The Pieces of the Media Messaging Puzzle

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The following is just another long repeat of my dissection of the Clinton mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy, which Trump “borrowed” to wage his “GOP Insurgent” primary campaign.

The reason Trump broke out of the pack was because he used the borrowed Clinton-style mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy.

That strategy is a sophisticated INFORMATION WARFARE strategy introduced into American politics by the Clinton political operatives.

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists.  The messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin (talking points messaging). Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).

It is a form of mass media brainwashing and antithetical to American free speech principles!  To succeed this strategy requires MEDIA COLLUSION.

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.
  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.
  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

Only Democrats had successfully used this strategy before Trump, because the liberal media never before gave BILLIONS of dollars in free media for one GOP candidate, to run a “GOP Insurgency” for 8 months straight on all three cable news networks nor did the mass media cable networks ever collude or facilitate in the mass media messaging for any Republican candidate or cause.

Just as the Wikileaks leak has exposed the MEDIA COLLUSION between the DNC and the media to rig the system against Sanders, that SAME media collusion exists between the Potemkin Trump campaign (or the Clinton operatives who were in the shadows masterminding this charade) and the media.

Those electronic trails exist!!!

This mass media saturation requires constant messaging coordination between political operatives and the media facilitators to keep the SPIN cycle moving. Trump’s “win, win, win” is exactly like Carville’s “sex, sex, sex” during impeachment. I feel sure Trump’s MEDIA COLLUSION will be exposed before November.

And the scorched earth part of the strategy is really just the mass media saturation strategy on steroids, replete with endless character assassinations (low-energy Jeb, lyin’ Ted, little Marco, etc.) and a take no prisoners attitude.

Here’s an example of how mass media saturation plays out:

During the Benghazi hearing, Hillary sailed through that hearing and the Dems on the committee never wavered from their talking points.:

“This hearing is a right-wing witch hunt” and

“This is costing the American taxpayers $4.7 million.”

A few of those Dems, to include Congressman Cummings, groveled so shamelessly, that’s it’s obvious they wanted to secure enough Clinton brownie points to merit consideration for cabinet posts in her administration.

Every dem on that committee did what Trump has done for 10 months – repeated the same short talking points for 11 hours straight. They did not deviate. Then the media and some high-profile big name peeps did interviews to dismiss the Republicans and then the news media declared Hillary won and the polling got driven home that she “won”. You can’t break through mass media saturation. It creates a messaging wall – those talking points are what gets driven home. That is the only thing most people remember – it is mass media brainwashing! Watch any dem on TV – they repeat their talking points as often as they can and they circulate these talking points to a virtual army of media folks – TV, print media, online, they even have hordes of them on comment threads, they were on those Excite politics message boards back in 1998. The liberal media colludes to facilitate it.

The use of polling to manufacture opinions cascades drives the polling toward the desired outcome.  The media facilitates this with relentlessly repeating the manufactured polls and on any issue or candidate, the media hypes the polling that bolsters the issue or candidate they are trying to propel ahead.  The media colludes in many ways with this mass media saturation strategy, but through decades of presenting polls as if they are a legitimate representation of the “will of the people”, the American people have been conditioned to accept polling data as sacrosanct.  Polls are just the opinions of a very small number of Americans and can be easily manipulated by both the sampling groups and how the questions are worded or even by how certain words are emphasized while asking the question.

Pundits and journalists saying something like, “Trump is leading in all the polls, don’t you need to support your leader?” to other Republican candidates in the primary helped foster this aura of legitimacy about poll numbers.  The media and political operatives also often use polls number to marginalize and silence opposing viewpoints.  For instance on a topic like gay marriage, where aggressive mass media saturation was used to mainstream that, media pundits or journalists will cast questions to someone who is opposed to gay marriage like, “Well, 65% of Americans support gay marriage, so isn’t your view out of the mainstream?”  This type of questioning casts the person with the opposing view as a fringe kook.  It works very effectively to silence dissent and to strong-arm compliance to the manufactured “public opinion”.

