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LB blog repost on Wikileaks from August 2016

Trust, only after arduous fact-checking

In July, Donald Trump made bizarre comments in regard to Hillary Clinton’s emails. He was saying he hopes the Russians find the 30,000 missing and return them. He also praised Putin as a strong leader. The NY Times reported:

DORAL, Fla. — Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that he hoped Russian intelligence services had successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s email, and encouraged them to publish whatever they may have stolen, essentially urging a foreign adversary to conduct cyberespionage against a former secretary of state.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said during a news conference here in an apparent reference to Mrs. Clinton’s deleted emails. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Mr. Trump’s call was another bizarre moment in the mystery of whether Vladimir V. Putin’s government has been seeking to influence the United States’ presidential race.

His comments came amid questions about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers, which American intelligence agencies have told the White House they have “high confidence” was the work of the Russian government.

Trump’s comments were construed by Democrats as urging the Russians to hack America and by Trump followers as either he was urging Putin to hand them over to the FBI or pointing out how much Hillary jeopardized national security, which seems an irrefutable FACT – she did jeopardize national security.  However, there’s an ominous danger to trusting in anything hostile foreign intelligence agents release, even though sometimes they do release factual information.  It’s always important to keep in mind that their objective is to stir up distrust among our allies, or distrust between Americans and their government or distrust between our partisan political factions.  Their objective is NEVER to benefit America or the American people.

Their  efforts are ALWAYS to HARM America.  It is very important to remember that they follow a ruthless “divide and conquer” strategy at all times and playing sides against each other remains their favorite tactic.  It’s a very vicious and cynical form of fighting, of the type psycho women engage in when catfighting – poisoning people, setting up sex traps, playing people against each other, spreading vicious rumors, etc.  It is a warfare tactic for BULLIES, who are really nothing more than wimps, imo.

BUT trusting Putin or Wikileaks, an organization widely believed to be a Russian front organization by many US intelligence experts, is NOT the answer.

No American should trust Wikileaks’ revelations at face value.  Herein comes a short warning message about Russian active measures and their long history of incredibly sophisticated and  sometimes brilliant disinformation campaigns against the West, and America in particular:

As this scorched earth presidential campaign between these two vile,very corrupt candidates descends toward hell, we the American people will be ruthlessly manipulated and lied to, not only by the candidates and their mouthpieces, but by our very corrupt media, by BIG moneyed interests like, George Soros,  and ALSO by  some foreign intelligence agencies, working to sway this election.

Here are a few links on Wikileaks being a Russian front:

RedState had a piece on Russian disinformation, “Harry Reid Joins Donald Trump In Pushing Russian Dezinformatsiya In The United States” yesterday and there’s a  link to a very interesting  CIA study into the Russian AIDS disinformation campaign, to plant the false story that the CIA created AIDS as a biological agent.  This disinformation lie still resonates today, especially in the black community.

Here’s the link to the CIA study on that Russian disinformation campaign:

The black community in America, due to America’s long, difficult history on race, makes it a group that the Russians (and Soviets), Islamists and others hostile to America frequently target with disinformation campaigns to make them distrust the US government.  Trump and Hillary are also targeting the black community with campaign rhetoric (much of it lies).

With so many people targeting, we the American people, with LIES, it’s best to trust, only after arduous fact-checking.  And even then, be prepared to consider new information that comes to light, because we’re in for a rough few months between now and November in this take no prisoners, scorched earth battle of the wholesale public corruption titans, Drumpfzilla vs. the Witch of Chappaqua, as they slug it out in the sewer for the keys to the White House.

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Stop the Insanity


Finished the 4th side for my next tissue box cover.  I like this side the best.

With the desperate “Hillary or Bust” talking points in the past few weeks, the lame brained “do-over election” seemed to be the most bizarre, but never let an existential threat to Hillary Clinton’s  “First Female President” dream go to waste.  Look, I warned that she will do ANYTHING to become president and it sure looks like she’s got Clinton, Democratic Party, and Obama machines behind her effort to instigate a coup and overturn a legitimate election.  They will fail, because we still have The Constitution. However, in the process, after 8 years of abusing executive power, President Obama appears to be joining the “Hillary or Bust” effort by corrupting the CIA, where “unnamed” officials are floating “intelligence” with no proof.  Today there are “reports” that Putin was directly involved in managing the email hacks – no proof offered.

To show how corrupt this is, well, these unnamed sources in the CIA are leaking this information to the media, but refused to appear before the House Intelligence Committee this week and answer questions under oath about this supposedly new intel, with direct links to the Russians.   It’s a total sham the Obama administration is participating in – trying to manipulate the American people into buying into subverting The Constitution and a legitimate election.
So, I went back to tweeting and here are some from today:

There are “experts” discussing ways to fight Russian “influence operations” today and their ideas are truly frightening – banning RT from broadcasting and  policing “fake news”.

We need to fight for FREE speech, it is our strongest weapon against  foreign”influence operations”.

What to do is not rocket science:

An American people educated on and firmly grounded in respect for The Constitution of the United States of America is the best defense

Teach our children CIVIC VIRTUE in our schools, colleges and universities

Resist all the Obama administration fear-mongering about Russian influence operations. Don’t let the media feeding frenzy selling Clinton/Dem/Obama machine talking points scare you.  We are strong enough to resist “influence operations” without some new government program or censorship.  Just think for yourself, question media and partisan”facts” vociferously.  Be cheerful and fearless about standing up and defending American principles and The Constitution.

