The “alt-right” around every corner….

The alt-right is the new broad brush the Clinton meme-makers want to hype to paint Trump as a “fascist”. That Trump hesitated to disavow white nationalists early on and made very incendiary comments falls on Trump’s own shoulders, but I think it’s important to be careful not to buy into the idea that every person who voted for Trump in the Republican primary is a rabid, closet alt-right racist.

Certainly, white nationalists have merged to vocally support Trump, in fact, I witnessed alt-right attacks a few times on Disqus comments at National Review, where a group of alt-right commenters showed up and were posting anti-Semitic and racist stuff non-stop for hours, completely shutting down any conversation by other commenters. The moderators after one attack said they had deleted thousands of posts during that attack. And the attacks at National Review that I witnessed were in the comment section for Jonah Goldberg’s column, with many of the anti-Semitic comments aimed directly at Goldberg.

So, while I think it’s important to denounce white nationalists and any other hate-mongering groups, like Black Lives Matter, it’s also important not to buy into the Clinton SPIN machine’s GROSS exaggerations.

Here’s my cautionary note about Hillary and her alt-right fear-mongering. The Clintons (and Democrats) love to paint conservatives, Evangelical Christians, people who own guns, former soldiers, people who talk about The Constitution too much (more than they prefer) and anyone who refuses to embrace their Lefist agenda as part of some nebulous army of “vast, far-right extremists”.

During the 1990s the Clinton administration hyped the
“right-wing militia” threat way out of proportion, while dangerously downplaying Islamic terrorist threats, even after Islamic terrorist attacks against American interests and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. There was Oklahoma City, so yes, there were some dangerous militia groups, although if my memory is correct, it was only a few people who were behind the OKC bombing, I think, not some vast army.

I believe the Clinton administration grossly exaggerated the “right-wing militia” threat for their partisan political purposes.


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The Clinton Juggernaut Tries to Score a Knock-out

Just a reminder: This is the Clinton information warfare experts (their WAR room) at work, trying to bury Trump in the fascist memes, which they set-up for the last year with their “GOP Insurgency”.

Trump is being buried alive by the Clinton juggernaut.

Bill Clinton is probably the most brilliant political strategist in America today.

The Clinton machine has been planning these ads for months.

Trump’s Potemkin campaign has no ground game, endless campaign chaos and disorganization, only now is planning ads. He believed his “great” persona would garner him billions of dollars of free media in the general election and did not plan for any real campaign structure – he wanted to do it on the cheap.

Trump can not defeat their mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy.

This entire 2016 election was RIGGED by the Clinton machine.

The only hope for America is NOT either Trump or Hillary.


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More emails

More emails, nothing to see here…

Time to move on…

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Another Trump Word Salad

“He’s hasn’t changed his position on immigration, he’s changed the words he is saying.”

Deport them ALL. They have to go back.


Words matter… or at least they should!


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While America watches the 2016 Reality TV Show….

Iran vessels make ‘high speed intercept’ of U.S. ship: U.S. official

America is completely distracted by this endless Presidential Reality TV Show.

The thing I’m most concerned about in this election is how far hostile foreign countries have infiltrated America’s government and political process. That is how I started watching the media coverage and the Clinton spin machine so closely since 1992.  So, while I believe Trump is a con man and Hillary a crook, it’s the people surrounding them that I am more concerned about.

I’m watching how Trump has surrounded himself with shady people who have close ties to Russia and now Bannon, a man who has been reported to revere Lenin. Trump is corrupt and can easily be bought and manipulated.

For decades I’ve been watching the Clinton sewer rats and their SPIN, which looks like sophisticated information warfare, in the old KGB-style. And there were all the Chinese, Arab, and other money ties, plus Huma, a MB agent, firmly attached to Hillary’s side. The Clintons were easy marks for foreign infiltrators – they were corrupt and could be bought and easily blackmailed all along.

Then there’s the media itself – FOX (foreign-owned) has been a bizarre festival of Trumpmania, where the pundits and coverage was so obviously biased toward Trump and FOX has not pivoted to running the Clinton scorched earth. Drudge smells like a foreign front operation – mainstreaming InfoWars, Breitbart and other bizarre sites and Trump trying to mainstream the National Enquirer (another likely paper with foreign infiltration, imo). CNN and MSNBC going all in for Trump’s GOP Insurgency was bizarre (American liberals own those). Tracking the timelines of events with how the liberal media got the fascist meme thing to resonate was a messaging marvel. I believe that entire thing was deliberately set-up by Clinton and Soros operatives.