This same strategy is how Bill Clinton survived impeachment, where the scorched earth trashed anyone connected with the impeachment and then the Clinton mouthpieces were out there selling manufactured polling, to create the impression that the American people supported Bill Clinton and that the impeachment was just a “vast, right-wing witch hunt.”  In recent years the “hate speech” tactic has also been hyped in manufactured polling, to silence dissent.  Most Americans don’t want to be cast as bigots, racists or haters, so any poll presenting a liberal cause as over 50% of Americans support that view, is spun to cast anyone who disagrees as all three wrapped into one.

Here’s a short bio on how I came to be studying mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy:


Above: I found this when I was a teenager.  It is one of my prize possessions.  I was with my parents looking in an old shed behind an old house, that was slated to be torn down for a new road to go through.  This report, along with learning how to play a game, called Diplomacy, with a group of boys after school, fueled my interest in military strategy.

I have been studying the Clinton “spin” since it first entered American politics and I have been studying propaganda techniques, with an emphasis on Soviet and Eastern bloc propaganda since 1980, when I was a young solider.

It took me several years in the 90s to figure out the polling data kabuki part of the strategy.  Systems analysis has always been something I do, long before I even knew it was called “systems analysis”.  I like to break down systems (mechanical, political, living, etc.) into parts and then I like to figure out how the parts work together to make the system work.  I like to figure out the flaws in systems too.  I suppose that’s why I became so interested in military strategy in my teens, because I believe that is the pinnacle of strategic-thinking.  In my opinion, it surpasses political and geopolitical strategy as far as organization goes.

This mass media saturation strategy has distinctive parts to it and it can be proven with electronic evidence on the messaging coordination, just like the Wikileaks leak exposed the DNC and media collusion.  Sure, Trump is very talented at reading the mood of the people and he has a con man’s knack for selling people anything, but this strategy relies on mass media messaging collusion and the polling kabuki to create an impenetrable messaging wall.  The relentless repetition across large swaths of the media “battlefield” assures it will dominate.

There’s plenty of information on how opinion cascades work to move public opinion via repetition messaging and polling data. Cass Sunstein has written about it – he’s into social engineering using mass media manipulation (“nudging” the American people into the “proper” views). Here’s a link to a Stella Morobito link where she gives a simple explanation on how opinion cascades work and they do work – it’s how gay marriage and global warming were mainstreamed:…

I wrote about this back in 1998 on the Excite message boards, where Clinton operatives descended like Genghis Khan’s horde to silence opposing views. I know how far they will go to silence opposing views.  My Messages of mhere story, albeit snarky and written in that annoying third person, is the truth.  All of the people mentioned exist in real life.  I used the user name “mhere” on the Excite message boards.

Only Sanders and Cruz made any dent against the mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy and they did it by grassroots campaigning – not with mass media campaigning.  As Trump and the media have hyped how many millions Jeb’s campaign spent on ads and got nowhere, they don’t mention the BILLIONS of dollars in free media and 24/7 NEWS cycle control the media GAVE  to Trump.  Paid ads can NOT compete with a candidate who has 24/7 NEWS cycle control in the mass media, replete with relentless repetition of messaging and manufactured opinion polls.

Liberal CNN and MSNBC gave Trump 24/7 coverage for 8 months to run his “GOP Insurgency”, but in late February they switched to Clinton scorched earth, where there was about a week and half of “Trump the fascist” incidents, which led up to that Chicago rally, where Soros paid mobs were waiting. Trump cancelled that rally, but after that CNN and MSNBC stopped giving Trump the 24/7 megaphone.

FOX has stayed all-in for Trump. Liberal news networks don’t “give” Republicans 24/7 news cycle control and they sure don’t give them that for 8 months straight. It was a set-up to throw the GOP primary into chaos.

