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2016 never ends

Yesterday, I started a blog post, but by the time I wrote it,  the news was in a tizzy about President Trump’s UN speech.  Another mass media spin cycle spun out of control and  I felt very weary of information warfare.  That is what is going on in America though, so I’ll just go ahead and post this, with a bit added to the end of that post.

People often use the trite Groundhog Day movie analogy, about being stuck reliving the same event over and over, but with the 2016 election, we are stuck being barraged with an endless, boring, spin cycle, in a vicious information war waged by two candidates, the mass media, social media and hostile foreign intelligence.

The Players:

President Donald J. Trump – the “winner” of the 2016 U.S. presidential election is the sorest winner ever.  He continues to battle the media, Hillary Clinton, the GOP, history, facts and often reality.   He is a man intent on using mass media optics to create an American-size Potemkin village, where his image reigns supreme and TVs across America blare with his cheering throngs at rousing rallies, flags flapping in the breeze and his voice roaring on about “making America great again”.  For President Trump everything boils down to his “crowd size”.

Hillary Clinton – the loser of U.S. presidential election still believes she really won the election, making her the sorest loser ever.   She is a woman who blames everyone, except herself, for her loss, all while adding caveats to imply she was a victim of Russian influence, misogyny against strong women and even deplorable white women who didn’t vote for her, due to pressure from the Neanderthal, Trump-supporting men in their lives.

The Mass Media – The mass media played a central role in the 2016 scorched earth information war, because SPIN style information warfare requires mass media collusion to work.  American cable news networks are powerful information warfare fronts in America.  CNN, MSNBC and FOX all ran the Trump “GOP Insurgency Show”, in 2015, giving Trump unprecedented free media, running his “winning in all the polls” talking points messaging and broadcasting his large “crowd size” rallies live and in their entirety.  In early 2016, CNN and MSNBC and the liberal media made a pivot to running the Clinton scorched earth messaging, casting Trump as a fascist, while FOX News remained committed to running 24/7 MAGA propaganda.  Most of the print media and Hollywood aligned with the Clinton spin.

Twitter – As the whole world knows, it’s a social media platform President Trump uses and loves to spread his MAGA spin messages and lob petty attacks on his enemies.   He delights in baiting the media into overreaction with incendiary tweets.   It’s also a social media platform journalists use and love too.  This is where you can watch spin cycles burst into life, with journalists retweeting each other’s hot takes and stories, often with no independent fact-checking and it’s a place where those spun stories get thousands of retweets and the corrections only a handful.  This viral spread of misinformation assures these false stories are believed.  And if that weren’t bad enough, Trump has an army of pundit warriors on Twitter, who work tirelessly to attack the Left, the media and especially Republicans and conservatives, who refuse to get on the Trump train.  The media keep reporting that the Russians have troll and bot information warfare attack teams on Twitter and other social media too.

Foreign Intelligence (especially the “hostile” ones) – Of course, the Russians have received the most media attention in regards to trying to influence the 2016 election, but many other countries, both friends and foes, engage in cyber-activities and mass media information warfare, some of which is directed at America.

What Trump’s punditry cheerleaders, like Conrad Black, are touting as Trump’s “pivot” to Democrats, is really just more Trump scorched earth information warfare, to stick it to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who have the power to kill the Russian investigations.  Trump is trying to soften Pelosi and Schumer with deals on some policy issues, in hopes of getting their cooperation to put the brakes on the #Resist/impeachment frenzy of the Left and to align with them in making Republicans in Congress look impotent.

The mass media liberals are working with the Clinton spinners to rehash the 2016 election with the same old hysterical talking points they have used since Trump won the election – more hysteria about Russian interference in our democracy and how the electoral college is a threat to American democracy…  Hollywood is on the case to investigate the Russian interference in 2016 too, all timed to go along with Hillary’s sore loser book tour.  They’re even rerunning the  lame attacks on the electoral college.  Here’s a Politico story from today: The Electoral College Is a National Security Threat.

FOX News is busily spouting lines that sound like they came direct from the Kremlin,  attacking Mueller and the FBI, to cast doubt on their Russia investigation.  The Trump spinners are escalating their attacks on Republican leaders too,  just as news leaked of the FBI having FISA warrants for Manafort and that the Manafort’s phone calls were monitored last year.