It’s simple – an America united on American principles isn’t vulnerable to foreign influence operations.


Now I need to get some laundry done and finish the top to this tissue box cover.wp-1481825565837.jpg

Have a nice day and please don’t get worked up about media and Obama administration Russian “influence operation” hysteria – you have total control over your own mind and should not fear “influence operations”:-)


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Queen Hillary’s failing coup…


Finished another plastic canvas box.

Here’s a rundown of the Clinton/Dem/Colluding Media talking points I’ve seen, being hysterically repeated on Twitter and various news sites in the last few days:

  • “Fake News” is a dire threat and only certain (Clinton colluding) media can be trusted to report “real” news.
  • Various incantations on popular vote should rule over electoral college – from the dramatically escalating popular vote total for Hillary (likely embellished) to contorted legal reasoning, to crap like Nate Silver tweeted some tripe that Hillary only lost in 4 states by 1%, so without the Russian hacking she’d likely have won – so based on a hypothetical situation, he created imaginary polling statistics, that he’s presenting as serious analysis???
  • More Comey attacks – Harry Reid claimed Comey downplayed Russian hacking.
  • Harry Reid claims Trump directly involved with Russian hacking.
  • Electoral college electors need a special CIA briefing on Russian hacking.
  • America needs a do-over election, because of Russian interference in the election.

The liberal media has shed all pretense of being objective journalists, in fact, many are little more than Democratic hacks.  The hysteria over Americans paying attention to Wikileaks over American journalists’ reporting or Democrat mouthpieces speaks not to Americans being idiots, it speaks to people TRUST Wikileaks (a likely Russian front) over American journalists and the liberal media.

Following Twitter, is an exercise in frantic, sore-loser talking points, most bogus or deeply disingenuous, being breathlessly repeated by a cadre of big name “journalists” and news organizations 24/7.  It’s like kids at summer camp, sitting in a circle around a campfire, whispering something in the next person’s ear and saying, “Pass it on!”

President Obama has had numerous rappers at the White House. Hillary had Beyonce and Jay Z campaigning with her, but Kanye West showing up at Trump Tower this morning represents some new low in lack of seriousness about the presidency, according to the likes of Andrea Mitchell.  I thought she was traveling with Hillary’s campaign, but guess she missed seeing Beyonce and Jay Z…

I think Trump will be a disaster as President.  I believe he’s very corrupt.  However, I thought the same things about President Obama and America survived.  I believe the same things about Hillary too, so I take solace in the FACT that America is much more than our President and we are still a very blessed and fortunate people, because we are FREE.  There are millions of wonderful people in America and thankfully most of us encounter them and not these corrupt journalists and shady politicians in our everyday lives.  We still are free to go about our daily lives, to dream, to set off on new adventures and to hope and dream.   For me, needlework is a stress-reliever, so I’m stitching away… another tissue box cover – three sides done since Sunday:


I have a feeling the Trump years will be very productive stitching years for me, lol.  Oh, the little yarn tails on the top center are just my marking the top, while I stitch, so I know which side is the top when I set my sewing down and then go back to it.

Trump worries me, but the corrupt Clinton/Dem/Media cabal scare the crap out of me.  The Russian hacking/ interference is bad, but so far there’s no evidence they tampered with ballot boxes, so the election is legitimate – end of conversation!  The Dems with this recount fiasco, pushing the propaganda that the popular vote should count and not the electoral college, and now the desperation pitch for a do-over election, ostensibly because of Russian interference are trying to supplant the constitutional process all to prop up a very corrupt woman, who will do anything to be President.  And her enablers are ready to discard The Constitution to assist her.  I would have supported legal efforts to dump Trump as the Republican candidate before the election, but the general election is THE election, according to The Constitution and that’s FINAL!

Donald Trump deserves the opportunity to take office and be the President of the United States.  The Americans who voted for him deserve that too.  And frankly, respect for The Constitution demands we follow the rules.  If he is a disaster, there are constitutional remedies for that too, but it’s ridiculous to talk about impeaching him before he’s even taken office (which some leftist loons are proposing).

Yesterday, John Podesta, who fell for a common phishing scam and gave the hackers his email password, supported a demand for a special CIA briefing on Russian hacking for electors.  One of the chief organizers of this elector effort is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.  The electors don’t have security clearances, so anything the CIA can tell them, they can tell all of America – so cut the drama queen act and just have the CIA release the information.  My bet is neither the Obama White House nor the CIA will do this, because they’ve exaggerated the facts.

Even President Obama has gotten into the Russian hacking propaganda blitz and it’s revolting.  The Dems are demanding new investigations into Russian hacking, despite the fact there already are ongoing Congressional investigations into Russian hacking.  Prior to this election hysteria, the Obama administration tried to downplay the Russian hacking threat.

So, the administration, where widespread use of private email was common practice, including by President Obama, now wants to champion fighting cyber-threats???  Be for real, the first line of defense against cyber-attacks is good online practices… like using SECURE systems for government business.

