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Repeating my message… again

President Trump’s fans consider him a genius at “counter-punching” and many “experts” and  journalists have written about this.  Saleno Zito ran a very good piece, How Trump made small town America matter again,  at the New York Post on January 22, 2017.  She wrote:

“All he needed was that connection that he had with the people and that simple but brilliant tangible benefit he was offering to take them toward, the cry of “Make America great again.”

All he needed were the rallies.

It was the secret sauce that reporters, pollsters, academics and critics almost all missed.

Trump’s plan was a genius gamble; use the press to get his message out, which he did, doing sometimes 10 to 12 media hits a day across the cable and network news shows. They were sometimes long-winded, rambling streams of consciousness, they were oftentimes controversial — and they never failed to get everyone’s attention.”

It wasn’t a genius gamble.  Someone taught Trump how to SPIN and repeat talking points and memes.  What Zito refers to as “sometimes long-winded, rambling streams of consciousness”, were actually gibberish interspersed with keyword messaging (talking points), that were carefully designed to resonate with flyover Americans.  Trump didn’t think up all those memes and keyword messaging – he was fed it.  It’s the same type of keyword messaging the Clintons, Obama and the Left have used since 1992.

The news media spent days on end repeating Trump’s keyword messaging and his “winning in the all the polls” polling data.   The media’s relentless cornering Republicans and rehashing their vote and stand on invading Iraq, as some sort of required penance, was replaced with media cornering Republicans in the primary and hounding them with, “Trump is winning in all the polls, don’t you need to support the winner?”  This was designed to create the perception that Trump was the legitimate GOP candidate and any Republican who didn’t get in line was trying to steal the nomination from him.

These types of media mind games, to create the perception that popularity equates to the “will of the people”, are a consistent theme in the mass media saturation information warfare.  The overriding goal is to convince people that polls are a legitimate representation of the will of the people, when really polls are the opinions of small groups of people, extrapolated as representing millions of people.  Convincing people polls are “scientific” was part of the long-term scam.

Zito wrote, “All he needed were the rallies.”

Well, yes the visual of large rallies broadcast live and in their entirety on all three cable networks during the GOP primary is the same mass media saturation con game as the Women’s March photo blitz of “crowd size” that played out this past weekend.  It is the same exact propaganda tactic.  The same way Trump repeating “great, great, great” was the same as James Carville repeating “sex, sex, sex”.

For Trump’s genius to work required active and knowing participation of the mass media in America, because they gave him BILLIONS of dollars in free media. It was massive media collusion that gave Trump the edge when he waged, what the media referred to as a “GOP Insurgency” (wonder who dreamed up that phrase, because I am sure it wasn’t Trump the “genius”).  Interestingly, in the general election Wikileaks started leaking DNC and Podesta emails which showed the corrupt media collusion to help Hillary.  There was massive media collusion to sell Trump as the “GOP Insurgent” in the primary too.  Who was the puppet-master behind the GOP Insurgency is a question that needs to be answered.  Who in the Trump campaign was selling Trump on SPIN should be exposed too. Finding out who orchestrated and funded Trump’s messaging, rallies and media blitz is equally as important as exposing the Clinton spin, the Obama narrative, Russian influence in the election and who organized and funded the Women’s March…”global movement”.

I’m a homemaker who likes reading about military history, strategy, and intelligence operations.  As an Army wife, as we moved from post to post, I spent many years signing out books at Army post libraries on these topics and buying books too.  I had a fascination for learning about propaganda and information warfare.  When I first started observing the Clinton “war room”, and the relentless repetition of talking points, I realized this was something different in American politics.

I’ve been dissecting Clinton SPIN  since it first entered American presidential politics in the 1992 presidential campaign.  I started wondering what it was, where it came from and what the goals of it were, both short-term and long-term.  By 1998, when the Clinton impeachment scandal hit, I had dissected it and  I keep repeating it, so that any new readers  understand what I’m talking about.  I call it mass media saturation strategy, because I have never seen anyone else write about SPIN in terms of it being information warfare.  Writing about it on the Excite message boards in 1998 evoked a massive reaction, so I believe I hit the nail on the head.  Here it is again:

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield, Scorched earth information warfare is a take no prisoners blitz of vicious character assassinations AND mass media saturation on steroids.

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions

Here’s the way it works:

The messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin (talking points messaging). Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).

It is a form of mass media brainwashing and antithetical to American free speech principles!  To succeed this strategy requires MEDIA COLLUSION.

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.

  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.

  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

The media is the lynchpin in Clinton spin & Obama narratives. Without that mass media saturation, the Left has to play on a level playing field & compete in the arena of ideas, where they lose. No signs of it letting up, when the media ran the Clinton scorched earth in the general & are still hard at it.  The media attacks on Trump are more overt and extreme than the attacks they waged against GWB..

Keeping Trump and the Left at war is more about destabilizing America than it is about Republicans or Democrats winning.

This past weekend a massive propaganda effort was staged and waged globally.  The whole effort centered on a photo blitz launched by mass media of showing large crowd size at the Women’s March locations around the world.  Very little information about these marches accompanied the photos, but there was a propaganda ploy to pit Trump against the media, presenting the Women’s March crowd as larger than his inauguration crowd.  By afternoon on Saturday, the media started a meme accompanying photos of the march in Chicago – “too big to march”.  Not long after that, the media started saying the march in  WashingtonDC  was also “too big to march”.

These memes and talking points sound very similar and the same tactics to pit Left vs. Right have been used repeatedly.  From the beginning, interjecting military terms into their jargon is popular too.  And when it all comes out eventually, I expect a large hand in fueling “The Tea Party” movement had the larger purpose of splitting the GOP and when that fizzled, along came the “GOP Insurgency”.  It all started in America with a “war room” in an American presidential campaign in 1992.  By 1998, the “throw anything and hope it sticks” mass media saturation war was waged – the scorched earth campaign to save Bill Clinton’s presidency.

The US Armed Forces, the FBI, and our national security agencies are America’s last bastion, where Americans have confidence in their government.  The GOP was the political party that was adamant about The Constitution AND our founding principles.  Destroying American faith in these institutions  has been at the center of this vicious information warfare.

This massive SPIN effort was intended to, not only delegitimize President Trump, but to show American democracy in chaos, a theme of continuing the imagery of two disgusting presidential scorched earth campaigns, reducing American democracy to a crude, vulgar, Reality TV show with two totally corrupt candidates.  Those Wikileaks leaks were not so much to help Trump, but to expose the corrupt media collusion, sow distrust of the media and cast doubt on our political system.  Rabid Dems and Trump played along, attacking our FBI and intelligence agencies, attacking the legitimacy of our ballot boxes ( recount fiasco), our constitution (Electoral College), and both Dems and Trump have attacked the FBI, and Trump expanded that to US intelligence agencies.

The “fake news” hype fueled hysteria on the right about the Left censoring news, but it also exposed the lazy, sloppy journalism of journalists sitting on Twitter and retweeting each other’s stories with no real fact-checking.  As this lack of journalistic standards became more obvious in recent weeks, Trump has latched onto hyping the “dishonest media” to deflect from his own blatant lies.   Many journalists have hunkered down like college-campus snowflakes, debating whether they should cover White House press conferences, akin to college kids needing their safe spaces to avoid being triggered.  The media is still spinning and Trump is now lying through his teeth to “counter-punch”.   Oh, and the Russians are still using Wikileaks to agitate both sides.  Over the weekend, Wikileaks started tweeting that Trump needs to release his tax returns.

This mass media saturation information warfare is not just about Republicans vs. Democrats.

Here’s a big picture analysis I wrote on October 20, 2016:

For the record, I could not care less when people attack me personally or call me a crazy conspiracy nut, but I sure hope that the people entrusted with our national security get their heads out of their butts SOON, because the Russians ARE on the move and they have a COMPREHENSIVE MILITARY STRATEGY and they have been incrementally waging it for DECADES against America and the West. There should be a few Cold Warriors, who remember how this game is played.

Hillary or Trump are both surefire losers for America – one is too stupid to realize Putin is fluffing him and the other has so much dirt that the Russians are holding and ready to blackmail her, that she’s compromised six ways to Sunday.

