Who I am and why I blog

Last night I posted some comments on another blog, which I rarely do, because there’s rarely any discussions or even debating issues, that is a give and take of ideas in online forums or in the public square or townhall.  For whatever the issue, people quickly choose their partisan affiliation, break up into virulent factions and thus begins the hurling talking points back and forth, the name-calling and the automatic dismissal of what anyone with an opposing view presents.

Perhaps, my naturally snarky disposition predisposes me to raising hackles, because last night I was called pompous, an armchair expert, one who presents “quisling appeasement arguments” on the matter of dealing with radical Islamists intent on killing us (being Americans and other Westerners).  I probably should have just turned the other cheek and walked away and I admit freely, without nearly as much contrition as I probably ought feel, I responded in a catty fashion.

I’ve quoted this blog many times, even though often the comments section runs into what I consider racist commentary, because they work on the crowd-sourcing method, where lots of posters generate lots of information. Even this thread allowed a comment that I felt was outright racist.   This blog fixates on the high-profile black/police controversies and high-profile race cases.  After my exchange with that poster, I submitted two other, what I considered, thoughtful,  comments in response to other posters on the topic and as of this morning, those comments are sitting in moderation, making me suspect I was banned.  Yes, yours truly, libertybelle, managed to offend someone, lol.  Who would have thunk that…The other poster, who called me names from the beginning, is still posting there,

In any group of people not ALL of them are the same – they are INDIVIDUALS.  You can check out the exchange and judge me and yes, I regret getting catty and hope that I don’t come across as pompous or as someone who throws out “quisling appeasement arguments”.  I took umbrage at being summarily cast into some group by a person, who  dismissed me out of hand, without explaining where I was wrong or presenting evidence to show the information I presented was a “quisling appeasement argument”.  She dismissed me as not worth even talking to and  I call women like her queens, they try to lord it over others, based on illegitimate power.  That is what offended me – not the personal attack, but the, “Well, that’s just precious. It’s really sweet that you can read stuff and be an armchair expert.” attitude. I tried to explain who I am and that I do have some knowledge of military strategy and I told her, “I don’t know what “like-minded people” you think I am like. I support national security 100%, but I believe in comprehensive strategic-planning, not knee-jerk reactionary “go kill ISIS!”

I relay this little catty exchange for a higher purpose.  The purpose is to discuss FREEDOM and hopefully I won’t present a “quisling appeasement argument” and I hope, I don’t come across as an armchair expert, but I am going to defend myself.  I have spent part of almost every day since 1980, reading and trying to understand “war” and “military strategy”.  I try to understand both the strategy and tactics that armies, past and present, employ to wage war. I read history and more history. I follow the news.  I look at maps and try  to understand the geography of various regions.  I look at old ideas successful armies used and try to think about ways those ideas might be used in our military. I hope I don’t come across as pompous and as this is my personal blog, people are FREE to consider my views or not, but my purpose is not to impress anyone or get noticed. The purpose is I refuse to ever let anyone silence me -especially some arrogant woman using illegitimate or borrowed power! Whether wearing her husband’s rank on a blog or being a co-President in America, I don’t care, as an American, I will exercise my right to FREE speech.  Being banned from that blog is no issue to me, because I am FREE to express myself here on my own blog and publicly.  I’ve faced bigger challenges to my FREE SPEECH and even my very LIBERTY and I am not a quisling!

I’m going to talk about an exchange on that blog last night in the big picture, global context first and then in the next post, I want to talk about the little picture, FACTIONS in America:

The other poster said to me:

“I hate to break it to you, but ALL Islamists are radicals.
Islam is a cultural and political philosophy that is antithetical to the Enlightened West.”

I responded:

“All Islamists are radicals, All Islamists are Muslims. Not all Muslims are Islamists, Therefore, not all Muslims are radicals – sorry that’s logic, I have yet to find any two people anywhere I have been, here or abroad who are both ALL anything – human beings tend to be INDIVIDUALS. As an American. I love meeting people anywhere as individuals and trying to get to know them, not accepting what I have heard about ALL of their group (nationality, religion, race, whatever).”