The same old 2016 election mass media information war rages on, burning the integrity of all who engage in it to the ground.   If you participate in spin, which is using mass media to try to dupe the American people with LIES, you destroy your own credibility the most.

It’s easy to get drawn into the partisan spin and to be sucked into spin cycles.  The words used by the politicians and the media are designed to evoke emotional responses within their target audience.  The easiest way to discern the spin and the mass media information warfare messaging is to treat all of their messaging as suspect and then work to identify the various messages, try to track the messages back to the original source using that messaging first, follow the spread of that messaging.  Don’t get sucked into reacting emotionally to any political messaging and treat all news with great scepticism.  Work to try to fact-check and independently verify facts yourself – don’t rely on ‘fact-checkers” in the media or sites that are touted as “fact-checking” sites, because many of them have a partisan political taint to their ‘fact-checking”.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m very weary of this mass media information war that is being waged against the American people!

No one wins in this type of mass media information warfare, because invariably the American people are being fed bigger and bigger lies, the trust in our political system and the news media crumble completely and along with the partisan political information warfare propaganda, America’s enemies keep fanning distrust in American political institutions and floating “ways to fix the problems” in our political system that use deceptively “democratic” language, but which are meant to tear apart our constitutional republic.

Words do matter and you can trust America’s enemies to constantly work to hijack the meanings of words – it’s meant to destroy our ability to think freely (see here, here, here).

As a small side note, I’ve mentioned Stella Morabito’s articles in previous posts and she has a 2015 post with a list of books to read to hack-proof your mind.  I’m reading #2 on her list right now  The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Mind Control, Menticide and Brainwashing by Joost A. M. Meerloo.

Morabito also started a book club about propaganda in April 2017.

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Trump’s #CharlottesvilleVendetta

After watching how President Trump and his information warrior army operate since 2015, you’d think most political pundits would understand, not only his information warfare strategy, by now, but also realize that he has no political ideological core, no principles, no concern for understanding details or facts, and is completely driven by his own popularity.   What makes Donald J. Trump look great matters most.

So, when Trump met with McConnell, Ryan, Schumer and Pelosi Wednesday and stabbed Republicans in the back, by agreeing to Schumer and Pelosi’s deal, the political punditry broke down two ways.  The Trump information warriors, his loyal Carvillian spinmeisters, who have spun  Trump as “great”, “the magnificent builder”, “doesn’t play by the rules”, and most of all “winning”, naturally began spinning this deal as wonderful, but many other political pundits seemed dazed and confused again.  The reaction was sort of  “what the heck just happened?”.

Once again, they are making the mistake of thinking of Trump in American democratic political norms.  He is not really a Republican or a Democrat; he’s a puffed up, pampered prince, our own Peter III, who is used to getting his own way.  If it feeds his image and therefore his ego, all is well.   This is why he doesn’t care about policy, only watching TV and talking about his popularity (crowd size).  His other consuming concern is shutting down the Russia investigation.  He wants to make sure he is not impeached.

The Trump/Schumer/Pelosi deal was Trump’s  #CharlottesvilleVendetta in action.  Any Republicans who spoke out against him after Charlottesville will be targeted  for destruction by Trump and his sleazy political operatives.  Ryan and McConnell are at the top of Trump’s hit list, because they could be very influential in killing the Russian investigation.  This has nothing to do with moving the so-called Trump political agenda, which really was just a bunch of jingoistic flag-waving, “America First”, xenophobic tirades to galvanize his base.

He will rally, and repeat that performance, as often as necessary, to keep his 5th Avenue Loyalists marching in lockstep.  Seriously, he will revert to his large rallies, even if he has to hire a crowd to project a great “crowd size”.

Trump’s spinmeisters are spinning this deal as Ryan’s fault and that will be a recurring theme from now on.  Trump’s spinners will target Ryan and McConnell.  Since Trump has Fox News as a 24/7 propaganda channel, his spin will likely work with his 5th Avenue Loyalists.  They believe not what he says or does (don’t take him literally; but take him seriously).  They believe in Trump the “Great”.

