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French beach police…. BUT no secure borders….

Recently, France’s “burkini” ban has become a subject of hot debate, both in France and abroad.   Lest the term “burkini” be construed as a burka, covering a woman’s face, it’s not that.  It is modest swimwear, that was originally designed  by an Australian designer and many of her customers are women, who just want to protect their skin, and Orthodox Jewish women.

Police harassing Muslim women on the beach and making them publicly remove the “burkini” struck me as flat out WRONG and pointless in fighting Islamic terrorism.  It seems an effort that will feed the Islamic radical propaganda machine and incite cultural tensions.  In an online debate on this issue, I kept asking a person adamantly supporting this effort, how this ban fits in with a comprehensive strategy to defeat Islamic terrorists. Grasping at meaningless overblown rhetoric and “symbolic” efforts don’t just take hold among the political left, they permeate the “just be tough and use more force” or “nuke them all” political right too.

Veronique De Rugy penned an excellent piece, “Institutions Matter: First Amendment vs. the French Laïcité” at National Review explaining why ideas like the “burkini” ban appeal to the French, while in America, we cringe at the thought of imposing on someone’s religious expression. De Rugy explains the French view:

“Now, contrast this with the French laïcité. According to The Economist, laïcité is “a strict form of secularism enshrined by law in 1905 after a struggle against authoritarian Catholicism.” It’s the opposite of the First Amendment in that, rather than tolerating everyone’s religion and keeping the government at bay, it allows the state to ban any sign of religion in public spaces. It claims to be about tolerance but it is, in fact, the opposite of it. And I find that it imposes more government intervention into religious activities of the people of France since it allows the state to tell you what not to wear.”

Read more at:

The above video explains the various viewpoints within France on this controversial ban too.  I kept trying to look at it from a national security perspective and wondering how it fits into an actual comprehensive strategy to defeat Islamic terrorists.

In the online debate,  the person I was debating had called me an idiot and proclaimed that I am a “fellow-traveler”, then we moved on to what we know about Islamic terrorism and he/she (I assumed it was a man, but who knows) told me I know nothing and it devolved from there.   We were seeing this situation from different universes, I realized afterwards. I kept asking how this ban fit into a comprehensive national security strategy, while this person was arguing for symbolic efforts to reclaim French culture:

susanholly Friday, August 26, 2016 11:45 AM

“b) when did I make a claim to be an expert?”

When you told me how I don’t understand anything and you have the grand solution to solve the problem. I am a homemaker – not an expert.

Strategies consist of ends, ways and means always.

The END goal may be simple – defeat radical Islam, for example.

The ways and means to actually achieve that END have proven to be very difficult. How banning burkinis actually works toward that strategic END is the question that should be asked. That is the question I have asked you several times, only to be attacked that I am stupid.


metrocab Friday, August 26, 2016 12:00 PM

Now you’re reduced to blabbering.

RE: grand solutions and all that blah blah in your post above, all I can say is, by your own admission you now have a psychic interface to my mind.

Never said I had a ‘grand solution’. That’s your psychic interface malfunctioning. In fact, it was you who said that … get this…you wanted me to produce a ‘grand strategy’. Sorry. Silly idea of yours.

But since you are sincere I will play along a little longer. You ask for the good result of banning burkinis ( I am dispensing with all your ways, means strategies and ends talk for now, as it’s ill defined and unnecessary).

I best answered that question by saying: that (watch!) The Frenchpreserve their culture through thousands of small acts of preservation, some legal, some cultural, but all with confidence in your own culture. In no uncertain terms, you let the Islamic Supremicists know that this is not the place for them.

Thousands of small acts of courage Susan. Thousands.

And you especially do not care what the Islamists think about it. You maintain a studied indifference. You do not solve the problem through 1,000 slide powerpoints on ‘Grand Strategy”.


susanholly Friday, August 26, 2016 12:10 PM

“( I am dispensing with all your ways, means strategies and ends talk for now, as it’s ill defined and unnecessary)”

You can’t win a war without a strategy, whether a simple one or a grand one. Your blithe dismissal of that FACT on warfare, makes it pointless to continue this debate. My defining strategy as ends (define the mission) and then ways and means to achieve that mission(tactics) has withstood the test of time for armies for millenia – dismiss that and all you have are shots in the dark brainstorms.


metrocab Friday, August 26, 2016 12:12 PM

You don’t understand what I just posted.


susanholly • 4 days ago

Look, the French refuse to control their borders or immigration.