And beyond all the presidential politics, I’ve been watching the complete, deliberate dismantling of the US military by Obama – he even wants to screw with our nuclear arsenal before he leaves office. The Russians and Chinese have been escalating military aggression against US ships and aircraft operating in international waters. There was another report Tuesday of an Iranian move against an American ship. Obama sits on his hands. MB types now are overseeing our military’s training to fight Islamic terrorists. Obama has a cabinet filled with people who have long histories of radical, anti-American views and who spend their days busily dismantling the American military and writing “narratives” (LIES) to sell the American people.

I keep wondering what military moves Putin might try between now and November – this is his perfect opportunity. America is caught up in an endless Presidential Reality TV show, the Republican Party entrenched in in-fighting, Hillary entrenched in doing damage control as Wikileaks prepares to unload (Wikileaks is believed to be a Russian front by many serious US intelligence experts), and Obama is golfing. That’s my main concern – as we sit here distracted and unaware of the outside world.

America’s enemies are moving.

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A Smell the Leather Moment

This is one of those “smell the leather” moments.  In the early 80s, my husband and I had our oldest daughter’s baby pictures taken at a portrait studio. We were sitting there looking over the proofs and the salesman was trying to work in those tie-in sales, like a lovely photo album.

Being young and trusting, the salesman, seeing an easy mark, held the photo album up and said to me, “It’s real leather, here smell it.”  My husband sat there stone-faced and the salesman, addressed every sales pitch at me, while nervously glancing at my husband occasionally.

I obediently complied, but my husband had had enough and he told the salesman, we just wanted the portrait package I had picked out. In the car, my husband kept saying, “It’s real leather, smell it” and giving me this look of pity.

Of course, I thought my husband was overreacting, but as I thought over the incident later, I realized that salesman had figured out that I was the easy mark and that’s why he focused his efforts on me and not on my husband.

I became a tougher judge of obvious cons after that, but you can never live down stuff like that, so he still mentions that occasionally, when my bleeding-heart tendencies obstruct cold, hard reality

We are now approaching Trump’s “smell the leather” moment, where even most of his most ardent followers are going to realize they’ve been conned by the “great” Trump.

Trump met with Hispanic leaders yesterday, Univision reports:

“Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to present an immigration plan in Colorado Thursday that will include finding a way to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, according to three people who attended a meeting between the candidate and Hispanic leaders on Saturday at Trump Tower in New York.”…

Can’t wait to see what Trump announces Thursday.

Last night Trump had a rally in Fredricksburg, VA and played to his base (at 34:33 in the above video) and cheered, “Build That Wall” along with the crowd.

Imploding soon…. either the hordes revolt at being played or they remain 5th Avenue Loyalists and follow Trump over the cliff….

It’s still a slow motion train wreck, but no one can look away.


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Glass bridges

This BBC story reports on a China opening the highest and longest glass bridge in the world.  Definitely won’t be adding that to my bucket list of things to experience, but it is amazing.

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New diapers?

The sanctimony, perhaps acrimony is the better term, expressed in these articles blaming #NeverTrump for Trump’s self-inflicted wounds, grows daily, as more and more of the Trump followers look for someone else to blame for this vile fraud’s problems.  

At PJ Media, Michael Walsh wrote another blistering attack:

“The time for opposition was during the primaries. But now, for better or worse, the issue is settled. Increasingly sounding like leftists, the “never Trumpers” appeal to a higher morality to justify their electoral sabotage, but the fact is their stance is profoundly immoral; sore losers, they demand a rules change after the game is over, and refuse to accept the results.”

Well, a commenter wrote the most succinct response, in the comment section and here’s the deal, Trump used the Clinton-style scorched earth in the primary and as I endlessly repeated, that takes a lot of media collusion to pull off.  Now  

Trump is being buried alive by that same liberal media running the Clinton scorched earth and it is brutal (just like his 24/7 “GOP Insurgency” was brutal).  I believe these scorched earth campaigns are corrupt and unethical, but I don’t know if it’s illegal for mass media elites to collude with politicians to manipulate media coverage, to allow one candidate to dominate the 24/7 news cycle for 8 months, to the tune of several billion dollars in free media coverage.  It sounds to me like it should be illegal, but I am not a legal scholar.  That said, Trump is helping the Clinton scorched earth, by making endless incendiary comments.  The following commenter rebutted Walsh’s tirade against #NeverTrumpers, so with his permission, here is his response:

” Increasingly sounding like leftists, the “never Trumpers” appeal to a higher morality to justify their electoral sabotage…”

Oh really? Who sounds like leftists here?