President Obama used his private gmail account to email Hillary at her private server email address.  Huma Abedin was sure the Obama/Hillary email the FBI showed her, which was part of a classified CHAIN, had to be classified.  Let’s start by finding out what kind of information President Obama was sending via his private gmail account, before we get too excited about the Russian hacking.

The Democrats are in mass hysteria about investigations into Russian hacking, well, sure let’s find out who they hacked, how they hacked and what was done to prevent their hacking.

It’s hard not to laugh at Democratic mouthpieces hysterically demanding an email investigation as the last ditch effort to beg, borrow or steal the election for Hillary.  The clock is ticking…to December 19th.

If these people weren’t able to wield so much influence in America, I’d be laughing, because was there ever a more ridiculous leader to put forth as tough enough to take on Russian hacking, than Hillary Clinton???  She is the Democrats’ champion on facing America’s cyber-threats???

She couldn’t even keep track of her own blackberries, she had her Filipino maid printing out classified emails in the SCIF in her DC home, she and her State Dept. staff were sending classified information on her home-brew server, and she believed her private email server was secure, because the Secret Service protect her home…  If foreign intelligence agencies around the globe aren’t laughing at the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and fools like Michael Morell, I would be shocked:

“Former CIA acting director Michael Morell called the intelligence agency’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election to help President-elect Donald Trump “the political equivalent of 9/11.”

“A foreign government messing around in our elections is, I think, an existential threat to our way of life. To me, and this is to me not an overstatement, this is the political equivalent of 9/11,” Morell said in an interview posted Sunday on The Cipher Brief. “It is huge and the fact that it hasn’t gotten more attention from the Obama Administration, Congress, and the mainstream media, is just shocking to me.””

Too bad these fools don’t realize that THEY and THEIR own weak policies and careless handling of information practically handed the information to the Russians.  John Podesta did hand his emails to them…

“Fake news”…. yeah, the people who sold the SPIN cycle to the American people want to lecture Americans on fake news … what a farce!

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Finally, the Dems are on board with investigating emails, so by all means investigate the Russians hacking EMAILS!  Wikileaks exposed massive, corrupt media collusion with the DNC and Hillary campaign.   It’s way past time for the full exposure of the infamous SPIN cycle, that requires massive media collusion to keep Clinton and Democratic Party talking points controlling the 24/7 news cycle.

The Russians are probably sitting on Hillary’s entire server contents, so let’s probe that deeply too and while we’re investigating, let’s find out if the Russians or other hostile actors hacked into the Weiner/Abedin laptop, with it’s reported 650,000 emails.   Hop to it Republicans… the Dems finally want an email investigation, so demand a thorough investigation into the full scope of the Russians hacking emails:-)   What the Dems may not realize is the Russians will play their hand too and assuredly Wikileaks will be doing more email dumps, resulting in more corruption will be out in the open.

Considering my prognostications on this election turned out wrong, as I believed that no matter what, Hillary Clinton would do anything to become President, here goes with some Monday morning quarterbacking.  I never envisioned a set of events, to include an avalanche of emails (Hillary, DNC, Podesta, Abedin, etc, etc.),  a reopened FBI investigation, or massive blowback against the Clintons and liberal media for running an over-the-top scorched earth attack against Trump, nor did I envision how Trump masterfully uses Twitter to bait the Clinton machine and the “elite” liberal media (our esteemed “journalists”).

At this late date, NO ONE can pinpoint to what degree these factors played into the election result and beyond that the two candidates personalities assuredly had a great deal of influence too.  So, here, in no particular order, are some thoughts:

Dastardly Russian Interference

Let’s be for real here – President Obama has spent 8 long years groveling, drawing down, leading from behind and showing American weakness, in ways both great and small.  Every world leader, long ago, realized that President Obama is a waffler and when he does decide to use force, it’s haphazard, ineffectual, strategically-myopic and completely detached from sound military operational principles.  He sets timelines based on political optics and domestic political concerns, not on military or strategic needs.  He is feckless, malleable and irresolute when deciding to use military force and beyond that, he lacks any sense of military history, military strategy, military capabilities, realities and limits.  In plain English, he, and his closest advisers are completely clueless on how to project American strength.

The Obama administration, through feckless foreign policy & military actions, helped create power vacuums across the Mid-East.  And on the big picture level, President Obama’s weak leadership globally created a gaping power vacuum there too.  Into that power vacuum, Vladimir Putin galloped and he has tried to solidify his position as a strong global leader.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, let’s review here: She tried to launch a Russian reset that fell flat, she oversaw several catastrophic diplomatic disasters, which she bungled.  From the Arab Spring and touting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to the Libyan debacle, where she came, she saw and she declared he died…  To Benghazi.

Also while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set-up and used her own home-brew email server, that lacked even the security of gmail.  She deliberately decided to use that private, unsecured server for her work emails and SHE allowed other government employees to send highly classified information on her unsecured email server.  She also sent classified information on that server too.  On top of all that, instead of relying on vetted US intelligence information, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton decided to utilize her own ad hoc  “intelligence” sources, like Sidney Blumenthal and the late Tyler Drumheller.

Vladimir Putin has run circles around President Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  The Russians are doing what they’ve always done – work to sow internal divides in America, work to spread disinformation/misinformation/damaging information, work to discredit American democratic governance and institutions, sow racial/class enmity, and fuel partisan divides.  Perhaps, they’ve upped the ante, not so much because of some Russian personality preference for Trump, but because after decades of deepening political and social divides, the Russians might believe the time is ripe to create more chaos into the American systems.