Republicans, who are not on the Trump train, would be wise to realize that Trump is not a Republican and the GOP is no longer the Republican party.  That party was burned to the ground.  When the Trump train kept touting Trump’s “GOP Insurgency”, well, believe it.  He did not want to become a Republican; he wanted the party to become Trumpian.  And it has.  His sleazy information warriors will say anything to prop him up and lie, lie, lie.  They make the Clinton spinmeisters look like amateurs.  Ryan, McConnell and other Republicans, who aren’t Trump loyalists, should start dealing with Trump like he is the enemy, because he is.   Trump will work tirelessly to destroy anyone who hurts his feelings.

Where this Trump train stops is anyone’s guess.  The one thing I am certain of is it leads to an abandonment of American principles of decency and fair play.  There’s nothing good about using mass media information warfare against the American people, no matter who is doing it.

And one short blog note: My area is under a mandatory evacuation this weekend, so I won’t be blogging for several days. We are packing up.



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How To Defeat Scorched Earth Information Warfare

Every American has the power to help defeat scorched earth information warfare.  It doesn’t take military might, new laws to restrict the media or trying to shut down free speech.

Stop being a participant in the scorched earth information warfare.

Don’t be a participant in engaging in scorched earth information warfare and learn to recognize it and not fall for it.

Here’s my battle plan to defeat scorched earth information warfare:

The best thing leaders can do is pull our politics back from the extremes, condemn violence by fringe kooks on the extreme ends and work to find ways to build a few bridges between the virulent partisan factions, that are our two major political parties.

The drumbeat that we are approaching a civil war or that our political system is on the verge of collapse may feed the scorched earth partisans, but it does nothing to fix anything that is wrong in America.

I personally think what everyone should be doing is work to bolster The Constitution and that means respecting the results at the ballot box. I think people should be working to try to get Trump to rein in the scorched earth, quit the crazy reality TV presidency show, and buckle down and do the job.

Trump’s “war against the media” isn’t happening in a vacuum. Much of the media, the Clinton political machine and many factions on the Left are working tirelessly waging a scorched earth information warfare campaign to #Resist, which is a euphemism for overturn the results of a legal election, by any means necessary.

The best thing the news media could do is take a long, hard look at their news reporting operations & strive to get back to “who, what, when, where, why and how” reporting rather than rushing to retweet the latest “hot take” or editorializing in hard news reporting.  Trust is earned and every time reporters leap into retweeting or running news stories that aren’t true, they erode the trust Americans have in their reporting.

Those entrusted with safeguarding our nation’s most sensitive information should quit with the endless leaking of intel, to try and destroy Trump.

This endless scorched earth information warfare is a serious national security threat, in my opinion.  Many of America’s foreign adversaries are working to foment chaos in this ongoing scorched earth information war, because a divided, chaotic, dysfunctional American political system and the constant visuals of America in chaos feed their political objective of taking down America.

Our elected officials in Washington should spend more time buckling down and finding bi-partisan solutions, to fix many of our nation’s problems, rather than regurgitating partisan talking points and rushing for photo-ops to get attention.

It would be very bad for our republic, if President Trump was impeached over frivolous charges and I am very dubious about that “unfit” gambit under the 25th. Trying to contain the damage he does as a loose cannon, while trying to teach him some restraint (tall order there) would be better for our constitutional order than to have a president ousted, basically by a massive media campaign and unpopular polls numbers.  Poll numbers should never substitute for the ballot box in America, especially in light of the massive information warfare used to generate manufactured public opinion (creating opinion cascades).

If Mueller finds things that warrant impeachment; he should send that information to Congress.

If there aren’t any grounds to impeach him, America will survive a bad president. We’ve survived others.

And most of all, more Americans need to read more and think more, before falling for media-generated outrage and hysteria or leaping onto the bandwagon of these media-driven hot button issues. Quit falling for these media-generated contentious topics that the media punditry and social media spread under the guise of “national conversations”.

What America really needs is more citizens talking to their neighbors and within their own communities, to find solutions for most of the problems within their own communities.  They also need to work to get to know each other.   The putrid punditry fueling anger, distrust and hate, from the partisan fringes poisons our politics.

Everyone should work to promote respect and civility in the public square.

To quote Maya Angelou, a poet, whose poetry I don’t care for at all, but who sure had some memorable quotes that speak the truth:

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but it has not solved one yet.”

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Trump planned that press conference

How leaders operate is crucial to building a strong team.

Last week, President Trump went out and issued threats against North Korea and Venezuela, while his staff was left, once again, doing damage control.

One of the constant leaks from this White House staff is that President Trump went off message or “went rogue”.  Yesterday was another one of those days, with his press conference.

