Pauline Revere warns the Russians are coming

Speech is power, speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Left’s hysteria over “Russian influence”, to “Russian collusion” and now “Russian interference” resonates like a McCarthyite Red Scare.  The Left’s hysteria amounts to, “Oh my goodness, there are diabolical Russians around every corner trying to control our minds, our elections, even our very democracy.”  And of course, their remedies to stop the Russian influence operations, in order to ostensibly preserve our constitutional republic, always come back to trying to undo the 2016 election, which of course, there is absolutely no constitutional means to do.  That would mean discounting the results of a legal election, where millions of Americans voted Donald J. Trump and he won the electoral college vote.

To save us from these diabolical Russians, we’ve got Pauline Revere, aka the smartest woman in the world, riding the TV talk circuit, combining her sore loser book tour of 1,001 reasons why she lost the election, combined with her new spin effort to sell Americans the lie that the 2016 election was not legitimate.   She is colluding with her supporters in the  liberal media and Hollywood, using the same mass media information warfare that she is asserting Trump and the Russians used.

These massive media SPIN efforts work only with massive collusion with mass media, who ruthlessly repeat the same talking points and phrases.  This creates an opinion cascade, as Americans start repeating those same talking points (it’s a form of mass media brainwashing).  The political operatives and their friends in the media then begin to repeat the poll numbers, to reinforce those spun messages and create the illusion they reflect the “will of the people”.  Since the 90s, this phrase equating polls as some form of legitimate expression of the “will of the people” has been repeated and reinforced by politicians and the media, especially by those on the Left, who mastered this form of mass media information warfare to brainwash those, the Left’s sleaziest political operatives dubbed “low information voters”

The key point about the 2016 election is Jeh Johnson, the Obama Homeland Security Director, stated that there was no tampering detected on election day.  That makes the election LEGITIMATE.

The Russians’ escalated information warfare activities during the election should be investigated, but in our effort to “protect” Americans from “influence”, more laws or crackdowns on speech will do nothing to protect Americans, but will assuredly do more to destroy our constitutionally protected liberties than anything the Russians can do with their info war against American democracy.

As someone who pointed out the information warfare being waged using “SPIN cycles” since 1998, to include the vicious gang-up attacks on the Excite message boards during the Clinton impeachment, this hysteria about Russian information warfare now seems laughable.  All of a sudden, the people who were the most vicious combatants using this vile form of information warfare are hysterically warning that it’s a dire threat to American democracy…

Again, Donald Trump was only able to knock off 17 other Republican candidates during the GOP primary with the knowing and willing COLLUSION of CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news, along with many print journalists and pundits SPINNING his talking points and memes 24/7, running his rallies live and in their entirety and touting his “GOP Insurgency”.  This was Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy.  A leaked Podesta email referred to this as their Pied Piper strategy.  They wanted the most extreme Republican candidate to win the GOP primary and they were colluding with the media to sell Trump.  Trump received billions of dollars worth of free media in the primary.

The Bill Clinton triangulation strategy was simple: paint Trump as the far-right fascist kook, paint Bernie as the far-left commie kook, clearing the middle for Queen Hillary to prance back into the White House.

It backfired.

Mueller may find criminal actions relating to Trump and/or some of his campaign associates.  If so, impeachment could very well be a legitimate remedy.  The Clinton resistance efforts will make it harder for Congress to act, because their constant information warfare is as counterproductive to American democracy as what the Russians are doing.  And then to compound the mess, President Trump is waging the same kind of no holds barred information war too.  They all want to control the hearts and minds of the American people using SPIN, relentlessly repeating and assaulting the American people with gross distortions of the truth and outright lies.

Pauline Revere is several decades late warning about Russian information warfare in America.

Yesterday CNN reported on a fake Tea Party Twitter account and Facebook is working to stop Russian political ad buys. but this hysteria about Russians infiltrating right-wing political sites is so myopic, that it’s stunning.  The Russians infiltrated the American Left, from their political institutions to academia to Hollywood, thoroughly since inception of the Comintern in 1919.  The Russians have a century’s worth of experience building an information warfare capability within the bastions of the American political Left.

