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We still have The Constitution as our rule of law!

I thought it best to keep posting updates – I am still safe and FREE to speak my mind.

The following is what I am beginning to believe. Some of these views I feel confident are the truth, others I am strongly leaning toward. Of course, facts may emerge to prove me wrong , but here’s what America looks like from where I stand, as a law-abiding citizen attacked in my own home in 1998 by a retired general sent to silence me, over online message board postings. Take it or leave it, it’s still a free country, but I have tried since 1998 to seek justice and expose what happened to me, because the events are the truth.

Americans, deluded and led like sheep into this endless cycle of hyper-charged political partisan fighting, lost sight of the big picture enemies around the globe, who remain determined to destroy America.

A couple days ago, I wrote;

“I believe our government, all the way to the top, all of our mass media (cable networks, to include FOX), the partisan agitators (both left and right) and every institution has been carefully and systematically infiltrated,with people they put in place to foment agitprop, to fuel the partisan divide and to buy or put in place candidates, they control.”

So, let me start with a refresher of how I, a nobody homemaker, got caught up in this mess in the first place.  In 1998, when the Clinton impeachment saga began, I was fairly new to the internet, as we had purchased our first home PC in 1997, I believe.  Looking first for pen pals around the world, which had been a hobby of mine in my teens, I also came across “message boards”.  Many of those message boards were precursors to the sexting and online cyber-sex businesses today, serving as venues for people to hook-up.  While trying to figure out message boards, I came across the Excite message boards, which had some very interesting political debates, on all sorts of hot button topics.  I distinctly recall some very extreme views on both sides and I even remember a poster, nickname of Argus, whom I felt might be part of a right-wing militia.  I urged everyone, that no matter what, we must defend The Constitution and follow the rule of law.  I still believe that today.  My goal, as my situation goes public, which I feel certain it will, is to pull as many law-abiding Americans to the middle and away from extreme partisanship and urge all of you to please don’t be the mindless idiots our enemies believe we are. I urge all of you to think for yourselves!

Extreme partisanship served as a fertile field for America’s enemies to sow internal discord and divide America into hostile camps.  Let’s examine how they, being Soviet and Chinese communists in the driver’s seat of this effort, beginning with the Soviets first and later, tag-teaming us with Chinese efforts, then later others, like Iran/Sunni/Wahabbi players too, operate.  Keep in mind that the big game was always Soviet and even after the collapse of the USSR, their efforts continued and actually escalated, while America let down its guard.

Their main agents were in place before the collapse of the Soviet Union.  While the players on the left are obvious and sit ensconced in academia and Hollywood, the ones on the right have been trickier to identify.  We, being the team of old Cold Warriors, who are helping me, are all well-trained and familiar with how America’s enemies operated all along.  I feel certain that the deeply embedded Soviet infiltrators and their children and even grandchildren, still living here,  will be identified in the very near future, Prepare to be surprised, because all of them are trusted  “defenders of liberty”,  and some have held very high public offices, some still do.  Anyone, who made a career out of feeding this endless rabid partisanship between Democrats and Republicans, for decades, is likely part of a foreign infiltration effort.  In the black community fueling violence or virulent racism – like those claiming “white privilege” or the Ferguson/Baltimore agitprop – are likely dupes of foreign agitation propaganda, all part of their larger plan, in place for decades, to divide America.  Muslim infiltration since the 70s, by both Arab, MB and others made great in-roads at funding and fueling this agitprop, while criminal elements helped fund the wasteland of drugs and criminality taking down black inner-city communities.   All along the foreign infiltration enmeshed its efforts with organized crime, thus we now face this mass political corruption, that I intend to expose, with the help of many brave Americans, dedicated to, first and foremost, selfless service to defend  The Constitution!   We are not an armed militia or terrorist group.  We are people who swore the oath to defend The Constitution.

In 1998, I identified the mass media manipulation technique being used by the Carville/Begala spinmeister team  – it uses foreign mass media brainwashing techniques, with the repetition of buzz words and hollow phrases.  The next part of the equation was to condition the American people to trust polls over merits of any issue – they sell the majority polls and very quickly alter public opinion by reinforcing what the majority of Americans believe, casting outlier views as fringe kook views or people who are out to harm the world (global warming deniers or people against gay marriage being haters, being quick examples of how it works).  They sold, that because Americans don’t care about Bill Clinton’s sex life and the majority of people like him, – impeachment was just a partisan witch hunt.  Here’s the truth:

The chief law enforcement officer in America lied under oath.

Hillary’s vast, right-wing conspiracy out to get them, which she believes in whole-heartedly, is the TRUTH, although not in the way she perceives it.

That hyper-partisan right movement, decades long in creation, was carefully planned, packaged  foreign agitation propaganda and it is now coming to fruition.   I identified the Carville/Begala part of the equation and the polling dupe in 1998,  but it is only recently that I came to see the big picture – the Trump campaign exposed the right-wing agitation dupe that was played on us all along.

In the Fall of 1998, I was attacked in my home by a retired general, who had vast resources and help to silence me.  My family was played and duped, to believe I was going crazy and my husband and sister went and got a court order to have me committed to a mental health facility in early 1999- all these records we have, to prove all of these events!   I was involuntarily committed and the events in my Messages of mhere story are true.  When the legal limits on how long I could be held involuntarily in GA were approaching – an effort was undertaken to convince my husband, that I needed to be permanently committed to a state mental hospital (sounds like something out of a communist country, right?)  My oldest son, then only 15 years old, whispered to me, that the shrink treating me, had called my husband late the night before and urged my husband to sign the papers to have me committed to a state mental hospital.  (all documentation – to include phone records of this call are in our possession).

I then threw a hissy fit demanding a lawyer and I wrote a letter and handed it to a petite blond patient, who reminded me of my favorite country star, countrystar1017.   A lawyer was hastily arranged for me and I did get released at that hearing, because my rights had been violated.  We have copies of all these records and have had them for years.  Assuredly records will disappear and history will be rewritten rapidly, efforts are underway to destroy my credibility and the credibility of the team helping me, but we do not intend to shut up or be intimidated.  We are compiling documentation of their efforts to contact our families, friends, co-workers, etc. to get them to distrust us and listen to them – they are using big name people, like Petraeus and the general who attacked me in 1998, to do this.  We are watching and monitoring them, using legal law enforcement assets, who have helped me.  No laws have been broken, because I insisted from the beginning that anyone on my team must obey the law, no matter what.  All will be exposed in time.

I believe FOX News has been a huge Russian/Chinese/Murdoch agitprop front from its inception.  It really is FAUX news.  A lot of effort has gone into buying into this rabid partisanship and FOX has been central to that effort.  CNN was a communist infiltrated effort almost from its inception, due to Ted Turner’s far left political ideology.  FOX feeds the rabid right-wing political ideology.   The O’Reilly/Beck enterprise, I believe is a YUGE con to dupe good conservative Americans, all while playing that they are looking out for “the folks”.   Just look at Beck and his cast of grifters,  who played good people to join the Tea Party (another foreign agitprop effort), plus the rallies making huge profits, and the endless books they churn out effortlessly – likely some team of Soviet infiltrators who set up shop decades ago there, that’s for sure.  Look at the grifters in the Beck ads on his show.  I did subscribe to his online show – trying to figure out what his schtick was all about – those endless board connections and intonations about evil progressives, but mostly I kept looking at his commercials filled with obvious grifters.  He even hijacked George Washington to fund this subversion of America.  Here’s a priceless Beck con man – “The Citadel enterprise”, which I wrote about in 2013:

Sweet land of liberty….. (or land of the gullible)?

O’Reilly took longer for me to figure out, but this takedown of George Will, then fabricated political kabuki theater with Rich Lowry at National Review and William Kristol shed light on the big picture – they are characters in the agitprop script too.  They likely have many writers on their staffs who are loyal Americans, so if you are one of those, beware of your job security – you will be eliminated once my story goes public, if you speak up or challenge them.