They allowed a radicalized Islamic population to grow, stake out territory inside France, where they basically don’t have to follow the laws of the country

Even after several devastating terrorist attacks, they are allowing tens of thousands more radical Islamists to pour in and still refuse to secure their borders.

And you think this burkini ban is a worthwhile strategic tactic? I have asked you several times how this ban helps the war to defeat Islamic terrorism and you gave this:

“Thousands of small acts of courage Susan. Thousands.”

I know the French are bad at defensive strategy, just look at the Maginot Line, but really, diverting police to patrolling the beaches to monitor burkini-wearing Muslim women, when they haven’t even secured their borders – shows they are clueless. Especially when that effort feeds the enemies’ propaganda warfare – making it both pointless for national defense and pointless for the larger global effort to defeat Islamic terror.

After this debate, I wondered if there’s a great deal of fear and bigotry at play, to paint an entire group of people with a very broad brush, underlying this burkini ban.  It’s like Pamela Geller’s efforts, where I understand she is raising the alarm about Sharia law, but the manner in which she does so creates so much backlash, that it seems counterproductive to finding a solution to the problems. Sure, she has the right to free speech, but what she does is agitation propaganda.   She sets out to provoke reactions from radical Islamists.   She seems to revel in making herself the center of attention.  At first I thought she was bravely speaking out, but seeing how she just stirs the pot, with no desire to lessen tensions, she reminds me of Ann Coulter – making a buck off of stirring up anger and reaction.

The force we use to fight Islamic terrorists abroad is a different than the measures we use inside, against America’s radical Islamists.   American law requires that distinction.  And beyond the actual radicals, there are thousands of other Muslims in America,  who aren’t terrorists and we must engage them in the discussions and finding the solutions.  You can’t resolve conflicts peacefully in your own country by ratcheting up the anger and rhetoric.   The question to consider with various approaches is: In the long run, does it get us any closer to resolving the problem and how does it fit into a comprehensive strategy.  If we can’t offer a clear, simple answer to that, then perhaps the effort is symbolic and pointless, likely even counterproductive to our long-range goals.

Instead of symbolic gestures, we would be much better off engaging in open, honest conversations with leaders in the Muslim world and explaining that we will use force to annihilate Islamic terrorists and we will not coddle those in the Muslim world who play both sides of the fence on the issue.  With a larger outreach among Muslims, especially in America, we need to start talking to them, but we also need to be willing to listen to them too.  It starts by trying to find some common ground.

Ataturk pushed for secular dress in Turkey too and he is hailed in the West, but reviled in the Islamic world.  Trying to force Muslim women to go without any hair-covering sends a terrible message when trying to “liberate” women.  Efforts like this have unforeseen consequences on the very women, whom supposedly the “liberators” are trying to free.  Many will live virtually trapped inside their homes.  Rose Wilder Lane wrote about this happening in Turkey, when Ataturk modernized and pushed reform on women’s rights.  Many younger Muslim women might embrace more freedom, to include throwing off their head-coverings, many might want to keep the head-covering and seek careers, driving, etc., some might want to cling to their traditional role.  The real “freedom” we should be seeking is to free their minds to new ideas, not imposing bans on their clothing.


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Sore losers?

Often choices in life and politics are presented as being binary; you either select one or the other.  This presidential election rests as one of those being presented as a binary choice and it may well come down to either Trump or Hillary.  However, in reality our Constitution allows for each  American adult to make his/her own choice, so while we are conditioned to believe and thus fall into the belief that only a candidate from one of the two dominant political parties can win, it is not impossible for another candidate to win.

In the age of mass media, it is not inconceivable that a write-in campaign could be orchestrated and succeed, although admittedly such a thing happening is highly unlikely.  Before last year, would anyone have predicted a loudmouth, New York liberal celebrity real estate developer would launch an “insurgency campaign” and hijack the Republican Party?  With these two unpopular 2016 presidential choices, the odds aren’t in the realm of the impossible.

When politicians and their mouthpieces present you with binary choices, they’re trying to push you into believing you have no choice other than the two presented.  It’s a political form of strong-arming people and I automatically rebel against being pushed.  So, up front, Americans have other choices and while it hasn’t happened in the past that anyone got elected without being on the ballot and part of one of a major political party apparatus – it isn’t impossible.