I strongly suspect they never left when the Soviet Union collapsed.  I believe SPIN information warfare had some strong foreign information warfare influences in it since the 1990s, although I don’t have proof of that.  All I have is my personal experience during the Clinton impeachment drama, stemming from writing comments on the Excite message boards.  I don’t have proof of what happened there either.

However, if I’m right, then the problem of Russian influence, using mass media information warfare, is larger than just 2016, President Trump, FOX news and Russian run “American right-wing” twitter accounts and sites.  The Soviets had a very captive audience among American academia, Leftist politicians, the press and Hollywood, to spread their messaging.   The Russians didn’t have to work hard to find plenty of useful idiots among the Left to carry their messaging .

That the Russians now have FOX News and many other information avenues working 24/7 to pervert conservative Republican messaging and replace it with a mishmash of Trumpian messaging, strikes me as they now have the means to undermine both political parties, Hollywood, academia, and the media.  That “GOP Insurgency” was meant to destroy the Republican Party.  The Clintons have left the Democratic Party in total disarray.  Congress is dysfunctional.  The courts still function thankfully.

The last bastion where The Constitution is revered, protected and defended is in the U.S. military and President Trump is working to undermine the integrity of that institution with his PR blitz to bolster his support among the military.  Messaging targeting the U.S. military, to undermine morale and military values, will escalate, I believe.  I expect much of that undermining messaging to be at the hands of President Trump, with his endless stream of  “don’t take him literally” strong-man word salads and using military backdrops to bolster his “popular” image.

The messaging war is going to get crazier, of that you can be sure.

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A glimmer of hope

Here’s a thoughtful USA Today opinion piece about our divided America,  I moved from a blue state to a red state and it changed my life, written by Leah Singer.

Singer writes:

“I was raised in California, where we like to believe diversity is applauded and opportunities abound. In many ways, California’s blue state bubble can be a very safe place to live if you subscribe to the popular liberal politics.

Over and over, I was questioned about why I would ever leave the Golden State for a “flyover” red state. This phrase alone troubled me, and the implied perception that one flies over the Midwest just to get to their East or West coast home.”

Living in a bubble cuts both left and right and Singer’s thoughtful piece offers a glimmer of hope for finding common ground again in America.

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2016 never ends

Yesterday, I started a blog post, but by the time I wrote it,  the news was in a tizzy about President Trump’s UN speech.  Another mass media spin cycle spun out of control and  I felt very weary of information warfare.  That is what is going on in America though, so I’ll just go ahead and post this, with a bit added to the end of that post.

People often use the trite Groundhog Day movie analogy, about being stuck reliving the same event over and over, but with the 2016 election, we are stuck being barraged with an endless, boring, spin cycle, in a vicious information war waged by two candidates, the mass media, social media and hostile foreign intelligence.

The Players:

President Donald J. Trump – the “winner” of the 2016 U.S. presidential election is the sorest winner ever.  He continues to battle the media, Hillary Clinton, the GOP, history, facts and often reality.   He is a man intent on using mass media optics to create an American-size Potemkin village, where his image reigns supreme and TVs across America blare with his cheering throngs at rousing rallies, flags flapping in the breeze and his voice roaring on about “making America great again”.  For President Trump everything boils down to his “crowd size”.

Hillary Clinton – the loser of U.S. presidential election still believes she really won the election, making her the sorest loser ever.   She is a woman who blames everyone, except herself, for her loss, all while adding caveats to imply she was a victim of Russian influence, misogyny against strong women and even deplorable white women who didn’t vote for her, due to pressure from the Neanderthal, Trump-supporting men in their lives.

The Mass Media – The mass media played a central role in the 2016 scorched earth information war, because SPIN style information warfare requires mass media collusion to work.  American cable news networks are powerful information warfare fronts in America.  CNN, MSNBC and FOX all ran the Trump “GOP Insurgency Show”, in 2015, giving Trump unprecedented free media, running his “winning in all the polls” talking points messaging and broadcasting his large “crowd size” rallies live and in their entirety.  In early 2016, CNN and MSNBC and the liberal media made a pivot to running the Clinton scorched earth messaging, casting Trump as a fascist, while FOX News remained committed to running 24/7 MAGA propaganda.  Most of the print media and Hollywood aligned with the Clinton spin.

