Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy advances

Well, last night’s GOP debate and finally some GOP candidates came armed with more than lame talking points.  Trump, who can’t be bothered to prepare for debates by studying issues and policies, but comes loaded down with sleaze and scurrilous dirt to hurl, hoping some of it sticks, got a taste of his own medicine.  Rubio finally called Trump a con man and all I can wonder is why on earth they waited so long to throw Trump’s corrupt and slippery business dealings and practices into the mix.   Rubio delivered last night in a big way, with Cruz putting in a decent showing too, although Trump, at this point, has already established a strong lead and last night’s Trump take down may have started way too late to alter the course of the race.  The GOP deserves to go down in flames if Donald Trump ends up as their candidate.

The interesting part was after the debate, CNN gave Trump plenty of free air time to ramble on, the same as FOX and MSNBC have given him way more free air time and they helped create this entire “insurgent campaign” narrative and allowed him to spew his nonsense unchallenged.  All the sleaze from his past – they never mention. The press ran Cruz’s video from his teenage years and have dissected Rubio’s home loan and student loans, yet on Trump’s decades of sleeazy business deals, endless lawsuits and corruption – they have been silent!   One might believe they want Trump as the GOP candidate, because most of them are liberals and want a Democrat in the White House.

Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy advances.


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