After this post, I am going to forego a litany of criticisms of Trump or spewing about the Republican Convention.   I’ve written plenty of posts on what I believe is the wholesale political corruption attacking the very lifeblood of American liberty, so I am not going to do a “let me count the ways”, of why I believe both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rest as  unfit to lead our great nation, again.  I want to write more about the American character and about things that matter a lot more to me than politics.

With that said, the dangerous events swirling outside our borders leave me feeling a deep, unsettling fear for our future.   There are a lot of grave foreign situations brewing that should have all of us worried, in fact, the collapse of  American foreign policy, coupled with the domestic political rabid partisanship, under President Obama finds America at a pivotal point.  I believe neither Hillary nor Trump possess the character necessary to lead our great nation.

At this point I don’t know who I will vote for in November.  I will not ever vote for Hillary or Trump.  My #NeverTrump is not because I am a “sore loser”, as smarmy Mike Huckabee stated and his equally smarmy,  full-of-it daughter, who has landed a job as an adviser on the Trump campaign, assert.  Yes, I found her brand of propping up thuggish Corey Lewandowski really offensive.   And for people who claim to be “upright Christians” who pretend Donald Trump is morally upright, when his business record, his personal life, his PUBLIC statements all show him to be otherwise offends me a great deal.

The low-points came early and often with Trump and his pathetic gratuitous insults., so while Mike Huckabee sits poised, hoping to land a cushy position in a Trump administration, as does his smarmy daughter (nepotism much),  I remain just an ordinary homemaker, with no connections to people in power and actually probably a great deal at risk from a Hillary administration.

I refuse to pretend one evil is better than another, when both of them lead to the same end.

Although I can’t prove it, I still believe Trump used the Clinton mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy and I remain convinced he didn’t figure out how to run that sophisticated information  warfare strategy on his own.  So, when I believe someone cheated to win- I refuse to ever support that person.   And I believe somewhere in the orchestration of the Trump “GOP Insurgency” are the hands of probably America’s best political strategist, one William Jefferson Clinton.  So, while people will claim, “you’ve got to respect the will of the voters”,  if wholesale public corruption led to the biggest con job ever pulled on the American people – my response is, “NO I DON’T!”

I will never support someone, whom I believe cheated to win.

That’s just how I am.  In my life, I stand up and speak out when I believe something is wrong and I walk away from any group where I believe the leadership is corrupt.  I’ve often stood up and taken an unpopular stance on an issue.   I quit the rifle squad I was on in my high school band, even though, being a person with no coordination, I had worked extremely hard to make that squad.  I had stood outside in the backyard, day after day, until it got dark practicing and feared I could never learn to do the flips and twirls.

That is the only time my father ever suggested I quit, because I think my parents were pained watching me try so hard and make no improvement.  My father came and told me that I am good at so many things and maybe I should try out for something else in the band.  I am tone deaf and the school band director had told me I was wasting my time trying to learn to play an instrument in grade school.  Two of my sisters and my best friend were in the marching band and they talked about all the fun they had, so I wanted be a part of the band too.  I certainly had no hopes of twirling a baton or the flag twirling team, so the rifle squad was my only hope.

I told my father, that I was going to practice every spare minute until try-outs and one afternoon, I had a breakthrough moment and got the hang of it and I made the team.  The captain, a girl whom I had no animosity toward,  was allowed to march at Friday football games, despite not showing up for band practices during the week.   The rule was,  if you don’t show up for practices,you don’t march.  She marched and changed the routine during the half-time performance, so the rest of the team looked like we were lost.  I went to the band director and he made excuses for why the rules didn’t apply to her and I quit the squad.

I have been like this throughout my life.  I quit a volunteer position at the Red Cross as the casework chair,  handling Red Cross messages, when the station manager started lying repeatedly to the military command about the status of Red Cross messages, which he kept misplacing.  He also engaged in behavior that gave the appearance of gross impropriety.  That man lost just about every piece of paper he touched – he would pick up case files and set them down all over the several Red Cross offices,  leaving us hunting high and low, trying to track down case files. It got so bad that I would not let him walk off with any of the case files I was working on.   I quit, even though I loved that volunteer job.

Last year,  I quit my job at a store, where I had worked for almost 15 years, due to a store manager, whom I believed was severely, ethically challenged.   I miss my paycheck, but I have no regrets.