This isn’t just about presidential “politics” or some benign media messaging strategy, because the Clinton mass media messaging is just part of this. The Russians are escalating their cyber warfare actions, their geopolitical actions AND military actions.

This is the culmination of a DECADES’ long comprehensive military strategy to neuter the United States and the West and the main effort has been to fuel virulent partisan factions in America and destroy Americans’ confidence in the media, in their economic system (Wall Street attacks ring a bell), the police (hey BLM, ring a bell), and the entire American governmental system. It has been a comprehensive military strategy all along.

Putin will be the only winner come November 8th.

There are larger forces at play in this beyond American Left vs. Right partisan politics. Russian influence operations were very real, Soros money is very real.  Rupert Murdoch coming in to personally run the largest right-wing propaganda outlet in America is very real. Rupert Murdoch fired Roger Ailes on the very day Trump secured the Republican nomination.

There’s an information war being played out on an international scale battling over the international system.

I believe Russian, Soros & Murdoch are on the same team – trying to dismantle the international system. Putin wants to be the leader of a new international order, but if push comes to shove, the big money will topple him too.

In America they’re fomenting left vs right battles and black distrust with their endless propaganda.

FOX just brought in Nigel Farage to agitate the American right and ditched constitutional conservative, George Will.

The three most stable democracies are in internal chaos – Britain was conned into Brexit playing patriotic & economic themes, but leaving the country battling the EU and with massive internal divides. Germany was duped into the humanitarian route, welcoming in a radical Jihadist army, that will ruthlessly try to destroy the cultural fiber and foment ethnic battles. America has just endured two virulent scorched earth presidential campaigns with two very corrupt candidates – those scorched earth campaigns had huge money pouring in and information warfare help from the Russians, Soros, Murdoch – spewing endless propaganda designed to play Americans against each other.

Where it ends is anybody’s guess.

President Trump has no clue that he’s a dupe in the larger game, but hopefully some of his advisers can keep him fighting for American national interests. General Mattis just reassured NATO that we are committed – good move.  Let’s hope for many more good moves to bolster the international order, that America led the way building.

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Some thoughts on Russian influence

In light of the disturbing Trump tweets and US intelligence agencies statements, assuredly the Russian active measures aimed at America need a full and thorough investigation, but the Democrats relentless talking points messaging with their vast network of news media, who collude to amplify those talking points, make it hard to wade through the spin and glean facts.  The Buzzfeed leaked dossier story is a prime example.  Each time the media runs wild with unverified stories, it makes many people, especially Trump supporters, dismiss everything the mainstream media reports.

In this Trump vs intelligence agencies, there’s a concerted Russian effort to discredit US intelligence agencies and play Trump, by fomenting his distrust of US intelligence agencies. That Buzzfeed dossier smells like Russian provocation.

The Democrats launched a massive media effort to delegitimize Trump’s win.  That effort has been massive spin efforts, starting with the recount hoopla.  When the recount effort flubbed, the Dem/media machine launched a media effort to discredit the Electoral College, demanding the election rules be changed.  That media effort to illegally overturn a legitimate election failed too.

So, now the Dems are running a massive spin effort about “Russian influence”, but by doing so, their spin efforts are actually making it more difficult to get at facts.  Plus, their efforts are so blatantly partisan and many reporters are shamelessly retweeting every bit of rumor, without so much as a moment’s worth of independent fact-checking.

This media pack behavior is why so many Americans don’t trust the mainstream media and why they listen to Trump the Liar.  Trump is using the Democrat’s corrupt media collusion to not only discredit the media, but also the US intelligence agencies.  Trump figured out his own corrupt SPIN, on the cheap.  He uses Twitter to incite the media and Democrats, then when they react in massive SPIN efforts, he sits back and points out how corrupt they are.  FOX News, Drudge, Breitbart and some conservative pundits fuel the right-wing “Trump counter-punching” spin effort.  He also, has the Russian propaganda masters aiding his SPIN effort to discredit and play the mainstream media and Democrats.

The thing is I strongly suspect the Russian hostile  information warfare accelerated with the introduction of the SPIN technique that started with the Clinton’s “war room” in 1992 election, not in the 2016 election.   I believe in the intervening years that SPIN advanced to the Obama administration full-blown “narratives” and I believe the Russian influence in this election is not just within the Trump campaign, but that there are long-time Russian willing accomplices in the American media, both major political parties and academia.  There are also plenty of Marxists fueling the black grievance industry and they have been willing accomplices and useful idiots to spread Russian messaging for decades.

Information Warfare in America:

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield, Scorched earth information warfare is a take no prisoners blitz of vicious character assassinations AND mass media saturation on steroids.

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions

How SPIN works:

Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.

Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.

Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls).

Why I am so convinced there’s Russian influence in the Clinton SPIN cycle is because of what happened to me in 1998 when I posted comments on the Excite message boards and mentioned that this SPIN is information warfare and smells like something the Soviets would dream up.   I borrowed their keyword messaging technique in my comments on the Excite message board, using capitalization and relentless repetition, right back at them. I refused to back down from their group attacks.  Too much effort went into silencing me.  In my situation in 1998, a retired general, who hates my guts, was located and recruited to come silence me.  He had to believe I was some sort of threat or he would never have participated in this attack.  The US military chain of command was corrupted and a retired general was recruited to attack an American citizen (and Army wife), whose only “crime” was to speak out on the Excite message boards against sophisticated information warfare, meant to manipulate public opinion and silence dissent in America.

We are at a dangerous point in America – the partisan divides have the Democratic party run by very corrupt machines, the GOP was hijacked by a shady, NY real estate developer/celebrity who revels in publicly humiliating opposition, hides his financial dealings, lies constantly and has very disturbing connections to a whole host of sleazy operators, many with Russian business connections.  Finding out the facts on Trump’s Russian connections is a national security imperative, because he’s going to be President in a few days.

Bipartisan leadership is desperately needed.

I pray some of our elected leaders in Washington will put partisanship aside and work to aid in investigating the 2016 election wholesale public corruption on BOTH sides, because that corruption is why a con man touting Russian active measures helping his spin became the candidate on one party and it’s why another party covered-up massive pay-to-play, corrupt media collusion, criminally-negligent mishandling of highly sensitive information by their candidate.

How America ended up with two very corrupt candidates engaged in WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION is the biggest national security crisis of all, because our most determined foreign adversaries are now using this political corruption to wage mass media propaganda efforts to pit American factions against each other.

The media inspired Russia influence hysteria that the Left is pushing has gone completely insane, where celebrities are raging and some have lost their minds completely, like Rosie O’Donnell on January 11th tweeted:

ROSIE Retweeted Karim Marquette


ROSIE added,

The public corruption and partisan warfare is rapidly destroying Americans’ trust in all of our institutions.  Russian influence could NOT succeed without the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION of both political parties, the media and the failure of the American people to be good citizens, which requires them to insist on virtue and integrity in their elected officials.  A candidate being touted as “Trump doesn’t play by the rules or the exposure of Hillary’s mishandling of highly classified information, should have had most Americans rejecting both of them, instead of buying into “binary choices” and morally-bankrupt arguments that one of these two very corrupt candidates was “the lesser of two evils”.  The lesser of two evils is EVIL and we should never sink to willingly choosing EVIL.

We all need to commit ourselves to protecting and defending The Constitution.

Here are some links I found interesting:

Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America

The ‘Trump Report’ is a Russian Provocation

4-year-old Who’s Read 1,000 Books Tours Library of Congress

Schopenhauer on Cascades (2007 article on information cascades)

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What I think about the election

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on Tuesday and as an American citizen, who believes in The Constitution of the United States, I accept that as the final verdict.  This is how our republic works, end of conversation.  I don’t believe he or Hillary are “fit” to be President, but the constitutional requirements are sparse, so beyond age and citizenship, that position is open to any Americans:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

ARTICLE II, SECTION 1, CLAUSE!/articles/2/essays/82/presidential-eligibility

What I feel about either Trump or Hillary doesn’t matter in the least – I abide by The Constitution, because I believe in the rule of law and protecting and defending The Constitution.