Perhaps, the Russian “interference” is more big picture and not centered on “Either Trump or Hillary”.   Even if Putin’s goal was to “help” get Trump elected, well, so far there’s no evidence the Russians tampered with ballot boxes.

The Wikileaks leaks assuredly were meant to damage Hillary and FOX News has been a non-stop Trump propaganda factory throughout Trump’s entire campaign.  However, while many intelligence people assert that Wikileaks is a Russian front operation (and I believe that too), there’s no direct proof that I have ever seen.  Just like there’s no damning emails or evidence to prove what Putin’s intentions were.

Even if he intended to “help” Trump, if the mainstream media was reliable and trusted, Americans would not be trusting Wikileaks over American news outlets.

Popular vote over Electoral College

The news media hysteria about “fake news” last week and the Russian “interference” this week, smack more of last ditch efforts to overthrow the electoral college.  On Twitter in the past couple days these ideas are being trial-ballooned.  Post-election massive media efforts to convince Americans that the electoral college is unAmerican and that the popular vote should prevail failed to gain traction.  It’s amazing to me that in the past couple weeks some news media peeps keep repeating the Hillary popular vote and in the past two weeks, the number jumped from a million and a half to approaching 3 million.  None of these “journalists” tweeting that repeatedly have cited a source to back that number.  Now, fabricating votes to spread a false talking point would be REAL interference in the election!

Fake News

After the “Ditch the Electoral College” effort failed to gain any real traction, the Clinton machine/Democratic Party machine/Liberal News media launched this mass hysteria about the dangers of “fake news”.  Since the liberal media spreads a lot of “fake news”, to include running Clinton machine propaganda without question, well, “fake” is a very subjective term and “news” hardly describes much of what “journalists” produce.

The advent of the internet turned many “journalists” into lazy hacks, who spend more time on Twitter retweeting each other’s crap than they do busting their butts running down NEWS stories or fact-checking.  Instead, many of them rely on fact-checker sites, as if these sites are all unbiased seekers of  “facts”.  There’s a great deal of lazy, arrogant, partisan-driven “reporting” going on by way too many hard news reporters.

The sanctimony about “fake news” by many of these “journalists” is laughable.

You Reap What You Sow

Fueling this Russian interference idea is unlikely to change anything electorally, since the Electoral College votes December 19th and while the Clinton hardliners may believe they can overthrow that, let’s just say, NOT LIKELY!  For the Clinton camp/Democratic Party/corrupt liberal media the hype aids in their effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, before it even begins.  This is a repeat of the GWB derangement syndrome.  For the Russians, the hype helps bolster Russian clout, if the Americans are running wily-nilly, ranting, “The Russians are coming!”  It’s all positive for Russian propaganda efforts.

So, the hysteria about the email leaks by Wikileaks, well, many of these DNC and Podesta emails show corruption: Donna Brazille railed about not trusting these leaked emails, but she never produced a single shred of evidence to back that up, while Wikileaks has agencies verifying these emails haven’t been altered.  These emails also show overt efforts of the Clinton campaign to cheat AND to collude with the media to spread lies.

CNN altered a Trump tweet, by removing the word “Crooked” from the tweet, when they aired it.  Why?  CBS doctored a Bill Clinton interview, taking out a few seconds of his answer, to change the context of what he said.  CBS responded that they edited it because of time constraints…  This election has exposed many in the news media as nothing more than shills for the Clintons and Democratic Party machines.

The Comey Factor

Comey reopened the Clinton email server investigation with the discovery of 650,000 emails on the Weiner/Abedin laptop. The Dems went crazy trying to shut down the investigation and they succeeded.  The all out PR blitz, with massive media collusion, to silence the FBI was stunning and the vitriol aimed at the FBI by top Democrat lawmakers, pundits was disgraceful.  Yet, now the Dems are outraged that Trump is dissing a clearly cherry-picked release of a CIA report, with no named sources, but in October they were calling the FBI corrupt Trump fanboys…  Comey knew reopening the investigation was almost a suicidal move, yet he did so, and it’s time we know the details of what these reported  FBI investigations into Clinton corruption, in four states were all about.

Let’s recap the media’s role in the 2016 election

I’ve had niggling suspicions about FOX News being part of a foreign front operation for many years, so toss me in the conspiracy theorist looney bin.  I have no concrete proof, just a lot of unsettling things about how FOX News agitated throughout this election for Trump, how they worked to fuel the Tea Party movement, how certain “personalities” on their network work to fuel the far-right.  Let me repeat, I have no proof, just uneasy feelings watching FOX News.

When I turn on MSNBC , their news and opinion leans heavily to the  far-left ideologically. CNN leans to the Clinton and Democratic Party machine.  BUT during the GOP primary, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and ABC, CBS, were running the “GOP Insurgency Show”.  The Washington Post reportedly devoted 20 reporters full-time to digging up dirt on Trump.

The “GOP Insurgency Show” was the Clinton’s corrupt collusion with their friends in the media to promote Trump in the primary (the so-called Pied Piper strategy as a Podesta email described it).  FOX News never stopped running the Trump Show, which again caused me a niggling feeling watching so much of the blatant propaganda effort.  Hanity and Pirro should have had on Trump cheer-leading outfits.