So, no, I won’t ever be getting on board the Trump train, despite the strong-arm tactics by Manafort, Priebus, Giuliani, Gingrich, Huckabee and other Trump mouthpieces.  Calling those who have serious, legitimate, deep concerns about Trump’s fitness for office “sore losers”, while making excuses for Trump’s lies, appalling behavior, bizarre antics as “that’s just Donald Trump being Donald Trump”.  However, it’s not just Trump being Trump;  it’s  MORAL RELATIVISM AND POISON TO THE AMERICAN CHARACTER!  They have sacrificed their integrity, because every single one of them knows what a morally-bankrupt, fraud Donald Trump is and just because he isn’t  quite to the level of immoral and corrupt as the Clintons, is no selling point, in my opinion.

People are free to make their own choices in America and  live with their own conscience. I’m comfortable with my choices

I remain yours truly,

#NeverTrump&NeverHillary                                                     #NoMoreScorchedEarth                                                             #SayNoToPublicCorruption


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“Anything but Islam” again…

The “anything but Islam” obfuscation from the Left, in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack continues to rapidly spread, carried by vicious alien brain-eating spiders, which have taken over liberal rags and mass media.

Let’s see this radicalized Muslim whackado murdered 49 people and injured scores of others, while proclaiming his allegiance to ISIS. Nope, his motive couldn’t be his radical religious beliefs, that would make perfect sense.

So, let’s review the lies. Right off the bat they insisted the terrorist’s motives weren’t clear, but they were sure he wasn’t motivated by his Islamic faith, afterall, just because this guy had become very devout in his religious practices, had expressed support for Al Qaeda and Islamic-inspired attacks against Americans is no reason to link his jihadist beliefs to actually committing jihad. That would be Islamophobic to make that connection. “Islam is a peaceful religion”, you must repeat….. or else.

Then it was the plethora of attacking evil guns and the alleged Christian hate against gays is so pervasive that somehow Christians are responsible for this Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS and waged jihad. When you believe the insanity from the Left couldn’t get much worse, well, a political writer, Amanda Marcotte, at Salon explains the real cause:

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Orlando that left 50 dead, a political struggle is forming on whether to define this act as an anti-gay crime or an act of radical Islamic terrorism.

The answer, it’s quickly starting to seem, is both of these, and more. A picture is quickly starting to form of who Omar Mateen, the shooter, was. His ex-wife describes a man who was controlling and abusive. A colleague says he was always using racial and sexual slurs and “talked about killing people all the time.” Both his ex-wife and his father describe him as homophobic, with his father saying he spun into a rage at the sight of two men kissing. He was clearly fond of guns, having not one, but two concealed carry licenses. He worked at a security firm, a career that can be attractive to men with dominance and control issues. He was investigated by the FBI in 2013 for making threats to a coworker.

There is a common theme here: Toxic masculinity.

Every time feminists talk about toxic masculinity, there is a chorus of whiny dudes who will immediately assume — or pretend to assume — that feminists are condemning all masculinity, even though the modifier “toxic” inherently suggests that there are forms of masculinity that are not toxic.

So, to be excruciatingly clear, toxic masculinity is a specific model of manhood, geared towards dominance and control. It’s a manhood that views women and LGBT people as inferior, sees sex as an act not of affection but domination, and which valorizes violence as the way to prove one’s self to the world.

For obvious political reasons, conservatives are hustling as fast as they can to make this about “radical Islam,” which is to say they are trying to imply that there’s something inherent to Islam and not Christianity that causes such violence. This, of course, is hoary nonsense, as there is a long and ignoble history of Christian-identified men, caught up in the cult of toxic masculinity, sowing discord and causing violence in our country: The gun-toting militiamen that caused a showdown in Oregon, the self-appointed border patrol called the Minutemen that recently made news again as their founder was convicted of child molestation, men who attack abortion clinics and providers.

There you have it……… “toxic masculinity” made him do it.

Ahem, Ms Marcotte, as to your assertion: “they are trying to imply that there’s something inherent to Islam and not Christianity that causes such violence.”, let me answer that in one word for you – JIHAD. That is what is inherent in Islam that is NOT in Christianity.

My head is going to explode… where is my fainting couch?

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A tougher ISIS plan

My thoughts on what to do about ISIS follow.