In 1998, being fairly new to the internet, I started searching the web thinking I would like to find pen pals around the world, because I had several pen pals in foreign countries when I was a teenager.  During that searching I came across “message boards” and landed on the Excite message boards, where beyond the people trying to hook-up with others in relationships, they had the politics boards.  Following politics is another interest of mine, so I began commenting on politics there, using the name: mhere.

When the Clinton impeachment scandal broke, those boards went crazy and since I had spent a good bit of time lurking, just reading postings, before venturing into posting any comments, I was familiar with many of the regulars posting there.  Some of them liked to change their user names, but it quickly became obvious who they were, because of their writing style and comments.

When the impeachment scandal broke, a new crowd invaded the Excite politics message board – the Clintonista mob, who viciously attacked anyone who spoke out about The Constitution or impeachment.  I quickly noticed that the writing ability of this new crowd was much better than most of the Regulars and these people debated like top-notch criminal defense attorneys, trying to argue the Regulars into a corner and silence them.

That bullying tactic, trying to silence other people,  ticked me off, so I decided to argue to the best of my ability and back them into a corner.  I have always liked to debate politics.  As the weeks went by, it seemed like new people joined the Clintonista mob, determined to silence me (mhere).  I also noticed that some of my arguments and snarky lines began to be picked up by some real Republican and conservative pundits on TV.

What happened next is my story, tabbed at the top of my home page, Messages of mhere.  I apologize to regular readers for rehashing this again, but since I am not FREE to move on, alas, I must continue to repeat all this.  I wrote my story in that annoying third person, I used pseudonyms out of fear, and I wrote it in my snarky manner, because that’s me.  The story is true, the pseudonyms are real people.

At the top of my home page, I have a tab “Confessions of mhere” with a timeline from about May of this year, but it goes back to other events that have happened.

In March, at National Review Online’s comment section, which was still Disqus then (they changed to facebook).  I was debating against Trump and his idiotic killing ISIS family members to scare ISIS terrorists, as a good military strategy.  I posted a response to another poster about The Constitution and I was told to “SURRENDER NOW, Sue!  It’s the only possible outcome…”:

“susanholly Angry MFing Texan • 3 days ago
I understand the anger, but raging mobs never solve anything – we need to unite our country, not divide into enemy factions and burn it to the ground. Please read President George Washington’s Farewell Address. He warned about the danger to our republic from extreme factions.
Maya Angelou, my late mother’s least-liked American poet, said it best:
“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but it has not solved a one.”
See, sometimes even poets you don’t like say something worth quoting:-)
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LincolnAppleyard susanholly • 3 days ago
SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…
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susanholly LincolnAppleyard • 3 days ago
This comment has bothered me for hours – was this a threat? Who am supposed to surrender to? I am a law-abiding, private citizen. I’ve never owned a firearm in my life and in fact, I don’t even have a speeding ticket. So, who am I supposed to SURRENDER NOW to? This is a friendly online chat, so what exactly did you mean?”

So, I am going to state upfront that I believe my computer has been tracked since 1998, from when I was attacked in my home in 1998, by a retired general.  Since I was only commenting on the Excite message boards and am a homemaker: who was only talking to close family and friends, who does not belong to any political groups, the only possible thing that could have led to him attacking me was the Excite message boards.  That general was a Bill Clinton general, who had retired suddenly, not long before the impeachment mess.  From what my husband had heard through the rumor mill at work ( he was still an active duty sergeant major at a large infantry post), imo Bill Clinton and this general have a lot in common with their personal conduct.  That general also hates my guts.  I believe, some letters I wrote during Desert Storm ended up at the Department of the Army and reflected poorly on his wife, who ran the family support activities during Desert Storm.

I barely escaped being locked away in a state mental hospital permanently in early 1999.  Since 1999, I have been determined to expose what happened to me.  Since starting my blog in late 2012, I decided to use my blog to write about not only politics, but to tell my story about what happened to me and to explain who I am and what I believe.  Texas state judge, Albert McCaig, Jr. (Buddy) recommended I start a blog.  His nephew is married to my youngest daughter and he performed the wedding ceremony in Texas.   In 2010, he started a blog, which I found out about on facebook, through family mentioning it.  I posted a few comments there.  Then out of the blue in 2012 Buddy emailed me discussing  a Ralph Peters article.  At that time I was writing comments on Ralph Peters’ NY Post column looking for a way to tell my story.  I had also given my attorney all the information about my story by that point and I didn’t think he believed me, which I told him in an email and I gave him the passwords to my facebook and hotmail accounts.  I started writing more details in my hotmail draft folders, just in case he decided to listen to me.

Since, I believe the Clinton thugs, still monitor my computer, I told my attorney and Buddy whom might be able to help and also suggested they find people they trust to help.  I told them watching how the SPIN cycle and character assassinations operate, it takes a lot of media collusion, so monitor who is contacting whom.  I told them to follow the law and get the proper law enforcement people involved in following my computer and who attacks it, then following back to who they are contacting.  I had set up a Penzu journal, which has military-grade encryption and I gave Buddy the password to that and told him to contact my attorney.  Since I believe the Clinton thugs still monitor my computer and have tagged me a terrorist and “threat” (Buddy advised me that I am on several watch lists – even though I don’t have so much as a speeding ticket), they too know everything I do online and also have access to my Penzu journals.  So, I’ve had to make my plans to expose them, knowing they are reading all my plans – quite a strategic challenge to hope to win against those odds, right?

I believe Buddy was contacted after Ralph Peters was convinced I was a threat.  Through Ralph Peters, they located Buddy and Kinnision, two old Army buddies of Ralph to assist. For almost a year, in 2012, Buddy kept emailing me links to news articles and I responded with comments.  I chatted more, but his comments were very sparse.  He got to know me.  I told him about what had happened to me in 1998 shortly after I started blogging, when I came up with an idea of how to use my blog to expose my story.  My only contact with Buddy or my attorney has been online, on the computer that they are monitoring since 1998.

Since I kept writing comments in my notepad for years that I am not giving up and am going to expose what they did to me in 1998, they can’t afford to let that happen.

They recruited a retired Army general in 1998 to attack an enlisted soldier’s spouse, all to silence her over her comments posted on a freakin’ online politics message board.

The great irony was I was writing such dangerous comments as “No One Is Above The Law” and “The Constitution applies to EVERYONE.” and “Lying under oath is a CRIME.”

I told my attorney and Buddy to build a RICO case against them, which takes a lot of time and a lot of legwork.  So, here we are, where I was being told “SURRENDER NOW, Sue!  It’s the only possible outcome…” for writing about following the law again…  That’s subversive somehow???   Who in the hell I am supposed to SURRENDER to, I am not sure.  However if it’s this criminal enterprise, that would be surrendering to the enemy, because I am an innocent American citizen, who has been followed and monitored by these thugs, who have abused their power since 1998 and I refuse to SURRENDER my liberty to them!

Since I didn’t know for a long time if I could trust Buddy, at times I have panicked, worrying about how to keep my family safe, especially my disabled husband, who would trust that retired general without question, because that general was my husband’s brigade commander during Desert Storm.  I sent an email to my youngest sister in PA a few years ago, telling her that I really was attacked during 1998 and I gave her my blog link. She never has mentioned my blog again, so I assume they sent someone to warn her I am a deranged  terrorist or something.  My four children call her to report on me.  I have told my children about my blog and I mentioned that in my Penzu journals each time.  My children never said a word to me about my blog afterwards, but they quiz me on my views and mention often they have just talked to my youngest sister.

So Buddy and my attorney and those aiding are tracking those who are accessing my Penzu journal, back to who is in charge of this.  I told Buddy and my attorney, a two-star JAG general that no matter what, follow the law and whomever they bring on board to assist must follow the law too.

I feel certain that most of the people they are lying to in the US government and US Armed Forces believe they are really tracking a dangerous terrorist, because a lot of effort has gone into silencing me.

