Finally, the Dems are on board with investigating emails, so by all means investigate the Russians hacking EMAILS!  Wikileaks exposed massive, corrupt media collusion with the DNC and Hillary campaign.   It’s way past time for the full exposure of the infamous SPIN cycle, that requires massive media collusion to keep Clinton and Democratic Party talking points controlling the 24/7 news cycle.

The Russians are probably sitting on Hillary’s entire server contents, so let’s probe that deeply too and while we’re investigating, let’s find out if the Russians or other hostile actors hacked into the Weiner/Abedin laptop, with it’s reported 650,000 emails.   Hop to it Republicans… the Dems finally want an email investigation, so demand a thorough investigation into the full scope of the Russians hacking emails:-)   What the Dems may not realize is the Russians will play their hand too and assuredly Wikileaks will be doing more email dumps, resulting in more corruption will be out in the open.

Considering my prognostications on this election turned out wrong, as I believed that no matter what, Hillary Clinton would do anything to become President, here goes with some Monday morning quarterbacking.  I never envisioned a set of events, to include an avalanche of emails (Hillary, DNC, Podesta, Abedin, etc, etc.),  a reopened FBI investigation, or massive blowback against the Clintons and liberal media for running an over-the-top scorched earth attack against Trump, nor did I envision how Trump masterfully uses Twitter to bait the Clinton machine and the “elite” liberal media (our esteemed “journalists”).

At this late date, NO ONE can pinpoint to what degree these factors played into the election result and beyond that the two candidates personalities assuredly had a great deal of influence too.  So, here, in no particular order, are some thoughts:

Dastardly Russian Interference

Let’s be for real here – President Obama has spent 8 long years groveling, drawing down, leading from behind and showing American weakness, in ways both great and small.  Every world leader, long ago, realized that President Obama is a waffler and when he does decide to use force, it’s haphazard, ineffectual, strategically-myopic and completely detached from sound military operational principles.  He sets timelines based on political optics and domestic political concerns, not on military or strategic needs.  He is feckless, malleable and irresolute when deciding to use military force and beyond that, he lacks any sense of military history, military strategy, military capabilities, realities and limits.  In plain English, he, and his closest advisers are completely clueless on how to project American strength.

The Obama administration, through feckless foreign policy & military actions, helped create power vacuums across the Mid-East.  And on the big picture level, President Obama’s weak leadership globally created a gaping power vacuum there too.  Into that power vacuum, Vladimir Putin galloped and he has tried to solidify his position as a strong global leader.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, let’s review here: She tried to launch a Russian reset that fell flat, she oversaw several catastrophic diplomatic disasters, which she bungled.  From the Arab Spring and touting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to the Libyan debacle, where she came, she saw and she declared he died…  To Benghazi.

Also while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set-up and used her own home-brew email server, that lacked even the security of gmail.  She deliberately decided to use that private, unsecured server for her work emails and SHE allowed other government employees to send highly classified information on her unsecured email server.  She also sent classified information on that server too.  On top of all that, instead of relying on vetted US intelligence information, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton decided to utilize her own ad hoc  “intelligence” sources, like Sidney Blumenthal and the late Tyler Drumheller.

Vladimir Putin has run circles around President Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  The Russians are doing what they’ve always done – work to sow internal divides in America, work to spread disinformation/misinformation/damaging information, work to discredit American democratic governance and institutions, sow racial/class enmity, and fuel partisan divides.  Perhaps, they’ve upped the ante, not so much because of some Russian personality preference for Trump, but because after decades of deepening political and social divides, the Russians might believe the time is ripe to create more chaos into the American systems.

Perhaps, the Russian “interference” is more big picture and not centered on “Either Trump or Hillary”.   Even if Putin’s goal was to “help” get Trump elected, well, so far there’s no evidence the Russians tampered with ballot boxes.

The Wikileaks leaks assuredly were meant to damage Hillary and FOX News has been a non-stop Trump propaganda factory throughout Trump’s entire campaign.  However, while many intelligence people assert that Wikileaks is a Russian front operation (and I believe that too), there’s no direct proof that I have ever seen.  Just like there’s no damning emails or evidence to prove what Putin’s intentions were.

Even if he intended to “help” Trump, if the mainstream media was reliable and trusted, Americans would not be trusting Wikileaks over American news outlets.

Popular vote over Electoral College

The news media hysteria about “fake news” last week and the Russian “interference” this week, smack more of last ditch efforts to overthrow the electoral college.  On Twitter in the past couple days these ideas are being trial-ballooned.  Post-election massive media efforts to convince Americans that the electoral college is unAmerican and that the popular vote should prevail failed to gain traction.  It’s amazing to me that in the past couple weeks some news media peeps keep repeating the Hillary popular vote and in the past two weeks, the number jumped from a million and a half to approaching 3 million.  None of these “journalists” tweeting that repeatedly have cited a source to back that number.  Now, fabricating votes to spread a false talking point would be REAL interference in the election!

Fake News

After the “Ditch the Electoral College” effort failed to gain any real traction, the Clinton machine/Democratic Party machine/Liberal News media launched this mass hysteria about the dangers of “fake news”.  Since the liberal media spreads a lot of “fake news”, to include running Clinton machine propaganda without question, well, “fake” is a very subjective term and “news” hardly describes much of what “journalists” produce.

The advent of the internet turned many “journalists” into lazy hacks, who spend more time on Twitter retweeting each other’s crap than they do busting their butts running down NEWS stories or fact-checking.  Instead, many of them rely on fact-checker sites, as if these sites are all unbiased seekers of  “facts”.  There’s a great deal of lazy, arrogant, partisan-driven “reporting” going on by way too many hard news reporters.