In the Muslim world Sharia law, practiced to varying extremes, is a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion.  Muslims are taught to conform, from cradle to grave, to the dictates of the enforcers of Sharia law.  They have very little FREEDOM.  I have known some Muslims who aren’t radical Islamists, and while the poster is likely right that all those who join up with an Islamist group are radicals, her other comments led me to believe she feels this applies to Muslims in general.

In places where religious indoctrination squashes free thinking and free choice, most people conform to the rules.  If minor infractions like being a female riding a bike in her neighborhood can result in public lashing or imprisonment, it’s easy to understand the deafening silence from the purported vast, moderate majority of Muslims we’re told exists.

Even in America, the silence surprised me.  We have lots of leftist indoctrination going on in our colleges and universities, where free speech is under attack, we also have leftist activists fueling anti-American causes and anti-Semitism.  We’ve got radical jihadi recruitment going on in many American mosques and communities too. Another factor in the silence might be when former Muslims, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, speak out, they live with the daily burden of needing constant security, because their very lives are on the line in this battle against radical Islamists. What’s that saying, courage is rare, cowardice legion.

There’s been debate about “winning the hearts and minds”of Muslims.  SOME fear criticizing Islam offends ALL Muslims and therefore might incite more terrorist attacks.  SOME fear openly criticizing or offending Islam might create more radical Muslims. SOME fear private citizens  criticizing ISLAM might negatively impact American foreign policy or put US troops, at home and abroad, at risk.  I’ve unequivocally stated that I feel that argument is nonsense and that we need to speak up, loud and clear, and defend FREE SPEECH.  We should use these opportunities to explain that in America INDIVIDUALS are FREE – they are FREE to THINK, BELIEVE and SAY whatever they want.  Women here can even DRESS however they choose.  There are NO CONSEQUENCES in our legal system for being able to enjoy FREEDOM.  Throughout man’s history, INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM scares totalitarian regimes – whether it be a brutal king, a crushing communist regime or a 7th century religion casting holy terror, on it’s own people, and far beyond.

Our foreign policy response to the threat from the escalating radicalization taking place within the Islamist movement ranks as disjointed, lacking any sort of coherence and frankly between soft people’s revolts, which the US government encouraged, walking away from Iraq, the entire ME sits as a powder keg of explosive radicals engaged in brutal battle, dangerous power vacuums, massive instability from fleeing refugees, unstable governments and a looming nuclear arms race between the two houses of Islam, the Sunni and the Shia.  A detailed foreign policy plan is something I’ll hold for another day. Defeat ISIS is a way too simplistic stance, without a clear, long-range comprehensive strategy to bolster some sort of regional security framework and as a general idea, I believe  we should:

“Every effort should be made to reduce ethnic and regional friction points, but in the big picture world, we all need a geopolitical structure that offers some stability.  That comes from global leadership and strength, not from the major world powers feverishly eliminating their nuclear arsenals and hoping others follow suit.    A phrase like “greatest threat” presumes a whole heck of a lot and basically it’s sheer arrogance to believe one problem poses the greatest threat.”

I like to dissect strategic challenges into long range goals (the traditional Ends) and sift through ways and means too.  I  like to think about short and intermediate goals and I am always thinking about, “well if that doesn’t work, what then”, or I try to step into our adversaries’ shoes and brainstorm how the world looks from their position.  Now, how I started thinking about all this was because long ago, I was a young woman assigned to a Pershing missile unit in 1980 and trying to wrap my mind around “mutually assured  destruction” scared me.  I have been reading and thinking about our national security strategy almost every day since 1980 and asking myself “Why?”  I am seeking a different path forward to provide, not just a national security framework, but an international security framework for ALL of us. Yes, quite an insurmountable obstacle, a pipe dream perhaps, but there you have it – that is my personal mission and I’ll keep studying, reading history, and considering new ideas unto that end.  I am a nobody homemaker, but I am an American and no one ever told me I can’t succeed.  I started writing my thoughts and  ideas here and welcome other ideas.

I believe too much effort is directed toward extremes of “kill them all” or “bow down in submission to Islamist nuts intent on killing all of us“.  Hopefully, my determination to explore other avenues, than the extremes, doesn’t make me a quisling, an armchair expert or naive.  I’m a mother and a grandmother wondering about the future for them and I believe, we need to explore new ways of bolstering an international security framework and that demands LEADERSHIP.

