The GOP Hostile Takeover Chugs Along


Check out Rudy Giuliani describing the vulgar, vile Donald Trump at 31:09 on this video – the lies are limitless from Trump apologists.  Giuliani described Trump as “gentlemanly” — the man tweeting in public about Megyn Kelly bleeding out of her wherever  is really a gentleman in private….  yeah right!  So, this post is going to be a recap and some thoughts on the GOP Primary Insurgency.

Last Spring the 2016 race looked like an easy GOP victory when Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal broke. Coupled with truly terrible campaign PR, from the initial video launch to the multiple efforts to relaunch her campaign, things looked dire in ClintonWorld. The GOP line-up, on the other hand, looked like a field of many talented Republicans and then there was Donald Trump. The media created this “Year of the Insurgent” meme and while Sanders gets mentioned as being part of that meme, despite being a “Washington insider” down to his bones, for the most part the term has been a badge of honor worn by Donald Trump and the media saturation has been on Trump, not on Sanders.

Hillary, with the help of Bill Clinton’s arm-twisting and shoving his political muscle around, is poised to glide to the Democrat nomination, head held high, serenely walking up the middle, cleared by Bill Clinton’s brilliant triangulation strategy, as I’ve repeated since last Fall.  If the match-up is against Trump, she will easily win is my prediction.

The GOP is headed to a train wreck of a convention, aided by virulent protesters funded by George Soros, by a duplicitous John Kasich, funded by George Soros and then there are the two “front-runners” in this GOP campaign, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, both surrounded by enough strange antics that one can only wonder how the GOP allowed its party to be hijacked by hostile forces.

Trump’s mass media saturation for months on end last year, where the media gave him millions of dollars of free air time and where he relentlessly repeated his litany of buzz words and hollow phrases, came loaded down, not with policy, but with some of the most vicious sleaze was, in plain English,  CHEATING – it was cheating and fraud on a massive scale.  From many sources:

And here’s the most elucidative account of the cheating:  “Les Moonves Exposes the Trump Media Game” 

Now add in what amounted to a rock star doing a national tour with big stadium venues lined up and plenty of nationalistic jingoism and scapegoating various ethnic groups, Trump attracted quite a crowd of bottom-feeders, along with plenty of poor whites trampled on during the past 8 years of a depressed American economy and Obama vast federal government expansion and intrusion into American daily life.  Trump promises to “Make America Great Again” and for millions of Americans, feeling powerless, he has become their savior.

In comments at various sites, I dubbed Trump’s most faithful, those who champion him no matter how vile, outrageous or deceitful he is proven to be, as his 5th Avenue Loyalists. They will remain loyal even if he does shoot someone on 5th Avenue and make up rationalizations to justify it.  The Trump phenomenon ranks as a bizarre study in mass delusion that I hope America breaks free of soon.

As to Ted Cruz, now here is another candidate that no matter how much I would like to unreservedly support him, based on his stated conservative principles, I can’t.  Cruz, a brilliant lawyer, who so carefully calculated avoiding alienating Trump supporters and refused to condemn Trump’s antics early on, hoping that if Trump fell, he could pull Trump supporters to his side, still publicly campaigns with the bizarre freak show that is Glenn Beck.  Beck has been all over the political landscape – Tea Party enthusiast, down to the border to hand out teddy bears to illegals, champion of George Washington’s values, and now prognosticator of religious prophecy.  Yet, Cruz still campaigns with him, in fact, Cruz traipsed down to the border in 2014 with Beck to hand out soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal immigrants and Beck highlighted all the good works of these religious charities receiving millions of federal dollars to administer these refugee and immigration services for the government.  It’s a YUGE racket of corruption! (here and here and here)

Trump corners the market on being able to say vulgar, inane, idiotic, crude, and over the top bombastic things with no political fall-out.  He could repeat an idiotic plan to send US troops to murder ISIS family members, all to sound tough, and his supporters excuse that as he either didn’t mean it literally or he, at least, wants to “do something”.  That plan was a war crime, ISIS terrorists routinely use their family members as human shields and don’t “scare” easily, but none of this matters to Trump supporters.  The Trump policy disparaged US troops, equating them to just hired muscle, who will commit cold-blooded murder without question.

Trump’s supporters hear Trump tough talk and cheer – no matter what the content!  However, Cruz is supposedly so smart, so why would he recently revert back to this language of “carpet bombing” bombast from earlier in his campaign,  knowing this language carries with it so much negative political  fall-out?  It makes no sense, just as his campaigning with Glenn Beck makes no sense.

Now, we get to the present tabloid trash phase of this GOP Insurgency, where Kasich stands smugly on the sidelines, hoping Trump and Cruz implode, basking in Soros cash and the GOP primary moves to the gutter of the Kardashians and Paris Hilton looks like a class act compared to Trump and Cruz.  Sure, there are those who will wail that Cruz is a victim and that Cruz’ wife was trashed with that Trump retweet of the unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz.   Sure, there are those who blame Cruz for the Super PAC release of public photos of bare-bottomed Melania Trump being splashed in papers.  And sure, Trump is close friends with Pecker, who now published the exposé of Cruz and a handful of women Cruz is alleged to have had affairs with in the National Enquirer.

All of the above can be attributed to Cruz or Trump, but something is rotten in this entire GOP primary – Cruz who can’t get along with anyone in the Senate and just created endless agitation propaganda stunts there and now we have Trump the reality TV insurgent tearing the GOP apart, but promising to bring in “Democrat converts” to rejuvenate the GOP…   So, how does Trump who brags about hiring the best people hire a sleaze of the first order like Roger Stone, who published a book,  “The Clintons’ War on Women” in Oct. 2015 and the “Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family” in Feb. 2016?  How did Corey Lewandowski rate as part of the pool of best among campaign managers?  And how on earth did this former twit, Tea Party activist, Cruz senatorial campaign volunteer,  Katrina Pierson, end up on Trump’s list of “best” candidates for campaign spokesperson?  And what are the odds that such a woman would be part of a National Enquirer spread meant to take down Ted Cruz?

Who doubts for a moment that despite all this “bad blood,” that if push comes to shove, Cruz would, in a heartbeat, jump at the opportunity to be Trump’s vice president, if offered the job?  Look at the transformation of the “nice” Dr. Ben Carson, who was vilely trashed by Trump, now singing Trump’s praises???  Look at Chris Christie???

Here’s a link to Trump with some golfing buddies, Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani…  Rush Limbaugh is also a Trump golfing buddy.  Bill O’Reilly another Trump long-time friend.   Geraldo, of tabloid trash TV, another long-time friend of Trump.  Jeanine Pirro – another Trump long-time friend – check out  her ex-husband, whose corruption derailed her career, btw.    She divorced him and rebounded with this FOX news gig.  Allegations abound about her own corruption as DA too, so who knows…  Trump’s corruption is epic and well-known, but his supporters airily dismiss it.

There’s a lot of strange stuff going on in this GOP hostile takeover and we haven’t even scratched the surface on who the real power players behind the scenes are in trying to implode the GOP.  Impacting soon, I’m sure!


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