The Queen of Mendacity wages war against “fake news”

Oh my, Hillary, the Queen of Mendacity, wife of former President BJ Mendacity,  has a new cause to champion…  the dangers of fake news and propaganda

The Clintons mainstreamed their SPIN cycle, which was a full-blown propaganda operation (information warfare), as I’ve said many, many times.  Their talking points messaging and memes were often bold-faced lies.  Their SPIN cycle only worked with massive amounts of media collusion, because the SPIN only works when it dominates the 24/7 news cycle.  This leftist media collusion advanced over the years to the Obama years, where the Obama administration goes with full-blown “narratives”, that are fabricated stories, which their friends in the media present as NEWS.

Hillary lamenting about “fake news” and dangerous “propaganda” should be taken as seriously as her “landing in Bosnia under sniper fire” or her BIG lie explanation of her home-brew private server, which she said contained NO classified information…

Hard to decide who is more ridiculous… the mainstream media mouthpieces, who have no credibility, due to their over-the-top scorched earth hits against Trump in this past election, or the Queen of Mendacity whining about “fake news”.

The hypocrisy of these sanctimonious journalists, lecturing about how Trump’s lying is way more dangerous, smacks you in the face.  Their frantic pleadings  that “fake news” must be stopped seem surreal, when many of these very same people happily participated in gathering dirt on Trump and sitting on it throughout the primary.  Many of these same sleazy “journalists” willingly coordinated their “news” reporting and messaging with the Clinton campaign.  CNN is a joke – they actually doctored a photo of a Trump tweet (removing the word “crooked”) for a broadcast.  CBS edited Bill Clinton’s interview to change the context of what he said.

Assuredly, it is disturbing that many Americans trust Wikileaks, a Russian propaganda front, over mainstream American news outlets, but the reason isn’t because these people are idiots.  The mainstream media hasn’t just been benignly showing “liberal bias” for decades.  They’ve been engaged in deliberate, wholesale, corrupt collusion with the Democratic Party, the Clinton political machine and liberal activists.

Since most reporters do very little hunting down stories, but instead rely on online cut and pasting of each other’s “scoops”, this latest media-generated crisis (the omnipresent “fake news”) looks like another Democratic operative-inspired talking points propaganda effort to me.

Yes, I believe the “fake news” hysteria is a political gimmick that Democratic operatives and their friends in the media are colluding to SPIN.   They are the FAKES!

Update:  Prevaricator Brian Williams is also reporting about the problem of “fake news”.  This just keeps getting more surreal with the liberal media:

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