The Little Woman in White

My love of American history began in elementary school and all through grade school I loved to sign out, not only fictional stories from the school library, but also biographies of great Americans.  In 1975, I was a teenager when the American bicentennial craze took hold in America, leading up to July 4, 1976.

Along with patriotic fervor and a renewed interest in American history, the American feminist movement had revved into high gear too, leading to the push for “herstory”.

Merriam-Webster defines “herstory” as “history considered or presented from a feminist viewpoint or with special attention to the experience of women” and lists the first known use as 1970.

I remember reading about women of the American Revolution, where their deeds were greatly exaggerated and possibly complete fabrications,  in my opinion, and the feminist movement seemed determined to conjure up unknown Amazon-warrior females, throughout history, whom somehow the evil male patriarchy had deliberately erased from history.

Having been a soldier a short time in my youth and having seen and experienced just a few of the grueling physical requirements for combat troops, the truth is, by human nature, women do NOT possess the upper-body strength to compete with men in ground combat skills.   That’s one of those hard facts that feminists prefer to pretend is just discrimination against women, while at the same time they accept that in sports competitions men and women differ in peak performance outcomes.  Getting women into every traditional position of power held by men continues to be the feminist quest.

Last night served as one of those pivotal feminist moments, which Hillary Clinton, with her nomination for president, touts as breaking through one of the last remaining “glass ceilings”.

Hillary represents the victory of HERstory over fact-based history.

So, here she is, the smartest woman in the world, a feminist icon, ostensibly the most talented woman in American politics ever and her handlers tried to sell her as June Cleaver….

The great irony last night was that while she envisions being the “first” female President as her destiny, to try and sell her to the American people, her handlers sent her daughter out there with a hokey speech about what a doting mother she was, devoting time to family dinners, trips to the library, writing personal notes to her daughter every day (yeah right).  Heck, she sounded like a stay-at-home Mom…   Even Bill Clinton resorted to a hokey story about Hillary on her knees putting liner in the drawers for Chelsea’s clothes, while getting Chelsea settled at college.

As a cynic when it comes to the Clintons, I suspect these “family stories” are about as real as Hillary being under sniper fire in Bosnia.

Does anyone believe any of that from this power-driven woman, who has devoted every waking moment to her own quest for political power for 40 years???

This was as bad as her 1992 pretty in pink interview:

Turning her into a traditional stay-at-home-mom personality was their desperate gambit to try to “humanize”  and soften her image from the money-grubbing, coattail-clinging, power-grasping harpy that she really is and that America knows too well.

Next thing you know, they’ll be whispering to the press that power-hungry Hillary is so misunderstood and really, she’s a wonderfully doting grandmother, who secretly loves to bake cookies for Charlotte…



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4 responses to “The Little Woman in White

  1. Concur. Right on the money…

  2. JK

    Thanks for watching but, and now now LB, tell the truth …

    How many times did you puke?

    (Oh the Head of Household showed me a vid from ABC News the soundtrack of which indicated plainly it was taken during her speech. Bill got so worked up, I guess, he appeared to sleep right through it. We all giggled.)

    • I was mesmerized at how awful she was. You know with her being the “smartest woman in the world” and all, I think she might be an even worse public-speaker than me. I didn’t think that was possible, since I am a life-long recovering stutterer, who has a laundry list of “words to avoid at all costs”, which I can’t spit out to save my life. I know I am a better June Cleaver than her for sure and I am very good at baking cookies too;-)

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