Immediately following that press conference, many reporters were reporting on their WH sources telling them that the President’s comments were not in the prepared speech.

However, President Trump did not go out there and just lose it.  He planned to do exactly what he did.  That is obvious.

Watching how Trump operates from the beginning of his campaign, yesterday was exactly how he plans his attacks on his enemies.  So let’s analyze the Trump modus operandi, in my typical LB timeline fashion:

Saturday, August 12, 2017:  President Trump issued a statement on the deadly violence in Charlottesville. His choice of words drew heavy condemnation.

Sunday, August 13, 2017:  The media backlash and demands that President Trump come out and condemn alt-right, neo-nazis and white supremacists grew.

Monday, August 14, 2017: President Trump issued a stronger statement on Charlottesville, sticking to prepared statements and reading from a teleprompter.  There was still a lot of criticism that the remarks weren’t strong enough and in the afternoon, the president tweeted:

Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the News Media will never be satisfied…truly bad people!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017:  President Trump, at a press conference that was supposed to be on infrastructure, engaged in a back and forth verbal battle with the media.

Yesterday morning, before his press conference, President Trump retweeted 2 tweets.  One was from an alt-right figure, Jack Posobiec about “Meanwhile: 39 shootings in Chicago this weekend, 9 deaths. No national media outrage. Why is that?”, linking to a news story.  The other tweet was a cartoon of a Trump train running over CNN.  That cartoon tweet was quickly removed.

Watching General Kelly, the new chief of staff, during yesterday’s press conference, it was obvious he was not expecting the president to “go rogue”.

I suspect others around the president were fully aware that the president was going to come out fighting – he sent the signal to his alt-right followers on Twitter in the morning with that cartoon and Posobiec retweet.

Last night FOX News was in full Trumpathon mode.  They are part of the Trump propaganda circle.

I expect some in Trump’s circle of sleazes were in on the planning, but his own chief of staff was left out of the loop.  The WH staffers, who were caught unaware, were not in the loop.  He undercut most of his staff, who were urging him to act presidential and befitting the office.

Ann Coulter was gleeful last night on Twitter about Trump being back “fighting”.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017:  The media reported Trump will be in Arizona next week for another rally – to keep the agitation propaganda going.  The media reported the White House ordered the Republicans to get behind the President.

During the “GOP Insurgency”, Trump did not bother with details or policy,  but he came with his pockets loaded down with dirt to throw and vicious, petty name-calling.  He walked into that presser prepared to say exactly what he said and the FOX News agitation propaganda blitz, to back him up, was planned in advance too.  President Trump’s media collusion with FOX News is just as corrupt as the Left’s.

This is how he operates – classic Trump.

PS:  The American people should want to know who the president really listens to!


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We can all be duped by demagogues

Soul-searching is something we all should do sometimes.

Long ago, I used to be an inveterate channel-flipper watching cable news and when there was some breaking news event, I would flip between the cable news networks and also ABC, NBC, and CBS.  It was a habit I developed in October of 1983.  I was almost 7 months pregnant with my second child and my husband had deployed to Grenada.  Then there was the news void during the first couple days.  I was anxiously hoping for some news.

From that channel-flipping news habit, I started watching all the TV pundits on TV, even the ones I disagreed with on almost every issue.  Back then I would listen to those with views diametrically opposed to my own and I was open to finding small points with which I agreed.

Over the years and with the advent of the internet, my news consumption changed, as I began to get more and more news online and much less from TV.  I think I did what most Americans do – when it comes to political commentary and opinion, I began to go to mostly websites where the views fit my own political viewpoints.  When I did read opinions from liberal writers, I read it looking for ways to counter their arguments, rather than seriously consider them.

President George W. Bush became akin to Hitler in the liberal punditry echo chamber. The election of President Bush followed not only a contentious election, but also the Clinton impeachment, which left American partisans deeply angry and divided.  Just as the mainstream media worked to feed the Bush Derangement Syndrome, FOX News played an outsized role in the constant stream of anti-Obama reporting.  That is the truth.

I disagreed with President Obama on most political issues and he turned me off early with his condescending comment about rural Pennsylvanians “clinging to their guns and religion” comment.  My childhood roots are in rural PA soil.  I also started watching mostly FOX News, when I turned on TV news, because the CNN and MSNBC Obama lovefest had turned me off quickly.