Twitter – As the whole world knows, it’s a social media platform President Trump uses and loves to spread his MAGA spin messages and lob petty attacks on his enemies.   He delights in baiting the media into overreaction with incendiary tweets.   It’s also a social media platform journalists use and love too.  This is where you can watch spin cycles burst into life, with journalists retweeting each other’s hot takes and stories, often with no independent fact-checking and it’s a place where those spun stories get thousands of retweets and the corrections only a handful.  This viral spread of misinformation assures these false stories are believed.  And if that weren’t bad enough, Trump has an army of pundit warriors on Twitter, who work tirelessly to attack the Left, the media and especially Republicans and conservatives, who refuse to get on the Trump train.  The media keep reporting that the Russians have troll and bot information warfare attack teams on Twitter and other social media too.

Foreign Intelligence (especially the “hostile” ones) – Of course, the Russians have received the most media attention in regards to trying to influence the 2016 election, but many other countries, both friends and foes, engage in cyber-activities and mass media information warfare, some of which is directed at America.

What Trump’s punditry cheerleaders, like Conrad Black, are touting as Trump’s “pivot” to Democrats, is really just more Trump scorched earth information warfare, to stick it to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who have the power to kill the Russian investigations.  Trump is trying to soften Pelosi and Schumer with deals on some policy issues, in hopes of getting their cooperation to put the brakes on the #Resist/impeachment frenzy of the Left and to align with them in making Republicans in Congress look impotent.

The mass media liberals are working with the Clinton spinners to rehash the 2016 election with the same old hysterical talking points they have used since Trump won the election – more hysteria about Russian interference in our democracy and how the electoral college is a threat to American democracy…  Hollywood is on the case to investigate the Russian interference in 2016 too, all timed to go along with Hillary’s sore loser book tour.  They’re even rerunning the  lame attacks on the electoral college.  Here’s a Politico story from today: The Electoral College Is a National Security Threat.

FOX News is busily spouting lines that sound like they came direct from the Kremlin,  attacking Mueller and the FBI, to cast doubt on their Russia investigation.  The Trump spinners are escalating their attacks on Republican leaders too,  just as news leaked of the FBI having FISA warrants for Manafort and that the Manafort’s phone calls were monitored last year.

The same old 2016 election mass media information war rages on, burning the integrity of all who engage in it to the ground.   If you participate in spin, which is using mass media to try to dupe the American people with LIES, you destroy your own credibility the most.

It’s easy to get drawn into the partisan spin and to be sucked into spin cycles.  The words used by the politicians and the media are designed to evoke emotional responses within their target audience.  The easiest way to discern the spin and the mass media information warfare messaging is to treat all of their messaging as suspect and then work to identify the various messages, try to track the messages back to the original source using that messaging first, follow the spread of that messaging.  Don’t get sucked into reacting emotionally to any political messaging and treat all news with great scepticism.  Work to try to fact-check and independently verify facts yourself – don’t rely on ‘fact-checkers” in the media or sites that are touted as “fact-checking” sites, because many of them have a partisan political taint to their ‘fact-checking”.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m very weary of this mass media information war that is being waged against the American people!

No one wins in this type of mass media information warfare, because invariably the American people are being fed bigger and bigger lies, the trust in our political system and the news media crumble completely and along with the partisan political information warfare propaganda, America’s enemies keep fanning distrust in American political institutions and floating “ways to fix the problems” in our political system that use deceptively “democratic” language, but which are meant to tear apart our constitutional republic.

Words do matter and you can trust America’s enemies to constantly work to hijack the meanings of words – it’s meant to destroy our ability to think freely (see here, here, here).

As a small side note, I’ve mentioned Stella Morabito’s articles in previous posts and she has a 2015 post with a list of books to read to hack-proof your mind.  I’m reading #2 on her list right now  The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Mind Control, Menticide and Brainwashing by Joost A. M. Meerloo.

Morabito also started a book club about propaganda in April 2017.

