America’s Best Hope

Here’s a run-down of this Hillary versus Trump match-up.

I have been saying since last Fall that Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy was in play – Bernie the kook on the left, Trump the kook on the right, with the path up the middle cleared for Hillary to march to the White House.  She spent almost a year trying to reinvent herself and conjure up this grandmotherly, Ms love and kindness shtick, beginning with soft soap late night TV appearances and daytime talk shows geared toward women.

I believe that somewhere in that Potemkin Trump campaign there were Clinton sewer rats scurrying in the dark corners.  I wondered for a long time whether Trump was in cahoots with the Clintons or a massive dupe.  I believe he was a dupe.  I suspect that Lewandowski was a go-between between Clinton operatives and Trump. Stone was pushed out last August, but then by late Feb. Stone and some GOP friends of Trump convinced Trump to hire Stone’s old business partner, Manafort.  After several skirmishes, Lewandowski left the Trump campaign and was immediately hired by CNN.

The thing about Trump is that while he is a total ignoramus on policy, he is a genius at self-promotion and he has the highly attuned ability of a con man to read his marks.

I believe that Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same extreme personality disorder.  He wants the presidency as a combination of the ultimate vanity purchase and a belief that only he can “make America great again”.  She believes being the FIRST female President of the United States is her destiny.  She has believed this probably since her early teens and every move she has made in her life has been geared toward that end.  Trump has dabbled with the thought of being President for decades, but it hasn’t been his all-consuming quest.  And beyond that, Hillary has already gone “very far” beyond the bounds of decency and the law to stay on track to achieve her destiny.  I think she would do just about anything at this point, to win, but I think Trump still has some moral boundaries and a family who keeps trying to pull him back.  Hillary has Bill, who owes her big time for saving him over and over.   He is going all-out to strong-arm all the Dems and do whatever is necessary

Just from a female perspective, and having known a few women like Hillary, my prediction is that Hillary will win in November.

Hillary will stealthily break every law necessary to win.  The Democratic party, which is a huge organized crime syndicate and every power of the executive branch of our government will go toward assuring she wins.  The media is overwhelmingly liberal and will carry her messaging.

Trump will bluster and make alarming statements, which will feed Hillary’s narrative that he is dangerous, and the GOP, felled by the “GOP Insurgent”, is in disarray.

And what I believe is the best hope for America is NEITHER Hillary nor Trump.

I believe America’s best hope is for the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION to be fully exposed to the American people!


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