What America needs most is better LEADERSHIP.  Policy failures dealing with the rising radical Islamist threat abound in both the Bush and Obama administrations, but in the Obama administration, America has abdicated  it’s role as a global leader.  The weak and appeasing  foreign policy decisions by this president have sown international distrust, instability, and chaos.  Into the void, the Russians, the Chinese, Iran and dangerous radical Islamists smelled that fear and moved.  That is where America stands now – we have a weak, cowardly person to lead us.  There aren’t any easy ways forward with an incompetent and cowardly leader, so railing for military action just puts our troops at risk, creates more chaos in the ME and emboldens the above mentioned adversaries to easily thwart any move President Obama makes.  Anyway, he’s too busy bowing to the mullahs in Iran to notice the disintegrating security situation, at home or abroad.  And most of all I don’t believe he cares one bit about the troops.

In my next post I am going to talk about the danger factions in America pose to remaining the United States of America.

I decided to add one more link to a post I wrote last year, which expands on some of my thoughts:  “Who will defend our castle?”


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8 responses to “Who I am and why I blog

  1. Left out of many of the political classes’ calculations is that there are many “lone wolf” conservatives like me out here. We belong to no militias, we are not official Tea Party members. Most of us are not even Republicans any longer. But we love our country, most of us are veterans, we are well-armed, and we have ammunition we thoughtfully put aside prior to the government-engineered “shortages”. Beware the “winter soldiers” who know there was no expiration date on their oath to the Constitution…

  2. Kinnison, Have you ever read Rose Wilder Lane’s, “Discovery of Freedom”? I recommended it to JK and Minta and on my blog. Even where I don’t agree with Lane, her storytelling ability was remarkable and drew me in. I posted the link to a free PDF format in a comment recently, but here it is again: https://mises.org/library/discovery-freedom

  3. Karen

    The “poster” you got into an exchange with is a co-founder and moderator of the blog who doesn’t write as much as she used to, but does a lot of deep background research.

    And I thought your snark was rude and uncalled for and reflects poorly on you. They make it clear they consider commentary on their blog an invitation to a cocktail party in their virtual living room, and insulting the host/hostesses has a zero tolerance policy. There was no reason to “go” there and I’m not sure what you thought it would achieve or how it contributed to the discussion.

    I’m a long time visitor to the “other blog” and thought I would check out your blog after reading some of your comments – which I do not agree with, btw. Did you even bother to check out her blog, and find out what she’s about before you made your, in your own words, “catty” comment?

    • Karen, I thought I had clicked on her name, to the best of my recollection, and did not see a link to her blog. I apologize if I missed it. I was summarily dismissed by her and that’s fine – it’s her blog, her rules – so I will never return there. Her knowledge of the history of Islam and the “Enlightened West” is sorely lacking, imo. For instance, just a quick glance at the history of Europe, at the time Granada fell for instance, would indicate she has no clue, to be blunt. Granada was the cultural center of the world at that time. Christians, Jews and Muslims were all living there. Science, art and trade flourished and at the same time the rest of Europe was living like barbarians mostly and the Christian church was doing exactly what radical Islamists are doing today.. Look at you keyboard and the numbers you see are not Roman numerals, but ARABIC numbers. They added Zero, which allowed our math and technology to flourish. I’ve been recommending Rose Wilder Lane’s book, The Discovery of Freedom” to a lot of people lately: https://mises.org/library/discovery-freedom

      She might want to expand her studying. When Granada fell and the “infidels” (Muslims) were expelled, the remaining Muslims (often called Saracens) were forced to convert to Christianity or they were killed. Sounds familiar, right – same crap, different century. The Jews in Granada were expelled by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. (http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/expulsion.html), who at about the same time had sponsored Christopher Columbus’s expedition.

      I am NOT an appeaser, I read a lot of history and these overly simplistic statements about how the Muslims have always been barbaric and the West “enlightened” , as she refers to us, are ridiculous and in my opinion idiotic. After the Muslims left Granada there was no “enlightenment”, that happened later when the religious zealots who had driven the Muslims out were challenged and the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, allowed for some enlightenment and freedom to happen.