I assume things are escalating in their efforts to silence me, since on Tuesday night, my best friend from high school, whom I hear from occasionally, called to see who I voted for, all of my kids keep asking me how I feel about the election, I had that discussion with my son on Sunday about “It’s Legal, where he quizzed me on my views on torture too, which seemed bizarre.  (I don’t support use of torture and think it’s counter-productive, for what it’s worth).  And last night that son made a trip down here ( an hour) on a weeknight to check on me and quiz me some more on how I feel about the election and if I’m okay with it.  Of course, I just got done with my Twitter storm too;-)

With so much interest in who I voted for – I left the top of my ballot blank.  I was happy to vote for Senator Isakson and my Representative, Buddy Carter.  I wrote to my sister, Wendy, yesterday, and since nothing in my life is private, here is that email (sent at 6:17 am), which I am sure she has reported.  I am redacting a few names, out of consideration of their privacy:

Hi Wendy,

Sorry for not responding to your email.  I kept intending to write and then didn’t get to it.  I thought you had gotten your old living room furniture at a Haverty’s.    I thought that , if I remember correctly, because I thought it was you who recommended them, when we bought living room furniture here in the early 90s.  You mentioned the cat peeing on the furniture, well some of these dogs are hard on the furniture too – harder than the kids were truthfully, because the kids didn’t chew holes in the furniture and I didn’t let them eat in the living room.   Lucy, a small terrier mutt stray that I brought home years ago likes to nibble on the corners of throw pillow and she also nibbled a hole in the corner of one middle couch cushion at the back, where she likes to lay.  I had gotten those quilted pet slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat, which helps to keep her away from the actual furniture cushions, but she’s chewed a lot of holes in these quilted slipcovers too.

These dogs make such a mess with the shedding and a couple of them pee on the carpet all the time.  In fact, I need to steam clean the carpet in the living room and the computer room real soon – it’s getting bad with spots again.

I don’t know if I thanked you for the cookbook from the church in Kunkletown.  I appreciate it a a lot.  The cover has a very nice picture of the church on it.  I always thought the early settlers there used good sense to perch the church on the hill rather than in town, because it’s stands out there and is very picturesque. BLANK told me the old houses in Kunkletown are looking very run-down and he said you told him the younger people don’t take care of them.  I was attached to the house in Kunkletown and I loved the old maple trees in the front yard, but BLANK had those removed.  I wonder if the lilac bushes are still there, where we had one on our side of the backyard next to a forsythia bush and Mammy had a larger one closer to BLANK and BLANK’S house.

I’m like Pop and very attached to trees that I planted.  We lost a large piece on the willow tree from that hurricane and it blew most of the leaves off that tree.  The other trees withstood the wind and kept their leaves, but not that willow tree.  Tom took the optimistic view and said, “Oh well, it will get new leaves in the spring.”  That’s true, but that tree gets leaves very late in the spring, because I’m always looking at it in the spring and waiting.  A very small live oak in the front yard has gotten really big and so has a red maple, which was really like a bare stick when I planted it back in the 90s.  I got that when the new  YMCA building opened here and some conservation group had a stand giving out free bare root trees.  That maple tree was about a foot and half long stick with a few roots in it.  It’s now taller than the house.  The live oak is almost that tall too.  I really like live oaks trees, because they stay green all year long.

You had mentioned old bottles and of course, being a hoarder, I would love to have them, but I can’t afford to send you postage to mail them and I don’t want you wasting the money.   Perhaps BLANK, BLANK or BLANK might want them.  I have mine in the garage, because they are too much to dust all the time and I intended to buy a glass cabinet to display them, but never did.  At this point I have too many books and other stuff, that I don’t have any room for a cabinet, unless I get rid of something else.   I need to get rid of a lot of stuff – all the closets are full and I have stuff stacked in my sewing room, because there’s not enough room in there for all that junk.  It’s hard for me to part with sewing and craft stuff, but at least I have stopped buying any more since I quit working.  Now the trick it to become more productive and use more of that stuff.

BLANK called me last night.  She writes to me every once in a while and I write back when I get to it.  She had an email account, but doesn’t like going on the computer, so she stopped emailing me and mails letters now.  This probably sounds weird, coming from me the queen of letter-writing and pen pals, but I really don’t like writing letters with pen and paper anymore.  I love the convenience and spell check with email, plus it’s free and fast to send emails, plus you can include links and attachments (although I have a hard time doing attachments).  I wish BLANK would get back to emailing, because it’s much easier.  I rarely buy stamps these days and I try to do as much online as possible – especially paying bills and shopping.  She called to ask who I voted for.  I didn’t vote for either one for president and just voted down ballot.  We had a Senator and a Congressman running for re-election, both Republicans, so I had to vote for them.  I like our Congressman, Buddy Carter, from what I have seen of him in Congressional hearings – he’s very humble and down-to-earth and doesn’t pretend to be an “expert”.  I told BLANK, he asks good questions in the House oversight committee hearings, which considering he’s not a lawyer surprised me and he remains very courteous too.  Trump should hire a Southern gentleman or talk to Buddy Carter to teach him manners.  Everyone likes to make fun of southerners, but the rest of the country could learn something from the traditional manners down here and Trump would be less of a national embarrassment if he cultivated the manners of Southern gentleman.  I am proud to have Buddy Carter representing me.  BLANK said she and BLANK voted for Trump.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.  BLANK chatted a little but, it seemed very odd that she would call out of the blue just to ask who I voted for.

BLANK is into all that living like the Amish stuff (not the morals & religion part, lol), but with his using horses for logging with his sawmill.   I told BLANK I was going to read my book last night and not watch the election returns.  I mentioned the book to her, because of BLANK’S interest in the old-fashioned stuff.  The book is Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane, who was the real life daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder and she actually edited (highly edited) her mother’s stories to get them ready to be published.  Rose Wilder Lane was a famous journalist  & writer in the early 1900s.  This Young Pioneers is a fictional novel based on Charles and Caroline Ingalls, Lane’s grandparents. move to the Dakota territory.   I told BLANK about this “cooling drink” of water, molasses and vinegar,  that was mentioned several times in this novel.  It sounds hideous to me, but BLANK told me BLANK drinks that sometimes, so I guess the Amish must drink that too.  I googled it and it’s called Switchel.  Sometimes ginger is added to it too.  There’s actually science to drinking that as a “cooling” drink, because the molasses is high in potassium and replaces electrolytes and the vinegar gave it a sweet and sour taste.  I’ll pass on trying that, but here’s a very interesting article from The Smithsonian magazine I found on this:

Well, I’ve rambled on enough.  Saw the news that Trump won when I got up … omg, we’re in for some amazing times and the dumbing down of America is complete when our choices are Trump or Hillary.  Let’s hope Kellyanne stays nearby to keep him from mean tweeting other world leaders…😊

Take care.



I would love nothing better than to move on too, but since I believe I am being held a virtual captive and due to these circumstances, I can’t.  I will never  “SURRENDER NOW, Sue” to tyranny – it ain’t happening!

If I ever can expose them, I want America to decide who is the “terrorist”, but considering with these subversives, they even wrote a narrative where Bowe Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction”, I feel certain we’re in for a lot more Redefining America.

SEVENTEEN years of this crap from these people and yeah, I would sure love to be FREE again in America and move on too.

I will continue to work to expose the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION of  the Clinton machine!

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Libertybelle: Mean Twitter Troll

The news that James Comey once again covered up for Hillary Clinton came as no surprise – he already sold out in July and is now a Clinton pawn.   She is above the law – that is the truth.

I spent a few days on Twitter “trolling” the media & mocking their collusion to spread the Dem spin.  Think all of them have muted me, LOL.  Whatever, they are a bunch of Useful Idiots, who dutifully spread the Dem SPIN and Narratives, to control the news in America – Apparatchiks.  They are in a tizzy that many Americans are relying on a Russian front (Wikileaks) to get the truth about the Clinton and media corruption.  Palmieri, Clinton’s campaign spokeswoman, was warning people to not trust Wikileaks… LOL.  She works to spread Clinton SPIN (LIES) and she is warning about “FAKE” emails…

These people have no credibility and it is the media collusion with the mainstream (liberal) media working to ensure that the Left’s political messaging & smears against the Right dominate the American 24/7 news cycle, that has caused many Americans to distrust politicians and the media. The “bias” isn’t some benign, unintentional slant, it’s an orchestrated information warfare strategy that the Left wages and the media actively aids and abets. The Wikileaks leaks show many emails of reporters colluding with Dem. operatives, like John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Braizile.  Brailze was sharing debate questions from a CNN-hosted debate with Hillary Clinton – cheating.

