The coup inside Trump Tower

Somehow fitting that America’s two most overblown egos won big in New York yesterday.   The media cluelessly warbles on about how Trump referred to Ted Cruz as “Senator Cruz” rather than his trademark, low-class name-calling “Lyin’ Ted”.  This made news???  Trump enablers in the media kept pointing out this monumental shift as “evidence” that Trump can “act” presidential, while missing the real story.  None of them have really investigated the Trump mass media saturation and delved deeper into Trump’s campaign operations.  They buy his “barely any” campaign staff myth, when it’s obvious he hired top notch political opposition research operatives and mass media experts to manufacture that opinion cascade last year.  And the billions of dollars of free media Trump was given didn’t happen by accident, the Clintons and their media friends orchestrated this.

The real story from yesterday isn’t the delegate count or even Trump’s win in New York. The YUGE story is that Roger Stone and friends have staged a coup in the Trump campaign and pushed out the stealth dem political operatives, who propelled Trump’s mass media saturation campaign and orchestrated his opinion cascade strategy  for the first 10 months of the campaign. Many of Trump’s conservative enablers have commented that Trump doesn’t have much of a staff and Coulter even stated Trump doesn’t have any opposition research team.   This is clearly a big lie.  For the first 10 months of his campaign, Trump operated in a clearly planned and deliberate manner, where he relentlessly repeated key buzz words and phrases, and he engaged in this sleazy character assassination technique, which I mentioned back in January:

 “Early on, the bullying and impulsive outbursts alarmed me, then the endless attacks on anyone whom he felt didn’t treat him “fairly”, on to the vulgarity , but most of all, the way in which he so deliberately slimes people, dumping the dirt he pulls out of his fancy suit pockets, throwing it into the public arena to publicly denigrate other people, then he pretends he’s only speaking “the truth” or often he plays innocent, as if he is merely repeating what other people are saying.”

Trump came to every interview and debate clueless on policy details, but loaded with carefully researched dirt to dump – he had professional opposition research in hand and Lewandowski sure isn’t experienced enough to orchestrate this sophisticated of a mass media operation.  The mass media saturation was facilitated by big media honchos to promote Trump as the front-runner.  To date Trump has bragged endlessly about how far he has come, while spending so much less than the other GOP candidates, well, of course that’s true, because he was given 24/7 free media coverage – deliberately and calculatingly to make him the “inevitable” GOP nominee.  The hand of Bill Clinton in this is obvious – strings were pulled to promote Trump, as the far-right kook, all to set in motion Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy (here, here, here)

To be clear about the Drumpfzilla vs. the Witch of Chappaqua battle -the stealth dem operatives, whom Trump consulted from the beginning, are now back-burnered.  Roger Stone gained Trump’s ear and convinced Trump to hire old Stone friend and business partner, Paul Manafort.  Manafort is now the de facto campaign manager, while those dem stealth Clinton operatives are sidelined.  That is what happened. Stone and Manafort are now trying to conjure up a real, professional campaign infrastructure – expect more discipline, less name-calling, more serious prepared speeches to rebrand Trump as “presidential” rather than a reality TV  gadfly trying to create buzz.

Another Stone friend to watch is Charles R. Black, Jr, a Kasich adviser, who will aid and abet Trump’s efforts to sideline Cruz. Now, despite Trump’s vile attacks on Cruz’ wife, I don’t doubt for a minute that Cruz would accept the VP nod, if Trump offered it.  Kasich and Cruz, like Huckabee, Christie and Carson, would sell out to political ambition over principle in a heartbeat.

The Clintons may regret their machinations to create the “GOP Insurgent”, but they still sit snug on vast piles of rotting Trump dirt, which their friends in the media will dump in the near future.  So, to recap – Trump hired his own world-class GOP sleaze political operatives to replace those stealth dem ones he hired in the beginning of his campaign –  the ones who helped him orchestrate that sophisticated mass media slick propaganda fraud last year – that manufactured opinion cascade of his “winning in the polls”.  A diverse, talented GOP  field was deliberately and systematically demolished with mass media propaganda and corrupt political machinations, yet the media still babbles on about how  Trump the Reality TV candidate can “act” the part…..


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6 responses to “The coup inside Trump Tower

  1. Well, Trump has a lot big name enablers, who have been courting big donors and GOP insiders. Those enablers convinced Trump to hire Manafort and with Stone and Manafort running the show now, Trump will be recast – expect more prepared speeches, no more virulent late-night tweeting jags, and a faked serious demeanor. The whole effort now is to sell Trump’s new “act” as a serious man. What a freakin’ joke that this lying, conniving, thuggish, demagogue is being repackaged, with the aid of his big name enablers and FOX News selling him 24/7, GOP. Many big donors and political opportunists like Rove will jump on the Trump train soon, if Trump’s new “presidential act” is convincing enough, despite the fact that the man is a shallow fraud.

  2. Janice Little

    Loved the spirit of this article it basically exposed the truth about the corrupt alliance between the mass media and the democratic party. The axis of evil that is deliberately dooming this nation. I knew the polls are false. I don’t believe Kasich or Cruz would sell their souls to become Trump’s VP. When is the last time a VP became president? It just doesn’t happen the position is empty at least for those power hungry enough to want the presidency. Governor of a big state is better than being VP.

  3. In recent history, Gerald Ford was the last time a VP became president, when Nixon resigned, but George H. Bush did get elected after two terms of Reagan and then just a little further back in the 60s, LBJ became president when JFK was assassinated.

    Thanks for you comment Janice.

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