We need to use military force to a purpose and “crushing” terrorists, who are widely dispersed in more than 80 countries isn’t feasible. The military force needs to be about taking away territory controlled by ISIS and insuring a political situation on the ground follows that does not embrace radical Islam. The proponents of “go crush them” almost invariably are the same ones who don’t want us getting bogged down in the ME again and a common refrain is “we go crush them and come home”, except that is a ridiculous idea, because unless there’s a dramatic, long-term political change on the ground, Islamic terrorist groups keep springing up in the ME.

Trump tough talking points aren’t a strategy, they’re his usual mindless bluster and what he thinks will play well in the polls. Trump decides merits on the polls – national security is just a huge popularity contest to him – if most people agree with it, it’s “great”. You want to see how Trump really operates, just peek at the internal chaos inside his campaign or that he’s at the general election stage and still doesn’t have a viable ground game or that none of his plans is ever well-thought out with clear, coherent planning. You want to see what Hillary is like, well,  just look to the carefully focus-group tested parsing she engages in as she tries to find the right words to sell herself. In real world tests of foreign policy chops – look at the mess in Libya as exhibit A on her foreign policy “successes”.  Both of them are unfit to be commander-in-chief and both lack any real understanding of foreign policy. Their foreign policy ideas are always about what words and phrases will poll best, not about sound national security strategy.

I’m all for profiling and being tougher, but tougher needs to be smart and it starts with a comprehensive national strategy that incorporates every tool of national power to deal with the real problem and that’s not primarily ISIS, it’s a much larger threat – the collapsing Islamic civilization. As their civilization keeps falling apart its tremors and eruptions keep impacting us more and more. Some of our strategy needs to be offensive, but a lot of it also needs to be defensive to protect Americans from the fall-out. We can’t go in and fix Islamic civilization, so we need to use our military options carefully and where we have regional leaders working with us to stabilize the situation on the ground and we need to choose the areas we expend military force to ones that are of vital national interest to us.

My views are controversial. Frankly, jumping into the hot mess that is Iraq and Syria impetuously isn’t smart imho. The Russian are there, the Iranians are there – we will only get played for fools if we rush into Syria. In Iraq, Obama walked away and Iran now is the driving force behind the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government relies on Shia militias to fight ISIS and those militias are funded and controlled by Iran, so our military actions are bolstering Iran in Iraq these days, not doing a thing to defeat ISIS. The Shia control in Baghdad assures the Sunni insurgency (ISIS and other Sunni tribal groups) will continue. Let Iran and the Russians cope with that. We need to use our military force where it benefits us and rushing into Syria is a strategic trap where we will end up being the dupe.

I would engage in some tough foreign policy talks with regional leaders and Russia and China, before blabbing about carpet bombing ISIS or destroying ISIS. That entire “moderate Syrian rebels” malarkey was an hostile foreign propaganda coup and that the Institute for the Study of War was a prime spreader of that should raise a lot of red flags. It was a wild goose chase, because vetted US intelligence knew early on that the Syrian rebels were radicalized early and all of those groups were Islamist – some more Islamist than others, but nonetheless Islamist. These “experts” pushing for us to rush in and destroy ISIS are 3rd rate checkers strategic players. Putin would love to see us bogged down in Iraq/Syria, as he and the Chinese make military moves elsewhere and we are unable to respond. We need to wake-up and play the “diplomacy” game like chess players and quit being the 3rd rate checkers player on the world stage!

Obama has gutted our military and infested it with social engineering policies designed to destroy military cohesion and effectiveness. We need to rid the military of Obama’s policies and rebuild our military. We aren’t ready for some ramped up ISIS war or carpet bombing for that matter. That’s the real truth and that alone should scare every American. We need to rebuild our military

I think we should use the laws already on the books and place a ban on immigration from several radical Islam hot bed countries due to the political instability in those countries and then we need to have an across the board standard that every immigrant or refugee coming into America needs to be thoroughly vetted. Obama wants to let in 10,000 before he leaves office. It goes without saying we should have secured our borders all along – why we haven’t is a national disgrace. Putin, Soros and and other American enemies are fueling this entire “refugee crisis” – they are using it to destabilize Western countries – that is obvious. All sorts of “NGOs” are set-up from the fake passport shops to locations all along the route into Europe to feed, clothe, direct the flow of “refugees”, provide them cell phones, etc. There are Soros-funded groups in America to promote the “refugee” policy here too, but even more alarming is many Christian charities get big bucks from the federal government to provide “refugee services” and they are propaganda machines too.

As to domestic policing – how about we untie their hands and let’s quit with all the Islamophobia hype and focus on finding these ISIS terrorists and connections in America. We can do that while still protecting the civil liberties of all Americans.