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Bad title, but great story

Dr. Mary-Claire King, American Cancer Society Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, relates, in very personal terms, her awful week she secured a research grant from the National Institutes of Health in 1981:

The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1

The title doesn’t do this amazing story justice.  The story isn’t filled with feminist angst or rage.  It’s filled with honesty about a young doctor and mother, faced with a week of terrible personal crises, who almost made a choice not to show up in Washington to pursue her NIH grant for her BRCA1 research, which has greatly advanced the understanding of breast cancer.  And like all good stories, there are some surprises to make you glad you read it.


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A world without people?

Newsweek has a major scare cover, Who’s Killing America’s Sperm? The story, Male Infertility Crisis in U.S. Has Experts Baffled, delves into a decline in male fertility, not only in America, but throughout most of the world, particularly in the industrialized western world.  The article begins:

“Hagai Levine doesn’t scare easily. The Hebrew University public health researcher is the former chief epidemiologist for the Israel Defense Forces, which means he’s acquainted with danger and risk in a way most of his academic counterparts aren’t. So when he raises doubts about the future of the human race, it’s worth listening. Together with Shanna Swan, a professor of environmental medicine and public health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Levine authored a major new analysis that tracked male sperm levels over the past few decades, and what he found frightened him. “Reproduction may be the most important function of any species,” says Levine. “Something is very wrong with men.””

The Newsweek article portends great danger to human existence, a world without people.  Back in February, in a blog post, An extreme feminist Utopia, I wrote a book report, of sorts, on Charles Eric Maine’s  1958 dystopian novel, World Without Men:

“I reject feminism, because it’s not just some benign battle for “fairness” in the workplace or expanding opportunities for women, it’s about tearing down the entire framework of western civilization. Maine’s novel, set 5,000 years into the future, describes a world literally without men. Although sounding totally implausible at first glance, Maine offers snapshot-like short chapters into the past, that lay out frightening events along the way to how this “world without men” came to be. While novels like this aren’t to be taken literally or as prescience for what is to come, like 1984, Maine touched on some issues that are worth thinking about.”

Maine’s novel delves into what a world social order, where only females exist, would be like.  His novel centers on a world where humans, over time, began overproducing females, until males became extinct, except for male genetic material saved in labs around the world.  In Maine’s futuristic world, government-controlled scientists work tirelessly to try to reproduce a living male child, while the female world is indoctrinated into a media fed lie about parthenogenesis, that men became obsolete and unnecessary, with all their endless wars and exploration.  A world without men allowed for an evolution to an orderly, stable world of only women:

The official P.A.S. history teaches:

“There never could have been a Utopia while man survived and controlled human affairs, for his innate aggressiveness and insatiable curiosity forced him restlessly to pursue the ever-widening boundary of knowledge without giving a thought to the application of his newly found powers in the service of humanity.  In abolishing man, nature had opened the way to the permanent establishment of peace and plenty.  Several women scientists had pointed out that man had been necessary to nature’s purpose; he had tackled, with considerable energy and ingenuity, the problem of adapting his environment to himself, and had succeeded in wresting from the blind forces of the cosmos all the power he needed to secure the supremacy and ultimate survival of the human race as an entity.  And at that point man became redundant. Worse he became an obstacle to the wise and peaceful exploitation of natural power for the benefit of his species.  So man ceased to exist, and woman became mistress of her planet, and nature provided parthenogenesis to replace the outmoded reproduction mechanism that had vanished with the male sex.”

p. 35, World Without Men, Maine, Charles Eric

In his fictional novel, the catalyst for Maine’s fake parthenogenesis is the advent of female oral contraceptives, which, over several thousand years, led to human reproduction going haywire, overproducing females and the eventual extinction of males.  Oddly enough, the Newsweek article chronicles a lengthy list of concerns for the decrease in male fertility from obesity to chemicals, but it does not include any mention of female oral contraceptives, as something to look into, even though they dramatically alter female hormones levels and the female reproductive system.  The Newsweek article states:

“Most sperm will never come close to an egg—while a fertile man ejaculates 20 million to 300 million sperm per milliliter of semen, only a few dozen might reach their destination, and only one can drill through the egg’s membrane and achieve conception. The chemical makeup of the vagina is actively hostile to sperm, which can only survive because semen contains alkaline substances that offset the acidic environment. That’s the paradox of sperm counts—although one healthy sperm is enough to make a baby, it takes tens of millions of sperm to beat the odds, which means that significant declines in sperm counts will eventually degrade overall male fertility. Notes Swan: “Even a relatively small change in the mean sperm count has a big impact on the percentage of men who will be classified as infertile or subfertile”—meaning a reduced level of fertility that makes it harder to conceive.”

