Canaries in the mine shaft…… still chirping.

The previous link is to a great bit of investigating by those folks at The Last Refuge blog.  In the comments I added some links from old LB posts. Elizabeth O’Bagy and friends come back to haunt John McCain again. And they’ve got a video of the smartest woman in the world,  lying of course. As she rambles on in her infamous Congressional testimony, she tries to perch upon the merits of the members of her oh-so-serious,  oft-quoted, “independent” ARB report. Chirp, chirp, chirp, but I wrote about that ARB report too: “Benghazi ARB report: Bird Cage Liner or Probing Investigation?”.   Safe to say, that I would opt for bird cage liner as my answer.  There’s a link to the entire report in this old blog post, so you can read it yourself. And, these Benghazi canaries still chirp, no matter how many ways Hilliary & friends try to snuff them out.  Keep some fresh bird cage liner ready, because these little birdies surely have many more droppings to unload…

Bryan Preston at PJ Media did a lot of reporting on Elizabeth O’Bagy too.

Here’s my very first Elizabeth O’Bagy post: “Stumbling upon some facts in less than 5 minutes”. 

So, as this ISIS/ISIL threat increases, keep in mind that the idiots at the State Department, this White House and foreign policy/military experts like John McCain were selling us a false narrative, spoon-fed to them by this Free Syrian Emergency Task Force, insisting  these Syrian rebels were “moderates” based on expert analysts like Elizabeth O’Bagy.  Now, to quote JK, from his comment on my blog post, “American Dirge”:

“But if LB you require an example of what Kinnison and I – and I fully expect Gladius to concur … given it’s Jonathan Swift or Henry Kissinger well … we’ve recently seen AQI > John McCain & Eliza O’Bagy’s Syrian Moderate Freedom Fighters morph into first ISIL and then … when ISIL crossed out of Dayr-al-Zawr into Iraq’s Qaim at which point ISIL became ISIS … and not, John McCain’s “Freedom Fighters” when … well, it’s hard to tell exactly but I’m figuring AQI & ISIL were

The Good Guys

Until they took all those American built Humvees and .50 Cals at which point AQI > ISIL > ISIS > IS became

The NOT Good Guys.
And LibertyBelle it’s the example of Iraq that informs me – we MEANING WE AMERICANS would be better off (and cheaper put) to getting a bunch of baseball umpires

or whoever lays them chalk-limes down to mark off however big a spot it takes to put each and every bullet to howitzer to Apache Gunship we ain’t planning of bring back within however big that chalk-marked area is then

have the Buffs in to carpet bomb.

Anything remaining – B-2s and laser-guided.

Bad enough to have IS attacking the heart of Iraq with American-built Humvees.

But ISIS/ISI using our stuff against us?”

This Stratfor piece, Monitoring the Islamic State’s ‘Flood’, by Scott Stewart details the Islamic State’s emergence and how the deck of wanna-be jihadist heroes currently stacks up. (h/t JK).

So many unanswered questions and connections, but what difference at this point does it make?  And the State Department now has it’s own female military expert to keep us abreast of jihadist troops, #WarriorPrincess, Marie Harf: “State Department’s Harf: The Iraqis Need to ‘Pull Themselves Together’”, another Bryan Preston report.


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2 responses to “Canaries in the mine shaft…… still chirping.

  1. JK

    You need LibertyBelle to, find someway to get at a recording of Derb’s “Crickets” sound to go along with the questions you pit on the blog generallywise

    Well. I was gonna do a Buddy Holly but I’m given to understand these’re Japanese crickets; MacArthur you understand being native to Arkansas.

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