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Suggested Reading

Here’s a timely, helpful short primer on your road to strategic-thinking :

“Thucydides Was Right: Defining the Future Threat” by Dr. Colin S. Gray

Another LB post from September 2014:

“Let’s not keep shooting elephants to avoid looking a fool”

Here’s an excellent read (it’s a book available for purchase) on America’s role in the world from the late General William E. Odom, which offers some wise counsel on our present convoluted foreign policy:

“America’s Inadvertent Empire”

Here’s a short thought-provoking piece from Cora Sol Goldstein that appeared in the 2012 Autumn Strategic Studies Institute edition:

“The Afghanistan Experience: Democratization By Force”

What you might ask am I going to read to be prepared – well, I’m going to get back to finishing reading General John J. Pershing’s two-volume, Pulitzer-prize winning,  autobiography on his experiences in World War I – like building a modern fighting force from pretty much the bottom up (might be timely as our military is being dismantled by social engineering from President Obama, feckless leadership at the top, and over a decade of futile missions in the ME):

“My Experiences in the World War”

Of course, Dr. Gray recommends reading Thucydides, so I’ve bookmarked that too:

“The History of the Peloponnesian War”

For a daily rundown and analysis of the world’s hotspots, I recommend John McCreary:


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More places of interest

Justin mentioned John Derbyshire’s podcasts in a recent comment, so here is a website, Taki’s Magazine, which has a Radio Derb tab along the top of the home page, where you can access his weekly radio addresses.  At the end of his recent podcast, Mr. Derbyshire offered a web address to a site his friend, Ron Unz, put together.  This site is an amazing collection of free archived periodicals, videos and books:  www.unz,org.  I’ve only just scratched the surface browsing at this site, but it looks to be an amazing reference library.

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