Hillary’s perfect triangulation strategy advances

Today, Hillary perfectly delivered a kick-ass speech on the economy.  Yep, even though all her cringe-worthy policy ideas, in truth, remain as old and tired as she is, whomever wrote this speech masterfully hit a home run and perfectly advanced the Clinton triangulation strategy.  She played the calm, doting America’s grandma, determined to keep America safe from that far-right, LOOSE CANNON, Donald J. Trump.  Who could have seen Hillary playing Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy ….perfectly?

FOX News, formerly the host of the 24/7 Trumpathon, broke in and covered her speech live and in its entirety.  Ahh, yes, that glorious “free” media went to Hillary today.  Trump will now be playing defense and he will be in the same position he put 16 fellow Republicans using the Clinton’s scorched earth for his now defunct “GOP Insurgency Show”.    The only thing Trump will be doing is trying to defend himself against a barrage of media attacks. You can’t be “winning” if you are stuck playing defense.

The news that Trump fired Lewandowski yesterday, might give Trump’s big name GOP enablers hope that Trump can turn his disorganized, unprofessional, inept, clueless Potemkin campaign into a top-notch campaign, prepared to compete with the Clinton machine juggernaut, if anything was going right in Trump World.  Today’s news  heralds  more bad omens, of Trump’s  FEC campaign filing and the realization that his campaign is, ahem, prepare to be shocked…….. broke, a train wreck, filled with red flags to possible financial shenanigans.   The Atlantic reports:

“Another excuse for poor fundraising is that Trump is wealthy enough to self-fund, so that his shortcomings in collecting other people’s money matter less.  “If need be, there could be unlimited ‘cash on hand’ as I would put up my own money, as I have already done through the primaries, spending over $50 million dollars,” Trump said in his statement. In theory, that is true—though doubts persist about how much money he really has, and will continue until and unless he releases tax returns. Trump loaned his campaign more than $2 million to cover expenses, but that’s classified as a loan, rather than giving the money. In fact, one the most striking things about the report is how much money the campaign is paying to Trump-affiliated companies. The Mar-a-Lago Club, which he owns, received more than $432,000 for catering. Tag Air, which Trump also owns, got $350,000 for use of planes and helicopters. Even Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing pulled in $4,000. Trump Tower received rent for office space.

On occasions like this, it’s hard not to think of Trump’s comment in 2000: “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” Politico points out that Trump spent $208,000 on hats, while “by comparison, the campaign spent only $48,000 on data management and $115,000 on online advertising.” Those “Make America Great Again” hats are great merchandise, and useful for spreading the Trump brand. Data management? Not so much. But Trump has loaned himself more than $40 million now, and if he can’t ramp up his fundraising, he’ll never be able to pay himself back.”


Yes, the great businessman, billionaire, only hired the best people, CON MAN Trump is exposing that the emperor has no clothes, yet one wonders how long his apologists will continue to be 5th Avenue Loyalists.   His political hack big name GOP enablers will head for the lifeboats soon if the Trumptanic takes on much more water, I suspect.

The sinking feeling in my stomach, as I listened to Hillary’ calm, perfectly modulated speech, left me angry at the GOP leadership, those gutless wonders who stood by and let this fraud takeover the party and burn it to the ground.  In fact, most of those GOP politicians in Washington were getting on board the Trump train, even as the large donors have been holding tight to their wallets.

My loyalty is to America and the Constitution before any political party, but with the Obama “fundamental transformation” moving at warp speed to destroy the US military and undermine the rule of law as much as possible in his last few months, it seemed like the only two institutions with any hope of protecting and defending America and the rule of law, were the US Armed Forces and the GOP, which still preached fidelity to the Constitution.  Of course, the GOP feckless and hollow promises are why Trump’s “GOP Insurgency” even gained support in the first place.

Perhaps, the GOP leadership will orchestrate a counter-insurgency and dump Trump at the convention or perhaps  Hillary’s campaign will be derailed by the email server fall-out.

“Perhaps”, we are doomed without a miracle.


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