It didn’t take much for me to believe the worst of President Obama, because the Obama administration started talking about their “narratives”, which were concocted stories of events, often “evolving narratives” they hadn’t completely fabricated yet,  and it reminded me of the Clinton “spin”, which was talking points (lies), they colluded with their friends in the media to spread.  Often, the Obama narratives were quickly exposed as being untruthful, just like the Clinton spin.  These untruths fed the right-wing news and punditry information bubble and provided the base for a constant stream of whataboutism and paranoid distrust of President Obama.  The liberal media and punditry do the same thing and in their bubble of whataboutism and paranoia, conservatives are all haters and might be closet Timothy McVeigh wannabes.

I remember when FOX News brought on Glenn Beck and he was busily pointing out all the dangerous Obama administration connections to other dastardly doings and devious leftist demons, with his ever-widening conspiracy circles on his chalkboard.   Beck was entertaining with his presentation, but as I would try to actually connect the dots from many of his shows, I began to suspect he was a con man and something, besides his extremely bizarre emotional outbursts,  seemed very off to me.  Those circles never really connected.

Beck became too controversial and left FOX news and began his online show.  I subscribed and kept watching, trying to figure out what his real game was.  It was like watching a magician who does really amazing card tricks and trying to find out how.  He had on many guests whom I liked and he spouted enough right-wing views to keep me watching.  I still wasn’t 100% convinced he was a total con man and I still listened to him.

One day, I watched his show, where it finally clicked in my mind that his act is all fake. Long before I came to that conclusion I kept wondering about the commercials he ran on his show – the seed bank/build the bunker stuff, the guns, guns, guns, and the people in these ads seemed like total grifters.

The day it all clicked in my mind that he really is a con artist he had some man promoting a haven of American patriot bliss in Idaho on as his guest.  It was a ponzi scheme and Glenn Beck gave this man a platform to dupe people.  That Beck guest, an obvious con man, was selling an imaginary gated community, The Citadel, using American patriotism as a lure, just like Beck.  His gated community existed only as some online scam, where people could send monthly payments for the “collective” to buy land for the community.   He sold this as a place for American patriots to find like-minded people, united by their belief in patriotism, liberty, pride in American exceptionalism and preparedness.

Beck gave this con artist a platform, an audience and credibility to scam people.

I unsubscribed from his online show, but I still ask myself, why I listened to him for so long, despite the uneasiness I had with so much about him.  The answer, I think, is because he was feeding my fears and distrust of President Obama, but he was also carefully couching everything in Tea Party patriotic rhetoric.  I have always loved reading about the American Revolution, the founding fathers, and long before Beck came along with his Being George Washington, in fact since my early teens, I have been captivated by George Washington.

Many people on the right, myself included, lamented how so many on the Left fell for President Obama’s soaring oratory and we mocked Chris Matthews’ rapturous fawning that he felt a tingle up his leg, when Obama spoke.  We asked ourselves, “Why don’t these people see through his demagoguery?”  Then along came Donald Trump with his rousing rallies, flag-waving, get tough on law enforcement – “Make America Great Again”.

During the 2016 campaign, Glenn Beck was against President Trump and supporting Ted Cruz, but his bizarre, on his knees praying antics, actually hurt Ted Cruz.

I don’t have the answers to the scope of the media efforts to deceive Americans, but American news, across the board, has become a partisan wasteland, where tweeting poorly vetted news stories leads to viral stories spreading, long before anyone has even fact-checked the information.

The aftermath of both political parties choosing completely corrupt candidates, who lie constantly and engage in ruthless, scorched earth information war has left America an easy target for hostile disinformation efforts.  The 2016 campaign wasn’t just about the dangers of Russian influence.  It sure seems to me that the American cable news media and most of the other news media turned into total disinformation operations too.

We have a president who is really jazzed about waging information war against the mainstream media, FOX News spreading Trump disinformation 24/7 and most of America’s other journalists and political pundits hanging out on Twitter retweeting each other’s “hot takes”.  Most of them are liberal, most of them supported Hillary, most of them loathe Trump and most of them are click happy about retweeting any negative Trump story, without thorough fact-checking.   In February, even the Washington Post  fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, retweeted the fake racist Fred Trump campaign ad video, without fact-checking it.

