What I think about the election

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on Tuesday and as an American citizen, who believes in The Constitution of the United States, I accept that as the final verdict.  This is how our republic works, end of conversation.  I don’t believe he or Hillary are “fit” to be President, but the constitutional requirements are sparse, so beyond age and citizenship, that position is open to any Americans:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.



What I feel about either Trump or Hillary doesn’t matter in the least – I abide by The Constitution, because I believe in the rule of law and protecting and defending The Constitution.

In 1998, being fairly new to the internet, I started searching the web thinking I would like to find pen pals around the world, because I had several pen pals in foreign countries when I was a teenager.  During that searching I came across “message boards” and landed on the Excite message boards, where beyond the people trying to hook-up with others in relationships, they had the politics boards.  Following politics is another interest of mine, so I began commenting on politics there, using the name: mhere.

When the Clinton impeachment scandal broke, those boards went crazy and since I had spent a good bit of time lurking, just reading postings, before venturing into posting any comments, I was familiar with many of the regulars posting there.  Some of them liked to change their user names, but it quickly became obvious who they were, because of their writing style and comments.

When the impeachment scandal broke, a new crowd invaded the Excite politics message board – the Clintonista mob, who viciously attacked anyone who spoke out about The Constitution or impeachment.  I quickly noticed that the writing ability of this new crowd was much better than most of the Regulars and these people debated like top-notch criminal defense attorneys, trying to argue the Regulars into a corner and silence them.

That bullying tactic, trying to silence other people,  ticked me off, so I decided to argue to the best of my ability and back them into a corner.  I have always liked to debate politics.  As the weeks went by, it seemed like new people joined the Clintonista mob, determined to silence me (mhere).  I also noticed that some of my arguments and snarky lines began to be picked up by some real Republican and conservative pundits on TV.

What happened next is my story, tabbed at the top of my home page, Messages of mhere.  I apologize to regular readers for rehashing this again, but since I am not FREE to move on, alas, I must continue to repeat all this.  I wrote my story in that annoying third person, I used pseudonyms out of fear, and I wrote it in my snarky manner, because that’s me.  The story is true, the pseudonyms are real people.

At the top of my home page, I have a tab “Confessions of mhere” with a timeline from about May of this year, but it goes back to other events that have happened.

In March, at National Review Online’s comment section, which was still Disqus then (they changed to facebook).  I was debating against Trump and his idiotic killing ISIS family members to scare ISIS terrorists, as a good military strategy.  I posted a response to another poster about The Constitution and I was told to “SURRENDER NOW, Sue!  It’s the only possible outcome…”:

“susanholly Angry MFing Texan • 3 days ago
I understand the anger, but raging mobs never solve anything – we need to unite our country, not divide into enemy factions and burn it to the ground. Please read President George Washington’s Farewell Address. He warned about the danger to our republic from extreme factions.
Maya Angelou, my late mother’s least-liked American poet, said it best:
“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but it has not solved a one.”
See, sometimes even poets you don’t like say something worth quoting:-)
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LincolnAppleyard susanholly • 3 days ago
SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…
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susanholly LincolnAppleyard • 3 days ago
This comment has bothered me for hours – was this a threat? Who am supposed to surrender to? I am a law-abiding, private citizen. I’ve never owned a firearm in my life and in fact, I don’t even have a speeding ticket. So, who am I supposed to SURRENDER NOW to? This is a friendly online chat, so what exactly did you mean?”

So, I am going to state upfront that I believe my computer has been tracked since 1998, from when I was attacked in my home in 1998, by a retired general.  Since I was only commenting on the Excite message boards and am a homemaker: who was only talking to close family and friends, who does not belong to any political groups, the only possible thing that could have led to him attacking me was the Excite message boards.  That general was a Bill Clinton general, who had retired suddenly, not long before the impeachment mess.  From what my husband had heard through the rumor mill at work ( he was still an active duty sergeant major at a large infantry post), imo Bill Clinton and this general have a lot in common with their personal conduct.  That general also hates my guts.  I believe, some letters I wrote during Desert Storm ended up at the Department of the Army and reflected poorly on his wife, who ran the family support activities during Desert Storm.