Here’s an excellent big picture piece by Daniel Greenfield on the civilizational crisis in the Islamic world:

Islam’s Violence is Rooted in Instability


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When new information comes to light

For a long while, I believed the analysis that our going into Iraq fueled the radical Islamic fervor and set the conditions for ISIS to form, but here’s a new look from David French, “The Rise of ISIS Predates the Fall of Saddam Hussein,”
that dismantles my view and it’s worth studying.  More information should prod us to reconsider our previous conclusions, especially on complex geopolitical issues.  French quotes extensively from Kyle Orton’s New York Times piece, “How Saddam Gave Us ISIS”, so please read both articles.  French begins:

“The New York Times has published a necessary corrective to those who view the invasion of Iraq as essentially Year Zero in the Middle East — the origin point for all the calamities that followed. Have you heard that ISIS is George Bush’s fault? Think again. Writing in the Times, Kyle Orton properly attributes the rise of ISIS in Iraq to cultural and religious forces that long pre-dated the American invasion of Iraq. It turns out that Iraq was no more immune to increased radicalization than any other Middle Eastern state, and Saddam reacted in part by embracing the new religiosity”

Read more at:

Jay Nordlinger added, “Saddam and Fille,” which also expands on French’s piece.

Definitely worth taking time to reassess what we think we know about the history of Iraq and ISIS, because sometimes those things that Rumsfeld dubbed “known knowns” are shown to be incorrect, making it imperative to be willing to reassess when new information comes to light.


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Blue cheese still stinks

As a child my mother taught us to eat whatever was served when we were guests and to never utter a word of complaint.  I vividly recall eating dinner at a friend’s home, where there were 8 children in that family.   Her father dished out the food from the head of the table and they passed the plates around to each child.  Everyone got the same thing.   On this particular night, her mother had made spaghetti and there was a large bowl of tossed salad, from which her father dished out salad and poured on blue cheese salad dressing, then he dished out spaghetti  right next to the salad.  I had never eaten blue cheese salad dressing and the first bite startled me and made me want to spit it out,  but of course I couldn’t do that, so I swallowed it.  Her mother asked me if everything was okay and I said, “Yes, everything is very good.”  Then I focused my attention on eating every bite of that salad and the spaghetti, without giving any indication that all I wanted to do was barf.

That’s the kind of focus it takes to swallow the blue cheese dressing on the tossed salad of PC lies about Islamic terrorist attacks in America.   The reporting of the attack on a Philadelphia police officer by a 30 year-old black man had the mayor of Philadelphia declaring there was no Islam to see with this attack, yet the Philadelphia police commissioner stated that the shooter said he had declared allegiance to ISIS and shot the police officer to defend Islam.  Clearly the shooter expressed a religious belief in his actions.

As the afternoon wore on, some politicians and some in the PC media insisted the shooter was nuts, after all the shooter’s mother had told them that her son had been hearing voices and  had mental health issues.   The mother also reported that her son had become a very devout Muslim.

Are being mentally-ill and being a radical Islamic terrorist mutually exclusive conditions?

The shooter reportedly used a stolen gun.   From whom did he get that gun?

The shooter was reportedly a known felon who turned to Islam in prison.  Might we inquire if the shooter belonged to a black Muslim prison gang or who his spiritual advisers were in prison?  Or is that too inflammatory to ask?  Did he attend a mosque?

Late in the evening several TV news reports said the FBI is checking into whether the shooter had traveled to Saudi Arabia.  If that turns out to be true, might we inquire where he came up with the money for such a trip?

President Obama always quick to jump into racial dramas where he can cast the police as acting stupidly remained silent on the white Philadelphia police officer shot in cold blood by a young black, self-proclaimed Muslim man, who stated he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.   Did I miss the President taking to the air to condemn this terrorist attack on American soil?

Here’s a rundown on the story:

Look, here’s a clue – the black community has it’s own radical Islam problem.  Much of it percolates from within the US prison system, where foreign money and Islamic prison gangs convert many young black men to Islam.  Outside of the prisons many black gangs and groups recruit, agitate and incite crimes and promote radical Islamic ideology.  Clue, they were there in Ferguson and Baltimore, but some hide under benign names like National President of  Black Lawyers for Justice .  And some of that blue cheese comes straight from the White House.  The Islamic/black gang/ black grievance industry nexus needs to be thoroughly investigated.  I’ve written about this before: here, here, here.