Without rehashing all of this again, the TRUTH is a lot of “journalists” helped gather up Trump dirt during the GOP primary and they sat on it until the general election.  The Alicia Machado hit was orchestrated with media collusion, to the point when Hillary dumped that Machado hit at the end of that debate – several media already had stories written, ready to run.  The Trump “grabbing them” video was orchestrated too.  The Trump dirt media avalanche, facilitated  by so many in the news media, to assist the Clinton campaign scorched earth messaging to bury Trump, also helped expose the corrupt media collusion and backfired.  These same “journalists” worked to bury Hillary’s email scandal and questions about the Clinton Foundation and they jumped on the bandwagon to attack the FBI.

The hysterics about “fake news” and now the Russian “interference” look like desperate, sore loser gambits.

Investigations I Want To See

I am fine with an investigation into Russian hacking and Russian efforts to interfere in our elections, but let’s not stop there.

Something smelled wrong with James Comey reopening the email server investigation so close to the election.  He announced the investigation found nothing new, as top Dems were ranting about FBI Trump fanboys, the FBI leaking to hurt Hillary, and assuredly enormous pressure from the Obama White House was exerted to silence the FBI again.  So, I want to know more details about the break-down of the Weiner laptop emails.  How many of the reported 650,000 emails belonged to Huma, how many were classified State Department work emails?   Were any of these emails shared with people not authorized to receive them?  Was that laptop hacked?

The State Department released a Hillary email, which showed Chelsea received classified information directly from Hillary, on the home-brew server.  Why was Hillary sending Chelsea classified information?  That email had a CHAIN of top Obama administration national security officials.  Did they know Hillary was using a private server?

The NY Post reported that Hillary’s Filipino maid, Marina, printed out classified emails for Hillary in her DC home.  All the circumstances surrounding this maid having access to the SCIF and classified information should be investigated!    What happened to all the copies Hillary was forever having printed out for her?  Where are they?

And of course, there are still the unanswered questions about David Kendall’s thumb drive of the Clinton server, what was found on Cheryl Mills laptop, who was present for Hillary’s FBI interview,  and many other loose threads.

Of course, during those few days when the FBI investigation was reopened, reports surfaced about ongoing FBI investigations  of the Clinton Foundation in four states.  What happened with those investigations?

I say, “YES!!! Let’s investigate!!!”  The more the merrier!

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The Queen of Mendacity wages war against “fake news”

Oh my, Hillary, the Queen of Mendacity, wife of former President BJ Mendacity,  has a new cause to champion…  the dangers of fake news and propaganda

The Clintons mainstreamed their SPIN cycle, which was a full-blown propaganda operation (information warfare), as I’ve said many, many times.  Their talking points messaging and memes were often bold-faced lies.  Their SPIN cycle only worked with massive amounts of media collusion, because the SPIN only works when it dominates the 24/7 news cycle.  This leftist media collusion advanced over the years to the Obama years, where the Obama administration goes with full-blown “narratives”, that are fabricated stories, which their friends in the media present as NEWS.

Hillary lamenting about “fake news” and dangerous “propaganda” should be taken as seriously as her “landing in Bosnia under sniper fire” or her BIG lie explanation of her home-brew private server, which she said contained NO classified information…

Hard to decide who is more ridiculous… the mainstream media mouthpieces, who have no credibility, due to their over-the-top scorched earth hits against Trump in this past election, or the Queen of Mendacity whining about “fake news”.

The hypocrisy of these sanctimonious journalists, lecturing about how Trump’s lying is way more dangerous, smacks you in the face.  Their frantic pleadings  that “fake news” must be stopped seem surreal, when many of these very same people happily participated in gathering dirt on Trump and sitting on it throughout the primary.  Many of these same sleazy “journalists” willingly coordinated their “news” reporting and messaging with the Clinton campaign.  CNN is a joke – they actually doctored a photo of a Trump tweet (removing the word “crooked”) for a broadcast.  CBS edited Bill Clinton’s interview to change the context of what he said.

Assuredly, it is disturbing that many Americans trust Wikileaks, a Russian propaganda front, over mainstream American news outlets, but the reason isn’t because these people are idiots.  The mainstream media hasn’t just been benignly showing “liberal bias” for decades.  They’ve been engaged in deliberate, wholesale, corrupt collusion with the Democratic Party, the Clinton political machine and liberal activists.

Since most reporters do very little hunting down stories, but instead rely on online cut and pasting of each other’s “scoops”, this latest media-generated crisis (the omnipresent “fake news”) looks like another Democratic operative-inspired talking points propaganda effort to me.

Yes, I believe the “fake news” hysteria is a political gimmick that Democratic operatives and their friends in the media are colluding to SPIN.   They are the FAKES!

