Another ISW map….

Following on my map quest, here’s a CNN story from today and guess what, it’s using an Institute for the Study of War map too.  Although you can see that tight strike group to the north of Hama sure looks like it was a brown background, which is Jabhat al-Nusra on their map legend.  That’s Al Qaeda in Syria, which kind of spoiled the Obama administration narrative.  Are those our CIA-backed “Syrian moderates”?

“Syrian official says ‘wide-scale offensive’ launched”
Russian airstrikes in Syria from September 30 to October 5 doesn’t even have Syria as a headline when I scrolled down the page a minute ago.  Their lead story is “Rupert Murdoch: Ben Carson would be a ‘real black president’.”

Keep your eyes posted for Institute for the Study of War maps….


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5 responses to “Another ISW map….

  1. JK

    Well LB, since it looks like Kagan’s Keane is starting to read here how’s about us introducing another variable?

    Ahrar al-Sham.

    (But this time … well this time we don’t tell ’em where to change to colors on the map. … Well maybe a hint.

    That group functions mostly in a middleman sort of role .. but not with ISIS .. for the most part. So it strikes me as a little odd that little patch down so near Jordan.)

    Which reminds me LB – wasn’t it the WH doofuses insisted Saudi Arabia had that big ol’ long border with Syria or was that another US doofus group?

    I distinctly remember somebody needing Geography lessons desperately at any rate.

    • Oh, that was my blog post, Lost in Arabia and other Obama tales ( from last year. Well, if General Keane is reading here he has a different take on what to do in Syria. On The Kelly File tonight he offered more of the support our moderate rebels, establish safe zones and he said maybe bomb runways (I assume he meant the ones the Russians are using), then he said something about people in the Pentagon will have a plan. That bombing runways is a bad idea, imho. I like my plan better, but coming from just a homemaker, I doubt many people would even consider it, especially men – they are rather dismissive of women’s military strategic-thinking abilities, lol.

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