Of course, the article does offer feminist-tinged agendas about how poor women bear such a burden, “it is women who bear the medical and psychological burden of trying to get—and stay—pregnant”…  Despite, the scare headlines warning that human reproduction is at risk,  there’s nary a mention of the increased use of female oral contraceptives in the Newsweek story and that glaring omission bothers me.  You’d  think that scientists, who are looking for all sorts of causes, even cellphones, BPA and smoking, to explain the drop in fertility, both female and male, perhaps they might add looking into the impact of increased use of oral contraceptives on human reproduction too.

Would looking into the impact of oral contraceptives rock the boat of acceptable scientific inquiry?  I suspect, that although we aren’t living in a “world without men”, we, to include our scientific research, are rigidly controlled by politically correct, feminist-driven conformity.  Is our scientific research ideologically castrated, to be performed only by PC-indoctrinated eunuchs?


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Trump’s #CharlottesvilleVendetta

After watching how President Trump and his information warrior army operate since 2015, you’d think most political pundits would understand, not only his information warfare strategy, by now, but also realize that he has no political ideological core, no principles, no concern for understanding details or facts, and is completely driven by his own popularity.   What makes Donald J. Trump look great matters most.

So, when Trump met with McConnell, Ryan, Schumer and Pelosi Wednesday and stabbed Republicans in the back, by agreeing to Schumer and Pelosi’s deal, the political punditry broke down two ways.  The Trump information warriors, his loyal Carvillian spinmeisters, who have spun  Trump as “great”, “the magnificent builder”, “doesn’t play by the rules”, and most of all “winning”, naturally began spinning this deal as wonderful, but many other political pundits seemed dazed and confused again.  The reaction was sort of  “what the heck just happened?”.

Once again, they are making the mistake of thinking of Trump in American democratic political norms.  He is not really a Republican or a Democrat; he’s a puffed up, pampered prince, our own Peter III, who is used to getting his own way.  If it feeds his image and therefore his ego, all is well.   This is why he doesn’t care about policy, only watching TV and talking about his popularity (crowd size).  His other consuming concern is shutting down the Russia investigation.  He wants to make sure he is not impeached.

The Trump/Schumer/Pelosi deal was Trump’s  #CharlottesvilleVendetta in action.  Any Republicans who spoke out against him after Charlottesville will be targeted  for destruction by Trump and his sleazy political operatives.  Ryan and McConnell are at the top of Trump’s hit list, because they could be very influential in killing the Russian investigation.  This has nothing to do with moving the so-called Trump political agenda, which really was just a bunch of jingoistic flag-waving, “America First”, xenophobic tirades to galvanize his base.

He will rally, and repeat that performance, as often as necessary, to keep his 5th Avenue Loyalists marching in lockstep.  Seriously, he will revert to his large rallies, even if he has to hire a crowd to project a great “crowd size”.

Trump’s spinmeisters are spinning this deal as Ryan’s fault and that will be a recurring theme from now on.  Trump’s spinners will target Ryan and McConnell.  Since Trump has Fox News as a 24/7 propaganda channel, his spin will likely work with his 5th Avenue Loyalists.  They believe not what he says or does (don’t take him literally; but take him seriously).  They believe in Trump the “Great”.

Republicans, who are not on the Trump train, would be wise to realize that Trump is not a Republican and the GOP is no longer the Republican party.  That party was burned to the ground.  When the Trump train kept touting Trump’s “GOP Insurgency”, well, believe it.  He did not want to become a Republican; he wanted the party to become Trumpian.  And it has.  His sleazy information warriors will say anything to prop him up and lie, lie, lie.  They make the Clinton spinmeisters look like amateurs.  Ryan, McConnell and other Republicans, who aren’t Trump loyalists, should start dealing with Trump like he is the enemy, because he is.   Trump will work tirelessly to destroy anyone who hurts his feelings.