The sanctimony about “fake news” by many of these “journalists” is laughable.

You Reap What You Sow

Fueling this Russian interference idea is unlikely to change anything electorally, since the Electoral College votes December 19th and while the Clinton hardliners may believe they can overthrow that, let’s just say, NOT LIKELY!  For the Clinton camp/Democratic Party/corrupt liberal media the hype aids in their effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, before it even begins.  This is a repeat of the GWB derangement syndrome.  For the Russians, the hype helps bolster Russian clout, if the Americans are running wily-nilly, ranting, “The Russians are coming!”  It’s all positive for Russian propaganda efforts.

So, the hysteria about the email leaks by Wikileaks, well, many of these DNC and Podesta emails show corruption: Donna Brazille railed about not trusting these leaked emails, but she never produced a single shred of evidence to back that up, while Wikileaks has agencies verifying these emails haven’t been altered.  These emails also show overt efforts of the Clinton campaign to cheat AND to collude with the media to spread lies.

CNN altered a Trump tweet, by removing the word “Crooked” from the tweet, when they aired it.  Why?  CBS doctored a Bill Clinton interview, taking out a few seconds of his answer, to change the context of what he said.  CBS responded that they edited it because of time constraints…  This election has exposed many in the news media as nothing more than shills for the Clintons and Democratic Party machines.

The Comey Factor

Comey reopened the Clinton email server investigation with the discovery of 650,000 emails on the Weiner/Abedin laptop. The Dems went crazy trying to shut down the investigation and they succeeded.  The all out PR blitz, with massive media collusion, to silence the FBI was stunning and the vitriol aimed at the FBI by top Democrat lawmakers, pundits was disgraceful.  Yet, now the Dems are outraged that Trump is dissing a clearly cherry-picked release of a CIA report, with no named sources, but in October they were calling the FBI corrupt Trump fanboys…  Comey knew reopening the investigation was almost a suicidal move, yet he did so, and it’s time we know the details of what these reported  FBI investigations into Clinton corruption, in four states were all about.

Let’s recap the media’s role in the 2016 election

I’ve had niggling suspicions about FOX News being part of a foreign front operation for many years, so toss me in the conspiracy theorist looney bin.  I have no concrete proof, just a lot of unsettling things about how FOX News agitated throughout this election for Trump, how they worked to fuel the Tea Party movement, how certain “personalities” on their network work to fuel the far-right.  Let me repeat, I have no proof, just uneasy feelings watching FOX News.

When I turn on MSNBC , their news and opinion leans heavily to the  far-left ideologically. CNN leans to the Clinton and Democratic Party machine.  BUT during the GOP primary, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and ABC, CBS, were running the “GOP Insurgency Show”.  The Washington Post reportedly devoted 20 reporters full-time to digging up dirt on Trump.

The “GOP Insurgency Show” was the Clinton’s corrupt collusion with their friends in the media to promote Trump in the primary (the so-called Pied Piper strategy as a Podesta email described it).  FOX News never stopped running the Trump Show, which again caused me a niggling feeling watching so much of the blatant propaganda effort.  Hanity and Pirro should have had on Trump cheer-leading outfits.

Without rehashing all of this again, the TRUTH is a lot of “journalists” helped gather up Trump dirt during the GOP primary and they sat on it until the general election.  The Alicia Machado hit was orchestrated with media collusion, to the point when Hillary dumped that Machado hit at the end of that debate – several media already had stories written, ready to run.  The Trump “grabbing them” video was orchestrated too.  The Trump dirt media avalanche, facilitated  by so many in the news media, to assist the Clinton campaign scorched earth messaging to bury Trump, also helped expose the corrupt media collusion and backfired.  These same “journalists” worked to bury Hillary’s email scandal and questions about the Clinton Foundation and they jumped on the bandwagon to attack the FBI.

The hysterics about “fake news” and now the Russian “interference” look like desperate, sore loser gambits.

Investigations I Want To See

I am fine with an investigation into Russian hacking and Russian efforts to interfere in our elections, but let’s not stop there.

Something smelled wrong with James Comey reopening the email server investigation so close to the election.  He announced the investigation found nothing new, as top Dems were ranting about FBI Trump fanboys, the FBI leaking to hurt Hillary, and assuredly enormous pressure from the Obama White House was exerted to silence the FBI again.  So, I want to know more details about the break-down of the Weiner laptop emails.  How many of the reported 650,000 emails belonged to Huma, how many were classified State Department work emails?   Were any of these emails shared with people not authorized to receive them?  Was that laptop hacked?

The State Department released a Hillary email, which showed Chelsea received classified information directly from Hillary, on the home-brew server.  Why was Hillary sending Chelsea classified information?  That email had a CHAIN of top Obama administration national security officials.  Did they know Hillary was using a private server?

The NY Post reported that Hillary’s Filipino maid, Marina, printed out classified emails for Hillary in her DC home.  All the circumstances surrounding this maid having access to the SCIF and classified information should be investigated!    What happened to all the copies Hillary was forever having printed out for her?  Where are they?

And of course, there are still the unanswered questions about David Kendall’s thumb drive of the Clinton server, what was found on Cheryl Mills laptop, who was present for Hillary’s FBI interview,  and many other loose threads.

Of course, during those few days when the FBI investigation was reopened, reports surfaced about ongoing FBI investigations  of the Clinton Foundation in four states.  What happened with those investigations?

I say, “YES!!! Let’s investigate!!!”  The more the merrier!

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