I barely escaped being locked away in a state mental hospital permanently in early 1999.  Since 1999, I have been determined to expose what happened to me.  Since starting my blog in late 2012, I decided to use my blog to write about not only politics, but to tell my story about what happened to me and to explain who I am and what I believe.  Texas state judge, Albert McCaig, Jr. (Buddy) recommended I start a blog.  His nephew is married to my youngest daughter and he performed the wedding ceremony in Texas.   In 2010, he started a blog, which I found out about on facebook, through family mentioning it.  I posted a few comments there.  Then out of the blue in 2012 Buddy emailed me discussing  a Ralph Peters article.  At that time I was writing comments on Ralph Peters’ NY Post column looking for a way to tell my story.  I had also given my attorney all the information about my story by that point and I didn’t think he believed me, which I told him in an email and I gave him the passwords to my facebook and hotmail accounts.  I started writing more details in my hotmail draft folders, just in case he decided to listen to me.

Since, I believe the Clinton thugs, still monitor my computer, I told my attorney and Buddy whom might be able to help and also suggested they find people they trust to help.  I told them watching how the SPIN cycle and character assassinations operate, it takes a lot of media collusion, so monitor who is contacting whom.  I told them to follow the law and get the proper law enforcement people involved in following my computer and who attacks it, then following back to who they are contacting.  I had set up a Penzu journal, which has military-grade encryption and I gave Buddy the password to that and told him to contact my attorney.  Since I believe the Clinton thugs still monitor my computer and have tagged me a terrorist and “threat” (Buddy advised me that I am on several watch lists – even though I don’t have so much as a speeding ticket), they too know everything I do online and also have access to my Penzu journals.  So, I’ve had to make my plans to expose them, knowing they are reading all my plans – quite a strategic challenge to hope to win against those odds, right?

I believe Buddy was contacted after Ralph Peters was convinced I was a threat.  Through Ralph Peters, they located Buddy and Kinnision, two old Army buddies of Ralph to assist. For almost a year, in 2012, Buddy kept emailing me links to news articles and I responded with comments.  I chatted more, but his comments were very sparse.  He got to know me.  I told him about what had happened to me in 1998 shortly after I started blogging, when I came up with an idea of how to use my blog to expose my story.  My only contact with Buddy or my attorney has been online, on the computer that they are monitoring since 1998.

Since I kept writing comments in my notepad for years that I am not giving up and am going to expose what they did to me in 1998, they can’t afford to let that happen.

They recruited a retired Army general in 1998 to attack an enlisted soldier’s spouse, all to silence her over her comments posted on a freakin’ online politics message board.

The great irony was I was writing such dangerous comments as “No One Is Above The Law” and “The Constitution applies to EVERYONE.” and “Lying under oath is a CRIME.”

I told my attorney and Buddy to build a RICO case against them, which takes a lot of time and a lot of legwork.  So, here we are, where I was being told “SURRENDER NOW, Sue!  It’s the only possible outcome…” for writing about following the law again…  That’s subversive somehow???   Who in the hell I am supposed to SURRENDER to, I am not sure.  However if it’s this criminal enterprise, that would be surrendering to the enemy, because I am an innocent American citizen, who has been followed and monitored by these thugs, who have abused their power since 1998 and I refuse to SURRENDER my liberty to them!

Since I didn’t know for a long time if I could trust Buddy, at times I have panicked, worrying about how to keep my family safe, especially my disabled husband, who would trust that retired general without question, because that general was my husband’s brigade commander during Desert Storm.  I sent an email to my youngest sister in PA a few years ago, telling her that I really was attacked during 1998 and I gave her my blog link. She never has mentioned my blog again, so I assume they sent someone to warn her I am a deranged  terrorist or something.  My four children call her to report on me.  I have told my children about my blog and I mentioned that in my Penzu journals each time.  My children never said a word to me about my blog afterwards, but they quiz me on my views and mention often they have just talked to my youngest sister.

