A deep breath of fresh air

Andrew Sullivan wrote a compelling piece, The Danger of Knowing You’re on the ‘Right Side of History’, in New York Magazine.  Sullivan begins:

“I have to say I was deeply moved by the New York Times op-ed yesterday by an evangelical law professor from Alabama. The piece, by the wonderfully named William S. Brewbaker III, moved me because it was the first genuinely Christian thing I’ve heard an evangelical say about the Roy Moore scandal. It did more than renounce the tribalism that has led so many alleged Christians to back Moore; it presented Christianity, properly understood, as the core alternative to tribalism, as one way out of tribalism’s dead end. Brewbaker’s critical and deeply evangelical point:

To begin with, sin is a problem from which no one is exempt. If God’s love required the suffering and death of the Son of God in order to redeem us, we should not underestimate the consequences of sin in our own lives. The world is not divided into “good people” and “bad people”; to quote St. Paul, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Or, as the Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart, and through all human hearts.”

It is thus wrong to attack one’s critics, as Mr. Moore did recently on Twitter, as “the forces of evil” and attribute their questions about serious allegations to “a spiritual battle.””

Sullivan steps back from our myopic hyper-partisan politics and takes a long view of civilization, covering a lot of ground, historically and theologically.  This piece is a much-needed breath of fresh air.


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A “nuclear” scorched earth information war

Yesterday, Senator Al Franken was exposed, with a photo of him groping the breasts of a fellow USO performer, while she slept.  The media went crazy, Franken apologized, but there’s now an ethics investigation in the works to investigate this matter.   A day later, some #Resist feminists are seething, because the woman, Leeann Tweeden,  is a big Trump supporter and has sexually-provocative photos on her facebook page, including when she posed for Playboy.  In interviews yesterday, she wore glasses and dressed modestly.

By yesterday evening, tweets were circulating among journalists that Roger Stone tweeted in the early morning hours that Franken was next up for exposure for “grabby” behavior.  Then later in the morning Tweeden’s story came out.

The “Me Too” feminist rallying cry, urging women to speak out about sexual harassment and assault,  is heading toward where the Left’s “fake news” is now.  Trump’s sleaze master, Roger Stone, is going to hijack the phrase and use it as a weapon of mass destruction against the media and Left.  Trump is already onboard with this plan, gleefully tweeting about Franken last night.  Trump will begin to be the new ringmaster railing against the Left’s sexual abusers and showcasing their “Me Too” offenders….  This is going to get very ugly, very fast.

The #Resist feminists are crying foul, raging that this Franken story is all a setup.  And it sure looks like it.  The Moore story was a setup too, because the Washington Post has expended a lot of energy and effort to turn over every stone in Moore’s life.  This morning Moore’s wife was railing that the Washington Post has come down there and talked to every person they have ever known.  Journalists were tweeting about how this is “journalism” and how it’s done.

It’s journalism in the vein of what used to be called “tabloid  journalism”.  If you only seek negative information about a person and exclude all positive information, that’s really just character assassination and that’s where American journalism is in the era of #Resist to take down Trump by any means necessary and Trump’s war against the media and Left.

The “Me Too” campaign is now going to become a “nuclear” scorched earth information war.    Where America will be when this war is over is hard to tell, but I feel confident in predicting it won’t be “great”.

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Kind of too little, too late

Since Hillary lost the election many women are very angry.   The Left, which includes most of the mainstream media began a concerted effort to delegitimize President Trump immediately following the election.   The Left including many prominent Democrats in Congress,  engaged in disgusting spin efforts to convince Americans we needed to ditch the electoral college and they hyped “Russian collusion” hysteria.  There were even bizarre hysterical tweets from people like Rosie O’Donnell promoting the idea of a military coup , with Congress installing one of the generals as president, all to stop President Trump’s inauguration.

When all that failed, Hollywood leftists boycotted Trump’s inauguration and the media went full-court press on trashing the inauguration with endless unfavorable comparisons to President Obama’s inaugurations.  Still not willing to accept defeat, a day after his inauguration large crowds of mostly women took to the streets,  to ostensibly advocate for women’s rights and other causes.  The organizers in America were an assortment of far-left extremists.  This Women’s March had foreign leftists staging protests too, but in America the march really was all about protesting President Trump’s election.  Ridiculous pink “pussy hats” become the symbolic protest gear, along with some women donning an array of vulgar lady parts costumes.  The march also attracted an assortment of leftover 60s radicals and has-been feminists, in addition celebrities, like Madonna and Ashley Judd, spewed venomous tirades against Trump.