Trying to ascertain facts is harder now than during the news void during Grenada.  In 1983 I trusted the U.S. Army to let me know my husband was okay.  When the news networks started getting news during Grenada – they reported the same things about the events.  Now, there are completely different realities being reported, depending what cable news channel you watch.

With so much disinformation swirling, I know I can’t trust the mainstream media, FOX News, the partisans on both sides and most especially I can’t trust President Trump to tell the truth.

My soul-searching has led me to wonder why I listened to FOX News and many of these “conservative” pundits for so long.  I cringe when I hear these Trump supporters on FOX News selling their “Deep State” conspiracies and character assassinations of honorable men, like Robert Mueller and General McMaster, men who have spent their lives dedicated to serving America.

Demagogues feed our fears and prejudices.  President Obama played to the fears of people who distrust conservatives and believe they are all closet racists.  Beck played to conservatives’ religious and patriotic beliefs, while drawing nefarious Obama conspiracy circles on a chalkboard.  I distrusted President Obama after his “clinging to their guns and religion” remark, so it was easy to feed my fears.  There were also lots of signs of corruption in the Obama administration, lots of mishandled classified information (way beyond just Hillary), lots of information requested by Congressional Oversight Committees that never was turned over.  I suspect there’s a lot of criminal leaking of classified information from former Obama officials going on now.

CNN and MSNBC have been spinning for the Left for decades and their anti-Trump slant is obvious.  I recognized the liberal spin long ago, but I did not recognize the extent of right-wing spin.  What frightens me is how many people watching FOX News completely believe the Trump spin.  They were conditioned since 2015 to alter their belief system and accept that “Trump being Trump” is good, because he’s fighting to “make America great again”.  They were sold that “Trump doesn’t play by the rules” is great too, because  Trump’s fighting to “make America great again”.   Whenever FOX News and Trump supporters have to acknowledge something negative about Trump, it’s always wrapped up in more whataboutism than even Russian propaganda.

Trump mocks the media as “Fake News”, while many in the mainstream media, along with pointing out all the Trump lies, keep churning out highly dubious or grossly misleading information, that Clinton and Obama operatives have leaked to them.

It’s becoming very hard to get to facts, as the pile on continues, because of the speed and amount of disinformation being dumped.  It’s exhausting even trying to keep up with the Trump and media information battles. My fear isn’t just about hostile foreign disinformation efforts, my fear is that this information war between Trump and the media has created a vast, domestic disinformation wasteland.  Discerning facts is harder as the mountain of disinformation (spin) grows and it’s harder to even find the facts buried in the pile of lies.

In Charlottesville, VA on Saturday, a young neo-nazi ran his car into a crowd of people. One young woman died and many others were injured.  Immediately, President Trump tried a whataboutism approach, with his “many sides” comment.  Alt-right and neo-nazis brag that President Trump supports them.  During his campaign,President Trump refused to denounce David Duke, by pretending he didn’t know who David Duke is and what Duke stands for.  His “many sides” comment was a repeat of his David Duke performance.

Whataboutism thrives on binary thinking, where people start believing in the lesser of two evils .  It’s like dealing with children and one child is caught doing something wrong, but he starts pointing out what all the other kids did wrong.  If you start buying into those excuses, you start losing focus about right and wrong.  Whataboutism destroys moral clarity by muddying the water with misdirection and misleading facts.

The 24/7 FOX News and Trump pundits have ramped up Trump damage control, another whataboutism disinformation campaign (the “many sides” evil alt-left and Leftist hate groups), will throw enough misdirection to prop up Trump.  And as a last resort, there will be Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich to remind the right, “at least Trump isn’t Hillary” or “but Gorsuch!”.

The truth is President Trump is a lying demagogue just like Hillary; he even borrowed Hillary’s spin – “it’s all a witch hunt” and the Trump version of the “vast, right-wing conspiracy”  is the omnipresent “Deep State”.

Update in light of President Trump’s press conference this afternoon, where he was using morally relativistic dodges to avoid condemning neo-nazis.   Hillary Clinton used the same lying and demagoguery techniques,  BUT he is the President of the United States and must be held accountable for what he says and does.  He is totally unfit to lead our great nation and a national disgrace.