      If you crack even a few history books , you see civilizations go through stages and if she really wants to take a look in the mirror and think about what the rest of the world thinks about the Enlightened West today, just turn on American or European TV – a lot of trash, little in the way of education. I love America, but we’ve allowed our culture to slide into a freak show of perversions and each new introduction is welcomed in the name of being tolerant. Our children, by and large, as well as their parents, know nothing about history, but wait to be spoon-fed information – overly simplified nonsense.

      Unfortunately for the entire world, we are at a unique period in time, where the Islamic world is imploding and the Enlightened West is collapsing from corruption and polluted political systems at the same time – this is a double whammy unfolding. I have not found a similar historical corollary. If you or anyone else knows of a similar civilizational collapse of 2 at the same time and we’ve got nuclear weapons in the equation, I would welcome the information, so I can do more research. She can sit on her laurels, proclaiming she knows it all and you can sit there and agree with her completely and disagree with me forever, content in your echo chamber. I am going to keep reading more history.

      If you’re an American seeing your country falling apart because of doomed planned economy approaches (all the socialism) and corruption, you might want to look outside your comfortable internet living room. If you live in the planned economy/socialism of the EU or Great Britain, where you’re a little further on the road to collapse, you can ignore me or hate me, but when things go dramatically worse in the next few years, please remember that some stupid homemaker, whom you consider rude, stupid, and unenlightened, unlike your brilliant friend, tried to warn you.

  4. The “poster” you made the self-described “catty” comment to is a co-founder and moderator of the blog you visited.

    Anyone who reads their blog for any length of time understands that they are all volunteers and one of their fast rules is that they have a zero tolerance policy for people who insult or harass the mods, or escalate keyboard conflict to the point where it is viewed as no longer helpful to the discussion.

    I find it interesting that even though you acknowledge your comment was “catty”, your response, rather than admit your reply was inappropriate and apologize, is to try and defend your indefensible behavior. The lack of civility is one of the core challenges faces our nation, IMO, and this is just one small indicator of that problem.

    • And her comments were not dismissive and catty…. I feel that she dismissed my comments out of hand and refused to even consider the historical information I suggested. A “quisling appeasement argument”, because she wanted to be the “expert” – perspective is in the eye of the beholder. She’s an expert – I am a homemaker, it’s her blog, may she reign over it happily forever! She can talk all she wants about her husband’s greatness and strategic expertise – my husband served in Grenada and Desert Storm, I understand losses. I don’t take my husband’s achievements and think that makes me more knowledgeable.

      I have studied military strategy and military history almost every day since 1980, because standing right beside the Iron Curtain one day, while I was assigned to a Pershing missile unit, made me determined to spend as long as it takes to find a better national security framework and a better international security framework (not some lofty peace-sign plan, but a plan that deals with the geopolitical realities we face). I’ve got stacks of more books to pour over and I’m not looking for internet debates to entertain me.

      For strategists, I feel there’s a lot of intellectual laziness and vanity; bad plans and excuse-making for failures. I review the good and the bad and try to see where we might do better next time. I truthfully am trying to find out as much information as I can, that might be useful to our fight against the radical Islamists and to be clear that is not ALL Muslims, because many of them are suffering more than we are from the radical Islamists. In light of the crisis point we’re at now – I suspect your friend and I probably have the same worries about the radical Islamist threat we’re facing, but unlike her, I see a lot of other, perhaps even more ominous crises, set to befall us at the same time. Let’s just say her “threat assessment” and mine differ.

  5. Now this is one more comment on the issue of manners I’d like to add before closing this conversation, because after this comment, I want to move on to other topics, If you and your friends want to add more comments here – I will approve every one of them. I am not going to comment on your friend anymore though. She banished me from her chat room and blocked two comments to other posters that I had taken the time to write. She mocked me and you want me to apologize to her? I have no interest in ever returning to her blog. My intent was to share information, I thought I was adding to the conversation. She dismissed my arguments and belittled me and my arguments – in fact that quisling comment attacked my patriotism, when assuredly I know I have devoted my life to volunteering, not just searching for a better national security framework, but also helping soldiers and their families in every military community we lived. That offended me! I respect her right to ban me from her chat room.

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