They intend to shut down free speech in America, all to silence me, just a nobody homemaker, because I intend to expose the big picture foreign infiltration and the wholesale political corruption.  It is on both sides of the aisle and every candidate in this 2016, I feel, is either knowingly or duped by the corrupt organized criminals and/or foreign infiltrators.  In the GOP field, I intend to expose the many foreign infiltration forces within the GOP, both groups and individuals.  These come in the form of foreign agents who stayed in America, because they didn’t all go home when the USSR collapsed, but it also includes some Christian churches and movements that were also heavily infiltrated decades ago (hint it’s not just Rev. Jeremiah Wright – many are nice-looking white churches too), take a close look at the televangelists, Mormons and prosperity gospel, for starters.  Hard as this will come for many, I highly suspect that the NRA is part of a foreign agitprop movement since the 1930s, a decade which gave CPUSA more recruits than any other period in US history.  It was only recently, watching a Beck crossover grifter, move from Beck’s talk radio enterprise, to TV ads for beet juice, to now NRA ads, that I connected these dots, but unlike Beck, I intend to make my connections with hard facts and documentation.  Think tanks on both sides were infiltrated from their inception.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has been a huge foreign military front with their bogus maps and Elizabeth O’Bagy, check here, here, here here, here, here.

The Petraues mistress scandal smells like a set-up – he was set up by foreign intelligence agents.  I suspect that both Broadwell and that Jill Kelley woman, who exposed the scandal, were part of a hostile foreign effort.

The general who attacked me in 1998, was forced to retire, because he it sure looks like he was set-up by a hostile foreign effort, a foreign reporter – he was a top military leader from Desert Storm.  I believe, he had been set up years before through a long-running foreign infiltration effort, embedded in our government’s civilian personnel services

The Soviets have targeted taking down our top military leaders, in both the NCO and officer ranks, for decades. I observed this in 1980, when I believed my husband was a target.  My husband had a best friend married to a German woman from Berlin.  She had then joined the US Army too.  She was in a personnel job in a Pershing missile brigade, when I met her.  She was involved in an affair with my husband, before I ever dated him and unbeknownst to me when I first married my husband.  She ruthlessly tried to break up my marriage and even followed my husband from Germany to Fort Bragg.  She convinced her husband, an unimpressive infantry NCO to go to jump school.  He passed, she failed, but she kept showing up trying to destroy my marriage.  Later, when my husband returned to Germany, after a stint as a drill sergeant, she made another attempt, perhaps successful.  My husband stalled for almost 6 months to get an apartment off-post, because he said the list for housing was very long.  Finally, when I said, I didn’t believe that and pressured him, he quickly found an apartment.  Within two weeks of my arrival he had to travel to southern Germany for an important field training exercise.  While he was gone, first this woman called me to tell me that my husband had come to visit them, where they were stationed in Germany.  She gloatingly told me that my husband had left his wedding band at their house, by saying, “I have his wedding ring!”.  Also during that same field training exercise, I received an envelope addressed to me, in our post mailbox at the military post office, where we received our mail. I do not know who sent this to this day, but it had a photo of a man, who may or may not have been my husband, because the face was covered.  The photo was a nude man with a nude woman straddled on his lap, facing him.  I did not know anyone there yet.  Many other events happened during that tour in Germany, enough to make me want to divorce my husband when we left Germany.  That  German woman from 1980 and her husband are now retired from the Army, living near Fort Huachuca, where she has a civilian government service job on post:

The major units are the United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and the United States Army Intelligence Center. Libby Army Airfield is on post and shares its runway with Sierra Vista Municipal Airport. It was an alternate landing location for the space shuttle.

I observed a tactic, of what I believed was Soviet infiltration into the US Armed Forces, through the civilian government service jobs in the secretarial field – setting up agents to serve as civilian secretaries at various command levels, where they latched on to selected officers and NCOs tabbed as top leaders or in critical fields, like S-2 shops.  I saw this happen several times and thought, hummm, here’s another one.  My battalion commander in that Pershing missile battalion, long ago, had a German, local hire, secretary, who was very chic and attractive and she seemed to have her claws in my battalion commander, another very good leader.  She watched me like a hawk, because my battalion commander, liked me and called me Fraulein Wünderbar, along with treating me like his daughter.  He displayed courtly manners toward me, generating a great deal of anger among many of his officers and other women in the battalion, some even calling me the “battalion princess” or one captain, one day, angrily blurting out, “are you too good for the rest of the Army?,” after I had been shown preferential treatment by my battalion commander.  When that battalion commander left with his wife and headed stateside, that German secretary latched onto the dorky S-2 officer and at the time, I thought, wow that’s an odd couple.  And so it went, I observed.

The truth will out in the end and I intend to speak the TRUTH and although it’s almost an insurmountable task to prove that I am not a terrorist or threat to America.   This still is America and I don’t have to prove that; they must prove that I am a threat or a terrorist.  We still have The Constitution as our rule of law!

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Thinking aloud on radical Islam in America

Time often distances us from realities of our history that, if remembered,  would guide us through treacherous waters in the present.  America’s difficult past with slavery leads to a glossing over of many inconvenient facts, which seem impolitic to mention in our PC culture.  Being fully aware that some will dismiss these facts as mere “conspiracy theory mutterings” or “racist and hate”, I’ve decided to write this post anyway.  For regular readers, you’re forewarned, I’ve covered this before in various posts,, but I felt like mentioning it again.

A chronological listing often helps you see connections that you miss when studying history neatly delineated into subject matter or particular eras.  Comparing chronological listings from various regions of the world, side-by-side, gives you an added perspective on events.   Considering this timeline methodology led me to ponder why the press assiduously avoids noticing the connections between many violent black street gangs in America, Islamic supremacist movers and shakers, and their involvement under the larger umbrella of  the ongoing “civil rights movement”, largely controlled by black American groups.

Consider that college kids today have no actual remembrance of the Soviet Union or the Cold War.  From the beginning of the Bolshevik control in Russia in 1917, their goal was not just control of Russia, but a spread of  Communist ideology world-wide.  So, as the Soviet Union emerged, ideological compatriots throughout the West worked to advance their revolution.  Just a stone throw’s back on our American history timeline, during the 1930s, Communist Party (CPUSA) made it’s strongest in-roads, recruiting and agitating within the American black community.  The Soviet Union directed and funded CPUSA activities.  Due to  the Great Depression, Marxist ideology gained traction with urban poor.  Then add in the alarming fact that many of the most radical activists  from the Vietnam-era anti-war movement (many of them communist ideologues and CPUSA affiliated) settled into academia  and  project an out-sized impact  fomenting political upheaval, culture change and divisiveness, in addition to controlling education in America.  This anti-American indoctrination, which is institutionalized at the top of our educational system, serves as the springboard for America’s future leaders.

In numerous past posts I’ve chronicled tidbits of information, that while I can’t state absolute cause and effect, form more than just a conspiracy trail leading nowhere.  There is some “there” there, the issue is figuring out how much.  Let’s look at one such black leader, President Obama and consider his background, minus the conspiracy theory stuff, but sticking to things that are facts.  First, his mother and grandparents were not your ordinary American-flag waving, apple pie type folks – that is a fact.  His grandfather and likely his mother too, were Marxist ideologues.  Growing up in Hawaii, Obama’s grandfather formed a friendship with Frank Marshall Davis,  an actual card-carrying member of CPUSA, whom Obama mentions numerous times in his autobiography, “Dreams of my Father,” as his mentor.  Obama’s father, likewise, was a Marxist.  Looking at Davis, you can see by his political activism in Chicago, there was active recruitment and advancement of CPUSA goals within the black community.  Valerie Jarrett’s parents and future father-in-law were also part of this Chicago petri dish of swirling far-left activism.

The Soviet Union directed and funded CPUSA.  Here’s a link provided to me in a comment at another blog, which deserves a thorough investigation by US intelligence, because, if true, it would be another foreign attempt to subvert the US Constitution.  Back in April 2015, in a comment on another blog I mentioned the connections between violent Muslim black street gangs and these protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. A commenter provided this link to a

“Not strange at all, LB. I commend to your attention this piece concerning Vernon Jarrett, a friend and contemporary of Frank Marshal Davis, and father-in-law of Valerie Jarrett. It explains that connection.”


This article mentions a 1979 newspaper article written by Valerie Jarrett’s former father-in-law, veteran Chicago newspaperman, Vernon Jarrett, who wrote about OPEC beginning funding of black  students and black colleges.  The linked article above, by Frank Miele, mentions Jarrett as relating a conversation with Khalid al- Mansour (the former Donald Warden, who a was a founder of the black-power movement in the Bay area).   Al-Mansour was a lawyer for OPEC, along with his many other activities.  Here’s a link with some bio info on al-Mansour.