Blue cheese still stinks,  but I think I could choke that down better than these pathetic politicians trying to cover-up the truth.

Added thought:  After a look into the Islamic/black gang/ black grievance industry nexus, perhaps it’s time to look into decades of Arab money directed toward American black colleges and black college students too.   Perhaps, President Obama can offer some insights into this topic…


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A Strategy to Defeat Theo-fascism

Source: Surely, whatever passed for American foreign or military policy in the past three decades is not working. Just as clearly, in case anyone keeps score these days, the dark side of Islam is ascendant at home and abroad. What follows here is a catalogue…

G. Murphy Donovan offers the clearest strategic blueprint to win the war against Imperial Islam, a war that others prefer to euphemize rather than face.  This is a must read piece!


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Muslim Immigration is Exactly What ISIS Wants | Frontpage Mag

Immigration is what ISIS needs to defeat America.

Source: Muslim Immigration is Exactly What ISIS Wants | Frontpage Mag


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Inciting terror…

During the Democrats’ Saturday night debate, scheduled at a time to depress viewers, Hillary Clinton launched another of her baseless charges against Donald Trump:

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a hard stance against rhetoric from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, painting him as a potent and powerful tool for ISIS.

“He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” Clinton said during Saturday’s Democratic debate, hosted by ABC News.”

Let’s once and for all expose this kowtowing to terrorists for what it is – cowardice!  How this woman, who pushed for our disastrous war in Libya, which has spawned a jihadist nightmare in Libya  and who blamed the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi on some obscure video and “spontaneous” riot, rather than an organized group of jihadists, can now stand there with a straight face and declare Donald Trump’s speech dangerous defies logic.

What she and the Left constantly do is try to silence those who speak freely and express views that counter their PC pieties.  This particular fear-mongering tactic about “hate speech” toward Muslims fueling jihadism should be debunked once and for all.  What fuels jihadism is an Islamist religious ideology, not free speech in America.   Islamic radicals, Islamists, terrorists or whatever word you choose to describe these murderous barbarians act due to belief in a religious ideology, promoted by many Muslim religious leaders in mosques (religious meeting places).  Certainly, Islamic scholars and political figures aid and abet this rabid religious ideology, dressing it up as a political ideology too, but let’s be clear, when we say things like “Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion”, I suspect we have the historical antecedents in the wrong order – it was a religious ideology, which fueled a political system based on strict observance of those religious tenets.

In the West we have secular political systems with some roots in Christian religious beliefs, but our political systems are secular and pluralistic.   In America, we had a group of men sit down and study governments through history, debate the merits and pitfalls, write and rewrite a body of laws, representatives from the colonies met and debated our Constitution, and then compromised on contentious parts.  And finally they voted to adopt The Constitution, which has provisions to amend it.  Ours is a secular, man-made and  constructed political system, designed by free men, which has legitimacy only by the consent of the governed – we the people have the last say in the matter, because we are FREE.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric isn’t an ISIS recruiting tool!  Weak, bumbling American leadership, of which Hillary Clinton, played a starring role, has been the biggest ISIS recruiting tool!!!  President Obama pulled out of Iraq, leaving a gaping power vacuum, which allowed for ISIS to seize territory and set-up shop.  The glorious Arab Spring democracy project, full-throatedly supported by Madame Secretary, aided in the destabilization of the entire region and not content with fomenting chaos in Egypt and Libya, she went on to push for regime change in Syria too.  In Libya the Obama administration armed so-called “freedom-fighters”, which my suspicion, based on copious reporting,  is many were jihadists.  In Syria, the disastrous policy continued with this debate over arming “moderate Syrians”, which let’s be clear the rebels who rose up against Assad are Sunni Islamists of varying degrees of radicalization, but make no mistake about it, they are Islamists and none of them is much interested in setting up a Jeffersonian democracy if Assad is ousted.  There is no viable pro-democracy movement in Syria – the Islamists have the weapons (much of it provided courtesy of the USA) and control the rebel groups.

The reason ISIS is growing is because of weak, pathetic western indecisiveness, lethal political correctness and clueless, failed leadership, let me repeat, of which Madame Secretary played a starring role.  And then there’s the endless aiding, abetting and funding of Islamist extremists by Sunni state enablers, which in the case of ISIS, Turkey can be relied on to undercut, not only our efforts to roll back ISIS, but also to bomb the hell out of the Kurds at every turn, you know, those Kurds, whom Hillary and every other politician wants to be our boots on the ground to fight ISIS.  Yes, we’ve got Turkey, with Obama’s good friend, Erdogan, watching our back….