So Buddy and my attorney and those aiding are tracking those who are accessing my Penzu journal, back to who is in charge of this.  I told Buddy and my attorney, a two-star JAG general that no matter what, follow the law and whomever they bring on board to assist must follow the law too.

I feel certain that most of the people they are lying to in the US government and US Armed Forces believe they are really tracking a dangerous terrorist, because a lot of effort has gone into silencing me.

I assume things are escalating in their efforts to silence me, since on Tuesday night, my best friend from high school, whom I hear from occasionally, called to see who I voted for, all of my kids keep asking me how I feel about the election, I had that discussion with my son on Sunday about “It’s Legal, where he quizzed me on my views on torture too, which seemed bizarre.  (I don’t support use of torture and think it’s counter-productive, for what it’s worth).  And last night that son made a trip down here ( an hour) on a weeknight to check on me and quiz me some more on how I feel about the election and if I’m okay with it.  Of course, I just got done with my Twitter storm too;-)

With so much interest in who I voted for – I left the top of my ballot blank.  I was happy to vote for Senator Isakson and my Representative, Buddy Carter.  I wrote to my sister, Wendy, yesterday, and since nothing in my life is private, here is that email (sent at 6:17 am), which I am sure she has reported.  I am redacting a few names, out of consideration of their privacy:

Hi Wendy,

Sorry for not responding to your email.  I kept intending to write and then didn’t get to it.  I thought you had gotten your old living room furniture at a Haverty’s.    I thought that , if I remember correctly, because I thought it was you who recommended them, when we bought living room furniture here in the early 90s.  You mentioned the cat peeing on the furniture, well some of these dogs are hard on the furniture too – harder than the kids were truthfully, because the kids didn’t chew holes in the furniture and I didn’t let them eat in the living room.   Lucy, a small terrier mutt stray that I brought home years ago likes to nibble on the corners of throw pillow and she also nibbled a hole in the corner of one middle couch cushion at the back, where she likes to lay.  I had gotten those quilted pet slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat, which helps to keep her away from the actual furniture cushions, but she’s chewed a lot of holes in these quilted slipcovers too.

These dogs make such a mess with the shedding and a couple of them pee on the carpet all the time.  In fact, I need to steam clean the carpet in the living room and the computer room real soon – it’s getting bad with spots again.

I don’t know if I thanked you for the cookbook from the church in Kunkletown.  I appreciate it a a lot.  The cover has a very nice picture of the church on it.  I always thought the early settlers there used good sense to perch the church on the hill rather than in town, because it’s stands out there and is very picturesque. BLANK told me the old houses in Kunkletown are looking very run-down and he said you told him the younger people don’t take care of them.  I was attached to the house in Kunkletown and I loved the old maple trees in the front yard, but BLANK had those removed.  I wonder if the lilac bushes are still there, where we had one on our side of the backyard next to a forsythia bush and Mammy had a larger one closer to BLANK and BLANK’S house.

I’m like Pop and very attached to trees that I planted.  We lost a large piece on the willow tree from that hurricane and it blew most of the leaves off that tree.  The other trees withstood the wind and kept their leaves, but not that willow tree.  Tom took the optimistic view and said, “Oh well, it will get new leaves in the spring.”  That’s true, but that tree gets leaves very late in the spring, because I’m always looking at it in the spring and waiting.  A very small live oak in the front yard has gotten really big and so has a red maple, which was really like a bare stick when I planted it back in the 90s.  I got that when the new  YMCA building opened here and some conservation group had a stand giving out free bare root trees.  That maple tree was about a foot and half long stick with a few roots in it.  It’s now taller than the house.  The live oak is almost that tall too.  I really like live oaks trees, because they stay green all year long.

