Clinton Corruption Update

The previous post shows the social media corruption, but here’s something else I noticed happening. The “popular” vote count for Hillary keeps growing massively. Hard to tell what the facts are, with Soros and the Dems colluding with the liberal media to SPIN(LIE) and sell “narratives”(FABRICATED STORIES), where there were reports swirling that Soros bought a company that owns voting machines in 16 states.

I suspect this inflating “popular vote”is another Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party corrupt gambit to try and overthrow the election, even though they aren’t openly saying that is their intent.  Looks to me like more setting the stage for a challenge to the Electoral College, to stop Trump (and the FBI, which, I believe,  is still investigating the Clinton corruption).

This “popular vote” hype is being bolstered by calls that the Electoral College MUST be eliminated. Many in the liberal media are spewing this nonsense too. Here’s Eric Holder:

“Former Attorney General Eric Holder called for an end to the electoral college voting system on Friday.

With Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote but losing the election, he said it was now time to change the way the U.S. elects its presidents.

“I’m in the process now of writing an article that says there’s a simple solution to it and we have to just abolish the electoral college,” Holder told “Real Time” host Bill Maher.”

The Dems are trying to stage another attempt to get Hillary elected instead of abiding by The Constitution, is what I believe their SPIN is all about. By creating this illusion that most of the country is overwrought and does not want Trump as president, they are promoting alternative ways around The Constitution – trying to pressure electors to vote against Trump when the Electoral College votes.  Another desperate gambit for the Democratic Party machine to retain control of the executive branch.

Here’s a clue to these corrupt thugs: The Electoral College can only be abolished by Congress and the process is laid out in The Constitution for making amendments.

Short of abolishing the Electoral College, the only option that I am aware of is for Congress to impeach Donald Trump and herein, I am not sure if he could even be impeached before being sworn into office and after he was sworn in, well, there’s a whole process for impeachment…. as the Clintons are well aware of.  Donald Trump would have to do something to justify impeachment.  For instance, in President Bill Clinton articles of impeachment,  the House voted that President Clinton had lied under oath to a grand jury and obstructed justice. There were originally four articles passed by the Judiciary Committee.  The Senate voted not to remove President Clinton from office on partisan lines, with a handful of liberal-leaning Republicans siding with the Democrats.  Impeachment, being a political remedy, really didn’t speak to whether President Clinton was really guilty of these charges, imo.

And by watching another 17 years of the Clintons political corruption, I think it will be proven that they did that and much worse to silence witnesses and retain power.  Guess, that makes me a “hater” and part of the omnipresent, vast, right-wing conspiracy out to get Hillary Clinton, America’s #1 VICTIM.

We abide by The Constitution for a reason – it is the rule of law here in America and it keeps us a FREE, constitutional republic, not a banana republic or ClintonWorld (where the whims of Bill and Hillary Clinton reign supreme).


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