I was learning how to make up #hashtags and writing tweets and I’m going to share some:

libertybelle Retweeted Nancy Pelosi


libertybelle added,

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A staged Clinton photo-op?

Speculation on the internet about Hillary Clinton using a body double has raged on since her collapse leaving a 9/11 ceremony.  Online there’s been minute dissection of all the details in the video of Hillary seen leaving Chelsea’s apartment Sunday, looking chipper and in good health.   The thing that struck me, as something was amiss, was the lack of Secret Service surrounding her and how some little girl could just run up to her and hug her – with no Secret Service reaction….  Stranger than fiction.

Here’s a link to an American Thinker piece: “Hillary’s Body Double: Am I Nuts, or What?” by Bill Schanefelt. He writes:

“I remember that old saw: “just because you’re paranoid that don’t mean they’re not out to getcha.”

Well, just because it’s an internet meme, that don’t mean Hillary ain’t got a body double.

I viewed the video at the New York Post thinking I’d get a laugh at the expense of conspiracy nuts, but what I got was a shocking wake-up!”

It’s obvious this “Hillary looking fine”  photo-op, with the little girl running up to her, was a staged photo-op.

Whether all of the participants were actors or just the little girl, I don’t know for sure.   With the Clintons being the Clintons (Epic Liars), nothing would surprise me.  For instance, President Bill Clinton launched airstrikes to divert attention away from his impeachment scandal in late 1998.  For the doubters, there was absolutely no strategic military purpose to Operation Desert Fox ( I wrote about that on the Excite message boards in 1998).   Those strikes played no role in any overarching military strategy to contain Saddam Hussein.  NONE.  The media tossed around the “wag the dog” charge for a bit, but then it was “time to move on”.

I will mention that the general, americanrommel, whom I mentioned in my Messages of mhere story, was a very public defender of Operation Desert Fox.  Then again, he retired suddenly from a high-profile overseas position, a bit before the impeachment saga.  If the scuttlebutt, about the circumstances of his retirement, circulating in the Army were true, I understand why he would sympathize with Bill Clinton about the  impeachment scandal.  That general, after impeachment, was recommended for a very high-profile overseas position – in the same area where he was serving when he retired….   Hard to imagine how he wasn’t considered a security risk, but then again THE RULES  on national security protocols only apply to the peons in the military and intelligence community.   Others, like General David Petraeus and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are above the rules.

The Clintons delight in tossing out red meat agitation propaganda, to inflame the Republicans and conservative Clinton-loathers, to get them chasing it with abandon.  Then the liberal media, aiding and abetting the Clinton talking points, will come out and report on the crazy right-wing conspiracy nuts and how this is just another one of those “rabid, right-wing witch hunts”.

And on the right, there are some groups and individuals, who have invested a lot of time and money to take down the Clintons.  That is a fact.  I am going to state for the record, I am not aligned to any Republican or right-wing groups and my efforts since 1998, to expose the Clinton corruption, stem from my own experience during impeachment.   My reasons go way beyond my personal feelings.  I believe with the attack on me, assets from the US Army were used to attack a private citizen on American soil, based completely on fabricated “intelligence”.  I don’t even have a speeding ticket on my record, I have never owned a gun and I have never been involved in any political groups.  My “crime” was expressing my dangerous opinions, like “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” on the Excite message boards in 1998.

I want the names of every last person, involved in orchestrating using the US Army for a personal political hit squad, exposed.   If the US military can be used as a personal political tool to attack private citizens, well, we have moved completely away from being a constitutional republic.  And, if my FREE speech, on freakin’ online message boards, espousing that I believe in the rule of law, is grounds for being attacked in my home by a retired general, then something is very, very wrong in America.   The only place I was commenting on politics was on those Excite message boards.  I had had no contact with that general since Desert Storm.

Would Hillary Clinton use a body double for some staged PR gambit, well, I have no doubt she might.  Then again I  personally know how far the Clintons will go to silence political opponents.  Proving it has been the hard part, so I understand those who will cast me as a nutcase.  Guess that makes me a crazy Lone Wolf……  whatever, my plans have always been non-violent and to follow the law, no matter what.



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The Pieces of the Media Messaging Puzzle

wp-1469896090617.jpgAbove:  A few of my books.  See, I do read more than historical romance novels and decorating books;-)

The following is just another long repeat of my dissection of the Clinton mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy, which Trump “borrowed” to wage his “GOP Insurgent” primary campaign.

The reason Trump broke out of the pack was because he used the borrowed Clinton-style mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy.

That strategy is a sophisticated INFORMATION WARFARE strategy introduced into American politics by the Clinton political operatives.

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists.  The messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin (talking points messaging). Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).

It is a form of mass media brainwashing and antithetical to American free speech principles!  To succeed this strategy requires MEDIA COLLUSION.

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.
  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.
  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

Only Democrats had successfully used this strategy before Trump, because the liberal media never before gave BILLIONS of dollars in free media for one GOP candidate, to run a “GOP Insurgency” for 8 months straight on all three cable news networks nor did the mass media cable networks ever collude or facilitate in the mass media messaging for any Republican candidate or cause.

Just as the Wikileaks leak has exposed the MEDIA COLLUSION between the DNC and the media to rig the system against Sanders, that SAME media collusion exists between the Potemkin Trump campaign (or the Clinton operatives who were in the shadows masterminding this charade) and the media.

Those electronic trails exist!!!

This mass media saturation requires constant messaging coordination between political operatives and the media facilitators to keep the SPIN cycle moving. Trump’s “win, win, win” is exactly like Carville’s “sex, sex, sex” during impeachment. I feel sure Trump’s MEDIA COLLUSION will be exposed before November.

And the scorched earth part of the strategy is really just the mass media saturation strategy on steroids, replete with endless character assassinations (low-energy Jeb, lyin’ Ted, little Marco, etc.) and a take no prisoners attitude.

Here’s an example of how mass media saturation plays out:

During the Benghazi hearing, Hillary sailed through that hearing and the Dems on the committee never wavered from their talking points.:

“This hearing is a right-wing witch hunt” and

“This is costing the American taxpayers $4.7 million.”

A few of those Dems, to include Congressman Cummings, groveled so shamelessly, that’s it’s obvious they wanted to secure enough Clinton brownie points to merit consideration for cabinet posts in her administration.

Every dem on that committee did what Trump has done for 10 months – repeated the same short talking points for 11 hours straight. They did not deviate. Then the media and some high-profile big name peeps did interviews to dismiss the Republicans and then the news media declared Hillary won and the polling got driven home that she “won”. You can’t break through mass media saturation. It creates a messaging wall – those talking points are what gets driven home. That is the only thing most people remember – it is mass media brainwashing! Watch any dem on TV – they repeat their talking points as often as they can and they circulate these talking points to a virtual army of media folks – TV, print media, online, they even have hordes of them on comment threads, they were on those Excite politics message boards back in 1998. The liberal media colludes to facilitate it.

The use of polling to manufacture opinions cascades drives the polling toward the desired outcome.  The media facilitates this with relentlessly repeating the manufactured polls and on any issue or candidate, the media hypes the polling that bolsters the issue or candidate they are trying to propel ahead.  The media colludes in many ways with this mass media saturation strategy, but through decades of presenting polls as if they are a legitimate representation of the “will of the people”, the American people have been conditioned to accept polling data as sacrosanct.  Polls are just the opinions of a very small number of Americans and can be easily manipulated by both the sampling groups and how the questions are worded or even by how certain words are emphasized while asking the question.

Pundits and journalists saying something like, “Trump is leading in all the polls, don’t you need to support your leader?” to other Republican candidates in the primary helped foster this aura of legitimacy about poll numbers.  The media and political operatives also often use polls number to marginalize and silence opposing viewpoints.  For instance on a topic like gay marriage, where aggressive mass media saturation was used to mainstream that, media pundits or journalists will cast questions to someone who is opposed to gay marriage like, “Well, 65% of Americans support gay marriage, so isn’t your view out of the mainstream?”  This type of questioning casts the person with the opposing view as a fringe kook.  It works very effectively to silence dissent and to strong-arm compliance to the manufactured “public opinion”.