A lot has happened since the Women’s March and although the #Resist movement still goes on,  loyalty to Hillary Clinton within the Democratic Party has begun to fray.  Hillary has spent the year writing a sore-loser tell-all, What Happened, blaming everyone imaginable for her loss.  She is stuck on relitigating the election.  Her most loyal sidekick, Huma Abedin, is still by her side, while Abedin’s ex., Anthony Weiner, is off to serve a 21-month prison sentence for sending obscene material to a minor.

With Donna Brazile coming out with a book and publicly challenging Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign organization and ground game, it’s obvious there’s a revolt going on inside the DNC.  Finally, some top Dems want to break free of the Clintons.  There are plenty of opportunities for Democrats, sans the Clintons, to make huge in-roads on winning back seats in Congress, but also in state elections.  Trump’s very high negatives has opened that door.

It’s been a bizarre year for feminist hysterics.  It started with the pink pussy hats bedecked women screeching and caterwauling about remaining  “I’m With Her” and now it’s evolved to “Me too”, where women are seething about men who sexually abuse women.

After decades of reports about Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of women, to include a credible allegation of rape and documented obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation, to silence women, finally a few in the media have spoken out about Bill Clinton’s behavior.  Of course, even more alarming was Hillary Clinton’s role in orchestrating smear campaigns against these women.  The Left can’t do a “reckoning” of Bill Clinton’s treatment of women, without doing a “reckoning” of Hillary’s too.  And they need to do a reckoning of how the liberal establishment and mainstream media aided in covering up and doing damage control for the Clintons all these years.  Without the media collusion to run the Clinton spin, the Clintons would have long ago been disgraced and “reckoned with”.

Now there’s a power struggle in the Democratic Party going on, to finally free the party of the Clintons, making it politically advantageous to start publicly speaking the truth about the Clintons.  When the Clintons were still a political asset, with their endless appetite for raising big bucks, much of which they feathered their own nest with, the Democratic Party and mainstream media were willing to sell the Clinton talking points verbatim and do decades of damage control for Bill Clinton.  Now, that there’s a feminist lynch mob mentality taking hold about sexual predators, it’s expedient for Democrats to break free of the Clintons.  Gloria Steinem’s “one free grope” will live on in infamy as the definitive moral caliber of the modern feminist movement.

Finally, political expediency has emboldened a few in the media to speak out about the Clintons and  this self-serving bit of honesty is being touted as “courageous”.   If the winds of politics change, it seems a safe bet that these courageous few will backpedal completely and be back to carry water for the Clintons again.

Several pundits on the right are scathingly pointing out the galling hypocrisy of this  “I Believe Juanita” chorus from some on the Left.  Just like the media ran the GOP Insurgency to throw the GOP primary into chaos, the Dump on Trump in the general, and the yearlong #Resist/Russian Collusion hysteria, they ran damage control spin for the Clintons since 1992.  That’s whole lot of years of sitting on news stories to prop up the Clintons.

When you look at FOX News’s absurd coverage of President Trump, with the Pravda aura to the spin, well, the mainstream media doesn’t realize they looked that absurd for decades doing damage control spin for the Clintons.  Many liberal journalists now spend hours dissecting Fox’s spin and it’s obvious there is media collusion at Fox News with the Trump people, coordinating the talking points.  However, these same journalists still lack any self-awareness that their news organizations avidly participated in the 2016 information war and the #Resist propaganda effort.  That a few on the Left now want to dump the Clintons for political expediency does nothing to atone for decades of media collusion to prop up the Clintons.

Kind of too little too late.



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“Please take me home.”

Roy Moore disgusted me long before his creepy chasing after young girls became known.   As a judge he was impeached twice for refusing to obey the law.  I don’t care what law you disagree with, if you have sworn to uphold the law and you don’t agree with the law, your options are uphold the law or resign.  You don’t get to be a committee of ONE making the law.  That sort of arrogance in judges has always offended me.  And when they try to use their bench as a political rallying tool, that also offends me.  I am fine if a judge resigns in protest over a law, then becomes active in politics to try to change the law.

Now, onto the allegations about Roy Moore chasing young girls.  Well, here again, I have strong feelings about creepy older men chasing young girls.  When I was 13 years old, I had already started babysitting.   A distant female relative of my mother’s had two young children and called to ask me to babysit.  The first time I babysat for them was no problem.  This relative was a great housekeeper, excellent cook and a very nice lady.  She had two very adorable kids.  The second time, she was upstairs trying to deal with the younger child, who wasn’t feeling well, which left me downstairs with her husband and young son.  Her husband sat down near me and started chatting.  He asked me about school, my hobbies, etc.  I was a little uncomfortable with his interest and I was glad when his wife came downstairs and they left to go out.

