Deja vu all over again…

This is the last time I am going to mention my story on my blog, but I want to repeat it, since it sure looks like America is on the cusp of a major constitutional crisis.  The Dems are spinning “groping” allegations, that happened long before Trump was president, as a legitimate reason to drum up media spin pressure to force a legally elected president out of office.  This is not how our republic is supposed to work. It really is lawlessness, where the Dems use SPIN, creating media hysteria, to incite the American public, hype crap polls that this is what Americans believe, and the mainstream liberal media carries their spin, with few questions asked.

America lives under a powerful, corrupt political machine rule.

President Trump seems likely to fire Mueller soon, I believe.  The Russian collusion now seems to me like really just a Dem spin effort to run Trump out of office. All along I doubted that the Russians would directly collude with the Trump campaign, because Russian SOP used to be to maintain plausible deniability, while casting doubt on others, unlike clowns, Roger Stone or Tick Tock Hannity, who announce their attack in advance on Twitter and in blustery “just wait” announcements.  Their tweets leave their fingerprints all over the spin attacks, like the Franken “groping” photo hit.  My other main problem is the Russians usually do extensive psychological profiling & fully understand Trump’s character flaws. They might set him up, but the chances that they would want to openly collude with him are about zero. They know he is totally untrustworthy & a loose cannon.  Of course, I do believe some in the Trump campaign, including Trump, would have been happy to collude with the Russians.

Our republic is on precarious ground.

No one believed my story and no one cares, but I want to tell my story one more time.  The entire story, Messages of mhere, is at the top of my blog.  I wrote it in the annoying third person and I used pseudonyms, but every person is real.

I am a nobody homemaker, one of those women who are completely discounted by feminists in America .  My husband is a disabled, retired Army sergeant major.  He served in Grenada and Desert Storm.  He received a bronze star with valor award in Desert Storm.  He also doesn’t matter in America, because only some vets matter in America.  A General Petraeus, who got off of serious criminal charges, using  Clinton lawyer, David Kendall, matters.  Americans believe it’s okay for a man who was grossly negligent handling highly classified information to be considered for Secretary of State, just like they believe Hillary Clinton, who was grossly negligent handling highly classified information should be president.

A former American president, who dedicated his life to serving America, and is in the last years of his life, wheelchair bound, suffering from Parkinson’s, well his service doesn’t matter and it’s likely few Americans even know or care about his service.  This former president, President George HW Bush, was subjected to a vicious spin effort, to trash his name on hyped up “groping” allegations.  President Bush is a highly decorated WWII pilot, who flew dozens of combat missions.  The media hyped these “groping” allegations, no questions asked.  Both Dem and vile Trump spinners (the RogerStone/Hannity group) participated in hyping this vicious character assassination and the media spun along.

The media’s willingness to run Dem spin cycles, no questions asked, is a national disgrace.  It’s very corrupt and is undermining our constitutional republic too.  To use the media to run partisan SPIN to create a mob mentality, cover-up political corruption and to deliberately destroy reputations is obscene, but it has been going on since the 1990s, when the Clintons brought SPIN to Washington.  Trump now has his own spin machine with Flight 93 Tweet troops and Fox News running his spin 24/7.

In 1998, I was new to the internet.  We bought our first PC in 1997.  I became fascinated with surfing the web.  I came across the Excite message boards shortly before the Clinton impeachment scandal and began posting messages on political topics there.

Once the impeachment scandal escalated, so did the Clinton efforts to SPIN it away and the mainstream media bought into the Clinton spin & sold it – “just a witch hunt” and “it’s just about sex, sex, sex”.  The Left sold “one free grope” back then.

The mainstream media is as corrupt as the Democratic Party.  The Obama administration was very corrupt too, where Congressionally subpoenaed  records disappeared into the ether, the media carried the Dem spin, and scandals were cast as “Republican witch hunts”.  Trump is rapidly corrupting the Republican Party and has little respect for The Constitution.  He has the Fox News megaphone to run his spin.  He, just like the Clintons, will do anything to “win” and that is why America is locked into this endless information war.

My story is true.  I was attacked in my home in 1998 by a retired Army general, sent to silence me.  I believe, but can not prove any of the events.   Just like now, where some of the exact wording in my recent tweets has been borrowed by Trump Republicans for their talking points, my words were borrowed in 1998 to form arguments to counter the Clinton SPIN.

The retired Army general who attacked me hates my guts, due to issues I raised about his wife’s family support efforts during Desert Storm.  He was located, recruited and sent to silence me.  I believe he was fed false information, otherwise I can’t imagine him going along with an attack on an American citizen on American soil.  He hates me, so he would believe the worst of me.  I believe he was led to believe that I was a right-wing terrorist, because what happened to me sure seemed like the Clinton Waco treatment.  I have never been a terrorist, I was an unarmed, law-abiding homemaker, who got in the way of the Clinton SPIN.