Update:  Prevaricator Brian Williams is also reporting about the problem of “fake news”.  This just keeps getting more surreal with the liberal media:

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Tales from Chappaqua

Oh my, Saturday Night Live isn’t just skewering President-elect Donald Trump.  There’s so much poetic justice in con man Trump beating the Clintons, using their scorched earth, spin cycle messaging against them, even though I worry about how an egomaniacal, corrupt, con man like Trump will handle the immense power and responsibility of the Presidency.  However, my trepidation about Donald Trump comes nowhere near my fears about Hillary Clinton possessing that much power:-)

Watching the liberal hack journalists going into paroxysms about “fake news” brings a smile to my face too.  Listening to their hysterical warnings about the dangers of “fake news”, when they have spent their careers being shameless purveyors of first, the Clinton spin, the GWB derangement memes, the Obama narratives and then they gleefully went along with the Bill Clinton orchestrated “GOP Insurgency”, propelling Trump as the “winner”, all while sitting on piles of Trump dirt throughout the primary.  The mainstream news media lost its credibility long ago and it’s entertaining watching their ominous warnings and shameless fearmongering about “fake news”.

Oh yes, Trump lying is so much more dangerous than the mountains of Clinton lies, the Obama administration writing totally fabricated “narratives” or Susan Rice going on national TV and proclaiming Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” or the made-up “hands up, don’t shoot” lie…  Guess, one of these media truth-tellers needs to pen a 50 shades of lying for the deplorables to become educated on the nuances of “how the media screws with the truth”

The Republican Party lost by allowing their party to be hijacked by a Clinton dupe.  Hillary Clinton lost by being out-sleazed by a Clinton dupe.  The news media lost even more by being exposed as nothing more than Democratic Party hacks.  Of course, the American people lost, but frankly, if the best Americans aspire to was either one of these two very corrupt candidates, well, America deserves to live with the consequences. I feel confident, we’ll survive a Trump presidency.  Perhaps, Americans will even wake-up to how dangerous it is to accept corrupt politicians and a lying, corrupt news media too.

The marvel is that the Clintons never envisioned that Trump could win and seemed so arrogantly confident, that many times during the campaign, it looked like Hillary was just going through the motions of campaigning.  She acted liked the campaign was just an unpleasant chore to get to her coronation (you might ask, why aren’t I 50 points ahead…hahaha).   While the media criticized Trump dialing in interviews to the cable network shows, Hillary was given a pass on hiding from the media most of her campaign.

Aside from losing the election, the Clintons just lost their position and power in the Democratic Party and their prestige globally. And THAT means, they won’t be able to rake in the millions of dollars from their foreign patrons effortlessly now.  All those foreign power-brokers, who paid top dollar to the Clinton Foundation in the hopes of securing access in a Hillary Clinton White House, will be taking their money elsewhere.

Will the Clintons be scaling back their lavish lifestyle?  Not likely, but their entourage may get much smaller, very quickly.  However, it looks like Hillary’s loyal aide, Huma Abedin, will be scaling back her lifestyle.  I wonder if her mother is scheming to find Huma a rich Arab to latch onto if she ditches Weiner, who is reported to be broke.

All in all, although a Trump presidency fills me with unease, the prospect of a Hillary presidency filled me with stark terror.  And if they are still searching for Hil in the woods of Chappaqua, follow the trail of sour grapes at your own peril is my advice… a vindictive, raging witch can be a dangerous, oh to borrow a Samantha Power line, “monster”.

Hard Choices, rofl, rofl, rofl.   Yes, I am enjoying her loss immensely:-)

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Some thoughts on being a “liberated” American woman…

The above videos show America’s oldest teacher, Agnes “Granny” Zhelesnik, who turned 102 in January 2016.  Zhelesnik didn’t start teaching until she was 80 years old, when she began teaching children cooking and sewing at a private pre-K – 5 school in New Jersey.

This video struck a chord with me on many levels.  It’s wonderful to see young children learning useful life skills in a school these days.  It’s wonderful to see an elderly person strike out on a new purposeful and meaningful course late in life.  It’s wonderful to see somewhere in America’s vast morass of education failures, efforts to teach children important and useful practical life skills exist.

My oldest sister, in her 60s, teaches adult cooking classes at a community college, but she also teaches cooking classes for kids in the summertime.  One of my long-term pet peeves, but also deep concerns is how many young adults I’ve encountered in the past 20-30 years or so, who have absolutely no practical life skills.   This concern isn’t about politicized feminist ideology vs. traditional family values, but about a society where so much opportunity, information, resources and talent withers away, never developed or fully realized.  Living in a world where information on just about any topic is accessible with just a click or touch on a screen, this lack of acquisition of knowledge, training and development of practical skills in America speaks to a crisis of the American spirit.

My oldest sister has the skills of a culinary arts school grad, although she never attended any formal cooking school.  Our grandmother started buying my sister cookbooks, when my sister was in her teens and showed an interest in cooking.  In high school, my sister was a super-star in her home-ec classes, impressing everyone with her creations.  She impressed us at home too.  She found a job as a teenager working in a local restaurant, where the owner was a very talented cook, baker and cake decorator.  This lady also ran the food services in our school district by the time I was in high school.  Our school district had very good home-cooked type lunches back then.

My oldest sister is also extremely talented at all sorts of crafts and way more talented at needlework than I am.   What she has always done is read a lot about the hobbies she’s interested in and she also observes carefully how craft and sewing items are constructed. Every hobby she undertakes, she doesn’t settle for mediocrity, but works to master it.  She has taken classes to learn many different things.  In fact, she took several cake decorating classes and convinced my mother to go to cake decorating classes.  My other two sisters decided to take cake decorating classes several years ago too.  I am the only one who hasn’t learned cake decorating yet and I still think that’s something I want to learn how to do.