Where this Trump train stops is anyone’s guess.  The one thing I am certain of is it leads to an abandonment of American principles of decency and fair play.  There’s nothing good about using mass media information warfare against the American people, no matter who is doing it.

And one short blog note: My area is under a mandatory evacuation this weekend, so I won’t be blogging for several days. We are packing up.



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More paper junk

Warning, warning, this is a crafting post, so escape while you can, if you thought you were going to read a political post.

Above are three traveler’s notebook inserts I made with lined paper for my youngest daughter.  The middle one has some iron-on fabric appliques that are clearance junk I bought at Walmart years ago.   I used tacky glue to attach them.

In my ongoing effort to use scrapbook paper, craft supplies, even old calendars I’ve kept, this “junk journaling” effort is turning into a fun hobby.   When my kids were young, I began the habit of keeping old calendars, because calendar pictures are really great to use in a lot of kids craft projects.  I still have a Strawberry Shortcake and a Holly Hobbie calendar, and I recently used some pictures from a Minnie Mouse calendar to cover plain, 50 cent composition books for my granddaughters.

Years ago, when my granddaughters were little, I found a project in a book, Trash to Treasure (psst, book was a yard sale purchase), for making children’s sewing cards.   I had looked online and in stores for some pretty sewing cards, without much luck. The sewing cards I found were very ugly images, so I bought a puppy and a kitten calendar on clearance, long after the new year, at a local Dollar General store.  I made bunches of very cute sewing cards for my granddaughters and also for some friends at work to give to their young children.

Sewing cards have gone out of style, I guess, but truly they were great for little girls and boys to work on manual dexterity.  My mother sat my oldest daughter on the floor with a stack of magazines when she was a very young toddler.  She handed my daughter a pair of children’s scissors and told her she could cut out pictures.   I told my Mom that she was just making a mess and my mother told me I was missing the point, which was my daughter was learning how to handle scissors and improving her manual dexterity.  By the time my daughter got to kindergarten she was a professional at cutting out images neatly, even around complicated curves.

My youngest daughter was even better with scissors, because when she was a toddler we were living in Germany and I enrolled her in the German kindergarten in our village.   Those teachers handed the little children sharper scissors and taught them Scherenschnitte cutting.  At one of their parent/teacher nights they had a class for parents to learn Scherenschnitte to make a Christmas ornament.  I had my preschool daughter explaining to me that the trick is to move the paper, not your scissors.   Try cutting out images on paper with  some sharp curves and notice the difference it makes if you move the paper instead of trying to move your scissors.

These are some small scrap paper note pads and a traveler’s notebook insert for me.   The patriotic images are from my 2011 lovely, large wall calendar, Long May She Wave.  I used the small images from the back cover of the calendar for this insert.  The center image is a WWI rallying poster with an Army Corps nurse at the Liberty Bell, raising the flag.  There are soldiers marching off to war, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.  Someday I might frame the large print of this image and put it in my “I love America” room.

The other night I was just playing at my craft desk and looking through a stack of old calendars, so I cut up my 2002 Provence calendar, which had lovely photos by Mark Downey.  I turned the calendar cover into a soft cover.  I used the other calendar pictures, with the addition of some other papers, to make this thin junk journal.   I think this calendar was just a dollar store calendar.

This is my latest project, another junk journal made with a cereal box cover.  The picture is a Monet print from my 2005 wall calendar, which I glued onto the cereal box cover.  I printed out a Monet quote I found online and added it to the cover.  Then I coated the cover with 4 coats of matte finish Mod Podge to seal it.  I might add a ribbon to tie around it or add more embellishments to the cover.

The spine is covered in scrapbook paper and sewn with the 5-hole pamphlet stitch.

There are 3 signatures, with a good bit of room to grow, so that once I start adding embellishments and paper ephemera, it won’t get too bulky.

The good thing is I haven’t gone out and bought anything new while making these.

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