More Being Set-up

Before moving on to other topics, that I would much rather write about, I want to toss out some loose threads. Today I posted my last tweet, so the media and Democrats can wallow in another Clinton spin success, but when the TRUTH really impacts – every single one of them knew the TRUTH about the Clintons and helped cover it up, WITH the help of the mainstream media, that prints all the Clinton /Obama SPIN (LIES) without asking any questions. Those terrible leaks (truth) that came out, LIKE Hillary having her Filipino maid printing out classified information – all of you liberal media peeps ignored THAT and grasped Comey’s “extremely careless”, but not CRIMINAL.  You put partisan politics above national security.

Here’s my final tweet, linking to my to my blog post Libertybelle: the Mean Twitter Troll:

Here’s my last Tweet. The media & Dem. machine can breathe a sigh of relief… unless the TRUE story is exposed.

12:55 PM – 7 Nov 2016

The thing to keep in mind is when Comey reopened the CRIMINAL investigation into Hillary Clinton, he knew it was politically explosive, but the matter was much graver than some new emails that needed to be searched or he wouldn’t have taken this much of a risk.  In the end, though the Obama administration put enough pressure on him, to get him to cave AGAIN. The British Daily Mail is reporting that Obama is going to fire him anyway, which sure seems likely watching Congressman Cummings and Nancy Pelosi wage another spin to trash the “renegade FBI”.

I launched my “troll” storm to force a reaction and very quickly I was shut down again, just like every other time I have tried to get the media to listen to me about what happened to me in 1998.

I have told my attorney & some trusted people helping us every detail. My attorney is a reserve US Army Major General (JAG Branch).  In 2013 I urged him and a few other retired Army officers to get trusted friends together to help investigate my story and gather evidence.  I have no way to prove anything, but I remain hopeful they will be able to. Unlike me, they are experienced prosecutors, lawyers, Army officers.

Every time I make an attempt to get my story told or point out the public corruption of the Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines, very quickly, I suspect the word goes out to trash my reputation as a crazy right-wing extremist or deranged hater.

With my “troll” storm I advised my attorney & “friends” to monitor my Twitter account, who follows me, if my tweet record is altered, etc.  As I tweeted more responses to Dems and their media sycophants, I got a follower, “hitler was right” and wondered if this would be another attempt to cast me as right-wing extremist.  I don’t know the answer to that yet.

I’ve mentioned feeling like I am being set-up several times, so bear with me as I explain how I came to be emailing Congressman Trey Gowdy.

On 9/9/16 – A comment was posted to my blog that required moderation.  The person who posted that comment is a frequent poster on my blog, whose posts do NOT require moderation.  This comment required moderation and I never posted the comment to my blog.

I sent it to Congressman Trey Gowdy.

I get email notifications for my blog, so I received a copy of that message in my email and I also get blog notifications at WordPress.  I have kept that comment, but advised my attorney to investigate the source and how the information in that comment came to be sitting in my blog comments.  I also asked him & Congressman Gowdy to find out if that information is legit.

The information was several State Department emails between State Department officials involved in Hillary’s email scandal.   I did NOT ever ask this person for any email information and I assuredly NEVER asked for stolen US government official records to be sent to my blog.  I hope between my attorney and his friends in the Army JAG community and Congressman Gowdy, that they can find out more about these emails, which were so kindly sent to me.

The person who posted that comment used a email that is a “group” email of some intel peeps is what he told me when we first started emailing and he told me many times that his name isn’t just one person.  So, that group’s email and IP data is on the email from my blog notifying me of this comment.  When I emailed this “person”, I  thanked “him”, told him I wasn’t going to publish it on my blog, told him that I didn’t want to cause problems for anyone in his group and that I was keeping it in my blog administration.   THEN I sent that information to Congressman Gowdy.

Yes, at times I feel like I have been played and set-up.  If these emails are legitimate State Department records, I hope every person involved in sending them to me is held accountable and I hope the forwarding metadata trails connects the people involved in sending them to me.

I will not communicate with the person who sent that information to me or any of his friends.

“Friends” don’t send friends stolen government records.

If they are fake and I had posted them on my blog as actual State Department records, I would still be in a world of legal problems.  Instead, I asked my attorney and Congressman Gowdy to figure it out.  I am sure they are way better at that than I am.

Comey yammered on about “intent”, well I wonder about “intent” a lot too.  The person who sent this email information to me emailed me:

“I was confident Susan first, the comment wouldn’t directly post (due to the bottom part)”


Congressman Gowdy has all this information, as does my JAG general attorney and his Army officer friends helping me, one of whom is a  Texas state judge, and I bet his reputation will be trashed as some right-wing zealot too, if this goes public.

The law is for everyone to obey.


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3 responses to “More Being Set-up

  1. “I was confident Susan first…” Style-wise, that sounds like our JK. MP

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. JK

    Samsung phone eh, Malcolm?

    You don’t carry that thing around in your pocket eh?

  3. JK

    Well Duff ‘n Nonsense fellowers landing here, LB will retain for now, as much anonymity as she allowed me .. but then, if that witch had LB all along and there was that election to run … an uninterested person might ask

    “What is the priority?”

    “LB or, getting elected President of the United States?”


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