When they got home, the younger child was awake and fussing.  She had been fussing a lot and still not feeling well.  The husband offered to drive me home, so his wife could take care of their daughter.  We lived out in the country and it was a 10 mile drive to get home.  A couple of miles into the drive, this man started telling me how pretty I am.  He asked if I had started dating.  He told me how mature I am.  Then he asked if I would let him kiss me if he stopped the car.  I just kept saying, “Please take me home.”  I had my hand on the door handle and I kept wondering if I could jump out the car and run fast enough to get away from him, if he stopped the car.

That was the longest, most frightening 10 miles.  When he pulled into my driveway, he leaned over and he said, “You’re not going to say anything, right?”  I felt so intimidated and I agreed that I wouldn’t say anything.  I jumped out of the car and rushed into my house.   My mother was waiting up for me and she took one look at me and asked me what was wrong.  I blurted out the whole story and started crying.  I told her how scared I had been.  She told me that I was never babysitting for them again and she told me my Pop would deal with him.

I never asked what my Pop said to that man, but that man gave me dirty looks every time he saw me in public, even years later, but he never came near me again.

Men like this don’t just prey on one girl.  They prey on many young girls.  That same man made passes at my cousin,  when she was a teenager working at a local diner.  He began following her, when she first started driving.  I don’t know if my uncle said something to him or not.

Why didn’t these women come forward with their allegations against Moore long ago?  For many reasons, but the main one is if the man has money and power, these women knew they would be publicly trashed, which is happening to the women who came forward now.  And often victims go through a lot of self-doubts, wondering if something they did encouraged the sexual predator.  I wondered if something I had said “encouraged” this creepy older man.  Luckily for me, my parents did not doubt me at all.  Lots of other victims aren’t as lucky as I was.

In a small town, a lot of people know about Roy Moore’s creepy chasing after young girls, just like a lot of people knew about the creepy guy who hit on me, at 13.  Just because no one went public with the stories for so long isn’t odd at all, that’s how small towns operate.  I wouldn’t be surprised if most of Moore’s victims were from poor families, because a lot of creepy men prey on young, poor, “white trash” girls.   He was already a hotshot lawyer in his 30s and they were powerless nobodies.

Been there, more than once in my life with men like Moore, men who have all the power. It’s terrible to feel completely powerless.  However,  I sure don’t want to jump on the “me too” bandwagon, that feminists are driving.  They will rant and demand more laws and “legal protections” for women, which won’t do anything to solve the problem.

The most egregious sexual misconduct already is covered by laws.  The conduct that isn’t “criminal” needs to be dealt with by cultural mores and those were shredded and burned, along with the bras, during the 60s & 70s sexual revolution.  We are still dealing with the smoldering wreckage from that movement.

The problem is men need to be taught to be gentlemen and women need to be taught to be ladies.  We don’t need more laws, we need more people who believe in treating everyone with respect.  All the “free love” feminist dogma from the 60s has harmed many women, a great deal.  It has harmed many men too, but it has left way too many men on the prowl, believing in the Hugh Hefner lifestyle.  Teaching people to have a bit of restraint and decency in their sex lives would be a good thing too, but this “me too” feminist screeching won’t teach any of that.

These angry women are on the war path against the evil, male patriarchy again.  More laws won’t protect women from creepy men.  Gentlemen will.  I’ve said it before, the world desperately needs more noble, strong men to keep all of us safe.  Those type of men are: GENTLEMEN.

Feminists keep trying to kill them off.

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A nation torn apart

Over the weekend, Andrew McCarthy wrote a compelling piece highlighting the differences between the Trump Russian collusion investigation and Hillary’s email server investigation. It’s worth reading: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453659/mueller-paul-manafort-investigation-hardball-tactics

President Trump went off on his favorite tangent, lambasting political hacks in our intelligence community, over the weekend.  Of course, the mainstream media rushed to condemn his comments and predictably, former top intelligence officials, James Clapper and John Brennan, took to the Sunday shows to berate him and blabber on about how Trump can easily be played by the Russians.

I’ve debated how to explain the problems I see with both sides in this flame-throwing.  First, off Clapper, Brennan and Comey are all tied up in the infamous Trump dossier business, which is tied up with GPS Fusion, which was hired and paid by Clinton and the DNC to destroy Trump.  Those three briefed Trump, before his inauguration, on the dossier and they rolled out a report on Russian interference in the election at the same time.  That report was just recycled information from previous reports, yet those three top intelligence officials spun that in the media as if it was new information, bolstering the Clinton camp’s “Russian collusion” hysteria.   Clapper, Brennan and Comey played a key role in working to delegitimize Trump.  That’s the truth.