This same strategy is how Bill Clinton survived impeachment, where the scorched earth trashed anyone connected with the impeachment and then the Clinton mouthpieces were out there selling manufactured polling, to create the impression that the American people supported Bill Clinton and that the impeachment was just a “vast, right-wing witch hunt.”  In recent years the “hate speech” tactic has also been hyped in manufactured polling, to silence dissent.  Most Americans don’t want to be cast as bigots, racists or haters, so any poll presenting a liberal cause as over 50% of Americans support that view, is spun to cast anyone who disagrees as all three wrapped into one.

Here’s a short bio on how I came to be studying mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy:


Above: I found this when I was a teenager.  It is one of my prize possessions.  I was with my parents looking in an old shed behind an old house, that was slated to be torn down for a new road to go through.  This report, along with learning how to play a game, called Diplomacy, with a group of boys after school, fueled my interest in military strategy.

I have been studying the Clinton “spin” since it first entered American politics and I have been studying propaganda techniques, with an emphasis on Soviet and Eastern bloc propaganda since 1980, when I was a young solider.

It took me several years in the 90s to figure out the polling data kabuki part of the strategy.  Systems analysis has always been something I do, long before I even knew it was called “systems analysis”.  I like to break down systems (mechanical, political, living, etc.) into parts and then I like to figure out how the parts work together to make the system work.  I like to figure out the flaws in systems too.  I suppose that’s why I became so interested in military strategy in my teens, because I believe that is the pinnacle of strategic-thinking.  In my opinion, it surpasses political and geopolitical strategy as far as organization goes.

This mass media saturation strategy has distinctive parts to it and it can be proven with electronic evidence on the messaging coordination, just like the Wikileaks leak exposed the DNC and media collusion.  Sure, Trump is very talented at reading the mood of the people and he has a con man’s knack for selling people anything, but this strategy relies on mass media messaging collusion and the polling kabuki to create an impenetrable messaging wall.  The relentless repetition across large swaths of the media “battlefield” assures it will dominate.

There’s plenty of information on how opinion cascades work to move public opinion via repetition messaging and polling data. Cass Sunstein has written about it – he’s into social engineering using mass media manipulation (“nudging” the American people into the “proper” views). Here’s a link to a Stella Morobito link where she gives a simple explanation on how opinion cascades work and they do work – it’s how gay marriage and global warming were mainstreamed:…

I wrote about this back in 1998 on the Excite message boards, where Clinton operatives descended like Genghis Khan’s horde to silence opposing views. I know how far they will go to silence opposing views.  My Messages of mhere story, albeit snarky and written in that annoying third person, is the truth.  All of the people mentioned exist in real life.  I used the user name “mhere” on the Excite message boards.

Only Sanders and Cruz made any dent against the mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy and they did it by grassroots campaigning – not with mass media campaigning.  As Trump and the media have hyped how many millions Jeb’s campaign spent on ads and got nowhere, they don’t mention the BILLIONS of dollars in free media and 24/7 NEWS cycle control the media GAVE  to Trump.  Paid ads can NOT compete with a candidate who has 24/7 NEWS cycle control in the mass media, replete with relentless repetition of messaging and manufactured opinion polls.

Liberal CNN and MSNBC gave Trump 24/7 coverage for 8 months to run his “GOP Insurgency”, but in late February they switched to Clinton scorched earth, where there was about a week and half of “Trump the fascist” incidents, which led up to that Chicago rally, where Soros paid mobs were waiting. Trump cancelled that rally, but after that CNN and MSNBC stopped giving Trump the 24/7 megaphone.

FOX has stayed all-in for Trump. Liberal news networks don’t “give” Republicans 24/7 news cycle control and they sure don’t give them that for 8 months straight. It was a set-up to throw the GOP primary into chaos.

Here’s the sequence of events when  CNN and MSNBC made the switch to Clinton scorched earth in late February:

Here’s the timeline on those Trump fascist memes:

February 28, 2016 – Trump retweets a Mussolini quote and refuses to denounce David Duke on a Sunday talk show.

March 3, 2016 – GOP debate where Trump defends Mussolini quote and doubles down on his committing war crimes to defeat ISIS.

March 5, 2016 – Trump does a staged raised arm pledge rally where the Nuremberg imagery smacked you in the face. He read a prepared card with that pledge. I’d love to know who came up with that pledge rally idea and if it was Trump, did anyone try to dissuade him.

March 10, 2016 – Michelle Fields claims she was strong-armed by Lewandowski leaving a press briefing. I have wondered if he was a handy Clinton middleman, because it sure seemed like he was set-up as the thug in that Michelle Fields controversy. I watched that video over and over and did not see him grab her arm where the bruises were and I believe she sounded very deceptive in interviews.

The Trump controversy builds. And then he walked into the home of wacko leftist central, Chicago.  The timeline suggests that  Trump was duped into setting up his own bonfire and lighting it, before he was tossed into it by the left-wing mob.

March 12, 2016 – Leftist ground zero, Chicago, Trump faces massive organized leftist mobs and cancels his rally.

Those protests in Chicago were staged and funded by leftists – and Soros very likely played a large role.  This riot in San Jose is just part of that continued staged agitation propaganda to try to incite violent clashes with Trump supporters.  I still wonder who in Trump’s campaign egged him on with this strong-man themed garbage?  Was that pledge rally a Trump brain storm or was Trump sold on it?   Soros and other far-left groups are likely funding, organizing and staging these riots and street clashes, but who in Trump’s campaign came up with these strong-man talking points in the first place???   That’s what I would like to know, because it sure looks like he was massively set-up.  When he did that pledge rally, where the liberal press was primed with making that Nuremberg rally comparison immediately, almost like they had received some talking points.  Was there MEDIA COLLUSION and if so, with whom???

Note:   CNN banned key Trump mouthpiece, Roger Stone in late February and MSNBC banned Stone in April, rather extreme measures to silence Trump’s former campaign manager.  Oddly, enough CNN immediately hired Corey Lewandowski, in June,  when he was fired as the Trump campaign manager, which certainly makes me wonder if Lewandowski was a Clinton mole in the Potemkin Trump campaign all along.

FOX News is a foreign-owned news corporation, that opened shop in America to fuel the right-wing, in massive agitation propaganda efforts. (Correction: Rupert Murdoch became an American: “On 4 September 1985, Murdoch became a naturalized citizen to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own US television stations”.)   Or as the left dubbed it (Faux News). FOX News has gone all-in to promote the Trump “GOP Insurgency”.   Why FOX is all-in for Trump is an open question.  The American CEO of FOX News, Roger Ailes, was fired on the very same day as Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, with the news reporting that Rupert Murdoch would be running FOX News for now.  Very strange coincidence with that timing, in light of this unprecedented mass media collusion to promote the GOP Insurgent.

The mass media also colludes to aid and abet other leftist political objectives.  Hostile foreign intelligence agencies engage in active measures – some have stayed active to destroy America from within for many decades.  The Chinese and Russian intelligence services operate robust efforts to fuel anti-American beliefs within America, in all of our institutions, particularly in our mass media and educational system.   Soros funds much on the left – to include BLM. Saudi Arabia and some other Arab states have funded the spread of Wahhabism in black communities, and black colleges, since the late 1970s.   The Obama collusion with the black grievance purveyors, like Al Sharpton, are working to incite racial tensions, to use as cover, to implement their political agenda, like federal control of policing and implementation of draconian speech codes.  Even, American allies operate efforts to influence the mass media in America.

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists. Once again,  the messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin. Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).


In the end there, we have  Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy perfectly executed…. Bernie the kook on the left, Trump the kook on the right and the middle path to the White House cleared for Hillary,


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The War about Words (Part 2)


“Well,” said Maude, “there is nothing anyone can do to change human nature.  That is the one immutable, in spite of the idealists, and Rousseau.  For better or for worse, we are what we are.”

Charles thought for a while and when he spoke Maude did not consider his remark to be irrelevant: “In the old Roman religion — or was it Greek?–Justice was the last goddess to leave the world and left it to its own destruction.  She never returned.”

