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More of Malcolm’s links

If you really want to travel on the information superhighway, just visit Malcolm’s, waka waka waka blog and  put on your comfortable shoes, because his links sure find the unbeaten paths and the most unusual ways to travel to tourist hotspots.  Went from a 3-D visit to the Sistine Chapel, then back to the US for a pretty nifty digital reenactment of the US Civil War battle of Antietam, with music and sound effects, all within ten minutes.  Ok, I plan to zoom in much longer to view the Sistine Chapel later, but want to surf the web for some news too this morning.

3-D zoomable Sistine Chapel – amazing!!!

Battle of Antietam – maybe McClellan would have done better if he had modern technology and could game his battle plans like this. Technology sure does make it possible to dissipate some of that “fog of war” excuse-making for bad decisions.  Could technology have made McClellan a better commander, perhaps, but just wonder how modern technology in the hands of Napoleon might have altered the course of history.  Scary thought there, but you know if you look at women in Europe, French women and Russian women would be in perfect fashion harmony.  Ever watch those interviews with ordinary Russians on the streets of Moscow since the collapse of the USSR?  It kind of hits you with how so many Russian women dress stylishly.

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