While these two articles approach the question raised whether Barack Obama’s law school fees were paid with Saudi money, the larger question is did the OPEC nations or Saudi Arabia undertake a funding project in the 80s and 90s to spread Wahabbi (radical) Islam in black colleges and black communities.  Here’s a 2013 piece from The Vancouver Sun:

“Jonathan Manthorpe: Saudi Arabia funding fuels jihadist terrorBig chunks of the country’s huge oil earnings have been spent on spreading a violent and intolerant variety of Islam

“In 2003, a United States Senate committee on terrorism heard testimony that in the previous 20 years Saudi Arabia had spent $87 billion on promoting Wahhabism worldwide.

This included financing 210 Islamic centres, 1,500 mosques, 202 colleges and 2,000 madrassas (religious schools).

Various estimates put the amount the Saudi government spends on these missionary institutions as up to $3 billion a year.”

The article continues:

“It is widely believed by western intelligence agencies that in the 1980s and 90s, the Saudi government had a deal with Wahhabist terrorist groups like al-Qaida that their fundraising would not be hindered so long as they only operated in foreign countries.”

If true that would be two foreign subversive elements tossing money into fomenting  anti-American indoctrination and radical activities in black communities.  Watching the evolving black movements in America, it was noted that ISIS signs showed up in the protests, but the mainstream press dismissed that as protests attract all sorts of kooks.  Yes, the same thing could be seen in Baltimore, but what the mainstream press completely missed in Baltimore was violent black (Muslim) street gangs were involved in fomenting the rioting, then pretended they were part of the keeping the peace actions  and in the mix descended the likes of Malik Shabazz.  From my May 10, 2015 post, “Follow the money”, here is who Shabazz is:

“In light of the racial tensions, our federal government and the media pretend all these race riots aren’t being fueled, in large part, by Marxist radicals, stalwart race hustlers like Al Sharpton, and MUSLIM black gangs and thugs – like the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Guerrilla nation and many more.   The media, by and large, tiptoes around acknowledging that radical black Muslim gangs serve as a home-grown terrorist training ground.

Malik Shabazz, formerly in the Nation of Islam, former  head of the New Black Panthers, a Muslim black supremacist, virulent anti-Semite and now the head of some nicer sounding National President of Black Lawyers for Justice, became a champion of the black people against the police in Baltimore and here’s the connection of the black Muslim gangs banding together for “justice”.  Really, the attempt to cover-up the Islamic connection among American academia, the Obama White House, and even the Southern Poverty Law Center is astounding.  You can check out the New Black Panthers at the SPLC website and no where in the first pargraph describing the group is the radical Islamic connection mentioned (way down the page you can find his connection to Nation of Islam):

“The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers. Founded in Dallas, the group today is especially active on the East Coast, from Boston to Jacksonville, Fla. The group portrays itself as a militant, modern-day expression of the black power movement (it frequently engages in armed protests of alleged police brutality and the like), but principals of the original Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 1970s— a militant, but non-racist, left-wing organization — have rejected the new Panthers as a “black racist hate group” and contested their hijacking of the Panther name and symbol.”

So, you got that, Shabazz has now morphed into the benign champion of black men.  He is the National President of Black Lawyers for Justice…  This also is an old tactic of the Communists – they co-opt western democratic language to confuse and deceive people – they’re all about democratic values and fairness and equal rights oh, and of course “workers rights”…  Sadly, young people today don’t even realize they’re being conned.  I mean, what could be wrong with a rabid Muslim racist, who advocated for the overthrow of the US (an ANARCHIST), being the leader of Black Lawyers for Justice….  The press goes along with the con.

Americans apparently decided to dismiss inquiring deeper into President Obama’s links to radicals in the black community.  Sure, no worries with launching his political career in Bill Ayers living room (a Marxist and domestic terrorist).  No worries with choosing an avowed Marxist who wrote a entire manifesto on overthrowing the US  (avowed Marxist Van Jones and his STORM).  Whenever the topic of communist infiltration in America comes up, the political Left recoils and charges McCarthyism, but the fact is the Bolsheviks initiated just such a program, that continued throughout the Soviet Union’s existence and black Americans were a key target of their efforts.  Did the Saudis initiate a similar program in the late 70s?




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The Islamic Civilization Circle of Life

Each time an Islamic terror attack occurs, reporters  take to the airwaves and print media scribbles on to report, explain, and ostensibly to inform us about the event. Political leaders, likewise rush to make declarations, lambast those with opposing views, or opine that we must act “NOW”!   Along with this predictable reaction comes the dire predictions of larger, more violent attacks by Islamic terrorists in the offing. So, let’s explore the “Circle of Life of Islamic civilization”.

Today’s post is going to be links to other people’s writings, where you can read at your leisure. JK provides copious links to my blog and often very important ones get buried in blog post comments, never receiving the attention they deserve. Nightwatch, another source, which JK recommended to me when we met, provides another important rich resource for understanding of events around the world. Nightwatch is a subscription service, but well worth it.  G. Murphy Donovan continues to write in clear, honest, stark terms about  what to make of the Islamic war against Western civilization,  so I want to add his link too.  I leave it for you to decide on the basic question of whose understanding of  this Islamic war is correct, President Obama and his “No Islam to see here” assertion, that these are the acts on “lone terrorists” and small groups of haters or the Global Jihad as part of an organized “living system” theory, which transcends individuals and rises to the level of a civilizational conflict.

Under the Obama-type understanding, Islam plays no role in the terrorist acts perpetrated against Western targets. These are just “violent extremists” – acting out of malevolence, but no higher-purpose.  You watch people state repeatedly that they are “martyrs for Islam,”  yet the American political Left insists there is no Islam in Islamic terror.  Minta Marie Morze explains why in “A Naked Phrase Goes Clothes Shopping”:

People wonder why the President and his Administration won’t use the phrase “Jihadi violent extremism” or “Muslim violent extremism”. Even in the SOTU, he used the term “violent extremism”. He has said elsewhere that he is going to convene an international conference on “Violent Extremism”.

From the SOTU:

“. . . and assisting people everywhere who stand up to the bankrupt ideology of violent extremism.”

While there are many reasons for the Administration to insist on these terms and against the others, against any term relating to Islamists, I believe that a major reason for the omission—a very, very important reason—is simply this:

If you use the phrases “Jihadi Violent Extremism” or “Muslim Violent Extremism”, and if you call for an international conference to deal with the problem, then Islamist Violence/Terrorism will be what it is about. If you simply say “violent extremism” and “violent extremist”, you can have conferences and make laws and policies and regulations about generic “Violent Extremists”. Then, at any time, by inserting numerous qualifiers before the term, you can make the laws, regs, and policies turn, with full force of the law, against all of the people and groups on the Right, all of those “fearful and reactive” people who hurt the Progressives.

“Pro-Life Violent Extremists”
“Tea Party Violent Extremists”
“NRA Violent Extremists”
“Right-Wing Violent Extremists”

See how easy it is? Now all the laws and regs and policies made to deal with “violent extremism” apply to these factions too!

A naked phrase can be dressed in any attire you choose to clothe it in. Just select the necessary qualifier. After all, note how the Administration’s spokespeople carefully say things like, “There are many people who use violence to further their cause”, and other such phrases. (It’s called “priming the pump” or “preparing the ground” or “working the room”.)

Minta’s explanation explains why Hillary Clinton refused to utter the words “Islamic terror” and tenaciously clung to the “violent extremism” lingo in the Dem debate Saturday night and as she stated in the previous Dem debate, she considers Republicans her enemy, not Islamic terrorists.  In her comments, she often posits that within the Republicans are bastions of “violent right-wing  extremists” and President Obama brushed rural Pennsylvanians, of which I am one, in one broad stroke as  “clinging to their guns and religion”.

So, let’s move on to the big picture, where the “Circle of Life of Islamic civilization” forms the framework from which to understand what in the heck is going on.  Often, Westerners will say things like, “Why do they hate us?” or “What are we doing to make them react like that?” (note the accepting blame mentality).  The November 15th Nightwatch explains that the terrorists involved in the actual terrorist attacks form only a cell within a much larger system:

“France-Islamic terror:  Special comment: The Islamic terrorist attacks on 13 November reinforce several attributes about terrorism that should be well known.  Most important is that the attacks were a product of a living system. The news analysts talked about a network, but that word is too limited and anodyne to be a metaphor for a living system devoted to death.

Before the investigations are complete, many dozens of people will be found to have supported the attack preparations. Well-planned and executed terrorist attacks always are the products of a living system.

According to Miller, in Living Systems, every biological system performs 20 separate functions that are essential to sustain life. In every human body, different organs are specialized to perform the functions. In human groups, including a terrorist group, individuals perform one or more of the functions.

