Tales from Chappaqua

Oh my, Saturday Night Live isn’t just skewering President-elect Donald Trump.  There’s so much poetic justice in con man Trump beating the Clintons, using their scorched earth, spin cycle messaging against them, even though I worry about how an egomaniacal, corrupt, con man like Trump will handle the immense power and responsibility of the Presidency.  However, my trepidation about Donald Trump comes nowhere near my fears about Hillary Clinton possessing that much power:-)

Watching the liberal hack journalists going into paroxysms about “fake news” brings a smile to my face too.  Listening to their hysterical warnings about the dangers of “fake news”, when they have spent their careers being shameless purveyors of first, the Clinton spin, the GWB derangement memes, the Obama narratives and then they gleefully went along with the Bill Clinton orchestrated “GOP Insurgency”, propelling Trump as the “winner”, all while sitting on piles of Trump dirt throughout the primary.  The mainstream news media lost its credibility long ago and it’s entertaining watching their ominous warnings and shameless fearmongering about “fake news”.

Oh yes, Trump lying is so much more dangerous than the mountains of Clinton lies, the Obama administration writing totally fabricated “narratives” or Susan Rice going on national TV and proclaiming Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” or the made-up “hands up, don’t shoot” lie…  Guess, one of these media truth-tellers needs to pen a 50 shades of lying for the deplorables to become educated on the nuances of “how the media screws with the truth”

The Republican Party lost by allowing their party to be hijacked by a Clinton dupe.  Hillary Clinton lost by being out-sleazed by a Clinton dupe.  The news media lost even more by being exposed as nothing more than Democratic Party hacks.  Of course, the American people lost, but frankly, if the best Americans aspire to was either one of these two very corrupt candidates, well, America deserves to live with the consequences. I feel confident, we’ll survive a Trump presidency.  Perhaps, Americans will even wake-up to how dangerous it is to accept corrupt politicians and a lying, corrupt news media too.

The marvel is that the Clintons never envisioned that Trump could win and seemed so arrogantly confident, that many times during the campaign, it looked like Hillary was just going through the motions of campaigning.  She acted liked the campaign was just an unpleasant chore to get to her coronation (you might ask, why aren’t I 50 points ahead…hahaha).   While the media criticized Trump dialing in interviews to the cable network shows, Hillary was given a pass on hiding from the media most of her campaign.

Aside from losing the election, the Clintons just lost their position and power in the Democratic Party and their prestige globally. And THAT means, they won’t be able to rake in the millions of dollars from their foreign patrons effortlessly now.  All those foreign power-brokers, who paid top dollar to the Clinton Foundation in the hopes of securing access in a Hillary Clinton White House, will be taking their money elsewhere.

Will the Clintons be scaling back their lavish lifestyle?  Not likely, but their entourage may get much smaller, very quickly.  However, it looks like Hillary’s loyal aide, Huma Abedin, will be scaling back her lifestyle.  I wonder if her mother is scheming to find Huma a rich Arab to latch onto if she ditches Weiner, who is reported to be broke.

All in all, although a Trump presidency fills me with unease, the prospect of a Hillary presidency filled me with stark terror.  And if they are still searching for Hil in the woods of Chappaqua, follow the trail of sour grapes at your own peril is my advice… a vindictive, raging witch can be a dangerous, oh to borrow a Samantha Power line, “monster”.

Hard Choices, rofl, rofl, rofl.   Yes, I am enjoying her loss immensely:-)

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