I haven’t heard this kind of mindless devotion to an unqualified candidate since 2008.
And Trump himself is already doing what we conservatives supposedly revile – He’s playing the victim. “It’s not fair. The system is biased against me. The debate schedule isn’t the way I want it. Hillary is getting illegals to vote. If I lose, it’s everyone else’s fault. They cheated.”

Game recap: Trump 1,000,000 excuses
Personal responsibility ZERO!

Trump and his army of Trumpanzees charged into this election on a tidal wave of boasts and braggadocio. They told us that we needed someone “tough.” They told us Trump “tells it like it is!” We need a hard-as-nails deal maker and businessman!” They said.

Now he’s down in the polls and the Trumpanzees and their candidate are squealing like a herd of stuck pigs!

“The media is biased against us!”
“The GOP is not loyal to us!”
“Conservative Never-Trumpers are betraying us.”
“Our panties are too tight. We have menstrual cramps. Megyn Kelly was mean to us! George Will isn’t being nice. Mexican judges aren’t fair. Boohooo!

Sounds like a pack of simpering liberals waiting for “hope and change.” Sounds like the change they need is for some new diapers.

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Another Donald Diatribe

As I’ve mentioned before,  I comment on politics at a few conservative sites and since the TrumpNation populism fueled to life, the Republican camp still seems very divided, where even the term “frenemies” seems too mild for the rancor.  Trump and his “GOP Insurgency” can be blamed for the escalation and the cynical use of his “GOPe conspiracy theories” to divide and conquer the Republican Party.  He has been completely successful at laying waste to the GOP as a functioning political party, in a critical election year.

Lately, the charge against #NeverTrumpers centers on railing at them about how if Trump loses in November, their refusal to get on the Trump Train caused it.  Trump is losing this race on his own and he set himself up to fail from the beginning.  Now I do believe that Clinton operatives had rats inside the Potemkin Trump campaign, to feed Trump advice and lead him into bad campaign decisions, but ultimately if you are a dupe, you only have yourself to blame in the end.    That said, an angry Trump follower challenged me and asked what I would suggest, so first I will relate what I think the GOP’s only chance in November is and due to the lateness in the game, it’s a long-shot and then he asked what I would do if I were running, so here goes:

The GOP Last Ditch Option

The best thing to do would be get a Republican (moderate) out there and jump behind him and let Trump self-destruct. Doing that would catch Americans’ attention and if enough Republicans actually rallied to save the Republic – Hillary could be defeated.

Trump is a lost cause – he is heading back to his scorched earth from the primary – attacking the GOP. Let him go! That is my advice. Get someone competent out there, back him and ignore Trump like a child throwing a temper-tantrum.

Focus all the attention on having a positive American message and countering Hillary. The more Trump spews, the more he will lose voters, who will then be looking for another choice in the middle. Right now Hillary has staked out the middle – challenge her hold on the middle ground with someone competent and in the (middle).

Desperate times call for desperate measures – Trump really is a LOOSE CANNON, that’s the truth and he will do what he set out to do – burn the GOP to the ground. Republicans should take away his matches.

Then, we move on to what I said I would do, if I was hypothetically running:

My campaign strategy

If I were running, I would be out there with a positive American message, organized speeches and trying to be able to speak knowledgeably about most of the world’s hot spots and domestic issues. I would have the humility to know I don’t know a lot and rather than bluster my way through like Trump does, I would say I need to do more research to speak confidently to that issue. I would be spending every spare minute compiling coherent policies and researching issues.

I would NOT be blaming everyone else for my mistakes and I would NOT be on Twitter ranting.

And I would NOT be demonizing and spewing endless demagoguery constantly.

All he knows how to do is pathetic character assassinations or play at pitting one group against another. His own campaign staff is a prime example of his toxic leadership. Just about any of those real Republicans in the primary would fare better against this Witch of Chappaqua. Trump makes her look better every single day. He stayed on message 2 days and that cramped his style too much – so it’s back to the LOOSE CANNON, let Trump be Trump. She’s out there sounding upbeat and Reaganesque and he is stomping back into the weeds.

PS: I am a lifelong recovering stutterer, so I will never seek any job that requires public speaking….. I learned to write, to have a voice:-)

So, now that the magical thinking options are dispensed with, because the GOP does not have the leadership to unite for a common purpose and in the second case, I am terrible at public speaking, which is a critical skill in politics.  You can add on that I am a very private person, avoid cameras always, lack any desire for a public job and hate confrontations in real life.  Funny that, because I am fine arguing about politics online writing out my arguments, but in real life having to verbally present them, well let’s just say I quickly become a stuttering mess.