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More on the Awan scandal

Roger Kimball, penned a bit of tongue-in-cheek advice for the New York Times, while laying out more details about the Awan clan and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in his piece:

The Pakistani Hackers Working for the DNC

Kimball includes a bit of information about the Awan scandal that I had not read elsewhere:

“What took her so long? Well might you ask. McCarthy cuts to the chase: “This is not about bank fraud. The Awan family swindles are plentiful, but they are just window-dressing. This appears to be a real conspiracy, aimed at undermining American national security.”

Wait a minute while I get my plot thickener. In 2016, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee wrote to the House appropriations subcommittee asking that their staffers obtain “Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information” clearances, spook-speak for the whole shebang. Guess who was working for many of the letter writers? Yep, Awan and his crew. Guess who the ranking member of the appropriations subcommittee was? Donald Duck? Close. Actually, it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Coincidence or “political high jinks”? Take your time.”

The hyperlinked bit, “wrote to the House appropriations subcommittee”,  about the Dems on the House Intel Committee, shows the actual letter they wrote.  Note that Congressman Eric Swalwell, who is an almost more annoying TV gadfly than Adam Schiff, droning on about “Trump/Russia collusion”, signed this letter.

So, if this is true, did Imran Awan have SCI clearance???  Perhaps, the mainstream media could pause for a moment ranting about “Trump/Russian collusion” and investigate this story.

Yeah, yeah, I know, when pigs fly


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Flashback to January 2017

Since the election of President Donald Trump the Democrats have been howling about “Russian collusion” and the unprecedented Russian efforts to interfere in our 2016 presidential election.  The mainstream media fixated on the Trump/Russia collusion storyline too, while news stories about Democrat corruption get buried regularly.

So along with the Awan brothers story being ignored by most of the major mainstream (liberal) news organizations, here’s another January 2016 story that received very little coverage in the mainstream media:

Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers

One thing former FBI director, James Comey, is meticulous about is trying to present himself as non-partisan.  So whenever he dumped dirt on Trump or Hillary, he made sure to dump some dirt on the other side.  When Comey, Clapper, and Brennan were trying to hype the Russian collusion story in January, Comey also mentioned the DNC’s hacked computers, which the DNC refused to turn over to the FBI for analysis.  The DNC reported that they hired Crowd Strike to investigate the hack of the DNC servers.

It makes one wonder how Clapper, Comey and Brennan could be so sure who hacked the DNC computer system, in light of the recent revelations about the Awan brothers access to the DNC computer system, courtesy of Debbie Wasserman -Schultz, combined with the Comey revelation in January, that the FBI never had direct access to the DNC servers.

This January news report from The Hill refers to “servers”, which is plural and it harkens back to the Hillary home-brew server, which was really the Bill Clinton personal server for his Clinton Foundation emails.  With Hillary’s “server”, according to the FBI, there were two servers, the first one Bill Clinton’s aide set-up and the second one, Huma Abedin arranged for Clinton campaign IT guy, Bryan Pagliano, to set-up.  Later, Hillary (or her aides) worked out an arrangement with an outside IT company, Platte River Networks, to provide server services for Hillary’s private emails. And according to FBI notes, it was Cheryl Mills (working with Clinton lawyer, David Kendall), who directed Platte River employees to destroy Hillary’s emails on their server system.

The DNC handling of their hacked servers, begs the question – how many servers did they have and where were they housed?  With Hillary’s server, there were a variety of answers as to how many servers and what happened to them.  There was also the glossing over the facts, like Hillary also used a  private email account before switching to using Bill Clinton’s private server in their Chappaqua home.  Hillary, according to the FBI notes, used 13 mobile devices, NONE of which were ever turned over to the FBI and she used 5 ipads, of which 3 were turned over to the FBI.  In the case of Hillary’s “server”, there were at least 2 servers used in the Clinton home and then the Platte River Networks system(s)… in addition to the numerous other devices Hillary used and that’s not counting the numerous aides and Obama officials who emailed Hillary via unsecure private email accounts, including even President Obama.  The FBI Notes of Huma Abedin’s interview revealed that Abedin was shown an email using a pseudonym, from a gmail account, and informed that email was from President Obama.

With so many unsecured servers, private email accounts, personal devices in play, it would seem to me, that you would need to analyze all of them to be able to state with certainty if they were hacked, who hacked them and how many times they were hacked.  Hillary’s email server scandal included multiple servers and devices, so how many DNC servers were there, where were they located and who all had access to them?

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