I wrote personal letters during Desert Storm, that were, unbeknownst to me, sent to the Department of the Army.  These letters concerned details about what happened with family support activities, in my husband’s unit.  My husband was a 1st Sergeant, assigned to a unit in Germany, which deployed to Desert Storm.  Wives and families were left in Germany.  I was a family support leader in my husband’s company and actively involved in family support activities.  The terrorism threat concern was high and wives hysteria was a constant, especially when there were several bomb threats at my children’s DODDS elementary school and a bomb threat at a nearby PX at another Army unit.  The general who attacked me during impeachment was my husband’s brigade commander during Desert Storm and he hates me.  My Desert Storm letters caused him embarrassment.

I believe when my Excite arguments were picked up, the Clinton enforcers went investigating to find out who I was, when they came across this general.  Now that I see many of my tweet arguments being picked up by Trump spinmeisters, I wonder how long it will be before I am silenced again.

After watching the trashing of former President George HW Walker, by a partisan, either Roger Stone or Dem, spin effort, I am sure no one would care about one nobody homemaker.  The mainstream media runs the spin, no questions asked.   The Clintons are always victims, President Obama was holier than thou too, despite his extremely corrupt DOJ and constant stonewalling of Congressional Oversight and the Benghazi investigations – just a witch hunt, then time to move on.  On the other hand, the Bushes are next to evil and now Trump, well he’s Hitler…   Loretta Lynch ran a very corrupt DOJ.  James Comey played along to bury the Clinton email server scandal, but the mainstream media will sell the Dem talking points, no matter what.

In recent days, when I noticed my tweet arguments began being borrowed by Trump spinners, I began to worry a bit.  I wonder if they will try to silence me again… I live in GA, with my disabled husband, whom I take care of.  I learned during impeachment that my rights don’t matter.

I just wanted to write this to say,  I am not a terrorist.  I have never owned a firearm in my life, I have always been a law-abiding American citizen.




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3 responses to “Deja vu all over again…

  1. JK

    Got a few minutes (big-time company … family, you know) anyway I saw this:

    • Thanks, JK. I read that and agree with most of his points. I will never be a Trump “supporter”, but I also believe in following The Constitution and I absolutely find it morally reprehensible not to give duly elected leaders a chance to do the job. The #Resist and the Dems with their mainstream media spin team really is lawlessness.

      Trump would have been drummed out of office by now, if he hadn’t fought back. So, while his over-the-top tweets and outbursts ended up hurting him more than it helped much of the time, it did keep his enemies off-balance and drove them into their own self-destructive, over-the-top tweeting and hysterics. They have discredited themselves as much as Trump has discredited himself. For instance, I like Jake Tapper as a reporter, but his big brag is always about how reporters look for the facts, but when it comes to the Clinton email investigation, his sole source for the “facts” of that investigation is James Comey. The mainstream media quotes Comey as if he is an oracle talking from on high. When anyone, even Saint Comey of Mount Extremely Careless, gives a public statement where the first half of the statement is completely at odds with the conclusions laid out in the second half, well, that should be a red flag, that the speaker is being dishonest. Comey’s statement on Hillary’s email investigation is a giant red flag that screams – “DELIBERATE, DECEPTIVE LIES!” In the first half he laid out a long list of crimes that were committed, then in the second half he pivoted to being Hillary’s defense attorney, explaining away those crimes. His “no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute” line had a glaring omission – “no reasonable prosecutor in Loretta Lynch’s corrupt Justice Department would prosecute”. Tapper and most of the mainstream media still continue to sell Obama narratives, no questions asked.

      It took over a year to find out that this Steele dossier was really a Clinton dirty trick, funded by the DNC and Clinton campaign. Andrew McCarthy at National Review has been writing and he is asking whether unsubstantiated dossier dirt was used o secure the FISA warrant on Carter Page. Trump and the Hannity chorus charges of a “deep state” were an unfortunate and rather destructive spin gambit, when the truth is, it isn’t really a “deep state”, but it sure looks like most of this leaking was corrupt Obama hacks (former administration officials from the Obama WH, intelligence community and Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department).

      I am sort of in a blogging slump at the moment – tired of writing about the endless 2016 information war and definitely not feeling like writing the same stuff about Trump. The really important part of the 2016 battle that gets lost under Trump’s sideshow antics is the Clintons engaged in a “by any means necessary” campaign, where, I believe, Bill Clinton exerted a lot of pressure on Obama and Obama officials to bury the email server investigation and demonize Trump. All that followed since Trump won, has been these officials trying to not only delegitimize Trump, but to cover their own tracks on aiding the Clinton dirty tricks spin. Clapper, Brennan and Comey are corrupt liars, imo. And Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department looks to have been operating more as part of the Clinton campaign than at upholding the rule of law.

      • JK

        I agree with what you’ve written.

        At the point I left the link I’d really “just got a moment” otherwise, I’d included that I was rather amazed that David Brooks would be the first[?] of the old guard *conservative media to write such a piece and now I find myself holding my bated breath for George Will …

        Company’s mostly left after the funeral today. My eldest, her husband, daughter and my most recent grandkid dropping by at 0500 before driving back to Claremore (the grand and great-grand onto Wichita) … weather appears to be threatening later tomorrow pm so, we’ll be doing a more extended later.

        Ice looks like – but I do have a plan: hold out at Mom’s house!

        (Don’t bother … yes I can see all the way to the east coast your rolling eyes. In my defense, Mom’s “all-electric” so my little green bottles!)

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