The attackers represent only one of the 20 functions. Unknown additional people, usually invisible to the police, perform the other 19 functions that the group requires. The French and Belgian police are rounding up those others now.

The French bombing of Syria betrays some understanding of the relationships in a living system. Communications between the attackers and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria is enough to justify a retaliatory attack to assuage public outrage a bit.

Nevertheless, ISIL operatives outside Syria and Iraq behave as independent actors, deriving guidance more than material support from the ISIL leadership. The more sinister parts of the living system are being found in Europe. These terrorists were locals. The specific targets were locally determined.”

Source: Nightwatch

JK mentioned a 2005 Foreign Affairs article,  “Blowback Revisited”, in a comment yesterday, which chronicles the back story on  the current crop of Islamist terrorists Europe and the United States must confront.  If you don’t subscribe to Foreign Affairs, they allow you to register and view one free article a month.  Here’s where we’re at today:

The byline starts:


Here’s the key takeaway:

“Several factors could make blowback from the Iraq war even more dangerous than the fallout from Afghanistan. Foreign fighters started to arrive in Iraq even before Saddam’s regime fell. They have conducted most of the suicide bombings — including some that have delivered strategic successes such as the withdrawal of the UN and most international aid organizations — and the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, another alumnus of the Afghan war, is perhaps the most effective insurgent commander in the field. Fighters in Iraq are more battle hardened than the Afghan Arabs, who fought demoralized Soviet army conscripts. They are testing themselves against arguably the best army in history, acquiring skills in their battles against coalition forces that will be far more useful for future terrorist operations than those their counterparts learned during the 1980s. Mastering how to make improvised explosive devices or how to conduct suicide operations is more relevant to urban terrorism than the conventional guerrilla tactics used against the Red Army. U.S. military commanders say that techniques perfected in Iraq have been adopted by militants in Afghanistan.”

The article closes:

“The lesson of the decade of terror that followed the Afghan war was that underestimating the importance of blowback has severe consequences. Repeating the mistake in regard to Iraq could lead to even deadlier outcomes.”

G. Murphy Donovan perfectly describes the Western response to the threat we now face in a  searing piece, “Friday the 13th in Paris” :

“No matter the body count or venue, Europe and America refuse to recognize jihad as a global Islamic assault. And as with the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, the best response that Francois Hollande and France can muster now is a karaoke Marseillaise, a knee-jerk hymn to irrelevant if not discredited notions of liberté, égalité, and fraternité.

Fey responses to terror are now routine in the West. Call it cultural appropriation. Summary executions are accepted by Islamist butcher and infidel victim alike. Atrocity has been routinized, now hallmarks of 21st Century practices in the East and tolerance in the West. Suicide bombers and their victims are joined by the same moral vacuity. The former have no moral compass and the latter are loath to exert any prudence.

Excuses are epidemic. Bernie Sanders on the looney Left actually believes that global warming and ISIS are wingmen. The Sanders pronouncement is of a piece with team  Obama’s flawed assessments where ISIS has been described as the “junior varsity.”

Exaggerating a threat might be a no lose hedge but underestimating an existential threat can be fatal. Just ask Paris.”

GMD brusquely sweeps the cobwebs out of the corners of timid reactionary thinking and lays out the reality of Islamic civilization devoid of the burka of political correctness:

“For those with the attention span to notice, global Islamic terror is the most obvious symptom that globalization is not working. Democratic civility and “one-world” comity are not ascending stars, especially in the Muslim world. Societies that venerate 7th Century absolutist monoculture or cult prophets are impervious to fact or reason – much less democracy.

With the possible exception of Kurdistan and a few of the former Soviet Muslim republics, the Ummah is morphing into universal dystopic theocracy. (my highlight)

The quest for Islamic monoculture is facilitated by three trends: a weak or indecisive West, dishonest assessments of the threat, and a generation of leaders in the West who fail to appreciate or defend the virtue, indeed, superiority of their own culture. Indeed, of the three, the most pernicious is the last, the notion that all cultures and religious beliefs are morally equivalent.”

I’ll close with a link to a video on Living Systems Theory:

And in keeping with my Disney theme,  above at minute 5:38 there’s a slide on the Circle of Life from the animated Disney movie, “The Lion King”.  Below you can watch the entire “Morning Lesson with Mufasa”:

When my children were young, my younger sister came to visit and The Lion King was a hit then.  She observed that she thought that movie was too violent for children.  One can only wonder what children in war-torn Syria or downtown Paris think about the world they live in…


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In a boat without paddles…..

Why postcard

Why is always the question I ask.  Visual images hold the power to impact us in ways that words never will.  The image above is from a postcard I bought in Germany in 1980.  In a blog post, I had mentioned that I went to the border, near a town named Hof, and I saw the “Iron Curtain” in person as a young soldier on a trip arranged by the Army.  That trip, and of course being assigned to a Pershing missile battalion, set me on this path of studying military strategy and trying to understand, “Why war?”  Assuredly, I am not some closet 60s peacenik, but I do search for better answers to the world’s most difficult mountain to move, which is “finding a path to Peace?”

The huge displacement of people from Syria, Libya, Iraq and other areas in the greater Mid-East, an exodus that has been in progress for several years, I might add, has now captured the amnesiac public’s attention in the West. A photo of a drowned Syrian boy, lying face down on the beach, where he washed ashore in Turkey after drowning when the overcrowded boat his family was on capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, will become the iconic image of this war, just like the photo of the naked Vietnamese girl a generation ago.  The boy’s family was fleeing Kobani, the sight of an ongoing battle between Islamic State fighters and the Kurds.

I listen with interest to the simplistic answers to resolve this refugee crisis and also to the simplistic answers as to what caused this crisis too.  The answers range from British actress, Emma Thompson declaring the problem is because British people are racist and don’t want to help these refugees.  Across the pond, GOP presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, placed the blame squarely on President Obama for failing to act sooner and intervening in the Syrian civil war and dealing with the Islamic State.  The prime minister of Hungary, Victor Orbán invited  angry cries of racism and outrage, when he criticized EU policy.  The UK news site, The Guardian reports:

“Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe,” Orbán wrote in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Europe’s response is madness. We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.

“Irresponsibility is the mark of every European politician who holds out the promise of a better life to immigrants and encourages them to leave everything behind and risk their lives in setting out for Europe. If Europe does not return to the path of common sense, it will find itself laid low in a battle for its fate.”

The president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, lashed out at the EU. The UK’s Daily Mail states:

Mr Erdogan, the Turkish president, today insisted Europe had to act to save refugees dying.

He said: ‘European countries, which have turned the Mediterranean, the cradle of the world’s oldest civilisations, into a cemetery for refugees, shares the sin for every refugee who loses their life.’

Read more:
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This same Daily Mail UK story includes the response to this refugee crisis by British prime minister, David Cameron:

“The Prime Minister told reporters: ‘Anyone who saw those pictures overnight could not help but be moved and, as a father, I felt deeply moved by the sight of that young boy on a beach in Turkey.

‘Britain is a moral nation and we will fulfil our moral responsibilities.

‘I would say the people responsible for these terrible scenes we see the people most responsible are President Assad in Syria and the butchers of ISIL and the criminal gangs who are running this terrible trade in people.’

Asked why Britain won’t take more refugees, Mr Cameron said: ‘We are. We are taking thousands of refugees and we have always done that as a country – running our asylum system properly and giving a proper welcome to people and helping them when they come here.”

My primary care doctor pulled out his cell phone a year or so ago and showed me photos of his parents’ home in Syria, where the neighborhood had been bombed in recent days.  His parents are here in the US with him, having been displaced by the civil war in Syria.  My doctor, a wonderful doctor and usually so calm and measured in speech, angrily stated that it was all because of one man trying to stay in power, placing blame squarely on Syrian president, Bashar  al Assad.

And so it goes, each response, points a finger at who is to blame for the problem.  Each response carries some truth, but none answers the big question of “why” this situation reached this point, nor do any responses bring us any closer to resolving the larger problem.  The real answer is people accept ineffective leaders around the world and people look for little picture scapegoats to resolve complex problems, which require international answers and more importantly international leadership.

One country, not even those who believe in the US as the global hegemon, can resolve the ongoing collapse of Islamic civilization.  And what the leaders in The West don’t quite grasp is simultaneously Western civilization is on that downward civilizational spiral too.  As I stated in a previous post, we are facing two large civilization collapses at the same time.  The West has set up a house of cards financial scheme that could fold without hurricane force winds.  Yes, it is that precarious!