Here’s the sequence of events when  CNN and MSNBC made the switch to Clinton scorched earth in late February:

Here’s the timeline on those Trump fascist memes:

February 28, 2016 – Trump retweets a Mussolini quote and refuses to denounce David Duke on a Sunday talk show.

March 3, 2016 – GOP debate where Trump defends Mussolini quote and doubles down on his committing war crimes to defeat ISIS.

March 5, 2016 – Trump does a staged raised arm pledge rally where the Nuremberg imagery smacked you in the face. He read a prepared card with that pledge. I’d love to know who came up with that pledge rally idea and if it was Trump, did anyone try to dissuade him.

March 10, 2016 – Michelle Fields claims she was strong-armed by Lewandowski leaving a press briefing. I have wondered if he was a handy Clinton middleman, because it sure seemed like he was set-up as the thug in that Michelle Fields controversy. I watched that video over and over and did not see him grab her arm where the bruises were and I believe she sounded very deceptive in interviews.

The Trump controversy builds. And then he walked into the home of wacko leftist central, Chicago.  The timeline suggests that  Trump was duped into setting up his own bonfire and lighting it, before he was tossed into it by the left-wing mob.

March 12, 2016 – Leftist ground zero, Chicago, Trump faces massive organized leftist mobs and cancels his rally.

Those protests in Chicago were staged and funded by leftists – and Soros very likely played a large role.  This riot in San Jose is just part of that continued staged agitation propaganda to try to incite violent clashes with Trump supporters.  I still wonder who in Trump’s campaign egged him on with this strong-man themed garbage?  Was that pledge rally a Trump brain storm or was Trump sold on it?   Soros and other far-left groups are likely funding, organizing and staging these riots and street clashes, but who in Trump’s campaign came up with these strong-man talking points in the first place???   That’s what I would like to know, because it sure looks like he was massively set-up.  When he did that pledge rally, where the liberal press was primed with making that Nuremberg rally comparison immediately, almost like they had received some talking points.  Was there MEDIA COLLUSION and if so, with whom???

Note:   CNN banned key Trump mouthpiece, Roger Stone in late February and MSNBC banned Stone in April, rather extreme measures to silence Trump’s former campaign manager.  Oddly, enough CNN immediately hired Corey Lewandowski, in June,  when he was fired as the Trump campaign manager, which certainly makes me wonder if Lewandowski was a Clinton mole in the Potemkin Trump campaign all along.

FOX News is a foreign-owned news corporation, that opened shop in America to fuel the right-wing, in massive agitation propaganda efforts. (Correction: Rupert Murdoch became an American: “On 4 September 1985, Murdoch became a naturalized citizen to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own US television stations”.)   Or as the left dubbed it (Faux News). FOX News has gone all-in to promote the Trump “GOP Insurgency”.   Why FOX is all-in for Trump is an open question.  The American CEO of FOX News, Roger Ailes, was fired on the very same day as Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, with the news reporting that Rupert Murdoch would be running FOX News for now.  Very strange coincidence with that timing, in light of this unprecedented mass media collusion to promote the GOP Insurgent.

The mass media also colludes to aid and abet other leftist political objectives.  Hostile foreign intelligence agencies engage in active measures – some have stayed active to destroy America from within for many decades.  The Chinese and Russian intelligence services operate robust efforts to fuel anti-American beliefs within America, in all of our institutions, particularly in our mass media and educational system.   Soros funds much on the left – to include BLM. Saudi Arabia and some other Arab states have funded the spread of Wahhabism in black communities, and black colleges, since the late 1970s.   The Obama collusion with the black grievance purveyors, like Al Sharpton, are working to incite racial tensions, to use as cover, to implement their political agenda, like federal control of policing and implementation of draconian speech codes.  Even, American allies operate efforts to influence the mass media in America.

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists. Once again,  the messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin. Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).


In the end there, we have  Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy perfectly executed…. Bernie the kook on the left, Trump the kook on the right and the middle path to the White House cleared for Hillary,


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