Growing up in a time-warped village in rural PA, most of the people I lived around still lived in traditional families and although many women there worked outside the home, most still knew how to cook and sew.  There were two blouse factories in my village, so perhaps the number of women who knew how to sew clothes was higher than normal there and of course, with their being of PA German ancestry, where quilting and needlework were traditional pastimes for women, knowing how to sew was a common skill.  My oldest sister worked in one of those blouse factories as a teenager too.

Likewise, knowing how to cook and bake were common skills when I grew up, right in the midst of that 60s & 70s feminist revolution, but perhaps the self-reliant gene really is a part of those bitter PA clingers’ cultural DNA and not just indicative that they’re backward, religious zealots and xenophobes, as President Obama implied.

One of the great ironies of progressive career mothers, and amusing to me, is their desire to find great nannies and caretakers for their children, where something like hiring “Mormon nannies”, whose strong moral values are a real draw for well-to-do parents seeking a caregiver for their children.  However, this reality vs the progressive rhetoric always smacks of rank hypocrisy among America’s elitist Leftists.

Teaching home economics in American schools was a progressive idea, not about training traditional stay-at-home mothers or keeping women trapped in their homes.  It was about advancing teaching science and scientific approaches to domestic topics, but along with that, training women to pursue careers outside the home, beginning in the late 1800s.

My mother was a “science and math” person – she liked chemistry, she thought trigonometry was “fun” and she embraced the metric system.  Besides knowing a great deal about “domestic skills”, she was a registered nurse, who loved to continue learning about medical innovations, she could fix a lot of electric appliances and knew how to do electrical wiring in homes, she was an expert at refinishing furniture, gardening, very good at crewel embroidery.  She was a fantastic cook and expert baker.  I think she was like many (most) of the women where I grew-up, who were multi-taskers long before the word came into vogue.

Even the “traditional” farm women were businesswomen too.  Knowing how to bake cookies is not something to scoff at or mock!  Baking is a useful skill to acquire,  just like my father made me and my sisters learn to check the oil in the car and change tires.  Being “liberated” means learning to be FREE to learn as much and as many skills in life as you can, to lead a fuller life.

As I often do, I started searching about “home economics” after watching the first video of the oldest teacher in America.   A 2014 Huffington Post article,  by Brie Dyas, caught my attention:

“You don’t hear much about Home Ec courses in schools these days. Even though many voices, from Anthony Bourdain to Slate, have called for its return, there’s still the critique that teaching high-schoolers cooking, budgeting and basic household skills is like saying they should walk around in poodle skirts — a “regressive” idea that doesn’t have a place in the modern curriculum.”

Dyas continues with a history of “home economics”:

“The creation of home ec is often attributed to Ellen Swallow Richards, a chemist and instructor at MIT, who paved the way for MIT’s Women’s Laboratory, which existed from 1876 to 1883 with a goal of advancing the scientific education of women at the Institution.

At the Women’s Laboratory, Richards turned her scientific attention to the study of how to make home life more efficient. According to the Chemical Heritage Foundation, “Richards was very concerned to apply scientific principles to domestic topics — good nutrition, pure foods, proper clothing, physical fitness, sanitation, and efficient practices that would allow women more time for pursuits other than cooking and cleaning.”

Richards’ philosophy — that running one’s home as efficiently as possible in order to make more time for things like, say, education — might be surprising to those who still see home ec as being anti-intellectual. To Richards, home ec wasn’t contrary to feminist principles. After all, she gathered other progressive women in 1899 to come up with academic guidelines for a fuller home ec curriculum that would “liberate” women from house work. The meetings, which occurred yearly in Lake Placid, New York until 1909, led to the formation of the American Home Economics Association. The group lobbied for increased funding for home economics programs. Richards was the president of the group until her death in 1911. (The American Home Economics Association was later renamed the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences and still exists today.)

But let’s back up a second. Another guiding force behind the formal teaching of home economics was The Morrill Act of 1862, which led to the establishment of land-grant colleges in each state. These colleges, which offered both classical academic and practical courses, were open to women. “Domestic Science” courses were often on the agenda, specifically geared towards the wives of farmers, who were expected to run the household in addition to assisting in farm work.”

Definitely click on the links in Dyas’ article, because they offer more historical information into the progressive idea of teaching women domestic skills in a school setting, using scientific methods and research.  The woman who started the home economics movement, Ellen Swallow Richards, was a feminist, the first woman to attend MIT, the first woman in America to earn a chemistry degree, a scientist engaged in a life of scientific research and whirlwind of studies, experiments, advocating on behalf of science being applied to teaching women domestic skills:

Chemist, sanitation engineer, and home economist Ellen Richards opened scientific education and professions to women when she started teaching at MIT in 1884.

“Ellen Richards graduated from Vassar College in 1870 and went on to become one of the first women admitted to MIT, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in 1873. Her focus was on chemistry, sanitary engineering and home economics. Richards blazed a trail for women in the sciences by establishing a woman’s laboratory at MIT and eventually joining the school’s regular faculty. She died in 1911.”

Dyas explains how home economics progressed in the early part of the last century, where some universities used real babies from orphanages as “practice babies” in their training programs, but post WWII, she explains how home economics funding decreased, with the focus being on science programs and the advent of convenience foods quelled the interest in teaching home-cooking.