When Comey was fired he leaked his FBI notes to the media, through a friend, and later reports indicate those notes did contain classified material, yet the media glossed over that and ran full throttle on the Russian collusion storyline.  It’s easy to understand why Trump doesn’t trust anything Comey, Brennan, or Clapper say.  During the Obama years, a lot of intelligence was mishandled. Hillary’s private email server became the public target of Republicans, but the Obama administration, starting with President Obama, who used a private gmail account to communicate sensitive information with staffers, mishandled sensitive information – he emailed Hillary using that gmail account at her private server email address.

There are many “experts” who rush to say, the president can handle sensitive information however he wants and it’s “legal”, but that misses the entire point about sensitive information.  “Legal” doesn’t really matter if the actions compromise sensitive information, because what matters is that everyone entrusted with handling sensitive information do his/her best to insure that information is handled with due diligence.  Protecting the information is what matters; not parsing over legal technicalities.

Hillary’s server jeopardized highly sensitive information in many, many ways.  Top Obama officials, including President Obama, were involved in the email chains, containing classified information.  Every insecure email account, not just Hillary’s homebrew server, put that information at risk.  The most amazing aspect of Comey’s bizarre statements on Hillary’s server, was how he underplayed the possibility that the classified information was accessed by hostile intelligence.  The moment sensitive information is mishandled, like being stored on an insecure homebrew server, with people managing the email system, who do not possess security clearances, that information was definitely considered compromised.  Hillary used primarily her blackberry to send and read emails.  She had 13 blackberries that she “misplaced” or couldn’t locate and NONE of them were turned over to the FBI.

The entire media/Clinton/DNC #Resist effort has been a year-long sorest loser temper tantrum to take down Trump.  That is the truth. The other truth is Trump has placed fighting the #Resist effort above his duties as President. America is suffering from this ongoing 2016 election debacle.  It is also true that Trump is unfit to be president and he does not care to learn about policy or pay attention to details.  It is also true that Hillary, with her callous and deliberate abuse of her position and grossly negligent handling of highly sensitive information is unfit to be president too and she should not have a security clearance ever.  However, I think she still has her security clearance, despite the piles of classified information she mishandled, the files under subpoena her lawyers destroyed, and despite not turning over any of her 13 blackberries and some of her laptops to the FBI.  The media glossed over Hillary’s email scandal and Comey did too, because to prosecute Hillary would have taken down the Obama administration.  So, instead, Obama caved to the Clinton pressure and the Obama Justice Department gave cover to Hillary Clinton.

The mainstream media can collude to just not cover certain stories or to give a quick report, then bury the story. When Clinton flacks say, “it’s time to move on”, the mainstream media takes that marching order and does damage control for the Clintons.

Into this mix, it’s increasingly obvious the Trump campaign was extremely corrupt too and considering Trump prided himself on being a great crony capitalist, this should not surprise anyone.  Once Donald Trump, Jr. admitted he went into that meeting with the Russian lawyer, expecting to get Russian government dirt on Hillary, President Trump’s denials of “Russian collusion” fell apart.

America had two totally corrupt candidates, who are determined to fight to the bitter end to destroy each other.  America is caught in the media crossfire of this brutal information war of attrition. There won’t really be any winners at the end of this, just a nation torn apart by relentless partisan fighting.


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Seeing Russia through your “Windows”

In our hyper-partisan political environment in America, do our intelligence agencies fathom the full scope of the Russians’ information war?

Politicians on the left want to focus solely on Russian interference in the 2016 election that promoted Trump and disparaged Hillary, but the Russian activities are much broader, also targeting fringe political extremists, various demographics, and the political left.  It has also been reported that they even identify soldiers, veterans and their families with messaging meant to undermine morale and confidence in the U.S. government and the military.

The Daily Beast, a leftist site, has a report today: Exclusive: Russia Activated Twitter Sleeper Cells for Election Day Blitz.  Their investigation examined election day tweets from Russian trolls in St. Petersburg, all geared toward promoting Trump and spewing doubt about the election process.  The most interesting thing they reported is that many of these Twitter accounts go as far back as 2009, which should raise alarm bells among our intelligence agents analyzing the Russian messaging operations.