The post card at the top of this post set me on a journey searching not only for a better national security framework, but a better international security framework.  Everyone, from Emma Thompson, horrified by that photo, to Victor Orbán, fearful of the collapse of western civilization, is right and yet, none captures the larger truth..  The larger truth is no one leader or country can resolve this crisis.  Only many leaders working in good faith can end the fighting in the collapsing Islamic civilization and only many leaders can stabilize the collapsing Western civilization.  In May, I wrote:

Now, how I started thinking about all this was because long ago, I was a young woman assigned to a Pershing missile unit in 1980 and trying to wrap my mind around “mutually assured  destruction” scared me.  I have been reading and thinking about our national security strategy almost every day since 1980 and asking myself “Why?”  I am seeking a different path forward to provide, not just a national security framework, but an international security framework for ALL of us. Yes, quite an insurmountable obstacle, a pipe dream perhaps, but there you have it – that is my personal mission and I’ll keep studying, reading history, and considering new ideas unto that end.  I am a nobody homemaker, but I am an American and no one ever told me I can’t succeed.  I started writing my thoughts and  ideas here and welcome other ideas.

“I believe too much effort is directed toward extremes of “kill them all” or “bow down in submission to Islamist nuts intent on killing all of us“.  Hopefully, my determination to explore other avenues, than the extremes, doesn’t make me a quisling, an armchair expert or naive.  I’m a mother and a grandmother wondering about the future for them and I believe, we need to explore new ways of bolstering an international security framework and that demands LEADERSHIP.”

I’ve written many of my thoughts about military strategy, war, and the complexities of understanding civilizations on this blog.  I like to consider and analyze problems from a little picture/ big picture perspective. At the heart of war and all conflict lies the human heart and a break down of trust:

Aquamarine vs. turquoise

Then there are larger issues like:

Who will defend our castle?

Global Zero: Another Nothing-Burger Plan
Paving the path to Peace

So, after thinking about “Why war?” since 1980 and reading endlessly about military strategy, history, and geopolitics.  I’m going to just repost my blog post from May and you can laugh, dismiss it out of hand, or consider it, but truly the answer boils down to “all of us”, not pointing fingers at another world leader or group:

If we build it; we can fix it

I want to write this post, which assuredly most people will dismiss out of hand.  This is my explanation of why I think Peace is possible and the fall of civilizations remedied.  I’ve been an adherent of a “God does not give us impossible missions belief” my entire life.  I believe God gave us FREE WILL.  We can choose to do or not to do, to soar or to sit on our butts whining that life isn’t fair and wait for others to do for us,  We can choose to live in FEAR or we can dare to stand up and say, “I don’t care if that’s the way it’s always been, I am going to think for myself and see if I can think, invent, build something better.”

As far as I can tell, the only human unit that is vital is the husband/wife combo, because without them reproducing , the human race will perish.  For a child to survive, requires both the mother and father.  Of course, living in groups – the “it takes a village” idea, definitely makes it much easier for humans to flourish. So, most people live in groups.

I like to analyze systems, even though I have had no formal training to do this.  One of my sons works for a large aircraft manufacturer as a software engineer.  He tells me about his travels to go diagnose and fix problems for customers, whose planes have something not working right.

Now, imagine if their planes had some fatal flaw where, say, inexplicably their most popular deluxe model of planes started suffering engine failure after hitting around the 20,000 mile mark.  The company would not accept the 20,000 mile failure of their planes nor would they want to have to rebuild engines, over and over or replace the ones that died.  They would send someone to do a systems analysis and try to detect what design flaws or equipment failure are leading to this problem.

I never accepted either the “belief” that civilizations are doomed to this endless “rise and fall” cycle, nor do I wander off into utopian pipe dreams.  My observation is that civilizations are built and deconstructed by man, just like planes – they are a man-made invention.  We find on earth some societies that remained content to settle for living in small groups and fighting to survive at bare subsistence level.  Others seek to live in a fancier deluxe model grouping, thus the most advanced civilizations are built to please those customers.  These deluxe model civilizations rely on several complex sub-systems to operate.

My mother used to get frustrated with my unwillingness to accept answers that began with, “that’s the way it’s always been”.   Accepting that premise dooms us to wasting a lot of, not only material wealth, but more importantly human lives and potential (often large portions of an entire generation), because lots of people perish when we have multiple sub-set systems failures.

So, far we’ve got most of the best geopolitical systems analysts (world leaders, scholars, statesmen, soldiers) not working on finding ways to fix the multiple, simultaneous, sub-system failures that lead to a collapse of a civilization.  They study the various sub-set systems and do some disparate diagnostics, then shrug and say, that’s just how civilizations are – “they rise and they fall”. Some try to design quick-fix patches.  Some recoil in fear and are content to be passive spectators to the collapse and murmur, “It’s always been that way”.  Brilliant geopolitics experts, almost to a man, say “that’s the way it’s always been  and I have seen nothing in history to indicate  it can ever change.” Of course, if you accept it can’t change, very few people will even bother trying to change it.

In fact, they invariably insist that when one of those sub-set systems, one intended to safeguard the entire system,  runs amok and helps destroy most of the frame and body of the entire civilization, we’re just supposed  to accept that these most complex advanced civilizations have some fatal flaw – it’s either that’s how God made the world, accept it, quit being a daydreamer and shut up about “utopias”.

I refuse to accept that belief.   I believe that if we build it, we can always improve on the design and come up with better sub-systems to build a newer, better performing model.   If your best systems analysts don’t ever even really try to find the design flaws and fix them, but instead wander off, halfheartedly fixing, only bits and pieces of some of the sub-system design flaws, of course the system will continue to reach the point where these sub-systems start falling apart and down the chute into the dustbin of history goes all that work that went into it. In the process usually many, many people perish, because most of these sub-set failures happen in midair, resulting in spectacular crashes, although some do implode and burn slowly on the runway too, so to speak.  Cleaning up the wreckage from civilizational collapses can take centuries, sometimes those people that survive don’t even bother, they wander off into the wilderness.

The known history of man provides us a great deal of information to study the various sub-sets, how they work together, which models work better and the flaws in the various systems.   For instance, we know that in governmental systems there are good kings and bad kings, dependent on one thing – the king.   For that system to work long term, relies on the accident of birth and hoping the genetic lottery of life works favorably for your kingdom, because all it takes to wreck a good kingdom is one bad king.

Others, say, in America, sat down and studied history and analyzed government systems throughout history and tried to select components that would provide a safeguard against the one bad king, as they had just got done ditching one of those bad draws in the genetic pool kind of kings.  In America, some men gathered together and said, even though no one in the known history of man has tried this first, we are FREE to come up with a better system.  We started with the premise that ALL MEN ARE FREE and constructed a governmental system that we thought would best safeguard individual freedom.  Many people in the world get sick of hearing Americans blabber on about our Constitution.  Lots of countries have constitutions, but none of them starts with the bedrock BELIEFS that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and ALL MEN ARE FREE.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, we tried to transplant democracy, but democracy isn’t what leads to a better life for people;  FREEDOM does.  A Constitution is just a piece of paper.  Napoleon was one of the world’s premiere constitution writers in history.   As soon as Napoleon conquered a place, he wrote another constitution for those conquered people to obey.   Selecting a good governmental system, in my opinion, is the most important sub-system in a group’s organizational structure, because that sub-system determines how well any other component sub-systems you design will work.  We shouldn’t be telling the world that democracy makes us different, we should teach the world that the BELIEF IN INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM  does.

Many other governmental systems work, and all governments are subject to engine failure (where America is at now) and a host of other sub-system failures, because any government relies on many other complex sub-systems to work too, just as civilizations do.  Being willing to do the diagnostics and taking the corrective actions to prevent a total breakdown determines the fate of more complex groups, who rely on a more advanced organizational structure than a simple group, like a tribe or religious commune.

My son recently lamented to me that he doesn’t understand why some, way more experienced, software engineers he knows settle for creating sort of patches to fix problems, instead of trying to figure out what’s causing the problem to occur in the first place and fix that.  He asked why people are like that and I told him, that in my opinion, lots of people prefer to take the easiest road – believe me, growing up in PA, our pothole-patched roads attest to that.  Because throwing a patch on is easier than repairing the entire road.  And I should know, because my father built roads for a living.


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Where have all the gentlemen gone?

