My poor willow tree


July 24th, I posted a photo of my willow tree in the backyard. The current photo is my post-hurricane willow tree – part of it was blown over and most of the leaves were ripped off by the 8 hours of non-stop wind.


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3 responses to “My poor willow tree

  1. JK

    Wishing Y’all well LB.

    Here’s a link you might find of interest/utility – at the top of the page you’ll note a box you can insert your postal zipcode into and then click on the “Go.”

    When the page from whatever NWS recording station loads, over the icons showing what the current conditions are and can be fairly reliable over the upcoming seven days – you’ll note “three day history” … click on that.

    *The 72 hour period of available history continues to scroll so, the eight hour period of your peak winds will likely be off in another 24 hours or so.

    Current time on mark is 10OCT16 12:40:00 EDT

  2. Winston Smith

    I can understand you concern. Hopefully, if pruned, it’ll recover. All the best!

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