With my prognostications on Trump’s campaign shake-up (meltdown, perhaps), let me go on record as reminding everyone of my August 2nd blog post, “Burning the GOP to the ground”:

“During the past day Trump started alleging that he is sure the election in November will be rigged against him.  Republicans leaders should be worried, because that is Trump preparing to jump ship before November and leave the GOP hanging.   Whether that was his plan all along or it’s an escape route to avoid a crushing defeat, who knows, but Trump will bail,  just like he bailed on the debates when Cruz and Rubio made him look like the imbecilic clown, he is. Trump will not stick around until November if his polls numbers continue to dive and he continues to come under fire from all sides.  His campaign remains a chaotic mess, because Trump is in charge and there is no other calm head or hand to grab the steering wheel from him, to avoid  this train wreck.

If Trump does bail, he will rail about how the Republicans treated him so badly and unfairly….   you can count on that.”

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, because now, my “crackpot” theory is gaining steam with several conservative pundits and in some very odd locations.  Michael Moore wrote an opinion piece, at The Huffington Post, laying out his theory that Trump entered the race to gain leverage in his reality TV deal with NBC, never intending to be successful in the race.  Moore believes that once Trump started winning and had these huge crowds, the fame and attention went to his head.  In the end here is Moore’s theory on what he believes Trump plans on doing and assuredly it’s a safe bet he never reads my blog, lol:

“But, let me throw out another theory, one that assumes that Trump isn’t as dumb or crazy as he looks. Maybe the meltdown of the past three weeks was no accident. Maybe it’s all part of his new strategy to get the hell out of a race he never intended to see through to its end anyway. Because, unless he is just “crazy,” the only explanation for the unusual ramping up, day after day, of one disgustingly reckless statement after another is that he’s doing it consciously (or subconsciously) so that he’ll have to bow out or blame “others” for forcing him out. Many now are sensing the end game here because they know Trump seriously doesn’t want to do the actual job — and, most importantly, he cannot and WILL NOT suffer through being officially and legally declared a loser — LOSER! — on the night of November 8th.

Trust me, I’ve met the guy. Spent an afternoon with him. He would rather invite the Clintons AND the Obamas to his next wedding than have that scarlet letter (“L”) branded on his forehead seconds after the last polls have closed on that night, the evening of the final episode of the permanently cancelled Donald Trump Shit-Show.”

Trump doesn’t want to be bothered with having to “act presidential”, which requires studying policy issues and paying close attention to current events and details.  He prefers to schmooze and be adored by his fans.  So, it will be back to Trump the LOOSE CANNON campaign style.  He does NOT like to pay attention to details and he always leaves himself wiggle-room to slither out of his professed policy positions or beliefs….. everything in Trump’s world is negotiable, no values or principles are sacrosanct, meaning, he can be bought and sold.  That’s the truth.  I expect him to bail before November, but rest assured, in the process his goal won’t be to attack Hillary, it will be inflicting as much damage as possible on the GOP as he can.  His lovely life will be back in NYC hobnobbing with the elite liberal crowd (his lifelong friends) .

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Trump is deliberately throwing the race

The Trump chaos marches on. In recent days, Paul Manafort, the de facto Trump campaign manager, after Corey Lewandowski’s firing, has been hit with a barrage of media attacks about his connections to the deposed Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovych…… million dollar under-the-table payment, etc.

Trump now is lowering Manafort’s profile and has promoted the clueless, Kellyanne Conway and Breitbart News executive, Stephen Bannon, to run his campaign. The leftist news site/blog, The Daily Beast, reports that:

“According to The Washington Post, the decision is intended to curtail Manafort’s efforts to temper Trump’s campaign style. Trump had reportedly begun to feel “boxed in” and “controlled.” Manafort will remain part of the team, but his role will be internally diminished. The decisions, essentially, are a way for Trump to return to former aide Corey Lewandowski’s style, which was “let Trump be Trump.””

You can read that as Trump doesn’t want to “act” presidential or be bothered with policy details.  He is throwing the race to Hillary Clinton.  He is a total fraud.  No ground game, no ads yet, and a bevy of bimbos and bozos surrounding him.

He is sure to go down in flames rapidly with this ditz Conway running his campaign.  “Trump being Trump” is Trump acting like a LOOSE CANNON  and proving the Clinton caricature right, day after day.  What a nightmare, where this “GOP Insurgent” is deliberately throwing the race for the Witch of Chappaqua and the RNC  leadership still wanders around in circles without any plan or guts to ditch this con man.

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