Soros funding Kasich now and Trump back then…

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2 responses to “Soros funding Kasich now and Trump back then…

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Hi, Liberty!

    Soros sent Kasich a political donation. One of Soros’ foundations put investment money into a Trump building in Chicago. The building was built.

    A political contribution is different from joining into a money-making funding of a project that will return profits to the funders, which is done all the time to make money. The building was successfully built. This kind of joint funding to achieve profit for the funders is common.

    Kasich owes Soros something political; Trump doesn’t, he only owes Soros a percent of the profits, which is automatically handled by accountants, and which carries no other obligation. If Soros dislikes something Kasich does, he can tell Kasich. If Soros dislikes something Trump does, he can sell his portion of the building investment to someone else, and Trump couldn’t care less.

    I’m not endorsing anyone. I dislike Kasich for a lot of reasons, including this, and also his stand on Common Core and being against home schoolers. Please see Michelle Malkins’ speech at GOPAC this year.

    Every candidate this year is driving me crazy.

    • I agree with your last line completely, Minta. As soon as I start to warm slightly to one – then something else that really bothers me about that candidate smacks me in the face. I haven’t warmed to Trump at all – his insults and refusing to seriously prepare for debates disgusted me from the start – leaders should work 10X harder to be prepared than the “great” people they hire – they have to really understand issues to even choose good “plans” from experts. Trump prefers to burn the midnight oil sending mean tweets… The insults are pathetically juvenile and beneath anyone wanting to be president. So, his supporters saying he can “act” Presidential doesn’t wash with me.

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