Ceremony of the Innocent, written by Taylor Caldwell (p. 346)

Words matter.

A few posts back I wrote Part I of the “War about Words”, which those aligned with the political left will dismiss without any consideration, because it’s critical of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  The same instant dismissal or obfuscations occur among the political right too, when the left attacks one of their political figures and then we have the Trump contingent too, who reject all criticisms of Trump, out of a belief that he is the last best hope for America.

Often my views draw fire from all sides, because I’m one of those annoying people who says what I think, regardless whether it agrees with a particular partisan or political agenda or whether it goes against all the “expert” opinion.  I prefer to think not only for myself, but of myself as an American, first, last, always.  I am free to think whatever the heck I want.  That’s the wonder of America!

As a child, my mother sent us off to vacation Bible school at our village church (yes, PA still has villages) and in fact, one of my direct ancestors donated the land for that church during the early settlement of that area of northeast PA in the late 1700s.  That church was a Lutheran church, but a Calvary Baptist church from another town ran a vacation Bible school in the summer too and they had a bus that picked up kids.  My mother let us go to that church’s vacation Bible school several summers.   They had all sorts of really interesting crafts and activities, but one summer, two women from that church took me aside and told me that girls are supposed to wear dresses and not cut their hair, which made me feel a deep sense of rebellion, as I sat there in shorts and with short hair.  These ladies also told me that I needed to say I wanted “to be saved” or I was going to hell.

Ordinarily, I am a crybaby, coward, but the more these two women lectured me, the more resentful and rebellious I became, because quite frankly, my church never used the words “being saved”, so I did not even understand the phrase.  I politely told these two ladies that I didn’t want “to be saved” .  They kept pushing and finally I rebelled and told them that no matter what they said, I wasn’t going to say that.  They told me I was going to hell.  When I got home, I sat at the kitchen table and bawled, because confrontations always upset me.  When I poured out my story, my mother told me I wasn’t going back there.

From where I stand, it sure looks like the partisan political factions’ endless fighting has America on the precipice that President George Washington warned about in his Farewell Address.  Yesterday, FBI Director, James Comey, laid out the entire list of crimes Hillary Clinton committed by grossly negligent handling of classified information, through the setting up of a home-brew email server in her home.  Director Comey decided not to recommend an indictment, citing that a “reasonable” prosecutor would not bring charges in this case.  Of course, once again this announcement threw the pundits into an exploding heads frenzy, because Director Comey  said Hillary Clinton’s actions were “extremely careless” rather than “grossly negligent”, but is there really a difference between the two?

Then Director Comey  added the excuse that he found no malicious intent or intent to harm America in her actions.  Of course, proving intent isn’t even required to indict under the statute, but here again, the words he carefully chose were meant to bury the email server scandal and smacked of being obviously for partisan political purposes.  Those church women meant well, but the words they wanted me to say, were words I didn’t understand or believe.  I believe Director James Comey decided to use words he fully understands, but didn’t really believe – I believe he caved to partisan political pressure from the White House.  I believe he wanted to avoid a “constitutional crisis”, because the corruption goes all the way to the White House.

Today, many liberal news outlets were already burying Hillary’s email server scandal and focusing on Trump’s antics.  To be fair, Trump hands them endless fodder with his imprudent, bizarre comments, like his latest praise of the late, brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein’s “no questions asked” internal policing policies against terrorists.   Saddam killed a lot of terrorists inside Iraq, heck, he murdered ethnic minorities too.  Trump likes strong-man leadership, but Saddam also gave safe haven to many terrorists leaders and funded terrorism abroad.

As, I’ve repeated, ad nauseum, since last Fall, Trump’s “GOP Insurgency”, waged with BILLIONS of dollars of free media, is a gift that continues giving to the Democrats, leaving the GOP in shambles, heading into a presidential election in November.  The Democrats though are uniting around Hillary, despite the Bernie Sanders insurgency campaign, paid for by private campaign donations and with far-less media attention.  The obvious, unfair and overt, media collusion by big media elites to facilitate the “GOP Insurgency”, found the media on the defensive with excuses for the obvious disparate media coverage… phrases like “earned media”, other candidates turn down interviews, etc., but make no mistake about the SPIN cycle form of INFORMATION WARFARE being waged by the political Left in America.

This SPIN is a totalitarian effort to control the ostensibly free mass media, through an orchestrated mass media saturation strategy,  using relentless repetition of messages (the mindless talking points messaging), media collusion to disseminate those messages and a constant reinforcement of the “will of people” expressed through manufactured opinion cascades, that keep stating what the majority of Americans believe…….based on a relentless repetition of polling data (an unscientific sampling of a few  people’s opinions extrapolated as reflecting the opinions of all Americans).  The combination of messaging control and manufactured opinion cascades speaks to overt mass brainwashing by political and mass media elites and an overt long-term effort to quell free speech, but this form of INFORMATION WARFARE also grossly tips the balance to one political party’s agenda.  This INFORMATION WARFARE strategy assures the Left’s political agenda dominates and becomes the “mainstream opinion”.  Just watch how the relentless repetition turned a terrorist attack into an attack on Christians who oppose gay marriage and more gun control.  The Left also mobilizes celebrity and big name “experts” to aid  their SPIN operations.

Oh, but look how they covered Trump?  Doesn’t that prove the media does give Republicans” ample coverage, well, that depends on how you define “Republican”…..  and the media told us Trump is the “GOP Insurgent intent on burning down the GOP establishment”.  Alas, here again, we come up against definitions.  What is the GOP establishment, if not the GOP?

With Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal, the liberal media will do damage control for Hillary, just like they aided leftist partisans to rewrite that Orlando “narrative” within two weeks.   In that Orlando case, a short-lived brouhaha ensued when the Justice Department tried to censor  the shooter’s 911 call and remove the shooter’s references to Islamic terrorism (the shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS and declared he was committing jihad).   Under a public backlash, Lynch released the 911 tape, but the shooter’s words even then were altered.

Words matter a great deal to those who use them to control public perception and manipulate the truth.  The Orlando shooting was usurped and turned into blaming Christian anti-gay people for the hate and promoting more gun control legislation.  Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, came out and declared we need more “love” to combat “hate”, thus advancing the left’s narrative to make it about right-wing haters and gun control rather than about radical Islamic terrorism.

In this email server scandal there’s a discernible series of actions by key players in the past week, that made it obvious that the Obama administration wanted this scandal to go away very quickly.

President Obama arranged last week to hit the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton yesterday.  Loretta Lynch had a clandestine 3o minute meeting with former president, Bill Clinton, at the airport in Phoenix last week.  Lynch described that meeting as just a chat about grandchildren, golf and BREXIT.  She played that meeting off with a news conference, proclaiming she would accept the recommendation of the FBI on the email server case.  Just like that the news broke that the FBI would interview Hillary Clinton on Saturday (a holiday weekend no less).  And on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 Director Comey came out and announced no reasonable prosecutor would indict.  Today, Loretta Lynch came out and said she accepted Director Comey’s recommendation.  Case closed.  Hillary Clinton’s minions are out in full force, saying  “it’s time to move on”.

Like rats stuck on a wheel, the Republicans in Congress, came out and announced they are going to have Director Comey testify before Congress tomorrow, to answer their questions about his decision not to recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton.  The hearings that go nowhere again……. it’s like being trapped in a strategy that is doomed to fail and you’d think the Republicans would learn that they never win.  The Dems, with their liberal friends, control almost all the big media in America and their talking points messaging always controls who wins.

This is like constantly repeating a script that always ends the same way or that Einstein quote about people who do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.  The media and the Clinton team will opine, using their perennially tired, but always successful talking point….  “this is another right-wing witch hunt”.  The Republicans will pontificate, the media will declare Hillary won, and she will continue her march to the White House, because here’s the truth – she really is ABOVE THE LAW.

Today, I clicked on some news sites that are liberal-leaning and Hillary’s email server wasn’t a top news story, but Donald Trump’s Saddam Hussein comment was.  The liberal media was “moving on”.  Within a few more days, the email server scandal will be old news and besides FOX News talking to Trump supporters and right-wing online sites, the Clinton propaganda squad can add another media messaging coup feather to their cap.