“I always thought it was so very American, when we were back in the days when Americans were known to be brash and bold. But I want to point out something while I’m thinking about Shane and the Virginian—both of them had impeccable manners. It was actually pointed out in the books, not by saying it, of course, but by having someone notice it and be shown thinking about it. It was a part of each man. Polite, filled with decorum toward actions and other people. Decent. Even knowing which fork to use—I loved it. Because the books set out the best of all worlds.”

– Minta Marie Morze

My friend, Minta, serves not only as a trusted friend, she’s also part cheerleader and part muse to keep me writing.  When she sent me her critique on my blog post the other day, where I had mentioned the 1902 novel, “The Virginian”, my thoughts turned to dissecting what it is about Donald Trump that bothers me the most.  The answer has nothing to do with Trump’s political views or flip-flops.  What bothers me is not just the brashness nor the bragging, it’s about his ungentlemanly behavior.  His supporters cheer that he isn’t bowing down to PC, but here’s the truth, he isn’t offering an example of behavior that is any better.  Going on Twitter and bashing Megyn Kelly as a ‘bimbo” doesn’t come across as “presidential”, but it also shouldn’t be acceptable behavior for any man.  Yes, I mentioned the Kelly/Howard Stern interview in a previous blog post and I find her behavior questionable too.  This all leads to the much larger topic of this post:  “Where have all the gentlemen gone?”

It seems that almost daily we are assaulted by more left-wing social-engineering insanity, accepting every sort of sexual disorder and deviancy as just a lifestyle choice, the expansion of imaginary gender categories too freakish and numerous to keep track of, and on to the angry racial animus tearing at the very seams of American society.  At the center of this turbulent storm swirls a core of rage and violence.  We have a lot of angry people in America, especially young men.  Across the seas lies another culture that has promised death to America, and the one thing they have in common with America is they have a lot of angry people too, especially men.  So, here we go as I ponder the history of gentlemen.  In a 2013 blog post, I delved into, “Why America needs gentlemen…. and ladies too”, but decided it’s time to revisit this topic.

In a 2013 column, Mark Steyn wrote about the groups of young black men engaged in knock-out crimes attacking innocent white passers-by.  He wrote:

“As things stand, if white youths target a black guy it’s a hate crime, but vice versa is merely common assault. I doubt this would make very much difference. “No justification of virtue will enable a man to be virtuous,” wrote Lewis — and, likewise, no law can prevent a thug punching an old lady to the ground if the thug is minded to. “A society’s first line of defense is not the law but customs, traditions, and moral values,” wrote Professor Walter Williams a few years ago. “They include important thou-shalt-nots such as shalt not murder, shalt not steal, shalt not lie and cheat, but they also include all those courtesies one might call ladylike and gentlemanly conduct. Policemen and laws can never replace these restraints on personal conduct.””

Read more at:

The Islamic State nutjobs (more out-of-control young men) claim to be building a new Caliphate, as they crucify, behead, and topple every vestige of civilization, both modern and ancient.  These barbarians apparently read about as much history as the New Black Panthers, the thugs rioting in Baltimore, Dylan Roof and all these other violent young men.  Since 9/11 I’ve heard Charles Martel hailed for stopping the spread of Islam in Europe at the Battle of Tours in 732 AD.  He stopped the Moors, who had conquered Spain, but it wasn’t until the late 1400s when the Moors were driven out of Spain.  What followed was the Spanish Inquistion, where the Muslims and Jews were driven out of Spain and heretics (those who were not Christians) were rounded up, judged, then sentenced to extremely brutal punishments.

Most Americans, due to our lamentable education system, have no clue that the Moors(Muslims) in Spain had built an advanced civilization that far surpassed the rest of Europe at that time.  I came across a passage in the 1943 book, “The Discovery of Freedom”, by Rose Wilder Lane, describing where the European code of chivalry originated. It came from the Muslim world.  The Moors brought that code to Spain and during the Crusades, Lane notes the knights observed it in the  Saracens’ world  during their travels to the Holy Land. “Saracen” is an archaic term for Arabs/Muslims during the Crusades.  Lane writes:

But the returning Crusaders brought back to Europe the first idea of a gentleman that Europeans had ever had. Until they invaded the Saracens’ civilization, they had never known that a strong man need not be brutal. The Saracens were splendid fighters when they fought, but they were not cruel; they did not torture their prisoners, they did not kill the wounded. In their own country, they did not persecute the Christians. They were brave men, but they were gentle. They were honorable; they told the truth, they kept their word. This ideal of a gentleman especially impressed the English. It is still producing perhaps the finest class of human beings on earth today, the men and women of the British ruling class. It is an ideal that permeates all of American life. This is what surprises so many people in many parts of the world, when they see and meet the common American soldiers and sailors.

Lane, Rose Wilder (2012-05-02). The Discovery of Freedom (LFB) (Kindle Locations 2118-2125). Laissez Faire Books. Kindle Edition.

So, I looked for some more history to back up this notion of Muslims in the medieval world being the inspiration for European codes of chivalry and the development of the gentleman and here’s a passage from a 1900 history book, “A Short History of the Saracens: Being a concise account of the Rise and Decline of the Saracenic Power and of the Economic, Social and Intellectual Development of the Arab Nation” (a Google book page 519):

“But Cordova was not merely the abode of culture,of
learning and arts, of industry and commerce; it was
the home where chivalry received its first nourishment.

Chivalry is innate in the Arab character, but its rules
and principles, the punctilious code of honour, the
knightly polish, the courtliness, all of which were so
assiduously cultivated afterwards in the kingdom of
Granada, came into prominence under an-Nasir and his
son. “It was at this period that the chivalrous ideas
commenced to develop themselves, joined to an ex-
alted sense of honour and respect for the feeble sex.”1
Another competent writer states that chivalry with all
its institutions, such as came later into existence among
the Christian nations of the West, flourished among the
Saracens in the time of an-Nasir, Hakam, and al—Mansur.2
Here came foreign knights under guarantee of peace and
protection to break lance with Saracen cavaliers.”

Now, back to Minta’s astute observation that started off this post, well, here’s a passage from, “The Virginian”, where the Eastern visitor describes his first encounter with the Western cowboy, who happens to be the Virginian:

“As we went, I read my host’s letter–a brief hospitable message. He was very sorry not to meet me himself. He had been getting ready to drive over, when the surveyor appeared and detained him. Therefore in his stead he was sending a trustworthy man to town, who would look after me and drive me over. They were looking forward to my visit with much pleasure. This was all.

Yes, I was dazed. How did they count distance in this country? You spoke in a neighborly fashion about driving over to town, and it meant–I did not know yet how many days. And what would be meant by the term “dropping in,” I wondered. And how many miles would be considered really far? I abstained from further questioning the “trustworthy man.” My questions had not fared excessively well. He did not propose making me dance, to be sure: that would scarcely be trustworthy. But neither did he propose to have me familiar with him. Why was this? What had I done to elicit that veiled and skilful sarcasm about oddities coming in on every train? Having been sent to look after me, he would do so, would even carry my valise; but I could not be jocular with him. This handsome, ungrammatical son of the soil had set between us the bar of his cold and perfect civility. No polished person could have done it better. What was the matter? I looked at him, and suddenly it came to me. If he had tried familiarity with me the first two minutes of our acquaintance, I should have resented it; by what right, then, had I tried it with him? It smacked of patronizing: on this occasion he had come off the better gentleman of the two. Here in flesh and blood was a truth which I had long believed in words, but never met before. The creature we call a GENTLEMAN lies deep in the hearts of thousands that are born without chance to master the outward graces of the type.”

Throughout America, gentlemen still exist, although they are definitely an endangered species.  The US military used to be a bastion of fine gentlemen, but the Obama transformation marked them for extinction, under the guise of progress, where sexual orientation and progressive nostrums neuter gentlemen and turn them into parsing, mincing PC cheerleaders.  The ones who want to wear the skirts are being given top attention before being separated from the military, as it seems the Secretary of Defense spends more time working to make sure transgenders can serve openly than he does trying to make sure we defeat ISIS.

There are still glimmers of hope, like the young American men, who charged ahead unarmed to deal with an Islamist terrorist on a French train recently. so let’s hope across America, some Moms and Dads are still teaching their sons to be gentlemen, because they are sorely needed!


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“He never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right”

“My son,” said the Norman Baron, “I am dying, and you will be heir
To all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
When we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is.
But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:
“The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own,
And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.”