Trying to quell free speech out of fear of offending Muslims and setting them on the path to jihadism should be challenged as left-wing propaganda that aids Islamists.  Bowing down, because if we stand up and speak out we might make some Muslims mad and incite them to run off to join ISIS is ludicrous.  And beyond that it’s WEAKNESS and that is the biggest recruitment tool of all for thugs and terrorists.  It disgusted me when General Petraeus got personally invested in trying to infringe upon the free speech of that loony pastor, who was going to burn the Koran,  several years ago.  He should have been using that opportunity to champion free speech and our separation of church and state, but nope, he raised the PC false flag and with his band of PC fear-mongers marched forward.  Unless we can defend our values, we are doomed!  We must not bow down to the tyranny of Islamic terror, but even more than that we must not bow down to PC dogma, imposed on us by lying, conniving politicians and “experts from academia”, where we’re fed endless fear-mongering that erodes our very freedom – to move freely, to think freely and most importantly to forge ahead and speak freely in the public square.  Freedom is the strongest defense against tyranny of any kind!

Katerine Timpf at National Review wrote a piece on Hillary’s campaign trying to shut down a  video produced by a comedy club last month.  Timpf writes:

“Given that Hillary has had decades of political experience in this country, one would think that she’d know about the whole First Amendment thing by now. The freedom to make fun of and openly criticize our political leaders isn’t just a luxury, it’s an important part of our political system. It’s a crucial check on the power of our politicians that helps prevent them from getting to do whatever the hell they want.”

Read more at:

The incident Timpf referenced was reported by Judicial Watch last month:

“The five short performances that Clinton wants eliminated include some profanity and portions could be considered crass, but some of the lines are funny and that’s what the Laugh Factory is all about. The video features the individual acts of five comedians, four men and a woman. The skits make fun of Clinton’s wardrobe, her age, sexual orientation, the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the former First Lady’s relationship with her famous husband. The Laugh Factory has appropriately titled it “Hillary vs. The First Amendment.”

Masada told Judicial Watch that, as soon as the video got posted on the Laugh Factory website, he received a phone call from a “prominent” person inside Clinton’s campaign. “He said the video was disgusting and asked who put me up to this,” Masada said. The Clinton staffer, who Masada did not want to identify, also demanded to know the names and phone numbers of the comedians that appear in the video. Masada refused and hung up. He insists that the comedy stage is a sanctuary for freedom of speech no matter who is offended. “Just last night we had (Emmy-award winner) Dana Carvey doing Donald Trump and it was hilarious,” Masada said.”

And if anyone should know what happens when you mock that woman, I sure do.  My Messages of mhere story tabbed at the top of the page chronicles what happened to me, a nobody homemaker, who dared make fun of the smartest woman in the world and her husband BJ  (ok, I mocked her and their spin mercilessly), during the Lewinsky scandal in 1998, writing on the Excite message boards.  Don’t laugh at her or else!  Although written in my usual snarky style, the names have been changed to protect the innocent – ME, but rest assured the events happened.  Assuredly, I, an unarmed, cookie-baking homemaker, felt terrorized in my own home, but be that as it may, I’ll leave it to you to decide who is the deranged one in this saga and the meaning of “domestic terrorism”…



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Some good reads

Sorry don’t have time for a thoughtful blog post, but I’ve read a few interesting pieces that I would like to throw up the links to share them.

Here are two excellent foreign policy analyses by G. Murphy Donovan:

Perfidious Turkey

ISIS and Obama

John Derbyshire dissects PC culture:

After San Bernardino: Hatefacts And Stupidfacts—We Let Muslim Immigration Increase AND Let Pakistan Get The Bomb.

Andrew McCarthy at National Review dismantled the Obama administration flimsy rationale for not looking at social media content of prospective immigrants:

Tashfeen Malik’s Jihadist Social-Media Posts Were Deliberately Ignored by the Feds

And last, an interesting piece Malcolm Pollack posted on his waka, waka, waka blog, which brought back memories of the Cold War era analyzing photos and broadcasts of Soviet leaders.  This article looks at how Putin and several Russian leaders walk:

It Don’t Mean A Thing?


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