I believe the Russians were actively cultivating online messaging opportunities since the late 90s.  The very same gang-up tactics and the swarming with their messaging, to dominate and crush opposing opinions in online forums, was present on the Excite message boards during the Clinton impeachment.  In 2015, I experienced that same tactic when posting comments on some conservative news sites, which used Disqus for their comment sections.  Just like the all-American sounding names used by Russian Twitter trolls, reported in this Daily Beast article, the gang-up hit squads on Disqus, used similar names.  I am sure the Russians have online troll armies working the left-leaning sites and various sites geared toward minorities too.  Cultivating fear and discontent in American black communities has been a Kremlin focus since 1919.  In the 70s, the Saudis reportedly began pouring money into black colleges and black communities, to promote Wahhabism.  The Chinese fixated on buying American real estate and American companies, to try to “own” us.

With the complete cluelessness expressed by so many of our government leaders about the Russians’ information war against America and the West, you’d think most of these people slept through the Cold War.  Time to wake up and realize you just might be seeing Russia through your “Windows”…


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Always above the law

The New Yorker ran a very in-depth piece of investigative journalism, Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies,  by Ronan Farrow.  The story details how Harvey Weinstein and his lawyers silenced women and reporters from speaking out about Weinstein’s attacks on women.  The article is long, but it’s a fascinating read and so eerily familiar:

“According to dozens of pages of documents, and seven people directly involved in the effort, the firms that Weinstein hired included Kroll, which is one of the world’s largest corporate-intelligence companies, and Black Cube, an enterprise run largely by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies. Black Cube, which has branches in Tel Aviv, London, and Paris, offers its clients the skills of operatives “highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units,” according to its literature.”


Some of Weinstein’s private investigators were hired and managed through Weinstein’s lawyers, with David Boies, directly involved in the hiring and managing Weinstein’s private investigators.  This all sounded so familiar, because this is exactly how the Clintons silenced women during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  The Clintons used Sid Blumenthal to pull strings and kill stories.   Women claimed to have been threatened when they talked to Starr’s investigators.  And all the while Clinton mouthpieces and Hillary railed about the “vast, right-wing conspiracy” out to destroy them and how the investigation was just a “witch hunt”.

Weinstein looks like his empire is crumbling, but the Clintons are always above the law.

Along with this Farrow piece, another interesting bit of news generating waves is Donna Brazile’s new book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.

Brazile claimed the DNC was owned by the Clintons during the Dem. primary, with the Clintons pouring money into the DNC, which was completely broke.  Along with the Clinton cash, the Clinton campaign demanded complete control of the DNC hiring and messaging, which assured Bernie Sanders would be sidelined.  Brazile excoriated Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ management of the DNC, which left the DNC  in such dire financial straits.

Clinton mouthpieces jumped into action countering Brazile’s claims, insisting everything was legal.  Clinton loyalists in the mainstream media jumped into action attacking Brazile too.  Many Democrats urged Democrats to unite and stay focused on #Resist.  And Donald Trump, his info warriors and FOX News pounced on the Brazile revelations as evidence that “Crooked Hillary”  rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.

The mainstream media is already working to bury this story, gleefully getting inflamed about such weighty matters as Trump feeding the koi in Japan…  Brazile is quickly backtracking, now insisting the Dem. primary wasn’t rigged.

It looks like once again the Clinton machine has silenced another woman, who dared to challenge Hillary.

The right-wing media and Russian fronts, like Zero Hedge, highlighted Donna Brazile’s odd dedication in her book.  She dedicates her book to several family members, her friend and mentor, David Kaufmann,  her dog, and “my DNC colleague and patriot, Seth Rich”.   The Seth Rich dedication is odd.  I haven’t read the book yet, but the rolling out of her book, her feisty defiance over the weekend and now her seeming acquiescence to the Clinton talking points, seems like Brazile has opted to surrender to the Clinton machine.

It’s not surprising.

No one really ever wins against the Clinton machine.  Trump won the presidency, but Hillary and her vast network of operatives, many of them in the mainstream media, will tirelessly work until he is taken down.  That Trump is as corrupt as the Clintons assures this scorched earth info war will blow hot as long as Trump is president.  Trump played dirty, where even his son admits meeting with Russians hoping to collude with them and get dirt on Hillary.  The investigations will continue, the corrupt Trump operatives will be exposed, but all the while the Clinton corruption will roll on – always above the law.

Of course, Saint Comey, is ready to launch his new book too… “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership”… One can only wait with bated breath for Comey to explain his “better angels”…

Somehow, I feel sure he will get me nowhere closer to understanding how “extremely careless” differs from “grossly negligent” or how people in positions of high-trust and responsibility should be treated like “celebrities” and their “rights” must be given due deference and more protection than our nation’s most sensitive information.   The “higher loyalty” should be to the oath sworn – SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.

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