You had mentioned old bottles and of course, being a hoarder, I would love to have them, but I can’t afford to send you postage to mail them and I don’t want you wasting the money.   Perhaps BLANK, BLANK or BLANK might want them.  I have mine in the garage, because they are too much to dust all the time and I intended to buy a glass cabinet to display them, but never did.  At this point I have too many books and other stuff, that I don’t have any room for a cabinet, unless I get rid of something else.   I need to get rid of a lot of stuff – all the closets are full and I have stuff stacked in my sewing room, because there’s not enough room in there for all that junk.  It’s hard for me to part with sewing and craft stuff, but at least I have stopped buying any more since I quit working.  Now the trick it to become more productive and use more of that stuff.

BLANK called me last night.  She writes to me every once in a while and I write back when I get to it.  She had an email account, but doesn’t like going on the computer, so she stopped emailing me and mails letters now.  This probably sounds weird, coming from me the queen of letter-writing and pen pals, but I really don’t like writing letters with pen and paper anymore.  I love the convenience and spell check with email, plus it’s free and fast to send emails, plus you can include links and attachments (although I have a hard time doing attachments).  I wish BLANK would get back to emailing, because it’s much easier.  I rarely buy stamps these days and I try to do as much online as possible – especially paying bills and shopping.  She called to ask who I voted for.  I didn’t vote for either one for president and just voted down ballot.  We had a Senator and a Congressman running for re-election, both Republicans, so I had to vote for them.  I like our Congressman, Buddy Carter, from what I have seen of him in Congressional hearings – he’s very humble and down-to-earth and doesn’t pretend to be an “expert”.  I told BLANK, he asks good questions in the House oversight committee hearings, which considering he’s not a lawyer surprised me and he remains very courteous too.  Trump should hire a Southern gentleman or talk to Buddy Carter to teach him manners.  Everyone likes to make fun of southerners, but the rest of the country could learn something from the traditional manners down here and Trump would be less of a national embarrassment if he cultivated the manners of Southern gentleman.  I am proud to have Buddy Carter representing me.  BLANK said she and BLANK voted for Trump.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.  BLANK chatted a little but, it seemed very odd that she would call out of the blue just to ask who I voted for.

BLANK is into all that living like the Amish stuff (not the morals & religion part, lol), but with his using horses for logging with his sawmill.   I told BLANK I was going to read my book last night and not watch the election returns.  I mentioned the book to her, because of BLANK’S interest in the old-fashioned stuff.  The book is Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane, who was the real life daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder and she actually edited (highly edited) her mother’s stories to get them ready to be published.  Rose Wilder Lane was a famous journalist  & writer in the early 1900s.  This Young Pioneers is a fictional novel based on Charles and Caroline Ingalls, Lane’s grandparents. move to the Dakota territory.   I told BLANK about this “cooling drink” of water, molasses and vinegar,  that was mentioned several times in this novel.  It sounds hideous to me, but BLANK told me BLANK drinks that sometimes, so I guess the Amish must drink that too.  I googled it and it’s called Switchel.  Sometimes ginger is added to it too.  There’s actually science to drinking that as a “cooling” drink, because the molasses is high in potassium and replaces electrolytes and the vinegar gave it a sweet and sour taste.  I’ll pass on trying that, but here’s a very interesting article from The Smithsonian magazine I found on this:


Well, I’ve rambled on enough.  Saw the news that Trump won when I got up … omg, we’re in for some amazing times and the dumbing down of America is complete when our choices are Trump or Hillary.  Let’s hope Kellyanne stays nearby to keep him from mean tweeting other world leaders…😊

Take care.



I would love nothing better than to move on too, but since I believe I am being held a virtual captive and due to these circumstances, I can’t.  I will never  “SURRENDER NOW, Sue” to tyranny – it ain’t happening!

If I ever can expose them, I want America to decide who is the “terrorist”, but considering with these subversives, they even wrote a narrative where Bowe Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction”, I feel certain we’re in for a lot more Redefining America.

SEVENTEEN years of this crap from these people and yeah, I would sure love to be FREE again in America and move on too.

I will continue to work to expose the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION of  the Clinton machine!

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  1. Sam Topeka

    Soon, the Clinton machine will be dead, as will Dorian Gray himself.

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