An American Love Story (barf)


“I have read your Declaration and Constitution, and although at first I found the former personally injurious,  I came to see that these are lucid and perfect documents, and that if you return to them  as faithfully as they have served  you since the beginning, they will not fail you.

You have neglected them, and are unclear about the duties of a citizen and what comes by right.  You seem to have forgotten the ancient battles in which you prevailed, and, more importantly, those that you merely survived.  You seem to have forgotten that your original principles arose in a land that was carpeted with virgin stands of trees, and that the principles by which you lived — immaterial and bright, ever enduring — grew up just as strong and fresh.  Return to them.  They are waiting for you, as are reserves of honour as vast as the stands of trees that once spread without end.”

“Freddy and Fredericka” p. 498, a funny, modern fairy tale about British royalty sent to live a year in America…. having to make it on their own, written by Mark Helprin

The only thing more sickening than watching Bill Clinton create this mythical love story, that sweeps the arc of mid-70s radicalism to 2016 wholesale public corruption, is watching the media hype this tripe.

“I met a girl.”….

Indeed, then he met many, many girls….

Especially women buy into the Clinton “love story” fable.  Especially women buy into Hillary as the “smartest woman in the world” too.  The man speaking last night was the man whose coattails she rode to power.  On her own, and without a constant coterie of handlers and fixers, she’s really a total loser and incompetent.

Her sloppiness is right in your face, from her Libya debacle to running her State Department business through a home-brew server, with virtually no security.  She obviously jeopardized national security and as soon as her “deleted” emails start getting leaked, that FACT will be indisputable.  Any competent state intelligence agency, which might exclude America’s,  has all of her email traffic from her unsecured, home-brew email server.

Yet, her coronation continues apace.

I’ve mentioned before, that I believe Bill Clinton is probably the smartest political strategist in America today.  He’s also an excellent orator.  When he’s on message, he can sell you anything.

Last night he was selling the Clinton love story….  and Hillary, the greatest woman in America.


From years of working in a store, I can tell you that you can take any piece of junk and sell it.  The easiest way to sell junk is to mark it down, throw it in a shopping cart, stick a sign on the cart and roll it to the front of the store, where all the customers pass by it.  Like magic, it sells.

Last night, Bill Clinton rolled the Hillary shopping cart to the front of the store.

With the puffed up, pampered Prince of New York, The Donald, and above the law, Queen Hillary, this election year may be the greatest farce in American history.

Yep, a Shakespearean comedy to rival, “As You Like It”….. “All the world’s a stage.”or maybe, “A fool, a fool!  I met a fool in the forest.” fits better….



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2 responses to “An American Love Story (barf)

  1. JK

    You’re actually watching that stuff LB?

    Yeah I know its hard to avoid as even a short trip to the post office has revealed – to my dismay – an’ heck it seems like when there’s a tv anywhere within either boundary of a full acre …

    But I have to say it (at least) seemed the Republican shindig was pretty easy to stay away from.

    Now this godawful woman is a different horse of another altogether.

    • I was reading my book mostly last night, but I watched Bill Clinton- he’s a fascinating character… Not sure I can watch the ranting loon tonight though. Her handlers have worked with her to tone down that cackle and her nails-on-the chalkboard caterwauling, but she often resorts to full-blown thatwitch2016 mode….

      I wonder if they’re going to play, Helen Reddy’s “I am woman” afterwards, lol.

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