No sacred cows in America

In America many public figures attain sacred cow status, whereby the media turns a blind-eye to unpleasant facts that might challenge the mythological images they helped perpetuate.  In our current state where the American public indolently chews its cud, neither questioning what news it is fed nor steadfastly demanding the truth from its elected officials, we, the American people, must begin to make cow tipping our sacred cows, especially the elected ones, a duty.  I am not suggesting just digging for dirt for the sake of destroying people, but we’ve got liars, corrupt charlatans and even criminals running our country and when information emerges, rather than burying our heads in the sand, we should seek the truth.

I’ve written about John McCain numerous times and I’ve listened to him speak many, many times (hard to miss, since the media chose him as the “voice” of the GOP).  He waxes on about needing a strategy to deal with the Islamic State, but for a supposed military expert, his strategic vision seems rather myopic, lacks depth perception and definitely suffers from limited peripheral vision.  McCain deftly parlayed his “war hero” status into a political career, being  conferred sacred cow status along the way.   Beyond the media-generated circus with Donald Trump and the “war hero” flap,  serious questions, that go to the heart of  John McCain’s character should be answered:

There are lots of interesting links in this story worth reading, but make sure to read the 2010 Sydney Schanberg article at The American Conservative:

“McCain and the POW Cover-Up”

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