Talk about serendipity, just after responding to Kinnison making the case for the Kurds, I read the latest article by G. Murphy Donovan at the New English Review, “Reform Islam? Recognize Kurdistan!”  GMD writes:

“If the democratic West seeks to win the war of ideas with the theocratic East, it could do worse than support the national aspirations of a unique culture such as Kurdistan. Persians and Arabs have had their day, yet both are still yoked by religious repression. The time may have come to reward the kind of Muslim polity that the rest of the world can live with.

Recognizing Kurdistan sends a powerful message to Islam. Statehood for the Kurds could spark a reformation that enlightens the entire Muslim world. Indeed, Kurdistan would be, for example, a much more reliable Muslim “partner” in NATO than Turkish backsliders. A Kurdish state might not be the final answer, yet Kurds are surely a better bet than Turks or Palestinians – and a more enlightened addition to the community of tolerant, free nations.”

I think you guys are onto something and combine this idea with the ideas in a SSI paper from 2014 by Huba Wass de Czege, BG (ret.), that I mentioned in a May blog post, “A SSI Paper on defeating the Islamic State” and we might be on our way to a real strategy. 

JK, yes, you’re right, the PKK does complicate matters and they are designated terrorists by both Turkey and the United States, but the Turks will use the latest terrorist attacks to crack down on Kurds, in general, if history is any guide.

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One response to “Kurdistan?

  1. JK

    Well yes I certainly realize, simply being “unpleasant in an unpleasant neighborhood” can be, just fitting in.



    I mean, it’s not Islam or anything like that at’all.

    (And just exactly where is this Kurdistan to be? Northern Iraq where Turkey is bombing ’em, Northern Syria where, reputedly, Turkey seems more than a little helpful allowing Daesh to … well I can’t bear to think how Daesh treats ’em.)

    Or maybe just let ’em “carve out” someplace of their own choosing?


    Whatever “we choose to do” and just my opinion, it’s gonna be messy.

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