Hannan, Daniel (2013-11-19). Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World (p. 91). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Coming from a blue-collar background, I do understand the rise of populist icons, like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, among working class Americans, who aren’t going to assiduously study issues, read history or pay any attention to renowned pundits like George Will, with his use of words most of these people have never even heard, let alone know their meaning.  These are the people I grew up around and as one of my sons, as a precocious12 year-old informed me, many years ago while on a visit to the backwoods of PA, “Mom, your family is kind of like Northern rednecks.”  There you have your explanation for the rise of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin before him.

In my many years online, I have been banned two times from posting comments on two blogs, The American Thinker and The Last Refuge Blog, one years ago and one just recently.  After my experiences posting on the Excite message boards way back during the Clinton impeachment, these days I don’t venture to other sites very often to post comments, preferring to stay here at my own backwoods blog, to ramble to my heart’s content.  The past few days, I spent some time at National Review posting under my long-time user name, mhere (my little inside joke on the Russian word for peace) and at The American Thinker under the name, susanholly.  I was observing the comments from the devoted Trump supporters and thinking about the Trump supporters’ views.

This Trump phenomenon hearkened back to the Sarah Palin flirtation with a 2012 run for President and that is where I got banned from The American Thinker, for commenting on Sarah Palin wallowing (and making big money) in the reality TV trash culture, while bashing the decline in American culture.  I hadn’t written any cuss words or called any other posters names, just expressed my opinion, that she is a populist, self-promoter more than she is a staunch conservative standard-bearer.

Often Palin lands on the right side of conservative issues, but she can’t offer more than trite slogans and appeals to emotion to support her views.  Her supporters adore her and any venue where she ends up looking stupid, gets turned on the reporter asking the question, like Katie Couric asking Palin what  newspapers and periodicals she reads to stay informed, in that famous interview before the 2008 election.  Palin couldn’t even list any and to this day she insists that was a gotcha question, when in fact it’s a fair and very pertinent question.  Instead of learning from that failure, Palin doubled down on her attacks against the “lamestream” media and her supporters do the same.  Charles Krauthammer fell prey to vicious attacks from Palin supporters for his comments in a Dec 2010 appearance on Bill O’Reilly (at minute 2:50), for suggesting that Palin should have spent the past two years acquiring policy expertise.  Krauthammer committed the ultimate sacrilege for insisting the Couric interview questions during the 2008 election were not gotcha questions :

Daniel Hannan, in his book, Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World explains this gap between the elites and ordinary people perfectly:

On July 3, 1940, Admiral Sir James Somerville issued the saddest order of his career. France had been occupied by the Nazis and was required under the armistice terms to transfer its Mediterranean fleet to German command. The British couldn’t allow such a development: Italy had entered the war on Hitler’s side, and control of the Mediterranean was at stake.

Winston Churchill ordered a larger British force to confront the French fleet off the Algerian naval base of Oran. The French admiral, Marcel-Bruno Gensoul, was given three options: to take his ships to British waters and carry on the struggle; to remove them from the theater of operations and keep them in the West Indies for the duration of the war; or to scuttle them.

All three options were turned down and, as the sultry day wore on, a final ultimatum was issued and rejected. At last, Admiral Somerville ordered his ships to shell the French fleet, the only occasion the British and French navies have exchanged hostile fire since Trafalgar. For ten minutes, great geysers of water shot into the sky, soon joined by black smoke from the battleship Bretagne, which was badly hit. No fewer than 1,297 Frenchmen were killed and 351 injured, by far the worst naval losses suffered by France during the war. There were no British casualties.

Somerville was sickened by what he later called “the most unnatural and painful decision” of his life. He passed a grim and silent evening in the mess, where many of his officers had tears in their eyes. But he couldn’t help noticing that, on the lower decks, a very different attitude prevailed, most sailors cheerfully declaring that they “never ’ad no use for them French bastards.”

It was an extreme illustration of an age-old social divide. The English (and later British) upper classes tended to be Francophone and Francophile. Yet theirs was a minority tendency, one that opened them down the centuries to accusations of being effete and unpatriotic.

That class division can be traced right back to the Norman Conquest, which placed England under a French-speaking aristocracy. It was to be more than three centuries before English again became the language of Parliament, the law courts, the monarchy, and the episcopacy. Certain parliamentary procedures are still, a millennium after the Conquest, conducted in Norman-French. The Queen’s approval of legislative bills, for example, is announced with the phrase “La Reine le veult.”

The native English, disinherited and resentful, projected their resentment onto French-speakers in general. The popular stereotype of the Frenchman closely resembled the radicals’ stereotype of the aristocrat: mincing, epicene, sly.

Even today, most Britons suspect (with good reason) that their elites are more Europhile in general, and more Francophile in particular, than the country at large. By “Europhile,” they don’t simply mean readier to accept EU jurisdiction, though that belief is demonstrably accurate. “Europhile” has wider connotations: of snobbery, of contempt for majority opinion, of the smugness of a remote political caste.

The extraordinary thing is that we can find no period in the past nine hundred years when such a sense was absent. The linkage between French manners and upper-class decadence has been made in England (then Britain, then the Anglosphere as a whole) by every generation.

Hannan, Daniel (2013-11-19). Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World (pp. 92-93). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Yesterday, at The American Thinker, I commented a good bit on an article, “The New Jacksonian Rebellion (and Trump, too)”, by J. Robert Smith. He writes:

In the day, weren’t Old Hickory and the Jacksonians “mad as hell?” Jacksonian Democracy was fueled by a righteous indignation — as is today’s liberty rebellion.

When we consider the struggle for freedom (and it’s been ongoing since the Revolution), we need to consider how past movements are amalgamated, synthesized. Today’s liberty rebellion resembles the Jacksonian but has many fathers. Expressions for liberty change, somewhat, to fit the times, but the core principles remain. Liberty is still man’s natural state. Humanity’s direction (as epitomized in the American experience) struggles toward achieving this birthright. It’s nearly instinct.

Though the focus is on Trump, some conservatives — and more Republicans — are unsettled by the liberty rebellion. It’s too Jacksonian in profile for whiggish conservatives — it’s raw, coarse, and full of the frontier; it discounts government more than they’d care. They are the George Wills of the world. explains Jacksonian Democracy in terms that do show this same sort of the elites vs the ordinary man class struggle:

By the 1820s, these tensions fed into a many-sided crisis of political faith. To the frustration of both self-made men and plebeians, certain eighteenth-century elitist republican assumptions remained strong, especially in the seaboard states, mandating that government be left to a natural aristocracy of virtuous, propertied gentlemen. Simultaneously, some of the looming shapes of nineteenth-century capitalism—chartered corporations, commercial banks, and other private institutions—presaged the consolidation of a new kind of moneyed aristocracy. And increasingly after the War of 1812, government policy seemed to combine the worst of both old and new, favoring the kinds of centralized, broad constructionist, top-down forms of economic development that many thought would aid men of established means while deepening inequalities among whites. Numerous events during and after the misnamed Era of Good Feelings—among them the neo-Federalist rulings of John Marshall’s Supreme Court, the devastating effects of the panic of 1819, the launching of John Quincy Adams’s and Henry Clay’s American System—confirmed a growing impression that power was steadily flowing into the hands of a small, self-confident minority.

Daniel Hannan and J. Robert Smith clearly lay out this common man vs the moneyed elite sentiment, which transcends centuries in American society as surely as in British society. At the turn of the 20th century novelist  Owen Wister, dedicated his popular novel, “The Virginian”, to his close friend, President Theodore Roosevelt.  “The Virginian” introduced America to the iconic cowboy, bold, brave, unfettered by Eastern elite snobbery.  This is one of my favorite American novels and I often cite a quote from it too: “When a man ain’t got no ideas of his own, he’d ought to be kind of o’ careful who he borrows ’em from.”  Wister perfectly describes the class gap between the self-made Western cowboy as he prepares to go East to meet the family of his new bride, a New England schoolmarm from a blue-blood family:

“Why, I have been noticing. I used to despise an Eastern man because his clothes were not Western. I was very young then, or maybe not so very young, as very–as what you saw I was when you first came to Bear Creek. A Western man is a good thing. And he generally knows that. But he has a heap to learn. And he generally don’t know that. So I took to watching the Judge’s Eastern visitors. There was that Mr. Ogden especially, from New Yawk–the gentleman that was there the time when I had to sit up all night with the missionary, yu’ know. His clothes pleased me best of all. Fit him so well, and nothing flash. I got my ideas, and when I knew I was going to marry you, I sent my measure East–and I and the tailor are old enemies now.”