In typical liberal fashion, Dyas and the Huffington Post staff recommend:

So, what now? We have a few ideas.

– Language matters. “Consumer Science” on its own has broader appeal than throwing “Family” into the mix. “Family” sounds like we’re back in the “practice baby” days.
– Timing matters, too. A high school kid can handle learning how to make grilled cheese. But the student likely won’t remember the in-depth lecture about interest rates, mainly because that’s probably not part of his or her world yet. But in college, with student loan debts averaging in the high $20,000s, it’s a great time to learn things like budgeting and basic business etiquette. Work in the “core” home ec classes from there: Managing laundry, meal planning and cooking.
– Don’t make it part of the formal curriculum. Instead, treat it as informally as freshmen orientation.
– Change your attitude. The sooner we can accept that Home Ec isn’t just for women, the sooner we can have students who have attain stronger life skills.

As always, the first thing with liberals is always to change the words we use to describe something.   They know words DO matter, that’s why they are forever insisting we use different words – words they choose – to describe things.

The women I grew up with as mentors must have had some 19th century progressive women in their family trees, because on both sides of my family, the women are doers and not dainty flowers.  Even my great-grandmother with the 3rd grade education read the newspaper everyday, could follow crochet patterns and needlework patterns, measure out ingredients and follow instructions in cookbooks and recipes jotted down from other cooks and was supportive of women getting a college education.  I never met a woman where I grew up who didn’t want her daughters to attend school and to learn as many things as possible.

Admittedly, I mock the Hillary Clinton/Gloria Steinem type feminists, who pride themselves on knowing nothing about domestic topics, but I mock them, not out of jealousy of their “feminist achievements”, but because they are terrible role models, not only for women, but for AMERICANS.  Their “liberation” of women, keeps women chained in an imaginary, perpetual state of victimhood of evil male patriarchy.  There is no “equality” that will ever assuage their sense of discrimination, because with them its internalized and constant.  Pssst, I think they hate men…

Yes, I believe they are strident ideological harpies, who offer no meaningful lessons or model to follow on how to achieve real-life emancipation or on becoming a self-reliant, free-thinking, independent American citizen. Especially, Hillary Clinton repeats strident, boring, angry feminist boiler-plate political rhetoric, while she relies on a coterie of sycophantic fetchers and carriers, to keep her public image from shattering.

Tiny glimpses of the “real” Hillary aren’t a pretty sight, like when she goes off-script and spews her angry diatribes or wallows in her self-pitying victim-mode rants.  Her “damned” emails, as Bernie referred to them, give you a glimpse too – to a woman who orders her staff to fetch and carry, even her tea.  She relies on them to handle all the details of her paid job, while she publicly gets all the credit.  She’s a woman who relies on her husband to be her political fixer.  A woman who relied on her Filipino maid to print out her work emails for her.  A woman who is completely helpless on her own.  She’s a woman who needs her staff flunkies to stage public outings to make her look “normal” (not like THE QUEEN).

Sadly, too many young women embrace shunning all things “domestic” and by doing so turn themselves into helpless fools in the process.  Everyone, both male and female, should learn basic domestic skills, like simple food preparation and storage, basic housekeeping skills, basic household budgeting, how to balance a checking account, and if they’re planning on having children, acquiring some basic child-care knowledge sure comes in handy.  Most young people won’t be like Hillary Clinton, with her coterie of fetchers and carriers, but will instead have to rely on themselves (or their parents) to handle all the drudge work in their lives.

The video above is Alton Brown, who has dozens of videos online, and he’s my favorite food personality for many reasons, but mainly because I love his scientific approach to cooking.  Of course, he constantly asks my favorite question: WHY?  WHY is a question that will keep your life an endless adventure, as you begin each new search for the answer(s).

Watching so many young women whine and embrace frivolous, mindless feminist political causes, while eschewing putting effort into learning real life skills saddens me. Feminist icons, like Hillary Clinton, have devoted their lives to perpetuating myths about opportunity for women in America, by enslaving young women’s minds to feminist dogma, more rigid than many religious cults.

Practical information, how-to videos, reference material is only a click away – embrace the freedom to explore old and new hobbies, pick a favorite meal and learn how to prepare it yourself, ever wondered about a science issue, how something works, or how something was invented, well devote a few minutes a day to researching it.  I’ve become a fan of how-to videos with crafting and needlework, because I can pause and rewind as often as I need to, while I do it myself.

I kept urging my oldest sister to start a Pinterest account, where she can set up boards and save ideas, patterns, recipes and inspirations to refer back to and she has now done that. She’s way more computer savvy than I am, so her hesitation was about Pinterest being part of “social media”, not that she wasn’t familiar with computers.  I use Pinterest often and while it’s doubtful I’ll ever use most of the recipes or make most of the needlework and craft projects I’ve pinned, these boards are much easier to access than trying to remember which magazine or craft book I saw a pattern in and then hunting it down.

For me, knowing how to handle as many daily tasks, central to my daily life, myself, gives me not just a sense of calm and security, it gives me a sense of FREEDOM. It’s nice to be able to do many things myself, without needing to rely on someone else to do them for me.  And for me that’s what being an American is all about – personal liberty.


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