Libertybelle: Mean Twitter Troll

The news that James Comey once again covered up for Hillary Clinton came as no surprise – he already sold out in July and is now a Clinton pawn.   She is above the law – that is the truth.

I spent a few days on Twitter “trolling” the media & mocking their collusion to spread the Dem spin.  Think all of them have muted me, LOL.  Whatever, they are a bunch of Useful Idiots, who dutifully spread the Dem SPIN and Narratives, to control the news in America – Apparatchiks.  They are in a tizzy that many Americans are relying on a Russian front (Wikileaks) to get the truth about the Clinton and media corruption.  Palmieri, Clinton’s campaign spokeswoman, was warning people to not trust Wikileaks… LOL.  She works to spread Clinton SPIN (LIES) and she is warning about “FAKE” emails…

These people have no credibility and it is the media collusion with the mainstream (liberal) media working to ensure that the Left’s political messaging & smears against the Right dominate the American 24/7 news cycle, that has caused many Americans to distrust politicians and the media. The “bias” isn’t some benign, unintentional slant, it’s an orchestrated information warfare strategy that the Left wages and the media actively aids and abets. The Wikileaks leaks show many emails of reporters colluding with Dem. operatives, like John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Braizile.  Brailze was sharing debate questions from a CNN-hosted debate with Hillary Clinton – cheating.

I was learning how to make up #hashtags and writing tweets and I’m going to share some:

libertybelle Retweeted Nancy Pelosi


libertybelle added,

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One response to “Libertybelle: Mean Twitter Troll

  1. Winston Smith

    I understand, feel free.
    Best wishes…this has been the worst experience and will only get worse. Hang on to your chapeaux!

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