Bennington probably was disappointed. To see get out of the train merely a tall man with a usual straw hat, and Scotch homespun suit of a rather better cut than most in Bennington–this was dull. And his conversation–when he indulged in any–seemed fit to come inside the house.

Mrs. Flynt took her revenge by sowing broadcast her thankfulness that poor Sam Bannett had been Molly’s rejected suitor. He had done so much better for himself. Sam had married a rich Miss Van Scootzer, of the second families of Troy; and with their combined riches this happy couple still inhabit the most expensive residence in Hoosic Falls.

But most of Bennington soon began to say that Molly s cow-boy could be invited anywhere and hold his own. The time came when they ceased to speak of him as a cow-boy, and declared that she had shown remarkable sense. But this was not quite yet.

Donald Trump, part and parcel, a creature of that wealthy, elite class that his supporters loathe, has managed to transcend his personal history and take on an outsider personna, carefully-crafted to tap into this populist sentiment of his supporters, many who like Palin, rail against the Washington elites, big-money interests, mainstream media and most especially those they deem RINOs.  I was called a pinkie wagger a couple times yesterday while commenting, for holding a different view of Trump.  Most of these people will not be swayed by smart punditry, as Kevin D. Williamson and Jonah Goldberg are finding out, nor will they bother with George Will or Charles Krauthammer, because what is happening is they are closing ranks and it is very much a class struggle.  The more information you provide to show Trump flip-flopped or discredit his vague policy ideas, the more they will hunker down, fuming about “pinkie-waggers” and elitists.  In fact, here’s Sarah Palin’s interview, commiserating still over those unfair media gotcha questions, with Trump.  He, being asked what his favorite Bible verse is, fits her definition of a gotcha question… Truly, he said his favorite book after the Bible was his own book, “The Art of the Deal”, so asking him what his favorite Bible verse was an attempt at a gotcha question???.  You can watch the entire Palin interview of Trump, replete with their mutual adoration society, but very slim on policy or insights on anything more than how they understand how ordinary people feel: Video here.

Partisan political ideology aside, America remains torn apart by factions and this Trump phenomenon must be forcefully exposed as just that – a populist movement centered on a personality more than firm American founding principles.  They may rally under “freedom and liberty” slogans, but there is no firm principled core to the Trump campaign, because his campaign centers on emotion and ginning up a mob tactics.  In every other breath he spouts his polls numbers as vindication that he is right.  Poll numbers don’t make you right. He should hone his arguments in well-thought out, clear sentences.

America needs to hold all of its presidential candidates’ feet to the fire.  Expecting intelligent, well-reasoned arguments and explanations for their policies and ideas, should be the standard we demand. We need leaders who read extensively, who will study issues carefully and at the heart, being President is the highest political office in the land, so demanding a president who has mastered government policy issues is a must.  Expecting that all of our elected officials, both in Congress and the President possess an in-depth understanding of The Constitution, a breadth of knowledge on US history and a strong foundation on foreign policy issues should be our minimum expectation.

Education is free in America!  Accept no excuses!  I possess no college degree, but I devoted my life to reading as much as I can in my spare time.  I have signed out books from Army post libraries, public libraries, purchased many books and even borrowed books from friends.  The ability to access information and learn is limitless in our internet age.   Assuredly, there are gaps in my education, as my blog will surely affirm, but if someone points out something they think I need to read or points out an issue where what I have written is totally misguided or ill-informed, I don’t get angry.  I get reading and try to learn more.  We must all start demanding excellence, not only from our leaders, but from ourselves as well.  America should be admired for it’s educated citizens, not  considered as the home of ignorant, loudmouth, vulgar slobs!

Trump is a smart man, who has been fabulously successful.  He can afford the best speech coaches, writers and political advisers.  Showing up for a debate unprepared is not to be cheered, it’s a show of arrogance and self-conceit.  Ronald Reagan wrote his speeches out on index cards.  A poster yesterday told me I was supposed to infer what Trump was saying in his ramblings .  Absolutely, dead wrong!!!  The President represents all of us to the entire world and he/she must be a person with clear ideas, excellent public-speaking ability and our American message must reverberate, clear, concise and leave no doubts!  Perhaps, Trump will devote the energy to study policy and perfect presenting his vision for America, and prove that he is the best candidate to represent all of us.  And that’s the key, the President of the United States is not just the President of his partisan followers; he is the President of ALL Americans.

To put America on the right track, every American should read President George Washington’s Farewell Address and understand that railing about partisan political views is fine, but to “make America great again” we need to unite as one nation, bond by common values, and that remains the challenge none of the Presidential candidates has spoken to. Factions will destroy our Republic and President Washington warned that it is the “duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.”  


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About the Great Wall of China

With politicians saying that we need something like the Great Wall of China for America, here’s an article, with a quick 2 minute video, covering the Great Wall’s history.  For the record, the Great Wall of China did not prove to be an effective defense against invaders. Here’s the link from

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Talk about serendipity, just after responding to Kinnison making the case for the Kurds, I read the latest article by G. Murphy Donovan at the New English Review, “Reform Islam? Recognize Kurdistan!”  GMD writes:

“If the democratic West seeks to win the war of ideas with the theocratic East, it could do worse than support the national aspirations of a unique culture such as Kurdistan. Persians and Arabs have had their day, yet both are still yoked by religious repression. The time may have come to reward the kind of Muslim polity that the rest of the world can live with.

Recognizing Kurdistan sends a powerful message to Islam. Statehood for the Kurds could spark a reformation that enlightens the entire Muslim world. Indeed, Kurdistan would be, for example, a much more reliable Muslim “partner” in NATO than Turkish backsliders. A Kurdish state might not be the final answer, yet Kurds are surely a better bet than Turks or Palestinians – and a more enlightened addition to the community of tolerant, free nations.”

I think you guys are onto something and combine this idea with the ideas in a SSI paper from 2014 by Huba Wass de Czege, BG (ret.), that I mentioned in a May blog post, “A SSI Paper on defeating the Islamic State” and we might be on our way to a real strategy. 

JK, yes, you’re right, the PKK does complicate matters and they are designated terrorists by both Turkey and the United States, but the Turks will use the latest terrorist attacks to crack down on Kurds, in general, if history is any guide.

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No sacred cows in America

In America many public figures attain sacred cow status, whereby the media turns a blind-eye to unpleasant facts that might challenge the mythological images they helped perpetuate.  In our current state where the American public indolently chews its cud, neither questioning what news it is fed nor steadfastly demanding the truth from its elected officials, we, the American people, must begin to make cow tipping our sacred cows, especially the elected ones, a duty.  I am not suggesting just digging for dirt for the sake of destroying people, but we’ve got liars, corrupt charlatans and even criminals running our country and when information emerges, rather than burying our heads in the sand, we should seek the truth.

I’ve written about John McCain numerous times and I’ve listened to him speak many, many times (hard to miss, since the media chose him as the “voice” of the GOP).  He waxes on about needing a strategy to deal with the Islamic State, but for a supposed military expert, his strategic vision seems rather myopic, lacks depth perception and definitely suffers from limited peripheral vision.  McCain deftly parlayed his “war hero” status into a political career, being  conferred sacred cow status along the way.   Beyond the media-generated circus with Donald Trump and the “war hero” flap,  serious questions, that go to the heart of  John McCain’s character should be answered:

There are lots of interesting links in this story worth reading, but make sure to read the 2010 Sydney Schanberg article at The American Conservative:

“McCain and the POW Cover-Up”

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The Stupidity of Sophisticates

The Stupidity of Sophisticates.

Mark Steyn penned a piece July 7, 2015, which begins:

“Last week, I swung by the Bill Bennett show to chew over the news of the hour. A few minutes before my grand entrance, one of Bill’s listeners had taken issue with the idea that these Supreme Court decisions weren’t the end and, if you just got on with your life and tended to your garden, things wouldn’t be so bad:

Claudine came on and said that’s what Germans reckoned in the 1930s: just keep your head down and the storm will pass. How’d that work out?

David Kelsey writes from the University of South Carolina to scoff at that:

In one corner, we have government recognition of marriage contracts between gays. In the other corner, we have Jews, Catholics, gays, their sympathizes [sic] and other undesirables being put in Nazi concentration camps.

One of these things is nothing like the other, unless you’re a lunatic. Maybe the reason conservatives keep “losing everything that matters” is because they really can’t tell the difference. Which causes increasing numbers of people to recognize them as lunatics.”

Please read the rest of  Steyn’s brilliantly argued piece to figure out who really is the lunatic.

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