Having personally experienced what happens if you get in the way of the Clinton propaganda efforts, during the impeachment scandal, I feel compelled to keep speaking out and to keep trying to find a way to expose their criminal abuse of power.  The details of my experience are under the Messages of mhere tab on my home page, but what I want to talk about here is what made me so determined to fight them then and what makes me determined to fight to expose their corruption now.  America can’t survive if political machines can control the media and blatantly subvert the law.  A common thread, that the pollsters and pundits keep telling us drove the Trump and Sanders “insurgent” campaigns, is American discontent with powerful elites playing by a different set of rules and that the system is rigged.

America is a unique experiment in the history of world government.  Americans believe in individual liberty:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

In the post right before this one, I linked to a piece at the Legal Insurrection blog, where  William A Jacobson relates a Twitter exchange with Karol Marcowicz that precisely captures the perilous point America is at.  Jacobson writes:

The best truly big picture view I saw was from Karol Markowicz, a columnist for the NY Post and an ex-Soviet who moved the the United States as a child.

In response to the Comey verdict, Markowicz tweeted out a statement as to how others who came from the USSR expected no other result:

.“Guys, the ex-president’s wife was never going to get indicted.”-all my USSR-born friends”

Jacobson goes on to say:

“She linked in the tweet to a post of hers on her personal website from 2013, which has this sentence in it referring to Americans who complained about their government:

“They weren’t born in a country where hundreds of years of backward government had led to this kind of cynicism that gets passed on from parents to children.”

I understood what she meant. While I wasn’t born in and didn’t grow up in the USSR, I studied there and vicariously came to know the cynicism of the system, particularly through refusenikfriends.

It wasn’t just that the powerful were above the law or there was no rule of law. It was in another dimension.

I tweeted back:

“Those who lived under communism understand exactly what just happened.”

I have been thinking a great deal about what I consider cultural DNA, with how peoples the world over develop patterns of behavior ( culture) that endure, despite the changes in government.  In fact, the people’s behavior determines how long and how much control they will tolerate from their government, to maintain the status quo and social order.


Above: My copy of “Letters from Russia.  To the right is a folk-art wooden container my son brought back from Russia, painted in a Russian folk art style called Khohkloma.

Thinking about what to write in this Part 2 post, I ordered a book, which I had read about a long while back, that explains the Russian cultural DNA, a few years after Alexis de Tocqueville traveled to America.  That cultural DNA still persists in Russia today.  The book is “Letters from Russia” and like de Tocqueville’s, “Democracy in America”, the book on Russia was written by another French nobleman, Astolphe de Custine.  Although his trip to Russia in 1839 was only three months long,  he captured life in Russia under the despot, Czar Nicholas I, in such prescient, stark detail, that historians still study his letters.  His book was banned by both, Czar Nicholas I and the Bolsheviks, who didn’t much like Custine’s letters.  I can relate, heck, my posts on the Excite message boards in 1998 evoked quite a response too and there I was fighting hordes of new posters who showed up to take over the boards with the Clinton talking points……… hummm, I likened them to being like Genghis Khan.

In their own words these two French nobleman present their opinions on the cultural DNA differences between a people who accept rulers and a people who don’t.  In 1996, renowned journalist, Steven Erlanger, wrote a NY Times piece on Custine’s book, that gives you Custine in his own words.  Here’s a short excerpt:

“In Russia, everything you notice, and everything that happens around you, has a terrifying uniformity; and the first thought that comes into the traveler’s mind, as he contemplates this symmetry, is that such entire consistency and regularity, so contrary to the natural inclination of mankind, cannot have been achieved and could not survive without violence. . . . Officially, such brutal tyranny is called respect for unity and love of order; and this bitter fruit of despotism appears so precious to the methodical mind that you are told it cannot be purchased at too high a price.

Faced with the pervasiveness of the secret police and the immensity of the bureaucracy, Custine at first is shocked. He sees the dead weight that these hordes of state employees place on Russia, and their own dehumanization.

Among Russian officials, attention to detail is quite compatible with disorganization. They go to a great deal of trouble to achieve some petty end, never satisfed that they have done enough to demonstrate their zeal. Consequently, in this rivalry between employees, one formality does not guarantee the foreigner against another. It is like a pillaging army: because the traveler has passed through the hands of one regiment, this does not prevent him from meeting another, or a third, and each of these bands spaced out along his route vies with the last in harassing him.”

Interestingly, in the introduction to “Letters from Russia”, editor, Anka Muhlstein,  presents the bulls-eye de Tocqueville quote on the difference between America and Russia:

“There are on earth today two great peoples who, having started from different points, seem to be advancing towards the same end: they are the Russians and the Anglo-Americans.  They both grew up in darkness and whilst Europeans were busy elsewhere, they suddenly placed themselves in the forefront of nations, and the world learned at almost the same time of their births and their greatness

All other nations seem, more or less, to have reached the limits nature has assigned to them and within which they now need only to remain, but those two are still growing…. America is struggling against obstacles of nature,; Russia against men…. The principal means of action for the one is liberty, for the other servitude.”

Letters from Russia, by Astolphe de Custine, edited and with an introduction by Anka Muhlstein, page ix of the introduction.

America is the only place on earth that broke that mold completely and set up a government meant for the people to have control over the government and for the individual’s rights to be paramount.

We are a nation built by free-thinking and free-acting citizens.

Central to our culture is the belief that all men are equal before the law and that the rule of law applies to EVERYONE.  This week’s disgraceful display of open corruption and obvious undue political influence from the White House, all for partisan purposes, made me wonder if we are now a banana republic.

For a long while, years in fact, I have been studying the Clinton SPIN and then the Obama NARRATIVE and now we have Trump borrowing the Clinton SPIN too and here’s truth – SPIN is the American people allowing their elected leaders to bold-faced LIE to them.

Every politician who engages in the talking points messaging is using a totalitarian messaging tactic to CONTROL the NEWS the American people receive. That relentless repetition is a form of mass media brainwashing of the people.

Allowing this attack on American FREE speech principles to advance without even a recognition of how pernicious and corrupting it is, will lead to not only a surrender of our free speech, but will allow those with power to dictate the “facts” and which words we MUST use.  They will have the power to impose what “truths” we must believe and which “truths” we can speak.

I refuse to ever submit to tyranny and instead of accepting that it’s the “old news, let’s move on”, Americans need to think long and hard if they want to be passive sheep fed what to believe or if they want to be FREE.  Being FREE isn’t just about “rights”, it requires people willing to do their duty as good citizens too.

Despite Director Comey’s attempt to kick the can down the road, a constitutional crisis is already upon us, because it’s now out in the open that Hillary Clinton did egregiously and knowingly break the law. Both the Director of the FBI and the Attorney General of the United States did nothing to hold her accountable.  This isn’t just about Hillary’s corruption though, it’s the Clinton political machine, a vast, network at work.  I  got burned by that machine during impeachment, where a retired general was fed false information about me and sent to silence me.  That general became a FOB and continues to be a hack to sell the Clinton and Democrat agenda.  Lacking any way to prove  what happened to me has kept me from naming names.  I already tried contacting several journalists a long time ago and offered them the real names of everyone in my Messages of mhere story.  None of them even responded and despite the escalating exposure of the Clinton corruption, her own private email server to conduct all of her official State Department business, her off-the-books private team of intelligence operatives, Sidney Blumenthal and Tyler Drumheller, does it sound so far-fetched that she would hunt down an annoying poster on a popular message boards, whose comments were being borrowed and used by GOP pundits to break through their SPIN?  I believe in their investigation into who I am, they came across this retired general who hates my guts and who jumped at the chance to get even with me.   I believe the Clinton machine set the attack on me in motion as a part of their vast network of operations,  to make sure Bill Clinton survived impeachment.  I believe they sank to corrupting the military chain of command in the attack on me.  Would anyone even care, even if I could prove it?

Do Americans still have the true grit necessary to save our republic?  I have my doubts.   Everyone is looking for either corrupt Hillary and con man Trump to save our republic, but really this is going to take all of us to put in our oars and help row.



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