virtue every day:

Since endlessly writing about how corrupt and unfit President Trump is for the presidency won’t help anyone or add anything to the political debate, I might share some of these quotes on virtue instead.

Of course, I also wish President Trump would have this book on his desk in the Oval Office, but I doubt he would read it.

He prefers tweeting…

I can hardly stand so much “winning”…


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Soap opera continues..

Drudge has this Circa report highlighted:

Did the FBI retaliate against Michael Flynn by launching Russia probe?  by John Solomon and Sara Carter

Guess this is the Trump counter-offensive.  With the Clinton/Obama hacks leaking right and left trying to destroy Trump and Trump’s crowd fighting back, the Russians don’t have to work hard to undermine American democracy.  Sure looks like our own rabid partisans are doing a bang-up job, without any hostile foreign assistance.



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