Another cry from the wilderness

Wrote another comment on National Review this morning, “Hillary’s Breathtaking Mendacity” – just another cry from the wilderness:

susanholly Saturday, October 24, 2015 9:45 AM

This will sound like a conspiracy theory and it is, but Hillary getting through this hearing sets her on course to win in 2016. The Clintons are masters of obstructing justice, obfuscation and mass media manipulation (propaganda). The Clintons don’t leave things to chance and personally, I believe Bill Clinton, a bona fide political genius, has masterminded and implemented one of the most brilliant political strategies this time around. I’ll call my theory “Scorched Earth 2016”. That email server revelation threw them off course a bit in March, but they’ve weathered that.

Bill Clinton’s winning strategy is triangulation, it’s how he won the White House. As Sanders took off in the polls, that gave the Clintons their far-left kook, but they needed one on the right – enter Trump. Now, imagine Bill Clinton hears rumors that Trump is thinking of entering the race and Clinton knows Trump, heck they’ve golfed together many times at Trump’s course, Trump National Golf Club (… ) and he even attended Trump’s wedding. So, being the political genius, Bill Clinton comes up with a plan. He calls Trump and chats with him and in a friendly tone he tells Trump he’ll need to hire some political consultants, but the best ones are Carville and Begala. Trump thinks of hiring political consulting help as just business. Imagine Trump decides if he enters this race, he wants the best. Imagine if he talks to them, but they tell him they are radioactive among the GOP, so their work for him would have to be kept top secret. The entire set-up could have been done in the guise of “friendly business advice” by Bill Clinton and Trump would not ever suspect it.

Trump starts campaigning where every other word is about his poll numbers and how popular he is – this is vintage Carville/Begala – it creates mass delusion – people believe he is winning and therefore more people begin to take his candidacy seriously. Trump needs some campaign issues and the very first one he picks, with their advice, is illegal immigration, which resonates with the GOP base (along with the racist, xenophobe and bigot bottom-feeders of the party – who jump on board). That alienates Hispanic voters a vital part of the electorate the GOP needs in the general. Next the Megyn Kelly flap – there goes a large segment of women (another vital part of the electorate to the GOP and he compounded the damage with his comments on Fiorina’s looks). Along with this, Trump monopolizes the race with his attacks, antics and keeps the media transfixed on him, making it almost impossible for other GOP candidates to gain traction – this is a Carville/Begala media tactic trademark – it’s how they got Bill Clinton through impeachment. I liken this tactic to the military tactic of swarming – none of the others can break through, because he keeps the race in disarray.

There was a photo a while back of Bill Clinton and Obama golfing on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard (… ). Look at Bill Clinton’s facial expression. I believe that conversation was about burying the email server, but Obama held out. Biden’s Rose Garden speech the other day was Obama surrendering to the Clintons and this hearing was just the last hurdle. Bill Clinton has his triangulation set-up – Sanders the kook on the left, Trump the kook on the right and Hillary prances down the middle to the White House. Notice how confident she is – she knows his strategy is working and she knows there will be no prosecution over her email scandal.

Of course, this is just my theory and I am just a homemaker who wrote about the Clintons on the Excite message boards in 1998, under the user name “mhere”. I know how far that political machine will go to silence people – it happened to me. Of course, I ended up locked up in a mental facility for 18 days and was almost locked up in a state mental hospital – permanently back then – so, no one will ever take me seriously and no one will listen to me. What happened to me is something you’d expect in a communist country, not America, and that is why I am writing this and why I write my blog. I wrote about what happened in a light-hearted fashion – but it’s the truth and every character is a real person. I offered to give the real names to several journalists over a year ago and none of them ever responded. You can file this comment under Forlorn Hope, because I know justice does not exist in America –…


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2 responses to “Another cry from the wilderness

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    This has given me a lot to think about. Everything that is happening on the world stage has dozens of subplots, a lot of which are antagonistic to each other.

    We’re in a labyrinth, and we keep turning to move against whatever gain we’ve had—but so are they, and so do they. It’s almost funny—in a macabre sort of way.

    I thought the same thing as you did when I saw the picture of Bill and Barry golfing.

    Keep writing and thinking, Liberty.

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