Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hopefully, I’ll come up with some original posts soon and in fact, although there’s one in my draft’s folder  already written on “Wholesale Public Corruption,” it’s probably best to wait to post that one until a few more bits of evidence pan out conclusively.  All of my Messages of mhere story did happen in 1998 and early 1999 – that story is the truth!  The larger mystery of why so much effort and money was expended to shut me up, over my comments posted at the online, public, Excite message boards on the Clinton impeachment scandal, has taken longer to unravel.  I believe it goes to something deeper than just the Clintons, as stated in recent posts, hence my post “Wholesale Public Corruption”.

Until the moment arrives when I decide to post that, let me express my deep sorrow and also deep fear at hearing of Justice Scalia’s passing yesterday.  Another blow to The Constitution being able to survive the forces at play to “fundamentally transform America,” it took only hours before the partisan forces, on both sides, took to the media to lob their attacks at each other. They didn’t even have the respect to let his body be laid to rest, before unleashing this new front in their ongoing battle, really just a smokescreen to dupe the American people, whom they think of as mindless idiots or low information voters. While Americans angrily join these manufactured  partisan battles, attacking each other, these power-brokers in America keep consolidating their own power among their elite group, where membership in either political party is by invitation only.  So, enough of poltiics today, instead here’s another fascinating historical tidbit from The American Minute:

People often sign Valentine cards with X’s and O’s.

The Greek name for Christ, Χριστό, begins with the letter “X” which in Greek is called “Chi.”

“X” became a common abbreviation for the name Christ.

This is why Christ-mas is abbreviated as X-mas.

In Medieval times, the “X” was called the Christ’s Cross, or “Criss-Cross.”

The “Criss-Cross Row” was the way colonial school children learned the alphabet, where they would start at the X and say “May Christ’s Cross grant me speed (success)” and then proceed to recite the 26 letters.

It reminded students that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

“Mortals ne’er shall know
More than contained of old the Chris’-cross row.”

The Christ’s Cross was a form of a written oath.

Similar to the ancient practice of swearing upon a Bible, saying “so help me God,” then kissing the Bible, people would sign a document with or next to the Christ’s Cross to swear before God they would keep the agreement, then kiss it to show sincerity.

This practice has come down to us as “sign at the X”, or saying “I swear, cross my heart.”

This is the origin of signing a Valentines’ card with an “X” to express a pledge before God to be faithful, and an “O” to seal the pledge with a kiss of sincerity.

So, we still get the kisses part, the O,  of XO correct; it was the X meaning hugs that is not.  You can read the entire American Minute post at: http://www.americanminute.com/index.php

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